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Ww V«ft IA » *r VmM|. Mm aanusi wkm 
WL MU X Um Hit OflM X N#» Yeti. N V 

r, tggt. ¥MiiTV INC Alt l'*HT| MUIVtO 

VOL. 1H4 No. 1 


run K 25 CENTS 


se Radio-TV as Bait 

With such program* as * Songg# 
For Sol#" opening up some oppor 
t unities for amateur cleflers. the I a 

Clift’s «; 

For 6 Mins, on Television 

• * •• ' • . ^ F 

Indicative ef the Kind of com 
SBC la willing to spend for the 
upcoming Kate Smith Wednesday 
ni|hl hour long video show a 

teuttal customer* via a showcasing | Mi f CUgiKil the Arthur Godfrc 

on radio add television. 

song -shark* are current I y o per at 
inf their racket at full biast Thai 
sharks, who have several million 
e*p4ring writer! in the U. S. to feed > 
upon, have boo* p i tchin g up a get*] 
rub-quick proa pectus to their j>o 

. . The racket has keen Intensified . 
recently hut the operation has re*' 
mained the same. The tharka usual* [ 
ly advertise In the pulps and 
hinterland press that they give pro* 
feat tonal assistance to the budding 
v ten ett(Jer hy suppUrtac a tune | 
t a finished lyric nr the reverse 
Since apparently there are mere 
poets in the U Si than tunesmlihs. ; 
the sharks generally supply the 
mclodiea Prices for their services j 
usually depend on what the traffic 
will bear , and sometimes run as , 
W* as 15 for a shoraiion '* j 
lit their adt the shark* dress up 

CMS siarua, are the guest sta 
the network ia willing to shell; out. 

In addition In a top mile week- 
ly, the shew will site have a 
dramatic spot. Montgomery Clift 
goes Into the Sept. Si presentation 
pulling don n |6.0 *mj for sis nun 

Program proems Srpt If. with 
Paul Lukas and William Bcndix 
a * the initial guests. 

Continued Divvies 

their hail via a |M of their nvdits 

w Mich 
Imp as 
ing the 

w as 

near to misrepresent a- 
uo get without violat- 
law. They usually include 
their songs variations on 
M H|l>>. all tncky switches on 
welt-known standards. 

staffers who run such shows as 
•* Songs Per Sale.** h ow ever, are he p 
to the operations and throw such 



effort to. hide their Identity, using 
a form lead sheet with their name* 

t Continued on page 21 > 

* tes out of the competition, 
ft'tfoe cases the sharks make 

Psychiatrist Blames 
‘H wood Dream World’ 
For 505 Marital Snags 

Detroit. Sept IJ 
Wives wl|a try to live in w a Ho»iy- 
uo<»(i dream world * were blamed by 
a Detroit psychiatrist dor 
than 1 
1>r A 
f «ni 

1 Current invettori’ interest in mo- j 
. tlon picture stock 'Issues was. seen j 
further itiergthend via dividend | 
declarations by three film out Ala | 

■ within the past week Whilr tUNl 
j ’latwi. and Paramonut came at : 

, he surprise, the tnird. KKO The* 
at rev had not been ■ generally j 
anticipated in view of the chains 
' heav y dropoff in earnings. 

RKO chain has set a divw ef t 
|fg per share on its outstanding , 

| capital stock. payable Oct 15 to 
stockholders of record on Sept 28 '! 
This represents the first pa > off to 
share ow ners since I he circuit be- 
f*H Independent opera ti o n via d ' 
vorcement last Jan 1 

Loew s continued to maintain its / 
81 50-per year rale with its regular 

, NW’ TV is blueprinting a 
and radical departure Hi .program- j 
riling It imolus a on» »• nmn' h’ > 
i t ril e s of “spectacular* each run 
mng two hours in length and 
slotted in cream the* segments ' 

They'D he to." Client « cmveni.y 

occupy ingj J ffew rhoMw nigh 

ho wilt relinguiah* their 
regular shows for the once -a- . 
month sui^M attraction* *nd par 
iK ipate in » )otni bankrolling f**i 
inula < Vl\ being 0- 
Within tv 

ctacu! < - N H( » VHIee .es 
| will shoot for so*called '’colossal 4 ' } 
attraction* heretofore unattainable 
and w(mh other** i <*<* Mould he 
j "freren out because of the pres*- 1 
ent IK) status 

If, for example. Rodger* A Mam* j 
MBerstein finally okav a qsmvn 
ship performance ai South Pa- 
cific** on t V. it would be channeled 
into the two hour "spectacular j 
with the clients sharing the tab 
Likewise, anv other major iirst**} 
in video, such as a Denny . Kave , 
TV preem, a - super all-atar R«*d 
Cro*» show a major "frontal 
lx>bev‘* project, etc. would be 
earmarked for the oace-mdhthJ> 

Initially Sylvester L; fPati 
(font .m»«d on V 

lle.Marr<M Help Sell 

Fashion* in Mpla. 

Minneapolis. Sept > I 

Hot content with offering gratis 
dt* plays of latest modiste creations 
on beautiful models, to the strains 
of orchestra music, a depart men! 
store here ia tossing In name ** t % 
for added measure / 

Day too a. leading kxal store in- 
cluded Tony and Hally DrMarni* 
b*Ht o«Mti lev ping w it h it % h« tti« 
KosehMelh fa>l»ion allow Iasi week 
to whhh no admlssku. was charged 
During their dance Interludes Vli, 
ly De Marco, of course, wore H‘>v 
enstr in gowns 

If v mg .-He Clin who has ducked 

any biogrsphiralv «iage Mveen. 

radio or TV- --may a. -luiesee to a 
v id eo scries |f H easy be made to 
come off at being ty sitil of (Big 

American slnry " yHi* 
night rWed I. under 

TV show 
Ked C'ru 



‘ff Pictures Join 
Top Product In 
Upturn at B.0 

See Boff Biz 

Talent agencies and nitery 
owners anltcipaie an excellent sea- 
son in eafev f'erceot cries report 
that placement* tti‘* year are above 
those of la*t season The flock of 
New york nitery opening* last 
week which introduced the fall 
cafe season, was sufficiently potent 
quarterly payment of 37 i >c per for operators to discard gloomy 
i h^if mu ih * f * ot fwWmo « voted by the forecasta that prevailed this past 

*V *:.« *“** board of diffggtors last’ Wfd hes day spring and during ihe hot month* 

fmfJLa J r^~Li^ V tbi# if N? » lo th#: iianbaitai. schnapp* dtuhtg 

Chanties holders of record on Sept. 1 4 opened exceedingly strong About 

. „ . , .Jlf n ^^rrlcap girls Pararnuunt Pictures hgld to ita 300 uere turned away for Dfta 
< unhealthy deluiiift ibpyt mar- j -ntinued on page Horne's Ant showing at th# 

V * Riviera Ft Lee S J There were 

Raaat’f TV IWsmt RJytf tpnungay* ^ K. ll* ( opa 

DcUBJ I If InHI UCM cabana bow The rope was up at 

♦ Le Ru ban Bleu s debut, and there 

Hiiinff)rf upturn which start* m 
early in the summer and has <«*n 
tmued into September is providing 
additional encouragement;., now to 
81m chiefs In that lesser pis in 
*Do doing b«-iter hi* The original 
hypo was given by a series of hie* 
budgeted special*, hut audiefiee in- 
terest now appears to be extruding 
right down the line. . • > 

The higj ones such as "Here 
Come* Uu tiroom.** "That’s TMv 
Hoy " lajt Horatio Horn blower " 
‘ David an I Bathsheba." ~Allre In 
Wt»nderl*rrd " ‘ Shirw ar.d 

others jane still scoring compara- 
tive! v hr tiler than the und 
product /However lesser pix have 
picked up in recent wieks to a very 
rnciHiraging degree Whether that * 
a free ride on the coattails of Die 
hettar Alms or a reffection of r* 

< Continued on page 541 

auspices, is only vicariously 
btogi aphiral lbs- accent, at the 
] iiimfamtf h s . behest . - i» . a salute lu 
>ia rather than Is himaelf 
Hv eschewing any iiersonal fee and 
agreeing i*> the s h o w if the gRog 
rumpanv donated 825 OOP to the 
find IIFr *- 1 A i we rtc ♦ Fund of the 
Hi»y Heuut* amt ftirl Scouts of 
\»m*rira Foundation this was Ih r- 
ffki** way of again aokn«»wledgtng 
hi* fealty to his beloved adopted 

• ■ * t, * . t •■■■.’ • 

t he Red f 'i«rsi Sli**es ^tipw h«#w 

ever has sfiarkcd a poa *ihle,;>erigNi 
that ran run. I3«. 28 TV weeks 
in embrace H* r lln -» 4 4 year* a« a 
|*o|M«1«r soogwritri It would tra< e 
N<' arrival |B Castle <*ard«n 
jiKllis I vl ind >, as a Hii«>i«n mil- . 
^lani. and musical D limn the Ber- 
lin t.ifcja and swa cs v afeade m W- 
tnl note vignetteA pr >* 'ding 1 1 » it 

is for -rfWKf fHMI* 1 ’ 'iv<* cause, 

' . H*ont»nu# d oh , ,*e 81 * 

jciisol Tetoff Means 
S ; r Ads a Day for N.Y. s 
‘Urges! Boyer’ Network 

With the Nm-w York fwihlic 
'"hiHils having reopened Monday 
it s revealed that the gram- 
mar school* in this tt%y mrt proh* 
aht> the largest buyers of talent 

New ^ gfh s j>*j | 

sv stem ha* a nimimom ot acts 
w»ii king every school day of th# 
*r The pay hurt of the htgitesf, 
tmt it's a romfortahle hying with 
most of the talent/, averaging 
around fl.OUf annuall V 

Majority of acts UNed on the 
sr< fuitaytic circuit are maKtc and 
puppet turn* There are a few 
* health shows with such drs«nptive 
• Continued on pagr 54 1 

riago . 

h'ery ftirl axpects to live In 
l i vary and r Oise, beautiful chil- 
dren who will never have any til* 
Dr Chwreh said “Thgir 
And that AH men »rt not hand 
*' «ttp, good health is not universal 
• nfi that husbands fail to keep 
1 ecstatic with constant alfec- 
W . , ' 

‘ Dr Church added that Alms and 
extent, parents and 
* iools "picture life as g bed of 
r tves— failing completely to imv 
1 jtu/e girts for the shock to 

t •• i#.. ' . •' . 

After the honeymoon. _ wives 

0* tacky Strike Tkeilre’ 

were standees mi’side the 
upstairs room after It* first 
got underway 

Returning vacationers 


< Continued on page 





I v o fi 

ij- - ire their "prince Charming" the new season for 
■JJet are bald, ha v# dentures End His trip to Korea to entertain 
uke t# may out bights "Their hue- Ahkkan JUpops. however: forced 
Jf*’ 1 ftt Uid off from work and a imcpasdryVposI p o iiemewt of Mi 
^iC gldi g#t aicfc.** he said 1 appearance He ll Ay to N Y 

Hollywood Sept 11 
Jack benny will make his tele- 
vision dramatic debut on Robert 
Montgomery s "Lucky Strihe T he- 
at ie" via-NBC-TV in November as 
star of "Gratitude ** a play penned 
by the late Trank Craven Hr H 
have the role played originally on 
Broadway by fcr neat True* ( Jladacol Has 

Benny ; whose radio and TV tiun of . the 
shows on CBS ate also sponsored Temperance L «<ion ' Dry outf it has 
by Lttdtiei. was to hart preemed attacked sale of the dietary sup- 

Hl O n t n om er y. plement * to children as well as 



ana. Sept VI* 
ached the attar- 
omen’s Christian 



en the wives etart cracking up! the show, taping his radio program 
**•4 cotne to mb for help*' 1 that week in advance. 

the performance of the . ffadarol 
Caravan . th the Public Stadium 
brie, slated for tomorrow Wed » 
ILtdacol contains 12'^ alcOhot 
which the lAakers claim u used 
i merely as a preservative. 

a * 


lapqe* Fibn Cops Venice Fete’s 
lop Prize; Par’s ‘Carnival’ Also Cited 

V» ^ p( 11 ♦ 

< . i »rtrl prjie for th# best i|) 

» <»un 4 oktiipf wit handed I Japa- 
nese .film O Mer<U> Mon > it thf 

\ l' *• It t.-i «■ • n,tl I llm F**t , 
t innrr is “ Rnabiidto* ’* ' In thr 

Wood*"’, turned out. by tht Daiei 
»ludi» At Mr* ( uroMwi directed 
Inun * M>vel by HjuUOUftcbt Aruts • 
< -to l twrlutiw fae rie MiIuim 
atCd Mm«)ui Id Mori, a mine rifwr* 
Tht*#.* prises Inr * oOUtandinit , 
ft tiM« were conferred upat Para j 
Mount t the Big Carnival ’ liar I 
meet} titled “Ace in the Hole”»:|' 
”Th# Hiv»*r ” an Oriental Interna I 
tinnal |»i <kHu \ entered fu«’n In 
dta ami F i^rwt a I# Journal d on f 
( 'urr tk ^aiaa” * lhary ■'»( a 
(‘auatrv l*r»» »I‘ K 

Laurels I«*r the threa ! ! oulVAml 
*»« arr» W > # Ui l value but 
of ti'tf«n»rtl rin.tiv at ton No pi t/j a 

for *bn»t ' director wart* granted 

mi ■ r' i» >« riii i- • 

in Ittia ’’brtl” picture award*. Billy | 
W tldrr fiii drtl "Camlvalv ’ an did 
Jraa RriMr The River ” and Rah j 
e »1 Bh>i.iaa ‘ U Journal '* | 
A Ntrret ar Namrd Desin 
'MAH* Mttudtd a special psia# [ 
Tti < tl li.iit i»h ld«*ntall> , mas 
awarded bv thr jury f « »r an jr n*»t« 
%*ti««u not to\ n t*d by thr u ual.j 
rat tfru try Y 

I *- .1 M . ♦t.irr .-.*•» a<t|oi 1 *?ot ’ 
a- \ a in I a 

• d im page IS 1 

funny man 

Bob Ho|»f 

a ••> Mm af « 

SBC i JV oiking Hut 

Commercial j 

I* th# 

vac stirs* H Biit t: 

■y i«im tt 


lusirc via pot inr b- a **unf 
v ntfiNp* • tyl eiwctacd uort ah 

y WiAi M iUa. V|rt#mU» it mi 

FirtYt miforTYPmiiaiiii 

Th# roming months mil probably aitnaM ah all-out compete, ve 
battle krtaraa U»« #aat a»d weal (tail imprmrmi for damn. 

•a th# major TV .production centre fa taaw quarter* th* opinion 
i* expmaed that ' the torrent • luff eats h dya ai thratrr j\ 
homo vi e w i ng. or th# p> *-cnnial pu v» video hottlr *»ii p.,;, 
rdntravt to th# Jockeying that * on tap to fpUhlwh a “homo bate • 
list television* 

While on th# op# hand there are a Bock of adherents to jh# 
Bddio Cantor ramp la su h o rHb to g to the belief that pethafg k 
of TV will go Hollywood;' Juat a* all the major attraction* >n 
radio Maked Iheir claims oh the Coaet bock In the *30a the %tay 
•oaf advocate* are equally as convinced that tha Gotham kn«>«. 
flow will forestall any *u< h general exodus. 

Meanwhile the sgrncie* are bet w ist and between in trying id 
formulate a TV modus operand! for the future With thr tohog- 
ganlng of apanaa red radio attroriions emanating from n e ( . .1 
over the peat couple ‘of seadann. many of the ageneiee hav* 
shuttered their H< My wood aWtoaa or ritavtiralty retrenched A 
widespread “gn Holly* pod* movtasa nt to TV would neeesMUtc * 
revitalising of their Oa«t off Wes and personnel, probably 1 unni 
wholesale N V to L A shtfu of key men 



Resolls From if- 
Im Hoteli Bar Ts 
ias T to Mia g Act 

no a I - ru o M at 

Mu Gordon to if v ^ ? 

! As Sinatra Prodscer, | * - pm”tVi 
40G Budget for SUw 1 ■ — 

I cgil produtrr Mat Cohlon silt BM ■ 1 
lit am h out into trl#v4*ton a* pro- li| 0 T ^ 

(• HS «»f thr nprumlng : 

Frank Mitaila show Gorckm ha* i ■ n'-. ,a^ - ^j[. 

•litned a Icing term pact wltli the | |JUp|| pi 
w#h. .and may double Inin oth* ^ 5 ®* * * 

.*.n aa thr Sinaf.a u ,th Tyrone (,« 
*.h»m which trr* «»ff th t. i S*i* old V h? director, i* 
intling S.natra will air ngypnAff r n«*w piTHlu<*ti<»n <►! 
\4Ht».n Best# % ’'Texaco Star The- .the A|«tr<H>«>lit;>n <1 

an i*n town any other pop. 1 amw CIXAUf 111 AllCClt 

• * That . • « LCull Jfivn IB AUjjIL 

t|.'W 0 ' **<it ti»« _ 

M-rWa 1* KMif: Ward Um to p u Diarta Barrymore, going nut to 
t t 1 >■ a ' AustraJii later this month f**r a 

* ontt^ccTwAftOg mtery date ia Sydney, oaht* to 

it-a Brood* «y run T Bd appear to legit there after baf ebsb 

MANA DICKERING FOR Jeritza to Do ‘Salons’ 
LEGIT SHOW IN AUSSIE At 73; Secoad Coneback 

Diana Barrymore. Suing out to I If Mw|Jm a Vinnnx 

Australia latrr this munth for a 14*1111. 1 

Mel Addins More 

i ulhntf Sinatra will air <»p|n*'tte new piwliM-tke «►! ‘t.'armen for 
MllM. rli’ili > 'Teaoro The- the Mi'tropolM. n < *pn As*b this 

Aii nn the jival NIK \tdeo weh fail tn# Met s legit to* begin to 
irv-itu* Tuesday bight • to • |»c- stand out all the wore Ihre# thea- 

storkbolm. Kept, g 
The vurtden wave of hnsKilMini-m. v 
wbhh f» . Mrangely awept t> 
Swedish 10 said to hr at 
Hit bnttiim if: MM Hotel 
small prnvmn. , Masinr arrt>i. 
.dali«»fi> to |t.e 4 Hame ve« who are 
«*n the rin'irnt bill at the l huu j 
St (Mkhot ms No. J vaudrry The* 
tuinblilMC .id are KRypttans but 
Frau Mad fold the pie** that she- 
Had ‘attprcl a reservatioo Im 
four (ierm.m a|ii*ta, and if t-h«*v 
%av tiercnuM* they must vend (In ■ 
mans I Hive a cettain standard /■ 
at toy hotel'. *ml we cannot arrom* , 
m< i..t« N* si or •*. I ' »he • h«» » i •. 
call the emMir family. 

It becaitM* a minor casus belli 
lux where the Sw ede s aoe^bnoWn 
tur their bHiad” thinking I 

The IimsI juvrplle deltnnurm y. I 
•licgrd lo base an American jju- 
ntad and Aim ru art movies tnflu- 1 
erne.** ia ai*o something very (o<- 
eign io Hie normal temper of the 

Su. di'ij profit 



Mndon Kept VI. 
Tice new . lour headline r l*.»l 
ladium show indicate! a capa« ity 

V4 r h n»e show r.n ryiu’ .* M*' 
i hhI t.rliut «nd produc t ion hvuiaei , 

c HS haa pad* <1 tor A ml lew* " '** r “ ^ P 

ins to geo#*#' on MM proe m / With opener ' ‘da Mired * ‘ u |l- ***** 
«w rounding art • b* Wi aa #n Mw. .» tltrrejnr, 

inurnal 7or the fSliediml' Show hea»Vin M ' (he mm- ..1 com pan* of as legit rep, hat written two ume started tlw moment . Jorfttaa • 

will start from N Y h,,t mav t»ie Flede, maus whtch the mt.-*** Jhich Mtsa Karrysnor# appraranci w^intoMnred and a 

in the season depending on Ji«nat- her a me pcocnic.rnt t t ' 'tl* 

.. work CM baa ^only resent a*t season, with advent of Hucb.ii . . w y . CL t*? ^wtfu ndfor t^butld- 

i. u nrd to Mtch the 'how to c**- Hcng as the Met s new general man- AUcLw Tie NppJ ShoWS 1 * D1Kt * house on th# 

cSS^tr fr* imrd/ahi. athoffresh Ull HC^M JWWJ *****»•« 

this week -» Ae WmA It I|TM U ** #tole<1 J? ,T ' 

I Bfobatoff was liimiitMla t* Stage BlIlvO la liVI vB y uva. 1 opening. 

• wmu VcnZTnDg . Ultory dato in Bydney. wants to! Vienna. Kept ♦ 

J.-. Mm> rumi f* wr WJWCjU** •«« Vr O* in , A , " 

j stint, which will last • month. Art 73 v ear -old do •. returned 

■. Jreaa;' whn; appeared '.In, "Ktreetcar ,.to VlttMia this week for a second 
IflAfP Named Desire ' on the straw nat rtr- ^annual com eba c k of 0|W-r* and *,»n- 
IfBVI V | (Ul | l+ ,,» tuimrt#r; cwnfaered with appeerancea. Lagt year Jent /a 
“ : Dorothy Ktewart. N V rep og tb# j^W* 1 * n ' Tosca'’ at the State 

| •• lb J j C wtillomson Theatres Ausale jOpera TW* year she Intends to ex- 

|M|| rrAftlirm Lain, op doing “Streetcar Down ing the rrperioir# to Inelude »p- 
I I VllllWI u i it<p r Lhama. however waa dons tetunm in Roaenkavaltei an«| 

in Auaste last .ear w ith V tola J t Iwr Richard SUnuM ’ Salome ’ ruti % 

With Tvroco* f .uthrM I . a wdn n » Keats Ru.. Itardto and Adek w high the wag tensarional « 

Old V k? direc tor, parted to d it» ' s |^rmgmlre and pnll of a repeat fcafi’t J##0tion ago 

new produetton of C armen tor iluamaen also repuit a a i tascal opera oArionedoa are par- 

the- Metfopolitiin °i** • a Assn thia rJu dudu.n skrd for 1 tie fall, ticularly ' amaaed at Jentta * deco 

l.vll ttie Met s legit * l, _’ .wgin to ^ t Ixwastr «-w available jslen to do “Solonm." where she will 

stand outJM *be Muir VMMlmO || H-irvinuic i> to -»»»ir ir at ■ V »ro vHably ccwnpared t.. -ui h in 

1 m , |K,, ?|| li/^hin Tl N T-«W ChSSo «*luh. ;i»*J5!w»l. tlirsW W O. «« * Uub. W»|. 

y.K hw-ly ^ M Hrr hu*h.nd H..Wrt WU<o* ' ' l * h »'» d »h« ■*» »«d 

hemse his sea*^, Margaret we^ . iioMig to Aus-re with her There * ( 'h'»un star. < hnatl Colli, ^ 'Sal- 

ster Will stage t.»c season i NOV. 13 *• g*wn« CO nu> »e wun ner. » i»rre * . p r ,nandina aiui r ,.u 

. Vlll , \ tired l uni inak- IMMI # chanev the duo may get to* IM% ® **** 

.... ... ■ .r-.-- — ***’ w ™*‘ • , l u !l! .** her with u ' irttwon on another rc'dkinng vocal agility along with a 

nd »og ..a. still to t» his t*.-w aa aw M ppTg-^ tg# inr,. Strgftonr ** Mean. Uvt, *h flesh display m the “Dance 

.elected 3m k Brnnv Has been set w»U put on ,.p new of the Seven Vella. * 

c.J teatl /In addition. G arson Kanin is re- k *rijef f Npw la the Hour » to | Hun on opera ticket, for hat 


OMinial for the 

.1. ..... ... M.. I ..I I will CmW art on t*«r II >•« •»*» >» « w ' u «‘* ""•••>' O'* 

in the season, depending nn ?i»nal 
ra‘a him work CHS has only rec ent 

l^egtt ahgie bre-ume pi oimornt . 
last season, with advent of ti od«d I 

teniial s|»rs since the detail' 
were only ftnati/ed thi* week. 

Jack Donohue who directed th*- 
sing r s show la-l seaaon on CHS. 
wi*l again direct. Ilarry Kurmti, 

s* rrenw 

uid II Brhwartl nHI handle the 

M liptlllg . 

|> IIK nations Pooch Routs b > ^ ^ \ !«* Ca^Show V ^unV NMb dm . buaband, J p 

i> i II ks,rl mm i U 7^ r k!* U '.K* ivi !° MJ a * n< * Vbn prevtousty this year tour* * r k N J umhrelig n 

Ponderous Pm h>ck*fms nrtt furnishing the tyrfcv •;» <l ec! the lUtdon pontoaola Po wrll •cenmpanied her Imre. 

yy - N , , Sti ' ; .*“« ■ 

afloe he i tx* r haae^l ou t of t ow n at \ i . ■ a** " 1 . , t f %e n u m h# - 1 in (he initial l House Red l*rob* 

‘ ” yi* ,* " " " ,,v “ft' <» be dUpalcbed < .v. 

losiisbuif N C by a pugnactnus »»f perftwmawrs in on.* season. Its Camp Show » around Nov. 1 * r,or *° 

little dog w ho attacked the cirrus c ontinued on pr ge IRi I Jh u i « Hollywood 

taat season, with adseflt Of Hudcill . _ f .. ^ in* iunn mi irounu- 

viarlrd to Oitrhthc thowtn po- Hmg aa the Met s new g» neral man- AlacLi Uf Npocj ShoWl * ln|t *!** house On th# 

started to pitch tne »now to ^ ^ ^ . 4<h it1 frrM Ulb JIIWWB , ,„g. Munlmd out In the ttot d 

air from HrcMdway. hr told. Miss. i 0 Mm^L we faras Qay Xh * 1i * r ‘ U ia alated for a DM tr 
Webster was hrcuight m to stage < HBC1 Jvn opening- “** - 

last seasons opener. “Don Carlo ■ l U/L. D - s i l The night of JcnUa s return a 

this not only being her Hist attempt JACK lOWCII, p DO DO l HU big crowd, with a brass band. ga f b- 

at opera staging but also the hist rntertalnnwnt for troops tn err * i Hotel Krantr and sere- 

time a femme has ever put on on ] AU%kM * TZT M noded her until she responded with 

uper. at the Met Crillcs called it ^ |or ’£ ^ Krtrr 7 balcony bow. and tossed flowers to 

.unr ul th» w««.n. hr., job. | m JkI »ho rr *«"'>"** Th»y dost do Ihu lor o. iriMHjr ral rd o« , umrd llrt (r „ m , flvr-.rrk -oodrrn<l.r oh*rMir hvorHrt. Jrr- 

1 ^ 1 u . br r i . mp Show,' jaunt Ihnmrh AU»k« iKWVJWW —4, *. P. % Now. 

I..» Urdrrmauv with Howard d ^ ho ou , lv >r , r ,^ r . »rk. N. J . mbrtlU m«ndl..Iurrr. 

rtlrr, Artlr Auorh.rh >• «l» r » »** *• « 

time a femme has ever put on an 

. ~ . . . . ret me tvorean uenm'uia r-«^ru 

k....n «., Ihrn «krd to .!.«« the hra<lnl thr 

work. It was the seasons big hit »77. k- 

S 7.0^; ;V'r V" *“ hSLT? Md n ,n Ih^ in" •'- h mmVi ftou^ Red Probers Meet 

rh«w4 ewt M town et Met . S.-tr-r y .... numtH-r u , ffl w dl 7Llrhed bv I e. K._ .. 

at munAM paii Annul do * * h0 • iutkrd Uxt 

A 1 LUnUUn I /UdLAUIUN pacade Ivrre and c iuxd a erth# 

Condon Kept It . «H»ntry stampede. RO 

Thr ne w . four headline r 1 • Ttie animals w. ML frll 

ladium show indicates a rapac paradf through town by tlv# I *1 

crowd for its fortnight# engage- . ^ 77 ^ — ■ I * 

rurni Prodrwm. which peremed <* m >“ ‘ ••< “* ‘ ° ul WH H 

votcrdiy Mont, is topped hv Fmplo>r«S of Ihe circus or #nd 
Gypsy Bnae lee and her i d a 'Sian and started »n lllv 

East package to he dispatched bv 
.< ..inp Shows afound Nov 1 

I Powell declared . -that V S 
t roo pa slatitinrd in Ala»kg are re- 
moved from any ouuide activity. 

* ms .at !a. _■ _ ^ M -* — * 

Prior to Film 11* Brings 

Hollywood. Kept 11- 
Rep Donald L. Jackson has 
launched exec hearing* of the 

. lintiDi viMtitiritil in Sidtod mw- . . . - 

RB7 rmiRTRlf.HT MAY "»v3 Iron. .«y ou.,Mt» artlytty. ? UMh r d "** , h *"‘"!? of , h * 
ntil. WUltllUvIll MI ,„ v , , midaw •( dt-mtoo M ““** l " Amrrlc.o SH.b.o«mm~ 

CVTCkin CIIDADC TAIID .■><• thrrr « lililr lor them to do •" ,h */™ r *' ■u.tdlt trU* to r*- 
tAltNU tUKUrt 1 UUK duno ( of hour. n>« v ,r.ou. """^•«;» «j >he Red pro^ hra.,nr, 

Hern.ndti Court wridht. ptr»4rnt >-"•* «*«P»*‘» *• h *'* much •» , h/rr^vr/i? wr.kt'^" ** 

.«d Mth#.. -I ...» ^ (Mh,rc„o,ou„l.,;;,„hwr. ...d 

(.VP'S Rose Lag and her Four * a safari and started in ||lv HUH „ oU , rrluinrd (r ,„ n 'tutors and there * a r* Hal cd kgg Frank Ta^ j? \ r * 

Amertran BratKlM wbleh went pursuit, and toaH* led them out hx <(ir k’rMerday «Toes, loneliness there Th.* fec tog M f r *»*J^*venner. J r jmg 

our handamn.*ly ID in •> ‘ »*«N east of and b|m hack to the Ccvaat after [ ** accentuated by ^ Pi 

the elos.ngspm. held tb# amtoeme Umi-hurg One of the smaller thr Hohm^.n- Ttlrp.n fight tonight ,he °* lht Led fur tTuTi 

intact wh.U local fsv,. Ted R .v elephants a*to>M fM_ fwk. Pf bad \ {l% * , (r singer RotoHnd ’ eou * trsr - nTT* w^rks m iW ** pecled lo 

intact., while local fav* Ted Ray 
landed a big exit hand , The French 
Pnports. Campagnons dc la t' 
s»m-. got the house measure with 
their tune*. . ■ 

to he helped out of Court wright is remaining in I^m- 1 All their show*. Powell said, got 

■ ... ii. nl hruih mil i.dv . . _ - l_ it . m . k 

uu . pwth Of brush Md tSStoW* return from .he 

B C Davenport, owner of the <'B rl Carrere. l.e Drap d’Or and ! trm»p* To do their quota of cn- 
rlephants. said it nto unusual for (’tog Ptorenee. all In Paris, a* well • lertaining. tba troupe had to By 

House was sold out for the fit*! th# p.u tnderm* to go onto »s*tt a , other bids Irorn niterle* in Rome '»*• dlalgnr#* and do. twn allows 
two shows and advang# toles were ground lie reasoned they must And \filan dally one flight took nino hour* 

naed for seaatona expected lo Iasi 
two weeks. 

A ndutber of Ahea# are adinittc d- 
ly friendly and expected to di*ulg# 
names of party members. 

Four of the 40-odd subpoenaed 

strong for th# enUre engsgemtnt have bren badl> frightened. 

. 1 ' J. 11 111 ... L _ iij — ! .X.. ""gg 

"" 11 

Smharriptiom Order Verm 

Enclosed find check for $ 

Plesge send VARIETY for 

m took imi "Ur** 

un.lir y.lrrmrh dinfi-nitit rondi- id Vf Siigat OC M ill IS m 

the fuingn dates, the, ll relum 
the V. K. t# play room* lined t 
fdr h«-r by Music C'orp. of Amerk 
It was their first European jaunt. 

to the next point, 

• • •. y 4 *. #. -a 

(!%*«« Pi H. Vk#.»» 

Snrt' . . . 
lily ... 

• • • • P • 

• •„.p 

#•-*.•# 4 • 



• .* • ■ 

Rtojulnr Subscription Rnftt 

Om Y#or — |10.(H 
Conodn ond Foreiqi 

1S4 West 44 tb St root 

Two Ymm^llt OO 
.SI Additionol p or Tour 

V Now York It. N. Y. 

ior n» r nya*to*r \ .orp. 01 America. Uter to the. effect that ho 

It w*> their ftrst European jaunt. \\* i**J* +. ***'; t refused to be intimidated into co- 
^ — 7— Adding to the Htter* pHAd com- operating wKb tho committee. 

Hephurn Back Home I 9m.* ** t other* called Included art dirert- 

I IfUr PJ-. iuL._ * rr i. -i , * number qf cra ghe* during tho ors snlmator* Eugene. and Bern\c< 

1:.. After IlC, Other Am\Blh time Umy wwr there, with mor# neurv and furniture man Pr 

Katharine Hepburn, who coatar* fatalitie* Hivwevtr IN#w ftontoy. 

in Horison Ptiwlmtipns “African P*' 11 * d ■*' m * «'*ndition*, Shipp wag told to appear /«t“ the 

* Oueen ' with Humphrey Bogart, re- . jr * rso*»d#rahiy better ia winter. p U nji c hearing Sept. BO- 
turned to. New York le-im! The troupe played to tost a ila- Barring laat-nsinnte change, hear- 
lur* . an Ibo Wueen Elisabeth, i Dona where aa aaany aa 3.000 were inga won’t be televised Rep John 

^rudto Interiors oh the todie veil- f to the audience I'ntt tomprtsed. { wood chairman, notified KTTV 

lure were itot completed Ul Brit- »■ addition to'Powell. Evet\ n Hans- ihat the bearings “in all proba- 

’ win l,o4 4tiuh wort was Irnsed in r|Nm. BUI Roberts F.laine Lenia. biltt^ will be the same a* to 

Alrtra j Paul L^Paul and Dorothy ttenael i Wpabtejinn. tans video KT TV la 

Ms* «ivg wag' actresa Gerald- j Cump Shows Iasi 'week dis- one of several videoutlets which, 

Epr H • •>• >hr has a top rot# to [ patched another unit to Kprea. pitched for the coverage 

Frnu h de fttm. IW at the Acts consul of Frankie I ons rile k Donn Tatum. ABC video veepee, 

II Band i*h recently finished Sunny Dale. Walter Wikeh, Jr , says net asked Waelitogton long 

* in Puri*. Other show bit [Blgge k Karr and Les'Smith 
ptoaetiti r« inclihlrd muneomedy , Urvteurateur A! Schacht 

star Irene Manning, actress Con- left la»t week to do Jus baseball 
stattto t ’oilier Howard S. Cullman, pantonume for troops tn Korea 

amateur' hour *meee. 

teg ir hi. « k« r and Ted Mack, tadio- 1 Negotiations are on for Audrey 

-ge k Karr and Les'Smith ago but nrv#r got reply. Neither 

Restaurateur A! Schacht also did Klaus l^ndsbtrg. KT1.A 
tt last week to do Jiis baseball veepee, on a similar request J-< k- 
ntonume for troop* in Korea, ton ha* jnd tested h# favors fete* 
‘gotiatiom are on for Audrey viatog it 'it s up ta the full 
Totter to entertain m that area. i rominiUe#. 

Hike to $2.60 Bring* No Squawks 
As TV Sees Record Ray-Randy B.O. 

SEE BIG FILMS film Execs Encouraged at Biz 

Theatre television will reap IU 

k {gent (PM! to wh *" h, « 

v r **n houses air the lUy Rob<n» 

, n-H»*dv Turpin middleweight 
i *»*nip»ort«htp bout on an esclu- 
sive tenia tonight iWed > Fight if 
b* rarried by 14 theatres in 1) 
-excluding metropolitan Mew 
York where the bout la being 
U,crd» and the house* have upped 
their tie bet tabs for the event to 
new high*, ranging from |l M to 
|2 g§ 

1 That the theatre* will have no 
t ,-,;Kie veltlrrw out »«• demmvstrai 

t v several house* which void 
mrd seat tickets in advance 
and posted the SHO sign almost 
i« ante as thf tiv went on sale 
IV spite the upped price, exhih* 
reported not a single squawk from 
the jkht tans One eshib «nUI tt 
was not a question of price with 
patrons hut whether "we ran get 
in to see the light.- Warner* 
Stanley Philadelphia for example 
which i* charging 1210 for its 

2 (WMj seats, had a cashier work 
i r t%‘o four-hour shifts og the 
reversed aeata before thev were 
gone, House then sold ■tending 
twom at |1 M. 

Ho\*ie Theatre. Phiity uhuh is 
•in a low-income Negro netthhor- 
•hood has a law fold nut Its 1 000 
seats at li ft Theatre plana in 
aell standing room starting about 
half -an -hour before tight time to* 
night. Morale has received a nuns* 
her of rail* from Negro Acht fans 
in Baltimore requesting tickets for 
the Ih»u( It's to be 'carried in 
(Ultimo re only by Loew’s Century, 
at which Nagroaa are nqt permit - 
led. C entury, incidentally it one 
< Continued on page 4> 

— *■ «■' ■— ■* ■■■■ 

Disney Eyes Saits Vs. 

Exbibs ‘Linking' His 
‘Alice' With Bate’s 

Numerous exhiba plavtng the 
1 >U Hohin version of ” Ylire in 
" >fid«Tlar I" are being threatened 
with legal action hy Wait Disney 
for advertising that in one way or 
. an gives the Impression the 
I > is the also-current Disney ver- 
sion Souvune Selective Pictures. 
*».-»« h i* distributing the Bunin 
ftop is not involved. 

< ‘trending exhiba. Dtsnev attor- 
fiew charge, have purchased paper 
fuan National Screen Service on 
"the Di-rrey ft I in and then doctored 
It for Ute with the Bun*n po In 
*™»M cases this has consisted' in 
elimination of Dtaaey'r name, but 
iw of the Disney characters Since 
tie lattes are. copyrighted, lawyers 

* »im they have an open-and-shut 

• i M »* drive-in we nt even further 
I' t he Disney three-sheet and 
eliminated the Disney name above 

However, underneath was 

P’ p'' <t ’ also Walt Disney short 

v.hpHls" Catch was that the 
' and ‘ short subjects” were 
I ■ m minuscule type, wiulg 
J Ws | . Disney** 4 was t remew 
h'Mi> Overall tmprexaion thus 
\ n ; n was that Alt* «• was the 

’ ’’ St reen v Service.* which 
1 iU accessories for the major 
‘ ' tetog sells posters to anyone. 

■ ‘ f not .they re playihc a 
I ‘ getting tb< ! > i, paper . Aa 
1 ' •*'»U.‘tri to exhih* 

McCarthy Retumiat 
From Europe Sept 20 

G McCarthy. director of 
.«oial division of the 
I '.me Assn, of America, 

• ' i . b acfc at h»S desk 

,*■ aie»t|t Sept t 

! < tirrent three-month tour of. 

He uAs atated to arrive in 
>rday *Tues > from Ven- 
. *• f e he had been attending 

T -» icxlival 

'thvhas also been in Spain 
' « and the Scandinavian 
f : °n various film negotia- 

lic * now working on a new 
: ‘> i S agreement to replace 
' ' tit pact. \ « 

• • 

/VO it •' • 1 Hollywood* going back to hich- 

U Hin l0 If if! I frtred : nox c i.« aa seu e ee material 

. . f»r film* Demonstration at the 

Joyce O Harr acting pre*y th# few SStfi that 

MWion «ctur. Aaan . sf [■ ^ ggy are nww the indust ry % 

^**jjj* plan# ^ out of N Y pi-j me money makers nas awung the 

tonight h Wtd tor Ihe^CoaSt tor back to thinking in teraks 

teteete Studio hea* * Of expenvi x e bestsellers 

will aiae beep an eye «u the r-- ^ , krM> 

Skoaras Abroad Next Week 

Sp\iM« Skouiav t pptef 

o now expected to plane out of 
N Y for /uMtit S\*n/crl»nd Sept 
SO. to witne%s imxl demonstrations 

‘Film rim are finding much en- 
ciMit agciorni m the >rrtHxg bit 
fa* bed up by pi\ over the weekend 
despite the return to the *u of a 
Bock of big TV shows Saturday* 
Sundav theatre b o * were ea<eh 
lent throughout most of the. ct»un- 

eye on the r- p Mr Vhaat of three ftwptetate j 
vrval of the House Un-American mavel* at upf»f bragtet pfirea in 
Activities Committee hearings in the thw mrrkM lt lh# 

to tbe new trend Sttmrf editors ate] 
He'll he In. Hoiljraood ite aev- | ra< j| n u t,, a ftork of buys during, 

eral weeta this coming fall and winter at in 

1 ' ' ' '* creasinglv rising prices 

p II || || • Whether the new demand Ipf 

SlArLnnlnBr IniT p*« ^ »n ■>*• «end ni*uv»nod, 

krllnJUMW^I Ullll back to Broadway for story mate- j 

rial remain* to be aete story • 
rp | n nq editors think it likely IteW hux* 

I n|/AC KAUJC ft Af by studio* have greatly lagr> d in 

1 All 1 Cw UUWtf 1 HI' the past few years because of high 

prices being sought by playwrights 

RKftV 1Ar niwv “tzxzru. m r-. I 

. g(yMv B |qL Ifff V f i rent weeks are The Cauie Mull- 

ny ” by Herman. Bout, which } 
Tbf 10c per share d!wy declared k >tr bought for HB.teO 

lolot TV «t/n 

A number of 

> < * M 

s<*\ * l deimmatratlon* tT> 

Ful.-ohor thcat Wr.krnd xu xi 

a% crucial 

E. . ■ _ .In telltaling whether the hefty hypo 

■20th- Fox engineers gp n his has enjoy rd (hi* pa%t 
hr company Ataw- summer had a aemblanre «*f per- 

llope Is that the vvstem will msnence or whether It w«*old 

hv HKO Theatres last week was 
ned hx a atetedteWI tor the 
dissident stockholder group in the 
tetepatiy to have resulted from 
its action He pointed out that he 
could name at least a duten prosy 
controversies In the past Couple 
years where dividends were de 
dared sir -U p pe d ; ba .order to in 
ftuence minority stockholders in 
favor of the management 

i*ooae confederation of share- 
holders. led by Wall St broker 
David J i»reene. is. meantime go- 
ing ahead with formalisation of it 
sell Into a minority stdckbolderv 
committee This is in preparation 
tor a Unlit .fur control »l plans to 
wage at the annual meeting In 

Jfoward Hughes now owns con- 
trolling interest in HM1 Theatres 
but his stock is in the hands of 
a trustee, in accordance with the 
antitrust de< ree Greene group, 
which claims control of at lra«t 
te many shares as Hughe* ^wants 

board all tha mcmbeis of slndr 

were na me d by Hughe*. 

Compromise is *ti|l posMhlr rep 
of t*,.- st ft-deration dec lared, 
#l!hou«h there have been no con 
ferences or negotiations with RKO 
fxf cs recently to indicate such 
likelihood, Greene has met with 
Sol A Scow art/, prr* of the ui 
cuit but- nothing came of it 

Greene group ha* had r« p* out 
of town meeting with impodtmt 
stockholder! and lining up their 
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TOA’s Stem Agaia 
Blasts ‘Life’ Mag’s Blast 

Washington. Sept ’ 11 
Full-fledged attack on Life 
n>.«^arfne x*» ,«h /r 4 enfl\ rar: ie<l 
an article unfavorable to the 
film industry, was launched hx 
Gael Sullivan, ,e*ec director q# the 
Theatre Owners of America, at a 
luncheon meeting of the Adverti#- 
rng Club of Washington here yes- 
terday <Tues L 

Apparently in reference to hcaw 
advertising by ma tor film ,cx*m- 
panies th Life Sullivan said. * I ani 
itering hour long we as ah id- 
ilu.strx tmivi no 4,»n fin.*n< tOtf oftr 
own bl n kinailcrv Life should Wyp 
at our table, rather than slitting 

. . > i ! tir<>,i» * 

Sul ( »•' ■ • t fit* 1 •. 

do -try provided the armed loftes. 

x» rn 41 ‘.|> .!*'•. i rif ; D • • r ■ 

Id Wfr II. and added *‘Chd 
Die vixe axxa'y any free’vuhv i m v 
t iv»n ' B<nh Life and. .Time re- 
jx»rt« rs w«-re vard to be, at .the 

/• ' ' . . . . ' • ; 

Coast Film Earnings Up 

Sacramento. Sept I) 
Average weekly tfarning-v us the 
film vtudios' went up lo gld.VBB 
during JulV, rompare'd W ith SI* 
a year aro af-rording t<» the C'-» 1 1 
forma Labor Statistics Bulletin 
Hourlx eamm - the month 
averaged $2 33, agauist $2 47 for 
July, 1950. 

k was 'The I’reortrfiii Uiiy by Irving 

# the Btone. which Iteh-Fox acquired for 
.n th*?*”®* and "My Cousin Itachel ** }■ 

from 1*1 Daphne du Maurte.r. whuh 20th 
)t l h# i Continued on page 17* 

Pteoy '■ ■' . j 

r?/ U.S. Should Combat Pic 
« Curbs Abroad is Tie-In [ 
^; r | With Foreign Aid: Daff 

ic go- f U.- S Govfj-ninent s divpiay of 
of it interest in vartp u* foreign eoun • 
»lder*' ; ine*. via finanx ial a ' xl'U, should 
ration hr matched bv an interest in the 
itu to welfare »f IL*tl> »«h**.I ins abtoaii 
ng in Alfred. K. Daft l nixcrval s glotel ' 
sale* . l opp e r. declared in N V 
i on .Montpx 10 foliomng a six-week 
norldwite tour 

id* <*f American pic product has a v;»>t 
h toe foreign aUrlicn* e Dali s».»l« n lie 
tewfep. l said the will I'ontinte i tlie 

lea't films are kCKUIfd cut of the \ :».i 
wants mu* foremen markets t exec ex 
** mot presdqd the thought the U.'SL. State 
w hw-n-— typrpart ment shmild take in a< live 
role in combatting any threat* of 

• ' r P new rektrirttona an (He Hoi h wood 
hired, oopeput 

o con- While bit abroad is at a healthy f 
RKO; level. Daff operates on the thet^rv 
such *-,i s never te pted it < qt be 
if ‘out inued on |> ige IT 1 « 

he available tor de.m.n»tratioq at ^ aftrd #%ka% ^nh the i — rnl 
the company sturtteider*' meet j cwmK4i h of the big tele %h«>w« 
tod in W: Y.. CM. 4- . Go od % th« » • -e 

; ' J .; ; L / viewed with inure than usual en- 

p HI |« ■ iliuxiaviL They' re net' being tak^n 

Vaa WnlfCAn B% 10,1 * * n ' lh,n * ,n 

lJUU Yf vUtfUtl 'I* a x u TV. hwwex er pending a 

• return of other important show* 
•'""t m # a am . ! during the nest couple weeks and 

Drafted to Too ‘ ? W ***£ 

• . Tup trie Heeper grabbers that 

■■ « ma went l*ii k on the air la>t Sat irday 

I I I *\ f Mnnf *•» were NBG i “ AJl-Slar Hex ur '* 

| \Ji\ tel lvlvvl u ° Frio l*i n /a made t>* IV 

.1 debut and the alternating start at 

paskai tulitv that MMcbeB WqlfaMi a,tm , r,>t ,hr ijNJB «td Wynn, 
of All uni will be drafted to head J l " | » f »y Durante, J*ik f *i»n and 

wafted away with the 'anaonaj 
j cvimluK k of the big tele vh«»w «. 

Good giUxses, lhrrCf*«re were 
viewed with more than uaual en- 
] thuyiasm They re nut teing taken 
jaa indtcaitna anything ftnai in pis 
[ x uax i* TV. howev er p e n ding a 
I return of other important shows 
; during the ne*.( couple weeks and 
j furt tier testing of tent weekend's 
} reHmilta. - ■ . 

Top tela llooper grabheis that 
went hark on the air last Saturday 
‘g i 'were NHt’ s .''All-Star Hexue.^ 
on whuh Fno Ftn/a rude it* IV 
debut and the alternating starv tvf 
the show for the «raum <ld W>nn. 

I hi »l i r <>*nrrx Arp* » u* 
the annual convention and tratto.t 
show at lhe H«»lel Ad or N : 
Se|»i 23 27 is l Ike t x the T' »\ 
grapevine report 

However, Wolf son. co-owner of 
the VS (.metro Circuit, last ye* r in- 
dicated that he Wanted to bow (tut | 
as chairman of the TO. A hnard 
'h< r T« ‘ V members will pee- j 
x .til ujH*n h'of *o accept Hie post Is | 
a moot quc'-tion *’■ t 

I * » * > e ni i n d u * t i« »ns a r e that a 
deAniie 'effort will be made to rit.i t 
a pr* x»denl from a ip.n of the 
country other than the northeast.' 
whuh has had a monopoly w<lh Ar 
*hur tan kwtHMt ind Sam f*tnan*ki 

h* utinr I l*e IMli rui ( , ,n (lion 

Pi nan ski h*- *«eivr«L f<o |fir la*t 
two years 

Two other press possibilities..) 
e.«ch f^r from New Fncland and 
iitdh high in TOA national affa tm. 
are M> f«»nr Itlxnk of l«»w a and Shir 
rillM’orwin of S^oithef n C.'atifornia 
Standing rommittees for the n»n* 
tetetoB named by gene* ral chair- j. 
man Si Fahian. afe as fiiliows 
Theatre tele vision. Mitrhell Wolf* 
Wwmetro ( in utf Miami. 

' ' ibu t or nth ihlt ion ^ Walter It* ade 
Jr . Walter Heade Theatres V Y 
•< onlinued on page 17» 

A Johnson* did guest shots, 
ffonlmued on page IB* 'T'/ 

Chaplin, Lloyd Still Nix 
Their Post-1917 Fix 
For TV. Despile Offers 

Hollywood. He pi II 
l**v|,.t, gtebcrxMls oveitures. 

there i little rhanre that cmne- 
die* made hs ( hariCt t'haplin and 
Haloid Lloyd on* •• 1417 will 1 m» 
available to Video for,'' several 
years Heps of the two come dun* 
idritil that, nun** * <>,, , t*., . »• 

been made during the pa t year 
for ry neh’ large h*< k 

fots t»f slhrnt two reelefV and lt**ih 
• i* *i* .»nd vioind 1 < kliifrs ni.otr hy 
lite two rotnediaiiv intt all pilches 
have been «*d 

posti ion **f t'haplin is unique in 
thai he holds full owner* top l*» ,*tl 
of in t*, made since INI 7. 

* t ontinued «»n page 1? • 

National Boxoffice Survey 

PoatHohday dipt Tr«dc; ‘Dnvid’ Takes Over ltl f 
‘Leatherneck ’ Second, ‘Groom’ Again Third 

Although the weather continues 
fan lx rniwleiare fn nvinv k*-> ciiO". 
covered h\ Vaairrv this wekk. 
u-ual imst hnlidax letdown along 
with a plethora of holdover* will 
make rut rent week’s overall total 
substantially lower than a week 
a co Additional hookings for some 
ol i<t produrt r** leased last week 
are *g a b nutfle in t<*p 

rating prx 

[ >.»% id and Bath ^he ha” 2fHhi. 
rated one of outscandihg comers.* t 
foe atesion is taking 

N I spurt with houkings 
ill -OM<e 1 ! ( k* x - ; >tit. - « oil-red h- 

by. lipped 
i • a 
fifth a w« 
and po j 

1 * . v 

Im ink sk-oUeh 


I ir-ai hemeck* $ig.O 

*r r ... ' • * 

*n mtii atpout. IB • n 

. W’ ' ft , i - t >i 
» -• 

■I’.ti' 1 «•«!/• I ' ■ •' * 

a'M ■ j i i , ••« * ■ il . ’■■ > f !>i- 

OV»-rs - 

f Will 1 . k • vtt ii 

> is *1x114 in |j|ec*zti'i7 lo-.fd |» 

• ‘ling ur -ti ^rtli v fui»- ' It *- K*nd 
„• V \ « r. ' 11>K< » • P»: li Lf'ti 

t», . .v\| 1 . ' • nl • .f >•' S- '* 

|00' - ho^d* • ■ i 

ping to seventh f i: t time in flVg 
week* it 1 '• ■■♦•en bo champ 

• \f»M>n' T t K tx 'V M wil'i soi’ e 
flesh bof-kui > ts taking etehth 
pnqnex • Meet A her Show’* '20»h* 
loth a week a*d if fin- 
ishing rinth Iron Man l' 

Young Pretty” MG* round out 
the Golden (>><en in that *e«|fien« • 
"Klch" was second Iasi week , 

^ Mart of Renegade llorn- 

hlowei WH with only five play- 
dates-. TNlVf f T«M I A i’attie 
Drive L did Pit kup • .»re 

nmnerup films in that order, hut 
all are closed - hunched 

Place in Sun Pat >h »w- a* 

!i*' <*t Vi ' - • • 

-■ i 

on md l>x \ vai». r v ti n« all 

- . ^ - \ n - 

411 Oultiehi Y|-G Iced oft in 

(Feat \haur in Pitt -tiui where 
Mas ' target x 1 1 lined ’ 

r i • f'. ; i n -jr. 
s* •,‘i.iU Hi .^5* N \ . I cl ly (>i \ir> 

x*. 11 , i ’ 1 -> t* 'ter in - 'i ■ * v •• • , 

. la . n .’ * • t .lx "I .r e u <!u 

.md PhiHx ‘ IY*»(^r A air t 
O JI W ( . , a -d new • 
fta qu *jr > ; erj . hut gri4rt( |tt (, ** , 
land and r .It rr. < Ui . • ^ 

. anil fn’Tt r ! I I ' C - n 

Tie* l.d.-d. .'<•*, d • t \ 

\|i nkOfti'xni <r»rliintti* 

h ’ ift t u tHi e m \ \ f i * M4 l' 

n«*W lexindlYlg out' -*C^. ' Ilf' on'' 

*r> u»- • hr- ts in f 1 i ' ‘ . * 

, l • M • > • * • . 

lonr mai ' in C’jev • l,ar d .•■ A 
path" •(•jifi is- hi-fi in Ornah.1 ' l .u 1 


; T <.»•*** ■ is i * m 

tieO Mark Ruiefr** 
roustau mx si UK mi vanuAN E 

fukou wtuir »v vaanry imc 

MfiiM KfkHK. rniiao 
tu Wnl v*th Si Sts Yuk It. S » 

N«Uf«trt XS 

Hi i X > a Mrtrt j’ 

IM Naiiot*»l SuiM rf J! 

€*•««*• 11 I 

SIX S<> xi*< K*««n A > a 
- laaUa WC1 

a at Manta a fl . Tr«fa»*.r Vi ; 

scav Rimos • 

Anaoaf ■ 111 1 aF*l|* •. §l ' 

' Smcia C(*e*t p r »Mi . ' 

a art. c.m.Ks antu - 

Vol IH4 


*tt i r > 

rtutii •' 
Film Hex 
tlou *r lit 
Inside Li 
Inside M 


i'Belvede 20thi ted "JUch, » Fape» Iti 

in l.‘ »i.-xiUe Yto'-k *‘1 Yv- *'" , t 
■( >’ is f nr* x* 'i n V 1 xi lii M . 

. . * f * • Bo Jo ft tff K 'urti on 

1 » t‘*x i 4 t»n Itcvi* 
1 n*t Reviews "-; 

s s 

V * ,.i 4 it. vnre 

oa.Vt vaatkiv 

'KwbiisiMs* 4*. liff' * avxafl 
D*H» X*rt*t» Uf i 
US a 1»ar IM Inrei 


» 1 *. » 1 »il 

Theatre TV Sets Giants- Rams Grid, 
Defease Training as Public Service 





< 4 : 

lit- *r.‘i 


the • ■ 




»; holt) 

yetjVii f 

. 1 1 ' • - i. ’ll*' 

•t- . h , ! t«M* '■ 

ji ii i . 1 * 11111,1 or^hr y 1 anl- 

III f ,,t » itirtHfl* I *■ I t*» „il f *‘ 

I v Vriuorb' thit v, r#-k pafti-rl (of 

if* ft » - 1 : 1 :L. _ x -it* . • 

aJ*o the (hi Hat ij‘f of Ivig -4 t«'ft 

V till oil-' ' t 1 tv V 1 ' ■ r! f 1 * ' 

Tri the I reining ter* <■ * ( • 

TN f , pit t Nat tun I tlalp* m ar - 

> * »• t t • * 1 • - * I • 

f eft C V * I r ' |l t r .i I ■ . 1 1 I - 1 y 1 . 

theatre «u ie.-t»' ifi \cw A m k Phi) . 
edctpliia Baltimore arid W a^ilnf- 
loti for, n t«t. , more XhaA j 

II tMNt c tv»J tlt lrn«r attri 11 s Natui 

4 • IJJn • Theatre* are oflfiMir.ii 

th» If o't i ■ 1 •• f n e t mi the f > ti- 

ment arid tf ; Mr"$. - sqreeitofttl; .-(Re 1 
( till ItflctiM' unit (tfann to r it end 

iW it .hi i'ilf t< ■ ■ 1 1 f it 0 n * i. 1 1 

1 |K 

t heal re* 
screen TV 

Hour Int 
9 a m ti 
fot the ff.i 
amount Mi 
eli-iphia I 
innri anil 
tor ton Ki 



1 (ifrif Ian 


ft. ( 

In talk 
r itx u it • 

if rkiiH »v «* hrityiiMt ?•.«• 

♦ • • . tfi* t» ' v I e . 0 

v ft t to Mi* i * /N 

. - net - Hi ai< y in f finish 

im »\ < * r»tui.\ m 11 . 4 ft 1 
t to 1 KK« > hi Hi. V* . I, 
11 the Mi vt tiro* m the 'a 


fhr at 
fc*« k It. 
e .) M'l tall v 






M f 


»i Nm 
• > h i*i' • 
vttow in | 

f title I to 
ff tl*r Mutbi't 
mount V unpr 

■ ip.»t 



it a 




ill lie 

I# d f* 1 
• ‘ 





1 hatui 
ri ant't- , 

»hg * J 

\| 0*4 stilt >’t 
tit ill 1 itti ,f 1 \ 


1 11 rat 1 

Modern \ r|,. 
ii* levtjiHrd 
l»> Mo'. ,1 
t.ri .e:v>(vt,rnt att|) 
vi < tit i\ « llna toi 
,ll tl (>l .lift If'M 

*1 1 - <i. \ 

llrOl Ih'1,11 '.4 

1 vv Itai rv ti.** 

lo-nriftTU nth 

m t 


Util M It 
1 it ti rd 

m 1 [he 

^ 1 -Day Truer 

Oi t pvVe the buttle bet we* n 
ihtuiff t«>lni*ioit and h*noe 

video* for * 1 ifjht*— r~ u *. . i u..' n 
*| 4 rirtA event*. % 4 hi *t re * 

efaay eo o peraff Ir braoiinf 
•home TV for at ledrM.umf 
. ri’iftit N lif and the N V 
H<*ratd T nhunr are planning ; 

* tit birthri nemie* 

-S* gi| 3<| t>. \ v* 1 1 n Mr «. ot the 

"V \ \f»a».tta 

which .the theatre* a'*' to . ■ | 

v -nil. -an . haatfle I 

Aa » ffvuit it'4 tikHy that the 
hi# v0rven h'-ir*t v * -ft pu It up 
t* e - ( e 1 .hotr 1 ■ ' l 1 

time fi ite t . 

' Mt< v* tin ti iv f 4 le hf .it in# 
it* JMh arm. ' 11 * ttnin# up an 
■ jell 'tar t ;« lent dnil'uy |..t litt 
bet Meen-halvm alni* . inetindk 

a* ‘ Mi, 

He ih . «| IniHi y Hut .* nt e ■ Sul 

( , 1 . I .1 t 1 n • « ■ n v i , i , 

i n A Aj haa ff i .' efe . In a4- ' 
tl .1 11141 NIK* boa id rhairmin 

N • ' ! I" It i»' i,"i 1 A. M | ’ ( i 

v\ Iteu.wv H. 1.1 111 • 

re-i\e Special plaegtie-a^ 

Win $9J00 

Yop TirtU* Pirnry 

Loa An fele*. Sept . 1 1 


Jack Nit vfrn and Aubrey Wl* 
berg ton a »» V#1 verdict »• thru 
piracy n.utt avMitut Columbia Pic- 
tures. Kav Pi< turn Mt[ Silip Ratl- 
in art in Supei u# fouil, , 

Wr Hera charged tliey uubmitted 
e-lr orik tn i *tory. * The Pirate 
and the sfive (»irl, ” lc Katsman 

‘Exhibs Mist Merge With Video 

m tip ue 


rd it 

fit r 



‘Ski ha 1 • 


RKO Keeps Faith With 
ExWk in Nix d Rahn 
: Sale of Ray-Randy File 

Rgvluaive thealr# righlf lb the 
. Kan«ty Turpin Smlor Hay Ki.Imuviii 
t n n vjt lomtf'u Hid 1 ettrudv to a 
. nil | \i iv Iwi r Mil m rnvrriitr BKA 

| u fmh i» fivtfM 

Tit Afcy. Handles TV-er 

Phtladelepfita Sept it 
t tide rVprmg the hot iriter- 
♦ ♦ Hi 1 tie theatre TV 1 ^ 1.1 re, 

of I Up Ra> SnTon '..n-fl.indy 
Turpig middleweight title ft#ht 
i Wed t, the Keair*-*iy 


he «t>l 
for the 


k# Hie 

of the 

*« will 
the lii 
1 Skill 

WavKiortun ' ' . 

of \t tvil Ae-. j 
Iv Is p.ra- 
ll »4 Jh*;i»rv* 1 
tiuing liTtit uf tit* *a« t 1 

kt the ufik 4 |U< ;»itii pi .iln 1 1| \ of I hi* 
e 1 \ for * o4 h p.uhllt *erv lev j 
m in b will o itr ihciti ill gkior} sti .ui 

Whi-11 Hies apply In the M't t<»» ' 

lOtaUhwed un ' pm #r MbJ 

20th Fox Asks FCC 
} For Right to Share 
Industrial TV Setup 

| W A*llHU • ' »n '“V I*t 11 

A | u Apnea I w h U b v 
ttnm < t »Mirv tp a*M#n a '|hu ill 
Im rid of fre«|Uo*n 4 te* for 1 healic 
1 ivi«»n waa uUMle in a f 1 y ■ 
f.rrd last week with thir ► .■iter Mi 
i ammui •> *• \ 

2 <Mlt luv t onipam r «|iu »l« d H 
afeiu v to enlarge the lnQUeo at the 
theatre TV heal ing* vf *ieduled tor 
Nov Iff* Id IpdtMte inivvider at ion of 
l«o»kibttlHe* of . iivtiiv jnii t*»w aye 
ti i-ifoelM ieo to ► itM 1 si 

read*’ ailofi aled lor uumn iudu< 

I nat m rvii i * 

Thi ough It v H'.ehiui!luii ruuuM’l 
\V»li ti Mott k Mm i ..t» 2<Mn «on 
tended trial liiealre TV iv aw m iu h 
entitled to slsare »n trie uw u( tir- 
<|ueiMM « swimif il to live li ibi'tiul 
H.idi U fir rv Ice a* are ott er ii'rr- **f 
the il< s bind l%mpii 
out that rule* for IMS do not rv 
entry TT 

Petit nm avM-i ted that it Wp <-ml\ 
rerentlv. uinm reviewing piMilutf 
tie* of trie | no | w>* 4 - >* Ho wtir w-rviit 
lUiMuh informal conf* ten. <. with 
( (iiiiiiiisviuii 'viuffi p. Hun it wan 
ili't t>\ 41 im! t tu • 1 1 • IV , ,i\ l>r 
Higihh for U'C «»( IKS fi*u h m .4 > 
lieu ever it Hie t'ounu n -in .. 1 *1 
tletnmine that tlw.itre Tl iw not 
eligible | a* tit 1011 urged tlwit IMS 
rule* rir amended to im hide Hiea 
ti e*,' • •••;'• _ 

Iris lidrry Kxils Modern 

Museum; (Griffith Ne|ila«t^ 

In* Rarn. Amtie ..tut i orator 


(and diwlritnitton of the fight film*; 
j was given the cipHon bv the pet>- 
1 mot err, the Irilernaf ionul Boa mg 
[Club uf IpVvtng s' viNiiiMtrid In <>sd 
! cn*i and tui m d it d«wn, 

HU .* 1 OI 01 On it MoIm i I \lm iiMi' 

HKO safe* chief who -vt up trie 
tight tiini* deal Hut d eou id \ .»'.i • 
find a vpiiivfir to* a broad* a *t it be 
desired ' I tat w o id hav. ii-iioriMt 
Hie guarantee - in rurro’ ul >.’<"[ 
cajo -that RfCO waa ton gin- 

lor ihe til 1 11 rightr 

Mocbiir trgi In'! staftir* mulled 
the pi o|MOition tor 24 hoot* and 
. t hen derided aga nM it Otic si ImmiI 
of thought, at RKO favored the 
I huudi a«t me# a* of gn at promo- 
tional vat ne for the Ai;u< People 
in the past have indicated a de* in- 
to M*e five film* of a good bout after 
hearing it wti the air 

It was fell however th<t a lun^d- 
ra*t would have a tvodeuev tn keen. 
. .in-ri' out ol Ihiaiie* Hr. night 
of tiie hg td and IiiuK a aerVice « o’uld 
lie dime eahib* hi keeping ft away 
from radio, t» well a* TV On that 

d V « ip 1 4 r , « 

eahiri aupporl fr»r the him* -which 
| be hav received. 

HKO** deal hTth* IRC is a enm^ 
wHh repraau wtatlvr* of- ayRRA * ' blnatmo for tonight * tray png i- 

Hf he t ageviCy he 
time t* handling 

event at the w 

Theatre _ '[y : y, 

Agency advert 1 ««d ail livt 
week In Phillv new vpa|M-r* lhat 
it bad ticket* on *a|e for |)M, 
P-i ic e Include* the $2 Ml grrnv* 
change of the Stanic\ p'o* 
$i 2 u agent y c o hi mi* » 1 <• n. 
w hi* h tv the legal added lute 
for t fcgatre 1 1 * bee •• 



Fix Faces Mass 
For Drive to Get 
Video Channels 

1 evouiin* n 

M iivftltif of rifat hut 
f«*r the right to obtain exclusive 
theatre telrvivicai rKsniw-h w«* 
t iijr 1 hi 1 ill Monday iitt‘ m an 4 il- 
itn huddle of the Motion iSclure 
Am of Amerwa* > irieo coUuuit, 

; teg 

dor m gaitiYuHortv atioiiieys, en- 
gineer* ehd the National ►.vbibitor* 
theatre IV C ommittet vfcct 0*111 
pi i*-ed mostly an < v h mge of idea* 
•*nd vuggr«t i«*n%. with no dc< tvionv 
M i Iv cd at. on any '|*ei the punt-. 

Cindip approved Mi* appointment 
of an engineeiuia rommiltee U» ftp 

Inm* for trie 
okojded K ilh tiufn 
I; Kabialt in the 
the extiila pre- 
»«• w » on the iM'ir 

I'MK’V Jiivolxed HI fol | h-r 

unified viand ImI*m v five ► i-tinsl. 
t ominumcaHonv t ommivtion t. n- 
Uer diw uvmur were <u« h it t* rfu a* 
the number of ihanitvl# that might 
be need* d, whether M w ill lie bet 
ter to have lhvm operated bv the 
induvti v or to b ase 1 oiiimon var- 
rbrrv the adv k*-abtltt> of attempling 
1 ( onl 1 nued on page b 3 t 


Saddler-Pep go Se|4 2 fl. (Guaran- 
tee for trie pair wu over F 300 0UD 
hreakifig down to -about S 2 HKMIUU 
for Robiromn-Turpfn and IHlOCNiU 
f..r Saddb I pep RhO. in adit it tun, 
«1«4au hs rod of raiueia new erect" 
mg of «prrial tower* fn*r xomr of 
the camera*, and print* and advrr 
living . 

In Mhlilion id insuring the right 
fur theatre* via the guarantee. 
HKO that way «ot itself a more 
lav oratiii- deal than on previous 
battle*. IHt leeelved foav iwai as 
bare on the Luuia<’harle« right 
pig a 1 m»|iir iui\ ago, ’that w aa 
the top for any bout *. which RKO 
handled on a tlraight percentage 

tiaM*. ■ 

vIBC therefore, wit prettv C(*r- 
tain. getting hrttfi than Hu 
UotHHW HK<> guaranteed if ti 
were willing to accept the came 
deal on Hobtnwon-Turpm as vn 
laHiiw-Chat Iv* F .ght manager* 
.NwM'Vf r. are *a id -to have made a 
better deal with IRC fur «he right* 
on the tuns «( ravh on the |tm*. *0 
UK son herd part of the coin it 
■riigbl have e spec ted iu order to get 
Hie adiarue ■ 

$700,000 Advance 
Switches Fidelity 

Fr* 20th to RKO 

V |7tW tstO advance ftflrint b\ 
RRQ la reported to have been a 
pi im 1 p<*l reason fur the twtfdi Kg . I 
►Sdcliiy Put lire* of re'eave uf its 
'T’horkaluck ’ from 20 ! h Pm *<> 


HKO. Plr, produted by Howard] 
' Welsrb fur Use iadhc unit in ahirk } 
hv's partnered with A Pam Rtum- ' 
enthal and Jo*e ph Seidel man. wtara 
Marlene llii tiuh. Arthur Kennedy | 
and Mel Ferrer. 

fidelity wraa able iu cancel it* 
di-tribuilon deal with 2 ”'h -irue 
the company rouldn t wend the pic [ 
MMo feleuau until neat year Pari-' 
net* were anwious to *tart liuuidat - 1 
ing tt Mioner brrauve of the r«- j 
penwe of continuing to tie up the 
tUOOtgN) invested If* ‘ Chur Iu luck ” 
The opporl unity to get the RKO j 
deal with a $700 000 advance nag, 
thus pariiculariy weH-ome Coin ' 
»«* u*ed tn completely pay off the 
bank loan and mn»t of the ismt- 
ment of aeeond mon e y wourrea. 

Invewtor* are left with a very 
*mall portion of the Aim. Among | 
the heaviest angel* Is J. Arthur 
Warner, Wall St. broker, who la 
Invrftting in a aerie* of Fidelity pld 

•■ J g 

Forthcoming convention of T! 
tire Owner* of Amecira will 
told a me rg er of atandard e*ht 
tK»n wtth^ television must he 
c egRed by evbiba a* ah ecsmen 
' Mi*t Mill bell W *^ S5 V 
of TO A^* TV oommittee n , > 
in N V yeaterday < iue* 

WolfMin *aidP •■* • * 

•detae the TO A tie* that rirrjr tt 
*»re eventually must have *• 
fmm of large *creea TV a- 
adjunct t# tt* regular flitn prttgi 
in order to remain in bu»Vnt 
I" wtlj bp further ftmmiitM mi 
that theatre 00 * themae Iv e« dire 
Iv enter the telecaatmg Arid 4 
acquisition and apbrnl'lan. of * 
H«n* This counsel would 
limited to ekhlba who. of roar 
are financially equipped and. pr« 
etiy loraled lo branch out into t 
TV medium. 

A* Molfaon put it, trie object t\ r 
vhould be community -level merger* 
arrow# the country patterned hhiu. 
What after the Inited Paraihounl- 
American Broadcasting tuitMilutW' 


For theatre men t 

a TV station would have a dual 
advantage There would he a 
psychological effect upon trie pub- 
lic in that It would plmfl 
view trie fact theatre* arc 
out of existence, but in' 
'Continued on page 

J. A. Warner Is Coast 
For Producer Huddles 

J. Arthur Warner. Wall M bro- 
ker who has been 1 heavy investor 
In pis, heads for the Coast Imm 
New York thia week for rouf ah* 
with producer* be n angenng They 
include Joseph Bernhard, who p 
making a tno of pu for 2m h Yox 
release: Bert Frtedlob. whose Thor 
Productions Is alio making three 
for 2dth. and Howard Welsrb and 
A pam Klumenthat whiee unit >* 
slated to lent six for Warner Bros. 

The WB half dose n will be ms do 
under the Vogue Productions ban* 
ner. That s an afiliate of the Fidel* 
tty unit im which Wetarh Btumrn- 
thal and Joaepb Setd« I man are 
partnered. Ptx are budgeted at 
about ftfUO.OQO each. ;; 

First starts shooting In about six 
Mfrki. It Is "The San Ti 
Story’* with Joel McfVea. Lnti a)**i 
has a Juan Crawford romriulment 

m “f 
I II 1 1 

Another new luw-pnrcd theatre 
tricviMun unit will get its Ar*t tcM 
tonight ‘Wed 1 when Waller ■ . . . ... .. ... 

t(« ...h ' St Jam*** Theatre AMhjiv _ , 

Park \ J t*rrein* the equipment Replaces Warfield on Bd. 

(»e«»rge A. Hiownell. partner in 

ol tiie 

S \ 

S'u- n ’a* |h » ; n >ui * t r iti'il 

( i t ifhib *f.-’ >'* ' 

J 1 '*♦■*• l In 1 . . * 


of the \ tioria 

t 1 , ,'l II W| ’ . 

y 1 ,«i Im. ti..* 
itlM lltM’d.. '• 
and ii tfv i.ig 

So . fi ot i ..Im 1 • *1 

S'MK latui with the H 

If *32 an*} l.iliin Hi;»t v. mm! .on 

t-a ti . » 4 .;.o. 1 ■ t • • I - • • 1 * 1 « • n 1 » .4 \ 


(f i kfritb 39 t* ai*p a fiH*|iU‘r Aim 
cniir He won a Ruc k* trll< t 
loumlat )«>n fei iioi 'top .ii Hr'T i u 

rc««*aoh ill him hi* lory lie alX> 

■ ■ ■ \* w V 

kp 4 t»*.i Hie ‘ | - \ i« ' 

ilialtUt-H ! it ( rit -Im 1 1 .i(t 1 c « \ u»n 

inc l o.’ an ixMft* pro*, 

jeeiion model MOiilar to tike lit A 
piujeclor Iv (Mired uikiler StotMKi 
and Trad la; rushing prudlMlM »0 uf 
a tvunihrr ot tb«m tor vale to ex* 
hibiior* . 

Theatre TV FnfrrprKc*. *»ndi- 
rate romprtMoi a trump of Philk' 
drlphiti exhibs and busiWe»> men. 
Has meanwhile rinattred the ti't 
pricre nn. itv unit at $3 495- ( hit At 

,r n t' . * k 1 1 i«5\ i il ' ! 1 1 l.i (| ; t - ■ 

tem at Hie Ho' ale Tlifdn- Philb j 
l ^ k ing $ 1 .Neat o w iik the 

lonj.iili li) In iirv .n. t d \ c<. > - <1 

ing to a spokesman tor ttie gruup 
ibrif .«re no • 

n -v.di.i-f.xMi ih. >> niainlv foe 
smaller theatre*, fhr unit can be- 
mooiwid n the third or fourth pnw 
ad the orchestra at a sa* nfiir of 
onlv foui spat* l.t*t price alvO 
imludt* ■■ the -jm si *c rren 
t(Uired | 

I < .ot .> o au'tsdlgf ti (dkg- 
- Tien . ran ' be 

in a theatre * regular proje* turn 
bxith arid i% m tuple enough in ap- 
be handled by regular 
Irii laded in the price 

the law firm of rkcvt*, Pwlk. Ward- 
well. , Sunderland A hi*- net I ha' 
Wen r levied to the lasew • board 

°f « c.dtng the 

Uavul W arfield 

Davi'-p*»ik outfit 
fawrw \ in the 
'suit. • 


industry antitrust 

Ray -Randy TV 

Mb < «»altSM4 4 |( 



Times This is hfi seomd *ti-etih. #erai *ott to 
at the Mu'i um . He returned about hoot h men 
two vrary ago after prr\ u.u- !v hav* is itie nuin Vet along w ith a “fund 
Ing be«n a-'i'-t -nt to the ■ urrtarlF uiiti It tbraw g: g $t gj| 20 -foot 
from 1940 to 194$. 

pa«« 1 

of, the (heal res w hirh hag gift gold 

an N t ki ki "* ')< r dr 01 1 , 

fq>ut them Up s«lr unt il t.. night 
Srv 1 ral theatres will be (red in 
for Ih* right tor the rirM time 
I hi *e ifirlude W'slt.-r Reade » St 

V* bury Fh* rk N J trie T p- 

1 - ago. slid the N. ^ Nhen- 

r **^«*Wagh h.*nn cimkft 1 St Lgp 
I- ni» hoped that rtpMi|id 
hou**' m Minheapoil'. Hinghain- 
t«»n »m! I « > Vngete* might al*o be 
im lod. I -1 t ’ ■ * net w Ml k A»r t**- 

night f right but Amerkan Tele- 
, phone K Telegraph was unable to 
'wpply net utu kmg facilities in 
. time It * expected, however, that 
they may be able to take the Millie 

» picture, umt as the RCA »>>l»m. iTqvBiM) Haddhr bout Sept. 2$ 

: L. A. to N. Y. 

Cut her Adler -1^ 

Richard Arlen 
(George Ba’anchine 

1 m* Hng 

Tret Carle 
Ji»hn ( «rro|1 
Alfred K Uaff 
Jane Fro man 
flat id (ioldutf 
Farley (Granger 
< i n (Gray 
(Tarrm e (Greene 
Jennifer Jonet 
Forrest Judd 
Joseph Kaufman 
Henry Roster 
Arthur H Krim 
John l-avery 
Sonya l.rvie.n 
Jeff Livingston 
Roddy MacDowall 
Heverly Michaels 
Mitch Miller . 

Thoma« MUchell ' 

Patti Page 
Milton R Rackmit 
Henri Kenc > 

I Ritch'srd 
l-iria Komay 
Ku'keU KtiUM- 
Natalie Sc hafer 
I)av id 0. -S« ^ 

Ii ene Mgvci St-l/ni* k 
Iiitwh Shore 
(baric* Simon* 111 
5tikc* Sluane 
Jan Sterling .1 

Forrest Tay lor 
Kay Thompson 
Jean Wallace 
( Ornel Wilde, 

V\ illiains Hrothfi % 

1 ouk' Vt 1 Non . 

Shelley Winters 

N. Y. to L. A. 

W endell Corey 
Hernando Courtrifht 
Sonjg Henie 
Monica l^ewig 
Jerry Pans 
Harvey Stone 
Astnd Vamay 
J. Arthur Warner 

N. Y. to Europe 

Judith Anderson 
lois Andrews 
Cornell Borrhers 
Joseph I. Bicen 
Shero* Britton 
W arren ('am Darnell 
Miaeha Elman 
John (Garfield 
Stanley Gilkey 
icy Granger 
David K Green 
Celeste Holm 
Vladimir Horowitg 
Jennifer Jones 
FI las lJiptnere 
Louis l.i p a t one 
Marie McDonald 
(Guthrie MrOintie 
Joseph MrConm li 
Darius Milhaud 
l i* u n Naehbawr 
Haiold Saleinvon 
Ned Schuyler 
I > ,4 Ml <1 .SeUnh-k 
Judy Wahn 
Shelled W’knteri 
Blanche Yurka ‘ 

Europe to N. Y. 

lauren Bacall 
Humphrey Bogart 
V»ftne Brooks 
A l ('app 

Marguerite Chapman 
Cvd Chansse 
( orv'tan* c Collier 
iiow aid s Cullman 

Marcel Dario 
Ben Hr'ii . 

Katharine Hepburn 
Alfred Katz ’ 

Efrtin Kurtz 
Frederick Lechner 
Fulton Lewis. Jr. 

-Ted Mack . 

Irene Manning 
Tony Martin 
Dimitri Mitropoulog 
William Satori 
Sam L. Seidelman 
H hert E. Sherwood 
Heury Souvaine , 

(Gloria StrocMk 

JJ-I Returns to 

But With Accent oo Stars, Not Art 

l tversnl International. in shop ♦ ■ - 1 ■ 1 ; — 

ln| new product lonpla ns t Hat a* ill M . 

> a limited number of INllIlP Hffl IlltUff Abb 1 

high budget er* eoeh year. Is plot- 
ImC i rwmpittf *»Ufli fr*» th» 

Fe«% v* 0 «t pr oduct that got It in 
Iron Me three tear* l|o Eight new 
nil planned with budget*, of up to 

Kill »( I he 

la the light of recent court de 
rioliMtt, eiiitf di«H1l|i now irv *ing- 

Tt Mono.. A .V» Miiwh i’lpdl ,|li# blues tner then own or- 

u_ i • . « twwl II i 1 *<"» draktiesllv cutting clear* 

*• thousand, of situation* 

. • * ‘ M ' 5 I a« nw the count r\ Thev n«*w be- u „ . 

„ - - ... “* «nw> ntntrnjmUmm. u» | ,„, t ^ ^ " h ».»" ■» « 

, *r Ml •*« W la lh» 0»y :"*** «*h«4 .. ,, ^ in. V M , 

MOW «..v.l«v action «.nr» M lx , M hwOImI J It •«.« i.U Hw*>< *•» h.« t.. , “ r «►!*•«*<»*>••« •>' V»* Om i M« 

»«• mmwhk »l («« vMtfi m I»» iwwlut-r on K«4— »_ M— « r »W» , 4 .,.,,,, * ““ " " 

nau year have put l I on tbd C lfi ec ul n r venture starring Jane 
protit highroad • , j Nigh and •John Archer * Inch 

Difference will ha in Increased Mirtaeh ia personally producing 

■■P ♦ Whit# a; Federal ( ourt judge 

gl ' a- u' .. ^ 'found the, doing at admtaaton 

AltflUin, JT., w y OOP l prices |i> 4t.»ir<tv% « t) t it : pri 

PrtKhltcfi fof M fl I n * film eornpamr* «iiti are unde. 
.... . t , order It retra- i (pgib the pi 

Hatty weed. : dept - It \ \ attorney t pointed out thin 


Th# N V Federal Court and 

the L H Supreme t tmrl »n Pp m. 

*« **'•*' • h,ch - 

thi« edict, the dim 
»n their rlearance- 

o ill lay « e added coin. Hub- ciaU p r o d uc e r onfho amipWn .. rl *f?23U3S 
kMHUtniin* for fiOMkfifii I Tm *. entlv r«mioiete«f * *ence- Actum i af * ,r 

lect matter accounting for present 1 recently completed - *ence- lief fan j *"• 

sucre** wont he tampered with, pic Flight la Mar* We super- 1 »*■** , ***' 
There util he no return ta the vised cutting ot a number at huh 
nr sophist i cet o d . type pr o du ct . 4 hudge t Mono - A \ leaturee. Mdtd 
gnrh a< III Mv Hon»,” ."Another . joining the organmatlon hi Id4 ■ 
part d the Cereal,** Letter In no] — — . ■ f i ' i 'v i -r 

I nknufiii WiMnan" and other ev 
pcnvlve pn which ran V I heavily 
into the red 

Ann mi the return to big budget, 
fit h id Widen the groaning poten 

icon |x« in association with M»»ll> 
wood pr<Mm er« HU hard Tmnp 
knw former geneiot manager Ireas 
urer f«ir HKtl at the Mrvken 
, i'hurubust'o .t i» • 1 1 » m. . ». here tr y ing 

vie tntereol Moll » wood producer*, 
udering partial dnaming 

_ . i Ueql Ihvolvea Al em an paving all 

redmtkM* viuee Solve lawyer. lUgfl 

1-a-Month Color 

liol of the fMtipdty a di.tiihuthm 
Setup Feeling i* that V U now the 
und t* puled leader in catering to 
yome tiMW oceount* that lap up 
i jit tips ni product It has been 
niaHiti a h*u that there are 10.000 
other houM** iKHti which It ahould 
he drawing coin ;■ 

now think they shoved an mer- 
aSmdame ot caution in their rf> 
fuel to ctunpty with the .'courts' 

Id hnHl of this thinking waa th* rt% | 4 
1 rerent decision h> Federal Judge tervsla 
ieiWi W Vankwlrh which r**je» r. .t 
a |J(N) (NW suit against the di*t rll*. 
by Fanrhod A Mifi u in beh ill of 
I its Haldw m ftllla Theatre I. A 
j Juri.t approved t ieai uues of 2| 

[ day a after. tV«%t r un in L A and 
r similar a> e.»s . ;| 

Jmtge Vankwirh al.*» and the] 
fact that vatHMta .'of the di.trilo j 
operated On- the same clearanre I 
• vv stem Wo* mot in it*clt lie 

(iuai antee of at leaaf one rol o r > said. Ig ctlect. this uniiiomH ..i 

const ttiiied business 

Costa. Ilollv W ihh! (N (» 
durers assuming slauvc line (mU 
Tom plum eaperta to set tlpee p»k, 
with fit at to roil In Mijavemhei t nh 
at three iitunl n in 

Mono for ’51-’52 

To Television In 

i n 

- l*urpoae ot the new type prodtic 

Won ta to tap this market It la fell picture a month among the tidal rleoronr* 

that can he accomplished by hrpa « Monogram and Allied \rttat« r •- Wie- reasoning that all the run* 

mini and var mg the t I peugram lease# mi leaturea during t ie P-**** n,r P« u h *e i n a and 

w ithout in live pence**, jeopard tc- ip 5 | .** w'aa assured In New ; r,HrM * upvi'lfh the same vitiitlons 

mg the company’s prevent fav«»r- Yorh ywsterdav *Tuev » by Mono Jor 4,,< * P*utei*tioo of eatb 

a'- e niche. gram picw Sieve Uroufv Troduc- ■ ‘ rw T* v *du.iM\ 

1 -I Hill put M product utn\ m | H>n *||| ii.ited at four |*4rtucea 1.0 v y .* i - interpret ! "• ^ * ,n F 

s' 1 before 1 1 ic cameras during the Wi "iimion *> 1 1 >• a«< *ihm| jpf 

hscal ■.v.ear starting neat month point Inc mil «h*t "thi* year la ,he decieFs in the mdusify case 
Half of the entire output will brIS th4> m *»t >M4 ,,.ssi„i ,n the history lh * ' ***** i ^ 

^ of the compMiy M consolidated ju.nftr.t.m, in ihn-e week 

I'ffew It^Tiped will '^n Malary ami t..r ^a^ion M telefllms it 

1 . ..n IM holy the hoggrr product * JJJ Cum ^ iu ftrm ^ rom -iw.ut unnmui.iv in the s |M ».«g of hut had u , - 


W > r . . I . m 

se« <*nd tiroe tinned lo ltdmi to 
find a cusIOOmn for Hie teal rdrile 
It i« nnl«»a4ing in pie ration f«o 

rWeucreow ur t ooipan A sold t«» 
N H< i • m guMMaar n \ it .plwoir n- 
dm in. Htook 1 ' n *s**c .im i m l \ 


S r l« <M K > l> Jll IS ' . 1 . t ' » 

huihling foe liye-slwisr origin.*! lops 

w cell v ■ • 

The legal n*«l given upt*ed 
i scales was in a derision hv Judge 
II t hutch Ford 'th IHatrlrt < .*uri 
I.eaington Ky Tl*e court denied 
the m.»tn>n of the New IfarUn 
fli.-4t|e Itaftan °Kv » »I dislit - 
sal of perc entage art Mai hrougtit 
igiiinsf the house h f.lumtoa 
l ruled Artists and l mv»-r- d lh*- 
itil%>ai iiimf *»v ha*ed un the con- 
trnf uni that adihi . t.<n m o e j»r #. 
/visions in evhilntion contra. *a 
i a*te the ritiii) ; i' > g 1 he *« 
lion, rovers a jeiti.i to the 

1; . S, : , hiipieme ('unit de« tvioa in 
the industry ;*nturu>t ai#»t 

Judge v ord decided the fi vifi* of 
adi’ ioiis tn Its. It - u f vi.. I 
| of the Sherman antitrust ’'Ta-v « 
lliiwryeij.- there would b a v ud . 
tion 0|Min evuteru e the lumiwmi. y 
lint mingl'd in i \ 

T hus Judge Font i dr< i*tOft it 
Cuoalstent - with ftie Snpuiti* 

] ( on»i s edict tMonuig tl»e in 
« i «• is. d a* lies. Siiiw cine t oin* 
barf toiind • ronspira#* and. the: 
film mil fits ' are roa.<MWfm , utty 
. U.iMid hv ^the mint*. Mon agau 
the tilled ticket prues V'V ^ . ' 

. In's i iibut i»*« law peg s paid i he 
Ford d*-i isuoi wa.s eaperiaMv a»g' 
tilth ant herauar, if austatm-d it 
wiwkld .rule': hut from fbiiue pghp< 

Mill >;r l|4ud 1 is. s flu. tlp|M*d- 
a ale yflgle fn»m r vhttvs defense 
Jmtge find said in port' 

There is no d<s|M«te as to the 
'lad that many of’ the luen-e 
•1 *m tinned on page 1 >» 

|pw ""»'»* wmnwtr.ssuiHo. ... mat li ***• 

buaiaep, hut that possibly it wll nine rrontha nl the fiscal year*. 

l M ' f 1 '* ilaa |gp^|p||(l|lBpg a MH gy predicted that the jrear'a 
ItCOMtH— < j— > tt* , I apocbholders rrpml the Last week 

laf this month ur the Aral ia^ Octo- 
ber will show even greater gains 
The ccdor phase ut the Mono 
gram IbAI-'iZ season, flroptv stated,' 
began eight month* ago and there 
are now five color picturi* com- 
pleted. in Cinerolor, with two 
otheis readv to roll Another tint 
film, in Tertmiioior. Is now In pro- 
duction in FngUnd. it a "24 Hour* 

ifnaiinur^ m page lb* 

SAG Caacds Lippert 
| Pad Over TV Sale; 
Preps Vid Pay Talks 

, used by W H on tv for slot age pu< 
|«isea tn r i eui • i Anon. . i 
| aosall stud ii.i across - I r ee l non. 
the Yitaphmie lot ». being held 
Wacneis f«»r storage 

WH a few . mga th. ago • s dd ■ to 
NHf a nfFarre phd it hehl in Hur- 
hank Vk eh |s building a siudtn on 

, ' S. 1 1 0 it .» lie /•-« i < .» J . 1' 

plan hv Warner* to /mi# all •»< It* 
ii'il • stale and oil., i « .1 

lM»ne in preparation for the t with 
routing spill nl theatre* and too 


Bennett Wanger 
A* M.C j pf New 
Series of Vidfiims 

Hollywood. Sep4 If. 

Motion Picture* for Television. 

I v Inch acquired hundred* of 

old lectures fur sld-o. Including gl Richard T«aW. and Its piart ut a ^ fjpperf 1‘iodiict ions as of Vm S J *•»< epiJntitA ot uut standing stmk 
Mark .d Monogram ptx. plans pro- prndntt hm deal M ** ] No' . - * the This strrnjilu n* n» ptMitnm U.t 

duct. ion of new telepn lo ha • |,h Associated nrltish Picture* c | 4MI%r ‘ Wr offOr to me«*f with you rh.ihlmg it to maintain it- dtvi 
financed ht a mlMMUary. I>ef caHmg liir two ph * ' ri1 ^,4 |p r fhdettendent Mai Won ftc-' d***»d rate despite d. 

Flomes Kntcrptises lac. Klliotlfv* three years Claris also are under , u|r 1‘iodqrrr i A^-n to negotiate vnue the diw v mud tie pod 

a new contract 

Ilollv wood S**pl 11. 

S* in n Artof > Coild ntiehed M* 
campaign tu secure added payment 

faf ptayefS apfMur'tig m Iheatrnal duet ion divinbidion 
H PP .Alms Ihot are »old to te .mmi« by Atm of the firm is to get as mueh 

in the idle •< a woman, fitainrig fMI4f .|n n< p* cuat rm< a4lb iMbf* aa poaiiMt Ifif-f# M F***m| 

Richard Todd 1 * *“— * a 

Pan, David Stillman and Matty 
Fos. before ; returning to N Y* 
c t oned a deal for the first series ol 
2* halt -hoot vldpts with Joan Ben- 
hilt and Halter Hanger as emcee * 
Rat pit Bunion Monogram Plrts 
t»oii 4 nominee, 
bun ia»eil w ith 

way for pictures ptoduced in J ipan 
with the Sbothiku t o 

Morey tioldslein. veejtee and 

»*'••• — ■ pw r - oe-ja ;«i 'p/r'.ur'« lUk 

85 » gw iff «h» »*» \ 

Monogram pMigram will be out- 
l.s also repotted lined at lour regional sales meet- 
group Edward iuCs lo lie held during the nest 30 

I *hn n »ent sis months set* da" Fir>t meeting is vet foe the 

Keooon given fqr I We cancella- 
tion was that Liptieit lud sold tcv- 

Aug 1. 

DMfl. to TV without negotiating 
wilh r th* (iu d o»l ulibd pjx to 
actors for fhetr teles talon rights 
t iulld haves |ts action on a sec- 
tion of the Ci4ft nmtiart. whiih 

t*M tfco dool. wMI be esesuttve Harwich Hotel. N V ^pt « foe ,», r producer iball 

fiFaiac 1 1 . William Stephens taking sale* rept e.sentativ es from Albany. . tr | rvl ^ luense tdevi-mg of anv 
*t>a»2e ol pioductlon Hyman said Boston HutUlo, t lOcinnati. t leve- n , ol lMI ,„ rlu<# fi|, f< n,e f.uild 

I - l < ned up omple smtrees ol 1*04. Nr> * H.vrn New ^ ,. <n4r j tb.s contrart on «0 

financing tor a total of fight sene* V «»i k I hitidelpbia. I uuhurgh. and ^ w rl it,. n n„i. 14 t . * 

Mi*s Bennett and Wanger will in- H ashingtun. Second confab will be t Lippett weentl* sold ball * 
•t the first 26. wtfh Mi- t. » I .dwevf cschanget | f.: M > to te|e- 

Jbnnett starring in two F'rocedure either in Chicago or Kansas v itv vision in order ib recover their 
i. b lie, package deal- with Smithei n and v i seaolons will mgpff-i Ty— iu -.44 , 
the Sam Jalle agem y contributing he set within the nest lew «>*• . j W4< | *| the theatre boaislfh e>. Ife 
Packages. Inc I ud i ng arr ipu 

;ir55S?*£? SSi5® Bernstein Back It Britain 

Mfrticic » have already aubmitted aj is.iv 14 I * Bfl 

tola) iu 22 of the M needed Fa. h |$Ut Ullf MCK 111 MOOth 

project, being » »eparate package 

reiuvi'd to discus* the camellation 

Gerald Shea Elected Prez 
01 Late Mike Shea Co. 
ia Trustee Dissolution 

Following dissolution id a 1*4 
veal trustee uperal l«m and disposi- 
'loti nl the corporal mmc* vim k to 
iix'Hileri • if the lair M A, NheS'* 
lainlly t*eiald Shea was elecied* 
president of shea Enterprise*, for . 
at a irtreling in N V «hi VlnmUi 
• |ll > , I hit fit IS a hoh.tlug ciMfipao . 
Mh.i-a interest’* liu lode Jittirvumn . 
A ton* Cm amt Ot her rharOs »w M o 
saeluiWtts. New llatMiishuc N Y, 
i thro and IVnn-y Ivami 

fief at«f She* *aif»*(*»h F (’ 
(•rainget to Die pcesv’s 
(.laiog. < will KHilinue Ok geoeiat 
maoager of the operaltob Shea Is 
a oieiolier of the fantitv IhMHigh hi* 
matitage to Doiofhv Shea daugb' 
ter of M A Shea, leil I* other wi*e 
unrelated iaPthe tanitly 

* | #v t i* r,< * died fhl !• 

Settled Out of Court “ ■ »-•' h, t * h ; 

hands of three ttusiee*. (jratiiger, 
Kifmrd C Rafter y and the tale 
Dennis F O'Riten More hi* death 
fl'Mh rs hod been a im iiilef d the 
N *\ law firm ot ORiirti Dri.cul) 

4 Rafter \. of which Rafter > i* (m*w 
a partner THomas F. Sh*-# yu c cred- 
♦•d (,) krien as Iruvh r upon tl»e lat' 
ter’* death' 

Three truster* have prepared 
their final aetuunting and dell veied 
the company * 'slack to the w idno . 

on a fewer nu mlwr of share- H it 
ha* reduced its «hii standing vetruM* 
tie* by about I TVtOW shares al- 
ready v«a this route i 

‘Living’ Piracy Suit ]&%. 

I.o* Angeles. Srpf II 
IHracy suit lor tl aMkat filed hv 
John H Slone and Fred f‘ ll iiru - 
agatnst MKm Jack C r on 's Hwdn 
sn.ivk jrut H.4e*i f ’s’,.. . -. 

tied mil of court fm »n uiuli-rh*.. <1 
sum. ■" V 

H filers drtlaird t e pu tm •• 

• Easy l iving." W as ttased. t*n then 
own - Never Sav Die." w |ttu*ut •mtiv 

liensaturn Tl>v iskrd A **i mat im 


Hill he available for syndication on 
uul rather than block ha -u 
Klans h tic been set up f dr advance 
Pa 1 merit and profit participation 
to package* and start 

1 1 v e’ c*>« i ' 

Cieo. Skouras Heading 

Brotherhood Pic l T nit w arner Bros 

of I K t bad- .Ck head ot I MIT A 
I jitter de* lat ed’ th*| inemleiv sf 
his urganiralion reserved the right 

England ove, .he weekend aftef 
five week* in New York Me Cs 
pett* to rtduni however. In about 
a month to be?.n active w*»rk on 
the Toast with hi* producing part- 
ner. Allred Hitchcock on a film 
{fur thrijr in<J<e unit 1 nnsatlanuc 
Picture* l atter release* through 

‘le. lafjnll the case wa* tn the handa »t, r ymi aitf f MMIfkltj .* 



D.C. \\ arnn Mfrs. In 

Appljinx for MaleriaU 

Ha*' iniiou. Sej*t it 

Mannf act urer voi ph.Mo^i apio* 

F i Maurice A and William . H 
•Nt'. and In M< Ar«d Mrs, (.• i 

■44 Shej-r _ 

good* were wainetl jtfvlvfita’ 
\|ott < thal ihey must fih* .* 

' A - - . _ _ . __ . __ Don* for fas nuti'ital* under | in 

j TO 20TH S 1951 SLATE c, r , . ull T" , - , . ,, ' i ?. l r ’ ' 

which i* the deadline for rvguisi - 

’ Nept It m niatenals lot the first 

'liras, presy of the ' Beifi-tem irtu rued to England to ‘KKnFpyi F Zanink ju k finm qunatef of JH2 
Sfcou i*a - i muh, will be national 1°°M into the affairs nf Mi* Granada a vaV-ati.m In Kuiope. annnuivtad i | Alanul.icturgi v are rmumthd 

chairman oi the Motion pteture jrircuil. which he and bff brother ' pmduciion program nf 16 slarter- tti •» i' ■ y should hie nnt> nne 
thvTsion ioi the 1162 Brotherhood f’et it operate ttierr He » been on hef.. e and fit tbe jrear. in gfidH. ( Ml’-til applicatioa under m h 
YAeeg |g script search in toe t ^ He Don to fiv- i» itui* - currently be* proddrt r«nie Hrp 

Ekec commit tea *m the d(vi- *a»d prom t.» leaving that he and ' foire the i ameras pair and replacement p*f 

fion Meats a a luncheon at the Hitchcock now -luvgi fin re. or four Twentieth-Fox product im* chief separately scheduled. tr»e rerjiine 

>1e»ro OK’s Story On 

lirasN Band* liy U*ky 

Ilollv wood. Hefd I ! 

Met) <*. has given Jesse I I < kv 
the jrvenllghl to develop 4l<d jn u- 
dui r a musical h.* v **d cm fit* o<> u 
slot* ulea. * The Bi{ Hr ivi Hand 
It deal* with famous hand* aaid 
, ».iid niU>»c. to be told through the 
i jiiaiicr of a pair of young musi- 
cians. - 

L*sk> originally dev eloped ‘ Ca- 
rqs«i/ which he sold a* • package 
to Metro He fiaa followed hand 

N . i <h*r t - A *t oni"N(' Y. to- prosped - and will make up their expressed optimism over the film mafits for such parts nsnaf be in- activttj for years, and estimate* 
I m to ditebha plan* mind on one of them when be re situation and j« e*l a definite eluded a a»*pai alt t \||'-4H *i»’ I'xiMU.tP B you ng people In the l ■ 
*v*i the cvming year. turns | upward trend «l t* e bovolfive. iplicatiuau I are' Mcmberi mi bands. 

nut mm\i* m* 


it, mi 



^ VI 4ft. 

/ in Uif rntnaie tnvolv- i»fero, on “H i Dynamite 

Henry I 

(•Mi liyH «N*i 

X>> mm Jim Wpt*— 

kfiii mi. Wrartf Hun. 

. Hntl><Mw4- M l 

•HO rttftM* m4 *9*19 W 

IIM IMwHtNlM R< ' mv*»i**I ***** 

•, >*•«**•• r - •* n* w > mi. 

4 J « .»» «* J< .* R *‘jrrr* 

I ttlMt.'. HCMl M — »f »**** «4 !**■•* Ta*tof 

luilM, !•*'• *r*a i vfU UmO 
y*r*,., Sin. it* SiUlw Wu«a th»t» Ort 
I *M . •>*!• ■ V*-« 

Mum . i »* W <i •> » I i * I 

» ft«»s*r*r 4 n*> F*l* t»r» •«•*.. f i*»i w • » 
(r.n **»**r 1 • ii i Aw Tt h.HHn» • 

| if H«MMMMi| U*** t < * 

and Buddy 

•r Mi Henry Morgan and in a party nyw . u well as cboralled behind the kill# 

«aI pcediution u it* ' prvvuftM mm livdn ns tho * Product >nn has bass expertly 4e- 
IroJlmt. only quibble la lb# 111 sfiglltly addled daagbtir of a Texas signed by J. MrMiltan f shns n n Mr 
? minutes of running tint; pio Mm ahrnn an the man* for Shaitan physical appurtenances that look 
have its 'low moments. I Wynn satire* Tessa-loving Tex- food k’thout straining the budget 

On the technical side Veil" has ana with a sure touch that rat#* a film benefits from the leasing oi 
Mine Ana credits Theaa Inc I ml# n umber, af strong rhuckles Torn James Won* Howe Other tap* 
the mown* score by frani Was- Tulip the sher . r n Mrangr no Ai < rediis are good*~~ BaeRT 

man ably dirr< ted by C Hakaleim- l*u k M I fhmald Mac Bride an<4^*- 

jhoB. the tensing by Frank Planer Hana Comeid are aroena other*} 

.,nd the makeup i re at ten by Perc helping the fun Although featured 
\ > •♦more that carries Miss Wy- f’aula Jtay mood mahes oalj^a very, 

brief appear. *t<> 

Pirturf i*l heautifulK photo- j 
gr »n \ -r hv H ubert l*««n< * 

We«tn»ore that comes Mils W>| 
man and; C uiar k believably 
h the vran JelSfri* ’v*,» 
ui id war* Kavuond Hakim fu Be- 

il OK(Ri 

Dldlartlit slnry of adolescent 
lose, but hardly commercial. 

uifM’d #* asvortate producer on ihe and it* 

I »•*• >. 

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ft.dtiif \Ht»f h# 


ft if *\ > dls 4 th 

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C'Hid mu-leal fimtiiifl 
QgM|s well * . p l t m a j 

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leva* I arnlval 


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Pam 4 >' h* i ' i hnical; 




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• , H * 

It - ■ »'♦ ■ 

(,' •S l'li H I; \v: »’ 

It .It St \tn'Ui 

Tin U >id hra*na unit at HKO 



still i tear jerkin# drama that 
|iM»ks set f4»r a hearty run at the 
br>ao r fV( e The hun n h^'s 

all the elements of 'uvuvd heart- 
tug dr cilia and it hi*> he< r> \ha|*ed 

to lure df^taff (ilhten#'r 
Hoth surd of nmuth and rsplnila 

turn fa*t«*m are strong 

Vn ..»r 'landing faeot th« ct.»v 
pertormaners of Jane W\ man and 
tlte a.M't ,.r c#st oht* h *»i»e ht al 
Far the actirwi H t* a pirMmal 
trmmph that » >nba w it h if Ant 
«tir|>a\stnr any f»»r tshieh she 
I?’ ' aody to-e-n fcudoed Ttse pla> 
inf of the others is in kind 

St in' is nothing more than a 
•erics *»f episodes Mtronr together 
bv thr .«l *harart» ,r .«»f a X<*. i«t offered, id 
War I s ar Otdow who devotes her 
»: jV C, , hlldren ’*4 tv hi 

oiilv child shcirtlv ,> f t • - r hirth 

Twill sf npi n I with the child's 

I \<»II*qI remedy With I siher 
William* Mrd skeltoo H««* j id 
Reel <>ood, h .< 

Hoi , i « i ». 'il S« j.t l l 

S*ll'» IflftftMl 1.1 i •• * ' i I " ,r. J. , 

<*.- . .bn >!*•«. t »< >m*i a iiiifflvt a#, i v h*i 

• . r. >i«.ft»«a K» * I i ******* Sni* u i 

■ a»ye«tei K**a»* a. ■»•»> ▼•*•* 

, 4 il. I ►*, *< l*«i , fit 4 A«rl*ft 
->M*»ot*» A.Bjt*a*i tt nr 

*.«•*«.■*. W *U* •***! IViftlHI < «*** 

r i T n H*trOw« »■ a*a>r( I’Uiwk **♦»!•» 
sar«*o o* !**•*. M-m* M*»f> a •< 

Rehaie I onrsell 

lartey t. ranger shrlioy H In- 
ters bracketed in screw halt 
comedy with okay bo 

peels. ■ 

t a i9 ***** , *r Je*o a*s»i > aoodw* ■€»’*• [ 

i - (.,( . , Af*ft#l A . . Ur gla* * ft* v ■. ','Saaf i , \ •■ tp ■ ■ 

H#rm# r,,niM*c s au aur 

•»l , ip- St, i* ' 1. . Siilr •• > I. 

H/ i * r »• 

.AOrtet^n* I'oci.t Ih, *^ t» . ' », .« m , 

set *♦ **e.4* * •.gtooee. i.oAfli ** a*i%-‘,f. 
i «ftt*r* • "T e*4*ft’>c. .••>* 1 I aufit . A*- 

rn t r>* n4i St .,uf>i< * <i > ^ <•< (.v«,i|*' 1, 
Amr, U. .a p.ectiia ..Sft'i *t*>' v (>»• « > «iioa .he.' 

HtlOnftft ■ AaOt * Itat.ishod' . 

h*ft J (*•• Omo<* *ti*H*ln*> S* ft Wafts, 

. h < . ,«»*i Auf . y*. tj rusaiar 

imm* h mums 
The Uolh*r 

Itw . , ■ • • • 

U* Aol*n 

Vndie fvto frtsMi 
AlO ’StMft L***l 

Coolos. I H 

Pypersi _9**fur*< too 

tie*** si T « * i * 

l'W« Man > m.i 

• Mftfta.. r 
(»* U*i .« 

1 «letr *• W*l a 


IB PM— . , _ iraHod up 

i.**»c oh UOUO acr»*o»Uy smmoi, 
4t,,*s Si* pi* * camera.' !>»»• v-racr *.-) 
lor- \le***»a*r NSO»o**W. iai*Mac*t < > 
tor lUmit Vta uar n St Motor. \ 

s*ei v anwnmt no** as m*«mv 

Weifimr Flora 


Vt . S'- Ur, 

Vn C 
jar ( 

U*»»*' #>..«*, * 
Aana . .Maria - sits* r . ■ ■ i.» 

f *«, ( omd 

iu 4*, h 

(a <uii| VI 

• 19 

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*i\ e 


Sara s <* ,* l* t, r i 

< *|*4 J«Wn 

S*M ■■ 

1 1 • t * v* ood hept 1 T.| 

RS t * rOriac • t IrrO W «M Hoe»a Mar t tel 
Ri4Mt KoMO.Sm gabw *tWi u*ia«.M 

, 4 *. atMi^.r VUO railet ,.<iraoge,r V*l* 

)•« lit > S . n| ,(• 
• rt*4 F i *ft» *» I 

•tort » W ; 

S. I 0 *»* Mara, 

i*am Oat 

h puHlut llcm at livme Ivrtth' a,*!** m »*>«.» I 4ir*< < 1 *»» .4 . mera, t*a ( H*wti H*** ( •*,»** IH 




•H(>* ft. ww 


l*rt*4**e T » It «r <1 
l ot *** U.Mfttll 
so«o vhtlhi 
S«t*pttO* 1»< h * n 

War it to •■»*■*■ 

I*, ft A, 4 *•«.«• 

'Ht» .A J *jr* « 4 >n 
t*S HtoHrAto* 

< ' ••t%4 t If * : 

4 am esioaoaMo. .. .M 

i . . . 

I*. •» f t *rrS 

Mt 40t*l*s 

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Writ Rat .'■••• 

in w.iima is# ntttotm 
N»4 'WO : Trio 


rv* lift**,., r# 

Jtktoahe 4 >R 

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so ctod .he wore# Re- S . sitraato* R? Moom* 

H* t tffttft Wo i> *» . »*4 Initl - T*f V Kl*t i« 

tod, '*# o*era, Ja«i*es .wane Ma os, watt AaiMf* m*o*m . 
Sfftlht-r» *.« . intfiM 1 *•*(* l'|*i . Ra*w 

h*# s**lt«.ft , Mif I .tt Spatfn 

Mu**t4. R**l 
Sftft MO I* • 

Fl*U Affmts# HOt 
R r t ft* ft w ft* Kl»t* 

v y 

tjtRo Sit.n * 



*'»’R * 991 _ 

I at fi *# 

t 'mn poser • lihrett 1 st frian r ( 
Menotti who 'urprtsod Hioat 
h% t u r nt np out two i itr 
- . j * i ., - ; ‘.fi* m. 

Consul,*' that became legit ini*, 

'urpl > I 

b *?!*** lyff film director and making T* • 
swooio* E kr*t« Medium ' intb an unprru tr 
sop# *t* Vwmmih The sort is limited h> ihe • 
r*uo*a wraMoes M u «t ar k modem opera, all 
.* .. m angle if recitative, hut it «h«*ul<| 

■ K*ra r*ac*r prove a good art houwe draw \\, 
rto*»»,ft*^^tia^r.**»o d ran , a t 4 c r haractrr of its story grid 
ieooMer . K*t i bizarre theatrical effects will help, 
4 ****** ST*"? I . Mertotti. who wrote the acreen. 
Stmfti tons pl*y from bis pace teork. filmed 
PPM Jtti* f the npus in Hume uttliring Vf»- t- 
.•'•f*owae ' r > and Leo Coleman from the 



Vt*t .♦ v 

M, ** < »**t *4 

■ •>.* . 
4. lilt* 

mak ■ 

t'.wt.t. Futft Tfito Ana 

K, *> t, ’VI ■».**c.f»# lla**, II * ■' 

r*c,4e* (,i 9*0*9 Je*n Renoir s The River it a #r1 |iaal legit cast, and the 1 5- year* 
. ah*"*kw. -*,«•'* - of antiuaied ge«gra|>lii« n “Id Italian coloratura find \r j 

PmSSSR^mBSSS < t*log. of ufe on the Langes River Maria AIber#hetti. in her t , 
M*rs«i« i#iiR"»* m West Bengal; It is a disttnctive ‘iehu! for the fjkird principal In 
• . 'J**, JMgtPneir of adolescent love with a W* ^r%i film direr tonal effort, 
g»**h« r*a a. it philosophy that Ufe Rows on Just Menotti is too fond of the camera, 
i t* n* a nd*r9 as the river' Bn*offi<e potential!' to ® intent on trick angle. • and 
- ^ iSS t>w . wlH depend mostly upon . effect « He overworks the rln*C : 
to'vi* k*i*l»* specialized piUh a la Henry V,*- dpi ■PI be eomes up with some 
lla .1 C * and ‘Red Shoes Boat sbdti that .dovetail with the 

■ . ''TBp'-.M : d . Mild, 'irrewhall fable brt is in the *net i <>i»o|ftjkai areas, } miarre _*P“ !k PP Him l apiuuc 

«< laugh diveis»«*n d-rvysed involving a young married; foupk*, ama|lirr situations w i l l re<|uiro weird qual ity kai^ M*si 
up to treat the r\r and cat •« a doe and ganrsters that piles ah g basobalLbat selling an 7 heightened by highly 

‘t’esas Carnival ’ He- Ini of fren* I Mighs during the jhls is a beautiful picture, and rWft! muaic H becomes a_gfim 

turn* in the general market should course of its g| minutes Hovof- certainty neither Technicolor nor « ***** ym ™ 

be good Star brackrling of 9*>tl*er firewise film h*s a good assist tn f n d»a ever looked better Through- Storv ta that of a skabhv medium. 

Williams; ‘ ‘P| ‘ ' r ' m mmM - - «y_|- ‘an 


TKaraf** H«N Sf «, n 

|H kr >•*.«••• ' Cirtt r**i*« <i%* 

W it**** W .»m«I . K* rt 
TV* *>■> I y ** . M*t 

Ik. ■« • ,»* « ' *•• 

* gfsaHr ■ orwswes—M ips *.*•■**■ *• iK.ipif , nim *»** ■ owu. •*» inula ever kK»*r»i r»« iier l nrougn- *• • «if wmmisih, 

is, Hrd Skelton and Howard the star names of farlev Granger ; OU | ( t lt ahlaae with vivid f«ii. MedlAf Flora (Miaa Powers* hv- 

I . J plus Technicolor supplies and She [lev Winters to rate the at* n^wting colors But <>m never ,rv * with her 4laughter Moali a 

itcath, a moving setiuence.- and mariiuce Rash to lure the custom- tention of the vounger filmgoers. feels the real India and rather .’K**®- Albog#b#tUl, and a mute 

rarries M iw W'viuaA through a mm 
r cs sh wi of Jobs as a noise 

until, old ami wornout phv'icalh 
the ta given the Ilf* 
taring for the offspring 
her former charges 
Charles Laughton#* ;| ..•**• * • 

Vtmllv n*rsrt manufacturer is \fo 

V\ > man s Rest coat a r in ' 
episode Her Care of H 
b s* v«-n leads him to propose *od 
spumed, he marries r« fetafy; 
\ t\ ian V»(M’P. ; . thiaa ; sending . the 
nurse •»« to h«-r rw ut posihtin 
I a ugh tan shines and Mfv> V*n« « 

Romance makes a bid for Miss 
Wyman in her new k»h in the home 

lent, and the fnn gntonMid la delis* and its grossing possibilities ate » U spests that this i' a highly waif they adopted ( ole- 

• it-d It a tight ea v to t ke. rni« r* okas glamoured version man 1 and 'the veamet they l»« t 

M*-nt i JerFy Wald andTfnriiian Krasna T « um* n - - — i foe gullible client*. Monica and 

,,(> ,.f Material provides SkeU.*n with gfndmed u.rh M, m ley Rubin » ' of - Tsb the mute, manipulate i e 

ig of one o| . Severn! sureRre essiedv sequences asscH iate. and the mounting apd ( . I T tstrlndi and effecu that mm# 

that wdl be greeted with uoroan- rastin# aptlv fit the antks that Jr* ‘? h .; r u i'. tablet and light*, while Monica 
■i — <er ■ I n the eye depart- tranapir* Leorge Reck tnpl-- * :. i l a.fWW. . r> ?, UT also plava the child 

I threats by directing and scnoUnt M y ^ ,br> ond that beguile the defrauded 

ment Rim 4»ffers Mtss Williams in 

rr Ik \tKk B—PWff — g—g ppriv IWS»" iw n*irgt» tuinmig oiiivi hfifuii t Wll . r . .a _ tK- II . ^J «PM »»» 

, UllHM M*'< 194 MM- .m— MftUA. from h »„irm »,ih ftM Mg-gUgHP. 1 :? M. wiftlft ifl 

. it,. .«.aMl5*«*,lTu ifci. T.rtntf F* ™mr,v dmnS h. ' ultJfiEi • “** 1 

- i ..k, _i. j, paimeo oy a master itenoir nai 

Flora, who l* given to 

RW. . ■SOMPWIPRHR mr *mi J ... - ... \ «i*p mrn « oily u< mr uern, «*mi 

ihteulhy Fields songs tn others it reverts bnek to early* k * n ” 1 on d* when they d*ny it. is distraught . 

Above factors, along with a plot day 'lap>tn k ctkmedtcs, but ticket. ! ******' Fear of some supernatural power 

f ^ n w ififw premise that permits pientv s wndl respond, and that's the 1 The story tells how the life of a turning on her for her aka 

wealth v A anefT Mocirehewd g*»d natuied kidding of Truni films purpose. , Brin— family the family runs a drives her further towards the 

she is ur ift*>a to^ a alftft ftw and their state pnde and a sup- *ulty tale get* the starring Jute m»H » » interrupted ^ by the a p- bottle In her cups, s— ag, 

ft, kkfl ».* f i -re ten l ,»uls ** ith porting cast that Joins in whole, couple in trouble when the mutt, pearanre nf one l apt John on a takes to poor Toby, the mute trv- 

heartedly make fc*r a fast 7f mio- Arrhie. follows Granger home one V4 * rt *• bjs cousin. Mr John, a mg to get him to admit that ho 

utes of guaranteed escapum. night Mis* W inters n s the neighbor Two young teemagers ( grngpsR bor throat, oven to wh 

The Jack Cummings prcwliution dog for a wedding anniversary hll aa madly in love with Capt. { ping him f rent iedly in her tra p* 

provides a beautifully Kurd back- present, but he is realtv a canine «J‘»bn. who lost a leg m the last tgated rage 

drop for the comedy antics »n tie trained by gangsters Sheldon war. as their newlv -awaprned emo- Finally she drives him from the 

Richard Carl-w»«i, a tutor . who 
courts her Mi*x Mfwvrrhead tMO- 
plays her uvual authority in her 
ru h matron part and t'.ot'ofi r». ^ 
Kirrs well 

N« *t *tandikut in the l.f* in !hr sc ript by Dorothy Lec^nard and M.*r\m Kaplan to act Md«i mil allow. But Ca pt John ig house into the ram. Monu* u <<> 

utw Dirtf v — - . » * — . ftk ft ft. e ik. ft m t rut Ksaavi Kolng a l/vaf ac.i.l Row a *ba 1 . . _ i 1 .c a. : . . • ■ _ 

t« other people s children <nnd one 
of the two best In the entire pM 
ture» is the episode in which 'he 
cares for Katatte Wmtd daughter 
K--.-. — — acliWH Juan 
RIondell This sequent r in thr 
Rim is considerably cnlivi'kied by 
the pert vtvacity of Miss Blonde II 
and her singing of two old tunes 
pu iwir ' pare picks up n..t -<bly in 
Her Rrst *hc»t . and there is genuine 
n tn t he goodbv> hrn. 

Miss H timan takes h*-r leave %o the 
daughter can have a real mothei v, 

Miss W>man eaperirtues real 
heart break at the end of eight 
year* of caring for the abandoned 
*«rn of Audrey Totter when the lat- 
ter returns from Fngland after 

wantftd nbro'wH. ' cny. pairing m iss w imams ami w inters aner svtme ot the more < 

s 4 hool iftfiit u to rorqpntically . and Shelton and beavv film chons they have car- 1 

3^ JFItSTlftLiL , , SBmmr-- -imimS-m «» fh«»» 

h^ old th.r.,i lt^n T , i,,n * •"«»**• ‘<« * PK» *W Mem their fan. W 

ner om rnarges lion T-o.ior who v.« ^ ^ i 

•hat plaAc-d b\ Miss Wyman 
t’ic tovvhop owner ed «tyT> t il 

i UO(k lW Aat*'..ftki T u V **imam», as **i v nun winci up ocao — nut 

. cfyra, tn dunking ' partner in the carnival mgi> Vilen Jenkins gets 

^gggjg r * - Act moves prett.H through u ' a- n- ,, e**. stupid a 

^ f e * ,,vr »«<***« swimming pool scenes are *»f thr c.»'t take second place 

nTft^ prn . ne<1 w hv ^ Nor Wedding''^ ■••• end they nonchalantly depart, 1 Technicolor, with Claude Renoir the love scene betwee n Monica 

ftlwlzT? 1 *f?f? ff "B* Krd la at ease In his character leaving Granger tn discover an- as director of photography and and Toby, aa ghe speaks out 



• • 

. i* 

Kingsley, takr.n from a story she as contact for the transfer of some to ° busy being a lost soul to take i* in love with him. tries to remon- 
wrete With George Wells The di- j Hot go**ds The crooks advertise ,h cm seriously However, he does strate with her mother, who is by 
restum by Charles Walters •peeds f4*r the return of the mutt. Granger indicate that he t in love with now In a stupor* Tile helple-s 

it along over a anrtfl counu> with- answers and runs into a murder Melanie Indian daugfiter of his Toby slips back into the house and 

of fading auii'U ftl j ' L out lags and belts every laugh sr- He answers another ad. and then r®u*m. juat returned from a con- j into the curtained cubhv where he 

’** t cpi#n»ce. Mias Williams and Skelttm aimther with as many murders vent, and he also WHctimh* briefly usually works the pulleys for the 
are a carnival team struggling Frantic, he leaves the pooch at a jf W advances of the oldest girl, seance Mme. Flora awakening, 
along until 'proud Texan Keenan pet shop, but then the wife adver- Valerie. uet the curtain rustle demands 

ik\nn. in aa alcoholic moment, tues for a lost dog, leading the kUtoocous slow tangents who’s behind It; can get no reply 

takes a fancy to hketlon letter eang>t« rs to hi» home Finale finds 4n<u *be life and. customs of Btangal. , from thg mute, and ahoots and 
gs*e» to a swank hotel to meet W>nn Leonard and Kaplan tlead in a **** affairs are brought to a climax kills him. Even In his death, she 
■wt: 'iqRlfPd, i* mistaken for the murder pact and the married with the death of the only boy in hasn't the answer to “her brsotten 
ruh Texan himself couple heroes and considerably family, who had tried to charm doubts aa to wha or what, if an>* 

Lite of ease being lived by hkel- wealthier because of the reward ,® cobra. Capt. John returns to thing, clutched her throat, 

ion during Wynn's abs e nce wears money for all of the corpses so , America, a girt is born, and life, Story drags a little in the telling, 

easy on his consleence even though generously sprinkled through the , ®*d the river Row on and some or the strident modern- 

it troubles Miss Williams plenty plot j Although the drama too fro- latte musical accompaniment while 

Appearance of Keel, foreman of Its strictly nonsense but <tu*ntly seems merely an after- in keeping with the grim yarn, is 
Winn's ranch, adds s o me eomphea- highly amusing at bewildered I y » nought, a sort of e xcu s e upon too bar— on the average film* 

turns but by the tune the fun. sing- trouped by the two stars and their which to build a lush panorama of goer's ears. But the score is power- 

m5S-m— «t " i— Md —— jiff iB fftr — fpj— e supporting cast. Assignments India its people and its customs, j ful and appealing o«i Ihe whole, 

riaimv thl toL ViiH In ? , . ,h,n * Mraighteos tfself out prop- are offbeat for Granger and Miss the . harai'ters are completely moat of tt In dramatic vein, but 

.S’!. T"* ™ I erty / pairing Mis# Williams and Winters after u>me of the more credible Exception is Thomas some of it tender and lytical One 

Breen aa Capt, John He has the < refrain, the "Black Swan Walts," 

appearance of one who might ex- has • charming, plaintive lilt, and 

. . .... „ ..... „ mm . j tile the Immature emotions of the, could well be a pop melody. The 

in- *Vn ift . 1,0 cigaret his rlumsy clowning when liam Demare*! scores as a homi-| ,hr ^ r ypung ladies, but hasn t the tune in the love scene between 

wftanrtrd S-'SKS 1 rh ' unaccustomed spurs tie affects ride rop. a.s does Margalo Gillmore ability to appear convincing. Monica and Toby is also lyrical. 

J- * LSP become entangled his poker party as a «mde nmther-in-law The Outstanding is Rad ha whose but m the matr the score tt de- 

Cr u uaharM.i ° . r ‘ and drunk routines are all comet! us choice bum h of heavies each ritual dance of love kith the god scripttve music rather than art 

J " r ^ 1 ' ^ ... ■*« their beet, Climaxing hi* — •harpeninr the laughs, consists of Krillmo. highlights the pic. . Jin- ana* 

.mu >*. V* iribution i* a chuck-wagon race that Leonard Kaplan Francis L SulH- pressrve^ ^ also, as the oldest daugh- ! - Althoueh the picture was filmed 

a ont. — » er character than ,,g M $17 000 poker los* and van. !um Ghaney Hens ( onrted ,er 41 Pafruia Walters The story In July it particular locale. 

'* •' ■bring*: tbe Aim to a fast Rnale Elivha t **ok Jr tllenn Anders all « told from her v l e w poin t, su- and is sung entirely in English. It's 

Nltsa Williams, as Skelton's of whom wind up dead— hut ainus- perbly narrated by June Hillman. .* little • t r a n ge to find all the 

» tlk hi- A* a homely, imaginative k irl in dialog sung, even to vmiple qu« '- 

aide. All ber early teens, who believes that lions and answers, but it s no mere 

r *k i - ' •■ ssssfssssiB |n— i — trsfrv. bit ; wa mio t.n»t tgor m « unu place to the ' Gapt John is her dream prince Strange than in grand opera. 

^ # 1 n « eixurxe t.»c footage tew and u«ed for laughs, but the t pq*rh i>',rti*\mg Archie Mis* Walters is hauntingly true to MenotU uxes — a inws and lights 

rum* Aft* . w I*** l# "»* r e *b®« made up for by Film has a number ©T fan- HIP for good effneta. He captures the 

Mia* Sft SSrSli. r> 'wim suit garb and the dream *w i m aginative touches that register Her bw—m girl friend, only a aqualor of the nesghbnrtkoed and 

at limes xeqwenr# in whHh Mias Williams fleverlv B«-%t is the scene wherein couple of years older, one moment the ugly home erAhe medium. 

f.»z"toS2o irll? Rover strives r water ballets herself around in two killers enter an apartment • P—ny *ben rat-kibe. Is deft v Self are simple and costumes and 

L*i uTtoft JS3 m 'nd Keers, Win. aeenung I v without building and are showw going into portrayed by Adrienne Corn The . makeup ptwp ar fy drab 

Wih« w,trm ^.?* orv . Nw* of aqua It s another ex an rir\atof The floor register mother and father are ably enacted ; There are many unusual, nete- 

nl.V ftilft . ,r , 1 rmwf, ‘»*» J l ample of Metro technician' skilled moves slowly to the penthouse, the bv Nora Swinburne and Esmond worthy scenes, such as Toby enng- 

^ !TI5 natmalh' without trickery, on the order of Fred As- , sound of a shot Is beard, the reg- Knight ing in the ram. trying to get back 

mH!!! of J he '-!* w * ceiling dance ui *'Ro>al ister comes back to the first floor Top honors, however, go to into the hoiise; the whipping scene; 

rj!* ( ® m P® u * In addition to t»*e amt his personality girts over lie other hodv Dialog too. is sharp 

fun* jSSw"*!” 1 A'lglw.iwBiwiwaw »«* «**•« • t »* H ft Wa Siw 

from.such others aa voting ... 

Rood and Everett Sloane latter as ned 

perlom anc. s ‘ ^hoa. Lmma!" and the ballad. ; curves for the trade- wise, partic- 
Natalie X»t»ng Folks Should lo t Mar- ularty fas (sancctiss with the mar- 
pblter backstopped by Foy j nnf couple 

Ramananda Sen Gupta as camera , the mute lad the love ht feels f< c 
operator Renoirs direction ip her, and then aaswen him in k nd 
subtle, artistic, and particularly ef- I the scene oi the pathetic custom- 
fective in the handling of the vrs. anxious to have their seances 
ado l escent emotion* The musical go on even though Mme Flora 


■ ■■■■ . n , P" 1 (aner oacxsxori>eo oy roy , riecr couple anoiescent emouena Ihe musical go on even inougn vtzne 

nn understanding. sympalhetK dis-« Willing and orth. Mist Miller reg- 1 Tune, ' Behave Yourself,* by .score was recorded m India. I ' < Continued aa page 

Rapt Hovietine’ as Hot’ 

♦ ' • 

Minneapolis Kept \ J 

Declaring that many Independent exhibitor* nfiw regard M**i ie- 
, lf| A aa. m paw. a plot to help dtgtrtbutor* further to 
• .jouge’* them, Imaw Berger, • mw te r a I the oat tonal Allied 
Stain* board of iirfctMndai announced that at the board « 
luretmg Oft 27. ho It to dlVbrce Hxclf fnwn « 

add participation In the lafMTa a 1 1-lndustry dm# to Invigorate tbn 


Herger MV« ho t prMtpwbr the fat ' Ibat Paramount ha* I 
crated that It* ltAl-SS linetWwtll xi*ri withthree compulsory 40 
in. iure« after the co m p any previously bad put i«>rU on record at 
eliminating rou*t *. percentage 

Ihi« u the tipoff aaaerta Berger It now become* ap parent 
that the distributor* are determined to uae (’OMW) and ' hlovtetime 
( s.A to bleed Independent exhibitor* matt thnwigu at ill higher 
him rental* .'M ir c ompnnhw pe doubt are readying themxelve* 
to follow Paramount * lead , * . 

\t the tame tune. Independent taking paW in the 
M«*vletime’ drive will be helping to create a demand with the 
,t. . t.u thoae 40 and Sd' <• picture* IhitrUputon will probat- 
I be laughing np the ir d u t m aft ewhl bt l o c tucker* 

Par Demands H.O. Approval For 
All Dales on Top ° 0 Pix; Exhibs Beef 

8.0. DRIVE CUES 'C0MP0 Faces Problem of Successor 

IllfllimiWlP: To Depmet: Hope of Mayer Slaying 

lit a ittovf which already hu ♦ 
l>,Mte against the gram with tome 
. jt>« meh Paramount boa dtreet 
*d all its exchange manager* to %* 
cure homeottVce appro* al of all : 
plodate* on “That * My Bo> ” 
il#r* Cornea the Groom** and 

TKe Home y Touch f 

'.Hrtllv»«o4,n!k , |*l h;;, 
Inmate* ot Folsom ami S »n 
Quentin l*ri»on* d«m I like 
Kanpler picture* but are 
strong lor family coined it* 
That Wax the word brought 
ba« k b>" Mufti Kit gotvexe alter 
a lour ot ti c two ja*l h«>u** •« 

H« rr Coitiet the Grooan gnd gangster pictures nut are 
*Place in the Sun atrong for family corned i e s 
W title the policy applte* only to That baa the Word brought 

lhn-e three pi* presumablKAt will back by Hugo Fivgoiw*e after 

e \ ' rfidM S cover othefv t*»fK a tour Ot the two jail houaea 

hrackei i»-t*ap»aiu the futuie >^ea (o got Idea* tor Mi >*v ( ■ «< 
i the meaaure la U UMWf *■ ,,,r i ,r v * 

- Par * pi* *old on a percentage qbxrrV t or o i d ikdce with mu- 

ta»M will not be given infeUoc iical* third 
^taring time / ’ 

IMgfll found instance* where. I Wf I fhe • fN 

at* e» exhibition — ^have V OflL |rlYIT£C PP jkT 

the e*hib pu u a AaPbgntai PK J £Iin I lAllvu I Cfll 

m a w eekend dot and >iWLi)r I 

Kirn the - mail skeptical of ia . 
duvtry oborriet'v eyeing the \ *-t 
exhtb support befog am tweed - f • •» 
"Mbviellme 1*. S A ’ are a*** 
viewing opt imixt trail v the bo pro 
motion drnr that start* to Octw- 
ber..,.' Paradox really, the) credit thx* 
recent are V in I > te- mag w • ♦ 
much of Ihf sucre** of the c mi 

While it boa been gt.‘ur rail i 
agreed lor xeveral year* that the 
iRduitrv had to bestir Itwll out of 
Ha lethargy and enter Into a • 
opera* ie effort to remote : public . 
Jniter e»t ■ fo dim*. “Moviel true 'I *n 
frankly viewed with a highly jaun | 
1 d*ce«l eve bv haul-head* d industry ■ 
prnmntKHi xpectalivt* until a few J 
Wrrkv ago ' .• 

They felt that it wa* much too ! 
tonvely v»reani/ed that the maj»»r 1 
.com pan lev had dallied in the early 
dagr> xo long that the lime left Ui j 
do a proper Job w*\rt ‘ auflh tent, j 
’and that the whole campaign In 
I any cave wa^nt fully en«High pi«#t 
J tad 

I W<rr'f of all. thev auticipaicd a 
large ^ effort on a natronak-Jevcl tori 
ing to make a dent on the hoi be ;• 
. owed .• on page j 

Drama, Adventure Vie 

StraigFil dcom a and adven- 
ture pi* vie f*ir l>*p place 
pi *ng ine 40 i»-le <« > », h. ri- 
lled during Ortob* i *; rm- 
her. and IWy emher for * \4mie- 
lime t S A * I xurvey rev eal* 
Moaical* and coine«liex <*»nw in 
a |NN>r aer «wi<l b* .t 

Tally xhow x IN drvmas ll 
adi enturejs, •nm mu** aU. 
and *ix 4«*m»*dl*' Twelve of . 
the Sin ix WtH be TK hnii ol«.r 
tl t •-* C ne» o . * i S » • it »*>• 1 mi 


N.Y. ExhibsAsk - 
MPAA to Finance 
Film Exposition 

in a weeaenn awn ana 
)n . e rtf age deal Aim at a midweek 
rtVe I nder tht* icht i r . the dla 
trib collect*, only tbo pre-Smed 
amouut ot coin from the Sat cental 
Aim although the wreekehd t* the 
big nupney making period. 

Buainex* u lesser midweek when 
thy company’* percentage -deal Sim 
h run Par feeling la that the 
whole arrangement means an in* 
rquttsbli high share if the bo. d*»l 
Ur f»»r the e*hlh and conaeouently 
t .* ■* oKiered the ho approval of 


Brazil Setting Up- 
Fdm Control Bi 

\merican Atm r-ompamc* are 
fearful that the Brasilian govern- 
ment 1* bent on trlting up a special 
fowiliilm with control over the 
local erviertalnmcnt industry t’ S 
exrv* reported they have »p<dtad 

'Among eahiha beeSng about the indication* to tlu 
p*»ticy I* the PaciSc Coast Confer* ! pi^ntv com ein* d 

da of Independent Theatre Own 
r. Outfit, which i* headed. b> 
Hoiux Harvey, claim* It result* in 
urinetwa*arv delays and InaufSr lent , 
l ue tor eahtbx In setting booking* 
Par h » topper* for *ome time 
no* have been complaining to Acid 

•Continued on page 17 > 


Two ‘Doc’ Merman 
Indies Set to Go 

effect and are 
for five reason 

' j City Investing Hardies 
B’ way Batkiof Snags; 
Theatre Sheds Loaded 

Mau rue; Vlaurer. who hax fre 

quently during the |»axi year had a 
. I struggle fur product for the CbfNM 
P j Timex Square houvr* he c»i*ri alcx 
1 ! for City Invest log .(’a, N V ha* 

[no sorb problem ns* As 0 Hotter 
Jof fact, u* vfro eerao at the mw- 

P /smeni. with the A Slot. Victoria afS 
jKijou. the ttieatre* in quextkm. all 
I)- taded up until Jan 1 at leaxt 

i Axtor get* Paramount % Bing 
maby ataircr. Tfien I - • 
jCroom ‘ Se|U 20 That* e*pei-t 
cd to nin onlv seven or rigid 
are week*, wince Par hax already rr 
rn- lleaxed it through iinwt of the coin 
rial - try and I* an*n»u« I* get n into the 
the New York nrcult* ho- Thanks 
B. i gfwtHB. 

ted | Thu* the way wilt hr rlrared for 
are Metro * ‘ ij«»o Ya«ti*“ around No« 
aullS Indrfifuie run i* In sight In 

Ibat fdMtl rank* arming the topjgby »*s« by the line it wirxh up. 

w or Id ; market* fpr vStf ■* d Columbra ix expected to have anr 
Aim* [nr He re pix ready fm the htH»>e on 

-Such a government ui«ii»ioW»n der the deal by which It getv hid 
would concern ii wlf primarily with crack at tire Axtnr and Vie 

iblrgtflitin of Ve a’ Yo< k rv- 
h i hi t «d - y*>Htenl*i iii« « »wei w H h 
* r e* lutivr bcMid *»| lb,- M . . 
Pu-ture Al'* of YmefUa in N Y 
In .give detail* of (hr pro|Mixed 
j Aim liHf’jatry e*p(»xitb«i at the 
(irand Central Palate N l n< xi 
j March and to id for Anaru ul 
borkmv « 

It wwx exlinivited x« veral months 

. ag# by ~pr* •' Srbwmfl* of t entuo 
Thr.dir* chairman Wf the delega- 
tion. that thr rx|M»*it i«.*n would 
mil a little iiMHf than fKMl jnnj 
I t l» under «Kmh 1 that flNtHU 
w ou 1 tl It* ne« <lr«t f«»r rental ,»r»d 
other overhead. *»*d ronxl rurtion 
of special xetx. teM»ttt». and tdher 
prr*|ect< would coxt alwml li/VJ- 
tMNi Vhw h of the $2MI isgt v on 
I atructiow would be usable If the 
etpoxifiou i» taketi on a lour of 
i prim ipal rifiex as', origmaili 

pidnn^d to 4 tMOiimllee of n.r 

uituif ’ef Motnm l*Jri«ie Org.«r» 
i/ationx he*d< d h\ S< bwait/ 

hxhltilforx Hirougfioul the Coon 
( onltnOed On page 17< 

Cbcaga’s Uail QaiU 
Saiesnea Qua*, Rips 
Its ‘Inept Leadership' 

the UMifHiO picture busineM aince Col opened 
it is by far the largot ol the m- the Vic thi* i 
' tertatnmrnt trade* from the Mand* ably keep the 
j potnt* of economic* and public aw* occupied from 
| diem e Ameru an out fit x gro«» over I a|at« |x likeH 
SIOdOOOtM annually in Braril and fatal * Fall> '* 
remit over |g iXW (Nkl in dollar* -Continu 

Col opened * Saturday * Hero al 
the Vic thi* week, and will prob 
ably keep the .houxe cantinu«Hnly 
occ upied irom m»w on. Next on Ux 
atate ix likeH to be "Whixtie at 
Raton'* f all' ’ Folhming that, Co! 

'Continued on pa^e 21 * 

T wot new Indie production units 
r '.n »/■»•*! I«v I. B l)oc» Metirmn 

•ner product loa manager for 
I’ me- Thoma*. will xoon have cam* 

* « grinding at opposite end* of 
I r globe First unit. In which 

in <n i« partnered with Mau- 

• en O’Ham and her husband W all 
I’rue will shortly begin shooting 
t’ t mil later. Born In Paradise ’ j 

Second unit . in w 
t» Hot* and U idiani Nas-mn 
‘ - * wHh Merman, wilt 

Hu ec pix at the KUtree »tu- 
l .nd 

Paradise will probably be 
t drtbuted bv United Artlata. 

remit over yu'MajiwHi »n d»»u*r* 'Continued on page 21* 

to \ y\ i :x ■ , j — — — .. 

Cominivxiun under con* ide rat ion q *i|X|«i my xiryw taipri/ 
probably woald have control olei J FltW llA NlA I WLM 
all Aim impxwix remittance* of — - - 

earnings to tire L S and local ad JQ QVE B WAY BIG HYPO 

mi-MiKi prut' 

Immrdlitr problem fating the! Next week promixex to lie o»»e 

Mmua m,d«* i Imiuiu* ,rru|f »« HUin. TWXW «» md To* Mid 
t mik Mil. t-iCS Knm Amo *trt presaurct 

Immedute problem facing the Next w*-«*k pn»mixes tp he one 
Motum Picture A»*n of ktnerica i» of the btggcxt of the »raxon on 
it> S A rep Joaquin Kukard Hroadw a> with al leaxt eight new 
lx 111 in N. V. and cannot tiek to pi* slated t<» hit the ffr'!-nm» 

(Continued tm page IS* THr > “ «^e a hefty hypn to a Ain k 

. of * * i ■ *ng holdover * giv ing an ad 

« • '• M a vame taxte of what the product 

Brother Had Brother ,ur k 

t . S A campaign i* exjieHed to 

RvnJ in I wlkAr Raw Ido througi furigg 

• Wmm ™ IVBW, tier adh Noxembei 

lill DD tvsHiinar In addition in Warner Bkoa^ 

nUlD LMOl inei riilQa - Capi Ho ’lornbi* 

Wa.xhliigton Sept. II 01 * 1 “ *« < f - 1 1 - U tomoii - 

A feud between top brother* fe <Thur* ». the week » ifarteiv will 
xulted in a labor dispute in which include several other of the sea 
Man Main* Theatre- and Fo* Mid *on * lop hudg. in % Tire rundow n 

lured ll the moment 8 

-“Fly ing la* at her 

I ran* Lux S*«h 

Wedne-dav iff 1 — “Sireetrar 

' w,«h- prexy Arthur iL Krtm Amu*. WP r Tu^ exda. 8 .L riv.n* 

U f * n m Hi i York reVeotlT^m hi* by unions Into Arm* one of the ■ *£*** 1 . the ParlnuH nt 

Vsv to Ku rope ft ix undemtood brolherx/ according to Anding* of»a HK t *C , k» laianuMint 

; ■ P>' m.y^com* t* «Mkr th. NM.on.l I ■»»»•. K*lJtK». Board «|d M‘ IPS* « •» 

"'“• f "I thr new Sam Brnkin- »r>*l examiner r ranM,.. < ».ii h 

'•I leer.Kdv.ard Small corpora- The e.ammer r«ornnw-nded over *•<*£••> . « H V*h 

1 "O* whuh ix t.» provide * 1 * a year the weekend ttiat the diMharged Namod Drurf iWB «t the H.u 
,,,f t A They'd provide Anancing man be restored to hi* job wtth full ^ Ohy the Faith Stu.Ki 

■■ supervision for Merman in re- payment of hack salary he found. Nt ill K IN Mayfair and 

• chunk of the proAt* the Fo* the*ire> and union* guilty The uell at .the BUIe 

Bn i-h deal ha* just been art up oi unfair labor practice*. I Thursday 4.0 — Here Comet 

Merman In rnnuntlon with Case involves Kenneth Caraway. Graom Par- at the Axb»r. 

nnti»h- American Pictures Naasouf who wxyfked Srg| »» proKcthMMM ’ Lorna Duong tCol* it the 

^d pro* ide the dolUr Anancing »«*d then as maintenance man at Mw 
- iejihdn unit will get western Kern* the Fo* theatre* in Coffey ville, Friday •'ll 1 - No Highway in 

f ‘hie ago. Sept 1 1 i 

Chicago l.oge Col«»->**um of film 
slr-mcn uill< ulh withdrew fi**m 
tl»e natumal org Mux week ax a it 
xult ot ndt< ulotixlv ineid lead* 1 
xtup Harold Xeltiw-r ( hi gnwip 
xpi«k«‘vman miH 

AOiuTi wax r exult of inter unout 
haxxle grow tng <niI of acx‘e)ft«rpa’ 

• »f S7 weeklv rile for film sale* 
iih'D h\ ( 'obaiveum bwrgaiomg tom 
uiittex- Chi gioup M»mplained the 
salary l»o»%i wax mxuffbtenl. and 

two wt-t-kx 00 vtged to jgiMtre o» 
national convention Cbl 27 in .Hi 
laOUis. whole iiHitd-r wax to be 

Hepurtedl several othei in om 
e*t hange lo ^ex «ir p<*i»«lerin** w.ih 
draws! Break in (hi prompt r-d 
set ivat oil of a 1 I I I ».<■ 

/eJt Oer which uVav rexuM »n forma 
turn of either a rival union for ex 
change valexrneu or disintegration , 
of t. Hi--.. ner v**d 'Tbt's 

th j>endx he xaid, on but* "Asani . ! 
eg bet ln#i -xh to break with 

UA Defers TV Buildup 
To Stress Theatrical Pix 

f i'm liidUalrv wgv** - * t a will be *, 
taxed with a couple of partii ularty 
knot! 1 prob ne a Anting a 

.... I Vr*.| 1 llri-OHi pie -■$ 

; idept of the t 'oO.ictl of Mdhm IV* 
j tin e Urgani/aihmx second a rc- 
nlgi >• 1 went tor kftbw I ,, Maver, 
COMPO k I -1 v p Hxifh have dtv 
closed tnf e*»f taM* nf hi mu 

'' Thu all hingex. of hmi w on 
what tbc^/S^.tndNpat'ry 1 '. charts. |<sr'; 
("MHK t«il <ne H - rhaiue* 
j -Ibi ing in 1 « -ii) w rn 

; hr pfenti H»d't» *cd with a »umV" 
j f Ml mrti xone 01 the sprxwnlng 
Mm let Itor U S .A ’ iwurdth e 
; ■ - T 

A -Djunin i ( « 1 VI 1*1 1 |x hi 1 «• to* M e 
or |cx» |keiinan«*ntl v, Hohett J. 
triboinetl. t«»pkl«k of the \io\i«»- 
lt<ttr HilVi will ngutr prommeot 
l> ta fkiinm of a neW prcxi 

S«uih- feel llieie x xMi>* chaivx a ;• 
Ib'plnet might hr inffueloxHl lit |r* 
mstn at Hie helm, bui this ggner- 
• alii i» resaoded .«* « •*% l v a mode 
|M>-vi|iiMi It x point »-d **ut 1 1 | Koi- 
ne (4 pioltahlv w<*u Ml have wide W- 
.dusirv xieyguirt Ip the t ’OMh) pr»-' 

; Stent Ml xw«*ep»ii*k* > ll«- x br-en .• a 
( kei lii/ure »n »uuH«'i«mv ot ganr/ed 
iintu-i 1 ' :*n<l HVx w*»n 

w h! ir p* * t 

PiafSt In IxMMtsr 
Also r'Mil • iholllig to th* xpexUla* 
tom « *otr ei ntng O Ihmnetl 1* llie 
tiM ♦ he’.* an eshthtfor 1 he «trem* «t 
doubth'sx w«»uld pretet lO'aegaUme- 
i( •mtiiiued on page IP* 

UA Benefits By 
M’wltee Verdict 

gf n Aituix 0h««ni Isl -lafore 
ap|**-.*red (wither enhan* ed thi* 
w« i «*k 1 la -a d*H u»«»n In t lull m- 
volvmg the Towne Theatre. - Mil- 
w.«uK«**' H of w hi* ti i- ■ us r»*‘il 
by l|>r dial rib 1 S Circ uit f oult 
nt \pp* dx fur rod d*»wn tie de 
fr ml .till divtiibot**!- appeal from 
1 DuItkI C««urt » irtdl* l awarding 
the T*»v> n»- deoiage- <d $U41 ia*») 
Til* 1 < » a rli.ft**- of f Hi t !»ei ap 
peal m .the, t ~S Supre m e I «*urt. 
Mill t \ f . . I ' I oW ll*' 'Ill ( I' -• 
um-x to rullo t 4 large xiiwhiii' of 
I'oiri hy way of 1 i»e ,*«ii»»n, |**i-vdily 
with 4 xx-tf lenient 

Wary H ; ownv 23* r - ' «d .1 !»♦•■ 

4 1 II* vital* CA ohvitmxlv Will b* lie- 
ftl from' .M. ' jh-> r nun *♦•* ,v ' f 

4 gdb*g* However I**-* .«u e* of M»e 
UMefldtlll*' inyol’ed *tie <MU 

|MO> Iv n**t feg^r *lil»if the' luXft** 

• ,> • |w »' eitli-tl **'rtii » ♦ *»t ih 

(utijr foi '*»: pi* * t l 

t *01 lent ou *M,ie, i> • >|h 1 1 ilJ\ lm 
|*<*t laid f«S the f rjvon fafexV 

Arthur H Kinn »n*l hu paid* un- 
der th* li de,«l wdlb < o ownel > VI 
I'm kl" , i*i .*»m| ( 1*4* l« - t h.iplm will 

t.«ke * 1 * *i V I • * ! Mo I ‘ V • ! • k 1 1 » 

profit »•* xtvown Ihw i**jf m eftitrf 
ol l he next I wo year - 

I \ I* rsuifinulng at a paid dip 
on lW operating, eai rnfpgx truyit, 

Confmu *-4 on p.*-ir If : • 

Fuller Sells Half 

Of His Fdm Library 

• Walter Futter who for year* f t 
had the larged pi u.<te|v -owned 
Aim library in the count rv. hax odd 
a half-mierest m u to diudU-y 


Knm manage- 

neckx ' HKfff at the l*ar amount. ;mtnl ft C idled Aitixt* bag pushed 
and “Mr* Peek \ Boo «l \ at the oil plan* for development of the 

compam x lelevision department 
until UA >i squared away in the 
theatrical field K rim group feel* 
that l* of prime imp* stance until 

Murpbv vet 1 

lig Mui pb • bi plannirji: lo inake 
televixi.jn abort* by rUlting looia-e 
In the library 

Frit ire JiUMi lMM) (rrl of liJ m iy, 
bring moved to vaulix <»n the ( oa-t, 
U here Mur pli\ ||' V* .1 X 1 . I 

brary «m<e in rxeev* of '’Yu igVMaa) 
feet Wax xi,irtV*d by Fuller in 1*424 
with xome original French Pathe 

the company to iwutoted to a solid **•*”<-*• 'rm> in'elhgenre agrvim* 

. * _ “ Jk‘ . 4 . a _ * a . . . 4 .a^.. . 4 ,. a mm* — ^ 

^(Continued on page It 

(ContuiUed on page 17' 

I t he Sky * t2uth' at t he Hoxy. 

le financial f«Mding • 

“Here Comet Meantime the TV department 
at the Axtor. organised about three years ago 
4* »t the under- the former management. i« 
being allowed to continue under 
Highway in John Mitchell's direction, it I* pay* 
he Boxy. ting for itself, meanwhile. 

used it* 'travel (outage during the 
w«i f<»i guidance to Hi kding tr«**»px 
and for other purposes 

. Alan Oul ef febe libran ( ante Ute 
dip* for \irka Speakx »nd • 
number of other *lp"-‘du| Iff* 
ytutes piodurVd by Futter. 

It. HS 1 

F'Mmated Total Greaa 
fift» Meek ISttlN 

• Agied oi )• Hi ret ret I 

LaH Year 1555.744 

> Hosed an 1.4 ih**trrt » 

Thorpe’ Strong 
$12,060 in Mpk. 

‘Groom tall $24,080 in Strong LA.; 
Pickup Fast 2SG, Continent’ 24G; 
David' 39G, Woman' MG, Botli 1 

Ia** Angelfi; Wept 11 . """ 

Fu - *! run |mmc Is runtime ihtMl | •. ■ g% 

at **** **** last ywar devr »* KroadWl? (iFOSStt 

fact that otil) throe pt* kills # 

S< ■,•••(• < n arid that It is 1 , . 

i. id«v week Total ItrM rup F«tlmsted Talal (irna 

»*twe«tt mi' mighty $273 500 Tilt* WaH 9521.341 

nr tetter than holiday Wfpk « A|m 4 m It t.irotrri I 

lad '$far AIm» it *ai biiifil Laal fear ISSS.1K 

Manta for ■ first run un 4 dart < Hosed #• II (IlMffrl * 

N« * > rat % week ot tHO when 34 
Inm'* « hit over $300,000 

Three nr* hills are running very 4»fn 9 p» 

rtu r 1 xm( Continent m three I H A rf\0 NfriUUT 

theatre. )M>ki fud I2IOOO Tick 1 1IUI lIV JU Ullr 

up * vhape* fait |2S OOO in t w© spots ; W ' : 

White llete ( n0n Groom alwi OlA AAA • II 1 

)n two, Wont big $T4«00. letter ,\1 / |MJ| |n M n | 

L especially %tr«nf in view i.f low tDILeUvU III III t M 

wait David and Bathsheba “ Hall l VIW,VVW “ 4, “ B 

U great at 934 W*0 in «e<x>nd round U ... „ , , 

fir two »ite» Hi* Kind of Woman v Minneapolis Kept 1 1 

1 li **k « big $20 <iOO for MHtmd (ran*#.] Comparative g rarrtty of n< 
three Wa< atiwn* Moil other hold- comer* and their inability to It 
overs are )u*t modipt up too much box off ire excitem 

Rnlij***** TW* ^rtlaw. ''Will , land to alow up hu 
<y*T 2u«7 445 i!Fl» 70 $1 i round. Sturdier of new 

XNt fawtfn — lap and ■p pdgw to kt Jun Thorpe ‘ »h 

Itghlv I iangerous I f Good look, to h# .’sorko at State “’I 

$20,000 in on rush Booking after w*»r and Happy Qi Ln 

* People Will TalkVaoth^ held only ! „ JZT: 

two day. beyond initial seel. B J* IU h# 1 

with $24 uoO for 0 day* ■Mia Kind if woman is in 

Loyola, WMabfro FWC* <J 241 third downtown wooh while 
2 2M. 70$! 10* — * “People Will second session for htghstepp 

Talk ' '2uth> ‘2d wk*. Nice $4 500 j David and Bsthxbeha ” ‘ Th 

.Held full second liame here Last My $ny ' and "Flying l.eatl 
week. $15 000 neck* " 

Holly weed. p»Wftfe"«« * *M*rw Fall mate* for This Week 

(WM 1 Ik 1 Off ! Century far 1 AXl 74-11 

H J **nanT^t *~k * aI»Ut ■— "David and Hathvheba » 

to $10,000 tm .mm 2d »l Hi* 912000 after u. 

loew* Hi^tr IgypUao UAI ‘ UnlB ^ 

12 404 I 53g 70 $ 1 10* - * HKh4 >>t rmpher .Berger •! <¥», 50 7 

Yuung l*i etty ’* . * M ti » and Mon- ) .^Mage Wear ifar* Ok^y $5( 
tana HrvpriMW ‘Mon*’ I <>« ■* t LkM week 2W*ipulh l*ar' 
ointv ) Jd wk Mild $12 000 m «] w*L fMti* 
days l^aM wreh. $23 7oo l.yrlc »#ar> >1.000. 50-71 

HilUireet Paotage* KKO» »2,<- 'Je**i James ’ fSOthi and ”Bet 
752 2 012 7o-$| >--**flckup ’ ;U ol* Frank June*” 20t h ' rei^u 

and ‘ t rimmal Lawyer (. ul r Fagt ; HioY $5 000 ! a*f *re«‘k V 

$2M*M! I^»*t week Mappv Go After Mow* 20th> 2d «k' 

lovely'* HKO> and ‘Tlard. faal. $•• 

f« aut li. i ^>«y,0 $.’% .*00 Radio 04* f .i <40<N1 50 71 

l oa Angeleo. Nellvw**^ Para That « Mv H* % f,v 2d v 
OMHSOla ; Fh M * 3 300 l 430. till $0 000 after *ma>h $17 

'Hire flHlfl Uf*«M» and first week 

* fwo Cials. (lid ' «UA» it A only* RKfl ftrphrnm R KO* <21 
Big $24 000 especially nire in view ao-ti ^ lfappv i.o lively ’ R» 

•f wnlr 1 . ,11* Mv Vaftii $«• dot |nat v* ,m 

*1* tiag lerthrmrclu flKOi, 

l olled Ariiatat Rita. Irla 'DA* $tf Mo 

FW( -?1«H » H 1 4 . 7t) $ I It) - nWftr— iRKn t 400 A 40 

Trmm it To Races l and Native H5M" 1 K 

Bon'* i Indie • l A oniv 2d Viailnn iW * 

i^lTwio 0 %U ^ Ul1 , * rrk ° k '' Kind of Woman HtKOi 

Four Mar H A too - Five $5 700 

lCcd» 2d wk Fat $4 500 First _ Mate 'far* 2 500 50-7«'~" 
week $0 200 ; Thorpe* IWB) Stckrimi $ 1 2 J 

Ft we Aria FWi $77 »0$l 50* Last. week. Tall Target’ <M 
fia«r in Sun fat 4tti wk M 000 
Near $0,000 U»t week stout Warld ‘Mann* *400 SO-R 

$0 UO0 “Tony Draw. Horse’' 'Indie* $ 

g a s tflf Canon '.ABC ' '520 $1 •— $2 5000 Last week '<>n \t«Mml 
*'K«»n Tiki HKO» 2f*th wk Abvud Bay WB 3d wk mild $2 30 
$1 SiMi l ast week. One’ $2,000 

> hioeae QM« il WO *2 049 d9 . . , .. 

79P, Otril 50‘ r- David and Hath 4 | | J 

•heba 20th 2d wkv Cireat $3$ - tCatllCmCCKS li 1 

000 or near. Last week, unaah , •• 

$$4 700 

tirphewm fcl Rey Hawaii Met- HW ’flAAA 

ropolitan <iAS -FWf 2213 H01 I nHITIP \ I II I III 

$ 006 OO-PO’— *' It ia Kind of Worn- 1 IIUI |lv VlVyW 

an Mki > 2d wk Big $20,000. B 

Last oeek. $30,000 { Cincinnati. Sept 1 

^erihvilmamf* hid^ei Downtown trade is back to 

f?vn .rkT iTlned f! , ui?tnl Tame I ,r » i1ln * holiday Spit 

Wk Current topper. “'Flsring l^at 

Monday 1 10 after okay $5 600 last *• g hotsy at Albee 

j Thorpe’ has fala< e m plea 
mm a m • i ■ i« i n stride while Grand ha* a wit 

Hi) C Hobb P Htlh BO* m Tomorrow I. Another C 

1 IIWWm IIBB U,V *» Here Come* Groom and I 

‘PaiMfe’ Fair $ 15 , 500 , K “" 

«P^L .wi 1 DJAi IIP Albee RKO* 3 HMB 55-7 

DflgHl 1111 y King l-eatheme» kv / RK » 

'Thorpe’ bdyls. Chip, 
12 G; ‘Egypt’ Torrid 10 G 

Indianapolis • Sept 1 1 
First -run bu here la holding up 
well und*' bark -t« school « hangr 
are below rcepRt 
' . • \ • 

Ttioi pe it fryn' ' untiVr with ><*itd 
figure at the Indiana L t M I e 
%jmy f' also ts good al U*e « 
"Ihckup” la getting a moderate 
play at Iw s » 

Det. Weakens; Wajme lively 24G, 
Egypt’ Shaky $1 1,800; *Boy’24G, 2d 

Minnewpoli.. s» pt ll 
Comparative wart tty of new- 
Comerx and their inability to kick 
up too much b«>* office excitement 
will , lend to slow up bti this ! 
round. Sturdiest of new yOhlrlpg j 
appears to be Jim Theirpe " whirh | 
looks to he yorho at State fan* I 
swge W#ct * and Happy Go l*nve- j 
>** are mphing little headway 
ia Kind df Woman in its 
third dpwnfcp.wn week while it • 
aerond *e**ion for- highsteopiog 
'David v and Beihsbeha ** •*That , » 
My Bevy’ and “’Flying Leather- 

Ratimate* for This Week 
t eniury fat -16*41 74 $ I 20‘ 

— 'David and Bathshrba” *20th> 
■2d wk* Big $12,000 after sorko 
$1$ ,000 initial Hants 

C»opher Berger 1000, 50 7* 
”fa**age West * <Par' Ok.*y $5 000 

1 1st wt « k M i) I ... I ' SI 2 ‘ 

wk $4 000 

l.yrlc 'far* * 1 000 ; 5<L7«i— 

Thorpe it frpnt-runiwr with antid or ns 

hgnrrat Hie Indiana Lit t U Kef Utf UTtSSeS 

Egpvt also if good af the C irrle. 7 7 

’ »*irhup” 4s getting a moderate _ — — 

pl .y .( to, » , T^l On J 

laltautfi M TW, Vrth 1 **l» **«V . 

Circle 'CocMntl-Oollei ‘2.9$0 44- • rffOsed on 29 rtftet. 929 the 

t • and Three i'vi, ch«e fig /leaf run*, inctud- 
Steps North t V Good 910000 inp If Y ' 

Laal weak Meet After ftkpw” Tatal Groaa tanae Week 

20th> and Fv - ‘hep*, '. Laa4 Tear $2 477 404 

$13 000 - * loaed an 15 mitt, and 199 

Indiana C PJ 3 200, 44-#5u- theairrs. ) 

' m Thorpe >WB» and *’Yet Sir/ 

Mr Bo** Lip Da dy $12 000 
1 avt week. ‘ Here Come* Groom’* (II ■ | 9 11 

" - p *” d * Hornblower Hep 

Loew s 'Loew s.* *2 427 44~05»-~ 

*od Mask of ; 'vf- mo r aaa a IF /t 

Avenger ( «>l Fair $0 000 Lost ilk I MM I IV * ■ I 

Week feoplr Against O Kara Jlrl.UUU 111 l\*V/s 

M Oi and 'China Cofwalr ” tColl. ViVyVVV Hi onaw/a 

$10 000. 

Lyric C D^ 1400 444$ — Dead ’ Kahaoa City. 8e«)4 IT 

On Arrival t a ' MgRl and CroMOt continue general 
St ride Attack Indi* Mild here a* calibre of Alma hold* up 
10.000 l a ■ i ik i ii Amen* *n ORF*' H ®*9- newcomer t. Cap! 

1 Mono! 

$4 000. 


N * v y’ 

$14,000. L'ville 

Horatio Hornblower” at Mtsaeaiil 
with solid total, “Here Comes 
Groom” Is airong la its second 
week at Paramount white *T)svtd 
and Bathvheba** In third round 
looks stout at Orpkeum * attic 
Drive" and “People Against 
O’Hara,” are mid new entries. 

M , ’’r 1 1 lauinille Sept II 

Mymg l eather- n,, |t *,adualh^ getting bat k into 

stride at first-run. here While 
for TMi Week j current session will hot be a* 

1:000 74-fl 20' heftv •< last week wuket pair is 

Rgththeha” -20th' ' HWly even with arhopl. Openings 
912 000 after sorko and the Kentucky Klatc Fair pu fi- 
ll ansa ; mg strongly Rialto la hitting an- 

.*r 1 AMI an.»4u— A other good Manga with John w* 

i-.r‘ ok,J*iana • •>'""« Win m»«»« la • Viy- 
r.rllik' I fJrl ,f| fl Leal h ernfc k s” Ktate Is also 

vsrpath I sr» virile wHh C omm* Round Moun 

. AkA tarn ” “Cavalry Scout” and ”Tbi» 

*1 000. 50-74*— . M Korea” at Strand loom, average. 

"Je«*e James” f2othi and Return 
Frank James” •20th» 'rei.v*ue*' 
Neat $5 000 IwM week, *'Mrel 
After Show” *2<Hh» >2d wk*. $4 - 


Radio City Pari *4 404; 99-79 w 
"That's My H**r’ 'Par* *2d wk* 
Nice $4 000 after smash $17 000 
ftrst week 

RKO-Oepheom RKO* -2 400 
40 74 Happv Go I <»\ * l> " RK< > 

Mriurn Ratlmalea for This Week 

Mary Aoderxett * People’s '1200 
! 45 65 Jim Thorpe” <WB*. Fair 
*■' $$ Ml© I .eat Week. Hornblower' 

WB* 2d wk* excellent $7 000 
O 76 — | Kentucky ♦Switowl *1 100 45- 

Id wk* ' H5*~-”R» lv» dere Rings BeU” *20thl. 
$17 000 Gka| 97 oOO in 12-day frame Fab- 
iula ‘ UA opens Sept 12 

tnllA Rime Dukinson' 504 75 44 — 
L V Illtr i Ballerina ’ Indie' Strong 92 500 
Lad sff* Ulll Manewe 7 <HKo 

tJc mi* Midland Loew Si *3.500 50 40*— 
! People Against O llara *M-G» 
vLu Z lm ; *"<* Flame Mamhoul ' Coi» Light 
irhJt rw, I. $10,000 Ust week. Rich Young 
li m^ninalf Dretty” <M-G* and ' Painted Hills ' 
Jir J ‘M-GA nice 14,000 
. hittnnan- Wloaourl tRKO» <2.950 $0 75 — 
John Wavne Hornblower WB» and ”OhoM 
rnctinVv ( h*^rs” 'Morvo Big $l50<*n and 
Rate D alao ‘Will hold Last week. "FKing 
I mmd Moun- ! 'RtC°l •"<> '“/urjr 

” and "This ^oli ‘2d whh fork 111.000 

nm* average J Midwest l G tH j 

I, Week 75-$ l 20 — David and Bathsheba 

apU x T 200 '20th> 3d wk* Although pace 

<WB* Fair * , *«'ken»ng somewhat still solid in 
Hornblower rl $ ht »* $l$®00 LpM week, 

rnt 97 tHh) ‘ • 1 5 000 

*1 100 45- Paramount Tn -Slates* '1400; 

Bell" '20th* 54V44'*- Here Cpmus Groom Par 1 

frame Pah-' 2d Wk 1 Breezing - to Strong 
t 12 912 000 unusually big for second 

•2 400 


Wobbly 9MWG Ust week, “Ply- 
ing Uathemecks*' ‘RKO*. 6ne 
912 5410 

RKO Pan Rhn I H<M) 'i 40T« 
— Flying Leatheme< i* / HKV 
<m u I Big 16.000. l^aatr wees 
’ His Kind of Woman tyb 1 1 >2d 

w k 95 700 7 

Stale 'Par* 2 900 50-7« — Jlm 
Thorpe” WH S*x:keriw> 112.0410 
Last. week. "Tall Target ’ «M <• 
$4 000 

Wurtd Mann* '400. 50- * 

“Ton y Draws Horse’ 'Indie* Mild 
92.54K10 Ust week, 'On MiMmlight 
Bay” « WB* 3d wk'v mild 92.200 

Rialtu 'Fourth Avenue* <3 000 
45-65' - Flying Leathernecks ! 

• RKO* and ‘'Father Take* The Air** j 
< Mono V Rousing $14 000 Last 
week "That's My Boy” <P*r* snd 

* Roaring City” • Lip*, sock $20,000, 

in • daw j 

Mate f new’** <9.000, 45-95 *— 1 
“Cornin' Round Mountain'* ^ <D» and 
’ Kalir Did It" U* Health v $12- 
000 Ust week Rich Young, I 
Pretiv ’ *M <** and "No Questions 
Asked' MG 911000 

N Irani FA* '1.200, 45-45 — 

; “Cavalry Scout * 'Mono and ‘This 
Is Korea Rep* Tnm 94 0O0 Last 
week “Frogmen” 20th* and * Ro- 
de© Kins Senonta” <Rep*, excel- 
1 lent $4 000 

week iJtft week, great 914.000 | 'R*»»d Block’ 

Tuwer. I ptawn. Fairway, C.rau- $10 000 for 
ada (Foa Midwest! <1.1 00; 2 ,04t; ' after sock i! 
700: 1217 50 75*— Cattle Drive” ! MaJapMc ' 
Av’erage 914.000 Ust week. ; "Urn Thorpe 
"Meet After Show" «20th> with Rose” <Rep* 
help, from holiday and extra skew*. 1 week “Meet 
fancy $19 000. but not up to hopes snd "Yukon 

St Lsns; leaker necks* 
Fat 18 G, ‘Rick’ IOC, 24 

. . Detroit. Sept. II. 

* That s lly Boy” is doing gre«$ 
in second half at (he Mi'hig.n. 

Flying Leathernecks" looks, very 
slirr af the Fed "People Mill 
r-ik ii fairly good at Cniicd 
Artist* Little Riyr hakv at 
the Palma. "Uw and Udy” is a 
dud at the Adams Trade generally 
is way off from lest keek 

$ stlmates for This Week 
Fo* 'FosTietroltl *5 000. 70-051 
— Plying leather neck « HK •> * 

and "Roden King’ Rcpi Nice 
1924,000 or hotter for John V#vnf 
opus Ust week. "Adventures 
Copt Fabian” *Repi plus two s -day 
Rpike Jukes onstage <36.000 
Michigan tL’nited Detroit* 14 OOO, 
70-95< — "That s My Boy Pari 
and Katie Did It” fD* '2d wk*. 
i Great $24,000. Last week; lernne 
$31 000 

| Palme «L’D> <2.900. 70-P5i— 

[ Little Egypt" *U) and "Arnmnin 
for Hire” Indie* Shaky 911 04«i 
Last week "Iron Man" C» and 
“Saddle V^egton” (Uni. 915 000 
Msdtssn *<UD1 1.900. 70dM>^ 

Francis to Races" <t f ) and Mani- 
ac on Wheels” ‘Up*. Slow 94 000. 
Lhat week. ’Hornblower' iVftl 
<m «i >, $10 490 

Culled ArtiaSa <CA» *1400; 70- 
45i— "People Will Talk" 20th * 
Nice $13.0041 Ust week. "Strip” 
'M G) and ’This Is Korea” >Rep*. 
910 000 / 

Adams Bala ban' IffOO. 70-461 
I- 7 'Us and Udy” f$fG* Weak 
$5 000 , Ust week. /"Happv Go 
Lovely” (RKO! 2d w)i*. 91509. 

‘Grssu’ Crad $ 15 , 000 , 
Prot.; Tborpe’ Sturdy 
1 4 G, Wayne $ 10 , 000 . 2 d 

Providence, Sept 11 
Majestie s “Jim Thorpe 1 * ks hut 
this session srfth "Here Cornea 
Groom" also sock at Strand Lai- 
] ter is holding. All other stands 
are holding for second try Doing 
fairly well with holds are RKO 
’ Alhee with “Flying Uathernerk* ' 
and Metropolitan with “That's My 
Boy ” 

Estimates for This Week 
Afheu RKO* 2 200 44-45'— 

j “Flying Leathernecks” RKO* and 
“Road Block” RJ 2d wk> Nue 
$10,000 for John Wayne starrer 
after sock $15,000 In 6r*t week 
Majestic 'Fay! '2 24 m> 44-96*— 

“Jim Thorps" WB* and "Havana 
. Rose" 'Rep* Hefty $14 000 Uaf 
week Meet After Bamw** '20th* 
and "Yukon Manhunt” Mopo 1 , 
$4 500 

Metrwpwlitan (Snider! <3 100. 44- 
•5 ‘—“That’s My Roy* *Pari 2d 
wk . Good 94^00. First we* 
sol >dV$ 16.000 

stjie^»l oewi '3 300 44-45 

| “Rich Young. Pretty” M-G< and 
I "Big Gusher" (Col! *2d wk* Fair 
| $4 400 Uat week, good 415 000. 

‘Leathernecks’ Hot $15,0(0 in Gncy; 
‘Thorpe’ $10,000. ‘Show’ Sharp 9G, 2d 

Bt. Lout* Sept. II, Strand tStlRMiiiMtJII; 44“ 
Emploving an upped xcale. never - 45i_ Here Comes Groorii Par*, 
rehxhed^ M* natives. David and Second week opened Monday 10*. 
Bathsheba ts roppmg a sorko aes- rirst round was nifty $15 000. 
sion at the Rt Uuu. Swell bally > , ■ , ■ 

is helping "Flying Uathemecks " 4 a Dii ct IflVV D pin AAA 
also getting benefit of .well week ARMS MILD S 1 0 000 . 
end coin it grabbing big stanza at nni f»V|VW, 

(he Fox Herr Comes Groom D 41 TA. (fDAAIfl 9 Of 911 

continues sulid in second week af DIILIv, URvVRI J'h LV 

1 the Missouri lUltiin.. e Went 11 

\ Bostun ' S* pi i 1 
>td«»ver* »f major hou' 

Montlv holdover* *t n»4)«»r luuivrv, 
this slants witfv newiomcr* Pas- 
gage West .at Paramount and 
Fenway and "March of Renegade" 
at RKO Bcoton vhapuig litUe more 
than average Belvedere Ring* 
Bell" at Astor look* nice “That s 
H*<> m third round at M. I 
still fancy while "Flying Uathdf- 
neck' «U11 is tall at the Memorial 
in second frame 

Ealimale* for This Meek 
Aamr B4Q 1,200 5o tf . — 
"Belvedeie Rings Bell 20th 1 . 
Kue $11 000 shaping U»l week. 
"Thuntier on Hill l <4th wk< 
fast *7.000 

Beaton BKo 3 200 40 45* — 
"Mark of Ren*gadr *1 • and ‘ 
"Wagon Wheel* R« p *r*i^vue‘. 
Fairly good $10 000 Last week. 
"Little Egypt L and King of 
Wild Horses ' Col*. $8 500 

Exeter Indir 1300 55-00' — 
Continued on page 20* . 

Cincinnati. Sept 11. 4 

Downtown trade Is back to par 
j trailing last week’s holiday splurge 
Current topper. ‘ Flying Leather- 
! neck* M is hotsy at Albee "Jim 
i Thorpe” has Palace in pleasing 
! stride while Grand has a winner 
' in Tomorrow It Another Day ” 
"Here CiHnes Groom" and “Meet 
After Show" are solid holdovers 
Estimates foe Ihia Week 
Albee • RKO * *2 I MF 55-751— j 

Y iv my 1 *-j't fit/. Iiv / KK I Hot 
XV $15 0CWI ; . • .. il . . 

Uo Hornblower WB* vapir 

( a pilot Mfd laiiwl J(H¥) 34- 
75*— ‘ Here Corrtrv Groom" Par* 
2d wk Sprightly $10000 in 
wake of sorko $ 15.500 unveiling 
! Grand 'RKO! «? 400 55 75*— 

“Tomoriow Is Another Da> '* ' WR* 
and "Fugitive Lady " ’Keph G«iod 
$4 54)0 Ust week People Again*! 
O Kara <M G>, $g OHO 

Keith s Mld-RUteui * 1 542. 55- 
75)— Meet After Khow" <20th> '2d 
wk li tiding to big $4 000 after 
big $14 000 preeut 

l.yrlc RKO I,S»I0 55^ -75 — 
‘Hornblower’ «*H' *mo». Okay 
$5 000 Ust week, “Annie Get 
un" 'MG' and 'West Point 
Story” WH' ‘reissues' split with 
TOoT lM-C) and Capt Cast i lie ’ 
(20th* 'reissues*. $4 500 

Palace RKOl *2 400. 55-75*— 

‘Jim Thorpe’ ' WB' Pleasing 
910000 Ust neek > His K.nd of 
> Woman 1 RkOi, 113.000. 

Amkimidae FAM* <3.004, 40-75* 

SHOW* STOUT $ 10 , 000 , | [ 

OMAHA; ’GROOM* 9 G. 2 D a 

Omaha. Sept 11. Fum FAM • <5 000 40-75*— 

bo continues strung here cur- "Flying Leathernecks’ *RKOt and. 
rently Top fr oaa sr foe week will “American Spy" 'Mono*. Big $14 - 
be "Meet Me After the Show” 000 Uat wreek. "Jim Thorpe - 
which looks solid at the Paramount W R* and ‘ Stage Tucson” <Col*. i 
Three holdovers tell the story of $20txxt 

* m . a f. 1 JJ6dt. ‘ Ftymg l eather- l***', I^ew’s* <3 172 . 50-75 — 
™' k% J jW pw« ©ver • "Rich. Young. Pretty” -M-Gl 24 

ond week st the Bondeis while off to $10 000 after good 

Here ( onset Groom at Orpheum $15000 first stanza 
looms fast in 6 rst holdover round .. u * 

ruiHjtM Im *si- SmI Mimosui -FAM- <3.500: 40-75 — 

Faramewnt Tn*i ales' 2 400 lt»- Hr,r t omr * Groom Par and 

"TET Au'inK^'SiS “A^wl }*m» 

Nice $10 000 or near Ust week «'»■» /5w/' d 4?*?°*!* following 

On Moonlight Bav W H $11.1104) 917 04)0 initial stanza 

Orpheum ‘Tnstatrs* <3.000. 16- Pageant «St Uuis Amui! <1.000; 

70 - Here Come* Groom Par. SO-OO*—’ Magnet ’ «U*. Oke $2 000 

Baltimo e. Sept 1 1 
A few new entries this session 
hut number of holdovers on down- 
town list indict 'es how well biz 
it holding up. rorre of Arm** 
is Inching out a mid stanza s! the 
Stanley "Flying Leathernecks’ 
looms big at the Hipp tn aerond 
week while “Here Comet Groom” 

^ wk> and ' According Mrs 
*L542. *5- lL*vle 'M«»n©' S«m k $9 000 or o\ er 

2 d Uyl.ueek big 112.000 
• 046 after StW Cmldberg* 165 25 75*— 

U>*t) r.Inunent «nd G I 

55-7?'— Janrl I ip ' *pened Sunday • 
o Okay Ust week. ‘ Warpath ” ‘Par*, |Mf 
Ann. t $6000 

rest Point Brandeia HK<»» 1504: 16-70*— 

spRt With “Flying Leatherneck-*" RKO* *29 
t Cs*tille wk Nice $6,500 First week great 
14 200 

I 55-75*— Omaha Tnstates* 2 100; 16-70. 

Pleasing — ’On Moonlight Bny” <WB* 'm.o ). 
il Kind uf j "Father Takes the Air” Mono*, i 
l ; ... : 1 Surprising ijr b*f $6,000. 1 

Ust week “Oliver Twist ’ »UA> 
3d wk big 11500 
94. Lssh 'FAM* '4.000: B0-$1 20' 
— David and Bathsheba > '20ih 
Sock $23600.. Ust week, not firat- 

Shady Oak St Louis Amus * 

400: 50-90* — "Oliver Twist ’ *UA* 
4ib^rh Nice $1,200, after >1.490 

4(iKWla N» e $1 200, alter >1400 
third chapter , 

Shwbert «lnd> ‘1.500; 40* — 

Smoky 20th < and Kentucky" 
lOt'h* * reissues'. Passable $3 504 
Ust week. “Jesse James” «20th» 
and “Return Frank James’* '20th* 

1 week while "Here Conies Groom” 
JR” 7 * ‘ . is equally as strong on Keith’s 
ifi'Jfr holdover 

Thorpe’* I • . Eslfasates far This Meek 

" '( ol Century <Lpew’s-UA» ‘3.009; 26- 
70 — "Caitle Drive" <l r A< Vlodcst 
v> *« _ $7 000 Uat week "Rich, Young, 
l-C) 2d ITetty** 'M-G» t $4,400 ^ 

rr *«km 1 Hippodrwme Rapp. port* <2 240; 
B • 20-70 Flving Leathernecks 

-RKO* *2d wk* Big 99.000 after 
00-75*— ||3 200 opener: Holds a third 
ar* and Keltk’S 'Schanberger* <2 400 20- 
Mono* 70 — Here Conies Groom" 'Pari 
ollowing 2d Nice 99 000 behind $15.- 

•• 200 Arst week Holds again 

>1000 Mayfair Hicks* <490 20-70 — 

p >2 000 “Adventures Coptaio Fabian” 
I” <UA) <Rep*. Opens to day 'Tue* • after 
i three solid weeks o4 “W’si psth” 
40-91 20» . Par* with One 914 200 total for 
f JOth run Final week was $4,500 
rust first- New Mechanic 1 400 24V 70' — 

• "Meei After Rhow” ‘20th‘ »3d wk*. 

Amus * Winding af at oka $5500 after 
it” 'UA' $7^«) lor second, 
tr $1 .499 Stanley <WB* <3.290; 25-75 — 
"Force of Arms” tWB. Dull 410.- 
60' — .000 Ust week, “Jim Thorpe 

eniucky tWB*. 112.900 

YW9M. , Bappaport> *1.500. >5*701 
People Will Talk 20th • 2d 
!.»k>, Trim 49 000 after pleasing 


I preem at 910.700. 


12. mi 

Stale Legion Up Chi; Bay - Vaode 
Fair $33,000. ‘O^ara’-Cngal Solid 
48G, Davif Sock 37G, ‘Convict’ 19G 

II .♦ 

! »op firsl-cuns *ft rot it ni to- 
vaid atwMVr lock teaMon. miluJjr 
% • thr Influx W $6,000 atilt Amert- 
r ,o Uftmnairrd and gome top- 
much pi* Chicago bill of Mot« 
Ii*m Ray" pltM Romo Vincent top- 
ping MflHlwv bill (air $33 OOO 
People Against O'Hara" and Xav- 
(Ufa! orrh la ittlld $4(000 at 
Onr«Ul ^ . 

David and Bethaheba” w 1 1 b 
u a I# boost of It $0 looks terrific 
too or IMro at Stgt#*Lg|fet 
t «ovkt Lalt" and "Tell Target 
h fancy III 009 at RooaovrH 

Catted Artists, srttb ’Twr* of 
Arina** and Lady and Bandit.** is 
litre $11,101 In aoco n d swk ‘ Iron 
Man** and "Hunicano Island “ la 
s>h act $1)000 in hgcwwd round at 
Grand World, with Kind Lady.** 
looks solid $3,000 In aocond week 

Eitiibates Are Net 
film groas rotlnsln aa re* 
ported herewith from tbo vart- 
mas key elite*. are not. $ o . 
without the B% tag Distrib- 
utors share an not take when 
glaring percent**** hence tbo 
estimated $ cures are not in- 

' Frocmen ' Kant $ 17 , 000 . 

Port . ; Horatio ' 

Portland. Ore . Sept tl 
Bix is still good at drat -run I 
bouse* 'The ragmen." In fee 
spots is taking tip# honors Horn 
blower' looks Nbig In aocond 
neck / 

leS for This Week 

Parker* U too $5-00 

—•Horatio r»M< » oag * .(WB> and. I 

This Is Korea’' iRepi ‘2d wk* | Despite cool weather meet of the . at 030,000 after smash 
Big $9,000 lost week $12,000 , session a dearth of now product , third nrook. a bit be l ova 

Mayfair ‘Parker* fjJOBf 16. OM t il" l usual let doom just after, Msy ?"ih» SIM aou 20 — 
— "That - My B«»> Pat and T*thf. "tf* OBillng a dent j -people Witt. Talk" <20O\ eith 
letter ’ 2<H h m o f tnr $5 M0 ) n Hr "i d, \*, v PH*??! SfiBFwiC IM* b,n NoM If fiSJ Murad s 
lawk *x5anno** t il A * and |. uaa _ ,b VJ rr ‘!_^* v r .l on 5 r urt . Ha rwi uuicnU. Prank Fontaine 

»?; 2 d Holdovers Help Crop Broadway; 
‘Media’ Big $12,000 for Opeoer. 
People’ Good 20G, Sun’ 2d Sock 62G 



however as Indicated* 
include the V. % amusement 

' *aa. Manana’ ‘Mono* imp 

Oriental Evergreen* <2.000. 0$ ' 
•0* — “Frogmen” >20th‘ and “A» 
Young as Feel* tJOth day-date 
with (>rpheum Big ft $00 Loot i 
week Belvedere Rings Bell* 

• 20thV and Brave Bulls" iCei*. M - 

thtrags <B4K» I 

MiKiAtifht Bay** f 

li— "On 

)» with Romo 
\ n«ent topptng stageshn* Not 
yery food $32,000 Lost week. "Rich. 
Young Pretty" »RM3» plus Milton 
Merle snd Dngmar onstage, terrific 
v *4 000 

Grand KKO> *1.200. Mi— Iron 
Man" <U» and "Hurricane Island 
'Col* <2d wk*. Mice $12,000 - Last 
week. $17 000 

Oriental India* ‘3 400, M> — 
' P-opie Against O Hara " *M-G 
and X*v*er Cuget orrh onstage 
1»ll $4* MM) Last week, “That'S 
'* Bov’ OPar* pitas vaude *5th 
wk*. $30 000 

Palare <RKOl<2$00; 03-0$*— 
Shuttered Sunday '$» for le i it 
p*»licy la ahead "Alice !n Won-, 
derland’ RKO-Dtsneyrr i$th wk*. 
tug $17 000 

RsaspeaH B4K <1 $00 55-08 - 
Tonfict Uke” < 20th > and Tall 
Target <H-C. Looks lusty $10 
0*0 I.asl week. "Hit K 1 n «! of 
Woman* <RKO» 2d wk >^$10,000 

State-Lake BAK* *2.700 M 
$120— David and Bathsheba" 
• ' ! ‘*h Huge $37 000 Last w*‘»k 
r nblov Wl : \iyh wh $13- 
tVx) ^ r' 

I tilled Artists ‘BAK > M 700 $3- 
OH — Force of Arms" <WB» and 
' Ladv and Bandit" <Col»'2d wk* 
F»ne $13 000 U*» week $10 000 

W<*da Kssanes- *73. 00 — 
"People Will Talk** '20th* Bows 
today 'Tues *. In ahead, “Flung 
I eathernecks” • RKO* <3d wk . fan- 
( $16 000 

World < Indie* (3*7; 00*— Kind 
iJMty" *^1 O* 2d wk» Fast $5 200 
j • ‘t w< « k. shout same 
Fiecfeld 'l.opert' <434 

Wayne Wow At ^ 
$22,000, Frisco 

tlrphewm < Evergreen* 1 1.730 
BU' — Frog men” \ 20th* | 

"Young as F»*el" «2tHh*. also 
Oriental Sock $10 300 lust 
week "That ’* M y Boy" « Par* and 
"13th letter * *20th* '2d wk $0 



$AM*— "Ms^k 
and Tyn of 
$0,000 Ust 

Pence Con-. ' Bin** t Bell 1 

Evergreen- 12 400 
of Avenger’ *Cei* 
Kind" tC«*l* Sieso 
week. ‘Belvedere 
• 20th) and Brave 

• Parker' *000 03- 
and the Law" ifiUlL 
I M*t week. Thunder 
$ 7 V*0 1 

Fancy 27G, Cleve. 


*v| Rc 
Tale* of 
ale cut off 
Allen's "FtMT# 



San Franc! wo Sept 11 

• While J«pena« „ 

'rtrtue failed to hurt bir on M*rA Bu^U 
Sc* Strvrt the Uirvrdav%nlidav I sited 
•v^ekend plut the Orst rrsl h?JNn SW t-wd\ 
four months brought a mam eso- Mild $0.3*10 
dti* to the countryside Result is i on HiU" lU 

• • har P d *P in g r o sse s Personals 
h" John Wayne and Robert Rvan 
g<*t the Wayne starrer "Flying 
Leathernecks.*’ pti In great style at 
Golden Gate with sock iota! Iikelv 
Only other new pie. T-aw and 
Lady." looka-colorless at Warfield 
Moat holdovers are off sharply 
with "Place In Sun." “Here Comes 
Groom" and “David and 
sheba" holding up 


__ Gale IRKQ» *2 230; 

$*>-•31 — “Flying Leatheme-cju * 
iRJCO) Sock $22 000 Ust wees 
"Alice in Wonderland" RKO- Du 

ney * ‘3d wkL $11, 4**0 m 3 days. crew Is r ailroading 
Feg *FWO 14 $51: $1 20-$l 20>- to # Umn€ 

* David and Bathshebe" <20th* 2d » !m Mi 

wk* Strong $22,300 Ust week. MO,,man " un 
sock $43 000 Mg at the Hanna 

WarAeld ILM 2 $3$. M-$3> M A \* onlvgp 
— Uw and Ud> *M (. Coiot r.stimalea far Tkta Weak 

less $10,000 Ust weeh Rich ' Alien Warner- *2 000 HAD- 

i t °yPJL yr * tf y (M-C> * 2d "Furre of Arfbs" tWB*. Fair $12 ■ 

$ 3*100. ! 0i)0 Last week. “Jnvr Thorjve’* 

Paramstmi (pgr* (2.242. «<v$5»— <WB 2d wk good $13,000 
Here Comes Oroom" 'Par* *2d . Hama • Hanna > *1330 $173 

a&jwe *•: »««• MS WW.I n ?£?• T.i’r " mJsL, ” 

M, ’ w ^ die* f>n roadshow run. sighting 

Si Fryneis (Par* <1 400 it> $3*— siiuirt $13 000 Last week, shut 
“Place in Sun" *Psr* >4th wk'. iered 

Hu^ky $10,0O*l. U'* w«*ek. $12 0**0 Hipp <S«heftr I- Burger* <3 700 
Orpbenm iNo (*da«t» »2 44M 53- 35-tO-— “Meet After .Show" *20th» 
Pickup" •Col* and Chains 2d wk Down to $10 002 $nllow- 

t i rcum stance", <Col* <2d wk Off [lag okay $13 300 last week 

4 M$B;: l-Ml *wk.f 'Lower Mall Tsmmun.n Mt5 

“SJsmn 1 ILut. !$M0*-'‘rosir in a Jeep -Tnd»e» 

. 1 . , $d **k Pair $2 300 after $4 300 

wk* Down to M.OM Ust Week d 

III 000 Ohio Us it <1 244 33-M»— 

staeednwe - 5*70 St an. ‘ Here Cwhe* Groom" Par »*» o t 

14G Tonvirt ’ Tim 71C w »*«»*."« ,•-*« *~ k , tJ l: <?. 

ITO, WIVICI I rim I -'ll , .i 2<h » k Molding at M'W 'iftLi** X.'v»Jry I- .r 

Uat week $3,000 i Mono 1 go xmi 

Larkin •Koaenerl <4 00 $5-03*— ! Palace *HKOi <3300. $1 $1 30* — 

‘'Oliver TebT <GA» *2d wk* StiU ‘M.vifc of Avenger’ <Cnl> plus 
big at $3 000- • Last week. $3,500. IlfBr Jones unit anvtage Fancy 

gg . nearing the end of their runs In 
_n$enae inteteal in the N Y Yankees’ 
flglM- far their third s urc em lve 
American League pennant and the 
cwunter-Com petition of the limit' 
era -Giant final hettles undoubted- 
Is hurl the bosoffice Saturday 

Uurels foe newcomers to to 
“The Medium" at the Sutton, 
where a big $12 000 waa acored on 
the initial week ft’s very strong 
hut not rated as big a« such recent 
toppers as “Ken-Flli" and Tn*» ; ’ 
on ttie firyt week 

Palace again is in the money 
|MM» slams with Mark of Rene- 
gade" snd vaude hitting a sturdy 
$24000 “People Aeainst O Hars r * 
shapes g«w*d with $30,000 on Orst 
State frame 

Biggest second round for a 
straight -f timer Is Place In Sun." 
which continues smash at $03,000 
In the f apMnl Another pic Mill 
terrific is “David and Rathshehe" 
with $30 000 at the Ritoti despite 
its fourth Week 

Initial holdover iliiuii at the 
Paramount and Ron Ml) are div- 
ing well Utter, with “People Will 
Talk" plu-' the H trmnntrais head 
mg stage and ireshow still is hig 
at $$rt <100 “His Kind of Woman.” 
with Jan Murray and Klllst Uw- 
rence band heading stage Mil stilt 

! is Wry wre at around $02,000 at 
eveltnd. Bept 11 p» r flagship 

Henvy prpnsntton m». two- a day —aMw Boat with alage show $ 
vaude iNNnebacb at Palace, with Is winding its long run at the Mu i Opened 
| three shows on weekends plus , ** r ^all today ( Wed i^ The eighth 
B2$k# Jones’ Musical Ilrpreriattoft 

BO m i 


• davA 

i Indie*. GiH>d $> 


‘AHA’ Whan ( 25,000 
Paces Pitt; Ways* Fi r e 

Pittsburgh 1 . Sept 11 

. Penn has a smash In "Angels In ’ 
• which teed nff with 
a world .nreem here and had a 
l ddover in the hag* after first two 
<* '-*•< ' Get » way helped plentv by . 

r ersanal appearances of Phil j 
Rkuil > Pi oducer -director f'm| 
■roce Hi ow n and all of the PitUal 
t »♦ ^h Pii des Glowing notice* 
d -I the r^i “Flying I.eathcr- 
at Stanley looks solid tod 
M dot* “Convict Lake" at Fulton 
Intimates for This Week* 

I u'un ‘She«i <1700 50d|3*— 

* < onvict Uke” <20th Good 47 - 
MB-: Ust week ‘ Comm* Round 
l VS 300 

Harris Harris* '2 2(K> M K» - 
1 *’tle Drive’’ rU*. Going no- 
V *)eir Cl I h $4,000 in 6 dav» Cotv 
ovt diy ahead in favor of 
CMYM and Bathsheba" <20thi to- 
’ Wed > Ust week *V» et 

Af»rr Show" <Mth* nice $11000 
Penn l^ew'a** *$M0 S0-II9>— 
Angela In OutReHT <M-G*. Plenty 
« » local iMerekt in this one since 
'' * ** largely Shot here and tram 
t**vhlved is Pittsburgh •hrates 
W f *rld preem together With per- 
s ihaL first dlv of Paul Dougla* 
**)•< (’’Crrnce Brown, got fantasy 
* v J-id and fine notice* won’t 

| $27,000 

I ernet ks 
) picture 



!' um S*rrlmg 

rt k: l - akt **cek, Patti 
vi»t< hell unit onstage 
'*age Best’* <Par* $g 

and will 
Pate-O uv 
•ock $T$ 

tanley ^WB> <2.$00; 30-$5*— 

v »ng Uathemecka" *RKO* 

^ . , n ; wavne name, Technico’or 
‘•ft * <*rt * me flying ’Stuff helping, 
; ' nrf> Last week, 

Jjn Thorpe" 'WB*. same 

. w ®» '2.000 

iJjZL Tb, »**P»" 'WBi <« # l 


‘Iron Nan* Husky 20 G. 

Driver, ‘Grssn’ 12 C, 2 d SSTlniSP i 

Denver Sept II 

‘Iron Man. ’ playing' Ip three the- 
atres, is heading for lop money, 
here this stanxa, with strong total 
"Flying Leatherneck* ’ and “Here 
Comes Groom" are doing okay ib 
•second sessions at Broadway and 
Denham respectively. “Groom ’ i*. 
so strong It will remain a third 
frame. “Belvedere Rings Bell*’ 
looms good in two spots Picnic- 
type Weather it riipping trade 
generally '7^': I 

fcstlaaies fur This, Week 

AladMia Fox* <1 400, 40-20* — 

"Iron Man" *U> and “Two Gal*. 

Guy ’ »L’Ai. day-date wdh Tabor. 

Webber Good $111100 Ust week 
on reissues..';:* : 

Bewugway < Wolf berg 1 300. 40 
$$«— Flying U«4h#r«»eck> RKO* 

■2d wk* (MI to $$000 1* -eek. 
record $18 000 7 

llenham •Cockr^l* < 1 .750 40- $0 
Here Cdmev Cl room ‘ Par> 2d 
wk'. Fine $12,300 Holds again 
Ust wee k , big $14 300 
Denver <Fox* ‘2 323;- 40-M — 

"Belvedere Rings Bell" ‘20th* and 
“Chain Circumstance'* <Col». day- 
date with Esquire Good $14,000 
Ust week 

"14 Hours" <20th* $17 
Fsuulrf (Fox* <742 
“Belvedere Rings Bell" (20th* 

’ Flying l.eath 
wk*. $10 Mat at 

Last week 
‘ RKO* 1 2d 

prices , , i 

Ixm w si <3.430. 33-110 — 

O’ Ha i a” M -G*. 
Last week Here 
Comes Groom" < Par*. Ilk UOO / < 

T owe r srhef tel -Burger <3M. ‘ 
53-$0v— Two Of a Kind t ui 
Fair $4 lain Ust week , “Iron I 
Man" «L ! < 2d wk un o •. $4 000 


C v and 


Fine ‘Chain 
<t week “Alice In Won- Donvdr 
• RKO- Disney i, ditto. i tCobUAtied oo page 20) 


$2 500 

<Co! I, also 

B’ngkan Likes ‘Egypt’ 

Birmingham, Ala . Sept 11 . 

| Trade is booming here at sev- 
eral h<UM> current 1% The Melba 
ha< its be>t bit in months with 
Little Kgypt “ David and Haiti 
. vheba i> hrrifie in second round 
at the R»ti Flying Uaiberne< k< 
continues big in second session at 
feinjiir i 

F.stimaies for This Week - 

Alabama W-fci 2 600 44 3<i — 
Meet Aft* • 'stiow ‘2(Hh Farr 
$7 .V**j Here Comes (.room 
bpenv tomorrow Wed ’ 
In spir e \» me- «Mo *' 30* — 
“Flying necks Rh(> 2d 
wk Big $4,000. Teresa M-G- 
opens loji.ur row (Wed I. 

Melba V m. $30 33 V* 

Little Egpvt ' L* *2d wk Vtf) 
good $4,<iu0; : Ust week, terrific 

$0,000 r- 

Rita <W K 1 300. $0-$ . — 

“David and Halhvheba ’ (20th '2d 

wk' Wow $18,000 Last week. 
$20 000 

Mr and * Kennedy* <$00, 44 30w 
“Sirocco" Col'. Fair $2,300 Ust 
week Ktrh Young, 
i iM-G» <2d wk . fair $2 600 

Pretty"' wk 

week being down to $103 000 but 
credit ahie for this Stage iff run. 
Second week jof “Rhubarb" Is Oft 
to 111! non Mill heftv at the C. lobe 
and continue* Jim Thorpe" is 
i vageing to afwMit $12 non m Its 
third A si or .ses s ion 

» «tim«te^-fnr THiv Week 
As4oe ntv Inv ) l 300 V. $1 30' 
Jim Tjy*»rpe ’ • WB» *3d wk Thud 
week . coding t om or ro w 'Tbucs » 
vaggmc to aiwmt $12 000 after big 
' $21. ISKl fur ter <io d round a bit 
bel«»w hopes 

Bljoo ‘City Inv • 3*0 $1 >*- 

$2 40^ — ‘Tales, of H«*f f mann" ♦ lo- 
ll h wk The 23^1 week"*) 
lavt ' ni^ht To* ' i slu»|H-d a bit 
1 1 • >m twg holidav week ahead hut 
still strong at $11 Vat The tld 
• 'session was $12 300 being h* ’ *ed 
bv extra shows ' 

( 4pit/d Ia» i ' 

S 2 .'» 'l*»V • ’ I’m I ' ' 

wk: Initial holdover Minn ended 
last night Tues • held yery aoHMs 
w »lh $62 002 or near after tern< > 
$Ji4 otxi for ftrwt round no af all- 
Mrne higti hi re |i»r ill film 
lotk* gm.d for run 
i / ( rile r too 'Moss' *1 700, 30- $1 AH 
Alice m Wondeitand HK** 
Disnev *7th wk> C'urrent found 
off slightly at $13 0110 after great 
$21 000 fur sixth week a bit over 

Globe * Brandt* <! 300 30 $1 2b* 
-T-“Rhubarh Par* ‘2d wk Fir»t 
holdover frame look* fine flffiMxi 

■ - ■ • s . - • •• • . • 


Mayfair lUandt 1 so $ i 
. — ‘ Little Fgypt ' * L’» '3d wk 

Ser'uml fi m .■ . -v »j < I UigM 

Tin*' > dipped to about $4 000 aft n 
fair $l3iem op«-ning week 
Palace KM* 1 700. 36 $1 2<* 
“Mark •■$ Renegade" tU» with 
vaude Uoks like sturdy $24 'Ml 
Ust week “Passage West' 'Pari 
and syaude $23 400 over hups"* 
Makes two week* in row that house 
has beep showing fine profit 

Paramount Par* '3 604, 70 $1 40 | 
— Hu Kind of Woman ’ RKO 
with Stageshow of Jan Murrf> 
uni Arden Kay Malone F.I not 
EawfOOre o#vh id-final w.k> Hoid- 
ing fatrfy well at $b2 JMJ0 in second 
nd ended last night 'Tiir 
after smash $84000 in week 
Pork A?*. > Reade 3$3. 9H-$1 SO 
-■ ;•* Oliver Twist" i(JA* '7th wk 
Sixth i miid end* d Sundav '$> con- 
tinued smash with $12 800 after 
$14,000 fin hfth week Slays indef 
Radio C ity dusk Hall *Kockpa 
felief > % 94.) 80-$2 40> - Show 

Boat ’ )M-G* with stageshow i8lh- 
fmal wk: Down to $103,000 in 
final ilopgo. still big fur Ibis stage 
of run hut not enough to hold 
Seventh week was sock $141,000 a 
hit ; below expectancy “Cant 

Horatio llornblower ’ <WB opens 
tggff arrow Thurs • , 

Rtvofl t v I Car - 2 0p2 90-$2 
"David and Bathshrba ' »2Qthi '3th 
Fourth stanxa ended last 
i night Tues i cuotinucd going great 

‘Aims’ Solid 21G 
In Okay Philly 

Ph t li< t«- Iph i a Se,i»l II 
of new product here this 
is Force ol Army" whn h 
to a fine Mart at Stanley 
thing in town howevt-r is 


$ 22 - 


got off 

Biggr t inint m town 
stilt "David an«t Itathsheba” which 

hit a record f>u the F'»* in 

rts Initial stanra "IH-ace In Sun" 
(imtinue> botsy at Hoyd in second 
round w*uU- VHirh Ynung Preliv" 
conttiHtex neaft in initial bohluver 
vtahea.'. at AUlmr ‘llurruane 
l land ’ with new M.«geshow luuki 
f tii »l 'Lai Iroh Man ia mm ko 

Intimates for This Week 
Algioe * W B I 3*13 30 80 

Hu Young. Pretty M-G id 
wk* Scat $10. <MiO l.*si week. 
$l.t,(NX) ;A ' 

lUvi i WH 2 1 M) 9 ftM — 

“PI ii e in Sun’’ (p*r * 1 2d wk i Itot 
$ 2 *MX **1 l av) week $11 Odd 
I Jflc Ai. > .e 

Hm ru jibe Island (of* plus 
Wa rmnif Harris Jim- Thomas orrh. 
Kuol Garner Trio oust . e Okay 
VJH i*0i» Last w**ek Fugftivo 

LadV’ Rep* plus Hlinoiv Ja<(|uet. 
S.«vannah ('hm chill unil;>ge 

»ox. ■2:vi '■•■■'** 

“David and Bathsheba” « 20th 2d 
wk Terrific $13000 I.asl wc«k, 
$38.0Mi. all -time house high 

Gwldman 'Goldman* t 2 * hi Vm 
H is kind of Woman It K * * • 
•3d wk Holding at $8 ixmi l ast 
week hig $12,000 

Maslbawm WB 4 360 30 99 - 

Hoinblowti WH 4th Wk* Off 
to dull $8020 Last week $11.8(1 
Midl.uwn (Joldr'.iii 1 (***»* 

♦ * M »j,,. . ( . 4 ItK' 

2d wk Trim $7 rxtRl. wr' gWgl l4|gt" 
k $10 ,utki 

Randolph Gold it an > 2 M itt 36- 
90 --Hying Uatherretk- KK<i* 

• 2d wk IBiwn to $11 ton Last, 

week mm k $18 WK) 

Manley WH 2.212 94 N — 

"..Force of AlTrts' W II S*ou* $21 r 
(Kg Ust week Jim Th<ope" 

WH. 2d v k $11 (gHi 

Stanton WB I 473 iKHd— 

‘ Udv and Bandit »C*pl and 
i Trust Gambler' ( ol l*»r 
$0 VKi Last week. Passage West” 

• Par*, 'turdy $11,002 

Trans-Lux 7 1500. 30 $8 — 

’ Iron Mad k. $5,000 or 

over l^axt week “Four in Jeep" 
<UA». nice $4 000 ; • 

World 'G4B> '300: SOW — 

* >iirr Twist IS 4th wk Big 
$4 500' or betlei last week, $>,302 



\ h r»- 




iceshow *2d wk PBfM holdover 
■ e ea l on ended lad night Tues r 
slipped to 800 000 still very strong 
after terrific $121000 ppetting 
week Y 

O4o4e * Loew v .<$. 490. $0-81 30* 
— People Against O Hara" <M-G* 
2d wk First round ended la«( 
IdlChi Tues ».•■: finished up with 
j good $30,000. In ahead Iron 
Man <V * Id wk 5 days i, f 1 2 000 
Warner WB i2 730;35-$12$' — 

J ’Tenting Clouds ’ iWB <2d wk*. 
Way off at about IIOOilO or leys 

sMer fan Is giM*d $10,000 t>iM-nir»g 
week * 5tpeei< ar Named liesire 
•WB' due in Bept It 
j O tt if n <R A B* ‘3«l $0$} 3d - ' 
The Me d i u m" 'Indie 1 >2d wk 

First frame ended Iasi night Tiles • 
soared uC big $12 000 In ahead, 
Ki*n>TiXi Hk'i> 22d ski day 
$6 / 

Trans- Lux 804b Hi *T L' r 4 *3. 

74 31 30 Reluct ant Widow” 'In- 
die Initial week ending totm»r- 
j row *Tbur* • looks to get Te«« than 
$4 iKli* and may nui 'hold long, In 
j ahead Iter Panelled (>sor 1 ‘ln- 
•iie» 2d wk-4 days) only $1>M 
•. after $3 300 ftrsi week 

Trane Lax ltd M II *340. $0- 
$1 V* — "K2M Lady '* <M-4i* *«th 
wk Fifth i'»und e> id Mond.jiv 
IIP slipjH-d slightly to $3 000 after 
fine $7 34*0 for fourth week 
' YirUria <( it> Ini I 1 000 A V- 
Saiurdav’a Hetx»", »(’ol * 
Monday a 10* afternoon 
In . OR tod, ; Hnghi Victory" tUh 
Wh wk 8 days* wound lip 
$N0tM> after $11000 for fifth 
1 sion ' - I 




I ~ n e r,S 

/ Hi f-k 

/ °^rc* r. _ 

/ ,. Qf 9r« 

• / .X °^/e n 

\ * Mm . Prer »ie r„ 

' Chr 's f J ' Or >o, re e 

J ^/cA 
#*■*« e 




\ *4 millionaire 

\\ V 



Produced by BERT E. FRIEDLOB 
Screenplay by Ken Englund 
Original Story by Robert Hararl 
Music bV Victor Young 
A Twentieth Century-Fox Release 

/ ; f 

i> V- 

/*•: . ' 

* .. •. 

* . ■ 

• V ■ 

I m 



Boms Aires Legit Udy to Top I *kiS|fiiiHS£ Weather, Big fix Bwa West End; 

Last Year’s Record of $3,700,000 

. j mm 

• fer for International •"d Ann 

torp last week * as placed in tif» 
Char*# of the company's Ulta 
Amenrsn territory .Arcs former u 
*M handtvO (by (lain, who 

rfwrttlv was namfd European MR* 
ajftev by prexy Norton V. K.irhry 
Vcilnitf «ho mil hrailouarlrr ih 
New Yutk. continues. a* utpriiaar 
of Mono * toman lant(uai|p v ei 
sioffs in addition to hu nr» dttftpx 
KrHh Evumw mo* rd into hr** old 
tHMiti a* publicity manager (*a te* 

rcplat rd W Ilham Satin i a- Euro- 
pean chief burr returning fioin 
abroad khatll) add report* to the 
tu>ii)n*fA<r vj- ^ 

Aires. Aug 20 
certain that this 
irooa Atm lefit 
i r < ipptag rvro Inal year' a record 
l . - §) of $3 7MJ0S. i fr l ftB ■ I* nell 
* , d of thr previous record art 
n 1 94ft. O t 12 417 300 for 08 
- — — Apart from special attraw 
1 like MirurtC* Chevalier or 
1 tvi am i no Gigli. the record grosses 
f.r havr brrn set up by Narrtvo 
I Mental pr<*duction of 

It * satire by lornl pla* wright 
sL f or Soar r 1 dr Dtru For »be 
forma ncet dunng July, thiv 
. i.»n: ermaed 144,171 

M .urxr ( hrvalier « eight per- 
: f . ->..oanrra at the Broadway Thea- 
r . K> ftaard around MONO each, 

> the highest admission stair 
1 ftr. Ilr it now dur to five 
.... >t ;irr tour performance* at popu- 
i rmre*. which should gross an 
, ft* OCX) apiece Gigli has 

» .. raked tfa exceptional groa*e* 
vr. two per concert at thr Mrtro- 
,, Mart Theatre, to a tour arranged 
t idio topprr Jaime Yankelevich 
r thr Brig! ano radio torb 

Of thr imported shows. another 
v huh it doing great bit la thr 
lka»a Torrert - Vittorio Gaaaman 

Ir git company at the Odeon The 
sire This company's one-night 

j-hI action of Tennoaaee Williams 
' \ s t r e e t c a r Ni 

prn\ fd 

ter than the 

' ^TMSUSSwJS Z »•*•»— • **•"»•» 

1 *' *» *a 5l uh^vrrai arenea ***** ****** located to Adelaide 

, . * 2 ^n ZZSS^SSS : «-" 2 - 

Hue no* A area 

Argentine Aim producers this 
year have been inteoveli mapped 
up in ttolltf thr life ty in titirs 
gtsrn thru \ 

, ... . ^ produced M\ Life fur Y.sur» 

" ' J .. | B o n o hum foik iu od amt fcrttb l.a 

\ olfiur I pped to Mono , . . ,. , ' 

. can»e out mih 'The LMo pt • 

1 hiff for loJltin* Am. Woman s- KigenOnoa Aap* 

\ ictof ,Vo| mar publicity man. riadoa had fo Live an Instant 

American' Sockeroo $ 28,000 in 2 d, 
‘Woman’ Fat 8 G, Taft’ Loud JIG, 2 d 

i(l 1<» I M 
Miguel yt 

made flat k to 

NiMyr uf the*-e r h«m 1 1 e« , 

ter> hvgt\- at thr uk acts 

w »>re 


New Maaa|ers far Two 
Big Paris Theatres Up 
For Selection Shortly 

'v I'aftt. Srpt 
most important 


Hoyts Bays Into 
Watennan Chain 

Adelaide, Sept lt| 
Hoyts, major Ausaar Aim loop. 

T*o **l tii# tooml MaponoM kjwtol 
ill. the I’ariy v >i.w hir t uhent h arc 
w. ait ing tor m.tnj aerial - a ppoj nt* 
mrnt* first is the Hcunioh dev 
1 . - )..\fi<|urs Nati. *n*u* 

| mraning ' 'Ike'' Grand' Opera tt.r 
1 t >pcr<o t nniiqtir and the Palais tie 
I ( hail lot uhu h also takes in the 
important organ not soft of the !*arta 
Op«*ra BaHet The other one is thr 
Athenee* Theatre known lately oa 
the Louia Jouvet 

Hi the raie of the former M U 
currently managed bv Georges 
Hirsch but such a political plum m 
erf at 1 ng )eal«u*)r. Same are alleg 

Vounc Amerinn f^an^l 
Srorei In B.A. Kriurn 

ftu« •nos Aires 'sepl 4 
H' » < < n Jji» is y oung N me ’ H ,»n P» 
who madt bis d •• b * 1 -ho < 
three vr its ago h is si ored ag.tfn 
■ i. 1. I «• * U 1 n to Vi gen.^M ... In 
•l.u* ?(< V k < - afi»*r Itl.- Iw " 

recitals at the IV W ro t .*l«*n, Janis 
gave (t>ui additional pet i*u inancrs 
with cHi tvrsIra at the KVv !» statnl 
tng room 

Jafifs siM »’♦•*,% is ft in more in- 
lrr*s | t , ng. sunr selriiiO pianists 
Vithm Huhmslrin ,l»»sr lltirhi and 
Wit Ivt’liii h.iriii|ih 41 e a*i < . -n. • 1 1 ■ 

1 ( is,' Hi Hurintv kin* at 'till? ttpNNPy 
time ■ . . - y ■ 

l-Ohdoft, S**|i( 4 
In. lemrnt ucather better fM 

l« «l' .pro\ iriV-taJ 1 1* 

>l »*l s f 

r . • 


, . ‘ . 


g«* r ' 4 
II Hr Kc 
ui’til 1 
solid a 

s»n.; «h cm 

W . ,i M..I 
Arst ek 

d mill 

lUMho TV I vhihitlon 
ng vito' poi;k picture theafri t 
1. 1 ' has at lured far, abose 

1 I ' *. I •• I •.( V .% ( 

( p» ».*• - is Sttan- 

Pi 41 it at tim ftiiWfi . 
t .V > vs * . k If. ■ v-n . | 
h« KI' ov* » 
and still 


in h 

und H.» 
fth m f 

Odeon Profits 

Up $ 6 , 000,000 


a 4 

ft** (MM) 

\ .»>rr w an ip I'aii' is n< »v 
•nu> l»»r top grosses m the 
It w as mm k»i f 28 1 MM 1 in 
and looks nearly-.: ai'-.buC 
in its * mnd w.-rk a( thr Knipfie, 

I iMkks giMMt for. hvr to m wicks 
AnoltoT big new pu Is the Inn - 
don l*as itiiift .% ‘‘ Viiirdi'T I im ’ 

^ \fi»eco an title J The Fiylotrcf * 
< *t igie.dh ip for two or three- 
weeks it may run h\«' It still is 
great , at ft« (MM) In third round. 
“IVople Will Talk * at Ihf (Mfon. 
I .eirrstfr Square, also shape* grewt 
to ill hold at big ftll.tKHI in second 
stanxa “Ills Kind of Woman’ 
I oow ir fancy ftA (MW or over at the 

» stimate. for l ad Week 
Carlton Par* (1.128 fcVftl Ad* - 

V dentJnd**. tC«l» fid wk’ Doun 
to ftl MW after mild ftd OtW for At *1 

rmpfre * M Gi ( S OW MV ft I for 4 

V»h. im .in in pans M <. ai<d 
at age show 1 2d «r|> C)lU of big 

•ulted in preferred »(mWwUlm.grv| thing* this ace house has had 
receiving • •'» dividend nft#r no ft*, month* Still neor Ant week* 

London. Sept 11 
^reltmiaarv report of J Arthin 

( uhanollfts* 

at the; 

hat acquired a substantial Alton- [tag thm he 'did not manage the 
rtal interest ..the Waterman *** &nk£ so well, and aHTouit hi. 

chain, covering the south Aua- appointment was not regular, since | Rank’s Odeon and Associate mm 
tralia lone tt was revealed here done through Minister Louis Mae- panics’ profits for the year ending 

* decision rather than via a ’ last June H ahaw * an Im rease in 

proAts of arosmd Id.onu ODO 

The Hirsch management was to 
run only until July If. 1131 The 
four des ('ample* Issued a report 
the 1)001 000 budget of 

• I TJO-seater, situated t nr Reunion had been unmiiafae^ | MoiM cuttings for the last two summIi total of 121.000 l.iaaba gersd 
included m torily administered Since the . years | fo* several more weeks with 


ftlftonoooo against, fast year’s ft'*.- 
000.000 This Improvement has re- 

Gi and Splendid Theatre of ”SUry 
nf s Stairway** by Spanish author 
A> >nio Buena Vallejo All the 
< ng it on a ataM toip . IlMiBA 'hi 
s Madrid tenement 

the deal J french * had no cabinet when the. 

The combined rimitt will now |^, contract vhoid have been re- 
be known as Hoyts f>*one The- newed. Hirsch continued to ofAci- against 13 4UOOUOs year ago mah 

atrew Lawrence and Gordon *(» J ing It obvious that Rank hi* 

„ W*trnn»n hivr bowed out of the Andre Cornu current Under- <*«* *d hi« hank loans ronsiderahh 

Gird Ta C ompete V* I S. Him* PW opvratinn and will no* rjtoAna 5^^^ iin fig* Arts hw* torn *-«-n *»• 'Anally stood at 1)1 (Mm 
Mod producers have been liven- their activities 'olfi. t » th« Rllrr- ^ Andrv Marie Min- ,K 4 ***f nllh the amount rep* of 

up their shows, either with a toan commercial interest' .lister for Fine Arts to clear up the ban* a debit account of llitMMt- 

rttMMR of vehicle or addition pfi ^ nrs| Turnbqll stated that all matter and has named g commit tee . -^-.tlOO.;' ■ 

aYtractions in order to meet existing t" '*duct deals jatond rna g r U p A f three high legal and [ Asset* comprise the Odeon Tl.r 
i <>m petition which they must Hoyts will now iantrol around 184 Ansncisl of Ariel*, to investigate the ysfie. Gcuiiiunt HriMMIt Ihiiijir 

cinema* throughaul the Aussie charges made against llifsch Many * *»*p, amt British A f>amini<Hi 

■one 20th-f oa are stockholders expect a decision soon Film ( erp The tax alone 0*1 

in Hoyts, with Harry Seipel rep- { ,w rtul fuoftt* amiMiiiied to 84 7lu,0«Mi 

m ttmm-* ***. 5g5S#gg^«Sj ** ** * ** '* .f >*t. t 

***£! ?£? u rently hood nf t> Opera C omique hM tJNgB a spun to 

Hoyts-Waierman deal has baen but br denlr| ^ Knoihrr name ' M, ,m ** subaid. arte*. 

on the Are for a long Ctoto Dr*l j ^ forward Is -that of George* * tfh *tock up ).Yc. 
may reawaken^, lead te the long- |£ Mrrit | er o, ibe Opera's con- 1 _ ^ 

mooted deal between Hoyt* and durtor , And fhrr4 . , go ,^ ! Banks Irish C> l> Divsv 
* I the Sn.d4r.IUi. na be country : rhMnt +. that Hinrh mav retain the! 

Prelim report shows interest nn 1 -People Against I 

bank loan* absorbed 12 dou OdO due in negf 

Canmant iCHA) M 500 43 |1 

! — ”HI* Kind nf Woman ' 1RKO1. 
Pario ftg (MM) nr over which war- 
rant* a Imtdovcr. Nothing set to 
follow which mean* a three- week 
j run ' ••>. - ‘.V '■ 

l.elr ester Square Theatre ‘C M V» 
, • 1,7 VI 4 i »l MM - ’ Kingmen’’ 2(Mlt» 

* 1*1 si • Holding *t fth o»Mi »lt< r solid 
til ik *i m f»r*t Week Hold* s 
fourth week 

lendon PsvtHen (LA* 1217 *V 

ftl 80' Murder. Inc ** <WH rul 
‘ wkr Si>» k trade on opening wreck 
; at ft! I MMf lluidrng at around ftw - 
j (MM» fiood for two more we. k* 
| sirtre topping all pis here In last 
[ *is vr*r* w ith exception of The 

J < .hill -v TV 1 

Odeon r»«e*ter Square . M\» 

4 21MI 4 v $ Uho IV., pie Hill 
Tall. 'Vi. !. y^»| sir (irlliM word- 
of moul b VCV* ' With nc ,r|v It I (WW) 

• likely a/Te» big ft 1 2***1 opener. 
Mav stas four, week* 

Odeon Marble %rrh i’M\i 2- 
» Jflo 4 , ft 1 A»i* -- -y * |s*« i'om Hefot a 
Dawn” * )0th i Good ftM dOA Seems 
a**uie«f of three week* 

Plata - Part 1 1 p02 fi:. ft l A4.»— 

! T rows Ind*- Par* and "Kirth «»# 
Blue.*’* 1 Par» irruvur llmiw rarely 

' •■» : t 

CVHara’ *M-G» 



t - when the new American Alms 
hit the screen after a lapse of 
nearly three years. Angrl Magana 
s w licked Aroan -Seventh 
.vM" B a ensued). Please 
Marry My Wife." at the Empire 
jr»'h.n* in on the hit he made as 
• < •.medy ictor In the Aim. “( 

At the Versailles Theatre <con 
terted to legit from a Aim theatre). 
Arturo Garcia Buhr’s production 
nt Agua an las Manus, " has al- 
rs ad| passed 125 performances, hut 
i' twmg switched to a translation 
:»f French author Andre Roussin » 
*1 4 Petite Hutte.** with acreen ac- 
*-orges Rigaud. Aida Ollivier. 

- Jouvet knd Jean La Roc 
Ri?sud has joined the group of 
screen actors who are turning to 
h*ai( to keep before the public as 
ben a* to cash in on their screen 
r »*tord» i ^ . ' , " ■ 

the Snider Dean 
Aim loop. Hoyts earlier this year 
bought a couple of na hers from 
the Snider-Dean out At The pow- 
erful Greater Union Theatres’ 

***** ****:<! ^ * otm „** * Th..,rr lh- rt»,h of WH 

Hvdge, bought out the < lifford 

circuit in south Australia MUM 1 ***** • VUtanry mat la not 
time hack. 

Dublin Aept II,: 

>«»b via the same political backing Odeon Ireland *. Md. the J. 3i 
that got the >b f or him ***' H^nk rhatn in Ireland. 1* up 

ping It* dividend from IITa t.» 
l# 4 S r c because the pa*i year * np 
nation* were so good 

Barrault May Get Jouvet TbeatreV 1 

In the rase of the Iumim Jouvet 


^md' Losgnu High Is 
Art*, lor Oldies; light' 


Vienna. Sept It. 

Mike Todd’s European Cinerama 
‘three dimension Technicolor. Aim 

vacancy that is not only 
of management but also one 
of carrying on with the same spirit 
that Jouvet gave French legit 

The man most likelv la carry on 
the work 1* conceded to he Jean 
Louis Barrault, who. with his wife 
Madeleine Renaud has been run- 
ning at the Mtrlgfi) for several 
seasons successfully . His contract 
there with Mrs Simnsie Yol terra 

Hep«Ml f.4 year ended Iasi June 
2) show * net proAt of ft 1 21 MUM com 
pared with, ft.'> ft .DM in the previous 



hThind iVTc Iron i February next year, but hdd annually in aid of thr Va 

, PT . thfrtu.h »K|. *!- S*i llrfkilwl lh.t ,1 M » rrr ,*rlv,' MncvOti. Fun., 

Curt.m « 1 d lhruu«h lhl, u.|,uh. n _,_ rv . „ k , ov „ «t|t hu huld »< Ihu V P.ln» 

necessary for Barrault to fake over null be lield at the Victoria Palace 
the Jouvet Th**aite . *l;c would not OR 29 A* usual, the annoui 
hold him up Barrault, who after ment of t(»e show has resulted in 
Jouvet's rites had gone hack to the ] numerous guesae* as to the artists 

be included ;f 
)od that the follow my 
Marv Mgr 

the many oldlet which North Venice and Rome His son. 

n . _ •vik/s capital with cyclonic violence. 

Kec or d (jrosser. 7Sl) Ti,4d himself remained only long 

9 | enough to give the local artistic 

w „;r s v::^ ilwlficawrsass j “T h ‘: n ';: r ^"d.’: , b 

'mWM^SSSSmI Ss al th. Mhenre ' Th* , Of Nrt, 

lion it seemed unlikely that Mar at Drury Lane Nov 1 Patricia 

currently starring in Ja« k 
Me Bate,** at the 
the Crarv Gang 
Hy lton show at Yicbuia 

ran at |M IW M a t Radar 1 Subiects shot here Included a One RUBBUMI Attendg I H)»»oc who planes t« v ) *oon 

Lining mark was set by United 
A M't*' reissue of “City Light*’’ 

nue ftutMMi May 

London, S«*pt 11 j Rialto 4 Indie* ''May 4Y-ftl 
The Hoi al Variety performan, e A rales of Hoffmann” Ml 21*1 wl 

Ht ttog r««ud bii al $2JRl 

l,4M»X* to Slav on 

H arner «Hi ( I 7)3 45 ft I M 
> ''St i angers on Train ’ «W|t‘ .".th 

wk* St, II a big hit at aroind ftlO- 
(KMI curtently Will be <<»mpt-lled 
to withdraw Imtiuu gen* ral re- 
lease I* d,w VI W'a* a Communi'C* 
Vi M >i IT "I .ole 

! With a I JMnp- 'Indio open* S* i»t. 
22 with Ho* a) preem 

’Gone With the 

(t^arly ftA2.750 The 

Wtod" iM-G*, I at rations 

Subjects shot here included a s^.tv » * w o -o. *•••'•*«" «>U our for one oi two America*' 

Migico Meet in Piris name- to Ai here lor this special 

Pan*. Sept H 

or 43 Wtuks. with a gross ^^en, from Tschaikowtoi * 

> Opera Theatre. The Chaplin 
j • « a* held over only 11 weeks 

1 ! a money high of around 

I ’*, 215.:' ... 

. ' Cn.ii 


sur:> Fifth Symphony; an aria from 
Richard Strauss' Salome by red 
haired Ljuba Welitsch uf the 

‘The Sinner,’ With Only 
$150,000 Bodget, Already 
Has Grossed $1,500,000 


The Conjurers 





high grosaers among the 
GiUi ” u 



**> Gilda” iColi. |3rt 130 

neeks; “Gunga Din” (RKO*. 
I *ix weeks; “Adventure" 
4 * > ftl),7Y3 in Av^ weeks; 
V ' • Karenina- (RL*. $12,913 in 
'•ceks and “Dr. JakyU and 
Hjdt** <Pmr , # $41,430 in fight 

Viessaa State Open, and the 5i*"rcntl> holding » *es*ion at li e Beg \ AF on Clgpft Over 
hmni* Vienna Choir Boys Llwalie i* presided over Bpjj i 

Todd- Low ell Thomas unit JS 1>h ° lr ' * **** * 1 W ^ 

, - , ■ c ,.1,^ _ tv a under the stage name uf ll*dolt, J . Langua. Bep< 4 

grnyd Ar*t >t j totoburg and bL ^ IMI<tf< | By Vrl de Sol The Va - \< *' federal 

-ser* ^ ■ m «•*•*»** ««* 

M„r «fc*y .r* .. unuMiil p^,,, 



diu ii 


■ * 


W il* 

to Home Operation i> a costly one 
with • 000 pound* ot equipment 

Its Trade Cnion Setup K 

r I* top ( 

since the 

vlii.t > ■ 

. ... .. Iftg C'aOl 

over 40 year*, wa* que«tiqned b) which 
the meeting of the T rade ( Mon* 

Si I 



* 4* 


’ktahoma- is 

•Bart re- 

[.*!, Hh MaJaaly'i!*flelbourne 

A ‘ ixmt&n, " 
hit all 


I»4i»t i> M Hi • • kt I* 1,0 Was jw ' / " • • • • ' > 

Tana h.« • Sartor l;unThe7”Via milted ftatof l.<»m Hu* ,a to “ * Worthy roembry Of 

through ma**e« of red tape and ar- 

tiitic politics la aet up and Alin Dutchmen and o e H. »du. 

The PtiUhar- 

* pro* 



subjects rapidly 

mow ic balked on selection of an 
Btoftr ItoB t>c«R ■ American conductor Todd wanted 
over the Aussie- M Arthur Brown, bat oncer from j 
lithe Tuba Symphonj, now in town. 

Other Foreign Bewt 
Ob Page- IS 

due I Mif* 
a* pr«» 1 
drug a«id.ic(.,-»n., 

If’ (***1 <r If > * • *1 H* t llOSC It re- 

40 Strong objections were rained by p*>ii«-d t*» dale to te about ftl .000.- 
i s a m e TIC members, with' Gordon ouij. w»: , t .a* iskk h additionally 

Sanderson, the Actors’ Equit^bMef. registered from Austria Ruck 
.objecting to the Inclusion 9 the as StoiUefUtod. Holland 

1 VF in the Tl C on the Round .a ndinavtg are yet ta be 

that tt «Ba. Rot a genuine^ ti ^i'- i\c co*t an tslinfated 

,ai fuwu, 



* r » ^!^\V 

• ."■•' # » • i ■ \ . _ t •; • ;'■■■• . •/ . ' ...: * • ■ : . ■ ■ • 

It’s wonderful the way the entire industry is moving forward together 

4 . | J* *• ■ * " ' *'"•*” */ ,p> ■* . •' ’■? * 

to make this Fall memorable in him history. 

Leo, your Friendly Lion, after a Summer of Hits {"Great Caruso 
"Show Boat ” "Rich, Young and Pretty ” and more) is in the forefront of 
the industrywide celebration. Among M-G-Movietime hits are: 

It’s Simply Wonderful I 


{Paul Don glas, Janet Leigh) 

Rollicking Technicolof Musical I 


{Esther Williams, Red Skelton, Howard Keel) 


(Robert Taylor, Denise Darcet and Big Cant). 

The Technicolor Musical That Tops Them All I 


^ (Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Oscar Levant) 

And many mere Ilf Ones! Ami •« coursa Nils Is Hie Yaar of "QUO VAMS”! 


•VneffTv •* itNMN MfICI 
I M iH * * 1 * T f »>na r tavifi 

More Than One Third of Yank 
,<* Eauna^s in Italy Unblocked 

> »BW 

— ■ a. mf 1 ■ i i Mi i , — — — — m* 

Ready lit Stall Ballet 

Gliaciv. Bfpt 4 

Fint Seal' hilttf af tataniatHmal 
*Utu' tkmald of tKe Burthcn* ‘ i» 
hfif'i tf(trtini jr»y tht Sadler %' \h>f ’ 
HaMrt It has i Faust I4w ntf •nit a 


Playing-Time Limitation or Not. 

Ifi. Films Still Mex B.O. Leaders 

1 11, I 

of Aral party of tbd 
,d Film Trad# Agrferm 'Wj 
*h signed v here far Ui# dur* 
cf Ufl ytan. wan the unblock 

Wilcox 4 lamp' Open* In 

»■»> tor ih# dura-, 15 Countries, Sej] 

5 U* Amerknn pR- ! ’ .. . ■ ® 

rarntags freeen here Todav . Dey-knd -date global ^ 
( arm# through that |3 200 0041 Herbert W th o* • Lady V 
Hrt ripnWitlM tbe drat . dW dr hr Id in aoi 


liiNtdt a>tih| 

« i v* 

*» *t fi Hthitati 
fill# Ikfhfar 
thin month 


M p <>i, ■ 

ittsir rollitvrrjtiii.K 
loicogi «phrr \l, rv 
f fttart in I^muIqi) 

VV i’t 1 1 . 

•' {he agreement 

i hr original apawt Owed . **§ 
<m'M dO thr fa i t d u r of which 
t hr paid out at various interval* 
trig thr « 0 «( two f— n period 
>. aI vat handled van a telegram 
talng the Bang of America to 

Mill be held in loirte 11 
r* op Rent 22 Report edJy , 

no dthev film fif ; had-SUri) * vtlliuW 
taneoo* Worldwide showing re- f 
cenUy., /’l.amp" *•» produced and 
directed by Wilcox Anna Neagle I 
•tarf in Florence Nightingale I 
while Michael A tiding ha* the top | 

In Art. Near End 

r * t>heck for the amount made m * * fole 
to the Moltoo Picture Aim. of A*4d# . t 

Bui’imv AiCev 

Repeated request* tr! 


► Motion Picture Asanoi *nie from Itllllii a tax Repeatad request* by di- 

MPAA wUl'di*tribute the , d*t» , d to pfrem an Sept 22 ih Aus- r *®tr» and enhlt lit Bueno* \ 
i opori Ornate amount* to tralta New Zea lan d . Canada S*ndh have at last brought a i»mmi«* to 
com nan let It reore*ent* Africa. India Pakistan. Malay a« amend the *v %tom of dual moat - 

nous proportionate amount* to 
nine campon toa It yop w aa b u 

There had been a delay in the 
h rdure a* this should have been 
. r»rfoie la*t Jun,* *0 It 

h eexaarp for MPAA to force the 
i« because Aug 20 was the dead- 
me for the AnaM XMMP of Several 
rompanle*. It became oeeea- 
fur several government Aim 
i lata said beads of, Italian ftlip 
mduatry to be eaJlIed hack to Rome 
hi? her from vacation or from the 
1 me Festival Gene Van IVe 
• presented MPA A during the ne- 
n >t uit ion*. // 

'Figure of Fm’ to Opel 
Bril Toar ■ Muckester 

M a ncb ae ter . Sept 4 

Africa, India. Pakistan, M 
Malta, the Bahama!*, t «*> lofi. 
muds, the West Indie* 
Kong and Singapore 

New Italian Pii Uod 
Formed to Eacoataie 
Prod, of Foreifi Films 

H* I chip whufi I existed hn** until 
Hung no** IhLrrnt censoring I* cs«*r* 
naed b\ the Entertainment bmrrf 
under,. the yn petv isiou of the Mm 
istry of PresPand Information, sod 
the nuintnjMl police, representing 
the City ofBuanos Atre« 

I Th# boat d end municipal censor > 

did not il*a\t mincide In 
llTTlS on whether a picture 

should be eghilNted or w briber it 
^ I could be i taa*iAed for avtuti* «»nH 
1 ” ■ for teen-ager* or for rhtldi< n In 
' addition, the dual COntomhip aUs 

Winker Optimistic Om 
Qn>M<> of f ilm K*re 

’’ t .f.,ri i Vi, pt h 

'TbarF .a*r •» ♦••c ». •***! pndurCv 
currently i * i*h hi ii IrSni' mote teh.* 
p.wut - lii ||j>Jh»n»nl ov! Iw 

III. * '• : ' r . ■ Ml 1 

dunurV but ek h i »mi . >i tutyvi, rn eta 

• . . .Ii.lwp id, ill. • Hin t tint. I 
u an. r* h« >il ot Ui atirt W -,h,vi 

I’t tiduriKm* at a lumh««>*i m the 
Hiiial V<*t g Uriel haHt,t«»io i,hm^I 


and t, Arthur Rank *•#! trial* .... 

l auding the A*- r / ■ there d*e ih Can 
a*..ian Aten res dpi* a* angr'i 
'♦•liitdr if a tiijtn 1 ii.*' r * * •* * n 

but ral leaf fw the ulinu*| exhibrtui 

* bet tig 

vr that t< 

I i i M i ii* I 

lllf ItlVMM «| 

’<> Hi 5 tn ii : 
t use Atari, -da 


Hand* ’* whir 

Mi mean ftln- 
of the «et «rti 
2 > M li * sliii h .{. . 

I Hid 14 d.ts* 
i*. The eon 
ttan pie. -“With 
f» did $14 71 v 


a n ad a 

HHH m two 

m adia to 42 day* 
Alack' 'Jim I ' ■ g roam 
two v «’k> at tlte Ck 

Rrmie, Sept II ! could be rlaiullatl for adutl. 
Formation of a new Italian Aim teen-ager* or for rhihln n 
organisation which plana to eocourv. ^IdUion. the dual censorship 
age production of American snd Slaved releaae of OTOdnet at 

HfVCrtmg iprdftcaily to M*m«v 
gram, he *.sid there w a* a vm<*ere 
aitrr«i|»t bring mart# to give the e\- 
hi hit i u s choice «»t product. 

‘Sooke,’ Sartre’s ‘Devil,* 
‘Rake’s Prof ress’ Head 
Zirick 1951-52 Laeo? 

— — »«* r ww w * *m»rie»ii MlAtayMl HMM Ni Ml ?*** 4 . 

t m , , * P° r ^ 4 i n pirturea hat been ate pnMietty maierial tor the r T1,e : ' ,rtcfc 

f«re of fm to OfOl S<|v,, " f> : I the re***" by Sim S4 * d,,hr * t " h- ' r «*- 

Brit Toot in Manchester ,n owah»ii decided that the* Ministry s*heu*pMhjn** 

TT T! " , ** g 4 1 of From and inforthatlon is to have )***• Sept i Sehiite. * The 

Maatfeadir. Stpt. 4 pany seeks mi eniy to enrourage . the H )ttmair aothoritv, through tho Drigand*. a firman cta**ir to be 
Figure of Fun.** D o gf is h ve: prdiidi** of mom$ m i DDi^b eie t Boord wMrk k to I IkOkneA 8*1* 12 bp RMbespeji r » 

i of tbe Andre Donaaln Paris ^ re sdy to saaist b\ participo- -ngMPOtiitl ' a commlltee of three f he l Gentlemen «M Verona 

iedy, ‘ Hoboose,** is set to open **** to the extent of mveM* 9b€% Th|# rommm ^ w m g CbrkUopber Fry * “The Hedy * N.n 

tisb tour here Oet. I prior to I*** 1 for , Wdhacers wbo re- member for the Pre** Ministry, an- Burning <; B Sham'. 1 Saint 

idem season Peter Ashmore Rhjf* * tgitional fundi, C father for ihe Ministry of the In- ^boh opens dri ll being dir m- 
i direct the play. ** tnanaid by the Fortano l#hor , la uke care of all putiiical | Hi by Joseph MiftmPaeovskv T»*i- 

eadmg rolei will be shared by Smn. veteran K*u*o pi* produr gng |^i tJl g .wriher few the mu> wh * *** Nb '«» *< h \> 

in Mills. Brenda Unics aaS Ar on. and managed by Salvatort } nal n*-»h. »■ i *auI,i i»k» *-»«*• anre oi in ,(»' M a SaleMwab ’* kAM 

•!,»n of the Andre lionasin part* . ^ -pi 

t Miedy, * Buboes#.** is set to open Dog even to the estent of invest- $hr% This rommMte# will have a 

lirHtch tour here Oet. 1 prior ta *hUt of^lire for prudueers wbo^re- member for the Pre*% Ministry, an- 

l >ndoo season Peter Ashmore ^ u \ rr ,< ^ l,,onal fund* Cpn»i»*oy i other for the Ministry of the In* 

i direct tbe nlay. gnaoced hy the Forsano terior Ms tabe care of all putliiml 

i eading roieiwttl be ahared by W,. t RfMlWI^lBA ig^ pi* produr a<l g f«r thr munirt* 

n Mills, Brenda Bruce and Ar *r* *hd managed by Salvatort ? pml police I m ter would take 
1 ur Macrae P iec e la translated Organisation will comprise three a f wital In citv di 

i» the French by Macrae. different srcurni*. production. *tu- Aim bix »* now trying 1 .. 

... . n , -i, ; dig operation and distribution. J another iep placed on th in ii 

f D.™ Meadsuarlerv mill be in Rome * hd Arnold see th an 

tirSM m iVI I id tet n pony U already tn operation ln(tu , 1n anal y i»,. 

Best it | With the Paul Muni Aim. tentative hoard form a fly Included m ; 

1 w w * , .. K !v railed A Bottle of Milk which Machmandtarena for l)u Km-sI »i»- 

*1 S *• being produced at OCI* Audios dust rv, but Tir rtlfgflr" r- .f.»h 

Brother* and Tomim j„ Tirrema thiring the last year rt uc to di.agreemrntv «>it> r*„ 

Vriu shovtd off for Pans last , lM . Tirrema Studloa were entirely eiaasiAcatom 

day «1* alter closing tuo- pr novated silk new equipment I callv -made Alm< 

^ tun at the London »*al- plan to assist the foreign At pre-ent the mnn 

Carso* on Paris Trek 


m 7 bey will stay in Paris tor producer by helping him to reduce are very ri 

tee. wno wnuin sre ining-s frtori an 
industry angle , Th c* HUttlM l.| m ! 
board formerly Included ' Mi Ku*d 
Machmandiarena for tin local »i»- 
dustry, but he re«igm<l tyventtv 
due to diyagreemrntv « »it> l <• 1 yn - 
< > - i .-ation* ot • x 
callv-made Alms 

■ At present the hiushiiUI rcsHin 

day* and then sail foe the 
•w pt, 14 

i#n they arrive in New Y». 

pre nu cer ay nriptng mm 10 regntn 1 gre spry rigid p.< 
production cost, said Salvatort. ngn Atm» vrn 1 . 
by giving the foreign producer achieve elassiAcadaNr a 
the best teihmial facilities and the for all ages ' 

-oh i« 

ti ti.rrc, 

doe to do his Arsi ( TV v 4,1 ii# gusi antee given Italian 

London Legit Bits 


London. Sept 

as well as by providing sufficient 
fund* to tnakr up tfic budgri t o 
producers sho bred or drvirs Ital 
ian partirrpat ton ’ 

OCI uants the Alms to he made 

Muni Italo-U. S. Film 
Into Prod. This Month 

Meyor has acquired in at least two version* The Tir- 

I renew Hudley 'n new play, / Mui j#*ma plant 1 

w fiuh tried an< j LeglmrB 

■ ntnor in Augusts and e\- 

I I ' • to produce rt in the West ,% a 

next >ear, Hanrl C owrt 2 O 

lirrmwt Wglab havr alre*« ' |» c 

1 hked for the -cast . Jaek " * f ' 

Hilton ’ vrng "Nymph Errant " 

yegg Play tu wn*‘ Roben l' 

Romney Brent and pro- and Me. t 11 

' the late Chgrles Cochran called last * 
*rs ago at thr Adel phi eosi-to-cooat 
John Hanaw Bg 

1 to prodne o Johnny Belinda’ They are 1 
>;■ ' :« h l he "vi.l star fis- wit*’ nillii] , 

MM.. PMU, KMi 

1 nr« nuMical. Th» l>un- '**“ *”* 
‘i f ! iich/- in collaboration wrm ( J ** r 

ren»i plant i* located between Pisa 

2 SctHs Off on Canada, 
l VS. Vaudeville Tour 

Glasgow. Sept 4 
Roben M it son., top Sfot tenor 
and At< * F inlay an at e coiroedian 
sailed last wrek from Liverpool for 
coat -to coast tour of Canada and 

1 I 

They are sehednfed to give vaude 
concerts m N .Y Vancouver 1 

B'rnjrd (•mb ami ampler Frol 
•'huh is being aganitoA by 
• filass, ^ 

rvier H s ond e rs whose current ! 
e Hollow." by Agatha 

fkrisite at the Fortune. Is oa»e of 
• M * F.nd hltti i« Having a, 
" 1 ' * 1 1 rommercial radio. Has' j ml] 
the American radio lea- ' 
* IVrfy Mason'" as tee*»A 
• s being* t ranslcr red /at 
wsadors Oet 4 . Path- | 

* ns rtehl director Phillis i 
v tHirtx 1 <> author of "Ma4ak|iel 

l . . ^a . a. a _ 

' s 


taaRfrii is N . Y . Vancouver 1 
eago. Bind nr iOntanot, Minneap- 
( algai Hartford. .Otlavra, 
t inCinnati St Catherines. Beat 
ney «N. J 1 , Newark Toronto. Pitts- 
burgh. Victoria ( H. C» Detroit, 
Winnipeg Seattle. Rdnbntaa 
Washington Nelson B C* As t>,ur . 
Pfrh and St. Johat** 

V dude unit accompanies the two 
Seofs sho return here in Noyrni- 
t»< r for T*»m Arnold fwnlonmn** af 
the Alhambra Theatre 

The Paul Muni film to 
in Italy, is su(»|>«rscM to st 
mg (Bp Week; M<« < «*i th 
tlon mil b»* in the 

Terreni*. Pi>a and |>egti 
HirttnuftY m i ri»r I *u nici J j 
Bottle of Vliik tMoh<«hl 
Called ‘‘Kmiwhi.y oiy .’ 
Mutriik'hl I’ !*« ■< 

Italian •*' d 1 

though mo-l M Hie east 
speak English in*’ l.os, 
from .Noli - to diteet 
Cast huludes lira 
Luisa Hos- 1 , Vllied** Sal 
Ninshl and > \rtinldo F«m 
being Anarotd hy J t •* 
Amerk an km»re'f*. 

S V’ 1 ♦ 

t . b ‘tni.ii 

J**r* |.<i 
il to dit« 
is lieu 


'<• »r ' ‘ Hi U 
l> t tied *• \ 
ilv «* lit be 
S.nhng at 
ole in both 
•1 Sion* al- 
>1 does not 
sv v »s heir 
•’ . ■’* 


Current London Shows 


U e,ks 

•“AnHbnOV' < ae%ar 

• trdele V Old. 

• ll|ue fi*f H o 

• I areusel 
‘‘fane* Pree 
**Fagpr%' B^rgere, 

I id London 

•ouel I ityinoff s new di » 

I outs Crildini s 

v,,,, ct ' has been sold for 
'• “h at the’ Embassy Tbea- 
Coitage. m Nove nb* 
Hi* hard l.even trying out the 

fqggp Third . TT Station in Mexico 

fa dame ! V Mexico City, Sept 4 

He wav * Tli# thud TV station here h*v 
• been .started b\ fiutllermo Gon- 

» ■ - M .muicr,* i.«dm rngj-.iK-er .*nd 

'"• wo systems in*cnior I r 

•I d , fty tunfig pi lie ftghts and wrtstltnf 
bouts- rr*' 

r un* 

iv i l k 

This : : sea*4*w*> le-tfit v tut! ulr » Iv * 
i n c l u d e s l iliBissi-f W 1 l-J i > 
"huiMHii'i and Sa»oke," the ni m 
S artre pta * Tbe liesil and tori 
[..j troth foi the irw time in (***r- 
. hi.tii the If.iitan cori«-d> *'( oun 
teri* n \fi*w* ;v ' by t tiovannmet If 
Ii ,«Ko. in, hot* s fioir world preewv 
Ueih.di llauptroann s |*,isth«mi>us 
vi ot k Hcibeit Fni-'idniann ** adapt' 
e d hv f'.iri 7,uek<na> er Spanish 
H*'h tt-ritoiv author Medrano's 

laive Pi *«-rt«i 1 - • • ■ * 

t'-uy'"., MaJj Bt<d * ad»*piati *n foi 
’ ' i r id Pran/ K af k a % novel 

‘The t 1 IK , puiiu-hed ItQEkh 
tpiaMv a vat if r* al must* at pli*> by 

Swiss Htlh "I W lit* f | .4 si H, w >Mv 
• Mi-ii I* 1 Burs Hr id • 

./ The Little NteOi-r ti'»i f ()pia 

Ri-mamder of the. legit Schedule 
it 1 it (on-id of Sophoi li’v ih't.f 
' pi|s. k * • Rhake^peare • ‘Hu hard v fl 
and “Tatninc of the ' ’Shrew a 
well a- tlas u s h Molt* re L* •'* 

, Ofll 1 S* hill* r Kii t-i ( *riltp|i fri 
.1 h d (>i oi « llu* < hnef v h *d 

I la ni* in “ and pt|i* hv Sti indlu'i »}, 
C arl 7iu kiiiavi r and sp.ini'-h pta ~- 
s» « ii'M .Mi .ijulio t a surra . 

l b# Hire 1 a >* .* on Opi in *1 X r 
Ti at Si.Mli Mi* at i «- w ith a r rv i a at 
Of -Puccini' - To>c a " followed bv 

V* rdi s ' Por/a <k‘l lh*%tin» M gpd 
tw<» operetta's Leo Fall s ’ *TRx i»r- 
Cee * and li-i *r \edbai * * |Sri.i>h 
HIihmI H inking high on this 
year * op«*i a schedule are the hist 
Gem-. an p« i f *o' inanre of ' L”u St»,,- 
I vmsky "The Rake's I *iogres%." 
i following its, wortd-preem af the 
\ rnicr Ho-JinaU* in S« plemiter 
, and a vi id preem ol a new Moral l 
tip* i a* 

India Group Asks 2-Vr. 

ui* Hieakthitui^h Mil hit 

. 'gnglA w l«o sterna* v'.gt ' .’ the :• 
Cine Mano ala Pot k »*'v< n *1 y 
eshihition there * 4 * alnn*st • <l*’a.t 
heat bHween ’ Three Gaigre Named 
Mike" i H (it, |U SM at live ( me 
Kofite; and \hlw.iti A t wti tin 
Miii Invisible Matt t $2.21.1, 

•l the Cine ( ’baputtepci ‘VRfghf 


i al the f me Ol trnpia 

\l* \ m in U’adeff SO History of 
i M« , i til IW) m si-'.t-n ilsi* a l 

th# (mi’ Mrimpotif an, Roily 
l*ul v 1 1 7 200 m i# d#' * at t he 

I Cine Paine In Chino and / Mary 
Islands " $24 175 tn SI days af the 
t me Orfron 

Tt*e new cmematogr aphic law 

aiui h detnaods 2 »t -» pi i)ii»g 
timq*’fur M^vican pis ran into its 

r<i •** iimd snag *hi n Fed# <1 

Jud ;e Ignacm Buir«w h« ie gi ant< <1 
[.A grtmi^ of exhlbtioi* here and In 
th# provinces * some n< them iWa- 
iois a temperarv Imuneiin 
against ihe measure P.shiMtors 
argued that the lew R unronsIMu- 
lionet in that t| vlolales th# Magna 
( barter * (fMarenteee mi freedo m of 
trade and freesiom of work by 
(•-• < tug ttvPm to devtWc half id tin o 
. 2*4afay year tn Mexiran prodtu t 
( Itu oi iS In Me sow opei at* h 4 
da% s Veaifv g* thrt are compelled 

tu skip Mai - i Mexican lakar Ih 
Maas i ved ,h 

tnnuH 'fitm is be mg f ought on the 
giOuiois ( ♦ yliililf.ii . t tiled tn 
prnve lheii’ i ntiti hi idk mi 1 1 u* law a 

Uiu trisi it id uni >i ’ t v ii ;* v* '-’tin er g, 
group tifat Jo , X 1 1 ii uni ! is’. ■ .ds, ' 


Bh« mi- Vues V,'t»l t 

* •*. .. •;* ; 

A It h< mgh t ti# I e I s ’ten ol l« ’it 

, ■ * IM • • * 

in. Htii iios 4 ii« s ars- sflghflv nr-i"* 
\irtis inci flie Je*.v v»thht\ tipit ft*e 
peak tn Ih** h 'l* i to air fH'/iot bus 
ins’ll p.i- i d 1 ■ . u o r 

wind ht*i: iw w V mn ,* an f»l*ir> tv art* 



.i 1 1 s - 1 ’ ! th ml*/ l > t»i/, i-'iutj ,• I 

I. 1 -leal n * * are I h-n t k < I f- • i it. It I f, e 
pt d si* t stni I to m • it ttOttie 

- hard -hip fur j.l tv >ri i.» ,ii*l a* \ * ti 

I I , in s viuinc < ' r . T I lots nii*>v 

•.vii (list, ni- • I i I m' hoo ■ i 

aval tan 

Ml >N.Iui 

f k’«,i a 

ia/1 > ; , • 


$|tgl is ni 

The i:r 
than ( 
tfone t*‘ 

> V I • 

t io»t ol 

Lo/ Hu 

1 tils ve 

i». t rah i 
the (M< 

I Hiii 

M M 1 1 
. 1 / /and 

M •' j' ’ 

-v Lane 


• Htpp 

Radakv Aekland plas ‘ V Mul- ^ U ,x <t by 

- 1 at tbe New pi* - dad ' me daih and X KM - 

. si,, ft prior vt. West TV prUpefTy p{ the Kmilin Aacar- 
*on . ’ . Urf Vivian, a raga syndicate 

ior A=ti Wi*' 

f » -n . I^erd Vivian, a 

nf the Uir t Charles B- 
now operating an 
already acqurreu I4M 
'.P.nd product lon Bc- 

Bofbbay May C.ef TV this Tear 


Leading Aim equipment import’ 

*' Bo* retatlgd' ' Master elA here to* e m ad e arrangements 

eft °" In bring in irlevision for the Arsi 

dUer Sonata. ? he ha* j . 

•sonata. he hay ,n^?tS*^7Sr 

d deals for Frank Bar- ’JJ® 1 

The Chert sex Ap- t V « . ? at # 

and liiana Maws bams P.‘ 4h 4 Hi »i**ii hi in f 

baclL'v^ ,imn pi. g. mini TV * 

are trihf *>»t‘jid I 
m for the URdalia- 1 
• ion. . 1* 

**<»aj v th# Wwrd. >a; •* t. i'd'*. 

Hollo «i > artuor 
"H«um In Order ' Nr** 1/ j- 
"Iwlimale Rrlaiiwn* S 
‘ hint n Rha pkddy." Pa 
“Kiss Me Kale.'’ t am *27*. 
“limrlit * Xlarn o V l’.(! .'■*$ 

• i atm iiugetav,** » arif >■ 

“Lift 1 # Hut,” L>ii< 5V',/' ;< 

• t undwn Vf -lodv," l.m.i'i *’ ! ’ ’ 

*r 4 ( itlwneU. *X 

**Man A sup’rm’n.* Prince » 20' 

1 1 

“Relnrtatil Heroes ** VX U th \2 
Rtn* Round Moon." (/obc '76* 
‘ wiiilN sorrento, ' X im * 1 it. t 
**Tabe II Prom i s ' Adeiphi 4 » 
“Tb D'Ctht a Non." Gan ok 42 

• Halers oP Mom*." Him ki 41 
•Who Is Sylvia.'* t'nterion 41 
••Who Goes There*" York 24*. 

• Wilt v 1 odr er > •im-'h 8 
-WuitCI > Tel"* ' i h “ S ill . 

Freeze on Hritish Pix >» 

niombav Aug 2$ 
intiic-ts in Imhvi i > is r - * vug 
gestril to Hr it-nitaT gii'c.i nmnl 
that it impost- a bin on *H; rsht- 
bilirii-nf aM F. (U' pH f ■’ 

in n«-st ilii"" '• c.if < . / 

While opinion i* il*v fid aruorv/ 

lop fi nil i'- ' Ifi'toris,*; v r *■ oOf . 

t i puipo^ I 

Iftel profit s mi de hv friU't,’!) filrn 
HP ' re-'t s in fit* Count i ■ i»* 

invt strd ib”' tu tier tn( tit id 
l»if l i. I hi'’i u. do hr 

|l*l I llRA^d * 

l^il tit in 

PM. Id Im 

K\'l)i<ney it* 

\ nlriV 

frit hi 

’Berne v et Fshibs 1 ui 
Edinburgh S#i)U 4 
Xonic $nM exhib* aie iui ; 
admnwion prices ''dt timg 
Britain '* . tat csi critert a i n me n t v 
,is tor* ing': . most - . v a4.bef's to 
cb« r gc .'•/ 

At nu<si gf ft .* i ' 

* a i e *• ■ 

’.C’h.fiii i ,i 4 #. . \ 


\ if ti 

xx 4 i 
t Esq«r>:» l 
Dan M tc* 
it in come. 


Ifisiu* it.ilf to t’ou>e- 

• i r. . I f I r I |U ( l ._ 

v. .. | ,.):>■ to Men* *) 2 U y> <•* ' 

y. p <rt ut the xupi'l-ginnce team 
<ir S tnfiu k la# la# i oriinue** in 
v< 4 ud*%add on i dpt with hw daugh- . 
, Alicia, a* pattn* i. 


. . ' . . 'T 

- yifc u fa y, Vpleabrr 12, 1*S1 


i» *• &t*A Hare fta 

• * 

$JL 0 y 

jit i 


■ ,•*%. < V •> . - 
' • s ::'* X ■' • •»: , * '■ ••*!« , 

v * v n ;»* • . #■;« 

. -•j 

■ ..i-r 't- 

V * -:K v; A’ • •• 

; V H. 

•f <•«-. Wl< 

V : .-: j " * 

■ .."Mi 

• '*r> r 

. ■ ■ ;* • #4 


• . •* »i 4 ‘« 



TX * ’ 'T* 

a, . «a 

1 • . . H 

•** *& 

■ '• ' *’• • _ . I. 

T« • ot • 

M «***» 

■■■■;■:• ' * ■ ! 

-V. • , * 

v ; v. :• ■' ■ v 


The Show News 
that Overshadows 

all the rest 

g nlww Hi y, Vplfpbrr 12. 1951 

m tiiiw 


Amusement Stock Quotations 

r*f Uie Wwli r«4int Tm«4ii, .Sept. 


\ • »l in 









fur week 

y f Mock 

v B< •. . • • 


55 n 

12 4 

T *. 

(2 s 

1 MS a 4 • 4 # • * * * 

a v 



24 • 

■ V'v*i, -‘’B . .**••• • V- 

4ft k 


2fi' » 

55’ *' 

f . - 1 '- . Pic • • 

s 0 


13 s 



v • -. ’ 

4! d 



u: 4 

; «• -r j. - f , t J 


27 s 

'5d'; 1 : 

27 • 


• i a 

5 4 

22 s 

22 s 

- 1 1 lureft » 

#»« V' 

4 « 

4 -« 

KM Theatre* . 

411 : 

' / 

4 ' 

•;>' 4r , ; 

ft public . x. < 


5 ’4 ; 

. Y. c 4 - 

*4 ' 

5 s 

'. f'U f fJ*l 4 . .. • a 4. • a • *'i'i *’ p 


11 s 

If s 

lu l 

•« I’ -Fox ‘ 

** 0 - 


2<i « . •' 

HP ft: ■ 

20 • 

1 a r*r Tli 


' 2 ' ■ s. 


if* * 

I All .- ' \ . •’ . . , » , • • 

a .» 


12 * 

To s , 

r 4 

- l-.fftA’ Pl‘1 

p 0 - 

) - 


57' a 


Warner Bros ,> V . 



14 * 

7 4 '*» 

14' 1 

N. Y. C urb lidiMH ' - 

Monogram , . 



in ' 

r * "■ 

4* « 

‘ lechnlrular 


2o s 

!» a 

:■ 2b‘* 

Oxer Uie counter Securities 

• . • • !•' r 


:■ Ask 

• flisecolur -« . . i 4 . . * .» > ’i 

m * 

W • i 

f . 4 . 9 ■ 1 •• • ’. 0 ' 

3 .1 


\ Cat he ;* . ... * , . . . .... 

• 0 - • 

a • • # v. 

#.♦##. A if. .« • 

3 • 


A Theatres 

4 • • 

* 4 • m . 



w Ml l)»*ry 

. . 

. r* 




20th'* 7C Net for S Mo*. 

Breakdown on 2<Hh-Fox 
earrtuu *« nt to stock ho Id* 

| J0 *d%4»nr gg th# »Vt .4 mwi* 

I * m Mcfiiwt, «l»»i 1 
BfedMu company* ad 
jwr tttt ft rot A v« month* o I this 
J ear was doVn to 57,500. Thlr 
co m pa r e d w iih a act * 

OOtl K*f ti»# Mm# p#iko4 U»t 
J #*.» < 

• 4 om men ting on tlto l ou t- 
Wat prexy Spy mm I* Skouii* 
*jid Oh upward trend art in 
during the '.summer and •• 

•4' I ' i 
- !*• 

4 2\i 

p . -. nil' , ; • i f 1 1 1 1 n •! 

Ttiealie tom pony, figured 
. * PouUt ivf.rji mil 
fl2:ljOOo, for |h# fit <1 fit# 
* 1 V. »tt '*1 v I.J thi* \'» • a* ■« ;; 4 »« *4 

a hrt (dofn of gJUJiOuu m the 
correspond! rig JAM period 

Natl Boxing Assil Seek Cuts 
From Theatre TV for State Units 

Pilck for Pii B.O. Bair 
Via More Tiim Trailers 

New Yoi k 

Chicago Sept .-• II. 
The National Boxing A««n 
l < urn bed a drive 1*» rut An rttrtulirr 
athletic boards in oh theatre* 
\\ irktruii^* NHV f».*tn»n.d «■«•« 
flatf her# ytttrrday i Mon * voted 
In *«••• k a tiM>ant to t.,x the Boxot- 
ttHm. VaMMV: ||r« tag# on bii-Mirea figiM 

Voui I. vitorr did a good .I »„p wilt huddu xv.t 

reviewing the premier# . Whai a .ni ivortk TV tfgffvdilar Mnat*'te 
V *\ mg * with, Magg) MvNr 

( think hr went off h#'e when llel Beef la that video it:** pt t u .»itv 
Mat f'\ gelling t eliminated small fight i ltiln thete- 

th# ahort >nd of th# drat" Im by tertoualy limiting Nitirtiff lana 

•nr program “would tempt people ( system* A* mo at hosing <ommt 

—I nl tfin ■ bubfit : gBM' : bmli 1 in. fbt I afcamr ubmeIp udib fmul»* 

i Quotations ft '«««H#d by DA FYFl ’ V 4 CO » 

in Red 
For 84G in 1st 

. ’..4 ' ' ' / V \ . ' ' .-•• 

S Months of 'SI 





C Majors Advised 

1 «niinu *4 It mm |M«* I 

N V 

show 4 

t Rinv Theatre, 
owned bv 20th 

11. i 

Although t o r pacalc dividend* a#, 
a whole were 114 higher during 
the Ant seven month* el this year 
than in 1M0. they were down again 

tn motion picture* 

Th# film Induatry atoctholder* 
received a total of fii.5T5.000 from j 
January tbroogb July. iWl l-aat 
vrar the figure wax 520 050 000 for 
v l4 ,e period 

Dividends for July amounted to 
gl/umilOO. a decline from the 53. - 
'UbunO paid tn July. 15V> Depait- 
meat of Commerce, which relearned 
trie figure* yesterday tJdon *, v 
that puhltely reported dividend* in? 
an v industry amount to about fO ' 
nr |V ( of all dividend* paid m 
i at industry. 


U 4* 

*n < 

fix# month* of thi* \ •- .♦* House 
Operated at a profit applb tble to 
1 common stock of p. 8,000 m I A h), 
tn IA49 and fill out) in 

M’i rrf. rrrd t> i >• th r • t < «>•» 
complaints contained a «ch#du)e of j (MAM 

•dmlagidn prie#» and a pruv ta iapT Theatir receipt* amounted tn 
that during the exhibition period j 54.527 tmo In I IMA. VHMt7.oo0 in 
of the mo t i o n pic* ore* llrei»*ed 1 154# ff 550 item in Itfo and f l - 
therpuaUler the admi— ion charge* ; 4IM f**i i»u the flrmt ftve mantha of 
should be M leaa than the pgtre* t hi* year. 

Mpfed th the arhedule Piguir* uer# .given JjL ffth’a 

"The defendant * contention i -iuv (statement *enf te 
that every such price fixing agree- 1 #r* p» eiimmat > to the N > meet, 
ment. standing alonr >« » viol* mg on * * for a vote on the 

thi ed th# Sherman 'Ad'.lif A* j company ■> plan for divuiirmeni 



C •Ulinurg fiM Ml* I 

fg-.prr annum . rite with a Vic divvy 
'•*. ired la«l Thurvd*> pa ^ hie 

Sept 25 te holder* of record en 

kept It. ^ 

l pheat tone of film *tock trad- 
»ng tin th# N Y. Slock Exchange 
th# moat pari, however, rtliri- 
< 1 something of a reappraisal of 
th# bu'infu by the public accord- 
ing to the trad#*! ecnnomixt* One 
ivikc'-nian Called It a belated rrah 
/ that the pic share* had been 
• undervalued. 

Library Mantdatlon 
Imrvter*. it * *aid. also are ron- 
vulcriitg variou* of the outAt* in 
■h". Hi' of liquidation of their libra 
f b of old product Film* which 
haV# bee i #d off tf># conven* 

I "hat exhibition market are tar- 
ned on the book* at 51. Ihoceedv 
liMrti th# uW of theae to tclevtxion 
r >v .his|\ would ngittUuir all 

factor bclvhd the fact 
- vat .rs have become favorite* 
#nUi 'e i-i the continuing up* 
1 - i uMnes* and piu*;n * •* 

• future LpsWrng Vkhliti in- 
n hit July l. ha* yet to show 
Ida leg leveling off. partite* 
I iew . of the aaaoriment of 
vi<mirig pt v which *how by 
v 'fry mi vaiien* of the com 

legal per a# teem* untenable in 
the light of the pnmiptes clearly 
Mated by Chief Justice Taft writ- 
ing lor a unanimous com it in 
l S. v* Genet i I Electric Co . rt 
*1 . 275 1! A 474 which mat fol- 
lowed lift I hAef Judge Fmrki'r ip 
a unanimous opinion of the Court 
■ of Appeal* of thu* Fourth Circuit 
in W rxtrnghouse Klettric Corp. vs 
Rulldog Electric Cioductv Cu. lTb 
K 2»\ 1 iA • ^ 

"The piimiplt' applujtv 1 * i-. 
nae cOeti.ut'% for the Use of 
patent* *nul4 M‘»-m equally ap- 
plttabie to litrna* contract* m* 
valving cof>y right «, and hence un- 
der liirvr author it t« ' it seem* 
quit# clear that license contract* 
t tor the exhibition of copyrighted 
motion picture** containing price 
maint* o ns for ail 

\ion to such exhibitions, with noth' 
mg inoi < to < ond. i n t mv ■ ai * 
reasonable and normal) v adapted 
to secure to the copyright owner 
the pecuniary reward to which hr 
. in entitled und« r hi- copyright 
monopoiv and a re not in violation 
i of the Siiernian Act nm otherw ise 

Three plaintiff dixtrihx in the 
action are represented bv Evans I. 
IM unp C.minnali; C'lmion If 
Mai bison Lexington and Edward 
A Sargoy A Stem 1 N Y, J 
llan v Stamper Lexington, repep* 
vent* the defendant theatre. 

Yank Pixites 

mm & I iin'inar# (»•»#«» #4«r T 

Kio for nn- the -spot huddh s with 
the Eragiitaft government Hw kard 
h sard t<* best understand prob- 
lem* 'and |w*ople in the S \ mar* 
kei and hut absence u b* ing tell 
Euc X Johnston, who* skedded 
tp ryturn shortly to the Mi’A X 
pt evidential po*t fi um w hb h he's 
born on le^ive, has been talking 

♦SH» high marks l«r Ih*'*" * *- '"P <•" "' r 

W of year* XX ith hi* retuffi to MP A V. 

an' event majority of the 
iMtei wHh m a recent period 
a new 

*« r r*-ac)»ed 

» *e t o 
S«*e charl 


high or have 

page IV 

mm» Climbed lb a new peak ^ K,% nic M-hduer s pdx uuu # s - to, ait' tii vu 

KKO l’uturc* at 4 , also »« Wastiirgtort he may de« ide final ,»o r. .tr ocnn 

lit highest lex cl (in the 





h- public, which hid been down 
• at 1U high [or the yc .»r 
k at 5 1 « Warner*, which hit 
‘ '•■•n the i ontptnt put in a 
i dOOOOO of u 

ares, ha* been remaining at about 

•' h ^ure. 

vs -dl Sr sources reported' I hla 
k an unusual, heavy amount c4 
t oast invefttors . tnieresi jpg 
U niversal Par. Loew * « and 
•4 laau e a . The financial men 
:'*•«* fho>e on the buying *pree 

|y to hop M»uthw ard for a *w mg 
of tiie sat toftik, f \ < «|u'.* * • 

.'i N V \iv|w<1 4 

the Era/ il tan situation could 

prompt Job nit on to Anally map 
specitic plans for such a tour. It 
I would br in the interest of good 
will, generally but d4,ub«less he 
woi/ld also tackle x|»ei iftc^ttbdrt 
■ problems 

Company prrvideni* and (OPViffR 
department hi ails met in V > yev 
terday iTuev » but l hi* seaaikm ttm- 
cerned Itself primarily with Japan, 
} Motion Picture Export Avsn, bow* 

cime to the industiv and jm «( *bat co u n try Jan 1. at wMrA 
•hatelv acquainted Ulth its up time the kmert/fth companies will 
p us|>ec’i. begin Competitive operation' 

While 2uth s financial irfiorts 
havir been ibnit the most intoroie- 
t lx e of fttaternent* from all the film 
< mi fit*; bo bre akdow n ofl t he finan- 
cial up*> and down* of tbe Koxx 
was made before The»in a* of 
Inst June 2 bad rut t cflf ,e»vrt * of i 
ST >7«AH. Inrtuding t«*Ji • -'« in 
Cffegll . I’iopetlx plant ’>n«| i-quip- 
ment were lisi* «t at |J dig 52* 

Current li.itolilit * m« ihI.m • 
$7tiJbNi first nnol'taye 4 IwcnUs. 1 
amounted to L‘.m 7?*'» khold 

to’ invest oietit tot ilh d tf‘7td» > iv 
x i 1774 b"* 

it* Vi om tn common *t <m k an«f 
1 142 55# in earned anrplu* t n«t«'i 
tlm cor porutc setup ib* n - cn f >•* 
Irasf-m with term* expiring subve- 
qoeiii | «v I >• « ; lh'*4 "I • >f 

minimum afinti.ii iint.l ) Snj 

Xlnst I ease Theatre 

l nder the prog) am of divor, e 
meiit »nd div Vstituie of- th* .«ii • 
2n»h Is fie# in continue its owner*' 
slop uf Iho ot thr Hex* join 
inon stork but must li* • r the 
house to 4 yeednd p>o i x 
Theatres. Jilth i I heatr# *ul»sid, 
which split* With til# pic pioduc- 
ihK-disf i itHitin* outfit- on or befOrr 
June 7 I9»*'t Is |k#rmilted to ta^ke 
the lfj.-r Nation >1 a'so lecetves 
J05g slinre* of Itoxx prefcricd 
*t,H k until r the di'ori en,i«*hf 

tn* ■ ■ 

Plan, wbich require' a tw«# 
third* Vi.>t- to* ,»|.pi«»x. - 

the pi*. cmPpahv inmi domestic ex- 
hibition lent I*',.- him outfit w iff 
continue. «. i n- ’ lop i.»l Intel ests in 
4«7 foreign f»ou*e* National, now 
comp* ix d ot Ml tiH-.»t»c> . must 
■ • it least 51 of these 

,**,•! ».h» . i. ■ *7 «>• h* i i opt - h. i if! 

mi cum pc-! n ix e ion<inion» in tlu 


' When 1'hey corn# into being the 
twb jpru but tit * are expc'cted »«► 
Have an a Of hort/cd nwnrmai * tuck 
1 1 1 IVOt'SI iVI*i , oiuo.irfk stvair* 
Vl! of 2 r >’ h * pWfci retf *e« Ul ll»e* 

; recent-ix w ere red e e med ' by | he 
cmiM, ration at a cost of Si I 2 in - 

plifyinx the 


Prcv-ut *fo« shohb- - v» it re 
feix e (in* tie m each of live two 
(ompaniex in exchange lor each 
abut Arid tn the pif *ent parent 
com pa n v 

Sc-parat, balance sluct sh**w * 
Ihr ptc Outfit *• of lost June 2. 
had total cun» of Jouvets of Sdi - 
. ,337 0»)0. and current liabilities of 
SIS MUI Ofxi U av ini working capo 
tat exceed i ng $y7 (Ml 0<*l Total 
a«>et * amount » m 1 to 5104.044 vast . 

New theatre out til had current 
! asset* of yt » _Mxi i MM) including 
51L25fM^id tn ca*h Current lia- 
bi lilies writ So T Mi. 004. leaving’ 

**■•*). "* IHHI - 


‘theatre* ” which they have allege 
ly deserted fur the som# fOtei- 

It's our attitude that nothing will 
ever replace the moftun picture 
theatre a* a source of group enter 
ta+ument, '• ■ relaxation ‘ from ■ ' . the 
home «ml the show place f»»r major 
firm produrtums It i our attitude 
also that i fV show thgf enter- 
lahM and *erve« will sell pr**duc*f* 

’ What * Piaylng , * , i< the marriage 
of 'the two 

Whic h hung* me to nix fr*l feel' 
Mags about the entire niosie 1'X sit 
uation I think the s»«ry-s mb 
attitude stems from a c lo ae d -eve* 
View point | m reminded «t Die 
dav* wh,-n the record industiv w»*r- 
pnl alsittt bring kaput because of 
the advent of radio W tthWMl ra 
dm. the record lHi*in»‘s\ would 
nev«f be in lb# xi*rr#*«fnl sjsu rt 
has bee n for th# post few veat* 
I’m re m ind e d afso of 4 p»h an asao* 
rial# of mine. I>r Ernest |)n liter 
the pavi twdogtst dhl fo« one ot «>u< 
l . n mo*t prominent home movie di*trb 

* ^ * t' t TTlejr w* r« won 

•tek *h«Hif TV a effect on the home 
movie bii'incu P*y i tiologtcally. 
they were aboui read* to give up 
Ihchier stu d i e d the situation ron 
ducted thousand* of Interviews 
and rao»e up with tire discovery 
that rather than hurting tl»e home 
movie field TV lias made people 
more visual • entertainment - cim 
«oou* The borne niovi# owl lit 
)»* «-, b d lii* wdrd*v laum bed a ram 
pttun along tbe lines b# and the 
.id » * i»< v xiik'ui 'tid and Mo v‘»c 
iiMkmg ibohey fiow 

T\ w e W ilt find has on I v whet - 
ted .,pp«-tit* - (mi pictures 

| sincerely h«q«# that OUT WJ/. 
TV shoxx arid Its j-m »d uf» a *>ndl 
i ,xled h.i*i> ai bund tli# i nnfit i x 
withiri a month* will tn- the siact 
hi Mia re latum* Ixlw* cii Mm 
theatre* and TV* I d«m*t brbcyv 

#11 her C trl i ep la* r 
< art e.o h in, • 

the Other; Mux 
• the interest in 


other * 



they re a 

lat s 


ax' tlo- p 

- • « ■ ■ i j • k 

w ho 

are t o 


W 1 j 

ib A h .t 





>4tib , I 



(•&<! Chain Acguirr* 

.* Mere P-WC HlOW 

J o An*:< i* 's, *t 
Tw n more Fox- West (mm| Immi*c* 
the Tower in Fresno and the Kin 
in Hanford, were taken over bx 
(•amble A OKtdi Theatre* Th* 
It vi. a 6**7 -sealer . wa* an out 
box The l uwrr seating t3 . 
taken under a long Ua*e 
F A t had firen '‘ordered to 
IN.'i' ot tw*th Mti't ulub i III, 2»Hf> 
F»ix consent decree Then #< qm > 
lion make* a tot.,1 of five ( aliforfii i 
theatre* in tii#- n* * t..»mn ■ A 
O Keefe chain. 

N It A ‘ft plana to tax theatie TV gale 
Is u*rn aa $ punitive act ton •> 

• ' Hie International fhrxiiiv ( tub 
IHf ’ ft lu< rattle .video fumapr# luut 
hot Hi well w ith many *<- no pi* 
of the fight Indus! rv 

Initial lest of the slat# group * 
|H«w*r to levy a re tighl tax 
ia j underway to New Jersey on th# 
Hobinaon Turpin match toHioicow 
m#ht • West • NBA f omiHi**ioiier 
tie G r een* hea d of ..New'. Jn 
fi lit twiard. has alerted the A shut# 
Park Tluatre that a t t.ix will 
he niipved on the fight l .e - d 
argtrmenl. which wifi a)*<> 

)w> followed in other states t* th rf 
a televised Im»iiI it hilled v* a 
liv e event - stib)e, t to regular 
m is o l ait tariff - 

In drawing a 1»* .,d on Ire x eg. 
' * guna are aimed pntmanly at, 
tneatre tie in* Thi* thinking i* 
I hat with the intrt tduel ion of an* 
other hoftoffice middrlman tqieiat- 
mg in .vartoua gt-atei; tr~*t~ iihgil 
v» » fee levies ar# legally tea«ihie 
ktso, eventual expansion «» *i>* «ue 

T N nXm\* * >n 
wmk fight casting 

Theatre TV 

( •NtlSUf t tf«M 

the regain -i 
As wTth »< • i ■ 

i hanoel* the Ft C 

w bethcr they 



tl# ; 

*1 |i« » atf if * in 


public ii 

Ikl • 

•r * 


1 •> • idem # 




•*Im , 1 V: , ex*.- 


hope sin 



1 1 


- » 1 X U * II - I S 

ft |H 

answer Hi 




H ( >1 t-Xi |u*ixr l»*n<twll C.ii|H' iS 
N N i lingr l»: s H 

crmlest gt in pob» tlround 

S pi 20 Thu 
*ei x i« e as|o-« ts 

IpO b.- 
sine# M«»* tr 



V Y 
1. 1,. 



h i ug sponsor rd 'hy tin N V II • 

T ribune Krc'h Air Fund Flo »- 
tre . of i«,u; v w-fij Mm Vi -laiMl 
i » - • n* . of, ft># ci lot l 

’ - , • ■ ; . • > i • i : • ,.V h 1 1 . < II i i i . > i 

I i »H a»«- for ch.uit- foMfHi * 

flu re w dt b> n.4* ft*,,*'' TV. 1 , of 1 ( 4 # 
> ' ». re* m the • i'i N ) 

tb'.i as' a mc'an* of pi »,i toting ti>e 
• ■ . , ■ - ■ 

— t ont'hiii-g fi.»*H I-' » » 

partnered with TV ••*» t ,«• i 
• tii ul both fields 

H f AAxrrl'*mr Power 

St 1 01 til t hi- I 4 < -1 I ■ ,H hilt 

ti-ing power of t V., mUM *' 
lo n-e in. h* half «»f i •» tit*- 

yyrrdrha t*» W*»lf'*oM v 1 
rt .rf biV'ral *,r w ho :• *• 

A TV. I Mi tut 
vo w * arc ha 
f*e •'•-nee.' 
it** 1 elated' 
to Ml 
ibf- 1-Mil' 

i.i 01 , b 

1 » 


Nacbbanr Back (0 France 

kaM'tdii. Mai h bap 1 sent by Errn 
Patbe lo New York l-a*-t *pi,J>/ to 
** <-rvi*e 1 , in 1 • 

itt Ih* 1 s 

of Jacque* C ha brier. rrturtU'd tu 
F'yanke aboaxl th# Lih#ft# l.tb 
x'ivk Hi M go ha » 
as- . manage r id Pat h< > Pariris -Aug-;, 
ship.- flie Mangtun. 

N ithb»(r meal Jed (>uru ait M< 

( ■ . • ^or ax Cha brier succrssqr . mi 
C. hafg# of ail Pattxc ifitefe* 1 
eluding the pans Theatre N A , 

C 01 . til. 10 jy l",.< ■ ■ 

Lib tan N ofcll to-ra-d 


V v < 


ti 1 


in, "1, 
in ' in 
41 fhb 
of U 

ll 1 V HI) 

|'» h* 

l s 




House Built In One V|»nt-h 

Kegma Ka*k Srpt 1 1 
Built in; unr ni*»ntli '2Vt --v at 
Park Theatr# wa* <>|xn -<1 la»# last 
motilh’ at Aa*k#*u, northern S o 
katcheu an summer rewu L\ tywmer 
manager is William Zaparanibk 
Prime Vlbrrt;: Hu-Ur -tyled hou c 
1 hat a balcony and air -conditioning .*• 


(tdii i 

h o 

• 4 ' 1 : 


!V A oil -on 

- IV * 1 tow at 
t •• some sort 
its pro# rain 
could* he vi 

« fealty well -fixed that . it 
far outdistance standard 
•>ng m the ■ e» nment 
!• eonid ^eiixxh . he affhsed 

V . . 



tkoi aei* PROFITS! 

• *7 • 1 

• • • • 

I- • J 

l/:y V« 



r.* ■ 


at LESS than the 


€ > 5< 

^ \ each 

Her* 1 . • freal BARGAIN in SHOWMANSHIP! 20th qentury-Fox, to 
prose the value ol NOVELTY A«cti»oriti ... ha* prepared the colorful, 
die-cut exploitation items you see on this page! Each NOVELTY is an 
item of outstanding value and eye^tppeal ! And each item is priced fur below 
the actual cost of printiug, In fact ... 20th Century- Fox it absorbing a 
si/eable portion of the printing cost . . . and NAT IONAL SCREEN SERV- 
ICE is charging NOlHINO for the sale and distribution services being 

That gives YOU . • . these sensational exploitation values . . . at just a 
ft action of what they actually cost to print t 

N on can’t afford to pass up thi* money* saving opportunity, to MAKE MORE 
\l< INE\ with these- 20th Century-I* o\ Hits’ l s c. these N< >\ I- 1 I Y Accea* 
series to put the M B1 Sl\l ss- back tn SHOW HI SIN ESS! Ask at your 
local 2(>th Century -Fox or NSS exchange. 

Colorful hanger lor door-knobs, 
milk bottles, telephones, car 
doors, etc. 

7 msacaw 


• • tt 
W* i 



10 < 


I * (: i 

stands on its own easel iy sour box office, 
‘ . or merchants' window s, on counters, soda 

■ • •• .• ' i * * - . 

fountains, bars, restaurant tables, etc. 

Eoch novelty contains space for imprint 

of thootro nomo and ploy datts. 

5 1 


for streamers and bangers, in lobby, 
under marquees, or aw ay -from-tbea* 
tre, in merchants* \% indosss, over soda 
fountains, bars, doorways, etc. 


r 12. 1*3) 

ri< Times 



Inside Stuff— Pictures 

. V*\. ' . . \;j. *•** ; .. ■ • .... • ■'V i , f • ; • 

( ; rfY# Autry in UW RMl 17 veor* ha* parlaved hi* »h«w bi/ rumt 
mr.i * multipronged rnmmrri ul empire>~wtth 4# manufacturer* ttv 
r <\ to (uni owl \M try product* in tVr V S and 10 signed fog 
tanadk Pin! liotw tgao fronted in 1*M4 for a rap pistol of which 
M iMNi 000 have *tn«d been sold Sine# then the H%t of licensed prod- 
tirts ha* h««a oa pan did X# utrludf toys, tail and trivia — including the 
u»u» roxrhny autt*. holMet" m ui- to- gallon hjdv ptug hoHioOM, 
t .Hold*, pencil rate*, photographic hits, bicycles bedspread- drapes 
i vw.' frozen food*, ice cream tnanoogtie* buttons book- b««»t*. drum* 
and dolls Id addition, there • a romK* book published by Deli 
The cowpoke retbu-Ult-Alin-dhli star's enferptise* at# an manv 
fiietrd that one North t arqltna store owner *puh*m* the Autry yidpic 
aSon on TV edvertlaea Ahtty merchandise oh., the Mania dud promote * 

. iff/ h ZSZS **" Urmdm * T u#, “** -A-** 

>1 it i hell il Ha rf. ,, he«-n made v f Const direr- 

Hr mark m Va*,«ty Vmk «»m 

forthcoming * I vanhoe that there w»* another Ivanhoe before luv 5 expected by t .man 

has brought from the J of Wlacons.n word that there base actually ^*£*2^* "Hi a cJjir ol 
been two previous celluloid version* of the S^»r w alter Scott rtaaatc, j ‘^JzL w . 

S mmm «»* m *rnr v mm ******** , . IStTa 

»* Tb«rp* «M*nMmW W * W* fjg »‘ —f « >. #»!■>*> „ hl(h „ „ -g* - " ■■ 

soil not the second Aside from the three-reel Imp version directed . maraue# value* eshib 

hv Heibert Brenon that was released un the il 1 in the fall nf l!ll, \ LT.-r V- *11 Wftf | fM : 
at *«me peer aaw also a la-reel benban libeutse j nsdne wd n Hn., wr ,W po^btltfy of throw in?Tn 

Svndw tie of exhlb* financing a 
H Tin prodli t*> b**iri < 

*v.;i tu-truunr this week w'hvtn-i 
the pic w ill he made ta color it 
J ia Being Aimed in cooper at ion with 
the A mem .in National Theatre A 
\< |iM»n a «<• ript hv K«»Ih-iI 

i K Mterwucd 

j Circuit op*, < halt manned In bam 
jfNnank Boston met ^»n the 

Iprnjesi in New York l*-t week to 
' diMiio the i.i i. *hieh isnt vef 
derntrd cm' d-i* ' * >1 •' «*f 

'I.yic was released under the title of 
•ed ariMBt* of such distinction as 

\ ir/v Reviiiltoa H w»- ■ ibuted In the l 

I h »nrthe^ I nip version 1 h> \^..r <i < 1 * ider Features 

. .. .. the rstia cn»n needed f«»r Torhm 

Kdtth Mrachweii Huh« » 1 color IV *»ill be Mmed In the 

H ^a little later 

I east 

Jack fMnrball s recant departure from KKO i< imj< rdnad to have 
been o%er disagreement with production chief Howard Hughes over 

' I 

hi Samara ” Producer had Gregory Peek lined up an 
a hig phf with inane mg by KKO 

When Hughes refused to advance the coin for a hudaut nf the if 
rhaM wanted latter PM I led stabs ami |g headquarterlfigf 
t Mr Samuel Goldwyn lot No re i »*e h is been vet for Bamara'’ no * 
HhO now has in 77th week nf dlstrtbutton Skirball s Bette Davis 
Marter "Payment on Demand " Pic started opt atronglv with a Radio 
Music Hall. S Y. date, but baa failed to a mknlp Wit pndt Bl| 
smaller towns. I 

U-t Returns 

[•vlrnief Iims m* » 


sent grade of releases II 
•na -serve ' a 1 double pur pane' 
reastng playing time . - 

l’.ir*d<ui« ally while t 1 i* eo 
deavortng to change the srojte of 
ttv product to meet that nf other 
tnaydrs. latter are-, moving toward 
icnrbostt of the l* -I dims that have 
^proved an, profitable in smaller 
bouses The other com pan ;» an 

attempting to hittif gp with pis 
that in subject matter and budget 
* *ti ( ..m(eir t I t » or tto- H kk) 
(theatre market ft dominates 


<>il industry will make a dishrert pilch to theatres for exhibition of 
its new Technicolor cartoon * Man On the lamd * Pic made by Lotted 
Productions of America t Or raid Me Home Hoitit*! *« previewed for 
the press m New York Monday « 10* The Ih-mmute short was pro- 
duced under supervision of Film C ounselors Inc , N Y 

Fairly entertaining and with the plug well buried Oil Industry In- ^ __ 

ton Committee hope* for fair theatrical roprcncpt < as tad! i hudfctei * after the merger of Unl- 
ay normal lgfn release Robert Flaherty O I>nviiM*na Story . ’ hnan. rd , ers«i and International in IPgT. 

hv Standard Oil. was given regular theatrical release with eshib* studio immediately went into pro* 

charged for it ». while OIICs previous two films 24 Hours of Progress* duclion of prestige type pis that 

and "The Last 10 Feet/* played some «00 houses on a for free basis proved almost disastrous to it It 

— • | wash t until all uk'h product ion 

Evidence of the cosiness that has developed bet wren mayor film com- wa a stopp* d and the rompnnv 
pames and other mags as a result of Life s r o cd h l dnwnbent view of . found its metier In the ’ Ma aiRlI 

industry is seen in the Bepf 25 Issue of Look • Columbia will be p a Kettir and > ran< •* type the CTflira. hllf jbof one paid ofT at 
. v represe n ted in it First It a four -page'' layout rcvn-wing ' "**t- product that N btt the pr of i t - |.HNt;|Mh/- ’Rdii<hl BhRitli .hdd-^H S S 
urday • Hem ’ as “the movies’ first great football story ’’ . Then in the column with forre. These have all 
beautiful Women* feature. Marta Tore* it high lighted m C'ei'a ■; been made with loscsd ; .rnats. 

* Sirocco ** i either feature plavcr vci*. or v*Hing 

.Also C'ol has a full-page ad in color on ‘ SOnnv Side ol the Street." iters whom I I has developed *nd 

Top-Priced Novels 

im g l miaari tt«o so* \ 

was reported to have obtained this , 
u.-ck I m sHiimui pm* gJHiMA) o.o • 
t ll Sh tl* to k« *‘P li't* a* 

i to* end , ‘Of.' seven . years . 

Cfine Mutiny i« already on the 
bestseller list It's athml a V«v • 
desttwyer in the Pacifo during tt<« 
Last wai l'« rsidertt’s laf> is 
slated for publication by lViuhlb* 
day neat month It concerns An- 
dr ew kspo s wife Pu. Maiunrr 
novel 'will he a five part Ladies 
Home Journal serial ami -Lit r ran 
Guild rhoue for Maict. IP%7 It * 
a suspense story %..mew h»t re (tun 
OMent of the author s successful 
Nrben a . 

Grosses hit by such big budget 
ers a* "Great Vatus*»/‘ Show 
Boat I lav td and Bathsheha/ 
f'apt Horatio Momhlnwer ’ and 
IMaee In the Sun' are the primary 
reason lor t he renew ed Holly w in ot 
interest Hi bestsellers Bo rh lm 

had' ■ - prev mufti v ' - tapere d off. 
,4tH»ul 101? when H«'l. vw.kmI w r Ml 

<>n an economy binge It sought 
oof ;. only ' low -cost story matet igt 
but > ants that by their very con* 
eept made po»*ible low -cost pb 

.'Now' sludto and diafnbo'i.m 
chieftains are convinced that the 
answer to TV as, a threat to films 
lies m n i ;*k j p g pis of sot h s< t»|M 
and ^rtKiiKtifW quality that teb- 
vhftss f«N»k sick beside them Sr d 
Siiire tltev ‘ye found recent l\ that 
the public wi.l readily pay for f urh 
ppmiuc t schedule*, are being re 
shaped In that direction 1 

j; Heal mooes makers have proved 
to he big pictures or little ones 
Heavimst losses have been suffered 
oh the medium -clasa proslut t 2<M h* 
Fox i* a prime example It's 
Ibooght tuo novels for expensive 
pu now after several years of nni 
Iv e v|m*i (mental ion with middle 
budgeted "gimmick" films 

Among others, it bought four 
New Yorker mag stories at |io* 

• MMt . ». *« 4 sotijei I . frtr th« # se g.n 

miek pix Paradox if ally, every one 
*>f them wax turned tbto on enter • 
•timing fh .» won acclaim f 

Report 2Giii Buy 
Of Du Maurier 
Novel for SOG 

I u* ntreth F«v was ut»d* t Vtmsd 
this week Ip have acquired screen 
nebtk to the new Daphne du Mas* 

. »\ vl M V f .•«*»•. Ill H II tie I " 

1 •' rrp.jt.t.-<P in tl ul* i u . lex, 

w«m \ mak*- tiu» one of the maioT 
v sfShf season I l is said to 
call fora Wat I AM l*k» pawn* ni p *♦• - 
IJfl iWU more if BBth wants to re- 
tain tt> rights after, seven years 
Vt title the figure is a substantial 
one in the rurreW market it I* 
Considerably below thot asked bp 
agent Alan Collins, of Curtis Hrow o 
Lid . in a letter to all mayor com- 
panies aksHit mix weeks ago ( itllinf 
4'kvft glim taxi plus !i V of the 
world gros* foe a seven year lease. 

It is understood that Jixh nixed 
apy^ percentage arrangement or any 
lease that did not peinuf the com- 
p in* *.» bold on to the right* at the 
.eod' bf seven 'years Keport.edljr: d 
Was able to win the points wince 
there were no other m»)ur rwrii- 
pam bolder s. Only f«>mprtltion 
i arnr from Usikl O Sel/nu k 

High . price asked by ( oltin* 
.scared'; «*d other studios despite 
it .tin e by afbry r«|it**rs thst 
• • >fc w ill be a bestseller and H 
Bee pic material Mias du 
M ton* < is aottioi of a nun* I**.- 1 of 
priksious books which became top 
sc reen hits, including * Hebeeea 
B on k ia already a best-seller in 
London and begins Bve-ppri aerial !• 
/jii'W in The ladtri Home jtiunul 
'in the t* S in November It will 
be ti»e March. IMS. selection of t»*e 
d Dusibloday la pub- 

tt -dung ^ 

Mts>« du Maurier, who lives in 
F.ngland reporiedljr will be paid 
by SOth in Mocked sterling: Final 
(OflMIMMHul Ion of thr 'dt‘4l i- 
t.. »w lit tol ut lull Of j-rrt,iin tux 
protdems in Kngtand by the au- 
• «*i - attorneys 

ahd look is mailing proofs to key exhihs. together with data showing 
I w the periodical aids in selling thes»re tickets It is also outfitting 
Col salesmen with kits showing the mag' s penetration in eaeh territory. 


New staremphasix type Wlms on 
the U-i t»r*»duetr«*ii «« iiedulf m 
elude ‘Bend <*t i.*e Hun witti 

lay in the ienytng of “Ringin’ in the Rain’ at Metro is Irk.'* .to James a mm In II 

push bark the start of ’ Hut- klctw*? r\ Finn'' on the same loC. and Mdk* } Artbv ’ whm < • v !**•• k •• • t 
* 1-1 1 t f'e Wlmmg of Samuel Goldw \ n - H*»ns Christian . Ander- j * Againxt AN Flags. with f t > 

lime Ke!J\ wlR M th Danm Rave n I an but can t } FlynB. Town " with Ann 

m ft.. PMI . .. . M— — BB— IMIi 

going until he complete 1 in * H.un w 

'xirate muatcal sequent **s to shrint In gqik Finn caa't gift, bl ( Bbs." with Dan .Dailey 
m hednif. Metro may ask (Joldwyn to poatpnne ‘ Andersen/* now slated! 
to roll l>ec 1. with Kaye starring. 

Comp. to 

6 - 

Chaplin, Lloyd TV Holdouts 

j Daff on Foreign 

I oiitlnu+a lr.»m p.o 1 , 

better ** In Conner turn with 


« Milisura from past 1 

when he formed the Charles Chap- 
lin Film Corp. to produce his own 
Marring Rims Prior to that year, 
be appeared in p»x for Keystone 
l"anay and Mutual For three 

he urged the .ctling up of counter- 
\ parts to the Council of Motion Pic- 
ping hit initial talkie. Welcome | Ure Organ iration* throughout the 
Danger ” for anot hri round of the- ( world Patterned after CoMl’O in 
dating" Hut he h<> no in- tft^ (. 8 .. the tmdo ddlMlg M OOtdl 

Teakettle” Hater ' Vmi'rr In the 

Navi \«*x» and F -ortrsn 11<>uis 

Aside from the type of pi* Holly* 
wood' Is seeking, there are also 
le«.s«-r rr *s.,r»s lor the return to the* 
story marts One is that stud** 
shelves have been pretty moth 
decimated Pile* of stones that 
h»d a. cumulated Over the years 

i g lien ' 

wave tut ind studios sought t«iaioid 
biising / 

>■ : Hec o wdlv studios are makmfi 
m**re pix now than during the war 
and postwar year* Thirdly there's 
a generally better feeling about the 
tnduxtrx among the comp^nie 
Prssiuii.Kni has now turned to at 

m with »» 
tend »ftt desire to return |» morr 
show manly product Highly sue 
ccxadbl kooks provide the opieu - 
(unity to make big film* 

Stockholder Unit 

>♦ irs his two reel ers and feature, 


tcntion of making his library of country would be designed to im 

[old clients available for telecast- 1 prove public and trade relations 
mg * end contribute u r > neraliy t«* »»'»■ h« | 

IP ", - • of BU"’ t Keaton dmg the need for * rv h 

Kid ’ were distributed by another top comic of the 20 ’ s art * CoMh) in various global mmi's 

* i National, twit since 1W0 klS jgjit missing from; the TV screens said Daff. i* lW;yjd;,'igM^ ; ' d 

i»* eases have gone through Lnited ; These Rims were produced by Jo- misinformation in circulation 
Artists of which he is part owner *rph M Schenrk However, veric* I Some rxhibs. on the basis of er- 

«*f sound t vm*- i criers Keaton later ro tif i ffi repuH* of telex ision v rt- 

made for flducational are cur- ftctx on l S theatres, actually 

rcntly going the founds of the TV have been figuring on bowing mil 


Chaplina refusal to allow old 
vh-ntx to he steered into TV la not 
surprising He haa continually 
«*d down dealt to re-ivtug bis 
hid two-reel silcnts, including the 
t migu* “Shoulder Arm*/* to the- 
Duung the past m-vetd 
- however, he persona tl v re- 
"U«d "the Gold Ku*h" and City 
through LA. 

I ovd la virtually in the fame 
'NMttiony outright all of his 

GUi**a made since IflT, with me 
• l*tion of The Milky tsay " ;ti 
I . • - • 1 J i * * . : • ’ 

1B35, and the recent ’’Mad 
Pdncvday** which he made for 
1 Hughes Comediati 

• cr sold some footage of the 
t * r 4 ’The Freshman" for ihClu-* 

• ;» in ‘ Wednesday ’’ 

Rome years ago. Lloyd, who was 

• ruirully m partnership with Hal 
R*‘»rh in production of hi* two 
-ftd five-reel xilenta bought 'pit 
Hooch’s interests »n the pictures 

NT. Exhibs 

f ontinur* Irw* |»*«* 7 

well kg the N Y, theatre- 
men tic.** expressed enthusiasm 
f -( the proyext. partiruUrly vir>. < 
if would be a major factor in 
Hip coptinual nm uf ’Movictmi* 

Wolf son- TO A 

jog onMMtkagl p hen TV hit^ their 
respective countrie* Situationv ax 
- dklfl M outfit like COM 1*0 ro»i!:J 
correct Daff observes.. 

} General feeling Doff / encoun- 
tered abroad Tv th quality of 

Hoi’ yw'mmT ptx l» on the Upgrade.; 
‘ Hr xaid he heard comments to this 
effect , from numerous exhibs 
Daff next ttumth goes to l.ftftdon 
to att«*nd Odeoo Theatres and Gen 
rral Film Di vt» ibutorx convent i*gt< 

« onrtnu^S I«imW *4** 

pubitr relations. Lari J Hudson. 

I ruled Theatre*. Detroit. galMU. | 
legislation A Julian Hrvlawski 
Washington, D C state and local 
legislation Morns Loewenstein. 

Majestic Theatres. Oklahoma 1 it y 
lkm Sam H Krrbv. Little Rock. 

Ark. concession", Harold FlUger* ' 
aid. president of Fox W*i>convin j 
Theatres building and safety ■■ Kanx 
codes Henry Anderson. Lnited thst 
Paramount legal advisory council. 

Herman M Levy general tour >ei. heroes’ L’mon lo< aN in ( ofteyville, 
TO A. theatre equipment and main- had hi* b» usher shifted from pt 

Brother Fired 

r«atwxri Inf HP f 

The NLRR examiner SSid 
trial the brother N.rj faraway.: 
buxines* agent P*r IATSF *nd La 


N V exhibitor* already hold a 
lease oo tho Grand Central PaF 
ace hi the March date, hut at 
prevent l.«< k of fund* prt vents Hu- 
go-ahead sign It wav explained 
to (kg board that the exposition 
would be self-vupporting if p 
ent plans are carried out In ad- 
* lit ion to special h»*ot hv for all 
phastrs of the. industry, the plan 
rails for the construction of actual 
. v t ii<t i o s» t on whi« k ' m tpal 

xeene* would be filmed for the 
public Personal appearance of 
promim-nt Hoilywood stary al>o is 

The board pointed out that in- 

mmmm 1 aSltaie* tWW pa*' 1 «Ug 

shores to vote with the dK-oh-nta 
at linsi the management m |>e« »*m- 
Ivr Asked how many Share* the 
group might vutcv uu hiding their 
oia m and via proxies * hu h they 
4 * • hoping to obtain. x|H»k*-» 
■and “ plenty " Ifughes has U 2 U .tijil 
*,hage* fireenr and his own client* 
* »v i about MO.lMB cm In i >4 all 
Sinyifr- in the confederation are 
• » . -^5 ' » 

a In m» kio imn) and the out 4 >f iitwru- 
ei «) ioHild push it up mucti farther. 

Three new mem becs are its /be 
fleeted to the hr»ard ticeene griMip 
xifih i hand in naming them all. 
ft would compromise, however if 
i* (Xjaifd name one «»r two and Iho 
third man titRi felt to tie ».» 

(Y> Mftuttee which (ireene and 
hi- eohoit* afe now forming will 
< t»n-.i't.. v «»t tug .vtiM-kholderv ply* 
technicians Latter will include a 
real estate man, since KKO Tbca- 
h*v of course, large/, realty 
holilingv a theatre expert, and a 
AlUM ial ex(*ert < f ireene • 

Thf 10c dividend d**» t »r > d Uv| 
> .Vk A r Hie 1 11 « (I.! u- ' I' . ..« 
been in existence as an inde- 
l»«*nd* n| ckFpnration •»»*)' Mine l i t 
J.«r» I when divorcement lemi H»e 
pr«Miu« Hon dtstnfnitmn end )>'•< iggp 

effective . Greene group’s feeling 
oh the di\ \ \ h that it v » jv only 
an •eff.»hrt hyv'.tho-- managetr »>r..t *«i 
keep minor shareholder* ii.ippv *<f 
that when the new rommittee tv 
run to so! u.P prbxie- thev w^nT 
find Mich fertile soil in which tq 
ofierate *•,„*' 

Par Demands 

( •aUiaaeg f»a«» 

mania gers regarding 

asniinh Hollywood help is par- involving top 
tit ulaf iv tilled for »h -et constfu* n' V V , Ij- i * • •. 1 

flop ahd thf appearance of Marx tract x aTi •> • d*-i .» * 

and t»*( hii.« ung Coast toppers 
-.* ou'dVhaye to he ctinsultrd The 
hoard wiJl meet next woek to di- 
cus* the project further 

Kxhibitor delegation included 

7 hi* mov« waa modu lo 'prevent ttnance. Joseph J 2aro. NkakviUe; J jectionist to maibtfhknce mkn. lhgh Harry Brandt Leonard Golden »on 
* • him* from hitting the reissue film jubilee. Ram Pinanxki presi- got Kenneth ( *i * wav * 

union card and Jo*eph Vogel, who also *p*ike 

irket m competition with hi* dent TO\. Boaton. drlvg Ins Jack wrthdrawn. and Rnally had* him 
* n current releaaoa Like Chap- Brannagel ( ommonweaith The* fired » | SJSJSlKjifiSfl ^ 

L loy d plans to continue the- trex Kansas C ity" Th# examiner " report cited Md j l pin J* . * o^TJIlI^u ' 

•He re-release of hi* sound fea- . Convent ion agenda and list of fn-Oply fo* but atso^ the Coffey \ ille »ey BdWtr. J Robert Rubm 

* re* having Issued “Movie dustry leaders scheduled to address U>cala of ! \ TSK. Hi# laborer* and Spyro* Sk 
i.rary" several vear* ago for mod- TOA mernheix Iwi'* not >ct 

want a red md tun in >p> ( ' '■ 

rrdui t d o 'HMd < '*'"?**> wtl1 

.« the «H»-s V S - F 

when > 1* - r > . :.'**■•* r< r '•> " J » »• 

reai »i« d 

|\o cm re • • 1 mg- poll V »' • 
p.*H* d to hr taken uf when the 
■ . . v:i* into 

a three day N Y huddle with 
b o topper* beginning lonwirrow 


% •**« returns. He's currently prep- . completed. 

Tbuts > ■ A W Schwalberg vp 

Arthur Schneider d vales, will 

Painters aa well ki *ha C t r.tral S-m Srhn<*»d/r„ Jack. Cohn Juytc lepartmirpl fcMdo krk alkted 40 Mr 
‘Labor Inioo of the town^ 1 0 Hara and /BidhCy Scbreiber. ‘tend u 

m itMx 

It 1*SI 

Film Reviews 

■ (imi mi* • m 

fW HhIIhm 

I t rm 1 h* *e ail * fefcf * * Rft 

I « -,r -A fit »r V I »■ * 

| « ..i», vtjvn, T. i>v. to • • * 

,-V.' n r* '• h ‘ 1 

while dt .jipirii;* ll <*m her wwll* 
f i onlo • .r -fit. -I /*•«! buy | e> e* 
M, > * pewe-yet who did * di«> 
liRtfuifM M oftthe din n i*»r | 

•%•#*>' * h-rlatan; repeats her* l»* 
addition to n MfflJedi P*'t 

*fur vKV I:.,' i ru h dre# #ftl) 
effective niriiiJio It blndl »!»■ 

« mil} writ tor the ’Block Swan 

I writ* ml Ummmlimm Ulf» 

Minor remedy lor your 
%ei: good ripMUit#* 

number erth M« »ih 1. The *©ii|o- 

i(iiv tOmerdv'th* end, 'Ain I 
Mrakf' i% * really powerful 

V w« k : • :• ..••'• 

MiM Albergtw4'i ploys the frill 

y,,fin <i m pi » i .< »- ■»*.*. <( • *■«< 1 

I itr nni» »i hetorv tHf mirror 

plat inf oA |oi» and being grownup 
with Tot>y j« a high *pot os to thr 
ot pirt os# with her crazed 

i - r Her \mgtng it iM top 
tli suer : v 

■ . >f llHV|.V t-l ft** 

hf iMf* tlMn n t >»«* -•,.»> vet >.on »ri<! 

I I ■ te«. fine opportunity pi hi* 
i>t.tmmg moment* !«> portray the 

it aLo tup' i. 

, • . • •••■»*' I 

Wole to do » 
version. and • * 
iity of hi* • 

i-i»rtr.»v tue I 

i OuntlwO »< l<** mf I tlhrt MmDmi 

•AH.' t'OHHlMO r mnttv 

i i( o iwe.iti*. <,•!>•• 
r,+<, M.«*« * 0—0 Ot TrM *•» Otno* 

yiei Iiirtwl. |n<S »nw to - 

«4 •»» gOO Otl l> m O Vi|W»l» . 
0* • f»0p.«'»ioe«o. Moory . Ff »•!»«* to o or 

» > v •« l e«Ortl tirtntio MiOU 

H mO' Kr*« i*a*4. WO S. SI 

Mm - tlfug Um0. M Mint 

. . IrpMV irrt»H 


W «M w »iwi IW Ot AO n 

FotU Prod* 

Hiv* t o w n Mwf»» 

Nil*# *«> l*WtO«OHt 

i> Um ... MoOei—i ImWi 

rut .« *n liy f*w * * Otoe I 

•Oto Y, Horty T»W» 

loo , ... . . . . i ... Nolo* \ ofoo 

At. ... JOa Peoirtlo 

«m lit .. . i k<tln WOltfoU 

rilto 1 ««)»( ItUhtaa 

\f-tr ■ • . ... Jet* Nut 

Utmetro 01 og l tl« o *t«e*el 

i i 'Jay ioOO Otiirwt 

liuii U*o RwoU 

■■■^^1 l»hln| trip Hraun une the trua 
I'm tutor while they dodge i».., v . 

J One gets thf id»*g to rub out lus 
I lot Um -escape**, force Palontu to 

■ throw hr* upturning fight and eol- 

Im pi* gi, ore 

. ... .4 going os the heavy. dt»gui«ed a* 

■ Anne's widowed wont, has it ftg- 

■ j ured until . J<*e get* himself 
awn* our* | knocked out of the ring long 
ton poeel- enough to Ant*h ng the rroOh and 

, get hoch m ?«» t»ni*h off* hi* pug 
Opponent be lore the gaunt of IQ 
Imi*-* Vam li pot pi*u*it>le but I* »ut 
oo>tMi loOe* Ar lent I y inlet eat ing to SU release 
irCsy CheMta. intent todi 

r* n«o—i to joe Kirkwood Jr . Is s reason- 
r ewtwik f 1 »*t«toe. able f •< Mnulf uf Fnhrr i uilous 
kroc«w« MiOrOo charirter iiv mg Up to the physl* 
Se*« >• ** cal .require n.enU of the chafstter 
iMMe " SrrOM . J0| net Gleooon adds considerable 

an sms 



Model** Smwi 
tH«s «UMl 
Ho# » y T«to« 

. .. vuioo v««m** 

Mo O om rfu 
IkfflM WdltMM 
1—0*0 M«<lW«i 
Jot A Nm* 
I w4««o *<•>•—> 

>inoo spork os Knobby and C'sthy Downs 
JdOoo » *• * n * oreepu n te Anne Heavy 
Foiti Of*4* w. fadrqualetg' performed by 
>•— * Mw*vw* John / t e Brodte and 

hTt IHmi Har\e\ Sundry other riv< 

bus «— oot members aro okay id light de 
Sun T'W» ntarul* ^ 

|g oluk V 4 pJ a 

j*** d—hJh* Hegmold LrBorg directed the 
•rloo wunoaoo Hal k ( better prudu« tiou fog 
< * Wr Jofs'iTu* kttfnogrom. with Jan je If rigs doing 
de*w 01 — 1 1 the m i ipi ing from o story by f 
>**a Oeh**> Harold Karo ro.l booed on the 

fanat n it tn the part, he mokes a 
1 ** inpafhe'tc. credible Hugo- Ttii' 
emphaviA on Hugo, however, rvl* 
the role of 11 iw ile ref of morh of Its 
. power Brasaeur makes a tough 
<* ’id j.atein.«l Hi |* hut th -ugh 
he gives his character lots of guts- 
nral looks he doesa t ochieve the 
intellect usl stature tnd e*rn the 
p« rsunsl charm that made Charles 
K • • stage Hooderof impre«*ive 
Actually tiiUesliilld though Sar- 
tre may W his writing of the char- 
arter of ttoederer demand* S lace- 
Atled 11th Century gallantry which 
Brasseur manages to convey only 
. a*. Aahhv vestVIment The »< 
knight -without> armor versinn is 
, preferable both m the author s in- 
, tent and from the boiuifflte view- 
-ptiirt U ore 

B ogy Bistros 

i ■ nita««g from y . » 

I J* J 


l* » >a Auwrll 


l.envmg and other « Ttiim 

w His f l 

rta tied wffu 1 is M»e tain. Or when 
iWi'iiiisrdly a*lrep a* ttj(f medium 
UurtiH fvtm ih whin he rr«e|>* 
mi*» the i<o*Al w i >« re he' lra 4 »fw<i 
>/ .i a m mu - i .emurv V 
SuImh ( linair barf > ore also well ; 
■ r, .al ’ ;>»nd ' pt t fp r med mine h Hi ^ 
eilv !»•»»»• oiwl IV maid Murgan 
a apt 4-1 rl< ruled parent* ’ beeping 
i" n vr»(h th* jr «i*4'.iit#d mm 
' .. .. ’i Mil l and B«’t\-.» 

k i • i nner to the 

o • a« r > < ;..»«> hv m u * 1 1 

f>ri he* if i 

Of Hour add <<»ft ducted 
Tbcwn.iv %t hiipperV i* first rate 
Hatii am .I .iid in * t rumen! ai sroee* 
iu ueofl i Ik- vim tnd I r a< k favorably 
l Im -hows » iititlened . budyi*t.- 
without 4 iKraMsm of guahtv 


Hill* »l I la* ' 

• ■ ' 1 . "!i"# 

< mf \utr> la routine w' 
ern okay where *a tuner* are 


« >■. In* ui A i m.fi4 f.* « 

r <W iiiltH* Si.c, I.i n* v.wir* IHry. I«C 

I i >m«hi i'iita*» *i-« e» ap t oy 4— V»i 
. t>»«r4 tan Off > V* 1*0 U.tft Jl 
«’»«*erO.. W itliata Mi«a«..rH Mll«f . 'iicxf* 
|i n *s > V* v' 

M iiha: O MlSS 

'.r.»M4 Am'i-iV Vt«* Sony 

"I *•#*>*'»' c. — v. . 4>» polifam 

k«ffA *.Vur*H 



1 1 • im. a 
W >Onr 
A* a* lin 
Inga l'|». *»i .««! 
Vuiawt IAi*mM 
*"• , . 

btiM m » j 

IH cua Mai l, li 
(*•)«« Mftiyc 
ivmrr hU 
W it t m * l .« 
Mot if Uuin 
Krmir |*Hh«n 
M*f> | 

s Ml V«M.h 

t»* UnWi li 

(icnr Autry play* a “fnclnr <«n 
hor*rba«k ' in thi* new oat* upw* 
and aside limn »lightl> vtnwmg 
dow n hi s i wMputary antics and pat . 

if id his b.d lading to a minimum it 
difteev Uttle tioin previous Autiv 
h—n o pe ra s "ttilis uf l tih ’ alHMiid 
be an average draw fur Autry tan* 

Autry poitrav* a nHduo*lre*h 

out of m h«M»t riding right into the 
middle of a l cud between Mimr 
rop|«er miners and cattlemen ort*» 
|ng Out of « wp|«ri dredging that pol- 
lute* the stieams and kills thr tat- 
t e Autiv r»tahltshes a hospital in 
five rowbov * ummunity. u nco* rr* 
live teal sie'er of h'.s father. I* shot 
at hy ll h- mine-owner because i>« s 
blamed for hr* Mini death, and 
finally bring* the outlaw rafUemcn 
t«» just ue after a rip- spotting gun 

Yarn follows the ru«tutnary cow- 
boy Aim plot with a few slight v*rt- 
at M»ni H e .. cook who 

a* know ledges Willing the miner s 
s«»h and then stalks into the bla/mg 
guns to biitlg ih*wn the two 
men U nicely done by n illiam Kaw- 
rett Naturallv the story rings tu 
Hie slant that Autry munt give his 
srtvices in r* e rydin, M : #, ph v s i< ' i an 
no, mallei whuh side i* lo b>.»: *e 

Autrv who ndkrs big pet hot -■ 
Champion at the usual breaknec k 
|>at e. has several AM tights and the 

f. 11 tu!Mr. M*S y»e> » 

are * Happy Faster Day " which h 
dragged in foirihty and "Back to 
1 tah ‘ Fat Buttram. as the town « 
v p«»stjna«tcr. goes along on all the 
adventurrs as Autry’s ;• Sitlekit k 
Elaine Riley suffices as the usual 
stilled looker, while Ducina Marie II 
steal* the femme hdnois as a heil- 
' 'gi 1 1 il 1 rid lad nnslow Sttw ens adds 
son* to i> .light acting, pcrusual *- 
the mine owner. * 

(«« raid (fcraghly's sere* nplav i* 
rouUnc as is Jol.n Knglish > direc'- 
tron l^n'ihg vf William B'.cd'md 
is a highlight. , H « uf. 

I • Hrky of Gmolino Alley " see - 
Mftd m < oiumhia * sene* based on 
Frank O King romic st»»p. is 
a it at n i ly weak comedy, even for 
the Ww budget However it hao 
cia«d * . at ion pcUlMWirs, and 
due lu the large circulation and 
• pt.mce of the veteran funnv 
page teature; 11 spould have a pie- 
old audienc e. partK uioriy top the 

jove <1 ' 

>oe at i< mnadus of thr <ia-M in* 
Alley strip, all the major chwr- 
* that Have peopled rt for 
ye.n * .are inc luded in Hie p*c. | 
That > *n advantage, but a hut die 
... IA * hat the large cft»i flullm 
Ho u (W iling sc rues 

Miu \ h some W teat he*V) h .c tided. ' 

(hiHfy ft's the family* victvfi 
tudes on the moving in of Hope’s | 
t OI kv s Wife' Iliac k sheep (rtfein 
klwcMid, t-attei . a drijter and the 
Ha i on M im< hausen ty pe, w ants to 
-|H»nice cm the hailriv Most of 

, ’ ifnol stems from h i aidiij/ 

. - IM spoiTmg the kids* l>'«*ving up I tic doc • in 
i c»i k > . iiiii* 1 and final! w , * 

lifi Mi l Jil S K l wit ShOp with • me 
c hemu aJ pill* he hopes will triple 
thr octane lalmg of oicJmaty ga u 


he te.-ns a hack mjurv mi that he 
* .«n c c*ntinue hi* mooching , I .alter 
part of the |»ic concern* the ef- 
forts of Corky and «i*trr Judv in 
nowodl the unwelcome guest 
the re are 4 few brigid hvomenu 
Hut by and large it • dm k *t utt 
i - on tiling down from it* present 
Q<» minute running time eoutd help • 

Scotty Beckett Snd Jimmy C>- 
doo ri-ytsler well os Corky and 
W keens, respectively with Susan 
Muirow and Kay Christopher do- 
ing okay a* thrtrwivrs Ih»n Bed- 
dor ,.ml Made Ion M itc hel are v ast 
Va% l m If B alt and f*hv Hu. and 
Faff » Brady doe* A goc*d Job as 
Jmt> t ic*i don Jones pie 1 M »h* ft ob- 
novioos letative role ,\*cl! and 
I »t- k Wr*%el get* ovef the Fudge 

\|e kav 1*.'I t 

L« nsing and editing ate par f of 


technical .ci edits 



les >IaIan biles 

t boiled Month! 

<1 Rl At If i 

Vug 10 

i C HJ*»« 

'.-] < klMUl 
\ .*« 

I C Mnlru 

J Thi» 

kararter lots of nuis- helped up trade at other rooms, 
c dorsa t ochieve the Leon A Eddie s tn a marked buM- 
tat m re and even the ness upturn, had one uf its hr«t 
m that made ( banes weekends, with a strop* showing 
Horde rnf Inkpfpooivo pf lu midnight guest party on Sun- 
icntialiif though war- dap ’•> The rhumba addicts also 
is writing off he char- ib# Havana Madrid along, 
lerrr demand* 0 I ***- 1 ... ' " 

niury gdUitry w hick ’ . it tnation ^ would 

» ages to convey only ^ better, orerp It ant for tho 
vftment The Bcver difficulty in geUinf Uquor lie enses 
It armor v er Mnn is !• kme tppta Roeont hgivtation 
to m the authors m- by the Alconcylir Beverage Control 
n the boxoffite view- Board that A liquor license may 

Ha it not he granted until a spot has 

i ii il ii I i Vm no i i ■ boon' oporating for M ds\ » p a 

■ « g mrm stroight eatery la stymieing other 

" 1 • 1 mr * proapetfive openings. For e*ample. 

Be | •■RAkBF Harry Stmnman, former Operator 

ry Of e t —miry PrtosH of .he laitin C asino Fhnl> ha* 

lf||Nt Hi _ beoo dickering for the Diamond 

W ucweii * HnraoolfcDO. but doean t see hts w*y 

m» u*rc i*r i—rsMT* D*re«4»4 clear to atari without the neetp 

rt. 'szxZ' -o i»i«« “>»» 

lot*, fmaii* Lwn. This situation doesn t apply to 
I Fan. |pru.« a nai-a th< , ( ape. Opening Sept 20. 

riauOa tanM 1 fur which Latin Quarter bonifeca 
*•** >jm«t Lou Walters In producing the 

S s»Ti* sKv'/A' ,how * Beverage permit was never 

u«4«m« AchrU surrrtelrred by conresaionalre Abe 

| Ellin, who holds the title of the 

has won the French *pot There are also oome hihbies 

Ac>UC *1 \ CA ptm OcmCmmc f« 

Wio C UMf 1 *» 4 m NH'ik UC*e»l 

l*M M»rii*» ieswirs Ucrtitw 

Sr Rcatn Ot*»« v*io«eb» k» leaa 
Ml* friM* wvvel I* StfMMut c#M»M» 

1 H OwrM «44iwr. Oawlrcie *U*» rt 
Vi Vf«H* iiim f«M, pna* Simumm 

c*m# Its MMUt 

CUwOa ta»OM 

' K4r n I*t«mHhImhis rvlun »f CcirwaMi 
Intri yrMcMiluii sure fimt 1kr«M*M«r 
Pa**rf c l«r<i vutwr, ' > >» * «* * » 

• i.l»4 Sc RiifO' SioVyU- 
* .*■« Mk.«*, a - • n ■ Iti J*.*IC 

P«mI Mi'u yUV m4Ii1 i— I 4wl«4 S* 
WrfO t»««rri. J W»< iwWc Ai Mem 
MV 1*4 U*ri»«ufc f Kono. fw.S RdV 
mM Um># 1SS MIMS 

Hus* S*I1M 


Thr hiicr . 

SvdyfMi 4 

; : r>*fr* Si M«r«l 
l>*m»l C.cjlv j 
■ C Sues M S W 
Vln»...,w* Vflur 

Ja. VMM ( Mlf M . 
Scrrtl Andrr 
ClriMirl ( tWAWKl ' 

■ ..'"Statavct n-»»l» 

m* award even before relea*e and j 
has been demanded as ait entry in > 
the, \en»« « f ilm h «t cm r the ch- 
J tritons ' f thr directin’ A con* 1 
SrienttouV rendering of s literary * 
■Mldy uf (he spiritual angui'h of a 
vuunf priest, the Aim haa , 
[ poddetwus dignity Made with taste i 
^nd 'reverence pic I* slow -moving 
but imprv salve. Its suhfec t and as- 1 
j cetif approseh make this likely ] 

'.n»v f • ; r spre ".i! »u,t ’ l l. * slotting 

K Dp't 

Future will need tadful csplolta- 
lion and spotting.: Word-of- mouth 
and ertx should help it . T 

Film u*et the thnce-told meihc*d 
to concentrate on the internal t 
struggles fur the ailing, anguished 
priest ft show* his entries tn the 
journal, underlines it with # hi* 
voiiMMpi.e* ’add t h e n shows Ik V 
‘through image* This lc-adv to a 
Mow pace, but leads to an imprcv- 
vive effect a* the priest suffer* the 
hostility and misunderstanding of 
the townspeople. Suffering from a 
nev'cre stomach ailment, H* s«b*i*t* 
on hread and wine The hostile vil- 
lager* soon take him for a drunk* ’ 
ard All his attempts to win the t 
ctmAdence of his dock lead to 
falluie cvrei>« in the eyes of the 

There was narv a rlaitmr from t . 

•*»/*«» **4 SrH_y W— «..f<l ( ” 1 „ '. ho , 

STf 1 *^ “* W£ iftli V tanro.l aM 

Sartre* l At* Mam* Sale* off to a 

siHcesMfui Mart This *uppci«rdly throdttl Linm 
*mti K« d Aim about the inner work f „ i-*, 

•rig* of the Caw*e must hay* found Uvf effrcCns [ 
the comrades tightly unimpressed, hostility and 
for it lacks the sip that it* Amrr»- th , t ..wn*prop 
CIS *'Aff twin Keel (.Jove* kdi 

Hat tie i this rdtf«4«n follows stodg- un hrra(1 aod , 
«lv the c.ffui dly-Wes**^ sUge v«r- Ug ^ u 

stoto of Jean-Fau! Satire s original. 
and the camera, fa Mated too i ronffch nre of 
nuuh by rloseups, fails for painful ( Al | ulr evcci»i 

for (a Martinique, but Its license 
statu* is speculative 

The effect of th# license curb 
on current cafe ops Is one #f 
optimism, howeemr They hold that 
it limits the held to the extent 
that those currently operating can 
virtually he assured of proff table 
going lor the time being >’ 

The three months starting Krp. 
tembrr are regarded a* the be-t 

need tactful exploita- ; time of year for cafe men This 

years openings according to the 
operators, are above last *ea*cn s 
level and indicate a good year. 

Venice Prizes 


minutes lo give even the tu d.m. n (Ula , r %hd understands kia MRefy 

•loe Falooka la Trl|»lr 


* tonal depth of the stage 

I Hough the names- of Pierre 
Bra* «our and Daniel tic I in nvag 
prove some w hat attractive in the] 
art circuit and an additional hoo*i 
i% conceivable in evpIoiliAg Sartres 
name and the anti-CommuniM as- 
pect of the Aim. there are enough 
stretches of a parochial kind ot ver- 1 
hot fencing cm which the camera 
»* virtually moiM.n lrss> to cause in- 1 
terrM to flag and to itntMir the 
chances of ’ Ire Mains Sales’" for 
wide r diftininitmn. 

Told in Aa*hhac k. the story deals 
with wartime resistance tn an un- 
named Central European country 
and has enough actum to keep a 
Balkan armament factory hum- 
ming that r« it the action were 
; welt- paced Hugo, played by Geltn. 
»s an litekiistic >oung Communist 
{who still believes tn political v»r- 
1 ciiiitv and has tome to believe that 

nal suffering 

to ensttoitl a 

has tancer 

lie leaves his parish 
doctor and Ands he 

Eat, Mon Roysume’* '“The Night Is 
Mv Kingdom**!. Named best ac- 
tress was Vivien t»elgh lor her per- 
formance In *Streetcvr ” The*# 
thesptng laurela are known as the 

| Giuseppe Volpt prizes in honor of 
the Veniee festival founder. 

I Award for the best see nano went 
to The Lavender llill Mob ** a J. 
Arthur Rank Mi< hnel Balcon pre 
ductmo which T. E. B Clark# 
wrote In this clf**ifWati4>n n«» 

series based on 
I cm support ing 

There hat been a weekly net of 
about SIOOUO consistently for the 
past 13 weeks, on gross rentals 
which have been Qteadily hitting 

It s re- 

g rtsnw ginity and has come to believe that 

necr'MU i* t he mother of aassnstoup ( There has been a weekly net of 
its** Min tm ,rri.. llutt , Ad H#f rrt*ry to Red. C'hirftam about >10 out) consutently for the 

Er*JSScS i'tjl r/iTrr;* '* m ~S!i *? saa *ssft 

* \ 5*> snv-l Ki el r«< turn to bump off which have been gteadiiy hitting 

1 , his boss in the name of revolution- ov „ $330,000 per week, it s re- j 

.... - c , , ary purity. Hoederer. it seems, has ' rt _ d 1 

. ;s=sr :b£' Ji>r ISSJZ W «« «*. 

> - — • < i*-.. ** <•«•** !*•**»• . cal leaders of thnr country against I bra ve.*r % operation is concerned} 

>< ik.o Hoi' ii,,, \ A .|« U the fort the company has no 

, tiSA *- :? Tl» Aim «Mn«r.1r. M WlWr- r.rty tTSSt Ldrr .hr 

u .r «-rv. Km . .14 s~ «• ating the character of Hug# and the deal by which Eagle Lion Classics I 

L tXr fc r,i 1 resume for hudrlve to assassinate * *« acquired from rathe Indus- ) 

• eU seat; s, ll ncMUiwta »u*e. is There •* I l»r voung c ub » desire for lues. 

M, rV vu. Jta* uws.,-wi Jr • *o all weight v problems Purchas# prtce Included a pay- 

* ‘ ' ^ . There U a feeling of inferiority for m -. nl th( avunuin n..t iku 

Director Bresson has ruthle**h division ia mode bHwien story snd 
stamped c*ut any incuieni not in screenplay, V 

kceping>*tth th# mood and feeling Prize for the best'' camerawork 
of thrlyoung priest. The camera was carried off by L. H Burel for 
the priest for mtermin- his Imsing of *Le Journal * Award 
able^ T os e upa. All f sects of hi* m th# best nit bracket was won hy 
character and reaitnm* are fully th# Brltuh made * Murder in the 

f i l m! •* •SeaSHlc****'* «MW Fin -r.riMv.1- 

‘•n keeping wtih th# mpod. Editing ’ 

help* m.vmt.m the slow, inexorable l * lh# mu,kK <ale * 

! Mcr Film may border on bor e d om , *°J' „ rwcu. a-. ■ 

for general run* and w ill need a lot * ’ C ritirs Asan., whose tom* 

of pushing to gel the attention it ** rt Present at Venice customarily 
deserve* Mock. distribute their ewn laurel* #t the 

[conclusion of the voting for offLul 
| I > ’ > *Hval prises, mere deadlocked on 

111 w kiP*s . ■■■'’ “LO Journal** and the Japanese 

UA Deoems * , Rashomon. , * ; Tbo O. C. I C,, a 

1 '■ - 'i ■ ' _ Catholic, reviewing group, ac- 

Cso*ioo#d Nwm ps«* t aaJ claimed *‘L# Journal ** 

UA Benefits 

t om mu*# fr*ss ps«« 


I ■.)«*. i*»#.c. -.••* . 
CgHWO ; 

K • - * m h 

\ . 

' ■ *-«■-) 

1 ah I *■ i 
. I. i «#»iM 


:M - 

***»•.# HSIid 

B • f * * f I i i M M ( 

There I* a ferling of inferiority for 
t<;o»Mw iw*** his ariktrocralic W kcruund There 
- * m *l > j is hu sense of puerility before his 

K lUr^ mf* t craving fc*r excitement 
ku(r n«*u I Drvpite the fact that be is un** V' convinced by itoedercr * opportun- 

US Oct Be i ^ Tin* i« slated lo be the aerie* 
j i! brrjkm k w moup for Monogram s group of 
Aghts and thr* programmers based on the Ham 
H’sju-.f M ’ n v* y ., , com ic vtnp It i srs the 
►ay which 

rwnrse *cf by Its predecessors and 
and "Back lo wu| «.-tveHs purpose as low crews# 
as the town * s^iri 4 ) 

** °* *be vome of the edge may He taken 

I nt re 1 * 1 r»c young c ub* desire tor 1 , ir ». 

a short cut lo all weighty problems purchase price included a pay- 
I here ts a feeling of inferiority for : rnent of $300 OUO. but this is not 

wife s craving for excitement I w !l hi no 

D esp i t e the fatt that be is un* rei J u,rr< * * hu • , 1 ; hrrr * be no 
convinced by Hoederer s opportun- emth this yfir such as * 

ism. Hugo is drawn to and enh- 1 m lffbt have impaired chanc es of 
quered by Hoederer's personality Amahing the year in the black. 

It 1 * only when Hugo's wife Jes- * — 

sica a frivolous voung thing In this High Court Review Feasible 
version, is he self drawn tp Hoed- Chicago, Sept, ll, 

en r that 1 £**£** Feasibility looms that major Aim 

conviction to shoot his chief down mcii 

in fold i>lo»d In d>m«. H<wdeirr , nrr^r m. rt rl, 

-ly t*»d>n. from a ««.rny STlSmftM^TMiMnii!?^ 
script, does the noble thing in try- Milwaukee s Town# Theatre an- 

-ng to absoiv c» Hugo He ascnlH-s * ltru *' ,n, ° ^ ^ Supreme 

tHe act in a-JustiAcd iealou*v Court Although attor nr %s for the 

l • 1 mat riy. Hugo Ands that his majors are not prone to Mate either 

party mentors and fellow-plqttert ***- »® *PP**1 te Circuit Court 

Bddie'ssASES ,,m - Hugo is drawn to eM con- 
sul t w*n«. * ■ quered hy HOedrrrr's personality, 
tert ^ ** only when Hugo's wife Je*- 
i up rn.h v»ca. a frivolous voung thing In this 
H»»a w «rw*ft version, is herself drawn tp Hoed- 
• en r that Hugo Ands the necessary 
- the serif* conviction to shoot his chief down 
• group of tn cold blood In dy ing. Hoederer. 

L H Doc’ Merman I 

, (<«UhH Item page 1 atfj 

isphere rights and BAP the eastern 
hemisphere. As part of the deal, 
unit will provide services of Mi** 
O Hara as star of st least one of 
the pie. -u 

Femme will also play the lead 
ia "Paradise ** a cattle yarn to be 
shot on a ranch ia Hawaii. Chit 
be offered its facilities for 


Merman and Nsseour have been 
In Europe on the British deal. 
They are expected beck, tn New 
York over the weekend Merman 
will bead for Honolulu as *oon as 
distribution and financing on : Par- 
adise’ are set. 

Met Adding 

cdiitSc »ei by It* predecessors and ing to abeolvn Hugo He asuibrs '! tru * 1 int o the t, 8 Supreme p< ompted the special teur- 

"**I *-*rve Its purpose as towefcas# the act te a- justified icalouw jCeKix. Although attornevs for the company this season, 

’ l m mat rIV Hugo finds Lis msjnrs are not prone to state nther Guthrie, better known as a legit 

w e „f the edge m.*y be taken party mentor* and fellow -plotters »«r en appeal te Circuit Court director, haa staged operas before, 
woer bv Vidro * *« remmg h tv e Sw trhed to Heoderer’s poltrv jurats la*t week was nixed by u. Du » o* a ••Carme’n '* amon# 

.it utmft entries u i*> 1 .-,- ^■ 1 -. -a- - u^i ■* mu " im ^ 

*ome ( writer ggntnes in the line and th^t he is now eonstdeird Judges Major. Kemer and Finn#- «un» , « 0 rks for the Sadler s B elts 

cries Initial trVcasting of an guiltv of having assassinated a re- gam iSEL cl il eTh^^Jitn the Did 

rarfy entry occurred in the L A. Verrd party leader. Now that it Hi* .i.ernailve f»r th* Aim ^'1 SJl 

1 thi* week and others will be t«»o late fur k# in hr executed Only alternative fur the Aim vie vine# leas, baa diretted Shake 

»« ho*. ni wimji, llu,!. i . , , u t’h.Xii< “’«• wrv <►« •*« (ft . i|mm pradurtlea. at SU-WtaM- 
I’— -u-k. tn InrinuU . *ri(id»r- .n r,.i,„n* Ihit M , V*^*e»** w *h* £** •* «" ''«>• »«• P«J ®n cU>Uc*l pt*>. 

und a situation t a- . deal ink power and not with prin- w * W OOD damages to the Town#. } in Europe and Israel. In l»4d he 

Siwif# Anne end m > pie |itn«e, the title Soiled Kecent plaintiff iigverses in ahti- i rtaped bis wife's adaptation of An- 

Kn»bhy i .mapped hy cm aped Hand* n literal tran>lalmn, trust rases over the nation may dreyev's "He Who Gets Slapped' 

1 com Hts while icturiung Hum a i « i n l suff iciently spur an appeal to a higher courL I for Uie Theatre Guild in N. Hr. 

COMPO Problem 

VVim W ■ I 

Idate' to Get 
Stulis; H-Cs Plus 

That distributors are giving new 
empha»ii to tradr*how mioT”t tr 

CNliaaH ham Pat* 1 «■■§! |m t »«itew»g fr«a M*« > , ■■ ■■ < 

1 jh* I That distributors art giving new 

M* <r r* Jil*' JT".h. r . t mmmhmSvimi J™ * .« m~ *r 

rtlMPOt helm not that a him jv ■ . .... Ifawsar and Inwtmr Coca i Hs 

<* rt moanv topper 'Deplnet of course. b '*fi* r P»* »** further *hown hu% Krn ^ urray show" and NBC a 

trZSmZ&V ASSlI plant MOf UKO and ; "H.» ' rn ™ ilM " 

_ Mrtre <•*» ttutor Wto^» * 

Whether O Donnell want* the |* Blue Vetr and ' Behavb Comedy U u 4 convention .n 

port c o uld also dj ocA fl r the next ran- > Yourself HKO't Ant tw.u- fro i h$ T n . > t of the Town m )0 No\. I to get that 
< l .te s selection AS general mat. (he Jerry. Wald and Norman who h- ei.cve t 1 SuHivanL'id at inward- 'a 

!r risssa arm u.h to AH«o Suit Names 16 Cot 

. >jt and Imogene Cor a < H> j Minneapolis Rcpt 'll I 

Nortti Central Allied* head* will 
yse their influence at the national 

And 51 Individuals 

*y to bend I .q„ mr If corporation* and 51 in- 
•till better! dividual* were named defendant « 

ager of Inlontlt# ThaatTf*. iargetl Kraana unit will hr shown to et- gur«U Una Horne Robert Merrill ■ . wiahoe dearer ol *n a treble damage antitrust SUIt 

chain *n the southwest. he hat been hibt foe the H*o*t pert onl> at aM Mini B**n*ell CBN i »*d ' .. [ brought In Jt Y Federal C’nurt last 

efetng much of hla time to hu pal unroll preview* in theatre* thi' w, : < v» w m with June Ha alien* througho. v Left. ?■ < »>.»rles \ Km and 

la* headqdartera Taking over the mpn (h Fix will he shown un g u e « t't n « t'H^ Thu Ip Blww fn ll ,hr ‘ urrmt ^ jfg\n Cf ** tiuvh ea for the 

t »MT»q operftlnn jeetdd require heralded, eacepting at eenr» inmg Buvineaa'’ ahd ARC % 1‘aul White- bulU tin which urge* «» many gMg «prrir..M «*f the Tivoli 

ganch* wert In N. Y Thia rouid the theatremen. who will h#\* re man Shew Member* aa poa* 'innn wri to re- 

■reaervl pcahl em a. aereed e e et a / , . PM |i enhH> > v rnoon aaw Kate make their presence i»*it tn »* 1,> r#Vrr |7e2 jg| from t nn.-d r*ta* 

■ Real COMPO preay will b* rre art for the Parts Theatre N Y Smith ti turn to NBC while that reaped mount Theatre* Paramount Pie- 

named by the board at * meeting god the Carthay Circle. I. A evening Robert Montgomery came The bulletin declare* that north | V ,^ HhO 20th Poa. Warners and 

vet for the Brat week in Decembff. M-O ka ont to Inenre maatnmpn hock with hla hour dramatic show west eshibttors mu*t attend fired (\,i um bia 

It v reported I>eptnet has about de viewing of its Angels in the Also, France* Langford and I*»o with the determination to light for fn fr ndant componiea. the c»»m- 

ttded on a nominating crmunittee c>ut AwIM" via a sked of 42 screen- . Ameche statiedr a new crosa-the- recognttlon Of meflon, pjetMres as , -|n , M9mtr \ % violated the antitrust 
but He hat yet to identify its mem- lw ^ |j| eOdilion to the regular 1 board hour «n AIM Monday the fine*! entertainment to be hag. gy conspiring to discriminate 

. trade shows The eft r a non-es Neirt weekend wlllaee ooaddi and to reatore the busin em to Jt e Tivsllhtp 142i to IMd 

Task of nHio^ the^l st v p l showings are designed for (hid returnees, but Milton Bert# rightful position as the most profl tg regard to clearance and product. 

*0w occupied by M ayer . may he the convenience of the theatremen. femes bwk the foliowing^Tuesday able of them all Path** te get girt tarot from the 

less dinicwit There «i tome teeting who wou )g not he too likely to el- •liidlo One * goea beckon ’ A preview of the forthcoming gee diatribe until gtm 10 aeveo 

that Incumbent "’ey . ** tend the regular tradeshowing In- Mimday < IT*. Kate Smith atarts a convention, given tn the bulletin, months after the fltim were first 

into staying on dwpite fu* present V (( a n ong gon# out to non*M-<« new osc hoyr variety show Wed- ,,*(*» provision will be made for available allegedly cost the pialntlfT 

thiHjghts on resigning. accounts aa well aa the company a nesday ilti and Rudolph Halley, the disvussloo and solution of their losses of fltg.uoo 

ONpdF post month* Mayer ha* j^ggigj- customers i Congressional crime investigataMr. praklimi by eshibltors at clinic* un of sotUtdo p roduc t the 

heto. unhappy with the lack of j begins a new show Crime Syndi- to be held every morning * Waldet* charge, forced the Ttvolft 

tupporl fivrrt thf ill I f^Cl VISt out | ^ alwil ** am Tuosaiou t ftfti iXo# Kttg ^ a kmm.0 a * IA uow# i» trinae* bin sort t ha ft * af . 

At. He threatened to eait frequent* 

i. hut always was influenced tc Hal Wtlker Mu«<t Pay r ; listing Of ihour* returning to \h* irTVmOlfotiSowhere rmf eu-lalrefeh the jmnse earned oeuf 
remain. , , . ( *»r and n* w *hows going on in g|wn of , n< 4 manager will be invited 1232.000 Rut. the plaintiff ti u»*eet 

v apparent Mayer has Lm Angeles. Sept. II JJB m days • - picture intend the theatre was comyr 

undergone a^ change^ in attitude Pauiine Nightingale Deputy Lo- Another encouraging sign to . ^ B lh hi# theatre ju*t ahead »« *hrtl out ITT.iA# 10 dividends 

leading to the possibility that he boc Commissioner ordered Hal L. Aim men with one eye on TV was , h| . (g ,j rr , M vjnt he has just to Par Enterprises They a*k thgt 

may continue The widespread and Walker, screen director, to pay the fact that theatre grosses rr . urnri j from the Allied cunven- this sum be returned Number of 

vigorous e«hii> cooperation toward g2 2*4 32 tn commissions to Hslism weren't jarred at all when roost to* . s m York and lhat while subsidiaries and afAHatrs of the 

" 'Movietime has had a particularly Cooley, agent, thereby upholding coast tele became a reality last ( h * rr he saw aome of the new mo- defendant diatnhs are named de. 

heartening effect upon Mayor * the validity of a contract drawn up ‘ week with s Prealdential speech hm piriuret which be will he pn>t fendaota aa urell aa ofAcen and 

Weutd E&sri Aid Ptedga on a termination at witr basis from the Japanese peace confer- | f ^fg to % h<>w in hi* theatre Hell dlreetorv 

li * thought p ro b able by some Walker held that the coetract was m<» in Han Fran c i aco , name the pi< * ires and their traitors . ' - — — *- — 

In the trade Mayer might consent fMdhacjnae It failed to specify the Wllft follow a* part of the Movie STRIVE GETS UTF.MSI0R 

»N wdh COMBO if there s a length of term as provided by the IRDFE HORROR PIC r t SA campaign es Ws-aUwOiOii Seal ll 

piedg* of continued support from Adminiatratfvt Code MoHjrwoOd. Rept ! 1 plain. . ^ Washington . rt » 

•A# U' ‘ ill* I r n uj. ,[ rated ’ on Tuesday » if* <SOe b«»* cons ent ion's unique uno a tejfw ommsewmi 

At Yl III 1 RCt l.'pnela; M Television section for complete ' WAUne will .mount im.ipriw^ lb IW7 In 

mm m mm m mm mm ^ . * . » . - » . s X * _ ~ * s_ — f*m ** ■ w m, m m • • I. ^ ^ » w . ■ _ _ -O 

oblonw hp exhibitors at clinic* Uri of iun »ble product the 
ba held every morning Walder* rhargr. forced the Tivoli 

tine of the r«mv ent Ion * unique Into a 1* ve-»r partnership with l*ar- 

10 flay with COMBO If there s a length of term as provided by the 

pledge of continued support from i Administrative Code 

0)1 of the out At • member group* 
He'd likely take a holiday of a 
Couple of months, however be 
fore resettling in the 1st v p a 
spot ■ 

Deputy Commissioner ruled lhat s e w indie company. Bergoc Bro 

lion pictures Which be will be prlvl- fendant* 

leged to show in his theatre IteTI director* 

name the picture* and their tr slier* 

will follow a# part of the Movie- SCH1J 

time V 5 A." campaign Kane r* 


' failure to apM'ify length of larn jlMthm started it* Arst picture; pig ( 
of th« Contract la not material Tarantula ' a horror Aim. On the \ 

p on C opper Salvage 

Washington. Bepi It. 


W ashl nglon. Sept 1 1 . , 

Schine theatre chain has been 
granted an ritenaMm until Sept J\ 
to unload seven theatre* in accord 
an re with it* antitrust decree Th*a 

•■•p swv»»s W%1 mm I 11 gfHUlA I r*«Pl I VI *01111 UM * ’ »* U . 1. ..jl , k. <(k | II . 

fore resettling in the 1st vpa where testimony of the artlat estab- Chaplin lot with Herbert Tevoa dl- * _ . sn.e with it* antil fuiM de c 

spot luhes that it was terminable at will recting. OuiAt orgamred by O. W AH aegment* of th** film “’do* i\ v* the second estepaioa ajvrn 

Only name offered by tradester* and also wai terminated by him iVrkin* and Mefvin Gordon b lm J srr C'wprtgini in lie Aivc tauvr v, n»r to veil t'»r\c nuuNk OrlR 
*fbf the job. tn the event Maver is subsequent to procurement of hi* mg up a program ol l •** Inidiet toppwr drippings tr-.m projection , inal deadline was in J 

determined to Imw out. waa that con tract of employment with W ah I exploitation Aim* carhofia to kid national eopper sal The seven B»m theatre 

of R ah ert W Coyne, who now Haien Inc and the rendJUan Ftrw p is Anantvd privat.* v»ge report* Nathan I ) « a group *hr l 

arhon* to kid national copper sal The *even him theatre* are In* 
vage. reports Nathan D Gulden, di- eluded In a group the circuit la 

es aa COMl»< » v special counsel 0 f services by the artist manager ' ’ l> with a release outlet te be rertqF of the .Motion pti i - *ed to get rid df d«< r»g the sec* 

He's been in Industry organisation Superior Court has agreed to sought when the feature I* com graphic product* dtV»**on of the Na ond year of the three year divestl- 

work since he left aU S Treasury hear Walker s appeal 
Department post at the end of mmMMMHBMMHHMMI 
World War II, having been esetru- j 
live director of American Theatreg| 

Assn and its successor. Theatre 
Owner* of America, before joining 

Incidentally, unlike the pre*> s 
post , the job of 1st v p is appoin- 
tive. that is. named by the presy 
and then subject to b«>*rd approval 
COMBO president is elected b> 
the board directly. 


tmnal Broduction Authorit* 

lure program 



• w v 

Clearance Blues 

Ctosiisw* from page * ; 

pi« from Arst -run to subsequent 

Will Be Lom Timid 

While ther* » little chance the 
C Miipanu-s w:lj make any substan- 
tial effort to widen present clear- 
aners it s apparent Jhey will be 
less timid in handhng future exhib 
(requests for a moveup of run. 
Heretofore there ha* been an Incli- 
nation to bending over backwards 
when theatremen demanded an ear- 
lier run. OutAts have been plenty 
burdened with lawsuits and made 
•very'effort to pacify exhibs via bet- 
ter rlesrance breaks rather than 
risk further court bouts 

Fact that quick playoffs ha* im- 
ISored- bu'ines* has hern stated by 
some exhibs themselves Leonard 
t. -ldehx.n president of lnit«*d 
Biramoupt Theatres recently 
no( x »-d under the present system a 
t> c c.m play an entire atta *<» 
quickly there's insufficient time 
for word of mouth to build ahd the 
i ampaign to sink in 
At*o proving detrimental i* the 
irw’i'. •; *ed number of^l-jv* pla\ 

‘ ' - * <*n , firm neigl.lKM h<H»d-run 

hoi* Angle here i* that the pub- 
i * '• « i y»m >i*ondmelv dccrM'v'd 

number, of Aims from which t* 

same film is p' 

1 !| v r -<» many homes 

v-rfcs f Uniication 

I -o* Aft fide* he pt I t 
l ■ i t uj H *n and • • •: a 

t n of s, \t*ral statement* ifa Judge 
v yhkwgch-'a - Fanrhon It Marco 
bnkMon hav e been requested h' 

’ ■ ’ * r j Mitchell, attorney for 

■ i * m ■ . 

In a li-ttfr to the Jurist. Mitchell 
«Wig inaccuracies appeared in 
’ •• opinion where irst-iiin the- 
•* "* were identified in L A He 
‘ • questioned Judge Yankwich s 
s dements on first ruh theatre* in 
. a -f rounding towns. 

- : . . v 


You U i«) Uonna Ree«J is truly radiant 
when you see her close ups in “Satur«la\’s 
llcfo.” Her lai * h>* el y Completion is 

flesh as a flower ! 

**Hcft*» my Lux active lather (a ial,** 
the aaya. “I pat the rich lather on, 
working it into my akin like a clean. 
Then I rinsc-flral with warm water, 
again with stimulating rohl. I pat with 
a aoft towel to dry. ''kin take* on frr-h 
new brmity T’ Try this daily Lux Soap 
care that lotely screen stars depend on! 

• \*> 

. k/x i 

r > 

^ V 

I y . 


A Sidney ftuthman Production 

9 out of 10 Screen Store use Lux Toilet Soap 


12 , mi 


Clips From Film Row 

_ out tbit ittfAdinci at 

* l'ummoft«o)th i conventional iis* 


Bcvgrty OH. formerly n staff 
of (ho (VII hiburilwo. W«M 
( oial oftke yuiped Tilth lot it 
N \ a* Un i‘ ’itirw iuntitl. ef- 
fective Sept l Nh# wit! «mk 
with Hoiorfl fl«<Vf, chief of 
N Y ma# department 

Paramount mirlt the 25tb oft* 
«f it* brain h office iM 
i with * n<e|il|oR *Wl dinner 
to hr hold m Havana Sept. 15 At- 
t ending from N Y wilt be prcgf ] 
Bainrv hull bon mild loryign dr 

r a tt»n* n» « *»rf l.rorfe Weltner 

.oner, l>ft<wUHy . •** Km* 

h<-me<tftu« rep in Cuba when t-he 
bt am ft up* nr ti i n IM6 

W ill > olrn handling publicity 
for 195 1 Theatre Owner* of Amer- 
ica tooventum ohd trade .show at 
Hotel Asto N Y Sept. 23-27 
lUrri Bur^ri Warner* adverti*-. 
fog manag* r lot the htUburph 
tour named dt*tn«f manager to 
*u«rc« <1 Janii < -.f m man who wx*; 
transfer* id to district .nanager of 
W -u n< a F.ngiond Theatre* 
Ja* ipir* Kahn formerly assist ant j 
to It u reer take* ever a* advertis- 
ing nuniifrr and Ptul half, man- 
ager of tt.r ► n right Theater. Pitt* 
bur eh ha* h* en assigned to iuid 

Lux Filin* ’ Hitter )>he *b»h 
remit I > i Iom <1 a hoik run at t « 
World Theatre S > MU a half 
dewen r*nu»t* in the N Y. metro- 
Amtitan ana MtMHla* > IT* Some 
70 hnuM'i of the I Kil Skouras, 
Brandt. Century ami J A J U*ops 
will o|>en the Italian import dav- 
and date ' National Legion ■ of 
Decency fa*d, mouth t hanged the 
film « rlasslf U atlon Imhii " inn- 
d o wned to B" 

SpeilaMv I'li tui e* ('nip . h» adi d 
h\ Jules II Will! %*-t distribution 
deal* on 10 hrw Timwtxi feature* 
tn 13 * »r han«e ana* Among the 
pie ere “"itlidfl " "Caged Fury’ 
and . f ear m Night * 

I to branch manager la Seattle, *u« - 
reeding Cao f Rt TleW aide , ie signed 
Republic n vending *ix him* into 
national release in the neat tour 
*io- starting Sept i i with 

lla % ana Hose. ^ followed in order 
by “Adventure* of Captain F • hi an 
The Sea thunet *’ tab W a*< n 
Train 'Itailli if C«it«ntr, and 

Honey thi)# “ 

do«»r * he • tree It up nearly 
dme-mt the figure It 14 ( un* 

mon wealth Oeserthele**, ha* con- 
tracted for installation* of l#l#vi 
•ton equipment in curat it it* thro* 
tree ' V v"-' • /' 

Picture Grosses 



Jerry FcinlR. Paramount 




Jimmy Totoian Fne dutrot 
m *nni*r for WB elevated to the 
NeWr England tone as avaiatant to 
Harry Feiaaletn oho «u until re- 
cently bead boob* r and buvrr fur 
the circuit here Henry Burger 
head of public it> for Warner*, 
lake* over l ot man * old berth , 
with Jack Kahn, prevlpuxly Burg- 
e t % t hi« f aidt, ro*vyii into lug 

I .H le Nvigvrl on*- t ime Par di 
vision Mad and recently l < 
ho** in WiOiinftnn mined RK<> 
a* a salesman for Main tint tern 
toty ‘Altoona and Johnstown 
Soigert succeeded m Waahmgton 
U> Art Levy, fonnert) with Colum- 
bia and C A tn Pi tte burgh 

Ct«Hpt Thee iMitnuTn man* 

' ager of the f'olunibia eei hange 
but mil May on a* sale* t hief ee- 
c hanging jpkli with Ja«k Judd 
who move * up to the Su t ' fob. 
j Hiatt Bro*. cinruH promoted 
A J f'annan to manager of 
I ..kru.H»d S Y. dr tse-in - For-. , 
merly *ur*tan(- then ( ktman *U« 
teed* Ku«*ell l.unette, who rr- , 
sign* d ■ ,| 

Olvmpkr In Verona reopened un- 
iter the new ownership of Ram 
Pluti' wh«»**e Min Hill, mil man- 
age house 

Ja« a lamge resign* d his *ate* 
tub with Bepuhiu ta go Into in- I 
suiance bic Ja« k Scan) lurnu i i 
iv on Main Line foe K« p tt an*- i 
terred to West \ irgimg territory , i 
which lamge pre* kously covered j 
» Max f.dgell and B ft Wi ilium* { 


chief; w til ' be gUOM uf J 
: honor and p« *»* »p*l ypeaker at 4 9Wm 
faint* meeting d Hub’i M < Uih f 
and film indostry leader* at Hotel 
St after Vp* » Hi* topic mil be 
' Cnbioe Men handiaing with Mo- ! 
lion fMkfM 

Herman H Hurt .Hub * M«morra.n 

distrth ho*te*t some emhiba at a 
cncbt ail party «h Hotel Bradford in 
h«»nor nt Walter W anger who«e 
film* will hr n leased in the future 
through Monogram and Allied 

Marne the "German *hfphcrd 
dog. featured iih i ; ni« vr*ol*« -You | 
..Mover Can Tell r hoeted the local 
presa and- their pet dog* at a » 
lun* heon th the Copley Pie** 

1 Flame wa* accompanied hy hi* 

! trainer Frank Ha me* with .he 

: gimmick 



Mi ( trail. 

by t a tub- 

Cnn'inued from r»ar* 
KonTikl* RKO 'I.Oth.-wk <>ke 
t2 uni Lu*t week 32. >**U 

Fenway Ml i 312 to^v — 
Passage WetM” 'Ppr* and rumor- 
u Another Da* * WH f air- 
uh 14 .VMJ I ast week J»m Thorp#" 
WB and ' Heart uf ktekhV Hep*, 
S4 000 

Memorial RKO 3 500 tu gs-* 

' Flying Leatherneck* 'HKO 1 and 

VRig C.u*her I 2f1 '• k Neat 
f |g VKi Lath Week I2H »*«o 

MetrigaMM ‘M l 1 4 3#7. .40- 

R» - That * My H**v l%n and 
When I Grow Up" CA 3d wk*. 
Still in chip* at $14 <100 La*t week 
$23 000' 

Orphewm Luew > 3 000. 40-13 — 
Ruh Young Pretty" ‘M*t* and 
'‘Painted HHla* «M-C> 2d wk». 
Good $15,000 after $21,000 W ftr*t 

* Paramount NI T' I 700 40 *5 » 

' — r' Passage Writ” . pud- '"‘TTo* 


F.ehiiritnr Mike Felt will reptrp- 
tent Philadelphia and Pituburch 
at mid- winter meeting of the Var- 
l« t\ C lub* in I»*jutitu. < *natia <Ht 


Warner Ciccuit guerted Loc al 77 
*fm krl— Unmn about p*>**ibihty 
of hcM»k<ng 'legit, attiartion* in the aabing fer reduction lg tilt 
uf hod*# bahd from present II id 
four men titrate for town * tegular 
legtta when offering straight pU>* 
Into* vetoed prt»po*Mton 

S* <*rrhltght» AryU) b* aa* and 
disabled Vet* frtou > alley 
Ho»l«ital marked preem uf ‘ Fort# 
of Arm*’* at th# STantry Sr|H 7 

morrow ia Another Day"/ *WB 
Average Bit tegi l ast week "Jem 
Thorpe" >WB' and ‘Heatl of Rock- 
iea Hep $13 000 
■ Mate l.oew» ‘3 300 4d-$5 - 

•Huh. Young Prett\ M-tr‘ and 
Painted Hill* 'll, id wk . 
Good $7,500. l-a*i week $11500. 

T ran.* Lot T L' IWO 44 1' 
.Kind La\h M <.» 3d * K 
$5 000 after $4,300 fur Utoai 

Belvedere’ Rings Bell 
Ir Mooli.. Big $19,000 

Montreal Sept H 
Four holdover* in deiueer* wi|| 
Pt^Ug-j drip off return* tht* werb. “Bel- 

li ‘ at Capitol 

DAVID SOCK $18,000 


I . Toronto, Sept n 

< anadldit preem of "Day id and 
Baihaheba ' u amaeh opener 

ii'pping city th ia week with - h g 
Cifilv»r also big Heat of fir-' 
mu* are cluttered teifh bcnd«M . i 
nuw in third atamias but atiM d*»< 
well. ' Meet Me After the Show 
and That * My Boy" loom a* | 

P»v in third rougfb 

fiHUilfi fir f|b Week 
Creel, DoUotowm. Glendale May- 
fair, Srarboro, Male iTay lor * R«3 
1 050 $05. 470. •$$. $P4 35-4W 
Cattle Drive 1 if* and Fat , u , 
Take* the Air" I Mono • ughf 
$10 000 lad week. No Qur*i<un* 
Asked" *M“G» and ‘Home Town 
Story * tM-G*, $10 000 

KgBntou. BBeuN *FP> IflBI t • 
3ii 40*00 --—"Thgt a Mv B*.v 
'Pari tid wk*. Bug $13 ouo Ud 
aeek. $10 000 

Imperial *FP* .'3.373: SAk-lftUi — 
"Big Carnival'* <>ar» Hefty $15. 
(KiO Last week, "Here Ciime* 
Groom 'Par* <2d wk . >16 500 
laet'i laeei '2.743. 44,70 
{ “Bfiuw Boat' M<. w k 

f $11000 La*t week $15 ihih 
N ortown. UulveralAy Fp< 

|. 1.S9B 40 IB 1 "Betvedera H s 

»20th. 2d wk'. Fair flHfMgi 
Last week $11,900 

Odeoo 'Rank) <2 300 50-$0» 

‘ Meet After Show * <2uth» *2d wk\ 
Sice $11,000. last week, BIB CKUl 
Tow we TayWht *003. 50-70 — 

*Knn Tiki" RKO' <3d wk' Ktiif 
lapai tty $5,900 Last « eek H WK) 
I pRow n iLnew* '2.743 ; 40-Ht» 
“Little F.gypt * iVK Light $* VRI 
Last week. “Tail Target" Nf-Gi 
Spot* heading atairahuv. 

| are new m wiser* of Apime Theatre 
WkMmtglpMB «|B..$BmfBB0. Hu j m N«tem. W. Va. 
t oup lately . the price standard at Grand Theatre in Carnegie n*- 
d* •wntuwvi b o u p rn M fa*l tw« tuning upei»ed under th# management of 
problem Bj gfU Si* «»u,tith* A »* M«ii-iut att»i « la Uftli ytU bul - 
ago t hr Chicago Theatre eliml- down 
nated urke f hangr* and h*wi*ted , ■■ » ■* » ' - 

urfi. ,o . - •* ,«p MINNEAPOLIS 

Film salesmen rnn lading every 
eahihitor in terrttur> t»* line them 
•ip on pletlge card' f«*r lini* 
Mt*v irtone V S A part tcipal ion 
With .Vtinnea|H»lls Federal Hc- 
Mivr J»ank iep«vrttng agricultural 
imume in tiha area up 2& r '< for 
first five I PM 


Gem Theatre «P7-*e»f indie 
| anld by W ft Bhipley . laaa Angelea. | 

. to Conacdidated Theatre. Inc . Incal l 
ifktruii. bhipley owned th# C*em « “MUouUght Bay 'WB' »2d *$>. 
for the last 25 year* Steady $17 000 following rack flr*t 

M H Austin formerly of lien- atjMOOOO. - . • ■ 

vn look over a* branch manager ! CapHol 'CTI '2 412. 34 4m— 

of in* al United Artist* office, re- ? Helvedent Ring* Bell" 2<>th' Big 
pia* mg Carroll S Trowbridge, who f lPOWi I-aat week. ‘ Sirocco <V‘ ,tl 
I died ^ 'kpal" month Austin waa ‘.'2d »k ' $12 5U0 
hi am h manager for Lagle-Lura Prtwcera tC T 1 '2 131 

\edere Ring* 

kadi hottest of nr* entrir* being and Ink 
i big “Stranger* on Train" t* only $12 500 

'okas a: r rue** lion Man", Ytcgoria FP> '1 140 4#si$t — 
; still i* sturdy in second Orpheum J "David and Bathaheba *2Uth 

weejk 1 Smash $19 000 Uflt week \ <r 

{ Railmate* fo# Tbia Week [In Wouderland" HKO o ■ 

Palace tCI 2 «20: 34-00*— j ok . light 94 500 

Drive -VatMb 24G, D C ; 
Twisl’ Boff $10,900, 2d 

Indte Oriental foll**wed suit short 
lv thereafter with the HKO (Hand 
on It* tall s»n<* I'lHi the *| Wr v 
turn of H**w much a pi«- t* worth 
at thr bttvuffUe baa keep puaxlthg 
downtown operators Chicago and 
Oriental both are atilt without art 

J trtcen. but the former in Several 
ristame*. eg the M«r1tn-t<*wi* 

L HI M | .iPMLt | moot h* compared 
p.b. and Miiton Berle l")agi'»an>*t,, the corre*poudmg peruul a u *r 
vaude pat kage have prompt**# j # jk> and urban dwrilers receiving 

$1 25 tbpa t il and * p« »ti*v ha* bren 
the mo*t flrklMe llou>e use* a 
mat liter levy for t he low - budge t er* 
then i badge* th* *irn at the w u k«;t 
for high rental pus to Wk- top 
Chicago film eeu*t*r viewed 10$ 

J ilt la -l ii'onjli -«usi 5J4 IHIU li rt ol 
tim One 'foreign pic wa* re 
leeted ' and there •. Impotia were 
la In led f«nr adult* onl* 

Theatre; t a x Mlkrtbiu foe 
Augu^l tilt* i • ar v • re $ JO' as 
(omiured w it h $ 103.524 lor same 

p«-ttud Mt~th'*4i . 

F 'S*-*" T»M .ll * \ i. h -butt 

ala month a ago, will it open 

W i - 

W'esivule Century Thealir kivk* 
off with tlrik an lilm |Miii< \ the* 
week Wj'ekeud* will feature 
domett i* * 

Leonard in-on and Havid 
Filter,' Impossible Picture* - top*- 
}h ix i* town tht* ye k on htuidte* 
Cuntber. - .»s*4niat# of 
Ja*k'on Vik l TtWatre atlortu \ 
T«wn Yf» < on fir H ankhd taw tom 
Of McColm* fi. Van Hook and 1 it 
k>n taM Mill 

‘SW Stout $13,000 la ■ 
Baff; Grraa’ $12,000, 2d 

■ m«»rr income, lot al Inam h mana- ' 
gers feel real bosoifu c prospe rity 
la in offing vn thi* ternlor* 1 

W I t ruuse. Cveietb Mma ex 
hitotnr has settled out tif court a 
damage suit against Columbia for 
all* Red contract brea« k in play* 
dating H« king’s Men" into ad-, 
larent \ irgima Minn for a second i 
inn ah e ad *«f it* Ku t.ruw j 

Following hoxoftur 'iir**sv of 
Colunibu s reissued “A S»n| to 
Hi lut-mbei , ‘ Crnturv Tinritre tore 
ha« *ef Hepuhfips oldie “Ivr.AI- 
way* laird You " to follrrw * l>at id 
and Baths4ieba.“ 

Saul Malisow 2lMh-Fot soutliern* slil»Hi IO 

■ ■ ' • .. 't ..nt ' ‘ ’ t V Le\ > 

district manage" i 

After put night run in “Spi inf- 
time for Mt nrv" at l.vieum hei «*> , 
rlalwaiyl Horton returns to Itollv- 
for » Metro film piuh,»hi\ 

I “The Ylrrry W’irlow “ 

and ITA in Denver T ’ "Stranger* on Train" -WRi Okay 

Gem Theatre, sold three werk* $)3«I0 Laxt week Big Carmsal 
ago to ( on'oluiated Ttieatres. Lnc P* r ' $12<*H0 
ha* reoiwned after being #U>sed Loew'a *C T » '2255; 4fl j standout 

foe two week* for facelifting. J “Ow Riviera *2$thi 4th wk* Fine tMtndbox 

• - T.T $19 000 after big third at $21 •BUgB 

1 Impariwl «C fj l $3$. 34-00*— 

(“Coinin' Round Mountain* *1 * '2d 
(wk-. Down to $Ruuu following 
socko $13 000 opener 

Orpheum 'C t » *1044, T4 00'— 
w m i r H frlMBB' Mmi“ ' t U i and “Variety o* 

_ .. r 1 Parade" 'Ll « 2d wk( Holding at 

Town la filled with h<»idover* pguoo after big $11,000 4r*t week. 

(bis unta .Md M*me of new t urner* ; ; 

Shpw lx rated torrid *• c*nun\ Thorpe* Tasty $11,506. 
hut 'law and l^Mt) ’ is slow at the 
Huflalo “Here C*mM« (inMk ¥ |l 

•till is big in second Paramount I • ' Seattle. Sept M 

Seittlfj^lron Man’ 8fJ 

ia pm* M hitter until 


Herb Mi list' i e took an e\ 
tended leave of absent^ a* w t>| - 

ein diCrtct vale* chid tor HKO 
to irspver hr 
w dt t unci km 
to n ium* > 

M V ‘Aihtyi Ahdrrwm aftci 17 

\ * .1' I, .'A I, '*,1 * A I II.- 

her* n,»i>« >' ' < 

West < *«.**! dtv,-i<m i *iv • r t» r 
HKO thcati e- He started hi* 

. career 37 > ears ago a* pr* * c i «» m 
boy at the Orphru Portland 

Ore In addition' to his theatre 

dtin*' ' rii'wieui <•( 
Board of F w« ( ■ • 

British made picture ‘Tly p»\ 
Blood w it i he it n 

Western llenu«ph*-re by the Heir- 
nick Releasing Orgauiratiou this 
winter with Powell - F'ressbiirger 
holding th# F.astern Hemisphere' 
rights Picture, starring Jennifer 
June* w *» (o-prtwliM'ed by David 
O SH/nuk. Michael Powell and 
CmcTi# Pre**burger last autumn 
x Donald Gtllin salesman in Ini- 
versa I 4 exchange here, promoted 


iSt'iiful *i*peUi'anee s* hcdule* 
twin# three pijiurs here .m two 
Hi auiiiS* in same weok 
She lie* Winter* and FarUv Gran-, 

1 ri i r, > ; a . 

events plugging toft 

\ firs*. 'It i'b i* i •m.t'V' ’ h* 

• . , • . f 

Kent 1$ 

F oirest -Tucker lonkag in N»>pt. 

12 t«*i tiueiingsi with ure** an»l 
liului during the das Itis juhkci 
(ilia's ' Vi .. h " • • 

I hr .a C Hh'iten. F,»x M u.', I 
* ■ • ix • i ted ' . '• ’ • 
ha*v f*»: (ail tNjitre h« is bullish 

h* t ^ 

Teles »*i«*n problem Mill renter* 
In larger citie*. and i« Ir** * ptruh* 

I lent* fo# theatre* tn smaller 
M> unities in thi* ana avoiding to 
((••ward Jaipeyasm jh evident *■( 

( ummonwi rdth T h e a t r e * (nr i 
operating -principally in Kan*** 
and M ivogfi He spoke at the an- 
nual convention of circuit official* 
and managers held at the Muehle- 
baCh Hotel here S* pt 54. If trie* . 
s i sion i< making ans inroad*. “it 
likely will he shortlived ' People- 
will rontmuo to like him* regard* 

is big in 

w eek 

Fatima lex for Thia Meek 

Buff ala <Locw ** -1.5<N> 40-70 — 
“Law and Lady “ ‘M-G» and “The 
Strip \M,i Slow $11 <MNI l^'t 
week ‘ People Again 't “O Harx ’ 
MG. $12 tfiO 

Paramwaral Par* <3 000 40-70 
“Her* Cornea Cl room" <Par* aod 
‘Two Dollar Bet tor" • Indie * 2d 
wk> Still big at $12 0UQ W 0 %« r 
Last week $1$ 000 

< enter Par 2 100 40>70» 

Jim Thorpe" W H» 2d wkt. Hefty 
$0UU0 IjiM week. $13 000 

l-afayrtte i Basil » *3 (Nkl. 4O-70i— 
' Mark of Renegade" ‘L • and "Vex 
sir Mr * Bone* Lip Trim 
SgtiOO LaM we«-k “Inm Man 1 L > 
and ‘ )t a*lelr me ‘ 1 1 *. $12 00$ 
Century LMHh Cent' 1 <**) 4tb 
7»> — “Y$#et After Show" 20th 
Torrid $13 000 1 ast week "That * 

M> Ba v Par 3d w k'. big $1Q,- 
*4< Mi ; 

! Final ironing-out proc-exs will 
bring “name" atage attract urn* 
buck to John pans * PaJnmar fur 
one week each month This we«k 
i« hflty with holdover* Top new 
entry shape* as “Jim Thorp* " at 
Orpheum “(run MaR** looms good 
al Liberty ' • ' ' 

F.xiimatea for Tbia Week 

Blue Mnnae iHamnck' *»wv f>5- 
' $0» — “Cyrano" *UA! and Firs* 
l.cgion * *UA» i4t h G*awi $*.- 

000 after $3 200 last week 

Coliseum Fvergrecn -1 877 45- 
90i— ‘Take Care Utile Girl" 2mh» 
and “Let * Go Naw ’ 'M»mo» 2d 
wk- Held at $0 0110 alter huge 
Sih uou opener, tops at thi* h«mse 
Fifth Avenue *|!vrrgreen» 2 2<I0 
AS 9U— “people Will Talk 
and “Haid. rpt, Hcaiititul 
; '2d wkc Solid $9 500 alter big 
. $12 QUO last stan/a 

Liberty llamru k> '1 $50; 65-90* 
j — ‘Tcon Man * l » and “Havana 
Hom - Hi p i IH (HK) of nea r 

U*t wr«k “People Vx. O'Hara" 

• M-G • . $H 900 in » day* 
i 'MtaMr- Bna ’ Hamru k 850 $5 $$» 
— Sinner*" i Indie 1 Great $4 0U0 
foist week. “4 m Jeep" LA' 2d 
wbi. 93.000 in 9 da>> 

WU*ic Hall Hamruk* 2 200 $5- 
$m—“Hohab*ower“ -nv H» and B«'n- 
lloy.DIp' LA' 3d wk- Sue $4 * 
2d wk Holding at tIOOOt U LaM (A M) m g days LyR week $U B00. 
;neek stuidv $1$ 0u0 Orpheum Hamruk- 2 6(81 $5- 

Par amount fm 2 20B. $080 pu JiniThorpe NS H and M 
Mask of Avenger ( «•!* and ..J Dodge Stampede K*p Big $1L- 

Bahdb. ■ ' **# 

Washington Sept 11 
Cool weather, with resultant' 
•hopping boom ts blamed by some 
Mar mild bte along town * main 
I stem in current a*»**ion Sol# 
lg “Oliver Twiat “ at 
Dupont, where wow in 
round “ Prowler. * at Tron^^ 
Lux. ia above average while 
“Cattle Drive," hypoed by ttreen 
Mar Arlene Dahl onstage Is brisk- 
i at Capitol “Peking Ft press ' at 
' Warner loom* okay 

Lsttmatex fee Tbia Week 

Loew s* *3 434 44-80 )— 
"lartle iFnve # ude 

headlined by Arlene Dahl. Piea*- 
tng $24 000, Last week. “Y n a rag 
As Feel 2mh» plus Going Native 
revue. $25 000. 

Lopet*) *372; 50-$5» — 



, ' 1 •mtmued from page 9- 
Fi"if.'.in JtHh and ' 14 Maui*" 
X. 8» $00 

Orpheum HK« > 2 600. 4o ph - 

His K i.nd of W Oman HKO* and 
Murder Without Crime Mono' 

■m - 

“Oliver Tw i»l‘* iLA» 2d wk» Still 
mm k 310.000 Last week, retard 
breaking 212.00U Working *n « *- 
tra morning show daily. 

1 Keiths HKO 1839 44-60 • 

“Flying Leatherneck* 'HKO' -2d 
wk Sharp drop, but Milt fan* v 
$11 GOO after big $18 000 last week. 

Met rape lit an 'Warner) '1.164. 
44 t 74 — “That a My Bov * Part 
• m.o • '2d wk'. Very strung $5 Mu) 
for fourth consecutive nudtown 
week, foist week, torrid $8 500 f*r 
above hopes • 

Palace "'Loew'vl '2370^ 44- 
"People Against O liars 
VI ild $14 000 .Last week 
Young Pretty" M-Ci', $21 
Playhouse ‘Lopert* *485 
20th* I — “Bright Victory *L' ‘2d 
KKO' Ho'ding at $4 $*J0 I "t w r • k 
$6 uutl Hold* again 
i Warper <WB* <2 174. 44-74 j*. 
“P< king Kxpress" *Pat <i^r 
000 Last week, “Jim Thorp# 

Wli pv« r hope*- at $16 000 
j ‘ TraPP-L** T -L» >654. 44 80 ) — 
'•prowler" -LA' Bright $7 00<l 
Hold* Last week. * M Col* *2 s 
wk $«O00 



‘ Rich. 

55$ D 

w k 

Indiana Drive-In Sues 
To Halt Lacal m Pickets 



KbYea ‘ 


5no. loist week 
»Ut and "This I* 
and Yes S.r Mr 98 50$. 

$8 000 V . Palomar 'Sterling) 1 350. A5-80) 

•1 JM7 40-80 1 — Iron —“Alice ia Wonderland* 'HKO- 

Hurruatie I'iand" ‘CnL. Fair 
ct*m> j 98 080 Last week, “Cumin Round 
Mountain * 'l' and “Yes Sir. Air 
Bom s tip*, 

Tabor 'Fox' 

Man l and " Two GaD, a Guy " j Disney > and “fockeved Wonitef 
1 \ V also Aladdin. Webber Fine -Colt '2d runs' uka> $40(8) lorn 
80000 Last week, on rirlsatiesi I week, “Katie DM" L* and “FnM 
Wrhbcr Fax is ~ 9M 40-0(L 
“(ran Man* »C) and “Two Gaft* 
and a f*uy** <UA . also Aladdin. 

Tabor Stout $4 U00 La*t week 
< onnn Hound Mountain" >U and | 

leva uf televuion. he said, lit I "Ye* Sir, Mr. Bone*" iLip', $3,000. 1 week • solid $15,7uu. 

men" 26th'. $4 tRg) 

Paramou n t • F.ver grr« n ' • 3 038 

65-90) — “Mere Come* Gro.»»n" 
• Par' and 
■2d wRi. 

*‘Guv Came Back 
Great 810 000 

Fort W’ayive. Ind . Sept 
FJ 7 Charles M, l^odenslagrr, ^ | 
and Leona $1. Loudens lager own* • 
er* and operator* of the HilUrest 
Drive ip Theatre near here Ip9 
ft led suit for an mjuMt ton to/hati 
picketing of the drive in hy Local , 
440. Moving Picture Machine Op- 
erator*, IATSE. , 

The I^oudenslager* charge they 
Have no Labor quarrel w;ih t e 
union, but that the owner » op-: 
erxting th# equipment. He often i| 
to )otn the union, but wa* defuseu 
and chargeiHLliSi-L 1 *^ 1 

2tHbi - memberxfflp, an 
r u.i union insists he 

after last union insists be hire two member* 

at a co*t of $180 a week. 

‘Movietone’ Optimism Soars 

(MiiitMl fr«m hi* 

CM IC 9t lack flf *upport at the local 
, r i KxprrltMf w*H nWh in 
H, f had Heeii Dm* They re great 
keeping their Honda in thru 
and IHgir *?ai* glued «0 0 
. while kiting amueone dim 
| k , Dir brunt dl Hu*me»s gc'lin* 

I *r act leal minded iiwkitryHe* »<• 
y r ITIIII al Of the lark of plant iiu; 

r lx dearth of Inapt red ■ttgeUw- 
ih that* going into tl»o campaign 
4.1 an industry that U aepposrdlv 
IhhIi **o ihaenanihip Thr\ re 
auoiilat l> crit ioo i of tt*e lark of 
< 4 u»ntH> and duality of manpo* er 
< drive leader* Robert J. O'lhm 
,,#n Arthur L. Mayw and Charlie* 
j NMarthv. have been provided 
e dll . 

Bul l a ad Different 

Hui whereat three or f.*ur week* 
the^e tWifl coming plus evpect- 

the joint raop a rHikm of the Aim 
iitdtnUy, < Its and t<o«r Krei . 
ipuRMirt ol the t adlu dramatic 
*ri lew. , 

v program to reach fht *tre *u- 
dkn. . ev tin ooch I*m at >< lub* and 
rtvk ortatimiioHi by uae of ,aaUH t • 
ed jpaflhara In f arh etrhanfe let 
filorv .*» > ' Inert formulated h* Leon 
J tUihlki^f HKO wlf 4 pt nmo 
lion manager in charge ot tbr 
speakers buieau committee for 
Movietime t S A " 

rd rvhib Inertia were been i> tut 
rntlv dominating factoi 
mage the whole campaign )u*i a 
feature. the on Hook one it coin 
plrtely different Plana have pr«» 
g-. n. I much better than ant hi pat 
ed partly because enthuaiaou 
imoiiii the planner a -primarily Ute , 
i»«i i» ad chlela of the mayor corn 
lump -ha* Increased. And that . * 
in. i urn, hag bee n ca n t ed b 
great grassroots r onctlo n 

Dothg bock at ill a step firtiM-r 
credit lor the interval in "ktmie 
<>n local level* mi|gt be gt*’ 
to Ule tor Ha ‘ Hollv w«w-*d Iv in 
Colossal Troubie" yarn ‘ RiMlh 
v • vh«ken from the letharg* b 
tM pvtml blow against induvii 
pi'iiir relation* More iinpwit anil, 
they mere made angry by U ;; Vml 
they had a ready made c o ncrete 
\*j ol exhibiting their angei 
Su p p or t p( ’ Movlrtkii.' 

Hemic baa been moil aatounding 
t ie industry baa Over aren in the 
cooperative * effort being pul into 
|Ke drive in the Arid Thi »y thou 
*and Him worker* and their fain 
He* turning out for the t eeuff ‘ 
mrr ting m Atlanta. 2.900 In New > 
Vorlf. and similar healthy Mob in 
• i exchange rttle* Ha* never 
happenrff before. What * more. < | 
hit"* are putting up coin In uteabie 
chunk* to back up in then m*n 
aeon* the tfltt.OOO which ho* been 
rontitbuted by tha major* f**r na 
lion financing 

Plenty (engirt* 

There are still plenty of >>«]• 
«Hi*ies and conflict*, mi that the 
rvnic* are not completely mk- 
founded, but on the whole the 
Mheme appear* highly promising 
i>>r at outing public inlerewt. What * 
K>*ing the *r offer* their higgevt 
gnn i, the attitude ol cthifa* tn 
- -e aiea« in refuxingto go along 
w Hb the campaign becHfh- of ire 
•• Wwr divtrib* for alleged gouging 
on picture term* Theal remen in 
these invtanre* are atill acting a* 
t hough M.»v let line* w ere a pl**t 

and Hilely for the bene At of the di* 
tribwlor*. There * no acknowledge- 
hient that the campaign s effect. 

‘ •* *11 icdouiid to the benetit ot the 

#v ih 

There inatances. however are lui 
laret than anticipated One ol the 
reasons, aside from the Ute article 
h Ik guiding Hand of O'lhmneli a* 
chairman. Holding mutual reepnt 
b* cxhib* and dUtrlba he* been 
Ilrfr tu do • lot of both perMUUil 

•»>d tcleplmnk nerve soothing 

( urb TV Appearance* ; 

Albany, Sept. 11. 

Si 4.* who will fan out from the 
» t *l< ot the 4fl stole* Oct « for 
Mo\ letime if. 8, A " tan be u>« <! 
•‘•r television appearances on! \ it 
•hex are emploved by produeing 
which permit them lu 
appear on video. Robert J O ihui- 
n ':f. n#i umal director oi the drive, 

’ >IU 1.V0 evhibtiors and HI«-> repre 
Mutative* at an organ i/al tonal 
meeting last Weduevdav * S 

<> Inmnell said that Metro and 
Paramount positively will n«H per* 
Hhi their player* tn appear on trig* 
' ' n hut "tnivertal look* wuh 

approval on tha Idea** He pointed 
<•‘11 that tnivertal'* Piper lauh* 
kf Tony Curtk Ailed telcviaJon 
throughout the country on 
their recant pa. tour. Me atated 
iftere Would Ha no Hart on radio 

1 won ( ommiliee* 

New llaven Sept II. 

Allied Theatre* of Connect hut 
and Motion l*i*tuie Theatre Own 
er* ol Coonaciirut w ill >«»inilv 
sponUrur vlovi.limr I S A in 
t hat at at#. Committee* named are 
SteeriAg. Harry V Shaw iHair> 
f ein.«tein Aiherl Plrku* and Uni- 
tire H puhlkltv l.ou brown. 


Dtstributinn af MM “Movie 
lime'* vhowmanjdiip campaign part- 
Mk« to Mate chairmen ol Movie- 
MHa# l S A cdgMMtt. . i hrgan 
M o nda y t|fl Foll«»w up lol»h>. ...«d 
j pu Hi Ic il y material w til I 

ihciMiKhotii tne tin'*- 

The IwH.k. ii»e c*»ver «*i which 
mm l«e -pread into an Id- h' .IT 
Inch display hanger tor tu 

, ! Window s p divlih d tnfco three main 
.'•ft Inn* ‘ 1 ».r ia<1» A l»oul list 

| l^oeleiime l S \ " 1 vtdoit.a- j 

n and * Ihihlu i« * ’ j 

T The Arid >e«> i.ln pll* lie him 
, plrle si.,, > tu hinit Ihe dio , |m»- 

valid h« the l'« .until «ii Motion 

1 ‘irluir Ot Kanualmns utt.l tMil lines 

the overall plan ( tunpletf liMt of j 
acee*«ortes tCtun 24 Mieets to one* 

- • * • • * ed The ot wnd ' wt-, 

tips tell* Iw.w to sell Wm tetiin#‘ 

.] Hi ytMir .town delaltmg *wutitle*« | 
evphotatmn Uftea* tie- 

Flock of B.O. Stunts. Ideas Accent 

■ ** 

‘Movietime in Texas’ Campaign Book 

tire Halley . puhlk itx. l.«*u Brown Tbr Hurd Is dev died to |*uh- 

John F rank I in Kerguson and Urily stones im hiding t.alures hy 
J.i me* Darby . Arurtce Ih Ja. db |o b rtam. bUiltci * 

Ktshntan and ’(oaorfle- H:,, H illtin- i . >»< .p .Lj 

ftdlt* M 4 «o Meet 

IMiiU . iphla. Steuf 11 
, AH, pu-v* ot tlx itMtegiry will 
he repre*>en|ed «t the ma»« meet 
mg stated by ’’Mm ictlme I S \ - { 
at tlx thoyd Theatre tiuiiorriiw , 
mot mug < w ed V A II rn haiih-y in 
Thilod«-lphi 4 W ill lx cWosed until | 
ncMWi oml riMuits as well as indie 
v \ h i tutor* will dot their bc*t tin [ 
marshal a hig tufntMit J 

H hole he a rled 'U|»|w»it h.ts h*-» n 

given ihe meeting fay the Ogufll* I 
l*hlU<l< i|.;.ia < tniHi it of M>*ti .* l'i< 
lure Kvbibitors, alieadv Uun« lied 
oil it* t»wn drive the hist general 
and r «>n .cried effort lu r.nnl*al the w 
h«4Xoff..e slump ever niad* in thu 
j. eftt* . Sidney K Sam lefwm prri*l* j 
d.-nt and twdnrv. .nana^.i of \f 
Ih-d of Kaste* n IVnnsV Ivartia wh.*w 
insurgent gi.oip imed C’OWII) atwl 
ho beeti c*uM«d from National VI 
lied, H <**» tlx meeting*' 

. fmnmi'ji on arrangement' 

S|x* lit..t M»rt a* to w hello* i tie 
"Movietinx meeting would end 
the (Treater I'hiladclphia (’ooncif a j 
private camiMijn was s< ouled by 
Vllxrt M (\d»en, theatre aliornev. 
who is ailing as rhairnian for the 
Cttun. il * drive 

j had^ ' tnak c led with our; 

ramiMiL’n will wanl to hear the 
Mo\ i. tune pl .n,' r C ohen »a*d 
“twit theiy i* t»»d the Vlightest 
chance that il will lx diwrontmued 
Mhir colie* t ions have rume up to 
evpeCiattoMs .and the Philadelphia , 
drive ha* generated ton mueh im- 
petus that v* could n«d d to 
kux ” 

( <n***naua ahang Plim Row «»i 
that the C'.nmctl Would handle Ihe 
IMnladelpliu area but that the 
( T Movietime'* drier would be need- 
ed for the other mtmna In Ravlern 
Pennsylvania artd ihe upstate cities 
none ol which 1 * Included In the 
dii'e h> ( olxn * group 

B riffs From I hr lots 

IMtvwoiwh Rept. II, . 

Ithel Harry mere will dslar with ( 
^ Ring t rwshs and Jane VI p man in , 

**Y* I “Ramon* at Par a m o unt w m ti RI- 1 ■ 
,n I toll N wgent «ti..tuu Milliam 
IfoMeo drew H»e top j*.» in Pagbe.- 
n *i |# mount * ’ t Idkety Him g ir 

l lu ri«| Asher production ‘Sailors 

•1 Hew ,*re is the n*’W lag. tm the 
Martin I rah pU . 

at. r Hllb lb* N <> . « m «» ntU >ti.«*«l- } 

pic* I mi! *t l*ai •itio.itti Mart Hrlskln 
i h**d ’closing (Hal with Khonda I leming . 
wral !• gkHT in bi> f*»lib. <*mm :• prodllpvT 
the ,|, *n "T*»e. UlcnO ‘ t** *•* Mimed tn 
Urn* r* r t’ and Vienna lt»n..^o». 

r e ii l f nrmtiKioot Tlx (»r«*«*n 

ortgltMlIy lilted Th* H falle 1(0. ,d 
. ' will Im* released I*. I oiled Artist * ■ 

. in i.ngl.tiol 4 - l ltr (.u.« Capnt 
bhd IH v ; ; • ■; & ;V 

L^ t [ K II Melty st.;i»rd « two '. at 
***■ 'camera nmn twhet •' l I VI. n.. 
b o ug h t “lanndlm dmg |t " / 

I*’ 1 ulea hv Harriet J Hettiwg 

end If antes Wtaffnrd will p-vcln. inatvre 
oils 4 mule in t I v i'lMRrn C.rv*?r* |h* 

I by H*g town KoWrt < «*wte dl * 

nev, 4 role in ‘ The Merry Widow al 
th** Vt» ti>* New \H .it pi « mIu* lions 
will t«-e 0(1 s. pi 2 d with liit: Id 
ami etied ( it) on the Cioldwin l«*t 
I h«, M. Adll omaptaa 'will pi.. « lot 
said I * n * Tive PtOKi ts’’ at 2 mb tos in 
dest *dditum to futwtluOlQg a* tc* tun 
iued | <dl advu Rrakh Plane* s 

fourth lensing )oh for Staalev Hr«- 
jjy mer w ilt he The & mm Tinge, s .*< 
i ik r; 

' * . Pewn> Idwards pi . - f.-mnx 
| lead in the Rwrky l aix slarreiv 
! Captive ol Hilly the hwl ” at He- 
***2 public . . . “The P.dice Storv * ». 
,,,f Srall R. Dunlap* ne*( |»i«mIih lion : 
the . f nr Allied Artists, breauae of tlx 
•ml- pustponenxni oC ‘ M' W ife lc 
dern i Mine ' . Too Manx Hru*«“ In * 

ttie* the Anal tag on ‘ Private Wives 
I the starring I -eon Trrwi at*HKO . 

One Ne|s**n rbe. k. d in at W «r- 

l>H‘ I '! I'olr iw SI.. 

Working Met H.»v Through ( ol- 
lege * Robert Ryan bought 

lly (harle* RennetPa newspaper > in. ; 
huge ‘ The Man Outside. h*»f»ing ' •* • ,. 
meat i in it fitr Hh<> . . I Hof R .«*« w di f 

Tinier* Dominate 

Hollywood. Rept il 

1 ' . ' . • ’ ■ . • . , • • , • ■ ' 1 S # s’ “ 

Ool oi 4*i pi. iui. s fin rent!' 
in w*>. k .oi the Moll w«m«4 l«>r- 
21 ate in l.n^tnt t«* 
f .fiA mil. , the |*r»-dt* (i-wi (♦. *i 
■ alt Alms will event uatti be 

tint. -i <t 


Metro 1* o Is m the Colo* 

' si : aoib'r v. db s»v ^ 


Tovwutw S**(U 11 
Mid ' e.*r n.iilrrr«rr of tlx V» 
i xtv (Tub* will hr held at the 
Mo\ «1 Vnii, l.oii I |i« v re (Ht 4 4. i. 

• Ur ding to Vt.ii c J Walt interna 
Ilona f . bo-f barker Tent No 2rt 

of Turidito will lv»«t the \ tailing 
delegates. *r;.: 

•'While- the agenda t ■ *r c.odab f.j- 
m.i byn «tts»- |«*sed . Il’i Uo.b r ‘1 .hj*I 
that the rcc. nf devisi*»n oi the tent- 
in give active Mtpynwt to the V,. 
t tidv (Tillh * Will H«*tp r s Hospllyl 
Chf istucvs Salute Campaign lips 
w udet will lx a hiibll . bi 

\ i nt»4 r hambu»gei si ml*. ( 
dtp •< . * ne dome a fa *i**r b*b 
oi s.owmanwbip than. We air" 
sponsors u| the It * Mihlefiituf dt 
T* vis l S \ ramiMign M-rvt .*n . v- 
1. «-r , pivys hmdrio I »- v «• V’.liilw, 
I t w .yk P * full of stunts and 
id. - r iinit it i» vkueeled Th* dre- 

umi , IpaUltg in tbr VI., 

an* "in .:oi 1 1 

i.iid ipe (oi 1 •. 

I . I il rp* umt * it. 1 < > >- dl. I . 

R.dw-rt .1 M Donnell «nd II \ ( >.le, 
dcr i i . <i the purpuae of the rain* 
l» ir ii i» I * To bring tn n»o* h- 

' .« • • »UI 

‘2 to s«-|l live publp «.ii the mOlNi 

»*». i to « industry tn- getxi at ahd 
I nIiv tdual evbibd.M s (HefftW 
in p.trit* ulai " ■ 

The r 4in|»algn book ofli-vs humor* 
Mi. kltM* old *nd new, on .»dv**r« 
M*ln*r in radio tries Uoai, new** 

. I ..ii ri ploll k*o I .*• 

nudfam It alwu affer * • ae ee a— wr h 'ff 
im. hiding traiier* 24 sb»**-iv th*we^ 

• h. . f* i> ti.m-rs and b»M.y displav*. 

i u tM U Rf tlx Campaign stunt h 
•«i • ■« si, d arc 

lieniee** Rlork Parties ' * 

*■' Tlmalie 1 * 1 «»- k parties or b/in.d.d 
Mall Hot ! • I • .. t 
manager of Ko* Inter -M.Miui.m, rihi . vslolly used in m»m Tul.w 
• ... lo theatre* A brvMhuie explain* 
loo* tth I brail e staff divides up 
hoob - in i wo- or three y.s k areas, 
off), each individual calting on 
iIh»s(‘ ivsHl«'itti ioWiioI him The 

(I*, il.. I . pi eseirlal iv ••««-s 
hiiiiw II >'.d im tte* fhe u> (.on 
ity to - al p n i ff r am a i m- 

*fk <1 tbwe >od date pirsenl.o; id. >o 

pi mu . I < 

t u t..i live ad tu It. lam r 

Hui t».ifav sitting a»Ml anin«<e‘ 

■ m.;*d getting invalid- to Ifaf 
I lo-ali « .►ffered A followup 

ylvlt ,i> nt.ulr on the d.*v ot Ifae 
i « il # t.o sgge Is cm rt in 

< i, Mm*, in the family f <« h 

l,o»».i|> is p. T-<u»al1v w«*h fi.n. d . ms 

. . ||, S. : . * 

Tierrird tor them Thru there a« e 
l.dbovop visits to i he | a *Ht lit* s- w bu 

0 t * f as a txnuaixnt r.di Inr'. 
toil bn promotion- such »- • bri>|- 

01 »« r at* Is. flu nt mail pm r>, eic.. 

4 **ffee and t akes Newsreel / 

I notiH I si Ml*l 1* a « otic*’ oof 

• • I f ■■ ! • .\» I • ’ 

• od ,b»o-!bnUt« gie od»-|.d rhiting 

iio sboH. ing ol nr* st eel : and siout* 
It* »m 7 in In a m •• . . )■,, 

\ f .In. .If on fail to gui*/«*v rail* 
for an ttoplovr ot tlx tlxalre la 
i* • pl»on«* Iff bom* dug 

iff i 

Hrdn .dual- V, ho (an Maine tbr |«a 

!>or (om oily playing • 

In obbi ’on lb*- campaign Imm. k 
»n< loih - a digest r*f ekpitutatloii 
i'h ■• •'!.!< h have been -obmiilrd 

l i sas thefltmtxn su. b a.s.'fal 

• nils- show with a special pto^iaoi 
«»n tbr suHJeef. gill* mvile Im* * 
!*» midi't ,‘ht show* hi* vi Ir give- 
l«P *•• r klib shows; sj***(*ia| tceh 
a,*r ni.dd guessing ronleat ln win- 
dows lr«io in baile, tiiio* rltM k 

*iops bow long candle will bom; 
|xt contest lot kid matinees; bw al 
||» *-’*• show fi*i amateur magi, ian>; 
dene night*; puwter rutd« < Mot 

M.tH**d |Hjppv givr*W4*s pill 

slmW s treasure hunls. aiid niimrr 
OUS ol hers 

F errer, SalcmMin To 

Kurope on Timno’ 

Malolrl Sali‘»is«in flUect**! ot ev- 
*n b* Stinlcv h i auxi l*io 
durtfiHis,. tiles lu >'oiH|X ti*m**it«*w 
•Tburs i to b.»n. Hr o|»ehing.v ol 

( M aim in l ,rnmHm and I' m i - 
Ill'll to* poind there orvt W olio s 
da v !*♦ fav Jose Rerre.t vl.*» Ol to* 
pic who II lx oeoinp inked fav' l*K 
wife M'lfrU l'tl> Ills Mil! 

latttdott preen* :|* S»‘pt 2 h al the 
( irlfttn I'rtNn t Ih i e Sale*»i ot» and 
tbr f* t i • > s g«* fail I’atts f t « i ( t wilt 

do I w*t days of inlet's lews befiue 

IrelurlOiig ; T > .Salemsor* w »|f 

slay several week to work not ;• 
t ainpat gn . Opening (l itr i noi set 

‘Smw White’ Retssae 

Wait I >t'U* has Com plated 

jn epai at ion tig i etssne of * Sn«»w 
W i >,• apfl the Seven Ikwaifs* in 
the I R pest vear Rrt w u M> 
alrt adv started in Hrato'e and It* I 
giinn and i* rack uig up |iM*ti W* 
at current "Cinderella' bti there 

1*0 was (Mtgtnallv releas'd it* 

It>:i7 md wg* probably UhstM-v 
moist Mtcrrwful feature. ttuMigh n*d 
the ‘biggest immev makei in !eri»s 
of gross, liner |X»Ces were gen 
( tally much loser Ihe* New pflRff* 
have already ix«'n , tsMupleted lot 
I S and an ad publicity campaign 
is n*»w facing phdtefl 

City Investing 

Winn. Map* CelebealhMu -•- . t lege ' V. Robert Ryan bouarht ff-— * 

Minneapolis. Sepi 11, ■ Charles Rennelt'a newspaper ) in. 

: With sue b i clehration* as a huge ‘ The Man Outside h o pi ng »a ' i h*»pe* lo have one of the Rtinfa' 

and toloilu! outdmtr buffalo meat ; in it fttr HKO , .„ Ilovfl H .cm wtli h tamer unit s pit a* ready , Tlx v in 
l*arbev*te paiix tpatrd in by In- play the mb* ol hi* fall' trank !* hade death of a Salesman T*M.t 
Alans add c-ow hov - and bringing Heron, tn THi l Danl t . (oil yn* Cmvfcb Mapp> Tmto am 
togethei top ;‘o\ ei nmental offhnals whxh He will doe, t . ‘ifemHer of tlx Wfdfllflfl 

,n,l k-iHlM.' 'Hmjmw ih. Wr.| W Kick..' I’Mm •OOml.r « .•(. Kramrr Sill prMteM- I. 

un.lfr *.. K kulM*n ll.nx H. ,>.nl I. in Ih. Htllwi s^rt- f^ , , i^.t - .. in. , , 1 , m i Vli 
k remh and led Manti » (hainnan- | M | pgn fl mt urn * fief real 11*11 *t ' «. , n t( j .xoductxo 

ship l» going to glan Vi art* Hud hdn V , ^ 

Movieiime l s \ - ■ I.n \ |. .Rfatx* «xHafer as * l>< 1 -ooed lor r» ».*« ** th, 

the hi . i. most colot lul wav , |i pi ' ,UM ,M,U ' 4 ; 4 M t,,r r% *" 

possible - \ Pkramouni. . . . ti ilfrrfl 4 line will %, *T r cr Tfae MarrviM kind ap 

ho (ms lo have one of the St ante v 
Kramer unit'* pu'frady. Tlx v in 
t lude * l*eail» of a Salesman V' Mv 
, JU* ('<«n\ icl«*. M “Happy Times ’ amt 
Mettilxr ol tlx Wedding ■’ 

Kramer produr^ will |H»»habiv tx 
split beiween the Aslix and \ m 
liota. Also on tlx Col |uoduct »**n 
ilale and Mimed lor either ot the 

possible •, • ...;• .■> 

f -j The huftalo barber ue will be j 
beldl at South Dakota's capil'*l 
Ifaerre Ort. H. during the visit ol 1 
the ilolliy vvo«mI > celetiritv unit for 
the drive ft hi* been arranged hy 
three of the vi de v leading eahilx 
itor figures L«*« Peterson Wood)' 
l*t tugtil .and J,m Floyd It > hoped 
the at laif vs til attract new >t eel and , 
national |x» •** emcrate 

K..I the Twin Citie* there** Hrf ] 
ing planned on Ih# Ort R «ti‘ 
stun oi the Movietime l S A “ 
Holly w ond o IctuiUes* virit an r 
• n<irtnut)> fish hy m the Audi- 
torium al Si Paul, the Mate* (apt- 
j tol. with the governor and other 
prominent* in attendance and the 
public looking down on arnc from 
the balconies A* belit* thi* Mate 
of • Hi rttkl lakc» ’ there'll be tank* 
stocked with tub that are in abun 
rtanre in Minncapohv wa»ers and. 

1 honor guests will be pmvtded with j 
I Hook and line to ratch -their own 
whuh then will be fried in open 

Paramount . Wilfred 4 line will 
handle T<**:bno t*lo.t |dx*r(*gra|diy on 
W'ai ttriv .she < working llt-r Way 
Through (jillr^i* .. . Drew 4 a- 
bill drew a rob* milx M oi in la- w is 
pirtinre vi Sea With- tba NaA) 

. IJUabeih Fraaer joined the 
*lh*afh pi a v 

luinbi « . W at ix‘r> -igtx tl l.illian 
Iraasan lor “Rooni , t or I »nr 

||ini> tmtaiflufl Cflgf 4.raoi ami 

Rets* Drake. 

CbarDs I aoiwnt v 1 1 «l , » « • t M -» 
and Pa Kell c (»«* u(- 

mg lho month d l I With Marjorie 
Main ,nd Per* » Kilbride in 
title rotes . l ucerne Leonlovicb 
signed wit It t l Iig a key role in 
"The World in Mi* Aniiv’ Tom 
4*reenwai flreia a foie in Man lev 
Kramer * ’ High Nunn." Marring 

4 <«ri 4 ooper . Im’i 1 i..r, 

by the Hedv Lamarr Corp . Kiart ing 
Hedy Lnmarr. kill ho tlx CenCr 
Kilker,*’ with William Rowland di- 
recting in Mevxo . Paramount 

starter ‘The Marrying Kind ami 
4 new Nila Hav wot tit |M« 

b.jou is lurrcntly in d 24>b 
g . vk a il [I ‘Tales of MuffUkUMi 
Heseived eater his pok'd lip 
again alter a seasonal let do* n and 
jb now ekpevird It* go at leavt • until 
f «n 1 . knot her Sir \'» land' r K -t 

da po \s ’ 11 tn- Had- b. fb d f 

MltkiJptH unde i 

W hull laiprft Films fa«4' tlx 
b*Htse larpett distribute* K*g 
product u» tlx t S 


f«MMin«x4 toon par* 


Mtivf • m 



T\ ntitr. 

in regular tvjx and the iuum* m 
(heir amateur coilaboratur* w > in- g 
(»>Ut iff k> H. • Tbg lint uame'kV'kecp 
re* ur ring among I be entries. #nd 
M l IM difficult* weeding ttxin md 
A Califoi nia putitivhing b«u-f i 
also working a iong «hart angle 

»AOiO Citr mud< nan - 

• iM*ee<e 

*4ricO«t MCi • vta«(W»a ioiI* 


♦ cx*» x r»CH*tcoioi 

l / " 

• iHdoum Pm rooX'ia* •> 

■ ■ .. i woven men win vrr w* •• -. . ... \ laiiroinia puuuvning r»ou r i 

Recreate Fie Scene* on Radio {h ofx Jg fUtttr m *lg»ed Will wnM*- 1 f#f ^ « 4K |ung a ioug M 

Hollywood stark, recreat- 5|fle atnxevphete iHtuberjackv, t>p- a role in t.eorge SD*en* Mvarx \HL-L~ ..J,,, 

xene* from hlU of eight majof gff n *hermen; Indiam etc . will P-wrla faUnlei. MU* tong S MB ubluatKm 

will take part on the l.uf rUm the hull ' Beat h of ; 1VA0 make* her ^film 

Theatre aaiiiU to IHe fllm in- j in Dakota at tbe «t»f | MfHut in "The Btg Sk v r Mranklr 1 ^ Mach m» 

Sept 24. • p m , l.l>T‘ over raiutol Itisnvaick, a umilar pffem Mer ptedUcL-u Ivr HkU n advcrtDinfl lor turn RW 

valuta will be at aged with , anl least u undci cuiuidci aiiun. I leaves . »uhuu; 



#/ eSu!!r^^ 


• * 

it. m/ 

NBCs 500G Boy of Old Vtaphne 
Brooklyn Studios ■ TV Expansion 

Ken Murray’s 4 G Badget 
Hike as Rift Is Settled 

Dispute heiwffn CBS and Ken 
Yltirnn wax settled late l#*t •*».#* k 
»r to i initial lf l» f .» * 

-. . •■K uppo U r> »* 

tn $4 <Vw • I 

\r< - ! 4> hud rmnpUimd to t *>«• 
t '.twin u(i riifMhe tHjfget on *i*ej 
*4 Mrwt) and AttMttB farilttKi 
Mot r«y alto h tilted' for an im re**ed 

• v ' .1^. t and rr» 'K_r. »» " 

>« - • d hu . "V»mr " rifci ' • ’ : ! 

gUests, . 

NBC-TV Siltin' on Sports Hume 
Via World Series-Rose Bowl Pads 

With Web O&O’s 

Rules Out Kickback 

Chicago Sep* II V 
Piaal drtatti aa lke lr»t pad rie- 

. : .It. •> twtw *••• It a ' • It 

\ avion Hirer tort Guild and A H< 
are still Mnutmg «n<l NB(" covering Video persxmnel 


VtBtAtttlt NIW YORK 
Op*rt>n(|1oe<|Kt Seat. H . I 

II#- n . p*U« ttt 

'‘V*. f-t 'll* .1».S 

ll* • m ■' I'fl-ut' iv w |jl t M'li iltty . • ■ tit* jj 
v. 4 ..J 1 "v « .it r |-i 1>f >fri"ll>tMl'| 

^-•'1 -ttl-t .♦ In* r»»n : r»f*utfc * i 

: .r • I'f ■ - V 4 .. • • ' •* ’ '1 •••«.• w 4 1 V 

1 the- >»*ungv|en» at home 

Public '(bool teacher* ti% 
J ini part in the ihn* * b< 
turca tcteaie demonstration*. 

SH< thu w«*rk purr hated the old ♦ 

\ jt 4 phone dudio in Brooklyn from 
he Mi «r ners at a coat of $50Oj|». 
to rehv tain inf add it lonal; trtev 

>j*.*n studio'. space tei ease the 
i 4 M : t *-• uftion confronlim! tb* 

n.t*-o pi »*>*tk*, Web plhn* to u*C 

h» .t, « hit h I* one* of ttW' »n«vf 
t equippCfl t.n the t -**t 
mi 1 in. 1 1on of both Irve and film 
htiwv Devi Was netttdtated by 
r r.d k At 't oiMim pres of tit >\ 

\Hi f s paimt company. wiHi Marry 
M \r her 1 . vs H pe* e 

*• -fUi sif letfi of t he V it eph«§n# dn- 
im puvtie v a step neater re*iltty 
\ H( v poti|<>( ted e>tablWhif»e «it of 
, | title Molly* **od * in and around 

v v I'* tv profiuiamiai pit> 

Wvb it currently on Jhe* 
wow I fear further spare M. rah con 
rrt tvito video siurlit** inside the 
r it y and in n* •Kbborin* suburb* m 
VI ettche-der and l«on* Island I’ium 
dodio would be the old Paramount 
ed at AvteMia k. but that I* still 
being uted bv the Army Signal 
1 corpa W ainerv wttll own* 4 tmalkr 
st udio a« t <»s« the vtre e t from the 
«me pure-hated bv NHC in Hrmdk? 
tvn but ttie fktm company will kee p 
•hat one In be taaed for *t«ra»e 
'pare ■ • . • 

Ka« t ttial NIK* m hi ll a> the 
•dber tV oeb* 

i«»r vtudioi indie aten ttiat thev en here were wrapped up lavt u«.k 
s iw ion < onsiderable protframmkPg with the two year c ontract root at n 

riatliriuins Id ortfinatr in N \... mg a |»re>r^der»t making n*»n map NBf TV thi« week expanded lit Mtdf party 
deM»»te ttv iikiHl itumt lure 1 lauae C*lau*e whuhtaeffer ■> . .. 

;a .-n ; to Holljnbmrf Mt( tier .tunny »hr M vrar Of N ' vt u <lo. jgjM further n> a< For the Howl game* ’« which 

of pours# with Hi proKCird day- the agreement, prohibit* the kirk <|uifmg from VWOR- TV, W Y . io- MBC woo right* by outNddini ft# 

time programmiog tu start at T a m * >tati<>n< t»\ tt»r -, r outlet the lea*/ eo the Mew competitor* fiillette will pay the 

Mohd.iy ttuoogh Kitdav i»> e-'|H- i 0 r% any eommernal fee* for thru \niitrrdam Hoof Theafie NfM' also web the $400 < MX) it \> laving (Oil 

nall> lit need id oew space f*MS m- re lee* charged the advertiser* 

♦; TOC-TV't double-pronged ma- 
f Ottwr tr l»*t week whereby H 
copped a four-year •xrlutivity on 

WTMJ-TV Beam It Ws th , Ww , d 

A I 11*01# in PaIia Thrill Sfrtfl wad a three-year Gillette 
AI nomr m IWW deal on the Rbae Bowl New Vcar .. 

Milwaukee Vpt It Pay gn# c l > m l r throw* tatt sharp 
With the opening of the edv • ) fociH a reversal of the NBC n 
fkoiilt delayed at legft a week ( HS tide -«o f o ou o am al 'fRarti 
becau*# of the pdlui »htvat programming 
\V l Ai J 1 V and the hoard ot e*io- du>t av * lew \eai* >#e4 
e lauorhed a daily bait- lumhia -o*e with both )»,. 

houi ’ ot progrwb bewmed at u> mm# to and dominate u r lad.o 

%■ Bi arrfita .T v be# • ion ■■■—Variatp. 

M«r agamenl : 

v, CHARLft V. VATti 
AOf NCV In* ; 

V44 W ith Aw*.. W*w V^rk t7 

Amsterdam Roof 

prwgramining « weep* lake* in the 
Bill Paley a* qulMtion of Jack 
Benny Amoi n Andy Fdva-r Bet- 
g* n King t n»<hv. Bed Skelton. 

■ « t *1 s the trade wa« alto coghriant 
• of the CBS leadership m grabbing 
the AM right* to virtually all the 
major *purt* events, including the 
AM r*< lu*ivtty on the Rove Bowl, 
etc The big play had been taken 
away "from NBC. )u*t a* in the. 
comedy tweepttake*. 

It remained for TV to alter the 
. picture, with NBC now alMi riding 
1 herd in the sport* pasture* Last 
weeks parting of Gillette for the 

’ a >t w Wor ld H ’ 

Swap deal between NBC TV and 

Gillette Safety Kx** ^hereby SSaJcL/SaiJh edlff the We In 

1 ^ °^ortd > h gkouyS ^Ot^ii spun*or*hip on 

world sene* tpommaip th e NC^TA football package 

CBS oil II ha* an impurtant video 
Make in the boxing picture, via it* 

NBC Neatest Trick 
Of Year in Gillette 

lette * 

four year* in return for bringing 
the safety rwor firm in a* bank- 

one involving no to** of monev to ^ u 

-•* — — — NBC execa said Ihi* r nu * 7 

i * 

»•» * lM ’ " A * r * {hr v "‘ t Thiv is the And the ftYDG * loc.l aiatton 

phone but WilR ^Lk tf in writing m Its non rcpnpment whuh the local xtatton 

arrangement Official rtlms b-'«t demand* into a rnnfra»f had already metalled in the the- j 

t.sfed, before it d« # w eb own e d *t at ion I . r ' r mire f hr rby acquiring a complete- f 

.u/r m ihp >U iid had ecf a e.m.Ur deal h equipped studio Web plan* to 

ofw ! , « *» tier tha« pkadtsi •. mdtf WRKB begin * mat nperatUma froas Hi 


for the right* thu year, along with 

However, the vietory «»n the nun 
recapture clause »na> he only triu 
Agreement xtipulate* that 

capture eetup ha*ed on the fm tnuia dam Theatre on W 42d St , )u*t 
■ out betw. * RTDG -»n<1 ..ff Timex Square the roof was 
ihe New York video rtatiowa will » ukid Mr PPC kb -mt- <AHj 4Pf dl| 

ri»i - liw^x* "A- < ( ,„ u „ 

. , iMiiarv Agreeinenf xli|Hilate» that t » 1 mema x »rcun 

\ it iphou p Mu dio. w iH*h *> w«ly . July 1052 a commercial fee re I lawrated atop the New Am*ter- 1 
Ml minute* from Manhattan by car * J 

and m*t a block from the xuhw*v 
tiM 4 k* the vec'ond RCA W B deal 
»« A N Ht pi evkmaly bought ui 

acre* ot ground from Warner* b* 
hind the him company'*. »tudio in 
Burbank Catif . which It i* now 
converting into TV studio . 

\ itaj'hoox is pari i< ularh ...u . 
to video programming since the 

go into eflert unle** there have 
been negotiated change* in the 
Gotham kirkbark schedule In the 
meantime In which caw the 1 «h ai 
pent will he aiao reopened I <>r fur 
hat gaining 

Under the; New York foimuta 

Warner* converti^d it to wiMnd film ^ . . ... . JP 

■wsurtiw s4.«w..v ....... . *«»— p#wu irm 

radio a* one of its first AM studio* 
it M .t*. an audience of about MK 1 
Web plan* tt> tag it the *’NBC 
I rme* Square TV Theatre ’ It ha* 
not been decided yet which show si 
Mil 1 originate from there since i 
1 -ofi'.iclrs able reshuffling df the ' 

studio in bur! Lee N J wf».> '-t 
they hope to lease for TV purpose* 
but it wa* built for silent pi* and 
the Shubcrt* are now in the process 
of converting it for sound 

Brooklyn studio now 'u* one- 
large stage but NBA. will convert 
if into three smaller ones In *<uii 
lion. It has a number of drc'sttog 
roams, a carpenter shop, vei n* ry 
shop and 12 exec office*. 

CBS Buying Out 
Hummed Shows? 

Report* are widespread around 
the trad|e that CRB has been ipr-go* . 
Mating with Ahn and Prank Mum 
meet for the acqukdton of their , 
Air Feature* packaging 0 |h ration. 
All told th« k re are a (too n >t 
Involved, fftoat of Mum om- nth 
riding the CBS alrlane*. and in 
eluding a %h k of the lurr r,. < »t.iy. 

time soap serials. 

■ . • • * • • 

Sui h s deal would obsiov 
tai! a multi million -dollar » -^nndi 
lure since the Hummed belt -line 
programming operation h. s- b* -n 
one of the moat fabulous and lu' ra- 
tivf in AM annals 

St 1 Mis of James Sauicr w lio 

spearheads the Air Feature^ op« ra- 
tion, in the event of the sale ha* 
rued snipe • speculation Hi* r«*n 
trac t w .t.h the Hummed* ha*. .1 u .a 
to go and it * anticipated 'that n 

present operation* schedule must 

directors commerflal ; fees fr om , Aral . be worked out. ; | 

their ba*e pay. But the base pay ■ ■ C' 1 . ~ 

(annul be reduced below $72 Mi In 1 * *1 I »* - 

other word*. Ihe (tothani direetor Rilllon § LoCHl'DMV 
who. with six month*' service yn*. Ralston- Purmu. which i* hacking 

a house scale of $140 weekly, a Space Patrol” on ABC TV Bunday 
maximum of $02 Ml of that ‘alary at 4 30 p m on a *kip-o-week bs«n 
can be charged off hi* fee revenue wifi hack the 'how locally on WJZ- 
Wuh the wedge driven, against TV. N Y pn the alternate week* 
fee recaptures by the CM RAM d « l ocal sponsorship, however 
expected the guild will *trength«n wpu id be relinquished by Ralston 
1 heir campaign against kickbacks a BA' get* a national client 
< Continued on page 2V Agency is Gardner. 


: •• • 

would be bought Up 

Fact that the Hummed* in re* 
rent sear* have been wilting to 
aettle for the AM statu* Quo with 
out any aspiration* toward convert- 
ing their valuable properties to TV 
has for some time led to ro.i lec- 
ture that their’ package 1 up 

fur sale 

Parties Involved either refuse to 
comment on or deny the reported 
negotiations, v 

Television Premieres 


(Sept- IfdA 

Following is a U*t of show*, either new or returning after a 
summer hiatus which precra on the four major television networks 
during the next 10 day* Sept 12-22 

" Sepc. 13 

F.llery Queen. Whodunit i >u Mont 9 to 9 3d p pr-kaiser Fraser, 
•ugh the Weintraub agenc-v \ 

v : HepL is 

Olsen A lobwaon hhaw \ . star Revue' \witetv NBC. I ta I 
pm. Participating 

Rept. jg .. 

spike' Jones Show Colgute Comedy Hour* Variety. NBC I to 
$ p in Colgate through ShrrmairA, Marquette. Ted Jj# tea, 

hept. 17 

Paul Rlnchell Jerry Mahonev » -imedy NBC. S lu-DO pm 
v ; » >1 \ : .t SS( A H 

Atudlo One. ■' * 

t'.ibn Erickson 

Sepi. IS 

Texaco hiar Theatre : \ ai tety NBC fl to • pm Texaco via 

Kudner -v . :*■ 

Crime Syndicated, i Drama with Rudolph Halley, 
pm Schick, via Kudner 

AepX T9 

Kate Hmitk Cveniog Hour. Variety NBC. it 
paling v : .v. ;■>'.= . ; ; 

Arthnr Murray Party. Variety ABC. Tf 30 p m 
rav vta Rut hr stiff Jk R' an 

•V Sept. 29 

Alan Young show Comedy CBS 9-9 30 pm 
Bl balk A Pratt . Kroger v ia Ralph H Jones 

. ; ■■ sqv 31 ;• 

Versatile Varieties. Variety ABC tJO-IOpm Bona ftde Mills, 
via Gibraltar. 

! Sept, tt 

One Man's 'Family. Drama NBC, 7 30-1 p m. Manhattan Soap, 
via Schfideler, Berk A Warner, 

$4*000,000 Gillette Nut:. 

Gillette s parting with NBC- 
TV to sponsor the Rose Bowl 
pickup nr 19S2 pula the xafrty 
razor Arm far out in front of 
the TV apod* hankrxdlera W ith 
the Friday night fight* on 
NBC. the World Sefie* and 
now the Boon Howl game , the 
out At will be shelling out close 
to $2 000.000 in rights a Ion# fog 
the three events this season 
Friday night boxing costa 
Gillette approximately $300.- 
■’ 000 for a 30-week season, while 
R has bought TV rights to thd 
W ocld Series for $1 fXK) txi© per 
year for six year* It reporteAr 
ly is atoaorbiog the full price 
of 0400.000 which KHC paid 
fur rights to the Rose Bowl this . 
year. Since both the Series and 
Bowl game are to be carried 
from coast to coast this year. 
Gillette's charge for si at ion 
time will run at least another 
$2.0M.00O far the three events, 
bringing it* tdtal time and pro- 
duction outlay to about $4,000.- 
out) for the year. 

_ ■ . .. . |j-f - . .. - — - .... ... _ ■ T— — • 

shelling out the full card rate* for 
station time < While NBC’s bid of 
1 030.000 for the And year *«d 

ment during the summer 

N. W. Ayer handles for Lever; 

Drama, CBS. 10-11 pm oiinghouse, via Mc- 

CBS 0-0 30 

pm Particl- 
Arthur Mur- 

F.vso, trio Mar- 

fuuK in NRT-TV '£? *2£r& 

UUCo 10 llUv I 1 < h - R ***_®T*? T? * '7 p !l! r '-rm m i* jlK-TV • 

Kate Smith Sale 

That ”ao-near and yet ao-far SKO 
sign which NBC TV has been pur- 
suing for some time, was Anally 
raptured by the well this week 
its Class A evempg time, with the 
-ale of the Anal half hoUf segment 
of the Kate Smith Evening Hour.'* 
H T Babbitt, through the We>n- 
traub agency, ported this woek for 
a half hour alternate weelu on th# 
show, which means t)iat the NBC- 
TV vale* staff foe the rest of the 
season can virtually sit back and 
elm k t he house 

Mist Slsltk s sLow. which preema 
in the Wednesday night at :• pe- 
riod next week 119 , Will have 
four sponsors, each of which will 
bankroll a half hour alternate 
weeks. Previously signing were 
Norge, Reynold* Metal* and Con- 
goleum- Nairn Program will air 
directly opposite the high-rating 
Godfrey A Friends’' on the rival 
CBS web 


Chicago. Sept 11. 
BrighteaL spot in the. generally 

$500 009 fm the second and thYrd w ‘ n< *y c »<> ne ^ ork »»'«■- 

year* on the annual grid classic nation tl,s r 

was decried by some in the trade r,v 

as being loo high, the web insisted aerial. Hawking Fhlla^ 

this week that it a not absorbing h " ** trapped up an- 

any of the coats, indicating Gillette other renewal from Lr^rr on the 
will pay for the entire affair atrip but the soap Arm has decided 

On he Series. Gillette and Mu- «• U P remaining open *eg- 
tuai control Ihe right* for another, nient 

six years, with the raxor Arm re- ^ Lover ‘ 

ported!) having paid $1,000 000 per ^ ow ,' M ° . ^ ^ j 

vear for the nght* For the base- «>™»-*;****N ride on 
hall cla»*»c, C, llette ha* worked a 

deal with N bv' for station time. J** 1 1 *!**E**9,!**?*&:: 

he# by the station* carrying the hasia and bought tj**JKM > $* 

NBC’s Syecai TV SU« 

As Grd Season Kickoff 

NBC-TV will traileDxe it* upcom- 

Senes are guwiantred their full 
card rates for two hours per day 
on the Aral four games* If the 
Series run* more than four day*, 
or if a game take* more than two 
hours to play, then the stations 
must contribute their time gratis 
!*a*t year when the Sene* wa« 
carried on a four-network pool 
hoai*. all atgtion* contributed their , iiM coverage of Saturday afternoon 
time. Mutual, per usual will carry college football games in a special 
the garnet on radio this vear ’half-hour show Sept. 22 at 7 p. m. 

NBC. in getting the Hose Bowl Titled Football Kickoff 1931 the 
rights also won right* to the Tour- show will prcMMt aportscaater Mel 
nawnd of Hoses parade preceding Allen interviewing Columbia L'. 
the New Year's Day game. Gillette coach Lou Little. Princeton coach 
reportedly is mulling the idea of Charley CtldweU and Yale grid 
pirktrig up the tab for a half-hour s scout Jack LaveMe on prospects of 
coverage of the parade This would the various college teams for ihe 
permit NBC to tell more time on new season. 

the parade, if it can And a spon- NBC's schedule of telecast* fur 
or willing to go along for- that th# game*, which it is carrying um 
loth the Serve* and the Rose Bowl der the National Collegiate Athletic 
are to be earned from roost to Aaan • experimental plan thi* year, 
«irt for the Ant time this year, ! tees off the following Saturday 
*1 NBC's full interconnected net- 'StL We«*inf house sponsors all 
work of S2 stations. (game* on the NBC web. 






Th# •I(fmp4( of th# major n<*l> 
work* to r wol Vt uVi pattern* 
for w»d hi« ¥itn#wtf a 

' #*r tmpi r« edented ,-n 

th# discarding ot old formula* mil 
inviting frvdi terhDlipBt 

•if beginning to pay ©R Around 
the web* there i* a new bu n coo 
fldencea# to radio * pfa< i ..»» the 
new miter i ftmWrnrf (ritdh dfd 

The Eyes on the World 

TV a hUtorteft) clQMQp on Uw JipantM Pfift Triity proceed- 
ing* trom San Prftnetaco this p**’ week make the K#fauver, 

Mac Arthur and kutdred ah*»wv’ look like road com pa met Hero 
was a big -power. parliamentary procedure that na# th# real 
thin*. It a at tmpreaalve ih 1U unfolding. and al moat awesome 
In !«• pountiala.. 

Video# omnipotent apnt light on public oAcraU pr Ihe gimlet 
#v# on suspected criminal# In recent month# — already remark - 
sole a* milestones In the technological progress of the new me- 
dium — were quickly capped by the ftr*t Iran# -Continental bouk- 
up which networked the country. It put |»wer politics into sharp 
(ten. It made American* proud of our statesmanship It spot- 
lighted the hope that a world family or nation# m#v >ct be made 
to work Juat as it plnputivted • defeated aggretaor swallowing 
it# medicine, hopm* to regain its economic podtlim with dignity. 

And. above all. the leorioirnpc exposed the brad* new and chl- 

< < nery of the Soviet bloc foe what it mu* --a dishonest, obstr .< ' .*» *nd < In-m • -kc • 4f1 

live but shrewd enemy » ho know# that ire know hi# game, and j fevting i n cr e as ed ini#re#t Mi the 
a' *o knows that are know that we must go aloiig playing that , AM prwgr am ware* H ftiey n 
game until we are better equipped to play the only other game a 1 * M bu> 
militant power understands a superior force of arms 

AU that Oeneral ftarnoff predicted about 'entertainment being 
tout one segment of teje visUm" w «* never *o fruitfully and dt a - 
malic ally depicted a# via th-* proceedings from the dan Franru. » 

Memorial Hall For In that tame weekend, on all maim TV net - 
work* the viewer# wer# offered apart* talent and impottant 
public event* of the calibre o 1 the Jap Peace Treaty. 

Ahowfolk. hyper- aUunedto thedramatlc. are the first to b# 
hraid exclaiming that they are still amazed by the magic Of 
the telephone, the phonograph, the radio, aviation, <d any Other 
modern science development. TV's showcase of life. In all it* 
manifestations, must remain a nrv**r ending marvel It may be 
added that TV s progress from the very beginning ha# been mad# 
more palatable under the teg l# a til flavoring «*f a *how-wi*c 
treatment and presentation; A quarter of • century of public 
service In the other 20th century wonder. Radio has redounded 
most beneficially to TV, even (fugriti earliest puHprcring staged 

' ••• • ."'-v; ’ : 'C' Abel/ 

IM S 'NEW ORDER’I&R Revamp Moves Into High: 

Nat Wolff Named Production VP. 

f|U«*slhm« and f<*r quotation* la# 
> ear a network radio wlrtmsa 
cmiidni rwii ppttuwiifi tfcfiM 
. Thu Serki p#« mg of fotu client* 
under the ncw/t’BS iMrinuU «l 
%t»m*nr«htp >tait»ng off 
w.lh the Wed • gketlaa • • show ,> * new 
•a lea , - . approach. whuh mav ulti- 
mately the top pri^noili- 

tie* in VM ha* already wmumed 
Mrlib.m ftrsv at Ihir tV 
Itimbu r4<li<i nHaurk that Hr * M 
ton *»»meth»ng that may fU’nlfsiiv 

Mil PtiMie KeUtiooia keep 

* t 

V i Ilium K. Hrtxiks 

H rifHUi %ihiht \ on thr 
I'll hi ic Srrvicr front 

• • * 

Is *w# 

%»« %ium it 


Jap Treaty Parley Provides Sock 

Wf WF.WT mill I 

( hoire of the Japanese peace 
treaty conference Is Inaugurate the 
* -cos ft reiilil wakrsw »v t 
link presided a socko launching 

cerewanay that had the unpat t oi 
a Ht*>e Howl game kickoff. It was 
a more titling christening of the 
rq cable ip—, than the all star 
gila origmally planned could have 
been . 

. Mv giving millions of viewer* a 
¥ irtdq* «n the parley in San Fran- 
the video cameras f*»cu 
i mi the central Issue of our litwe-^- 
V .1 .prate nr war It put ’*e 
political ttrffkgle Into terms 1 l*»t 
made good viewing. Aside fr.»»n 
the diplomatic drama, there were 
li»e human int erest sidelight a. such 
*•' IVrsident Truman noticing that ol the dignttafi#* on *he 
piiiiuna were uncertain when to 
lra\e at tfoe (wnduiwn of the open- 
ing ntght’s ceremony and hi* giv- 
ing the *Vome-on” gesture trying 
f • make it unobtrusive but lotikmg 
k hig a* life on the tele screen 
<’i the- cameras trained an 
Vmtoa%«ad<>r thnles. seemingly m 
tenthr taking notes, white another 
toiieri sneaked up over » hts 
(Continued on page #u* 

Color TV Prcmtore;. 

s 122 : 

following is a tUt «*f new 
shows teeing off on color tele- 
umiost during the next 10 dava 

» Sept. 12-22 

sept 17 

Mel Terns# Shew. Variety. 
CHS. 4 #o-5 pm. Momiaj*' 
thfu-Friday. Sustaining 

Gi’field Makes Bid 
For Crosby STY 

spark a »h*»'e new "go ' radio | 
»■ . kofig <Uen|» who either (.«» 

, TV iwr other hsie In .-n 

shunning the medium The VK 
^h «n * * * - a hi «• »■! «*n- .u 

dgned to rekindle Interest in 
all radio ttirongh the fo«mwl#»JM*n 
Of patieins-w hi* h mher wet»- could 
alui tie enilced into emhr.«* ing '!.» 
m preparing for the #is |ir>*h h 
onlv s pi ii lusn now. when o 
Lm kV S<rike or s < hesiei # ht u til 
r«»n«t<lei a #40111*1 weekly '"tab too 
stiff (or a Jack Hetmy or Hint* 
(js>bi V\f st an /j and thus it* \ i » « 

# multiple sponuirship ui »h* > 
radio kingpin*; and 1* perhaps the 
toughest )oh ut alfl— 40 r*0\ inee t he 
Kenn^•. the CiWdgv.rtc, IM tfi 1 
no disgrace to remain pre eminent 
m radio m the V ears ahead whsi- 
ever ttierr lutui*- in IV 

Meighan I* afoo pitihmg up a 
CHS icfsiun •«! the 'TiiHkm' vile* 
concept utulei «ri|K « 

see ret We.«|»«#l approarh ' w h u h 
he’ll Spring on the f idustiihta Vl^ 
filiates Advisory Hoard when |i 
meet* l.*i#r Oil* riMinth in New 

At NHC and \HC enthiisiavin 
run* equalh high with their »w 
; lotted sale- pallet ns to lit the 
purse of ant and all spsgbwms 1 
| day the webs will ad lib a sale- 
formula on a ' lou-name-ii we Ih 
evotv e-u” b.isi* The netwotks. sl- 
tei a v • nr of stuping, have |. » ned 
their lesMin Instead «»l figMin.:; 
tContinued on pag* 4m 

> Ant(*4|*#!ed reorgant ration with- 

Jin the fadiodele vision (ramewmk 
of \qurtg ft ftuhh am agency rolled 
inti*, high this week with the an 
mm m eme nt bv F.verard Meade, v p. 

and isthol V diretfoi that .Nat 
Hold was no*«mg |h •- ieeiwe In 
rhaige of production \|«>«r is the 
ieeond within recent week* de- 
signed lo strengthen the Vftlt setup 
in the wake of »<Huf |HiH(r#tii ran- - 
cettarions and shift of a* -counts to 
f idhei hinises with iseorge tlrtMHn 
‘ designated a* veei»ee in charge of 
tsHtvmeic lals a r«mp4r *eek» liack 
I New |w«d fnit* Moig Up fnrnt <*n 
i» he (iHiimt-ii ml TV Hi Ing line in 
masirrnilntllng tglenl. show and 
script ai<|uiul nois a* Mea«h* * No. 

I aide He move* east permane nt - 
K a* mmmi a« lie winds up hl« Coasf 
i-iHomilmenls As an Indtr «»|iera- 
lot h#‘s been id«-ni iHt*d with th# 
Ss hlit/ sp*»#is«*red ' Malls ol Ivy"' 
i«t kn(r a* dife« t«*r and «»onal 
scnider < h*e »*t the kev- tateirt 
nen in radio, later moving into the 
• i * t m > c •! i f I ui l if Sphere. # <4ff 
aim |*i • . .| a maj«»i Mdc' at aw 
time lit i twinging, a nomlwi ut i «<fio 

witters into t he Mel I II pic vIh Uu*. 

In addititoi lo t# old. Meade re- 
vested appointment of Kdw at d S. 
Smisibn formerl# engaged in 
l opera 'management, ■n#-, a radio TV 
superiino A number of new ap- 
faMUl ilieut s and «hl|t« design*-*] to 

III October blew up last week when *<retigfl»eo the agrm > « superviaNgg 

setup t» r«*p»*rted oft tap ■ 


Dinah. But P&G 
Starts Wooin' Her 

(Uriah Hhoff'a video show for 
NHt umler S 4 «iftete)-Van tamp 
spuiis«»rsliip m heduled to tee tiff 

the client *el\e«i n«dne on the net 
work that it wa* rou elling out 
and rt i upping the tune The «ing«-r 
wa* s< hedoted to lake Over the 

Tuesday and Thursday T #P to 7 4.1 

pm aegments t<*» a < •cist oiigmat- 
mg program 

However, ihote. % a vliong poa- 
sihility that |*MMter A Ciantbtr 

wMik IpHiwm Alls* Stmre on 
t its vu the l,»>mmute cross the- 
letard Jack Smil.h .Shoie <<inn> 
Simms radio diow . nwy step in 

««d bu> the Honda w#dn# mI# 
i i*d.»\ 7 #u 7 41 time in whnh l»* 
•how cane tl<e tinfiev In thaf ca*e 
d would tease the Toes*!#* Thuis 
dav perKwl open tor nv *p««t-*»r- ' 
ship 1. alter segment* ate being 
pitched lip to Nttt' he Her i»at d I.. 
Schubert a* a two-a-week *tmw 
ijp-e for H iitrgsrde 

After negotiating with NBC lor 
Ali-t Shore » TV show . Van l amp 
eaprem-o-d •orne unhappiness over 
stain ol clear an* e* for the prugiam 
and this Is (relieved to be the nil 
• jot factor in the decision to cancel 

Mith Boh Hope a* the only per- 
sonality thu* far committed. Che*- 1 
tcrfteld is wrestling with the proto 
lem ol lining up additional star* 
to rotate in the Sunday 7 to 7 JO 
p in NBC TV spot Hope will only 
do one a month, if that, with the 
remaining weeks still a blank 
Chesterfield. which bankroll* 
Bing Crosby on radio, is reported 
trying to line him up for an or- 
rnloAil T\' shot. Thu* far he’s 
shunned video There * a question, 
too. as to whether hi* CBS deal will 
j permit him to go TV for NBC in 
which case hr d to# restricted for 
. guesting on Hope's show, dittoing 
ChufgHft Sept 11 thru two-network exchange shots 

'I de« Lab# decision on bmiHC ' .***_ . . 

Mu TV* l.arroway At Urge to Fred Allen is also reported under 
put in the Friday night period oc- federation lor a permanent ni- 
i iipred to* * Qui* Kids’* U due the «#Mng berth .on the nggi# show 
r part of this week < -?* h.»> a fl.M g of talent tin 

Hade Wide agency topper wa* ronlriMl * •’*»*»»! pr<fgr»m com 
Lot "ftp. -Hew- York today Tue* 1 for n^»d*. »wek OiJeety teMer. Jack 

Agencies Trading Like Mad in Shift 
Of Key Men; Wage Freeze Seen Factor 

■’ , .W .•.•** . .; *• ■ ; * . ’* 1 * ’ * - 1 v . ' ‘ ‘ ’ . ■ >, ,f : • . 

The personnel trading #m«mg ’ Colgate on the tooth pa Me prnduH 

Miles in Deal For 
Garroway on TV 

agencies continue* unabated with 

has rh*M ked off I he Colgate payroll 

almost utipi eeedenied a«iivit\ in 
solving key radio 1 V #«ec* iden- 
tified with account* p»mnng »nan> 
million^ into AM and TV onl«' 
annually There * considerable 
trade spec ulal toil as lo Hie previse 
i rason or t e com* (»h tire > a*t turn- 
over* shuffling With the i^a^e 
Stahlll/alum seen a* on# of the 
major factors in the moving aioimd 
fur nmre lucrative pasture* T**r 
)m keying among agetp ie# for * 
firmer foothold m the television 
programming sweepstakes is -een 
H amghrr ffdig. 

' Hifniufiims 

conference* with NBC cxecl on fi- CftflPT* Dave flarrowav. etc . and maneuvering of the pad few week*. 

and is joining McCann- Krh hvm to 

the past week of »o wl*ne*sing an hA||<i|r %hf fVpaodenl aevount 

, McC-F onlv fireent l\ a« qnired the 

H»»d I m •mirrll) nWfMHfer 

ol *•-(»• radi*. I A <ivpaH roenl i- 
peeled to he moved mil of that sjwd 
mfO a tu-w sphete ut o|»erath»n, 
with pos-ihiiiry that David l^vjr 
will be««Mi»r evecofi'e a-sl-tanl to 
Meade i Mher changes are also be- 
lieved Imminent 

Si. Louis Blues 
For Budweiser 

Si l.iHii* Se|»l 1 1 
CJeoct# llortuMh, manager of 
ksi)l\ Ui# si Ihah f*. MO ins 
l*at«h video operation here and 
luisic NHt affiliate, fmind him-elf 
on the horn* of a ' loyalty lo a 
lo*'#! industry” dilemma whl«h wa* 
finally re«c»fved only bv knocking 
c»f! the Ken Murray Saturday night 
#ho*ir , . 

The Murray sliow N s|»«m*ored 
hv Htlif aei-ej He# i one of S| 

I .uoi-tii.«)ur pc ole* KH() had nu 
com, alwHit carrying the 

show last season and lirushing 
Ktde the upposiiiun Ja< k f aiti-r 
,) •> v 4in SH< de-pile M r -l.iti.ui* 

allegiance lo the latter netwoik 

Thi* season the Ml star He 
vur moved into the opp«»*#i»- Mur 
rav time nn NHC One of its three 
Sponsor* i* |*e» Milk amphet v 
lawn enterprise It wa% i«Mighie 
tm Hurhach to resegse. with ll«e 
hw al station last week deciding to 
tfiMhMfe m fifa Id will* AH sin 
Mevn# and doing a late Saiiifday 
night delayed kme oo Mu 


IVfnodent Ini’ from Fmde, Cone A 
He f ding ' ' 

Bet tear d k liman » ad to-TV man 

for fitpen M atih Via Mc-Cahn a rs/s lillf I IklC DAVTIilr 
Krtckaon. which sine* a nn# -ad AuL !tIULLI/Kj U A I I I.ML 
melon among the 'fad he TV slut ion- ... ... 

.. .I mi i« es h.« ‘STOP MUSK AM STRIP 

agency • . m 

Bill Templeton aide of Mvron 

h*l»fing th# plant Deal new hinge* “ * #AP#ried that lh#v II all fid # 
‘•n whether the web i« willing tw crock at th# 7 p m. ihowca*# 

^ iv# display # $18 500 production ' 

t .t» 

of course, wa* the collapse ol the 
Duane Jones agency . and hi* 
gl non hton suit threat against his 
cx-ahh-1. wtu» went out on their 
own. taking along some of the DJ 

rm .M NBC 1, itronfty e'ch- “*«■ «>UCH CUD BUT 
•ng • davtinie TV show at Garro- ' Mail Pouch Tobacco ha* bought 

v it the vnighttimo $how die#, RC A * syndicated football aenev Cun# A Heldmg reorganization 

forestall any rul rate deals on louijidown Tip* (kith Sam Krwm, W rrjWflfilj has nn# 
thi* latter spread Hayes '' for 20 major radio market*, on tap. With Jnn Douglas resigning 

■fcdh Mile* and thg n#4 are re- Deal was art via t hailrs W. H*)1 from Colgate to move in a* radio 

1 ‘ dissatisfied with "ajuii agency I' dire* »ur foe the ’agency He 

R with the web hinting spm- Purchase Wings number of *ta- succeeds the exiting C H tottmg- 
v ’ r wants to And a stronger pro- t ions ailing tho tiansciiber to over tun 

Kirk at Kudjsier agency a* prudmci 
on the Mllfnn H»*rle show and hati I 
dimg TenffPP W/ m • - resigned to' 1 1 'Would . also 'keep ft* H 
move in as radio-1 \ directen al 
Hh#roaan Mamuette That s.the ;• 

Slu l.udlum ha* resigned lo open 
hi* own talent agenev 

C’lese tales ha* I’r^lgned a* a<l- 
vertisir^g director of Hrxall lo join 
(•rev agem y <wi Sept 17 in an exc. 
rapacity, lie'll have general charge 

VIM I* talking to H *• I *ui* C 
Cowan office .(►mi! < d *s t.l(. • » 
v« i -ton oi Jht.p rt*»- Mu-i‘ * ' *t 


fesur and on • •’ * 

Thuisday ev»’. : r 4 OUt ’’’ W 


Ikigt mi » ' f k 

UafM* (<• ,>**■* the * i ’> v*n ■ 1 

trtjrnT ir : ‘* r M .ne^i «d th# 

web * m.* 3 .1* ►- 4 Ttt p Xk. 

wi .p upei a li*|e*.ip ~ 

1 i,e »t , t >t jji wou.d ta# 

the fenime luiener 

ot local and national advertising 

account- In the wake ol the Fool#., lor Utwl. Liggett, lane and Henlio ad.ijn-d I 

chain* a* well a* for Bexall Iran- ,> ot.. dt ^ .’A lotmo from H»# 
chised diuggist* ' ,l 1 Hkelv that 

This week * revamped prjidurtnm Jimni' Ht .in# Vocaii-t on th# 

setup at Yourig A Rubicam wifi* nuditt show v would handle 

Wolfe enienng ihe pf ct H r e • chore- instead t of Bert 

»#e separate story . further reflect- •Park* who ha* a hea*\ sked. tn- 

the heightened tempo aiound the cioding Break th# Bank on the 



i Al Rotoej, brand attuunt man for | agenries. 

net w oik. 

is. mi 

%ne Circuit to Rule Out Fib 

Jt'ihri % • Montgomery . w h«»se # 
^ ugh* tyrihe Theatre . 'has ; Oil- 1 
lurd <(l4pUU*ll «f »urflipl*v* 
I,n-i1 r > hr fot - M« ' *4l 

Mttflk* which h*vr INfj 
prrv wUsiy M h*rW‘d Whllf th ■ 
will rUrtxnaf^ *ome preferred |»n*o> 
true 1 AI'*ntgomerv said it hw |iN) 
opened up a new «(rm| -of ^-dories.. J 
whuh h«v permitted him to line up \ 
to i.*ny him .•" halfway 
tl • •• . 

Stone* |trru««*: , > pnnlu<»d on 
Him ere out this yfir 
AmmrM Tot»cto, Ki‘ ‘ 'po«*p». has | 
bought till full network htthm 
uoni the u*e «f MmaM tor 
torn* NurlwU I jw 4 ye ar l-HrllW* (' 
M ihe »ho« on ufilv the intercoh- 
Iflltatrt all ftf whkh ref- 
ried »| live > Since the Him com* 
|MMia ctstd thal liwi f»prwtt j 
another form of Him. they tftiut ; 
their Him right* to properties pre* 
eludes u\e of thove properties for 
: TV 

Series which resumed Monday 
HO* in the alternate Monday night 
• 10 to 10 30 period preemed with 
•* Bubbles, ’• which was adapt* -» 
from a 't«*rv t* v Wilbur 

Daniel Steel and util star Nt< hard 
Derr prrrttwily announced wa* 1. 

Rf % R«anl I hair man 

Brig. .t»rtifr«l 
I)h\mI Struoff 

TV Han Mover! 

1/ iracuiounl \ $ i n n It n 

9 39 Debut 

Ctp(iv« Kido 

Rhinelander \v i* Sept It 

Htatioa WOIT Her* hag 
found » » - e t f a good :/ed « <p- 
ti e audieao None 2 tlOO 
m-IM kid* riding the One .da 
miy school t orn are 
wener* '<■ - <; 
TIM a m beneficial infor- 
mation * show beamed by the 

Hua dnvets are under arid 
orders to tune ie the airing as 
they hustle them to their 

CBS Grid Via Trf 

DuMont Uaveils DuMatic Switch’ 

Adapter for CBS Colorcasts 

in Kart* Mar nf Rain* 

Jr**ira l)riR«nt*llf 

Some Memorable 
II i ghlifgltt i 

om d Hu 

\M smut jt Hint 

srMI4l IIHTIOX . •■-• , < hicsgo Bept IT 

. . Z . Apparently determined to give a 

- ’ new hypo to Hs “pioneering tradi- 

X^wtw rfy t»on.** vmKB hat decided to beam 

^rsreaa^a » llt# ( Bs m heduk of color foo ball 

trier a*t * General manager John 
■By • p* r fa Mitchell notified fhe web l**t week 

I 1 HI IP \lff1Afl r YlfC that the indie would carry the nine* 

L4 lUC i/HllnlU liAn# game t iht par bag* «h»«h tees off 

Sept 29 

/*■ • f 11/ AH A a : It 11 be CBS’ Hr it opport unltv to 
I hi t nr WIIK r 211*1 •** da networked coioi 'how* into 

v*l 11 IUI HVII 1 wvl < hirago Indie, which u tied up 

with Columbia as an affiliate in the 
Chicago Hept 1 1 absence of a C BS owned station 

Knur SIMM; M» •» tb* WttO '!¥**• •“** **•** •* 

uc sm t:n it nu t 

srtt 1 4L tMTItl> 



2 Battle of Vkamin 


Drr^ Prr*u»u» MWMml'rJ Mt.liaM. Mr o« Ibr «WO 1 ■» Iwr i» bnurb r«t l U M« Tbr b*»lW M Ibr WtaMla mmt- 

Sm SmS Sh..v < «hrl < r«M»TV fWOMM- . >**■» ?*»?« >«y»«»«;0y«W >*«, 4hM. ImmIM 0O#c 

Bv roots |*roff*vit»ii which will 
nsarb the Hrs| presentation of any 
Shaw worb *n American TV 

Hies, has succumbed to the bland* 
I'hments of Manhattan and *s an 

the beaming of the tinted shows , n..,— nu twiM 

Because of the networt s intorest ,nl0 ^ hirago rad 

in display utf its color fare to the during the past summer ts aft to 

Montgomery said he and hi* staff * inff theor parts for a pm^ with * .mu « .«v audiet.. * it s crnitituie Inta «ha w.nler seaami on 

were vur prised to Hnd that the WOft and HOB TV During Ida *"*1 1 ZaILmT*** ***** t t>># rv *» • b r aid fr spread American 
pias »s now in public domain g vr >e#r t9 w on ( hi *tatia*a. • JJPV * * '* * r t*J^ Vitamin Assort are mot mg into 

giastss ZZriz t - •«#“"“ • — w-w xz , y ,n s ± rr^ssn sssv r. 

2T,.rU R^bTZS w *‘«b *WTV brrr .nd h„,n.dto drfrrtMrnl 1 MuT on Tb. I* CM 

Collins, J H I'nrvtlrv and an bis departure m t h r 0ft W ha* ^ ", y S ® m 1 hr' horn* i'lr*w r I P‘» 0 «tHt will HU the segment 

original IfMis Pas* ! gllren rite to a •hrctu SRg JS 'I Vpt If with a Him* 

Dur Id be scripted by Thomas W re p tare mem s on hi* carmua broad Mup win hr pract *att»» g ■?j*g )am^al -frosty froltcs. ’ TV fgff. 
»**»»pps cast enterprises :> ■fejgygjgj* J?.' whteb has been beamed 

^vailabifity af CBS color tele- 
' vision to the publtr toob another 
step forward yesterday rues 1 
with news that DuMont will «oon 
market a special adapter whi< h 
will enable viewers to receive ( BS 
colorcasts ' in blacb*and>w Hite on 
their present sets. Adapter whirh 
changrf the standard ► no 

transmission ta CBS color y HOB 
lilies will sell for SltfV * 
fact that Dti|innt lg following 
Philco, Admiral and other major 
manufacturers Into the marbetmg 
of adapters Is considered particu- 
larlv «tgniHcant in yiew of thetf 
being among the chief o ppo n e n ts 
of the CBS system in the recent 

UHF Converter 

DuMont Labs yesterday un- 
veiled a near ultra-high frs 
oueticy converter, which will 
permit the owners of any prey, 
ent DuMont receiver to pub up 
commercial t’HF telecasting as 
projeefed by the fCC Con- 
verter. similar to that recently 
display*# by Crnaley. worbs 
with DuMont's continuous tun 
ins system and covers the full 
, 47ytHO mg. range set aside 
by the FCC for future l Mf 

Unit cab bt Installed In pros* 
ent sets with no serrtHce of «• 
MUng very-high frequency sta- 
tions. and will receive *ignals 
from at many Vflf stations »* 
are set up In any area. DuMont . 
has designed the converter tn 
advance so that it will be avail- 
able to the public ahead af the 
Hrst UHF programming. 

Montgomery plans to star in two Simon has inhed a year ••fj* vert' tho 
at..ri»-s rht- >t*r hut so far has not with Hve \esr options at B<»K 

arlectrd the ones he would like io He's to do a half hour cross-the- “ ^ 

do. In addition hell narrate the tx.ard aftermwn trrvr. xow -»nd 

• h story I wit) work the 1 1 13 pm to 12 mid f 

M In i Mr in ''f 4 jpODSO 

tiling the narrative technique he c omir haa jgd been set l>y ' m t 
U«etf once lav t sea^m Hr <*<| he vtAIAQ to i«K< o\n t» t.ivMlv TOF 

je anl d also Mw lb the *uh»rf ( hr/ ^, K> , thla v.*'* nog . 

It . ipp rb le r brn g u r *uch as be program director Homs* Hr.. ^ . h f i 

%!"’ cht«d in tns I *>'' > n [ Sr h^ri^nig uut Hie auditioning Ha*: 1 ' ; Ml ° 1 

WJ r; i' am * “frosty frolics.- TV ice’ 

suDoJementarv^Mi?/' needed^o*con^ revue which has been beamed FIT hearings, t AUen B. IB » 
pjamantary HH> E5. — ITf A latiMilrt Mont told Vaanrr short iv after 

4 . . m l-— . mentary unit* needed to ron- 1 ’ ’ , " , . 

5. MM ;tM . >«•»■ ’ . h , mw , whr<M „, M«. to lint •««"» <*" ktla. Uraus s * 

Mo.ooh.lo. th. Vliamln Corp o»i«»* .***««e J*f» JW ; «tWW 

Sponsor, McConnell III 
For ‘Bif Show’ is Losfca 

America which met AVA'a heavy 
ner ad drive >n t’hi« ago grut 

would manufacture the equipment 
whenever public denvuid was suf- 

mzrmZ. jw. , w . wt^ . 

aw A i »t« nome of DuMont n rustmnet* have 

tious radio TV campaign of its 
own. has bn bed off a saturation 
spot spread here and in I -os An 

a*bed to be enabled to fettivt the 
t BS roioirasts 

According to Walter l St uk el. 

woiiKi a«an n»e im in. thi* .ween u.sos «* w ^ « w T»x ewmasien will nan HDH r *” w r*"""' 

)t . .era technique *uch as he i wpgggjMi director lb Heck ** A H . . f r * rntia spots and JOoVv blurba .notional saiea . chief i . DsMsM 

Spotlighted in h,A l^dy out t he audiDooitMi Hog *& * *****}* li,u ! ;adio spots and two tv oiurna, j receivers, the company haa no 

Vbbe him for Metro *evcf.d 'car* Aka , fv Same is true at indie WJJD % ?* 3r * * half hour *»f *he SfH AMhough the details still arent pi*ns at present to manurfarture o 

gffn hut hM* not found a *tnry ygl L. hrrr s ^ piling IB ‘ ®MI sailed completed. Vitamin Assort. * ' U converter It s the converter that 

Which can be adapted for it M«>«» hours weeklv m * mmMg ' M * ton,,r ,§?'* * % ***V'* lo ‘ al would make it possible for pets- 

gotnerv has no p Ibf icn'iiig mjkJnm WJJl) chief An llaire seeb fonipwnicd by NBA prevv Joseph m hedule i?T^ie^Mind> t v A\ \ rntaelOwncrs tOwAgce'' 1 
any mnalrwl* thi* >..o ln g a romplrte *w ik h i* audition- H h ( 4,r>,,ril ,or ,tVr l-liMHff ' Irbely w * rroaaThe- colorcasts inreffe Rf I>uM..nt 

Show s bndi upped ! ta" femSdSnb *i»nnrrv to fill part t ff* I>n>,r * m Joa^rd half hour nighttime stilp on #v er marbeta the converter which 

•ever a! thousand dollars over the j of the segment *** rr * "«"*9**"*. : ** ^e,. a . \ TV and is eyeing porbnyo to Tontlnutd on page 2t 

.r.«hMXMW *»< »**••» pr..«r.m WC— «•’ « ■ *■ »« i to W ««m* . S IM vLmMmSoo^-mS!' '• — ^7 

mg Quinlan is Jibe wise Mreemng m<ia | h Taped verson of Big Vitamin outfit is banbrollmg WON- V DC rim/swr* \liirnr 

Wffw/y ifn • PfU 9 * k T V' rr * r‘ n r»lr v ‘ F*» lu4 ‘bm performance on TVs entire baseball schedule, in Ill OilS *yllirPl , 

nlRT Aims Tima s,p ' “ w in ,h " ■»*<«<"« «»..» <h. cht tub. ...d ww ‘ ,lv 'i wyu “ v " 

iiuv tiume nmc b ^2S? SSS ^*... ™ r Srpt 10 m ,ht w * wan-* n , n n 

irarkud* »«.«. !■* CU rt„n r,.^r. , akrMMMI .. .puiuM^I by >1* P«l4f Cltmil 

n 1/1 . ft . Si Cki — Icnmpetin* vitamin company. 1 lldl Ml. 1 dLlS T IYI111 

itinunt on |>ag 2V 

NBC ‘Chine Tme’ 

has been handling Wbkh * nightly fenwntry «n R*pt 3 
| curbside remote for the past four M $ , urtain raiser, 
years. — 

l.igea to ( M 

Sale Gets Heave ... . zn&SSZS. 

vsww* rives in Chicago tomorrow « Wed • 

vfc/ , . + ., . _ . . ■ to take uver 4 -I du> • - on 

SIM- h,. .handonr* ... WMA y, 

«» 2" “2. th, t tw P..„ F.,,rn * ho RIM 

rT^.T 1 ’ kL i • —ttor r.*lr ....... l« m.mlh. «6 

Utrh Mil.. "<• « -ll«m-hrM* f (he ( „ pa , a h, n , , ia RrMGM. 

rh '7'“., lU ; , ! ", K . "•*•'« ttf th- < h„ b-rth ► tnWv 

niatu ally NBC had it all figured :. 4) 

out that It would add an addition- * . '■ ,':••• :• • • 

a 1 IB 000,000 annua My into t he web 

When NBC Initially tipped its Henny Ysnngnun’s TV 

plan, v Part of a concerted effort : vyi -ai y i y . 

Jack Kuney to W LIB 

Jack Kuney director formerly Py* Radio f ft mm it mpnls 
with NBC' and MNfW N Y . has - ^ 

joined WLIB as production man- Pnrm ClnffnrJ laK 

agrr His work w ill include show* • wIvC Jtil I Vl Q IB 1*1 

beamed to the indie * se*(»nd-gen- /*DC is *t fV 

Continued on. page 29 * 

LBS Drops Sheer, 
Harsh; Pacts Flynn 

...,J ,C i h-l b-nh J*»>'h Am-m»n .ud.rn,^ 

,, 4 ha«ed on hi* having directed 

WPf. ; M ‘ | Kfemai Light V on NBC and a 

M'rir* rncarded m Israel with Ben 

to pour additional cum into radio 
the station reps registered loud 
squawk* However. VBC *av» that 
the station rep oppo*ttion was not 
the reason for Silling the pn 
and that the mayor affiliate sta- 
tions. in fact, were all in favor of it 

* ,, Joseph C Harsh and William 

) UMhMIS Shtrer are being dro p pe d by Lib- 

fmrr» tlaff «rJ la Nit Br<«a r «iir.t RyWm «. s-pi. 

• Wlff uHlIVll II Iwl 20, and John T. Flynn, ronserva- 

« |U:L, TVswiao two economist, launched a cro*a- 
1/ffllJ I f dUQrU the- board senes on the web last 

wood Sept 11 evt-nmg <Tues •. 
film and radio commitments Departure of Bhlrer and Ha. *h. 
^ k... u 1 •'ho had been alternating in a 

here have f^stnger Jo Stafford Sm, 

to nia a < BS TV « ffer to head a m* number of commentators who 

U #nnv Ynnnoman*« TV m lf4# " commentary stnp. bongs to threw 

nenny lOUn^mall S If j HUB Which also has programs to nu a CBS TV offer to head a number of rommentators who 

DL*I1 M aL hi | Hooted to the Negro market last one hour daily televariety show hut have left Liberty In recent month* 

muiy mar a toon nets »•«*• tu« ihv th , , vp ,,„ , 0 nntm offrr t>«» .umm-r iuyn»*R »».«« *»- 

81G for Cerebral Palsy JUrlrm * * ‘ ‘ .«*RM-. lourtS „^ r Jmha w . v.nd-r- 

Philadelphia. Sept 11 
The mural hon trlevtsum program j • 
to aid the Cerebral Palsy fuxuf 

Radio Premieres 

Inability to And a formula which wtmh started at 10 30 pm Satur- 
would be suitable to » . I iW*m.»s clay and wound up 13* v torn** 
cued the decision to let the chimes later at 2 pm H nH rt .«> afternoon 
continue to ring «*n a svistaimng over WF11. TV netted a total of 
hasit. more than ggl 000 for the urn- 

. — — ' paign • 

^ m m ■ — — show was telecast from Town 

BALLANTiNF. REPACTS M * u herr * nd Henn> 

>oungman Among the entertain* 

FOR YANKELS IN *S2 m pS3 *** 

rim I AJ1HUJ in JL a , ^ rnlt Harry Lrftv. Lewis 

BalUntinr's this week renewed F lorian ■< Zabarh. Claudia Pmta \ 
It* option to bankroll telecasts of Jimmy ttiaine E.Mif Roetkrr, 
Oil N V Yankee have hail game* Christopher Lymh Htfhard Hsye* 
for the 1952 season and for half and Peggv Anne Gamer 
Of the radio game* l\ u. Every Hour the television aud.- 

are carried by the H \ DaiK was taken to Atlantic City 

Kewrs' WPIX while the AM rov- where 20 minutes were telecast 

•rage It handled by W1V$ t from the Boardwalk at Steel Pic 
ley outlet In Jt Y Agency for Bal- Heading the re*4»rl* list of enter* 
lantine s is J U alter T- mnpsor twiners were (fus \ an Johnny 
White Owl shared the A At pick- 1-ong and his onhe«tra and the j 
up* with Ballaniine during the vea* Atlantu City String Band Young- 
nog now winding, hut it look* as man had to leave the -how at 12 30 
though the cigar outfit may bow p m Sunday to art as a judge in 
out after this year As a result the the Mrs Amerira rontevt at As- 
Yaniu will have to seek another bury Park Frank Brookhouser 
gponsor to pay for the remaining columnist for the Inquirer, took 
garnet on radio neat year. 1 over at me when \ ounfffnon left. I 

Srpf. 12 22* 

Following u • Utt of showrg, 
either new or returning after 
a summer hiatus, which pceem \ 
on the four major radio net- 
works during the neat l(j davs 
•Sept; 12 22 , .,.v' 

Sept. 13 

Romance. Drama CBS 11 30 
p m to midnight Sustaining. 

Sepl. IB 

My Friend Irma. Situation 
comedy . CBS B 3fL7 p m Sus- 

2 ark Benny Show. Comedy. 
CBS 7-7 30 p rfe American To- 
bacco. v ta BBDAO 

The f horaliers Music CBS/ 
10 30- 1 1 pm 1 ongines-t* itt - 
nauer. vlo Victor A. Bennett. 

Sept. IB 

Turns Hollywood Theatre. 

Promo NBC g 30-9 p m. Turns, 
v^i« Dan«er, Fytxgerald L Sam- 

Hepi. ftl 

Mr. District Attorney. Dra- 
ma A'BC • 30-10 p m Bristol- 
Myort, tia Young It Rulmam. 

.. ,h. .p..n, .h.- compi-.-, — - V v. n d- r : 

her him deal- [cook, remains 

| Net had proposed a New York- • It * reported that signing of tha 
originated U)out to cost B2 000- nght-wtofer Tlynn was suggested 
ivm #«-. an by H R Cullen, Tesos mi million- 

\Ki2S-SSTt 4 . oire. who recently bought he.v.r* 

Miss Staffofd however. Is t>ound |Blo Flynn will originate 

here by two Him and two radio from hl# aaywide L 1 home 
deal* General Artist* Corp prexy . 

Tom Hockwoll said Defoliation* for 

SLttR. W * " CBS Stebon Rehbsas 

The songstress’ Club 13 And n t m*m c L J* 

i si nation Hour will keep her oc fOSt lOT Dttl jCmM 

copied boro for CBS t'adio until _ llt . . .. . 

well into 1932. while she! set to William A 1 Bill 1 Brhudt Jr* 

tdo ber Hrst Him. “My Fine Feat h hot been named diretto* of 
ered Friend. ’ costamng Dennis tions relationa for the CBS Radio 

Morgon. in I a it Dot ember The Formerly eastern division 

latter is tor fidelity Pictures* and , j T . .. . 

sols her second picas vet un- »won*f cr of the ( BS radio staogjk 

TiHcb Mart* •hootinf ,n •» >' 1 und,r , 

; — ~ Akrrb-rg .taiions r-laiion- v— pr- 

" - ■ (nr both CBS Radio and CBS Trlr- 

WLOU’a Negro SUnt I Frits S ay d«r had previously 
Louisville, Sept 11. been named chief of TV stations 
WLOU here return* io the air relations under Akerberg. Ed 
Oct 1 with a 10b* « slant for rhe Srovill. one-time CBSer who haa 

WLOU . Negro Slant 

Louisville, Sept 11. 

Negro market. 

been busineta manager for Kenyon 

Outlet was recently bought by I Eckhardt s radio-TV department. 
Robert W Rounsaviile, who also moved bock to CBS this week as 
owns WQXI. Atlanta Both sia- a Held rep for the radio stations 
t tions are to be rrpped by John E relations Tom Frank is replacing 
I Pearson Co. i him ai tho agency. 






In iharp rMtrut to the Botoe- d uiant davt when the Aim km4nm 
« rrt giving r»4i« Iht bnnlv iKm » a wt4iip(N4 nwrt)*| *1 AM 
the Hollywood fix moguls today fh# rumincini of radio by 
, lh« At mat art lirms direct U from Hollywood g rerug union of TV 
• < Enemy No 1. with video inherit inf AM « onetime , status ag 

• something to stay away from 

The pit-radio alllama mIK into kifh momentum no SryH 24 
when eight of I ha major studios put thnr Mora and properties at 
the disposal of ' Lai Radio Theatre" for tha special hour of hoopla 
i oirlirditf tha Council of Mot too Picture Organisation* Mr 

• lima ISV campaign Sroto from such new product a« * Amer- 

• ion In P«rta’* ‘M«tro\ "Dl»taai Drums” ‘Warners*, People W|lt 
» Talk ’ • ‘JwthV ’ Hart Comes tha Groom" »Par», Sat ut da v s Herne* * 
f It/oM, with such personalities a« Gary Cooper Ring Croahy. Cary 
I Grant, Jeanne Crain. Gene Kelly etr , mill get a showcasing, with 

I Mr Lux atanaa aloo baring access to ail the proper! le* for full hour 
presentations later in the season 

\t the major dramatic property in radio 111 rough .lie wars the 
) m iMmr kM llvift established a working liaison with the p*a 
studios; but getting key properties didn t come easv invariably 
involving some deal or other Hut with COMF1 f now using radio 
fed perpetuate tha Rim Industry as opposed to TV. It* a rate todav 
of take what you want " 

tfa^mmmmamMimMWmMMBWiMtfWBgMmoRMmmrigiT. iriima.m i mm 

Everybody Wants to Establish | 
An East-West Micro-Cable Tirst' 

the I 

I vat elj 
! ANA 

W u r le I ddie Cantor and the # 
*< nigate Comedy Hour * get tha 
n on pieemmg Abe Ai d wrvt to 
ead commercial show with the j 
opening of the coast to-coast mi- 1 
t Co-cable. Indications are that the | 
first ti anwontinental sponsored 

show Will get a N. ¥ -to- Hollywood 
t'immiwion to advance of the 
bept 30 Cantor date. , 

t urrently there's a scramble on 
1st eMpbll-h the “Brst. 4 * now that 
,A T A T has moved up the sched- 
i a to make tha tntcro-cable avail- 
able for clients on Sept. 2A There's 
* » ! '*tig p«i- ibtlity that the 
Z9 telecast of NBC -TV * All-Star 
will get ’the inaugural nod 
fur an ea*t-to-weat transmission 

Meanwhile, tha TV production 
head* of the four networks are ex- 
ploring the possibility of doing an 
ail network commercial show on 
JMtjpfl 28. from 11 to midnight it 
the seta can get off tha program- 
i ' <t t-.cvok and wrap up client* for 
the even! A T A T doesn't want 
to pick up the tab. having : aban 
dunfd Its own inaugural four-net- 
work sponsorship deal when the 
Slate Dept okayed the transconti- 
nental relaying of the cerertiooie* 
attending the signing of Hie 
Japanese Peace Treaty. However. 
A I A T agreed to the opening up 

Kf % Hear arch I nginrer 

Df. Alfred N. (•oklsimth 

7 1 i Four Hit huiiy $ 
of ('Worth 

• - a Mm 

WM Mi l Mr n MII.M 

H Hi 

More Violence 

A*^*n of National Advertisers 
thud repoit nn Impart ml >etr» 
s*on on Radio Listening/ released | 
Iasi week is bringing angr* replies 
from the AM sector of the industry. 
Radimtr- , Mere particularly in 
censed because the report comes 
after all four m a j or weha have 
slashed their rates HMA *. a move ' 
which some htuedcaslers felt was 
ap uooeressars raptlutettUft -,4m : 
price-cutting pressures 

R roo d casi • Advert King Bureau 
pre* William R R> an referied 1«* 
the report as ’’incomplete and »u 
perAcial and said B\B is leuorb- 
ihg a thorough stud) of the d«W u- 
menl /''•■ ' '■/■/ • • v v/ f 

While mmt iodulht leaders 
were not commenting ofTu talli on 
the totesl ANA report, they pi 
etefy / expressed resent ineni at 
saying it was basing its p»*i, l 
turn on / unfounded assumptions ‘ 
One reason Why the latest AN A 
dossier is less c o m prehensive titan 
the previous publication* is that 
A ( Nielsen declined to give the 
bankr niter group his data except 
on s < »M'i* A spokesman f..r 

NieUen «aid that data wasn't given, 
as it had been in the past, ufi a 
^uffo basis, since It requires a great 
deal of special work and would in 
effect he 'giving away our stork in 
trade t K Hooper furnished the 
ad group with aome material a* a 
dollar a v ear conoultant 

ANA said that without the Ntel 
sen mateiiat if was unable to sec 
whether the decline of sImmiI 
Itf r r per month in audience rat- 
ngv of fvening program which 
it found m the pr e vi ous rvtwftv 
was corn inued Ifow evei \Si dr 
dared, the rate of decline »i |»esiifed 
to the iocr« ase •»( TV set (ircula 
lion and tele owner ship expansion 
between <h»oher. lP r >0, and April 
1P5I wav A larger fhan m ar y 
previous sit month period * 

AM pro|Kinrntv answered that 
while TV set ownership continued 
up. the novelty factor Is wearing 
o if in older TV familiet and AM 


In KSTP Lockout 

Miaoeapoiit. Sept 1 1 

Erupting again at pickets once 
micro-cable on Sept 28 if ^ parade in front of tha Twin 

t e «eb% programmed the hour 

Cities TV and radio station, the 
KSTP IS- month old technicians 
strike, which has developed, into 
what % now claimed to be a lockout 
may prevent it Irom televising the 
M t nne -ota- Nebraska football game 
this fall although H o one of seven 
slated fur KSTP here a». part of the 
NC A A A lest tube video program j 
l*ast year KSTP was barred by 
the university from bn^drasimg its 
football games because of the 
An Mdiaanre will be mtrodured- %tnkr would have caused the 

1C. Council Thursday 13 n- i4d ium la be p.. keted if »»<e >t» payment of a »1,S00 license |mn bad al | 0 wed to send the j 

,>r K > csfahlishmenu that exhibit over tha ether from the 

rM- m te^a-t of sporting event- broadcasting booth along with 

other stations Whether the uni- 
versity now will let down the bai » 

Philly Throws Curb 

On ‘Pmed-h’ TV 

Philadelphia. Sept It 

lor profit 

Rill -is expected to win heavy 
•’ pport in Council because of w ide- 
xd complaints on the part of 
sri owners who no longer get 
* big fights and other sport* 
* nts on their receiver) 


to permit KSTP to broadcast and 
televise ha*n t been indicated yet. 
but the belief it it won't. 

Despite the Tact that the Minne- |r Arc) . agency / while Presume 

... sota Nebraska game is bring played took the po't game aei - t .ugh 

^x»l tarret ta the bosmg bf , rr S CA\ elected it for the TV thr K-V - cm v 

'‘hich bave boen telling all in th»* area 10 the belief Pre-game warmup, which will 

1 . 1 « a a ^ tm . ^ —i. — ‘ — w a a. a . . . ■ ~ .. j . . , • 


« Continued on page 28 4 Nu-mg in an interview with one 

-■ , • , Of tl»e top college coaches, who 

j| fe. ' will desc ribe the particular game 
^ ’ or ■games' -lo" ' be televised thal 

week In addition, film clips of 

* vhich hav# been selling all p roi jrarn in thM area in the belief Pre-game warmup, which w 
to ageuciet which in turn that it will attract a rapantv crowd prohabh he sloited at I 45 p 
■'* , ■ *° wMocnbuig theatres harm comer* and Cocnhuxker each week will feature T 

charge as much as *2 BO oR- / ^ on llu-ine in an interview with o 

1 - IC«| 

/ nmcilman James G Clark, who 

Benton Bifl Establishing AM-TV 
Citizens Board; Fev Censorship 

V rlrrwi Umtn 

B. A. Kolfr 

l int. Hid They 

, ■ \ • or 


*m Nfirii c )t mitt 


listening m these homes iy increas 

While ANA didn't get Nielsen 
figure* directly, it cited his dal a n» 
the trade press thot over a three 
sear >1141 114 i n radio audi 
enccs showed no decline. Id a. m • 
I p m aodiencek were oil 10 V . 
1 3 |> m audiencet d ipped |g 
p. m audiences were off tl r < and 
• II p. m audiences droppo>d 3Vr . 

Defenders of AM retorted that 
Nielsen ' underestimates ' the radio 
audience b' failing to measure uul- 
iC'ontiifUrd on page 40 / ' 

Fore-Aft Sponsors 
For NBC-TV Grid 

NBC-TV capitalized further on 
its excluxve college football port 
this w.«-on‘ by snagging sponsor* 
for lyrmntiie programs both .be- 
fore and after each game on the 
19 Saturday- of football General 
Tire and Kuhher has bought the 
pre-game show. through the 

Still Availabilities 
For Grid Gaines On 
TV. Despite NCAA 

Number of college football 
game-, in* luding thr annual I'enn 
Cornell Tbanh-ervcug Ihv eooie-t. 
remain available for live telecast 
:ng despite the National Collegiate 
Athletic Asxn * tight iohedule at 
Saturday ait* rn«M»n games tins sea- 
son In ex|»anding on plans tor 
thru »ri>>rat>iriu.rn experiment this 
(ear to ‘ d« l.-i mine video's effe* t 

ra ctifb N( s \ rx*« > -aid 
they ie interested in only Saturday 
afternoon came* plaved between 
S ' |M 22 and Ain 24 As a result 
alt rather game* tan be televised 
however the individual schools see 

College- playing their games on 
Fruloy night- <an thus sell righ*- 
for live TV mg Al*«» available are 
Meripl Thanksgiving Day games. | 
a* well a.* the post -season games 
which have not yet hem contracted, 
for tAhile the fart that so« h fob- j 
tesla usually play to SRO bi? 
whether they re televised or not j 
might have figured in the Nj'AA'* , 
derision to eliminate them from 
its experimental schedule, the as- j 
social ion said it bypaaaad them 
only because it had to set a bound- 
ary somewhere on the games ‘’fall- , 
mg within its puivtew 

Army-Navy game, incidental!* . | 
is also excluded from the NCAA 
schedule and is thus available for 
live telecasting on a separate deal 
It's believed that it will ag>*ln In 
carried this year by NB( . with 
Gillette Safety Haror sponsoring 
NCAA execs insisted, meanwhile j 
that no top teams were eliminated 
from the schedule a* a 

^ Washington Sept 1 1 

A kmu k down drag out fight on 
the Hent<»n reflation to establish 
a Nathmal Citterns Advisor v Board 
ihv Madhi and Televlshm appear* 
to be shaping tip u hearings on tho 
measure go into a aeeund week 
before the Senate Interstate Com- 
oteree t ! ommittre and Sen WUIIam 
Renton l» ( onn gather* siipimrl 
for hi* revised and more acceptable 

mpf of the bill s passing i*r«onpf- 
ed tlu H*Mid Of National A**n, 

of Radio and iTetaviafcim RroaBcast- 
ers. meeting laaf Friday cf* in. Vir- 
ginia it* a* h Va , to dispai* h a 
| strong prote at to Committ*^ chair- 
man Kdwtn I* J<»hn*on iD Colo l 
and Ernest W McFarland t|> - 
A ft.#- < hair man of (he subcommit- 

tee holding healing* on the mm- 
| ure 

J What pnrtHufarlv irked the TV 
| hroedcaMen w»a the fart t hal 1 n- 
jdiei Sr* retail ofState James g. 
W ebb test died in Support df the 
rrsolutmn at 1 time when Amer*: 
Iran television, by virtue of private 
enter pi ise has tn iliatml r paat le- 
1 imvI sei \ 11 »• on the m < a*ion Mi^a 



NAHTH, whkh has peti|i«med 
the t ommiftee for pentaiapiNm ta 
textllv. ha« raised the ls»u* of cen- 
sorship in ttt opp o a lt son to the hill. 
The assrH iat ion advised the Com- 
it nmviilrr* the meaauro 
potent tallv m*ar dangerous to frra 
expression than any legislation that 
lias been betrur the < ungrewa In 
the 3th year . hkalory ■ of _ Amrtkaa 
broad* axl mg It f oottd im ptlril '* 

in the resolution "ail «*l the evil* of 
reiisoi Oup and abridgement of fr e# 
expression agalnat Which th»- na- 
twm A free fitltem have fought lor 
general i«m* 

The advisory body of II anetn* 
ber* l*» be created under the Ben- 
ton hill NAHIH fear- would bp 
hut our -t*p to of'radm 

•nlinlird on page 40 

GF Sets Rogers 

Hollywood. Sept l| 
General K.mnI- *x poking up tha 
tab **f the H*»v H«*ger> -how under 
iMter star * new NftC radio video 
three \ ear putt He'd share bill* 
ing with jus wife Dale h'vun* but 
f •**n**ral I <hm1 Ii.i - t If* iitfr.i t«i<«n* 
rel if .my Kouetv M*-|*ubtn pix ara 
released to television 

R'Mt»‘t* ha* instigated suit Hi pre- 
vent the lt» puhlw sludit* from seil- 
ing hi* o'd films to video Kogt 1 >' 
NBC -TV -how ly*w * on l>e* Id, 
and will hr w e«k K l hei rafter. 
Term* of the pact c*»ver live and 
taped AM airers/ and live and 
mean* of g | | V id show s with guest -hot - <>n 

full her testing video - a- other '.K air- video shows 

ha* been charged Thev *aid that Hoger* ha* already finished four 
teams »u*h as Oklahoma and Ten- half-hour vidpu and h o n«thl 

nessee which are expected to top 
the fount rv thw year. routd haf 
be included simply because there 
aie fieri mg fartlltie* >et 

to their ortginalton site* 




int roduce the new ordinan* e 
•ntnring with the ci»\ -..h i 
* ..fftre as to its posdnle er 
mt H 




Meltoa Sliced in Halt 

Gleason s Cincy Marathonl 

( up ’.. 'Sept' 'll .. '. 


Miiuieapofi*. Sept. II. 

• 1 ue to the incraaaed importance 
m ^ nneapoiu an a cawtre of ad- 
' '*erx in tha spot radio field 
hi*!*: K E»nraan k opening * 
v * nf h hart on Monday >»?>. 

*4 timad with the opening 
^R^ffinneeou Broadcasters 


confab hero next week 1 19- 

Ford Motors this week had prac- 
ticallv decided ta trim the Jamr* 
Melton f NBC-TV » * Ford l edival " 
from its present hour-long format 
to a half-hour. Sltow is presently 
aired Tbursd*’ n«ght* al • which 
means the • 3d ta 19 period that 
night Is now available far sponsor- 

Decision will not affect NBC t 
SRO position an its evening s*hed- 
ul* however, since tha web * 
dozen or more hank rollers waiting 
in lino to move in as soon as Ford 
intake* the half-hour available. 

Jwc* - Glra*on appeared Mon- 
4h) on ail W( l*n TV live origina- ‘ 
the two - in actum tte pre^di^m- »nd gue*teil lor a -penal 39- 
cedmg vesr will be screened In- minulf night program with Paul 
temewx are to W Rimed in ad- Dixon the -fat ion * star *1i-k 
vance to .permit the roaches to ■ Jhckev. and f)oUie Mack and 
appear Wanda Lewis Dixon support - 

Po*t-g;o'ie s*nm will spotii -ht I) v>n and the two gii!* wiU l*r 
a roundup of scores from all parts fuetters on f;ieavMi * < «valrade ' 
*>f the rountrv with N V I*. a# Stars Friday night an th^ Du 
New* sp*i!t* editor. Jimmy Pour- Wofit weh \ 

ers pfobahlv di awing the assign- Mod Watters, head man of 
ment Hell a -o da 1 live inter- Scripp* Howard Cincy radio-TV 
view* with a name college player operations, presented Gleason to 

more read * He launch* -hi- MIC 

radio aicer this fall 


( HV -pit* do.w • I 

been l ifi td ovt i r t-. 1 ' e ;.*p*»t 

■ field A wjisi ill *•*' gamaatioin kb 

handle T\ 1 01 (only hi 

the provtnrs- <if Radio Sales, had 

■ . 

been'. -.** up 

. ; C‘it> Wlyvi.-iiul Spot Sales will 
lie hgaded by Thomas 44 Dawson, 
it. w <■ • Renounced by Merle S. Janes, 
,* v . ft* and general servues veepea 
f.,1 c'BSTV Dawson* returns to 
CBS from Edward Petrv station 
rep outfit, where he has been di- 
rector of TV BcfiM » that ha bad 

each we k T«me of this sane*. is the local pr**^ at breakfast^ *nd been wuh CBS for 12 y*m New 
indeterm. nvte depe nding on what cocktail sesvipn* in The ultra plush loutftt will h ndle all tele stations 

I Uma each gau c Rntabes. 

I Terrace Plata. 

previously repped by Radio Sales. 

tier 12, mi 


it A Art 
Anil* ( 

«d . i *“ f,f A«im. 
an. Jan* Rcrguieler 
mr gue%t« 

Orel*, ArlM»n 1 at*. 

fr*4vrrf Mnr»»» 

liimlar: Herkerl Aw**** 

Ylritrrv Ruvat I water NeatrtaA 

4# Mins ^ At * p m o 
( A H l\ frnew N Y 

■■ ■:■ :•■•■ -.. ■: •: f> ^ r 

K* rt * pecem l»*r Iht* 

mnmm ii.Jiivn.i' M»m «»( i 

L>vx i -on v '..fl • A -h"" 

I > . IA»>I . m-i I »«*«••' 

(i«H nil) Vi*- iv. |*l>* 'if <1 • :* .1 • At< ivt 

1 ' . k • ■ ;*•<■? ' • ■ ' ■■ •' i/ V: 

handily ml tij« vf . th* ■«’•<) •>» ’lie 

v c.i r was iutMtitl (be I* offor* Vn. i Iw 
S « v n .- * i ■ i t* s ;■ .. 

vlipfavs focmd holds ii|i ' * ’ 
•nil by tiu4ifif <4 Vhf i «'Utfh » t mi- 
ll's' Ibal t«c ll *»• hi*' * his 
fnufK'lM « olti*M v car The tnd **1 
Mm* M l.iekccl tlx JM 4 • ■ 

MiiiMit t*rr«* «■ ■* - and prc**hi« t »«*A v <M» I 
tfifii iuirn'i tl.v ixfi l 'c* «e An* it 
raps ai* • -ilv ov i uoii.f 

I'ti* ft. f|.» r» wn it'H* . v. • '•♦**« is 

thtfl he J»«t> Um u.'M |**i 
i»pi*«iv*i *«*n h**«i NIK »lt|t h t« 

UMntt 'litv IiiM' *I(M I*h '•»•**•• of. »ls 
»»i *a» t*|j*h |**, >l m »i > H«»w t .. .... |l« II 
have In I'titu h fi *x««" iliri 1 1 |o« 

few : ocr rr pnu tin . * f Iwa 

\jr*vi til ,fh* 1 1 '* * »ii **n the 
iliitw aicth** *Ktw 1l« only Hi*W*r 
(i: at ve ;l» . s • • t <-•! • t o« «»a * • I .Vent.* 

Ci«M d**n. (*»r h r# 1 U' tiH jifi , lhf v 
s-m*. '>■)» f ■> >ot Guidon appeal ' 

I** »*• i |i.., iHir • w *o A with 

HI •)!> i v n>* <1. * • n *.* - * *♦ It « i»i* 

*«m ally tiitil v ii , 1 !•' ''•/ 

Vlui i mv l<nh il v tl« t**>f 'now 
n iii in 1 1 * »it »i mtvfMm 

. *.■ • , fohn.. Until V»td iuHaan' 

jM'-rt tltll • * ' ’ f»r. ■*».-**-'" «»\ I 1 III 
l i ii if i« ) < « - * * » l ' .4 r v >' « i V Ilf*' 

n |l', tw.'l i* Ni t • Vi i rinl 

*fit iiihi)i «>** Ii • t I n*,i*w l»«|X 
*1 ti*‘ «.*i*i' tlMil hi »*\ ’ 1 ll 

lift 'i f i‘ Hi. !’ vi >♦» I’li i'il hrf lull 

r- inti 

* v .r>it I **|t*i»*i« il M|av (inyr 
•»h ,*ii*lii •.« ii* h* r < »»* '•***» ^ Am*| 

• mtIIi ni: ; : \x • is. Im '.'in 

autf ii| iii*’ 4u*.i , imI ris* M hth' 

'll «■ • ’ 

v ;»v * «< « n* *V«»m 1 kni Si 

> lift M in i Hull • 

Hit i|iU «*| M>» r» r i»li»l »«»r*t*»A Nw 

in .ii"Li'i'l 1 » ; - »*!.• i*; ••*!.> I Iwl 1 ' 
1*1 « 1 1 A *<U« ft Ji u.lif lt » ll ll • ' ' ■ ‘ 
i i i hi ur* IIh ' ill (*• Hi* i h*i .i l« i“ 

, <i I.* Nufii tlnIrHi it 
rl'tin ) H>nr I hr* drftlWilK i»m»a*i 
> ith Hull tktinf an r\** *trnl ptr-' 

t>| Mini , I ml ll Ill'll i,» Ihr 

*t« ad|>ami« d nmisirl n iuiwid I" «h» 

». * 

||nmt« «nd Wt « "In iu» 

«»vi • iim i( In *3 1 * • Ihf mu i'i i n»n 
11**1 *1 St t .1* V .,* »M ,nt’ r.Hiinl t«»n 
(ar Vtnn flrfniiMn fn« in* lud- 
rd ('unA A VI A "• •> v< »ni > add 

d.«m r »|M.r wihus « fi'l *»■ i.« 
amt I *< t \n h.*i* *» h*»**r h^ntu 

duin i u*r1i< uUrli til tm ltd Ail 
t.uml 4*4 uAmv ii* «»»*• tun* 

Hilt) that iin*vi|t *4 l.*ltl)t iltit- 
r:. \ ituhi t n* i tuu* ti « Ii.iIHt to 4« 
\ * i ' >uiH h mi In* nun H* is.rtiit- 
S tn * * aid pU' »**f ImI aa Mil 
nt • »*»r * unli itminm 
( ■ t) m a leu « l»* ui 
the niinaorr MANIA nut «*i Itn « 
ttii, llvrru’t* aN« dntuM r* « h 
lh*- fti.fltl* of lu'i Year *wt hill 
ftr In * iHi.ttinn lu «i»m|*«t« v*ilh 
hi* tough i*i»|M*siiiun .h + 

ri HI M PROHM l rot 

HltA Warren Mull, rmree i«*hn 
llerrh. hlrMl* I urrell lH»u|U» 
AndertMHi. |»nl* H«h shrp^rd 

Direr Inr: Hal I l*rnftrt| 

M Winn Than l;lt p n* 

( K AWIORII < I (il III s 
WARD Hrn Y nr I* 

• Ai. #*nul Ijefld*! * , 

Thin modrnt.lHidgrler ft** **iinr 


W IIR Ted ( ellina, Mia RuUrr (hit** 

Rallrl (*r«ap. Jar A AINmw i l*ea 

niaerra. Wf LtuA A Alan Am 

lante, |iw»IA) l>a>r Reno* N%|« 

f ield*, fomt Jar A Wilier, nailc pan 

Rindo* er . ( nllin* • i, I 

Dtmt*r i.rrg i.arrinen Hindu 

A# Winn . Wun lAru I ri . 4 p aft. II i*<i 
H arWtpating M Mi 

NIU I Y Irani N \ A Mil 

Kale Sinuih Mhur ’ n hone nun- i H"n I 
Oin ul mm <* * htiiodftrd NIK 

I \ ■ ).»-•* i... i i.\ » cl*' llriir. i> v, -| >f| 

r» amdnng t t'tuimd ut»e : ». i|» *ui»*- 
• i M' ft a> lu ¥iih v i - • tin nei 

l.iuvi-N '.!■■•* *’..»*<. .itid liiir'.i! • *, HNi 

1. u . • * 

*|M»r i^n*. #• rnnSfi* m*i s« .*n**n » > »p, 

i Idr- It * -Utf .* pi* .*'*01 im'ui •* 

vi* **vm; i »•**** <t >.st-;< t" '-.'iiv f t* u *• ■ 

hjMetfrAW* aud roi rtf • n*>u«h p* **• art* < * 
ifu* t i*»n <* iu maintain it* p*. .*. «'( I.« 
i ton it (Re i*||» of the da' ,t line to 

' • • 

,Mi-. '.iMih' pi <h.I •( « r f * it ('■<' 

h and Ain 4 * *•* ».*** Han v VN >*o«l . lit » 

-to *4 » i|. ■«<)•' i * .* r «• «! um iv« nt .*■ in’ ** tar t 
the n * u <i «•<« •) ifftfner in ri tarti. Uu |i 
ihr ).*nei> ' rairwo*' even m 

i hough i» « jt* pared AAArt And i'u r>t»t 
lend* d t« di .ig in p**t> Siu h M‘f! 

itH)». e iln John Roller ha u t >*» in 

. jtrouf* mi an iiuuginative pimtiw* Ah'» 

hp.«;.K v i *• uv»t l i UP **f W:»<n- Nit, un ' i . t , ■ H n 

II. lh. Y oufic I "'em t I*ui«t ha\r v uiti 

. .ded md . oh. .rtHed 1 . e' rninlr '.uAfa 

video *|***n*A ‘ Hut f t»e 1 1 I <*i»d - < 

MIm*i I Mi »M*u ( •*’ -A* t* h l*a«>ed (Ml lu 
I, he; * lid ( «<!)*» « and f* at pi ini? ,) 

is t I n« h A Vlan Muni « 

have Aren (ritnUnd.' to on* * * • < r*i < ,, , j 
the tone l«- more impart Hi. 

M *,- t )* i.*l* r*u*ied, *.m ‘ 


«n hm m iHi rflt/) iuiit Iwp *tyf< ' He io mm 
mIm) piuntixt Vhih’ImmI) I nvi v iit« | 
M« u(d i' i ■ < og l*aia,muM>l Model m . u IMrl 
• I 1- u. ■ ml f. •« 1 1 * H i*' *•*)• ,> 

Neele' MtM Smith tn a* tin* <i4 , 

\i.ii» ,i. * v* i >*« ki *j 4*.i.o»' •• l #e kmul 
H*o (on* <» and o| r*»«r¥ fui ned 

in to i Macal piit'hrit l*A b» 1 « - *i 

pf (few* p* «•* * « d it - \ ( idlilt*. n h« |WM , 

d**« > -4 torn on the «t»*m i'*o nr f . , ( 

i ••» * * . • : ; 1 • 

' the *.*|H r»» r *4ol> t« tnirn f irtih , 
lAkftdh' Iht'* nan al* d a lad and 
ho¥ .ni* *|o.*t«4' a ith ♦ he »maU ' , l f1 
gi'en tup |no*.u. t uni MltVbpl 'll* 

( mi- it • la i d imun ao« h.*- 

Rriin MH) '*n«i nlMwili adiff d ^ 
p ra emed a vjiv * •' H »th (MW* r o 
f n ipullng hanKroMem R • l«» to t h « i 
pert«'d that It * iihitf* sfM h»v»wanv , >ti 

**nd inried < h» tto ‘tu.o ' »o :ht y. , . , 

Hum «i i* If * it tu i '.Ha*k'lit N , 

nr > t at u*n l»eeaA" an* 
pAd'np t»lm ( .si that NRC An** 

4 « M(tta| M nt tponnoi - hnioAfr 
»u 0 * 1 ' into ttu stum kndAc Alfrf Hiat 
(hr i onunerv lain febAP Mf Sint vDt 


Clirtawb V adlnban. Sam Le*rnann. • ( nlrw^ ( nmedf DW » 

t.rnrge A Kaufman RumtII WitA f e«ar Rumem. RurAara AnA 
Yrnin DufruWly CdAu. HauA lei. Manlep, Rraeger. Rill Oraf 

Hi Item nr* A Iva l*aAur *urnt *4 Arm Al (i wdui a arrb 

panel mi l.nriW («pp«. J«, A fndarrr dire* inr Manning ' (H 

I I ennard Rebel Rlglep i Imlf 

fiadartr: In inf Wanaftrld 
Hirer law: R«rnn Paul 
•i Wina.,. Hun : -a pm 
(RN TYV frmn Nen Y urA 
HHfikO > 

*lfhi\ I* ** u. \ Hivipr** ’ (f. 

< il iu . is. Surui •;. n. . • ' 
i, HN nun ¥ ith one ntial 

< »an.fe S,. u l,i \rnn4Ni it. tv*" a 
paru r . i invtfl 'mt jpt Ahf, |lu t 

1«»U •* >;'**.«• * I*. *' gill X. 

. ■ • • ' ■ • . • •• • ■> ■ 

advoe to:.- ptii) 1 ’ ••«*.'.« Mier iifln 

of l,* yertMiit in a hi! i.nmtngi unu** 
i.h;« an mb at id v i ttmiiocitii* 
♦i« .'i u.n»r to tin n ./ii l.i \ i fi'uti I V (i|» iiiih a ■Atm \ that 

iltuMidr* t pninl that oat ("* 
lar lrorn li e u.n* u* n**n at hand 
Hi' i ' ini* r.aA-.alMb'he-.fe.gArdnd" 
;4M udnn nion that iinis -ff dir 
IS ohlemn (hat etHiie up teforr the 
pun* I air gene raid manufa* lined 
m »»ti> i;>n at**i If takrn a* uh 
iiO*von ot (Rat ta t 

t iifh»n KaiYi t an , m *t»H the 
huHh » ;*.i4»f and dro * a pteavin* j#»R/ 
i lull tiiinxr ** Kar i man ran at*; 
¥ 4 v n Ae it* |M-p(lf*1 i»!a*n t»f a* idu* 
V«» .»• t i. ••in* ni t v a ( ..if an M-a* the 
||r*t panel glia "I .. <ti' d« « oi «H' r 
1 r ut tuu «n»d»t* in ni 

Yh-ng the »•* il*.t ni< ra' gat hi ml 
lot "! ii*. <**■ * .* * lof) Ja* A K I.e«iri4i d 
'he |Mpreed»ngn TtMt) 

- tv hi'iltiuR i* t*Ae uf the mfrrr ■ 

-■ . •• • 
im mi There ae-fe. Ilmen "hew 
l lw i • 1 1 • *rniM«J t<» heYti i Imn 
u i to 1 1 <>l i nline, mail* lot a 
t.i v ii* ? *tv'tna. ' 

* ,. i ! • » tapi - " tin o|*rn* tl 


’ uptime, lie % an rx- 
• eth Wl I* no r *•• its AuUel l»x y r * 

t .mi * and » »• la«' U'-H.tng mil! 
Il|t*| he nlMniWo d 

haiu l H ri* i a Sir recently at- 
i.idm d head-line dun m *(*u 
and IH»lln ’ tut It »df no * iy pith 
IhlNllR m th* I ».» » k 
T»i l.i. k' Slnfti • iMimverrlatb 
have undergone a * hung* The 
iinvte H imvMng arid iMlrud Him*;, 

t , * and Dimntliv i’uHtAA. .few-; 
t tu i t r» ».|h « ti\* npadA oyjMve 
-I archttoi *v ;«i d ; pflrben l«»r the 
ymt . • . 

VIm»¥ H n a f»a*d 

vhou; twit fifftei ulM be niinxud 


dkm: Al <i and ma n nreR 
PndRWrdlKf Wr. Wanntnf * €R- 

Wnler%: l am CielAaft I arry 

Mar An. Ilal Goldman Al t.ardau, 

RAH sukin 

TY dire* tor Jim Jordan 
M Minn: Sunday >fs « pm 

t ot t, it r. 

N Ri f\ (mm V ¥ 

• •■-•* v.Srr- •«•'• .4 ,Mar.)»«« “e ft*. («-».* 

' '• ,t40P. : Cautbr v board "An . : Hu u da y 
I A* for hi «. nremid x* .. wit ai 
(.Mi i/f tse"r.nraiing • tu» *" ( ' n. on 

• in 1 1 N 

|M uVhfed one ut tit# hm-hte i amt 

) , •- 1 * h .■«. m ■- • i • dm mp 

on TV Tu'i half of i l>f >sos 
>< . tu MUf iv /Ofio.ed, uSoi v .. nil 
ugh the erund ■ .m inent 
di afgtd .. 1 * tis tump., i 

the in # fall ell ret ¥ #* ime wt t »>p 
'entertainment .. v.' 

. t'ui(iriliJH) vftrt lia»W* d Ji. f| vge.r 
ttuin to- «Vi-.i iil the etui *•♦ l.i-t m ,r- 
un i»i*en«d w ith a length' but 
*<H ka prw dwr twm aiimlm Hun* .1 
c*n a 'in 0 . 1 U 1 -i Irftrit M»ng T|ii* 
t* M\ Nru York, bi J« rr\ Nee leu 


RHA Did Wnnd. J a d ann I at re. 

Aara A*A- ( D4rR Y an EaMNL Rum mare 
Rill Gray : Rlee. Robin Marian. RnlA Galen; 
rrb Hilly Salle, .utr 

ting ' (R Emdnrer ( ami Irmln 
IHreelnr Ralph Nefeana 
t 1 *rr» Writer; I ran A <*abriet«ua 
I I .ordan M Minn | r*. t f pm. 

(•FNI H \| I (Mills 

1 < RS TY from N Y. 

* Rfr'nr.bH ARniutcb I 

CH * TV a “Mama" rei | 
i * IUr * '•hull h'f-urek VtMdllUCl 
* * frtday iHght 7» d;th all the ¥.•» > . 

Reailfd AjtimnafNn'rif, heal thenp ng 
>rY *V and p r a d uelNm and w*> v 

• ‘ •.-•R that m ad e to* Hie 

• ul annanna • " •* t» f . * 

• t M i v Wued i rmttwuing ko »t afr in 
:u* I tile n*ie an* I . b.v 

1 uvt nl.ouol t|UM k > 

, turn any aMdimn > tr might how 

■ * Hur tfig tin hiat ii- uiol 
’ • - 1 - i . • v' -in |\ IfofH t ll- 1 f **.* ».i ! ». - *•...- 

i RS 

j Cl 

. I oninli.tii ¥ h«l lo**k* *f j v 'tu’i f 
tt>.»n he «V»-.I sil Jhe efi«» ol i,.-f M-ji- 
*<>». o|*ened w Hh a t* iu’M’- t uf 
mm Au priHiiu lion mimher h,. >« «t 
«»n a xjk ojitfi -i lefled M»ng Hit* 
1* Ml Nr* York.; hv J* rrv He* I* n 
and Ay Miller Nlightti remintv- 
* * nt of ' Alanhaii.iw l * • , the 
rturhlM f |*rm ided a t han* e (ar 
Tdilh Rattltm nhn. i hnp . 

• it t .>i year n ’('.aitoiiat 
al l-irge V tu ih munxtralr again 

"lit the MU non ; 

Having hit Money »*n K <rh«y n 

; , : \t . 

i Aifti ..nd/ 

" i *» i • * '»*H)» of I Hi \ 

¥ * r » A i * L 

(i.hiirlMUt in ruHtmumg •** i u|H 
lure ¥ ha4n»M«lhax e ne e A - 
ft iv or *»t a Soru egiun numisfi ant 
tamtlv in Nan Fraaetnrb ai t s* turn 
ot the lentui' Yr» ki-Aanh'a, 
pieern l.ut '* « • k b*»^'l( *1 nu *> ■ 
prme but ge n e rated an -a> Hiking 
rimWArt ¥ Rk fhd >i"iv «*f a. 

« t * - b r ,(»>* » 

Son* nf Nor* ax dinner Nxtur*!-. 

• lAatilttv i'unlor Hien : |> Papa t wftved the Rnuaehoid i • 

v i. ci o|h nr it 
nnti im / oi 

trained viith gur-vt ( »s,(r Homrru 
lor a > rx ktut a*iu|>l;«luoi of an old 
hurh v Skit in who h Cantor ai ling 
Romero 'n* ph o ne tali lb ;a gat* 
tt o ml ¥ oitnd up huuh d It " ai 
htlanoo* 'Upxtuk 

NingeiN and duiiei r> led bv Jidv* 
irtv RU'U'ti and Aura Vaint**; at mi 

' • 

.'W-ird '"ti'ttx in .• i" . nut (> e 
- v ' I Ok* of. Nrw Bi'H'IX lru« 
Hi«»od*ay legifer. "Tree (•ii>¥> in 
RrunAhn R bm e m .n<l C«atqr 
tea mod a^’uin in a biittlie* iri Wii, 
hapdd- M). (Snlm * * Kid (rum 

spuin ' film. I'f «•( the prop hull 
u*)d »i>¥ NilR live a* to* % ijitiad 
lor the parin', uun rieier but I he 
'k« H ti i ,.i» - too long 

< o'.. i Hon i*i«i hu no* - 

>fund.iid niuaialgia i**r a pl*,i>.mt 

f* r,; *b m .» ft'Uloic 1 1 1 ! • « I Song' 
s ml* i ' Hr ^,-.<1 ){,. ;u , o 

* panning f ,; ■ »* * * 

» niff imlv tu have »i eioomai*'t (roni 
t»ng Hie dinner at the u't inmoie b* * 
f at* i auM the pi erecting %p* • 

,¥,a» (" i rtime l! ¥a* a viiuation s 
¥ Inch vteurnv l otilrt ♦ i<»ly id* n* 
Ji ll- » i‘f' iH« nt'etvr' and ihiu. ' lSe 
; v |s„ 'lot ' fa* tut ¥ ho h roukt ' 1«>1 giMul 
g. I .-ingk, 

afi' r l nd* r (he d« (t dim torn **( K. iph 
t Hie * NefMin, MIm Wind and. her , i.i»n* 
in \ it' reactivated their tharaeteii/a* 
•iii.'i t».»n* via the ubt nmorgh ' «• 
kit, i hex di' played last m immr Mon 
(nun { W o»*d *aa warm And ondetHtand* 
i i ink •' *Se ‘ in*. (her \« ».|i* .1 . v 

•t lain* unu il -otidU aa Papa H**'< 

igRIer ihrounR 
. ■ ¥ huve diary I he ktbnea are v in* 
en Du k \ Pa Him. - Hm 

mawi , and RubiR RKbrggR. aa Hie yodngei 
iunga j daughter rrfhtrfrd kHi. ' aa did i 
ii« i*o Moth Gate* a* the m ikh>N*iing 

i ‘ • . \ -.11 add N hriH r lie- ..not t .H>! ll* in. "ho |n *h; 

*wt Carolina m the Momidg rho* (pr I MS together mlh 

With Dan Heymaur em*ee; 

Rradley areb. tumin 
P md ueefr; Sevmaur 
M Mina IH. IM pm. 

i.i tr Oil 

VR4 TY (ram Nr a Yard 

Om il 

i Y’lrt* I 

fi'Urb ' • ao* 

; - * Hr. the iNoptr” returning 
after a xumiarr huiu« afcnued an 

uu|tr.i. * :i.< lit .ut ! ' « I" * «’ 'll t « f 

day *•»; stun** hud a laMer pare 
u'« it none i. o* 'I* -rot h-d a more 
te.iiuri'h tune than in prrviuun 

f eeling *»( ») lighter t*HM'h xi..n 
elide need in lh* first |*»*nioii in 
¥ him h lour human integral qoi* Rla • 
* ¥ ere unfolded, at I having umve* 
thing l« do uiih t ake The (diking 
angle tu* a hit <«*ntnved altlu 
a ei|ie pep an *hirh to hang (he 
Mortal of a i* « nutrer boy *ho *on 
a t ake-u iiplf 

xv Hu gut i.’.urivt on an aftWei 

. , ¥ ho 

tame into a fortune .and a Coa*t 
tiuuMt ¥ rat her Onp ¥ to»M* far* 
miuiii* i« *t u { y* x • x to it ud "Miss 
Heal* ni' V owe *- T arid rUtn II* ;«bv 
rntv R*¥l\ ” 1*11 airline tH"tr'M*» 
¥|hi ¥» rr evhiluieil o#t the vbo¥ 

With I Steen Wiiaan. Suooky Ian 
*♦»« DaraiAi C a Hint . Sue Ren 
nell. Raymond Scubt Grrh, An- 
dre RarueA. annnuoeer 
litre* tor ( lard Jnnea 
tProdu«er« Dan l.**un*Aerr?, Ted 

(• Winv; Sat . It Jt » m 


SRC. (mm V V { M «« N«*rk (he ( Smtnr vhnu HOELVWOOD Jt NIOI CIRC I A 

• BftpttO * ' M,h hi * camera dimtion . WiU Paul kamet, (taurga ( Rar. 

T lie TY '* r'H»n ot tl*e TUMtPtdtV jftddwg neatlv uith \lo« Rarvt«»u - Waa Ramalein. Marie \aaiw 

tucM ii.. rwft' o» wk m trf • oru. km m». -a 

... TmnmeniuU Here par. \ u l Rlarklr . Hannefurd f amflv, 

to a koiid mtbakdl uuum, framed j • |towm f'Dw ueeb 

"*! ** «• s* tr t. , k y Producer. Rill N>er 

lie AM «"ount«rpar1 . Ihl» *eonm ie T¥ TE1.EPHOSE G AME Direrlur: (iearft Rxrne 

IHMkaged in i twymi 'ioul Imtim 5J M* 1 * Ardeu. George We- 

nork «i(h the impart sarrantmg HrtUr; ^ W|H#<| ; JSf : -TV Jmli <l2ea,u 

Hi. **t>x mux ktiff budge t evyxendi- Produeer*dlrertor Marry S. Good • Ruthrmufi 4 Kpnm 

( ure. Show rarrie» an ndtauaHy Although Ihm* evidence m Hi 

latvr troupe, drlaidg tome ttir . mwm.: Mon.-tbru-f rl . T 14 y n. k. a..* --i— 

- i Hml «r.»|. fell.. *••«-¥.•.■* ' "mi.«4 budfft-l ren WOO 

! Scut' over* WDR-TV, \ Y (outd pans rnu»ter » ith the kuidu % 1 

«4/ed an h The ¥ twde pei>*.iin« l u * TYT Telephone Cai.n '* a half- ,n IU nrw Saturday morning k.ol 

. graHrd via a flush' . hnu. rmaa- the- hoard ..ti ,n*H.n »« ARC-TV Show rude on Nh 

tnhmiiiH ¥ huh wH»-Hie ma*t- ur»u l^ V **+ • rompeti'ety 

uimn ' aiuty uut *.l (Ibia hit tune ^ ^ h * ch ' ** u< >"‘ tougher Sundav aJternuim prnmC 

*ho¥case | 1 ' * "• Y Mun- •!« * ha« an »ler- Again Ih4< ryelt **Cirrua * operalea 

Initi. .1 SattinRv 8' *tut n*.t • Ming vie¥*i pariuip-tiun tunnat on a siap-a-oeek ha'is v »i r«* 

•i«*e fare th.v noal dif- that should pay olf in a t-ir taaed fating haniiuap 

Hi uH problem of pir«enttng a frrah audience. Set-uunenx urite their’ Eormaf attempt* to fm th* 

«••• 2 T 

houi'rr. «w ticked last 'ear ami ,n * ««ml.« MM letters and vinle studio moppet » are hrubigdt on* 
i*e «.f im- (uem r« the digiH nr tnponwt to quesUona Magr for quuk t intrn with 

offered on the kickoff *<*nra .« a pj eruceea Kurt y Arden and iBe perfurmerv Idea ahould W 

N**’** AWRYir f**r t tie fut ure f a* h *»f (bong kl» Hi ' »t« Id* a‘ la to vuc- keller developed- or di- arded af 
the even lop number* *aa acimd- CW( j , n i-in-uug a || nuinh*-n» - the kiddle*’ participation **n the 

2* d * , - l£i h al T^ r ‘t *‘ l ■** v nnmlnat CmHiiboted 1 •**»**€ trmmp 8' cmMn'td 
StkR h ' **** ** ' j lE“ : Rnrtu ipuilRH vpun*us. t»i* > *wd ankuard. 

«un »c.r nu'« ‘"mpuse a pint of i. « iie-m. »Rot RHR Paul Barnet divpG t 

\lo«t id ftie tun* « ¥* ie diesx*.l poUah. large pac kagt ot d*»g lo«*d. adeptly a* the iingma-tei. tha 
up via adept u>e of Hie* t team .etc However, the ImHl l| a bil three act* unreeled their (Urn* fofr 
x- u« ev«*ui(d Hvc ic i xxutincs with ! more lucrative lor Hie 'mutrfy tairlv rttong video impact. Opener, 
re : i aucl prc« trton Aurk ballad* U 1 jackpot.** It the viewer PK nt l ie» Marta Louita and Omrle*. 1 coma 
lix. Young. I..»v i t»*st Night of the ”ln> Wen, v ion e fk# *cr 'tie/ off "cli *lth femme trapevr aitrtl 
n»« Year and 'Reeaunc pr Y«*u snam an alarm type urialnnlrR, drauing lively putting from ihn 
x.*i* i un simple romantic set- k 'tar* 'upplx ot vhampoo and house audience. Rill Hughes and 
t‘ r v-' ¥hde thn conic trn- A Mjr sundry uiher rr*ard»> hi* talking rtti*. Riaekif, amused 

Himi%« number was flavored rotor* i Questions for the opener ¥*re the kid* *Mh tha vocal antic* ul 
t.iilx by. a stn^t M»*ne relatively ea*> M per the folio*- the bird. The Haaneford Faintly 

Kartbara A 'hies *inhiUe«t scored 
H ith Yfv Man:** ( ant or iniuu* ked 
Hir Marty Lauder * "Love a l>as- 
‘ie ” an unbilled actor pet xehkt* d 
Hie late Al Jolvon lo a dtibhrd re- 
coiding of 4olie * Hwam-c ’ and 
Hie number uound with a mm k 

SclM.n mounted the piiMlocthui 
neatly and did a good job parading 
the speaker* aero vs the 'land ai 

tkt dinner. 

I*lui» were * confined f« a ne w 
aminated cartoon for the of»ening. 
and (hen opening and < lO'ing in- 

i tiarterton routine, played again*! legrated *pot* ¥ ith Miva YC oed 

* , .. preparing the Mansell House 

' 1 ' 1 ■ ! } produ* t T Ri V WOW M -m It 

lake a* the *hu* 

KtadiiMt director Manning Oa* 

trolf dittoed hi* fine ¥oek of tart 
year in all department* and Jim 
Jordan imported by NHC from the 
< o.*vt to x* ..i k (he ( ,.n(oi ' ho¥ 
s<«Mt«f " ith hi* c am e r a ffrtrtimi 
"ing neatlv xxith Mis* M y 

staging and < horeography^ (%*t«atc 

lommen iaU ¥ere par. s at. 


W HA Rualy Arden, George 


Stuart WlNo* 
r -director Harry 

m nwn» '' «* » tfwu*. «»***?*■ n iwi nrir >■ am'ihiih «rm: mn> m- . . d. t .ln lalowaa*^ ml a. i n ■■tin if m frdak 1 k 

prcunise lor I tic armchair del* • five I There warn a good piece in anhe* ^ ^ Vi. . . J ' audience. Set-o¥ ner* *rite their 

.Gft.. ' ^ - ' — - k ... » i* a aa im.illia^ lVrillVIflll V# V UVIt % IfIM HIT M I€i0 - ^ 

art alito»ugli it u«< u* spi uc .ng up 
Eoimat has a panel of liirce gucsis 
Vie* a l.V mipute ¥ hodunit l.tni ’ 
*huh is ini* ii opt id just Im lc»rr Hm. 
«t«noftM‘ fuent Pamlitrs lion give 
their giievM * a* to the killci ' tilc n- 

t H s 

(A flu* pieem Tiuirsihx, rti 
guest* were thrsprrs J«»hn IK r« k 
and Giemla farirth wti«* ¥ nr 
apropos i Imiio* in i »« w of th* tr 
having turn in m.y«i«rx pix aid 

'pOWgftiMi Anderson i ifrintriRM|u>rt 

Latter lot off a cuupte of .gags, xx nh 
h.' dunmif and tiU«d into th« pi**- 
n riiinkk since Hm- timid* r ui'u x*d 
ax* ni i im i hM-ntn-.* -* hh iu xxith 
th* k.ii'i' \x ., hre-foo iijiiix a* 

tlu ii, laf-mu' phik’'. and «..u’d -Re 

•dogist YYcndetl l^hiltips, (he 
' American Sh* 'k” who ekravatr«t 
(tie Queen of Nhetw'* capital. TMs 
utilised Phillips’ film dips of Hm* 
Historical digging*, tlie ce remon y 
of his bring made a sheik, etc. Ita- 
lic c *»f pie-ier*»rding part* of Sax- 
mout 1 commentary ¥ Kile lie and 
INiiltips ¥< re tensed silently mi 

Air* r uoikcd in souye straight 
entertainment dement* via a 
Broad* av l*»ex i« ¥ angle. Tun' 
Hav war who «i(l In’ in the iiinohi- 
ing sh*»¥ : ” Paint Y mil* \\ agon. " did 
A nu « "»> localt/ini ‘ 1 in \ Fool 

to \\ .tilt Y im ' Ylarily n \turphv 
IRx eai « * l *1 eultuatiiia mho rs on 
the H,t«ho Citx Mush H , II hill rug'. 

tn mined he a t mg artmt nc'inevW «raa i-ttird nflT uMh Hir * licit Kong’* 
Cuiob* rs*»m* and rasoit aria. 

14 Mina.; Mun. -thru » ri J J# • m. 
Parli* ipatinc “ 

WtbR-TV. N Y. 

TV Telephone Cai.i* * a haif- 

h*«ui cross , . ,. ..,, n 

<pm show which began via VVOH- 
TY w N. V.. Mun. *1® * ha“ an .nter- 
erting viewer participation formal 
that should pay elf in a lair sued 

**• ^ m ginni put « anf maw -u - ^ - 4 m » s - . _ , t mia aw » 

u ^ 1 11 iMviHiZ ihm to turns that ntay 141 top ^ ± 

l k V!E ,L x!hl! l rve .vated &<:**** WiHfo Thi. problem ****** numerals 

V 1 1 iv Imui'er " a« Inked tw'l 'ear and *Kn «l at ion s ca 1 1 leitrr* an 

'hi Hips film elipa of Hm ^ *'1* **.***£** '1* . v *^ urfur< «»*e digit* nr response lo q. 

/. -t and pt ve fad nR. fo il ballad* a* fo* k pot " It the vie*. .* ntem lies Mark 
Iimi Young. “MAetfoM Night «|tfe» ‘myrtrr) vioice hfr or sltei off " 
the Y * ar Ai«l Because pi You snares an alarm (vpe mri*tw*!rh, draw 

wenr gi 
tings wi 

1 1 * MIM *, 

tiiilv hv 

(,.'(» il 1 «> I'M 4 ti ».* ll 

Film - *ws ; part ♦»( iio ' Public 
D*m ( utui s* 1 1 * ' (t ¥ a- «>k . x i*»r 
(it* pUrpt'M a It lh* clues 

* ere m» eoiilusmg n*-fi* ol th* |ur* 
T »et punts ¥>j whi* tu inmr up with 
a e»*rrec t an.'l' 'i- ».i Ik- ■ iSi crime 

* as •i.»Miult«*l '. ' V, .tplt r and 
Autre logical pucdir could have 
produrtd lirltrr gah The th-eqe- 
a«»n hc»¥rx#r v l . i* int.ievi- 
ine > nh ti»e pit -t^rs • \|m>m| 

' .ot the loiumlAsui lluilx ¥o*m! 
RficHeit. ft ’- 

* . i lit # l • 

PriulUc I i**n¥ !s«- vinm xx gupd, 
except for a It* distracting shad- 
o* « and. a '-couple ol minor 'lipup* 
l >.ng tnr giM'ls in Mnn-dramati* 

' i m •( ' m H be i Pun the straigM 1 »> - 
t*i' * " . g«n«ialiy ramg off ¥«>)l 

ticain't Eller n YMhon s local. ML ing sample: Yla* fiertrude Ederle with llurir horse act likewise set 
let l oupe *l-o did a corking a*h known lor her swimming ability :! good touch in the tanbark whom 
on th« 'iandard OW Black Mag- or did she write Utile Women’ 1 * . but seemed overlong a* the finale. 

" ith the help of MM*e tncky J M4 m Arden and McRrxrte, tor the Interspersing the act* was Buffo, 
i.. ncra angles >io»Ui *»ith »t%o niod part, were comprtrnt in read- the elnwn, who wandered tn and 
'«Mi«»i a* -los* another oldu L/», J 
with tc»i* of insini mental kirks 

ing off the queries However, tn out with aome 

IhiI at time# wa* hokc-v Sc viiKwir L.ncup ot vocalist* on tht« show 

. . _ ‘ it ' v. a’ ’ a 

the first 10 or 15 vninurtr* the soft antic*, ( town role la handled by 
voice of the quurtress Was difficult George Cisar. Alao on hand wa* 
to 'Rear, In another instanc e both Ma* Bomrtein a* the midget Zero, 
foeppb confused in pu«ing a fonfo LR(W fellow and hfeg amalt auto 
hm atwHit liow dcru is iv\o which he drivea around the stage 
lattiom* Viewer* check Hieir re- -.c ideotified with ihe mervhan- 
suits With special piiope up« rators. dising Hein*. 

Production mounting air r gi- 1 Plugs, voice per film. *Ci® 

, Wt. Gilfo - stanuaid. i)a* *. 

i some giggle - provoking 
C'towa role »s handled by 

handled the • ).«< « « < pore* able and 
put over the straight ctmunt trials 
for* Gulf • Om ar B 
which has h«cn handhd h' Ytrs 
Brad lev sim* the death *»f h«.r 
husband three years ago, hacked 
the program competently, kril 

|*eiforms excellently, voial and 

c oanerq-w !»«, .• 

I*ti»g« 4re effectively handled via 
short { itches hy the vocalist* inter- 
Mst'nl among the nmtibrrx with 
Andre H. n*c h smoothly delivering 
the continuity. • Jic 

voice of the quiartres* Was difficull George Cisar. 
to 'Rear, In another in-tan* e both Max Bornstem 




12. mi 

ux i sn«.w or a oo w« 

M«rg«friU FMb>. Mill A Marl. 
Mil Ham. Judy M»w , Bill* 
Hillitfu Qairtfl lark ftmrll, 
HaaHlM Trt*. Carl Reiner 
•ilim. Wendell ferry, tneat; 

< haHes s anfwed. anu< 
producer direeler: Mat Liebman 
llr.ifrt I. aril I# Kallen Mel Tub 
km I irbnsan C'aewir 
n director Bill NaMa 
Ha Mina.. Bat.. 9 p.m. 
NIK TV. frees *. Y 

Ydiir Show of Shows.’ hour- 
ail^W'lialf • i , rv|»# which font 

> kg Oft NRC-TV 1 th 1 ee-hour 
s .rurday n»gM progt entmtmt jt i ~ 
l>i tei iai i H virtually . tntacf Uft4. ' 
■9' — and that % all tu the 
W it h Mat tie let <rt 4f* n 
nfJ a* p i e dncer H|(UrecU>r «m| 

I 4 »c*arend l aiitM Cora - 1 - 

' live fast, formal and* pi 
l - an crrdHl d|t l oa d l**.l Je*i *> 
i >.* evidencing ■*»»• ■*? fin. re 

»n stag* « ' 


wed* *> -• revue werk afl«*r v 
Mi lull quality and entertainment 

r Vur?ue ** t *TAR RPVLE 


*» ,•< k 




A9M HE lilkm 
*ttli JaaR and Cynthia I 
Sell Hamilton fen* 

•reb; Betty I u*ter 
Blanton. cae»u | 

Producer Ward B*r»a 
TV CMreriwr Robert Mautll 
«* M4ew„ It aooa MoTtSVa m 
( I lilt CIT ( I I R. Ill roM 
VBC TV from .New York 


TeVwum s ron^t.Mitly pkpaiMf 
•ng day t ime piogramniing ruilfT 
wt name at) rat {.'Malta g.M .• auxabie 
•■gbit' m MumL m •: a hen the 
t i lepea l.*ngford-Don \met i<« 
nv-ii ;fun** n»Mtm ;rrw> show pt «-* < t i 
- \Ut TV ’vi ; * ' t';‘ I Jmirvt 

M • «'ll-'*lli«.»V I. .If in ( C>I 

oi m on an* h.<i . vidirng.y 
1 1 ' 1 1 '*• li*K*'V 1:1 ‘ pin e iMtOftg 1 * 1 . 

fftkJiOr dayiuitr TV entries which 
this vc*s**n n . : mb ’tiafr Smith : ; 
H*m t -Parky, Kill in. («Mf i ** sieve" VM n um ui" '.»ii*nv. 
Arthur ( •milt c\ aitmitt .<>( .eti 

T f i^lMiMtll ft \ll1i’C :y J» i.lHt.lp.. 

tiiq.'}^ba>tx id .^lakviydiiy's ’■'i.n.l'ri ,i 
startra ,, ,'ahape^ up- ■aa i -:a'pi (sink 

Mrhtion IVwpMiy aume l« r v*’ 
•Nett led dhw n aWkwardnC .. « n «( 

uncx ertiu* s'* i»f the ptodmtion ai 
>.# whole eddM. * lan^lunl > « vi • 

Bilk Tim IHuea. J ___ 

Herb Mirtnrr Valerie Bmim .. 
Hynn, Jimntv Itorawte. Jack j 
< ima. Obrn A Jahnaen. Alton 1 
Roth mrt h 

Tmdorer. ibaepb h Sawtley 
Divertor. lira Mane 
I! r»fer% I ra w to man Jackie I I4n 
M»h. Inr Mem 
M Hi nr wat., • p m 
bSOH CROP. r» I HK K M l 
J.IM.t. I I Ml tl H 
MM TV. Ifom Sen Vnrb 

' r K b. I 

NHL I V |he w iap> «»tt ii» . 

' 91 Oodrwtti > *turO^> nu.lii i nter 

layi s* ft kend .*!§-• 

VI I Sf .u’ Itevue w \ t h the 

•4 I t* n zi tie I ’of a Show nd , 

iftd Vftk | *'* k» sinit Mo 
e’ I tMeimet tft4 for it *• 
oil V' a Mm t r -hoiil 
l |»i!*tlurin»ii ; • mutuhotoft. 
t My d 'bq lMWtiv • ; hii >. a ...iiejw 'lo<h 
» "I* o ■ x aloes , ; ri'iHiyriit inf ’ 
doe s t 

“ Video s Two-Part Serialization 

By C.rORt.l ROs»\ 

In a bid lo rest ore hi< ”TuaM of 
lh# Town to >t« fwirt ime high rat 
in# estate m the fare of the NM- 
iH tinif ‘ ('olg.tte Com«*d> Hqur”' on 
\ Itf I il Solti van h.iy fiipijilrtrli 
refur h shed the I to | CRH «ec- 

turftl iMH’ftmi a 
ftohttti ». Sullivan; in 

> lifte 


thr rt. w o .» von Sjmd.o b 1 iolur 
.up y tlh l|ie find rtf t»« ir.'tjll 
menu ul ’ I tie (N »<i It * tv* in* 

S|*m a ; wrthb fh*- To M ■ emi-ee 
H i ipime the sag* of iha* r Mt the 

mu* t l.thukois mil'll ttfti# tf v jihrel 

fi*l of the Vmrris *n vtii *«• 

The prs iniNr let tie te« Tubal** • 

s I I 

. Shin 
i it 

>1 i-r; 



, (.deMl BerrOusiu /•* the iwri jli for- ' 
Hefted mj * ■cdibiidly.i'd f«». the hour nw»n 


<■ - »i ' 

■r r aw , nt fair <t .v. 

ad *VV Tl, ..I'V W IM k 4:'*t"t'«| •« 

•i ♦ sir a \ 4g,.«to,ov in I V 


4 .IMIf 

(r<u vi* 
n»j si - 

.aeawoB’b- previa ' l T wr,,n ' ‘”V MW MW nww I he et tv* lute W, d,o- n . 

, .....I. ... « tr t, n| Baas.,-.-; , - «. .. ...... 

h,,m <■«« «i». 

Cura in thnr varied reaktiuns to make an appreciable dent in park* 

e*ind for daytime T\ UureVx In 

a h>m they had aeen Hut. alter 
BHI Hayea’ aobo OO ‘Journey t 
lnd.v the pace perked rapidly via 
another aktt with Caetar and Mi«< 
I n*, t hit lime aided by straight 
i* a« Carl Reiner, titled ♦‘Over a 
Bottle of Wh»e - Duo demon- 
stratvd afresh their aork coined ic 
talents, with Caesar i who apparent - 
I) 'ha* slimmed down duting his 
» oration ' displaying new* song > and* 
dance talents 

Best of the showr comprised high* 
I'ghlv on all counts ttamilt'in Tim 
s<*>red with their fine w »ric terp* 
rng in a routine about an insitraru'e 
salesman and two spinster sister 
and Vtargqertte Pi arc a. assisted by 
- s Rusaell and the singing and 
danc ing chorus, registered strongly 
with her "Waltt in Favor nf 
Walttes ” Mala and Han, now 
t guUrs in the cost, looked great 
with their marionette dame Hilly 
M ilhains Quartet w rapped up in 
Shanghai’ and- *'f 
Surr en der. Dear ’ Interspersed 
vth i heae were other fun-provok- 
ing sketches with Caesar, kftes 
i . md film actor Wendcl ( ' • • r s 1 -, 
who did a neat >ob aa program 

Tops for the show, though, was 

Miss Cora's sany satire on the 

the wake of some thankless night- 
lime assignments. A meche m par- 
ticular. benrAis from thu aegue 
into the ‘ let > relax daiiime |.»r 
mula for here he"* cioovrd tu 
more closely approximate his one- 
time emceeing of the holt das Klein 
Shows on radio 

This is one of those shows hr 
km ging to the ‘‘rkrefutlv pUnneil 
but let s pretend it s ad lib” school 
of presentations with a depart- 
mental breakdown of sequences to 
match ait tasfes for the hausttau 
with some minutes to spate Three 
are audienre part icipat not in fact 
to the degier where the whole 
cuililiifltMt SriM JSMtH on stage 
to rut a “premiere cake , a daily 
sketch. iMi for name g u e s i % 
plenty of Amerhe-Langford ban- 
tering. dueling and ’ » o I o i n g 
There r time few dance inserts, the 
spotlighting of Tons Runicno and 
hi* if x-p » »C e Mi h sjii -. bark- 
grounded hv lush s ta fe inmiiii 
But it s the baaw pattern and the 
Ameche-Langford projection a * 
pleasing personalities. on« e they ve 
entrenched themselves i n t u the 
flve-a-dky formula, that should 
make tills a socko attraction 

Pfeem performance had a quickie 
wallfcdB if jpataur a tonr TwnwHI 

UH*» the SaTuidas H to g 
•fgnriil a* the ieadort attraction 
with lad/.ftd.«nbh''*f preetn faring 

signifies' ^ 

detnet of Rllo Ptrt/a who was •, Spons^M « <i >\n » two- network 

TtM K wt \Ai I* JAP V\ 

Bitk Vlar caret Phillips Franres 
» utter IW-hl H**rtl Robert Hate 

Mcrlk Vilen Ibvitt I cm VI 
lew I ares hew ion Harry bo* 
nik orek 

f*rwdw< n V m ho la* Saraslci 

iHrrrtars Paul Virkell ; Vrthui 

I »m ir 1 1 • • t 

R dim .Joseph 14a* 1 ioa* 1 are 
ho MiBa In t# pm 

riMf INC 

t R s I V \m IV from \ V 

V/ ' /Vk : K.v..»>u-a.»r* V- 
Tun*- m uaird thp sign in g pf, 
liar pekge Treaty -.'With Japan ai M*« 

jttMpAg nil . p«wnt fuc an" unusual ■ 
houf hing tele <1<M um* niar\ on the 
■>'. <-f «T. *>lu .! mi*, ),* i lie far 1 » ■ 


* both vmmi -ami 


1 »v 

t «t< 

..">*» *! to W«H 4 1 * 44 


a large 

\ 4 ' 'a 

.in- hi 

ot the h 1 


g. view 


f oniv in D • 

: t ' 

wopai t 

44 . 

t j k i 

. . in unfoiifier: bu! 

! i n t he 


> tl 

g ‘II* i*'» tf .rs es 

'Jt ’ 

Ki., 1 * ' 



9 1 | 

V- 1 

has at hi s t ' 1 • - 

rid ihc 

4 id 1 


n 1 1 v Dial' *, hts 

■ in -hied 

■ l lit 


i'll aw Jbc.iDc in 

. 1 :! 

.*• past 

i r f 


i ilk 

•n t i-ri.nntv lit* 

I* .at 4 

O* j 

■» J 4 


I 1 V- 1 JlUful.lV **l 1 


» linn 


i > 


. iiiiM Immu hi 




> 'f| |*4 . 

P *in* a> fourth 



si « 

• ''IMi 

.HU \i - 1 1 - 4 * uncle 




. • i 

aitfi through 4 hi 

• rail' 

••ntly pact id h\ the network td 
a live ve.u radio 1 V es* !«»isitv 

UP t IIS Tv and ARC TV ». Mama 
' u*ed a nimbinchoa of three te* i* 

As aa hcrur curtain t aiM f on the niqoes dividing the hour i»t<> 

I b iin, it AM I aitpw^gg ' mhmdB 

blessings Onr thing emerges a> a 

tHMBty. Bnwpdgl based on iim| 

i hr «*e segments 

i " wrap- .. a BnaibiMr.' • MiiiiHk 
scripted hs Joseph whi* h at 

initial appear g k c o betoer the v igeo tempted to show the pet sort, if 

I tdfessrs gpnsod by potitirpl cross 
* ui i ents in Japanese life l sing 

tamer as ot the es Mel o pe r a has so 
rtk h\, • star it would 

ap)M-ai that NPC has fatten lieu to < the fu slot > of a f.mitlx in 
the TV find id the year f or this [ Nagasaki it retierted fhe heat * 
w ,Vs hliu > show Me Comported 1 lirtid w hu h h.ii*s’> «»\ eri the roritt 
hnnsrlf like a W i clew iri exuding *i \ <»n w hi« ii two Mont bfamkri feM 

a charm, a R rk gn . pkd a aHtthttogfr 
Me dom mated most ol the id* min- 
utes his vim attiaf logs spanning a 
wide rei*ertoire including the m- 
evitabie and dcritght fnlly-mubfvri 
Sirme i n« hanted i vening a (ling 
at of erat-n s with \*»n Pip Xmlrai'J 

Theie was the tragic MBRPf. «jf^ 
voupg mother i Margaret Phillips* 
whose hUstumd was killed in . the 
war. and her mdawa * Frames Ful- 
ler and Alien Uevrtt* representing 
the older generation CHher con* 
Hwnimfnry k^InmbNrt-. ' t ne t n ; Bel 

er in law •Motwrt Date Martin 
. 'd after being a Soviet war 

Sard! a standout dance >nahigriHvc *om* pleasant rwmedy values 
by Jack Stanton and Bet-tv Luster to a rtvtdway rornriWn tal for Show 
who know all the TV tnckx. some Crop in a r a m antic mietlude with 
reminiscing by a Purple Heart vet Bin Bettis which, script wise ev- 

who recalled the l>angford-Bob lolled the virtues of Uie orange 

.sleeping Beauty** ballet With » fiope-Tonv Romano ISO trwuptng JUlce concentrate 

_ T A t _ . . , i ~ kJ, , 1 . S... k IBii C,. r.. . lk> .11 

from 'Marriage or Figaro amid p" '< <t through a Communist broth 

■ppaHmihd.^ actnui >»«|nlB4BnRMBn4fljijMB|jB|fij 

tempoed tone as an afterpiece tti 

a Valeric Bettis hailrt and *ock ^ RHwnRac. 'WBn. nwn .’Rl IBa "Akapfi- 
siandardv as . delung to Vt v 

Heart and I’ll See You In M’* 

Dreams " He revealed kin* self as * 
a glih performet in his b* play with 
Jane From an wild guested on I he 
Manta with Herb Shriner Hep 
Bloc and Mi*s Betti*. aMd even 

t hoi eogr apher 

into MnrtR Africa bneb In nui 
with Misa Langford reprising her 
“wartime circuit" fast. ’Exactly 
lake You." et* Neil Hamilton also 
put In an apprarance to assist in 
an informal quit rouime 

Show' started sustaining but 
Cliquot Club assumes sponsorship 


James Star buck 
’•ting, her parodying, complete 
with terpiftg and mugging was 
*♦*« k Caesar s solo ftnale, on visit- 
ing a sick friend in the hospital, 
was too ohv.ious for ttiaxunuin 
i ' pact Hayeft and Judy Johnson 
c «**ed the show with an okav 
i ' million of “Out of Breath - . 

I lebman s production mountings, >s-.* » 

v ith seta by Freddy Fox and ®* *" < ^ to | >rr > 

umes by Paul du Pont, wero l ^®^*^ be a Bock of •• 
lops as always. Camera dtrncUnn] 

TV Hobl " Canway at v . MMK KtTrlK!v 

* ' <• ' was too light at time* I?.!* HOMK RITl HFN 

resulting in some dancers being 
flipped -off the screen He I) doubt- 
** >% ir « prove, though, as the season 

So^me of the other asperu of the 
opening show were lew fuitunate 
By cramming too muck tnt •> the 
program, such a\ hnef sequent cx 
with th# revue’s rotating coh»h*. 
including Kd W * nn (Rvex it Jotin- . ■ 
14 m. Jimmy Durante and Jack ( ar- 1 

< an in ton *ti tniper lalisi set* 
up w liiih w ill kill the ( ham es («» i 
peace a. militant n.«ti<mali*t 
f* Dekl Berti) who wants Japan |o 
rciurn ti* a p*»lU y of aruved 
might, and aft Ament an major 
< **-cv Allen* xymboliring the 
s om upation who wants n*r 
'Hirjnx f.r ("lluw If f evjmplf ot 
t he West 

. ThH segment, distinguished by 
good act ing registered Coni passion 
fm the plight ol Japan However. 
M ww somewhat talks and slow > 
moving Iwv iiahly. due t« tin* 

* ompiesNion of romtdex sortal and 
political issues into a few «ym* 
it seemed an *• * • 
kimpltfication Tire Ameruan post- 
ion, for example was represented 

• tarting Thursday DuPont on serfx*. the show was stripped of a 
Sept 21. with Cory Coffee Biewer continuing mood and feeling, jar- 

ion ‘the latter two Via Aimed m* 1 person, even ti^nST alti- 

tudes towards our former foe run 
a bruail gamut 

There'll ring with the tone established by 
Pinaa In the attempt to weave the 

others soon 

■ Production tram for the drama- 
nr iMiition im lulling dire* tor | r *ul 

■m a vs »»rx •»*» ••• KS iv vxn*r i i»y . • »* . * M «. -r • * j . 

clashing etrmenfs into a unit the • .J* VJJ 5?^ r \ hristofei r 

dialog was forced and as a result ^ a protcsaional job 

WUh Edith Green 
Producer -Direr Sate: Rand* I arson 
U Mins : Mon thru I ri . S p m. 

i-HtS ’ ChS5- wid "S3 ^^T'C irATINC 

the whole production was dis- 
jointed. ■ • .C'. 

Durante did his Aimed bit from 

Short middle segment used a 
panel of Time biggies — chief ed 
Hem \ K Luce managing rd Roy 

i'>* orch ha c k e d Use show ex- 1 

sexainutf va mi iinmu lltfMI , a # 

Canada but U« lauaratta*. m- . mattonal aHall 

h**ur; SOS 

Chamcali) and other wise, was none 
i too Successful If it proved any- 
plugs, with This culinary vnnrnthMl. set In A thing it e*tablished that the Sc h nor 

bankrollin'* the ft , «t h*if- kitchen rate* acknowledge- as a live performer has a spun 

r ^S. Benrna —g Libhy in •• of the better programa 1 taneity and delivery that sir 

* *r the second -segment and Lehn °* * ny HP* °* *h* local air Alt- 

* MW on th.ThSfd. wvr* no! too I"’*'-"*"' P ** 

numerous nor obstivasisr Stal | *nd loaded with useful copy ma* 

... pn nnmrua iu m tenal for the kitchen brigade 

Edith Green’s carefully prepared 

ui the canning process SuniUilv. 
the Carson Aimed b»l froni lamdnn 
hod a Jarring quality The in per- 
son quickies by Wy nn and Olsen A 

BtU Ernie Tetrault 
II Htna. ; Sot.. |U pj * 

H RRC TV. Se he nee tody 


w ide follow - 

and intelligently prese 
•dance Mas acquired a wi 
mg through the proceM af pcnetdl 
mg solid step-by-step information 

dispensed with jua as easily to 
preserve the Pints motif 'l>ann\ 

This-and-that show features an sented 

i pleasantly and consim *ngi> pie- Thomas another regular on 

nnal approach and include* a 
'■ experimentation Ernie Tet- 
fxult new member of WHBG staff 

A former instructor of the c<*ok- 
mg art. her assured handling al 

materials. c«»ncoction of uniqie as program * top comedy moments in 

We»vex a pattern of musical shorts xdi aa standard dishes, and grade- an opera bog sreqe, with some slap- 

Hick pantoniiKiicr v < reminiscent of 

* ,f > chatter, program spotlighting’ school technique of enabling her 
wke* and miscellany On block Viewers to see and understand 
Viewed he tried a novelty during **at *h* »• doing, make her a 

* roundelay by Rose Marie and standout in a Arid that can be 
instrumental unit tinging * n d ibstruse and bewildering 

■ Almost as rewarding as her pro- 
gram ronteit! are her commercials 
averaging eight per show ' which 

r* m i r»m lining, via a supertmposi- 
* m on the film, with her 
■ , 1 Mentally, Rote Marie 

**cged most successfully among are adroitly woven into her chatter 

IMi * :_a * a I ffg ■ avf 


-manes spooled in photog- j for excellent effect (ienerally of 

J .'pt v and propection Some shots I the food category these cominer- j mg of song In My 
The others were unflattering and cial* become part and parcel of the "Blue Moon * Allen 

chief Max Ways 'who served aw 
'managing editor’ of the arr*-r^ 
exec ed Dana Tasker and editorUt 
direetoi J S Hilling* Pundits 
reading from flash rar<ls besot*.! 
camera range gave their views on 
the import of the treaty in typ- 
ically clipped, pontificating lime 
si sir Their basic porn! w a* that 
, . ^ , . . . t . . the 1/ S had been polrtiraliy un- 

•r^m 1 ^”» J! pr»p»i«* • ••wi that .h“ W a a, nr..- 
the annoum ernent l JV 4 * ** Tie cilfl policy was ’ long overdue 

OB BMI iw- nw *«v. brrn T t,rv M« Wf wSV all.anars 

being built in the Pacific as pain 
of lhe same fight against f’ommp- 
nism wh»€*h C»en Kisenhawer • ^ 
heading up in the Atlantic area 
;#*ina) 2*1 minutes was in March' 
of Tune /«>rmat and covered the 
background of the treaty Pro* 
du< ed by Arthur TourteMot and 
scripted hs Tinas Fair this seg- 
ment was better suiled to the pur* 

. po*e of the show The filmed in 
let srevs by Titue staffer Frank 
... fGibnes «. speaking English and" 

medium, despite hi* dubious rn- Japanese altrrnatelv^ with Premiei 
win <»l the p.i*i Shnn*-.i > mono- Y ovhida, the quick ie< commentary 
loging Wa* up to hi* par I*m some by Winston ( him hill also Oft cel- 
pleasant chuckle* Mi- > fioman tuloid from V enic*. and the other 
registered strongly In ber vocaiix- historicai film clips made a m 

I a mvimi 

show, was missing from the line 
up * 

Ben. Blue cauic through w ith the 

some early f’hJpUn.*' that hit a new 
high for Blue * TV comedcr* and 
demonstrated that, with proper > 
tetial he's a mh k potential (or the 

. ri • unflattenng and 

L Tear, as is the caao with a deal project at hand to five added con- 
»’ filmed and kine scoped features viction 

I'-rn h«ra *- J. . Jt . u. .. 

Heart*' and 
Roth rates a 

'^ft here Tetrault achieved mod- f 
, success with stories and mag- 
ne clippings He should check 
*» ul PP‘ng and adding with 

rmeiv-di is not sound *how- . easy manner and pleasing voice 

nod for hi* muvual bat kgiounding 
Sum total of. the potpourri wa g 
Pert in appearance, working in recognition of the TV vista* op**n 
g house * ifelv apron, In front of to Pinza coupled with the hope that 

her stove, refrigerator and other! next time up the NHf impresarios 
kitchen tools, Mm Green has an [won’t throw too many condiments 

ansJup Tetrault is a personable 
i. •!!?. i*!** Poxslbilittes of develop- 
' f »t Into a food video personality. 

Joe o 

•■qctu** presentation ol the m 
views. Narration by Westbrook 
Van Voorhi* and Nomran Hovr 
! announcing b\ IHught Wciu 
were slick 

Fnfire hfhuf added up to an in- 
teresting program, although an 
editorial presentation that wav ac- 
cented in one direction Music Ir 

■RMHIWBMVHli * Into the* TV stew I9MKMR Hi % 

that score well with the viewers Along with Snow Crop Kellogg ltarrv Suanik was so« ko throughout 
Production and dtreclion are m- -Cereal and Pet Milk are picking up : and commemal for Time Meatur- 
pen Or Camera work ts okay | the tah rotating weekfr on fhojing 

luK'lac p* nod under tWw IbrhsrR 

.1 'hose tmttal collaborative 

Mi** c • -rs wtih Sigmund Homherg 

c late Jeroptc Mm offered 

a * »n uppotf' mty (dr ah iHiagt 

bus i«e--* through the f 2fHt and 3U* 

That mi rnui h ol It ha«t a -i «i*c 
quality with dull and hslbss 
tiuMoents in spots that might easily 
have pfsshrctcd a nwwt* sweeping 
panorama of the Mammerstein con- 
trilHitbm to Ameruaft entertain* 
nu nt could Hardly he trared to 
ai>v lark of material ift te -creating 
i fan * *e h* -i hurtful* years -’of “Rnne 
Mane Desert Sniff " Sunny ' 
or Slum Rod.*' or to the An*' airav 
«»l tabni assembled for the pro- 
gram. Mather the bfMne rpukt he. 
pui *»n Die manner ot pi «*seniant»n 
and the s« ripMng 

|n pla«^e of his usual rrnree 

• i>"»c Sullivan appeared aa thr 
Wan dot of the Mammerstein 
‘-'•mi i ot •- 1 / *ititf hi* coot merits 
w |( h cpisiMtic vignette* pinpmnting 
mhiu* dr amafar momenta m the 
brail itfl * early career through lt»«- 

Kern Moiid • j»eiind 
b adiog up to the II ur »*»« uve 
years eft which If wAMDitH n ex- 
|mm ienced hia succession id Aopw, 
inriuihng some dismal laiiures in 
taouboi and on the Itottv w«hm! lots. 
It *as during thla p er io d m **>**«, h 
Hammer-stein was coristdeied a 
bad risk ’ aa hr himself put it in 

guesting on the program, that he 
not with i ebaft* in living to 
mi crest bat kers in poptilanring 
( at men" with an all e p po r od Co a l 
•later the “Carmen Jones' <mash* 
jiwt in a musicomedy ‘set sum of 

• '> Higgs "Careen (mow the 
l.ilit the now hist on < iifcla- 
h« tin a ‘ which wax to start the 1 
f « b ul » w s Itammerslcin ftu ftaid 
Hod gets collaboration.' 

Major fault of Sunday's presen- 
•tatjqn wa* that there wa* too much 
Sullivan narration leven assuming 
Dial the llammei slein >.*ra piak« < 
g»ea| listening* and not inouvh 
iliusDalive enlcrtaimi.ini facet* 
Sullivan' himself expressed hi* 
anxiety to get away from the ** 
and then I wrote" production 
gr o ove, yet be and « u-produ* • i 
Mario la*wis displayed little Imagi- 
nation in thetr at heme of prujec- 

Sunday • show naturally invileg 

• "in pan sun with last M-*v»n s "Hu h* 
aid dodgers TV tnbute. whuh 
caplured the feeling and enthu- 
siasm of performers paying h«»mage 
to the composrr In llaminerstcin » 
in si ante, there was neithei this 
rnyot tonal testimonial ftoT the al- 
ternative ul a superior prudurDon 
with all the attendant hoopla of 
a glowing tnbute 

The talent on hand wax tnpnot* h, 
im lulling la-na Home. , who W « t 
singularly effective in her rendition 
■if ( in t Help iaivin That Man , 
Hubert Merrill and Minn H* n/i II 
who wored in a dueling of Indian 
I arse Call" and were wpiallv im 
pressive in snlaing ’ t>i' Nf. |ii V • 

Merrill and “larVei 1 I 

lu Me” Benacll BUI 1 4 ; 

the Ham ft ■ j: Vturt 

r ,, .» • 

from iK-scri Non. w^i. . 

givt-n added Hi ^ • ’ 1 - 

xupplt iiientary Fox M'»V)< "»n< b"M- 
age ul qu> L or m ('»**■ i .» •' t*c - ol t • a 
\ atentino tun* t ^1 iivob* a ml **jf* 
teg* tn .ftl'li * 'f* Nan*;» Cronipbin 
simulated Marilyn Miller * pirouet- 
tift^ ti» " tb- at i •impanio.ent of 
VA d . f ."ft Sunnv - there was 
a fv« ft ii Mm nt ul a coined s sketch 
it lo -alt s* • ne‘* • script cit hy . 
Ifai" ofcr ■s-te.ih liir the late Charlex 
H * Jin* in Sweet Adeline '' 
and finally llarumer stein himself 
recit » ng his “Lost Tuna I Saw 
Paris sharing a split screen with 
an Eiffel Tower visualisation Ray 
Riot h's . m usual accompantmenl 

.the tah rwaiing weexir on tbe tng a map-reprint giveawav mo B1*m h >. musical accompaniment 
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|r> |)«Hn Demler Jx»e 

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A Uvltfrtaa Nadine 

(iat, Marr lrra«a dancer* 
Producer director Hob banner 
t% direr tor It He 4 .-prio 
NN Win*,. >«m . % p m 
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I UN 1 V, (ram N I 
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W ilia Nil hj rtf Derr OriiiM Alex 
ander. Raif^r Hoyle. fallil 
Ir aa t, Betty MarUlr I 'MU 
ir*rrl) WMlari Mi mi 
. Mlroncm Fal O tfa^rt Milium 
fMlmarr f.ordon %•*!•»; Nolrert 
H»Wl|»m'r« n»m Wonv.xnnrrx 
IMttdMf Naiman I elt**a 
Waller, Thomas W 
4 N Mtaa.. Mat* . *...!• | «. 

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NH4 I A; tram New VmI 

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Hubert \l«»tii (•>"•« rx n/i ,r 

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in hi) f% I < -|» i nip I' 

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•laard itmcal r|u»efl> N taatfl 

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ihtiirHirtf with h«.r (t(.rw !*•«-» pat* 
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atwfi wNN thr b* M v *» *immi j>*» 

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M vi i’ il of the nUM-tn i o<t 
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h ttilfl (•:-» »ik* cf ■ a l*llM{i| lli >M\(h II < 

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in-t '■(.** .. mil* ii. >• in. ■ 

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• iiiHMi hie atatf lor pits >* 

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rit.rf k it i|m» h*|N «l t it the tm ' « 
t (Hh iti H.l* h*it (m n mi m t>v< 
tuui. v« t M liert xhe i rt tit «( 1 1 t i 
tf aV vtUI in a ili'liubid itatr jiul ; 
<ni' in e t Ihr titl la rift'* love i.l a. 
kitten itohhti v the m«tt tn » 
w i un« Mil n#*a k. »e\t.«i'nn her 
i'V\ t tfirt m «tali' .1 nd t*i « Ihe 


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4 Mark ittilm* ifuti k uNkrilaM 
.mat ili aitiaiM 

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lw* aaticreat itraintter prop* rliex . 

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Ihe vuiptny aiai* tnatlf ntraia aitd 
« haraa tea I/at ion- were "aMt lW*»»ive 
\ lev *mll f I i.iNl a fteet iVetv in 
♦ha (teiiianahn* ftir of Ihe kl«l and 

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pa lad ttliat l» tlie fad hlx 
iMtl waxnt rtw*ti (id h e treatment 
Other* in tl»e « a*t dial a n at pdi 
N|r|aln * ht* were uo*^i anal cave 
the priMlm turn a iimkhii firitnv’ 

I in kx >tr»ke eaMiMiu ia were 

With Heart t.irartf, Nwhert Narra 
Haaaae I a me mm. Narhara Kwh 
Win* War » Mah*«e Peter Gri| 
NtH, artkfra 

PraatfaK^r lHreetar; l>e»ter 
II • Hem Nid»e rt N w j tferher 
Wataaawaera " r* ;. . 

N Mhaf I ri ... I N pan 
t AW Pill I I SOI P 
MU I \ fianaa New lark 

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4 . (in ■■ x.iup " ia >e»«4(M ia the 
f rid..* i hi N BA 'TV' |a»l is a 

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k« | \ v rv nil rii eel h.v' the ltl»*v 

• • a;laV pin T- the' V di ia h a in 
It v a 1 iM* lit *..w. mat at the lel«* 

« x( ( i tin min tU niiii»»n»*tm .«nd n*- .. r»> 
ft -■,.'; the 4 «* i ;,'»•! » «•. . 'ij* t *-ie |v 
Vow tli *t i « i « <> lu« tak« n tin thr 
pMi|Mii1ion' ol a i .ix x MM'dluin. 
then .• ii.* n vOlN r an 

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kinttir haitdhtl fh» |* •> »•* rta «t "a' r \*.;:tra rAt*«t n*il 

l Mot IV .1.* toe M lilt I'M.. 

w t»rk> «1 the diflH ult .o-xi *» vent | 

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ti»f pfin;*. also hand, d toil p*-»>dui • 
tn*«i. were good liK aiioimt «*n 
thru duiw, in. itidtleSh h v i*“*n 
Inherited by Irwan Vaaamtf 

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ini irriikit NNPAhiNN 

At lib t ittfie Newman ***r»l» 


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If ever there wa* nar t fur ikkii- 

f|t f t . if. v. i • ) \ . . , ' 

In an attempt t<> erta « * . 

IrtCietlra tat' of Maah iaat i» »*njl TV 
sf ap'ea a* tfi>h pK k# v 'Vn • (.»»»/ 

atom*. i'**ineat\ slwi. * and '».»n* I 
parti* ipplfatn shows the ptntfwfpm 
of ftiia raifacoa tiarp Ha' 1 '"‘ i' rata-tl 
in rrrallfti »a**thtn4 hut « i«aat'>**>h»n 
in a At* minuter that •i-.i.* ttma> 
than tacd hudf iisl on the wire* 
nUmx It* rkan m id v mmn? a 
hinkmlUr are nd and u % doubt 
ful if it ion Id ht»l«l <»n to a alrax 
ili ih i tor more than « imaH 
Kddie \exi.« .m « i>t 4 l(i 
xpinner. handled the cm. e.* itioi r 
in a ’ fife of the p**itv- > v am * that 
proved ' h-jtal lit* litlea ..t m 

toi malttv and pi , *»ki '■' ♦)* x v *■♦ * 
rinlaariasxiiar «n*l h v hm..* r i-*k 
filed throw shout I’.', if > 4 * *.n 

pi* cal 10 were *Urk .. l , vx j 
Oit.u n • WI'AT . J < W v '.,l .i> 
H 1 V V anal Tv dd I - vm < 

‘H JZ All. i " i Inf • t'.i 

t t*a ir per sent didiiw 1 mi 

funnv it»i;( at NIK *- *. « » p, ,, „ 

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v.--v.i'a) i nwlu rtitf . i or otiir 

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t*»*nx atwHd the r iio. -* v\ . d 

t'lal were ex id* nth on u v id, 
th* n had t heiit paV i ' 

(hi. m * * i*x bavin, tin »» '■ 
d..r>* e mlei pi etat »«*n el n<> 
re* ord vi in* h hr xx mi, 'd v»» n A 

KlMF tit PHlT Mill PNi A 
t‘ Irani Ne a Vaw » 

With iahn Wet wtlauah 
Pratfaw er. lark Hteek. . .. 
liter* twr W titan Alaaat 
Ah Win* W rtf « St p m 
HMI. TV. Phtlatfelptata 

" I II. Tv I'.Ml* I o| " t ' < k 1 v | 
rWxsions se**red i'mM effective Ix 
with ‘Hunt Be a Sap ' wiitab wa- 
reared to uaimx. limer* w»ib 
the h.urards of aiMoioolote traxel 
o i r r ttie I .a bate llaa* u* ck* 
BmM ah»mr lh« f miliar ‘ *.nd xud- 
*Vn draft* ■' n**te «*t w amine, inw 

ii v.*x minted f*. |i|.'ht*n 4ii*l i 

cnee with iNdaialMl dix.««ur. and 

rxioidmi.* to n.ilwk. xlua drew 

bravu *i |d»«»ne « *•. paw ■ t 

I bin h . dint •.» d .tulfioi ill* » 
on the subtex t of hi^bwav aafeta 
rrmipiiartf the p.m* 1 with John 
Hi t ullmiith, ftiliad* lphia Inouiier 

1 • • .*)•■• ' .lot ' I Mil. | \\ * # 

in . i « • rr < oi i * -iM.ndi nl .ictifiki «' 

cut'll W. t ullou ! i 1 1 ankl.x 
m.'.iie i lud l«i hold hi* lixirnriv 
v Mh the m|h mraj r e lat ark * that 
i*i*ie would hr Mwne pia*n ialk'nt 
a limit w bid fax iq store for the 
flax i el* hi .mix A|eiiih*‘ix 
I mii* I ill knexe the vufdei t 
•nit Tl»i i in* tuifed Kind 
safety enmneer fur the Ah 
H. tinmti i u s hi in* ,»x amt 

. .iV i . ... t *ng I t hr a*|iii> >i w.a t a ■'« 

4 jpri -'On . ...i d * • * - ip v rto "Q ;Ptp*-' ;( 
t laadin s idh r»n t .... ...» m'er 
,* * i t». .« .tl* * . M> itainmenr xatm V 

Tht’ fcaaic (MiuipanaHnl w tlMlt . 
The h>: till ot'i.p Uni ’« 4 x| (Ud 4 

fiixii,,i* job with ih. iti.'t.ti il Ibt'X 

w* 1 1 viva if. I *i Hfiliiltt 1 1 r*oi i 
•in 4 . stan.ii**oo* ttie *h*iw hii 
f».i r *u stiyiiih dime x. Mii fui« 
xiavUri acial e\« a-UrM la ii'int; fiot 
lh» limpid situ, iron With d» si nek 
<•».* * »V i«» ud w»fix dtpm at ihe m era It 
io/P*iC p.irlrittsix • lux*’ io tin |.<>Q|t 1 
'of; dm im>hin-'! ixtuiyi* a s' far a* . 

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The u*u rii who h the Vl' f 

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fh* iiuelvi x this hum- ex ntx « d 
vit*»un*t the fak« m « * *m ibr town * 
iovcinun nl to Mu xounc* t tene t .*- 


t’toi h.ol Henrv Aialiuh nnetx 
|m.i * * „\ , M hv tiro i \ I ,<i *i»)l xitirit J 

m a» rpunw ifuit )«mIl'*' on i 4r4flia- 
imutmn ease mv.dx tn« his father j 
,'>»• ih liit'i- i mmn I Vain gar e wat 
• o e o k pid i ‘ r a b i t t u iN.pnv tor ito 
ne*ei to ittnerr* the i.#w» of lha ; 

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A it houit* pta* * d fair humor, the 
rtf* nm * lane* *« iml«d to iuneralr 
murb m the wav ad ahuakte fate 
■ Atf.itn this » ear most of tft«* “tun* 
nv” tines a re viv*n . to llomer 
pi»x«d n«*w hr Kotwit Harry xxi**, 
h*x i * plaretf .1 ,« k*« bi lk Han v 
4 turaix * oiiiedi* a Hi ' 
whirh ne*d oeilv stronger maieiiat 
to btoxx*iiii needy 

IIount Jameson. *s usual, w .* 
ftna a* Mw paler nl the Aldrich j 
botiwrbwAtf afid H.ui*..'i Hohhms 
levtst* real tfHlw 'art Airs. A Ma* x 
M i tour x>as okay in her sea-aindarv 
'iVr « Alyrr A anal the 

V 'died HI all i> 

t.irupbetl'r pints tkeimelve* 
were ad n*p Quality: ftppreially ef* 
fattire x*as the rlo«irm pilch with 
east niemfurs taking part in the 

adulation (if rliiht x ptodiof*. 


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Harry rroigbloa a nnNumer 
Hirer lor: Nbrltfaa fwarpr r 
}. W rttee William C, W I we* 

H Wins sun . Ik pm 
f N A IA I t iN ll ( t trims 
Hu Wont, from 4 bkt«« 
l , • At f*Ppl Lt f-taoi. „■■■'.• 

M'* •< -A- e > ... ■! , . M .* i,. i 

'.#»! ilia' I hex s. ai,*| \. . i-v d 

(“jtnl th* Sunday n..l.t *»»•! p- 
st ak* « w ith 4 top |#*M* filial I e 

piogr.ini xivuvs ft ••.>» fin. ..t*o 

. where it x p * d h* W » . \ TV m 
tandem wAtii the CHiAtont iiet It 
x i xt t a k *,. ... r . 

w.ritef ffopKda i in*»is ’ aiH. 

a! tom* V p n* lat V* . I tail! (V V\ PI* • 
plus its < 4 x 1 , 01 ( 0 t li cat t. u hi . Not 
lha* t*-axi of t I'Ve- l.ii'.r’ i.« f /• ati.u 
tie' C’tiarU l.ihiix » *.u 

• i. i >t « x 1 1 c'lllal lx M'x iud,,’* m I ids 
* i.i.i tootn rioaiwa 1 1. j. o r 
». < u' »ixn a .*»,<*• i oiu iiie i • n .* ,» 

h..t •' :W. 

A* exisi d . : I 

h f lilux athnity 

and ir| 

Vpria eflure o«»t ce - rtt the env 
t* rl*fiiiwieni • Ud. unii'Dian ; > . n- . 
it x- i . ( Mull e d tiv iax hyait that 
1 ithtU'in* ■ ' t*l • | dwell Ox/n p.MIci tv 
ntf < id's of cx ltd rue at* :halO- 
t ru’d N .toi ; i o aiMtun lx • n 
unto dead • i *« • ! - «nd fluffs '« 'in* h 

<». « in' U) ai In jf trlalx.' Ihr hct.v ■ ,.v 
< ms Hi r beard ti ' a i m 
ol studio fiUiiiln * w ith with* vM * 

- ' . d i o' i | 'm i : '■ i-.ri ■ uk x 

I'-i' ihfe »f iwi f* :« no adber p . - 
ti* ipwnt s In mg pa ivy to l»Mx j M , . 


A H of it ix vivid in lla* trio life 
s* n*e hid this very ptu« < aft s*iui« . 
lim* x br a mimh **n Mo i nter- 
tafnment ‘ith It * the kind of 


If ms before the t*h a tab* > fpf nl 
. wffb the toaikerw-in otherW an 
Hnpinrawlnn gams imsoient pin that 
Hi • dull * siupw It * far ft mu 
being that . hut it iiocx require 
(•ved .iin ii 1 .on to . .it . /». 

I in; in rod. f M.lif . 
rut mioxx “true'* ruddy m the 
I famniit pitched i o, ue x ,m ii(M-ntn|t 
xra miukie interviews *d uitm*M.a 

eiMirlouni ft iI*H’xD I appr .o 

“ pi late An end mtciAu w *<i «pert#> 
t*ux m ttie K.nirtpr alter th* wiry 

h.n red ..lot »x d< liia i ’t- 
•w hrat^ a modi* imi id Mixpray. 
Tt*e c.*s e beard bin *:*rl on mu 

uiaiMed hoxlTifOd *% felled bx 
axphyviation and ho, .ultrieiid 
liven. Sm*e ttie girl uu^ht been 
■t tfr nr t| an arrew mnx t*. the mriie 
nl xuu i«t«* the jure i « asked to 
dr* ide >he is ;*< «p.utted 

K« markahle in the hour s ,m- 
folding 'with (tuvr nut l«*» welt done 
« oiiiiiirr* tals - is la* I It, M titl e ur 
no or alums or ^irm-nx are in-- 
duli:* d in h\ tlie ic'.iw* n, r 
hatftfo U mild orntiii % 
vetiiie T^f w H i wr yogs arc plain- 

taa Aic adr nr apoita 

< «ru*r >*11, «,*••„ k.ko 

Protfweer lark Will* 
iHPjglNi U jpD Dillon. In, Br** m 
IS Wine,: Yri. IN pm. 

(•ILUTTK ,^ T ." 

NNi TA. from N V 
'_r ,. ■ '•/ « Htioi- t 

MM iiillrtti i M'atiiUaiu „| 
v t'* I'liybobly th# out* 

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xporti 4llian<e. Op*<n«-d 


A* ason last I rvtfay . 7r 
w Hh a middlrw eight h>***t f>«»nv 
WatfisfNl Sq CUiden. S. \ , h**«v» * , n 

• . ( jin ter and Hik'v k. or# 

a < ox erage cu* pt 

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m wrrtf hi» rKO «b the rightf .. 

. >• *> s*"»d arid aniiutm. « * I * , viy 

fu • .. va.n ea me ii .;h 

**fi« O! t: peri* plivf di x, , 

”t fnwit Thia w outft Qiffie'atc 

the N M( ' and Iriltette s Ml *f«, . 

good a u*b this xrr»r •> Mo v h;,x> 
Mi (ii * i (.-.'us scasam* 

t III kt 11 m Pat»x| 4* a / .1 . t . 

W * uru xi ,ay nikhts ; on { Hs 
N Ht (.iHett# par ;.*v x n.,1 , i 

m *ht»» ahv * omp» t i» fo* , t. 

I o fh* t , id .y night Aflih from » . 

■ idr#. TV ' AlktfL iviiic#.. the ; «*< 
i ’if , Inlet hot i*itiai jitivintt f n r 

* * t"i 1 tun'* n 'fig hV r- : *'h | , 

d.»v r,. ht for them it l 

; the v dh *» th* at ; * * . »t| i.. . v 
Undid f podt .. S I'ldaX nittffW r 
** unt* v?, thr llu pi 

r< u« id Mi t n, Pi » 

♦be tl » ' ' d f.u Ax a *r . 

' \ H< ’ and (irltrftv lonb s* t t.-i 
aft U|U tirnplu at« d H asnt) w ith f U«- 
only nHrat imi .bring how mat i 
the. t« iff Of the ardt | 

singed Friday c for t hr ir l»n»e lit 

; frwbitii Jerk Nlut« '• ha*'' -. opt. - 
rhiQfeflmtft i«*« « ar,w*ra . posit ions ,, 
the den penr«fptihiy t*o,u last 
•rakon m that fan»arr*t*K t mated 
*»» »wt ♦ e r*tha n-n ngautc iiih* Sl - t 
the no a standard inHlHKfQsiHH ... 

* ixivexip of thr entire act ion In 

that eighth round howexn «hen 
Cartier unexpectedly rained ihe 
hkht into a near corner of the ring*!- 
the ramer a* were )>»st « trifle Moxv 
into moving over With the art urn 
AAhile they taught Caftrer's finny } 

blow* a«tf the umplrr s sign, 
ing th* TKO that frarl h m o f a s* <> 
ond delay Wa* slightly dixconr* d- 
mg Hoxxrrs who now h*.« T\ ta.x- 
inc co>n mental > down to a Sfieme, 
«p(»kt |« little a* pox x» hie and that 
wax o4»»y to inform v iew era id sxutie 
of i fie finer points w hich tht v ought 
m>4 ha%# set n on heir m reenx 

< 41 let i e nwttagrriab again mixed 
well -pi *>o used ammatum with 
filmed plugs both of ohnii v. e 
V..M to take Conutiru *aix '« ,*■ 
run less often thoae those pi • «4‘ 
year. ; i Xlaf 

shaking, and in the •Ca-e ^i I 
ft tout* v, no chc* x« < ,kr in., nit* 

I ..ihot 
Of the 
< d*hn, 

,*■• ; * *»’>**♦- ■. 
• IV »' | '.»'l| 

B Irat; 

' X.l Ik 
• *» * i tfl- 

.id ihr iiiifirhxis 


X .* x xtilii «< cl to ,f*» ii • *- 

p ** xi.m tin nut 

W Ml. I*. l..t,*|M, xf X« ■ 1 ) 1 * Ml »,l ; t 

Tile 'is k* x s «l«iii>'iil I mi*'* 

p»,l tin i.ukxlx ha* k xv i d mill d 
lift th* ir pant x _ x ft* m .<n * {- 
♦ u to hr t oinu Ki 'iili ti v v em. 
b..t ■ me ur i , 

;.• fh OkU ant w oond up v it h a mx «- 
t* • i*rxf xx Sul v* as to hr tdenf ltHsi 
hx tli* |i.,ncliata via hi* voue since 
fl»e e'ubrraot c ■*< . 
paj»er bags over their 

dixismti tie tlx* it J 
mu pk tlch* rt man 4 v» i xi irt * u p * r i n 
m tM o| iMih* • th Phiiadclpfi . 

* * ♦ t * i »i t A f ton id • ■ t hx' I u 


i'dne lists xx » '*• d»- t«,i draw 

noon I, y n „ , -gp to tvuiirt. 

VI'.- the i ,,!>*- Ml IIM*;l VI l!l f|‘l- 

*' ; ih itfudi *v , ., i % , > xrvtt 

.*.*' -I x < ll*«"li adx <* i' p i how tli* i 

• i x hg P s * .it Ih x| hs ; x*cid, d 

Ah i hum* It w«*s ih. imixt « ii u tit < 
d* . mat i* Mix (.* am- 
ir xv itif i the vi i ii* r 

,. . t 

euid die nd in 1 

Mihtu tng * n. «l lit ci*dil>tn.,fixin 
xv oh the « . sui.hx . Ac or* s s i n i V 
♦ rtnarv ,*»d of h r i i uii stat ist »« > 
tli. t ' •': '*' pi « ctvl *1 . l*co , iiv. 
1 ‘iV‘t nlat.iiifi id* t r> cf'v 1 1 ipl - i , i , 
'»•* wt alyi a \ s Ir* !*• n« i «lrd ho tt J. 
ter tioxy f ix «|Pf'iiilY they .'rr *ut 4 
m.»*l* it a genuine |Mihl*e aetv-iti 
•how . 

Although strictly a product of 
t lie editorial room. Moderator v|c 
had |'U»tl i'ulloUL’h imptesM h with hl« broad- 
he. *d*. The (astrng ahflitx, and- hts .o'nicdis 

A 1 rilffR At t in »N 
With Ware iwnnelly. t.ilbert 
wehles. Ik»ea 4 b> lie Ida, 4 naries 
Sherman. No but latU, alberv 
rtntfixeees: Philip Weovfng. Philip 
s« heeler 

Hirer tar James Furnem 
3# Wins.; Won.. I p m 

A 114 TA . from Nen A orb 

viu panel entry 

Mint \m»iM| l ... w*K « u»!x(i ill It d 
In* xx itiat pi,MiU'*x to work 4 f*etf 
into 4 lik. able half-hour. l*ro- 
g»au| x iminix* is hasH-alfy smind 
<nl*n amount \ is*- inaxmuxh 
. n autfuu - xvntk t- pertortiicd »nd 
a ’ pMhld' pKMceds ».« 

ciAltci/ir the pic* e , 

Ifxiv* « x * r there s the danger that 
iltO'c lMti n«ng m may hot only 
tend to i*c. *»uie *•' . .,i <; ■ i 

l*o t> p, * '« nl* d --n i hi>s xi*,,',. t»Mk 
m.ix i nl low that 1 1 nd, iv v miu 

- ., w elt h m i m x. 

• > «* s *• or k ix mi.,; 

mum h I rtb*f if but in aif 

M •* a" j ,mi that xx fll tend tu 

* * ' -Ml. « . 1,1-1. x av I’m- litui'l 

w id ♦ urt f h* * >ot i in i* ixiir^ ,*nd 
thal might m - 

ecake mantfesta* 
A* fwrr the |*a-t. the Hotgr 
It all up with a statement 

and t tie 


w indh 

about Anun.^a u i,«e 
tw m ill * of ^>1* , 



a, rv w ay 

or t lie 

I •***( i (i »r 4 

date fang 

i\ I.x, 

Moienrt lated twice hd week 
dm mg KSTI* pukctinv. la-xi Nd- 
son, slalom phnioLraph* r w as hit 
m.i the hurd le ,a t *.*. k -l» m.,T 

at op the xiodwr r*wif t, king pieturr* 

of ,1 , Kfl x a:,,- ,j| M 111 hv i , 

■mlling at mi nd II - inhtiU' weie 
iivaled at Midway fuispitai 

i »n t he M.llox m/ ,i ,v v,'v i i >1 (|. 
<|to xv tftdow s vc ! »• luoki n hx ' ones 
and a w, Milan |,up|>> .« cr *« n«*dul« d 
to .ipiH-ai on owe yd tl e datum ^x 
programs «q-j , m v Mh 


' pn if ks tor . angte^j 

-i. d.. - 

< *11 I II. 1,1. M » Hills M L lH.1 x 

playlet > M l I S.M.v M ;vs r.ui.d* V 

• i > 1 d . It iv a>:. a nu ’inti aliiatic 
i. tn to - kirk a •»*.*« hkacbmaUk 

• i * m.ix n hen. thus run- 

, *u ' hoxh .1 y a fll# o< mis* ,-x . 

1 • ■> in a til :!*)' nic'o- 

•i • »ovt ,, k v -nd 'oiimti’d l»ke 

• ■'i * •••d i. was pieant to- b#. im; 
• ex 'i in dcamatix snlm; 

T u p n< \ hi i,d> d hx plav wr ghl < 
M » e t mm Ix anxl onitpiixiat 
IdltM it S* Uh * TWxiihy Ft, Ids and 
t S *% rutan xi uh the author 

piv-e nt ton* he d on some valid 
l«n Qis wen genrraity kmd tu 
'•he v » m*t Sherman, though i 
t* rul* »t to h*'* «,me an actor rather : 
than a ciil'k and althmiglt he had 

Id* . r« h as she w ent through Ifnr 
s'- V ’ ! 

hn*kc oat vv lien 0*V‘ Ol the KST»» 
t.n'akr p ri.Mii.cix pr-ptay * i| a n- 
vo)x, » , tu tdx nil* and hi n ki..< k 
v. Idle e, ashing the I n* : anl,*e 

liuhh»(<d k'sTP i»r» xfdcnt and **n- 
» raf manager, said ne fiber ol lire 

tv,* involved *x,,,,, * j, .dux c< 

Tlry pu ket line mirnbeirtf. approve 

m.itely liNl. ' 

l ' < V 1 k S 1 |* .ii,, x ijm g 

for hi y: I in v aci' .but ,, 

«»• iH’d tn th, • x j M hile 

a|t%*r tin* lo» kout Winn tne rest 
Hrtfghl tu i etui tl if , ..II* x d ||,*t». 
hard retused to dismi** Ut«»*e w hu 
had rcplaeed them and rehtre tire 
sinker*, tire lockout ensuing . 

’'Tire ttntah has hart Its day in 
court. M commented Hubbard «ui 

gu. at w», Fiank Funt.'inc vxfro ged m»i around t r g imkg and b« fur* 
suioe okay miming. > th« fWQgntg. 

'*»»!*• x .did point*, hamhone pir" prraat ouurrcmi* ’Tire |rr, v 
• matton ut them milttatrd against •'♦h nurh a«iiuo Is in tirfutkt ol 
imn. Joes, i court oidei’v** 

In a m s kric* Of test* ot Hi V- 
compatible color System, whieh 
started Monday e 10.. NRC ia* 
mounted a handsome show hear ted 
hx muxicai comedy actresg Nan* <«e 
•’'•bray fur the edificaliun at the 
H( A and ABC staff*, dealer* and 
prospect tv c licensee* In the xr« xx* 
tng room at the Johnny \ irt or 
Theatre. A, V,. RCA set up the Jl- 
m* >r and 14k, nx h rec eive* s and a 
pair of black and while unit*, so 
that contra*! and mupaiHin 
cxailid he made 

lo ttie mind* of many, ft s a 

txiSMip .IV to W DM n m 'll III, »K \ 

,.i CBS ri-xult* tn b* Her cxdoi 
KfA ha* developed Its rhrumr 
Irroaxh ast* to a highly acceptable 


Cxxxut the red* aren t too fla^ra. 
hut the htux s have a Ix ndenx • > » 
blur t'xrloreast ai*«r showed a tx 
d* ni y. tu weak ba* kgriHimix r| 
l«Mi« struts One of ' the hrttxr 
ot the H< ' A xy xi cm »v 
highly fiaiiiial llevh tints In* 
i Vo** up* g* net ally flattered toe 
subject s ' 

The show, of coutse. »* x*m 
rhtda, > to. , xv t ,v cH«?p 

tux the liu* x v| tv* Fa ,u a. v i 

* v< eiM iif ali-ajotinrt i, , ,, 

Hoe o,m*s a line hit of singifig a,**! - 

* art i uilid I* t tie l* ■ i ping ' hged* 

«»u* piiNlurttun The rt M «i, \ » 
pr m i i limp ; were inra^inaUVx 
itandf* rt There w ere xptrie folxl 
dan* c *r qiic it* e* and a dnitoAxt-a 

I .on by iii ml* t v w«;ai *ng some * * c- 
I rJ 'ibf ntxjdes * 

H( A also rteepotr si rated the pi a. - 

iH uhililv of p < klip* m *«4,*i 

There vas a lu i«d se<juen* e n 
v *ic'« t *• < uncras rv * nl to t , 

\n i , haul '-i.i. me -.rt* ■ 

hirH> I*. I ml l. | will'll the m «1 
riles did a pu lurt *oue sileiM cofn- 
: man 1 1 dull The color* situwed up 
Well, but long vim* made (of *omr 
Mur*. ' The s**und incut* ntafh , 
(itiln t fare too well because nl in* 
tutor* me and imiiw «»♦ p:a,re« 


’1 ;>e hl-tk and white v »« pio* 
tilled a i lea, er picture M t te 

(xilu, -rii at# mux h inm PH* 

i turesQue. . Ju.*c. 

12. 1931 




I tV VI f %DE OW Abilin 
’ *»« .rd% a New Warldl 

Basil Rathhane Alice Front 
) , 4 j HHafMa*. Mercer Hr! rod 

.lr«N UK*. A*«»M I Ml 

. o Millrv. l a w Martin an 
, » i mu music 

Ban Vaartim 
Harold 4l*rk b tarn 
!»,»•'« ;ar JdbU ®*l 

Irr lun.k * 

• • ' * P m * 

I P<* vf ‘ v . 

ItofU New 1 —h 


on >♦ * l?l It »*P <»rt A ff 
j '• ail ul'r : of America * b r o k e 

• • • gate furtday fl' a 

h— tvd. MurtniiloMl oi^< 

. . i Ultirtu* * v. I > ' r! 

«*\ r» iii*arn formal . dc pict a ng 
.t t» ..l rvrnu via drtmali;ii)«m 

. W; tH B»m| Rathb*»ne ably tiling 
, .if i ole as amgieur vimi, i 

Puyktt);; y«ra iHiMdt H the 
t ;»r* and tiibulatrobf rm ountei ed 
i hemmt ttt ail* dl 
art Although I hr < • 

, >fi<« generally t'hvi •« I*h 

V«**r.v.n» background t hi* par- 
| riiuUr aUdcdotg «aa large tv b 
tn England and France \ merit an 
l , m w »- MnHdbd by i**i %lintf of- 
struggling WWIfM by 
> n Pianklin. 

j ,**«.» i\ ♦ thitf Hfifiniliiw .'!♦« n , 

. n hiv iMa* -conformist iniriK 
ai «i*w re with the prejudice of 
i ■+ Fn lish native* forcing him to 
< , e tnrni the home of Urd Slirt- 
luifrtr h»< benefartor lie aiavwl 
to r .»t t .* to complete hi* research 
in itie pcnprrtte* of air Y am *oap- 
» v.-i effectively against the r—d • 
hock* atrccrtl m the path of trirti- 
'ft Mf progreaa by fear and preju- 
■at- . r. . .V 

|r pa* a g««*d 

t M.ifir 

l»uf*oni'«. inslitui uinal plugs 

riMMO with Blit Hamilton 
- them muaclea without too 

■ r«‘U Oil •'• Oflff 

With Babert Txim, Oarath* 
laiett It hod a William* led 
lintuirfMin. Vanaa Jean Niln»n 
Isabel Jewell: innoumm. Bill 
I orvnan. Mamin Miller. aiu«v 
Bn* Barg* 

Producer VI Bare 

Ihrfftar franc is Van lUrtrotldl 

Wrtjer Id Jamr« 

34 Mm* Thom , B p m . 

MVXMI I MOI N| ( Ollir 
VIM * fmm IUIh«iMd 

• k !■ ’• l' : » 

The ;•'. ••’"F tihcjF . ■- '. Krw» N IV* <•! 

• 1 of Jk 

fi^nhh h* .mtifulh larded, Vfil 
' aimed and " abir* - *•.♦! ' i m* d ’ gats 
arid ptMhrhHlHk felt pay dirt all lb* 
w ay <m the ^irniiit slant a <IT The 
thn d season amrtrdtl into it* 

n. '.v R v •; I> •' t h h n< •. i to • *" 
W«* 4 iir<l a half-hour lat**r* 
f t i p«*rotd In- 1 og t.»k< it b> ’ M< 

Hint- gu« a i- »fo v*f 

M tth K oh it| Bark, a tuintim re ^1 
Hirer tor . f«*J >. hrflrh ' 

fr*dum John Hate* 

I), Vikaa.'. htan.. I i n. 

V% VMM B 111 HM I 

JIM f t — I >. V 

Ki ; h £ri hfrili • 

* ..... 

!♦.«- >» *s >ii». it ’*♦’ fk.alti-r VV;o 
1 , »»- ■*. » X *•:'< >‘*it ti| l. .>*. 

i tit' yi»>r..foarv taj| o*rn>i n4> 

: u)i n » ' •' «> f t *.» •,.< m». a hrrrvi . 

* t»i »iii art' Up 'la ’d«K'- ■! -Mill 
u n ■ the hurt 

. .. • \;.-r It«-v* ' Jiui I O- A 

t ■ • . ■ ' i 

>>* V V I f i (*#‘l I It t-fl t lV*<h 

• ! r„ (tui 1«t|| W<U « » i 

ru • ..• t * t im l t hr Srniate ' 
- . t . •.» ■ i . mm, »»*•**• >t u«h 

t)>* ■ - 1 «-iviat nmol /.aHnnft— nei-i 
■: '*‘i vditori *i irt*n uanal. . and. .ifejdi 

a' Hi i o*h a »> «t 
It u«sl an « wW ymnited gin** l in 
C hi— ef b.« Jktt v.. t nith smart utarCattf 

deliver v. ,»r«J ../a*'' igut**y or bold as 

• y< - if - ri.iimn^ a r*.uipl** 

IH* V. 'nob/ In tiHi rowntiy i* - jrtl'* ' 


the it I Wf rat her** Ion \-*n .-mfird*- f*rv bho flipped By o 

»rrt|rt rd tale, 
by rootpetrnt 


( from mi# M 

»» W> aiir.tdv d«nuyned ai its tabs 
x.-H (or aboOt $ 2 ;xhS.U»*) 
S l o k**J Mid Adapter, nbtt h a 
itoMit thn sire of a btng-***rd park.. 

< r * tv ran be in>taHrd in am 

I hi Mont : rweiver ever made; in ; 
> nmt an hour ( ontpriti has 
'labeled >t the IhiMal.o feitvh * 

* H * id that tite kiting id 

roi'i* rufh'ge football games bhtrb j 
i us * ifd tip for color trans- • 
'-t s fall is thr prliiu 
- n i«f the demand for the adaP* 
part icularly in vtrw «»f the* 


\.tii—al ( iillegiate AlWlrtir Avsn 
i, the gatiu $ bhtrb ate to be « >r- 
i »>t %ia vtantiaid h-b IrafoiMnHb 
» Mil fo date, hosftri only 

* Wnafi number of art* mil I**- 
yt t* in pi< k up the game* tn full 

' • >if» r few. if any. Convertri * 

\ ..I he — the market by the tirnr ( 

* 1 ■ » til '* as*»n kt. W v till 

Uthi'r ip.vnula* turns which Have 
I • » v'dedj iJuVJont into ti»e manti- 
l;"l« rv of adapter* tneiude. br- 
I'hiko and Admiral Wr-t- 
t* and Ifallirrafter •. In 
t its H * n pij»*< 
r r« out tv>mbt nation color • bl ack- ’ 
« 'i*ir by the end of the 

* »nih uhuh will Ust at about 

M»*i i'*int Nr»t item on the CBS'- 
1 ’>n afenda la. a alai e unit 

v c o n can be attact^d to it »i«*>nt 
* etit b-w 
' •»• ritiorcaala. 

item would ftillob the g»ong*-on n«» 
matter OBdf t he mint S< rtpf* i i -I 
J pr**\ drd every jnrmbrr ad 

the Jim v ndrr %«n «Y«»ung* menace 
pba* the other < « tmg atcou 
me n't > wrth thiirkling lines and a 
t *• \|«»ot* of yo* k producing sun 
atoms A* d»»»oest»c ahenantgans 

easily idvnttAed > vth the average 
(ami tv this *erte« I* toi»*. the 

preem product top only pn*\ * d 
that it * a* liright and sparkling a« 
es.T ' r. 1 
• ' .i t .1 

Yrnmg vrogdMng with tn# lu»usr- 
hold budget against the vary mg 
p*iint« **. bice i ft the frau , and 
three offspring* A depan menr 
store eyprdi.ttiHl b** ail hotkds was 
prtaducirse of ‘ **»lld lailgii*. I ,f >p 
still think' .c— k* for kids shmitd 
pig BV ..Fvd c**n»e with a bln vile. 
H |lVi clothing appronriatmn 
ft «d to he trimmed hi B 2 u 0 P M» 
share ot a boat bargain k .it*' 
canto to the imw l»\ sinking Inc 
craft before it* purchase > T»ie tn* 
between tu|i|H‘ninih *|brk the gig* 
gj<-' Rnix-i l Young B' C*o Bl tin ir 
: ttr!‘ 

AfattoeH plug* are a I moat 

dCtltUie a t ell* f t * 
t h>m4Cf; sal* smatvship Young's 
end pie* for safe driving via hi* 
-1 Di iv* i < hib i* food rodtn 
program |s trartM rtbed Trog*; 

nanptng tthmigralron. Ilrpt 

Wtm toil devolcd a g»bbl part «f 
hr* »ir*r to I -Jr ( inuni > re- 

cent talk atMMii the uobkt ur*«N*i 
of a thud M ot Id War. and pit ked 
H apart W'e'rf. near to bar now 
M ink* WW advising that top M* t fnfkiMvn Ido ko 
iHad tnio .— ien c a fBOrtt e g pc-t I? gpg| - p— gpam «• 

! mi vtbi til it tt OB Tin 

The llrirega* 

W ilb Belts I irtd. f **rnel W tide , 
) Basil BalbtMNie. Isobel Itsom. 

fragaerr Vrntitta Marshall 
Utreriwr M— »rr lichrtt 
Writer; Kras wo Vlrkalsan 
Mostr; Harold I eves 
go Mia% s«a, I d pm 

1 s s|»M 

MM tram Va lark 

10411) I CM 

* i e Uiiiiri on the Am ' W- 

g..H it% s+septU. sejsou (HI MM 
> inti o »• with ah p«la|»t it om of 

iP*c Ruth and Ah ,;«' tus limii drama 
The ll. iitM' Although The I 
W I- i a (lC< Vfd tfeOl. It* mv . 

J*4tu« ' uf \ebr V or V> It e. 

W a'hinctun tigu^rr ' had a mh. 

it Min «*n Bt»M«iw.»v lit I :* 1 7 
a»ul wa* ma<h- uttp a hlm twa y* u 

later, the. radio ; se en— came 
ihtough ks r setting aOd' Ifedi It' 

I . rung I hank • to Bcn> on A m Ih 4 
- ih > d*-ft w rtpttng arnf the « .»>t s 
1 <»P t *ue»i>rn at ion 

tlcdfs In. Betty field a* the 
unlosed k«ip h; I'otkH WiUle a* 

• ruthless sin and ll.tstl Math 
iw gke in the rol e he crcite.l tn the 
original lean vet**— a* the intol- 
erant fat'hei:'. the ii«l hnnight the 

■Mr with riant) 

v oi r hit rvB vnr 

I With lift | am Hard# (Prch. Benny 
(•ardner . Hill flannagan 4 lift 
(■ram. gbeats Vndir Rarw< h an 
#«uw r r 

Writer Vrnald lea 
|*rad«M er iPirerlar : llailan Hun* - 

1# Mms Thwrs I* pm 
V VII KM V\ TUB U « (p . 

MM . Iram V V 


| '. The l u<kv Strike '.'Hit P.iiade’* 

sf'ow r« t pi n* d to the atit ippes t»»f 

it Br*.'.l rkli'i «h«»w lka| Tine ” ' 

t> b t< h s*unC fundamental yh-’ingCs 

tn its long stjndrng nrake-*Hi 


fnstu the ghpd. 'fwwrbeyil *bl ICO 

iiotn us ( .1 l* n > itii <l iv hlghV 
spsd m a move tv ttte c i c spu n — r 

'• ti»'. ; . spr* .<d tn yv*n».t tin' weekcod, 
w w ' * h IN Tl’ ai i vtoii ot the 
• Ilit |'*t t*d« stsving tn a S.uut- 
(t iv |> iii time and the Kmipany * 

nil' I' Sin* ‘V Itu - Itn I V si |I»A» 

i on >»rnd it s 

liven hivie (ohd a m cBla f* ' -BdipS 
r H— bee n llM Hiking of tha 
l.uv I <mii|».ii ito pn h (of lly HHirH*. 
> no iital* The sbfiti It to l.iniib.«i»hi * 
vwt-H style at. irk* a IkruhitK id the 
i loud iiiusH tr.nlrt ton Cstahltytied 
by (triii v\ i hi tig ton ••WlTf,;'- Igfd 

w it before the nod VH V o •*» p'ifkett s diretUon the 

wound up with the usual W’W AVI- iiiiskU thrmigh r •< h s*:ef»e 

ip tl»M time WttwheM esprevung and burl! Up t« an cBrstivy windup standout 
tl\e hope th^t Hay Kohina— basitd «« H e heirtrw 1 •(* ll»e dsnw oti i»> • 
briiig hack (he middleweight unfaithiol suitor 
rheiniMonsttip tonight Wed thi> Miss kirtd. projected the dull 
bring ‘The Br»t' * 'itl# *•’ uMtrathvi- ifualtties ot the hen 

. »-i itm e we thiew th* m out m * NS r »fe»mel> W*1de wa» prop 

ITtr Bra* 

Ml, ,«*,« in hi, rtilr MMI H»lhl.m* «*'*•* ,h * "'“-'J '»* ln '" *’!•' 

.-...rlifn. », rt» SmS tathn I-, 


hH Klsont was ok 4 ) as Aunt la 
Vtuta white other cast mpinhco 
hwiuiletl Hhi f bifsyueeh 

RHuitt Heeit o( the legit mu so j I 
;‘ : Tbo on lhe Visle.' bas guest 
errti *»r and < iibi fr H t< ks deft v e r ed 
(be ! s steel proriHdt— al apieK 
It w •> ad aiUspUTosi* npettri 

and AT 11*1 
ittstvn With Tddle 

TMsrr; Hgt. Ray 

M* Jar Joseph 



With TParathv Wise 

JS Mins r Toes . Thors.. It, IS pm, 

w» P sT h>T VTfP ( itir 
W OB . Beta V ark . 

( Lgu n f iefdhOur« * 

This tw ut w eekly quai tCf-liour 
program show cases Jimmy ,’ ( af- 
rull't tenor and Dorggby Wise'* 
recipes for potato chip dishe* tit a 
klualcf • .i • • i • ' *• •'> going map* 

Aura of inforHiaSit v i 
a- m»ss nin-l) but sh»»w thipcs up 
as M-hiy so so iisleiung 

f »n shove < auaht C armll 

whipped aero** several top -1 times 
in a m— n* * that w»* pleasing ft 
not distinctive He projected an 
enjo) oar tit tty 1 1 ng 
roll (h-inonsii 4 fed top shUw nu'ih* 
ship f|u;i,i'f’s iH'wevvf in h-s 
select ion Tunes ranged from the 

melodic * Hello Young lasers * to 
the corn boll My Tnih Truly 

f air," with the srnttmental * Sep- 
trmirer S«»*»ii! coming in tor the 
windup The Tony Mattod.a Trio 
provided **»nie nice bar k mi: Slwiw 
lift when the tiro sum 

Wetter; Bill KalaiMl 
Fradtsrer ikrk Back 
M» Mins b— . ) 

HVltl fram Vf 

; star om W NK W is fitting mi the 
vacated Duke RIlifgttMi Sabbath 
afternoon muai.c * i «ms>rirt»ll»«< 
i.apot., until Benny (oMidiMan »e - 1 
turn' I H r in tV**'*>er tdtHrmg 
petty Kaith as CoinmCntafai 
disk Jorkey.,. Kor all hi* 
guisheil attammruts as roin*wiser. 

a r r in ter and r*md»»rtor >'s»*h p rad are r fHreetar 
j (Mi l an inspiitng comutc-nlaHM He l«lgandei 
i n'l even * dear o« dy tmi t one ]• Mins bat II T# 
judging by Honda v -» •• pr«*c*urr- I 

Talking too siifrls , tow or f »st .*tul . 

! tn a. throaty voice with hturred. 
urwleif J.ven the ir 

phivt^l seemed suiwlm-d nvfi* 
snow v ! p« <i.e* d 

Jen* Mattollo * r \iu >tiu g»»t ht-(Lte.r and Wir* i C 
persu isive as the iprogram w ent 
on hut it was never, satisfactory 
on that si * #r c This wa* a pit v he- 
cause Fat*h r> veil-posted »nt*«* 
e sting mil in* »d.rvt ^nit hi* 4nt«* 

! .wa*. appealing, intone, live and 
never pedantic or condescend i ng 
Selec t ton ot mu'tc wa* guoii as 
well a* uhhaikneyed if ■* 

|M-rhaps to the elk' sir al or sei|ue>« 
terrd side t*i ogram had k plan 

rowing h* ! compnacra from the— OiTthe ku koff «iai f i * < 

tr-un ppik * •• »n u vi ( hoc tow ng nviSeif up hi* H , - k • ' ring* tilth 
from lilr atoUnd it because mu -H 
is an every day pail of living ."jJ 
{ To Illustrate Faith offered l.e 
Ro\ Vndenum * ; ( hit k**n Heel *' f 

Ihdtnanvt s V :tt iatunp rd * Ntir- 
/ 'srf v Rhyme < st ‘ipts ; R» .dons' 

\ 1 v.t v .1 O v e i i u t ' • p,, , n «<p‘ felly declined t<» i*m 

Ihwiafc V New ’A svinn 

« ,vv r>o\<‘ou h# Morton (irmld s 
, "f ow ho) Kiiap-aMiy and V aughan 
' W t I ) i a m ' Fantasia on liieen 

L Sleeve* ; -f 

, i*iogr.»m was- a-.*0 broken up 
1 pU- 'anilv hv a five no note n«-ws 
comment a; v ' 4t hali-mark tm*e 

i' . f|ro*»':-' - ' 

*n vsf* ew m •*****>• w ~^ ^ 

in f"o» < 

a r . .! It '« a pew era and w« h «—e on* 

. . . • | m - i i it’s With I .4 >io(mi « b* *a ti e 

rspi»n*nt ot UbtenaMo 
mu'tr. tn-Mig the trehtele lm fl*c 
1 1 iii'humation 

I Hlierwts#, db* retain its 
d d f«u mat ol siiowi asittg H*e 
lop hits of the das' The show * 

due to 

Haeg ' 

; of the br>f-*ellet i h 1 1 * -hmtld W 
* tjlrreakeri, ; Tf attvthl.'g^ since a 
| f a»m hat do' plug u still the m*rd 
V .doable Of alt or* h latmiMi do * 
j poimlatiiv ip the pop Arid and hi* 

{ «— (h hi and of Inidruioentstlon 
sh*tttld also hypo this prograin'g . 
pull among ge.iiei «l dialc - 

< >n flu ihilial aiansa Monica 
larwi* giii ir«-d and aBared the ve 
i ,i list chi ues with ('tiff (*i a>», 
Kenny ( iafthier and Hilt t l.inn.i* 
'gan. -la»utl'Mrcju irr’idafil Mist 
la- wls sit* k* d a* rOvs “t fiet Idea** 

| *pirltedlv a' well *;> chdng a neat 
job on tim Tom ' If (tgnajg.** Othcf 

iMttd » n>i »o id# 

s VBMV RM HI 1 1I.M; SIR V v „ . 

II |, . rout ptetiMl the gtoup of *• ven « »u - 

VB( Iram Washing Um H < v J > v '* *' 

.... „... . , V mu laiveliest Night id the 

***£ ' *< ' Vfi-to. %, v fb, s My Ho*i*.-r 

pi oou mg VO...W s<» ills! and m w Vui , rtv . -n<l -jkhangb.M * 

41 1,1 .i'* in t V” k.'' A V"'.* ''Ti t**get tu-r with the standard Mm»it« 

,11.. If, is #li sk 'toil Witt, s «- 1 «n »dr " 

< — sulerabfr Anrpse Fisher ha* ^ fuf |h# c product hi re 

, . on i to nail—, ol A«e*u > and. re d<M(VrM ^ ^ Al Xe Bairn B a 

..rain' m In- gah phM* •M> ' aU| de on this show. Met 

to a winning pi-ivmatitv ■»«. * 

has a st raight (or W ard lor mat w it h 


m disk' including his nan, and Wllh j 4mrA Milton narrator; 
inter vo w mg iursf names He ; l.nrene TnUle, Whiifteld <’on- 

i *i • i’ . 4 nr,i»un, • • ,>> (<•, Hi* 

Veined. Vryjrrs air ntti ii«-*1 along 
roovettlxmwl Unes about uttering 

Up hi* rt,.k offi'Ciirgs 

• ■ . i . \ * ■ - 

Teagarden I a*s Paul A Ma'ry Ford 
v ' . {Jar >ne and blnn«*it ii 
alsii mmlui '**«( a t un <»l the- mil I 
i v tew bilk Kaitdv I trrpm 
HlltlsJ) Snf|(l tiviildle weight than 

i declined 

did tin* round m w hu h hr d bno* k 
out Sugar 1 H.»v Ridiins— - : J / KuKd 
mttfUnladv, is sial mind in Wi n 
mgtoO . .* II, ; . !•«■ t of the Vfllfl 

H »mt , 


( •••Uiniab fi 


gag Ha only 

set to pick up plied an mirrrdiitl and /« Mul tn* 

terpirtatron of Btcbard Hodgeis' 
"Tha fjidv l» o Tramp 
’ Oorothy Wise, home ac— ornikt I 
for the sponsoring potato ihtp 
company, Mow ed up acasinn * pare ( 
with tiM> frequent spiels on the 
varied way* of »**rving the potato 
*m talent and p— ducthm out <A.p* Racipea and dining table 
• ut hod yeor. Thu factor Vlunt- hint* are oha\ 

• 04 «W, -Ur ulr«t Hi dnk4 j,, , B 

W ilh Jane W i man guest 
15 Min* spn.. 115 P » 

VH< Iram l«all>»a^ 

r jfphert IV. CJrr k IporMirqi 
lamella Par— higti poesies* 
Of Hollywood tadio gos>ip«:is. is 
bark aflat * summer hiatus with 

T her familiar aitav of ru. m ra- 

for femme listen* | |»oi t* and gi»e*» %i>fl«f* The INS 

motion picture editor was tie 

her initial 

( u median Phil Foster 
cuterllV' mi|s|a»ken dimtl 
1 tiHM* . I .at i v Ai 

, liras * WM1 A 





* *V are cut i ently In the work* 
'ev* rai top Star* «ho have not 
appeared on TV b*il 
*’ annr has bean Analned yet 
• *c >ce no plans to dale h» origi- 

any shma from the t‘«sU. as 

Pi i > uiusly been reported Any 

the C • 

depend *»n v nether N« je 
P urtui iiiinv tha package 
in which he is as*.* 

John fnhb*., t* o pa rating form 
. . -mI this year 

i . »met y noted the sti-ady 
mmlueti— goats in TV bid 
i h the eiccptmn of a 
e *l>ie (actors such as > — * 
and costomev there i* md 
T a producer can do about 
He declared ha will not 
ut to trim ramera rehearsal 
' as a method ot tnmming 



___ ui mu ad (••■» r*i« tt gi 

'»> suhsei.u.fH »»4-;-4dsa , iorH ei“- 

where J\[ , ■■■• 

Alter tie pact Turf has been 
apprnvt j by if,e RTW* hi*ard> tlte. 
new w age s'riicture will have to b»* 
a ppr«i%ed by t he W age St abili /a t ion 
R ant V' in (he rave ol the Tele 
■vision Authority coot rat t*. the dr 
Hons udl guy out the allow ah'.e 
1 IJ / pay hike* w hi la hold' ng the 
i— tlame, In 4 -<rbw pending the 
WSB filling 

Attotmr) T**m Coff i pgre handled 
for WNBQ NIK * and attorney 
Walt Finer s«»«t for WFN’KTV 

' explaining that too often .• \B< * while attorney Sanford 
■4 n»q\e works a tne detu- : Wo'(T and pi w v Viait fish burn na- 
V of a sHrrw ’* Rtulilf. I goiiatau for HflKi. 

sari'e a. U'VMl with 
• oi the pew sea*— but ai> 


W Vivian /iu’.i* ot a break than 

ual it.r a h \ .'it ng raWle- 

The fantili i lioliv auod radio g<»v 
si per t«w»k tirur (ruf early to lake 
a health bf af Life mag »<h t. • 

W a v .i f i itl |»> i si »*-d- ar ouhd the funi 

■ miiu'U ' . | a P .< aim ■ .— fB* . 

. men* w ,>> !• at no other (»’ •«»' 
riurphn; (he picture m< ir 
allows > ich . a derogaloi . 
without \> , r f uf; re— »h ■ 

. S • ne* up verai r' 

Idralhg ' at the outset, and t 
follow V through » fh « « vat 

about oper ion*, marriafe a g*g ! 
or tv u and «,,me item* that weie 
not part ' Vtiss WynukJiv 

served a* a to tghi gu* >i and t'*s-.-d. t» r an 
m two weli/’.ucn ong* one be- nu-hlfv 

mg ■ fn c »k»! i — f. of Evening; 

'. Which -he Hng* (R (he pK line 
t orui i (if«w> With B.nt -t-rmhv 
Siioi t piogtaui i* loaded with c—K* 
nuTciaiv, but nuhe n (ilknu'f 
t • II 4 if. 

I tie 1 1 . on Ba.i i y 
»; y . siiow Iasi 
weak ll V BBC jSut In * ti—r that 
this |*4 ist midnight hf — d t asl has 
(»e«-n wi»*-d fiui 'soudit on tntia 
t, r vide matter* Must ot this kind 
of soaphoxtng h. long* ut a W(r 
hall *>i around a 2 a m table »r» 
Littdy s Foster c imr to firay's 
mike w dh a li ank o|*» n t halve ol 
mat eriai-ltf ting Thai s an ageHiid 

K 11 J.- \n v .,»'ute\ ! il ■ I* •! fnira , 11 ) 
eh* and lovj» r Ipay have le • n 
r otiipleieiv j* * - 1 1 J h d in hi «• 
plainl -Mrt n«*t m puhlm lie v ,s 

i l j | f i al in a loMiief ei a Ha* 
'bdok w<h*W not counli 

daiw c «. \\ Yi.w h ' fl igi ,»nl i «»»»v ai t ' 
ditto on t hi- t 'Mr' that anv pie* *- 
d r»u - m* - - i *i »i t ,ki > i s 'or. seven, 
niuitivs ■ lodi c|i»p si mu Id ni#t lie 

r^aUatl, (»ii A* <1 Up; 

Hot v> t n -q s to finger jaimi* 

. ny aftte- ' Uir t«e»K pr f , li , '• 

* M »d« P e l h.iist hi tt»u« la d |. 
(fro- s The p'iMtiio-uUniif itf 

Mg ( art t »U' h . sp-.'C Ot »' 

air he tn' I iihke (ii a* • • u urtf 
* IBf piri deged seWaJ.rtrs m tlrgiit- 
f>jan mike does (wiif g 
Kiorti of resppnsihiiii 
legal and —*l al The oVt l aM (on* 
• ■ n foe all «>» sjmw bii'uu ss u *» 

. (ants more judicious editing •»( 
these iniradr.*de .wrajigle* f *• 
there’ll he l.oshow busiut-ss tu 
.. about a do . 

Helwsrab Kerr guest 
Producer director Rill liar 
Musical director IJatkd Ra- 
id Ml— Tbura . * U MV. 

t Its from Hally wood 

J F#dr. To*# A Hetdfap* , ’ 
New turn jU hedule give* ’ H ill* 
n .r U K IMayhoo e'* rhmr# listening 
iM.riod on Thui sday evenings as it 
umrs halt hope uf dratnaii/a- 
ii i'- f,,c tin- fittutb season T1t*re 
is a new JMusli at direr tor In ILi id 
i ■ ■ * repldr—d l y — M m 

fltJuffuisj the Jus l« ptetly guih 
V hat d has 1*4 » II sio/ e H W •* 
i—H le Ifnth v. 'Mid Im oi tgiitn* 
toms on this toiieat Slow has 
dt—gblj piugf rit llallin.ii k gi* * ' 
mg a aids, and no rea-on wh* it 
nouldi) t conn mo' the Jind Utrtk 
Was lie along this line 

anotiiei t * prehii.o* show diaws the 

folds i»( liter at ore, hi doty and 
Ameriiana lor its dram-ilHationv 
with Hilton to make (lie vTeiitoO* 
and to >41 Ve as natiator on the a< c hio.nk.i't There iv a gtre't 
star slid With fh-la*ia;h Ketr dra- • 
inf the assighineni ioi the iqVfWt 

H>* »* 

i ad m 

,, t« 


and pal. title t»l I h* 

1 MUM* 1 1 * « • lloU ,«•«! 
lid ■ 

Iii W i- f 1.1 Ip t c > t 

ilaif J.,(lti-:, :Vl ■ * B 

>h«>,' lit 1 J»*' ai .►<«*ri tjcn., 1 .* ..p ; I 
Vjm.flty S > • '..A : t*\> hr •* 
tut til \ > , ft r # •' «*U- tjf. . 

■ i 


w ot K 

hut it* rid 

j,n»y t-il . r«, 
\i h 
crgii iii' in' 

" : d 

■m It- '• 

• . 
I) . • P ' 

; ' 

r— At/ .l - 



.. i- >' '.*o 



* t- 

•*F . 

• 40* 

i « * ;• t 

.,d .'••• 

Of ' 

l ' VUV 

A'l' i’fdi " 


• • I* . .. ■ t.< ‘ii-- i* 1 ly 

!,„• i m , tio ' dil in *iliv V «*f 
. i * i, m’,. • ;v atid long bucks to 
..I i*»r .4 i 'Hi i our 

l- l r* | u «*i k is of I cred by 
anr.dxfw * v r Flank ftwi* Ut hi* 
oii.aith h indlifig uf ltd Hallmark 

i.u.'-MU.eiYf jlA - Qbtg. 

I • 

tv It v your next 


,**.*»/ •* • ; 

should be 

t •; . . ' 


ASC ft U/«| 

N#C IV Uf MV- 

l»t It I SI) 

tics |t 31) 

On# year 090 in the nation's major market# tele- 
vision set circulation passed that of the nation's 
leading magazine, market by market. 

Today television set circulation surpasses that of 
the leading newspaper in the nation's major mar- 
kets /see below). 

Now television is firmly established as the No. 1 
visual mass medium in your key markets. Tele- 
vision can present your message not only to 
families which are larger and more prosperous 
than average, but also to more families. And con- 
aider this: today's average family head (averaging 
TV-owners and non-owners) spends 49% more 
time, watching television than reading his news- 
paper. (TVowning family heads spend 187% more 
time watching television). 

^ — — ■mmm 



Ntw York :• Vo- 
los Angeles 
Albany -Troy 

(3 pa pert) 

leading Poper I TV Sets 
















Cost-wis#, too, it pays to be on television. For 
the same money that would buy one 500-line ad 
in the leading morning newspaper in each of the 

eight major markets listed above, you can buy 


fhe one-minute daytime announcements on the 
leading television station in each market 

If you hov# always wanted the unparalleled 
impact and selling power of TV but up to now 
have been afraid to look at the cost and circula- 
lion picture, now is the time to bring yourself up 
to date on the mass circulation economy of Spot 
Television. A call to NBC Spot Sales will start 
facts and figures you need on their way to you. 

NBC Spot 


WNII N.w Y.rfc WtZ-TV 

KNtH H.H.wm, WNU 

WNIQ Chic... WNIW 

W,TZ ,Hil.4.l^iia W«G» 


»r 12. |93| 

Sbubert Shows wf |§ N ** T *J« 

On TV Market 

pirop*tt o* ow ned ‘L 
brjrt* have bean quiet I* put wrr the 
I • lev I « tun market ,and the Af*l 
i .tmitr deal tor • block •»( (he 
Shubert shows prubahlv mill, he 
- • ,,nrd wrH»ln i week on the 
( i.od. Negotialmn* cut under u ay 
(.lowing a quiet trip ttttH# to M«d* 

Iv wood by J. J. Bhubert s rvctal 

• Co 

> umber of pro pe like* owned by 
Shubert* include* sotoc *»i the 
hr xt-hnown ief it muhirah in addi- 

m to drimM and omt end i*<»- 
ill play* Shubert.* iImi ere oJVyr- 
in| for w>t hundred* of bta« bout * 

, A xketcheS from revue* the* \e 
i dured figuring the briefte* will 
rvake excellent fodder for three or 
r* - minute vUMIm. 

On hi* tnp twl. Shubert au- : 
thortred Fddie Conne. sdmn 
redid ihowttut, and John J 
i it Sbtibert manager in < yC~ 

* Mil \ Y for 40 year* rs» Ui*n<* 
fight ' to ne g otiate deaU ('mine 
•«»-»> produce aome of the pioywr* 
fie* in Hollywood himself 

Deals would five vide* pro- 
rtu'eer* rights to u*e foOuinn and 

* enery long in storage Propen te* 
include such musicals as ‘ Facing 

. fB|taa v *13 year*). Artists and i 
Models’* 'right year* three K«»l 
lie* ' T>e gitdrs include t.rr.n 
Hat ‘ Children * Hour Enchant- 
ed Cottage'* and ‘Topate ** Also in- 
cluded is material from such Al j 
JnHum shows aa “Honeymoon Fx* 
pres*" Sinbad" Bumbo Rob 
in«on Cruaae. Jr.” eft w ih tune* 
and imstlai from Stgmund Rom- 
berg. Frans Lehar p. G Wode- 
house and Guy Bolton 

Code r»t ood Shuberta expect the 
bulk of their propertie* to wind 
up as television Aim* Mam how 
r*et will be done live rather than 
on Aim since the picture fights 
have been sold Shubert* re- 
tained video rights, hut for the 
pci l*»i ituni e only 


. Dr Charles H Jotliffe. RfA exec 
t > pee in charge. of the K< \ Lahe, 

i .. v 

ti i afed po*t of veepee and lechni- 

■ :-y - *«*! with i >' y to 

1 succeeding him a* sice 

•x. in charge of the lab* Or. 
liniturom waa formerly research 
veepee for RCA. 

In his new position. Dr. Jollifff 
v >M cuprmu long range* planning 
and the execution of th«»c plana 
by the various R(’A dm -ton* and 
Mihtuliane* In addition. he * |o 
ordinate KCA’l broad engineering 
imlicii'i and direct the ronipant * 
representation in technical mailer* 
before public and Governmental 

Jene Home Permanent 

Bays ‘Pail Diias Shaw’ 

Jcne Home Permanent, which 

!“niiiKt the 10 p m half hour on 
\ tl'f -TV... has picked the 'Paul 
liibm Show” for the spot. due lo 
MM 1*V x snarling a bid for * I • 4*e 
it lo the Men ” 

Simnxar had wanted the ' Men ' 
<’ uoa packaged by Maltha H iuii* 
irpr who also produce* * l.eave It 
e Gfria on MU TV LaHet 
' contract with \|m* Bounlretv 
however. g»*»> YB< the right t<* 
r % the male edition'* going to * 

1 *" af chain, due to its siiuilanly to 
■ ‘ ( . Irl* ‘ 

I >i xon will prottahlv Atari 1 *h 

•h ne on Sept. 27 New show mom 

IhXon will give up hi* current 

v htiUf Igstg vihiikiff for AB< TV, 

but at the end of the IS- week' cycle 

the network will reinstate the show 

tn a ton hour or give Dixon twg 

i ■ ’ hnui - weekly 

Snader’s Subsid ; 

Hollywood Sept 11. 

V"i<> I) Snader is Interviewing 
e» < ers direci«*i ' a:.d 
\ ritr r* for a new «uh*idiaiy or- 
.■ i »m/aiion capitalized at Si OUlOiai. 
'' • fiiut founded by the' Telr-cri|>- 

• m HI ppp tr will he known a* Sand* 

♦ r Picture*. Inc., and will spe- 
‘ Jrhfe in IS and 30 minute vidhlin 

A *trt r which will function a* a 
xepjralt entity, will get under way 
m aianjl So days. IHrectorv of th# 
f **w Arm are Samuel Markovityh 
Alexander Btano. Snader . .Fried a 
h k nd and Nathan M. Dicker. 

Research os His Ows 

Washington. Sept 1 1 

Dr Kenneth Baker reM-arrh <li 
rector f .»i National A**n of Ka<ho 
^*nd television Broadcastrr' h;»% 
rextgned to start his own organji- 
cation. Btamlard Audu-nre M» < 
urrmrut Service with he adqu alters 
in Slaw York 

In a letter to MKTH pku 
H arold K Fellow *, I Ft Bakei said 
he ferl* Mronglv that another m- 
duxtry w «de measurement of 
. (MH» audience and Coverage i* 
needed ‘'Very badly ** Fellow * rv 
preened grat i Acat ion that l>i B li n r 
■ f 'M. not leaving the hiivadi .i*ilng 

Dr Baker eame to N VRTR tn 
1 bfd f rom Ohio Slate i niverstl y 
where he wax a memhef of the; 
facttMy He prevVouviy taught at 
Northwestern Ohio, We*le%an and 
the t, of Minnesota 

SpaHfe — B>»tmghou*e T let If c 
-he* lw»ught ex»lu*ive iu<>n|. 

Casting right* <*frbm the Shuttle 
school hoard for seven Friday 
night high school football game* 
here this fall, plus an exclusive on 
televising the annual Jamboree 
and Thanksgiving Day context*. 

T.«b for the exclusives was 12050 
Tefcv.Nton coverage *h lv on 
KING- TV. only local video outlet, 
but station for radio coverage ha- 
not been set as yet 


The New TV Rfttinii 

t ompetit ion between Mlt* 
and ( HS telrviiUoh vtftow x wax 
»n f|egf big weekend 
•if the new sekaon this week, 
nut NlU'trd the parade, ar> 
fording 1« a s pe c ial seven city 
Check conducted by tbe A men 
• seal i h Bureau Tom 

N Ml ■ it i ,.,(i pit 1 1 w .ix \ (mi 
S >pW of sh-'W- ' wtn. ii , «me 
UP with an average half -hour 
A Cure of 40 1 as ronip »i ««l to 
the Il k average of t WS' Fave 
I ot Hnhert Q I and 

IN' hi *t half of Song* l«*r 

Sale whit h are aired opposite 

(■he -in. note YlU rrtu. 

VIM* *• initial All Star He* 
vue" w hu h starred Frio I'in.s 
in hi* Video deh*it, dn * a 
lug HatuidaV night at h a* 
mm part’d with the 111 pulled 
by K n Mul l av »n hi* tu » 

r ‘l « .‘.III’. [ ; i . ■ .. * ■ 

t'ant'or. starring in MU » 
* ( olgale Cutnrdv lliiui ’ Sun 
da v night at • came «ip with 
a 2A compared tu » he 2'i dt own 
b* I d Sullivan « “Toe*! bf live 
Town** on CBS. . 

■ veio-TVi Jfvisiex 

Allocations on N. Y.-LA. Link Unsolved, 
But NBC Gains Tine It Desires 

Pbiladelphia Straw hrtdge and 
Cloth 1. 1 x department vtore haa 
renewed Ml t#(rvt*ioS piogtam 
Meet the klw Mutlar I hr 

show wrhUh features what is preiK 
■ihly the only mother and daughter 
team in TV— -Mi v Edward J Ma» - 
mulian and Mr* Fleamtr Mai.Mul- 
lan Hichaid* re*umex tomoirow 
and will be aren every Wr*ine*da> 
from 2 45 to 1 pm 


Four • network h tid'd tv* with 

American Telephone A Telegraph 
on a floral MBA for, the Sr* c« 
to c .*'t nit. towa* e link urn 1 no, d 
irxtetdav iTue* ‘ w fill seviral 
flu t.f-g tii** f i'. i i • immi . ■ 
be Milved So far a* om Id 'be., 
learned! however NBi Tv whuh 
i* piani ing more i.%e «•» ih. 1 *♦ 

(te* than anv of .Its' eomp* i •» . 
obtained virtually eve> v > lv >« 
l*eru*d P desired 

Allocation# are nece*»*i> v.m< 
(ruin the outset, there will be only 
rate channel a* ailatile in e « h «ti 
ie«tioa to all four wet** tiiannvl* 
conxvqnrntly mu«t tie .1 im 
in cot prwm f.»r iu«mieii **( f* •’» 
casting has be. n set bx V:A I to* 
Sept 2H 

After the alioralMMi* ImiV b 
**•» f he webs mud thvn hinhile 
w it h t heir xpon'oi x ; to determine 
which of them want to u«e the line 
a* «h* in - ,»*'•• tirtn I ' ■ | *< * ' 

hie. cnnoeq u e nt ly that one w« h 
mav have the all*n anon tor a or 
tam period but, ma\ md be al>ir 
t« convint e the banki oiler fur that 
l Nr iiod tu pick up the extra 
chav ge* .. .' !;i 

(in the wexi Itound link Nth 

Colgate *hcm and CBS' ‘ Toaxt Of 
the Town* are Ut alternate in the 
sundav at 1 period eaih week 
NtU* has (he line from • to 10 
and fiom ID 30 to 1 1 Su nd.«* ni.gtd 
' ''i Mofidh ' MIC won out In the 
9 to P 3d pertml. rndn. cling tits 
i 4V H* IJI X HI p. n.Ml I,. . i V dent 
N>:»»ut* ruesdav ih.dvt ha* 

i »<> ;.n.t IlYtn I I < h» 
to r dne *i.» u . N Hi h . * 7 ui 
Hi cough Id White on ThUr*d < ' » it 
ha* 7 K» to A ami ti to 10 (Hi i n« 
dav % NBt i« again in 1 1 mn 7 30 

t n h a t o a iu gnd t" »h n wtoie 

nil *xatuida\\ It t* |t to U lhv*»ilgtt 

No* :t at which time ft pick* up 
fbe r»xi»KrtM»d Iink ,*nd we*fb»*Utiid 

I r.ifti M to I | 

NB< x lineup f«o n.e mKjruwave 
' f i oiii llol IvwiMtd to N Y. 

lunx a* futhiw'. hbmday nieht 7 
7 30. 8 to • and 10 to Hi 30. 
Monifav night t tO |o Ip- liiey- 
dav nfghi 7 id t •> 7 4 V Thursday 
high! — 7 30 to 7 IV and Saturday 
n . m 7 .III t< g and 9 tn » NBC'.' 
hax slxo gained t i4ht.x to the w, ■••*(» 
H«oind llpe davltnre on Moiufav* 
through Fridas x. fr»*m II am tn 
n«Nin. 12 45 to I pm and 3 In 
7 .to put (Mi Saturday*, it ha* 
line | non ) to V p in and 3 45 
to g. while on. Sunday* tt gets 
from | lfi to 3 30 pm 

. A pauses si mm cWi 

|<ni ♦*»•« iNH>'e«» «• a 

ml imiWI Mb* Vine**. 
C K»*1 U k»fs» . 

0 V 

AT / 



A > 


''SY S 


NiwtnHiae along a «x*a vial caldr poute^H mav 
lie g slate or two a»*v— »a fault lltreatm* |rle- 
v i-ion iran-muwvnm. A warning Indii Aa-lirx 
in a central mniml n»«m. The maiolenamx* 
let litii* wn placr* a„ rerunl sheet over a fU** 
m rr«*n. k ulun se* «nvl* a pattern of Iq’hu 
show* exact!* what** wrong. 

Manx- time* the fault tan le rurrev tevl lu 
aul**nialw a|*f*aratu* oprrateci from the Con- 
tn«l renter. Or the mainlenaiw e v htef ran vml 
rrew- <lirr« tlv lo tl»e xp,|. In n«<>-t oe* ll»e 
Iroiililc Will l»r lived witlh.ot iiilerff-rriw e With 
the program. 

This and other aut«»malM* evpupmeiit keep 

tran-nu-xurn lk»wmg lr*rl» akuix more llua 
J'i.lHHI mile* of lelrvixion rhannr U — |h»|I» 
mm vial ami rade* rrljv. 'to tile lle|| Xy ,|ri«, 
mamlrrutfuf of |< |« inmn *t-r vi«e i* 

pi-t as itiiforUnl a* pro* wimp channel* 

The COS via I v «l*le. radio rrLv odran am! 
a-NNUtol r«pu|»»r*eMi u*rd l»y lie H* II Nv*4em 
for Irk* v i*u*n |*ir|Mt-o are valued al marly 


X / • • .' ' * N -' . 

The r qsl Utt V*Nir OX*’ id till- ei|HI|»UM of ' 
Ik ll x total m lw*»rk la«dilv * har’je* 
alwwil |fl rent* a mile f«»r a hall Isinr of pro- 
gram turn , im to* ling !«*lli vuk o and audio 


^ r a ' 



it. mi 



,*' 4 : 

^imply reach more radio listeners 

. . , . • . • > • 1 - • •• tr • • \ * • • .. • 

•\ - %• •• • ■ ••• . , •• • \ ‘ t . •. . ■ - •. 

at half the cost. ..and do what you 

*•. * . 'it-. * 

please with the savings. 

Simply? Yes— on Mutual. 

The average Sunday afternoon pro- 

. / v a*; .. ■V.-’vv ; V 

gram on the Mutual Network (up 


to 7 p. m. 1 ) regularly delivers half a 
million more listeners than the four- 

network-average, evening program 

• * ' 

. • • ■ „ •• • . ... * .. . • . * . /,**, .• • . . , 1 •; . . ■ • • ,.*»'.• • 

' . * /• . ** « » *.*"■'■' .• ’**• •• • ♦ ’ '* ’ •* • . 

all week— at 52% of tire four- network- 

. I 

average evening time cost. 

With an average audience of over 
8,800,000 a week, you take the cake. 

And with an average saving of over 
$4,800 a week, it’s yours to eat, too. 

Why not help yourself to a slice of 
Sunday afternoon on Mutual? 






Ft 4-9400 - N| W TOOK I a. M. f. 

II. M. 




Hpi ‘No News Slantag’ | 
Guarantee From Richards Estate 

Washington. Sept VI ♦ 

.In rather CivpFic language Fl C 
|a%t week a*kcd m effect. for a 
guarantee <»f no no :» » *t#nt>n« on 
the C: % Ru-Hards rtaUonn before j 
it allow * eanirol of the nutlets t 
be taken o*»-r t * tire estate an»t 
the licemes to be restored to regu- 
lar statu* In a. letter to Mrs Ft an 
MS. H Richard* circuit i\ the 
ageiuv caJU’d fwi ‘clarification” of 
p< n|*»'«t 1 plog| am |w»|l* ten fivf n m 

the application AM since Rkrb 
aids’ death l«»r transfer of the Hi 

In Apes' TV Debut Vis 
ReU Cress Decei ulsry 

Lew Ho hit confined hit 
acting exclusively until now to 
Alrni*, la dated to make hi* \sd«*e 
debut nest Saturday nuhg t til Obi 


Rudolph H alloy, . former chief , 
counsel for the Kefauver crime 
fommittee will trailrriae his up- 
coming ( MS TV thow by appearing 
a* a cues.? panelist Sunday night 
14 cm Author Meet* the 
on the rival NBC web, (• Author” 
syndicated bv SBC, it aired Sun- 
day* in S V on W NHt. NBC s 
key elation at 10 30 p m * 

W»(h NAi}A¥ art to defend the 
book 1 ' It ( ottfllo p»-nned 

bjr Kdbert II Frail at>d Notion 







f Hs TV - Ken Morris , Show * ^ Author «ho Wr H 

thm* *KMFt in 


|>i* \ ttgrlr * U JH 
M (t AH m (Use 

In iieirsMl 

T he ('tsnvm "»tn liulu ate-d dl* 

idhiaiftiua w ilh a OAlesnent in the 
Iran' I • l aptdK atkOO that present 
pi'dfMH piltcHi hill be omtt M ii 'd 
“writ bent mi h-t antral c hange The 
ageru. 1 *1 litol ttwi ih view of the 
n**w s dinttng pow< H|in|» against 
tl*r vtations it w«H*|d require ‘add. 

itii.u iiiatUvri <-t,,.-' <n 
order to give /proper c«wM*drro 
ti«M« V> the applH atom 

A s*s in vdemandruatibrpuftiad 
the Richard* station* on a legal 
i|Mit in that anv ctunmitment to 
as slid nr«s slant tnie nnghf be re* 
gaided as an a^tni'Mio •»( charge* 
.. \ ( *mt i nurd «hi page 3d 1 

He II narrate a special dorumert 
tan on the show depicting the his- 
tory of the H**d rr»»i, which la lo 
be cued ■10 ltd need for blood do- 
nations for the Gl* in Korea 

Hurray ■■ m a de : the documentary 
segments a wn kh, feature of hi* ■ 
' a bb * lad aeaao n hut usually nai • 
rated them himself Ayrat 
rh«M n fur the Red Crov-, feature 
on the hast* of his work as a medi- 
cal torpsmaa In World War II 
after he had ortginalls registered 
a* a runs* lent lous ob)e< tor 

e\ pee red to he #oe ot the mo *1 
rs»ntroversi.*i in the aerie*. Halley 
is a Libcral-Fu*lon candidate for 
N Y cits eotUicij prer and ha* 
charged that Frank Costello and 
a. national crime aendicate ar * 
fSnamihf a fight against hi* elec 
Mon He pi any t«i elaborate on that 
( unlent uig on the vh«r» 

I ■ ■■ .H. — Jl, 

Asravuse N. Y — .James J 'Bud* 
(oolUah Jr ; baa re>igned a* c«nn- 
merrial manager at WQf K and 
ha* established Ms own advertis- 
ing add public relation* firm Top 
man m designing tinging r oil- 
men i«t* and dramatized announce- 
ment « in Syracuse he was with 
RTC>LF since the station open*d in 
i watt 

CBS Names Feiaer 

ItuUv wood. Sept- IT 
Ben Fecner Jr , has been Inked 
as e yer producer of video Inf ( MS 
in Holly wood hs Harry Ackerman, 
wek programming veepee In Holly 
wsukJ. v/; 

Feiner is a former associate pro- 

duo r at Metro bi» last such ci edit 
being on . • siiowhoat * Before 
Joining Mel go. he was uith (,'B.S. 
and had an active part tn (its 
color television demon*tralhm.s 

,r- •. 

TKo» I Wkai yo« »«*t. I tt 1 la od*erl,D<eg n»ot fO<« >0 •* tep«||i«A| 

No o*h#» («n opprood radio »« raochveg o i©i of people a* law cast 

le a markai iha* >i nearly I I0*h ot Amarka. an# twe<i«.WlW* reaches 
wore people "*o re t*Mve*n» and at ia*>er cast than any 
other «*ed*v*e o»o*«obie. 

if yOv re really ie> Ovt obovt «a*t»*9 wore for yaor odvartWieg doilor. 
ii yOv re concerned obovi the cost of reach«np people, yow showtd see the 
presentat.on, Wiio* hue feopte’ We ll be |ied w il«w you 
this faclvol Story obOvt— > 




♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦# •♦♦♦lateeeea a ##♦ 

From the Production Centres 



Already ro- partnered a* etoch h a l d e rt tn WNfW, creeper- general mans 
•l>r ftraira JaBa and Ira War baft, sales vrapra, formed a n*-s purr* 
n* r*iup in Hena last week., where they were hitched Couple are now 
Wk m Ciutham W F. Mtwler. account esec of Victor van ger Ltn > 

agency, sailed tn Helsinki with Olympic Games organising fStmMUt* 
he'll distils* t S prumution for fall and spring l^elia Weal Mart *•. l 
series on W FL V FM Thursday <§§ JaaepH T. SNpbf Stariy hi* 
year rr\ ir«ik| flsyi M W KVD at a new time 11 30 p m World 
Broadcasting has renewed The Thiee Buna for another two years 
Bandy Berber. ttMe-roler in Young Dr Malone. ' now ilpo a psychi- 
atnsl in “Hoad of life Ironblln Lamb hoard vice-chaim, 

Tele- King. avix»mted gn amdalant director oi Office of Defense Mobtti- 

Fred ABan. sreompanied b* wife Peril a ad Mafia, flew mg Sunday <t 
for "ig.lkow" appearun* e in Undrai Jamse* Ja n es, author of be 
selling ‘Trom Mere to Kiernily ’ will have bis Greater Lewe*’ >km 
from ('olliers’ drama(i*e»l on ABC i ‘ Newsstand Theatre** tumartiiw 
eve Thuis* Murray Grabber*. V«tlonal Aa«n. •# Radio-Trlev uton 
Skaiioa Bepa t super, sddrsssr d MARTS district m eeting in -Byracuep, 
Monday <l«' and speak* to Boston Radio Execs Club today <Wed > 

WO Vs Irish disk k Fat Hianlan. completing a color film on Eire 
Jeanne Marrtaen. Ztv director flea to Coast to cut some side* on Edd« 
Reward for World she recently produced World s series of spot* plug- 
ging the power of radtn, 

Twins — Jack and Jill — for the Ryle Fabers. He's with Lewis 
fseas office Joaepb Marnier, formerly Mies manager of WNDH, 
Syracuse, baa Joined WMGM Mies staB . WINS dee)ay Jack lary 
and comic Tony Farrar stated to team Up for letter's weekly shows 
af ' imp Kilmer N J Allan Stevenson signed for AM Big S*-» 
(••night Wed • and TV ‘ Big Itaey** Sept 31 Vllma Rarer, on \*m 
tion for “Walk East on Beacon” pic has leave from ‘King’s Bow**.. 

Jack Eigen, who bad done all-night shows on WMGM and WMCA w 
shifting to WMAQ (ho ago where he ll do A aimtlar Stint Joan 
Klipnre haa joined the WNJR cbp y depaHment Mart Yannfsby h»> 
*cnptcd a transcribed dramatic series for the National Conference of 
Chrutlans and Jews Names in the slrer include Jack Benny. Lorrtia 
L lan s l Barrymore Bsy m ond Maaaey. Fat O'Brien. Edward 
B ans Id Reagan. George Morph*. Jean Marshall and Celeste 
Series opens Sept 29 on NBC 

Willis B. Parson* upped to assistant manager o# ABCs ad promotion 
department Rate Nmilb launches her new <Uily WNBC slrer on 
Monday 17* at 12 05 pm * A! Mtlf tf to do Mutual’s ‘(lame of the 
Week” gridcast . Morris Navlb leaves today «Wed • for L A. then to 
American Federation of Labor convention in Frisco on Monday M7* 
Mildred Alexand e r. es-WDNC. Durham. N, C. now on the Radio fMv 
Music Hall staff a* it* ftr%t femme organist E G. Marshall add« •( 
to ” Strange Romance of Evelyn Winters’* . Mary Fallen new tn “(>u. 
Gal Sunday**. Horace Rrsham and Andree Wallace added to Stella 
Dallas**. ; Ren Williams and Mary Jane Htgby see ‘'Young Widder 
Brown” addition* . David Gelbard new to “Just Plain Bill” 
*‘Fnml Page Farrell addition* include Aane Bnrr. Frsn l^ffcrty. Mai 
siuder. Nanry Sheridan and Rickard Sanders Den Marl jus Min 
Martin added to ' Ultltts Jones ’* ; 

f.\ CHIC. ICO 

WMAQ Chi NIK f 1 .«ae will be beaming Hs signal nevt week from it* 
new 7 to- foot transmitter tower New mast It '* peeled to Sprr ol 
vv M Uj « cmerage range an additional 1 Y - Singer Nanev Case 
inked an exrlusite termer with WGN . Pat Mnrphy. lale of WMlWy 
*< h«i She w ha* joined JeweH Radio- TV p r odu c t losia Chi AW V VI 

ch^cf Id smith m \c\* York this week for huddles with web bras* 
“The Northerners ’ W»|»d\ City s oldest continuously sponsored radio 
show, marked it* 2 lhh anni last night <Tue* • on WON Fairfax (’awe 
guest speaking si the ('hi Federated Ad Club's Brat fall luncheon ntr.*»- 
ing Thut'day » 13 * It's a las* not a lad for the Mai Bella! rs , Gor- 
don Making pn k* up the lab Oct 1 on l^en OTssssr'i daily aewst a'l 
on W\IA(J Colleague Ales Dreier's early morning Ave-minute neus 
show has been s, tl i A Ashby Coffee Co Jeff Wade 

an<l Paul McClure of I hr W^de af my in Elkhart confabbing with 
Miles lab ever* I con buses, star of “Moon Is Blue” national com- 
pany guested on \Ri Breakfast Club" last week De< on braw 
spending ro.di-nt ♦ or outfit, launching an early morning i 

minute *lrip «n WBBM UMng a hillbilly format Radio editor Bill 
Irvin and reporter Balph Habas gabbing WCFL s daily schedule ol 
newscasts from Rub- Times news room. 

100C Suit CUims ABC. 
Ralstoo Lifted TV Idea 

ABC and the Ralston Purina Co. 
vser** hit wHh a >Ha> »Xx) d >ui.j^e 
*uit brought in N \ Federal Court 
last neck by writer France*- Fradm 
She claims that stie conceived and 
created an idea for a TV show 
built around children .md ttieir 
pel* and submit led u to the net in 
January. 1RKI. 

Miss Fradm charges ABC later 
appropriated her idea and turned 
it over to the RaKlon Purina Co 
which sponsored the brainchild on 
the web starting March tit 19 .YI. a* 
' \>ur pet Parade ’ D« fcf (f,»m 
eham. it’s alleged, failed to pay 
the plaintiff * rcastMiable value ’ lor 
her service*,' idea and plan; 

WOV’b DocumcnUn 
On MBcy’b Italian Fair 

WOV, N Y. bilingual outlet on 
RS s d iy < 10 1 beamed a half hour 
din umentary in Italian l(*r K. If. 
Macv department store. Progian 
broadcast twice, reported on Mac * 
Italian l »ir liuhe »- a’.'.i oi^ai 
ing group visits of listener* to ibe 
culleetion of Italian import* 

l>eal was set bv V ic Rat nrr. ■> v 
CBS exec w ho is now ad promotion 
vp. at Mary’s, and WOV general 
manager Ralph Weil. 

Howard Ross to Coast 

Anticipated exodu* of NHC-TV 
personnel to the C‘o;»*t to pirpare 
for Hollywood originations of 
s o me of the "web * « arictj - pro- 
^ <1 O'.-., tv. •ken»l 

with the departure ft on, \ \ 

thtaa^d R>'--. lab nt In. ri tin 
‘Colgate Comedv Hour 
Hus* is setting up permanent of- 
Bce» at NBC * \ me Street head- 
quarter* in Hollywood and for his 
flr*t Job. will work with the Wil- 
liam Morris office in lining up aur- 
-eunding act* for Fddie Cantor - 
Colgate stmt 5iepl 30. which w|ll 
be NBC’* first btf-scale west-to* 
east program. 

Restaurant and 
Cocktail loungg 

The New Rendezvous 
oi the Show World 

12 f W. II $tr—4. New York 

»e s A f bve.V 
#r Itwoettm Pm 

7 53 tO 

, i 

. I 



- 1 




» • 




' i 






y DAYS— t* Mbuas 


“•'-’v^vr at 

‘ ; ’ _ ‘ ■( 

Oltfss S- 7 B 47 — 1 

m m asm ft * . nm vara win sas 


V -:/ • • 77 ‘Ta’ ' • 'V " *' • 

, .1 


is, mi 

• / . • •> . t 

■e, . t \ ' 

PEOPLE tell better than paper 


, w> 

:V ■:< 

> >Y 



\ r ^ 



Every day at approximately 12:45 pm in 
restaurants throughout America, about 13 mil- 
lion businessmen ask about 3 million waiters 
this question : “What's good today?” Each one 
of the businessmen is looking at a complete menu 
when he asks the question. 

Waiter* sell better than menu .<?. People 
sell better than paper. 

Now suppose you had these people selling 
for .you; 





...and Tallulah Bankhead, dahlinys. 

These are the people who would sell better 
than paper for you on N BCV TH E BIO SHO W : 
Sundays :30-8 :00 pm. Cost; $12,408 per week, 
time and talent, for a quarter-hour segment. 
Available in 13-week cycles. 

NBC Radio Netwo 

:: ■ ‘ • *.» ' . ’ . 

a service of Radio Corporation of Arne nr a 


12 . mi 

Television Chatter 

New York 

i ». ♦ It * »k 

()>!' •’ " ■ *•' ’ ‘ ' * 7*® 

pn*h**i • '* r ' * /• 4 »* 

y, n«' !’l i-' vi’U'tih tlcrlc > T< . 

,• NIK- • 

h, il vim'C-eV a te»*y ■ Iiaiwm wri»h 
Hr » ho MMllrtc- 
fc,,ln,r -i * '..4 rt the. fotu»« 

FogR » V,f \j*> -•**< f»K W <»d •' * 

m rv»v4iM*r> « • -'*»*•<■ •• •:■• 

Sui Rtfji. : •<■ { .V- 

1*Wm #*!>' ^ ci4in( 

. s i .,;.m viHi i, 

i v 1 1 >4 ‘indeed ^*i**f% 

ItjW 'll ind Barbara 

fan tea*, wl** on 
m.>i»h • u xi 

: t*v** : ; . , 

Jw> rf 

WlgM «*0 

ItornTpirtMlSi* 1 * The* 

>«>t <t« Marguerite Fta/ea. 


Si < * x »*»» UlfIg SaUl I ■ M. I\» 

■ , > •• ' * 
lf»K *U?W **■ lead ip rh» n|>el« Ia» 
it., ■ i ‘ ■ 

1 »m» »' the O^rri 

II,. *, ti,» m ■ i u( the vi*mn« 
Iuj .«" ft* # >t»r > d«r tun k M Ow 

NM< p,< *1 S itorddV IV 

j«* IS TV Mtiilrr. Mk 

from * nomtb* May in l>rt*. flat* 
Anti '• •; 

Htm Gray etproed »>#n*T p»o- 
i* hn wilii lonrti tp NHt TV with 

\ ic MtrPlI*. IM*** Rtrnmorr 

hfrat^i Tarter arid two pnxchotw 
A»i > |>aritrl|Mil< iX-TVi 
l ifl W to 'inn at ' 

Jiihon mbrtait VinW ’ at 

< h » 2* ' li fc itl 

Mimrf , It joint f 4 

Dirk (•wr4on out. (II aa *al«** r»P 
■ at Moreau sign'd for Krridrr 
« itrurtM i < *«.«!> <MT \ BC TV > * T*le* 
ot T*M»Mtrt«u * . Art BavwMsnd 
♦ I * • HitMT In Timr ( Mtiii •• 

i m nw ■ n » jH; <*n WOR TV Sunday • I# 
M . I • • v tudlaa art spon-*"- 

v i,| mi .t v n Milton Bert# * NW 
• IK K 1 I V M 

yUt "U* -*.t vi lni « l« »l W d»‘v *m 
' v Mn..rt' sund,i> •!»; '> j • r 

■»•«»*>< am. v. to ot .Tmatr !* *»<•> 

•Mil! I 'ill Itjil ••( tilt* V II Mil 

k. i on pa Hiiitfu JrvM-lt 
» ii oft • 1 1 id. » n /* ’ 

ida> niflliil pro«rPm» trf I hr 
It* ,i * faint milt urU’irntf* (rum 
I c fluitlli SIhii* It ratted In God 
i. Ti ud ; 

KT1V i n ke d » Ihire vfir * \ 
tMMl ’ th td e VI artin, ; Ann 
y t in- im <» i irteu jartotoief and 
t>« m buaniuid hi» Hour Iona n- -at; 
ft n MHni lonaort ov \2~ Fete 
Rutter k skied to N V to net up a I 
pet manenl office for ConnOtutaird 
l.ii viooti Kakttk Ml two* : 
n..M»cd act inf nalea manager »f- 
luhu Marker who anktrd 
the in sanitation , ®ud C uteuun. 
fiirnofth with .the ptevn depart - 
mini of KN TV named fniblleit) 
duet tot of lion Lae Jlrootfe anting 
uith Jamea Panam rmiving over 
from that vpot tn handle the 
KHJ TV. nvu Hon Lee outlet 
vthirH auNomad lit rail tetter* Inal 
merk u hen the Don Lae puirHaae 
of KM IV Iteraioe oflicial 
Cteueti (iultd Theatre featuring 
name Mrdin, replacing C.rven * 
Hliod Date ’ meekljr on K Kl’ i TV < 
ttfarting « * t 1 7 . Jean Kale* 

torn will begin harw o* 

leave It t» the Men ' over KKC V* 
TV and tfct A»C-TV neb Martin* 

< *• t II 

C ang fn >•*. preu of the George 
Fox «r*anii.iit -n uvk« d ‘ . Ih -du 
IhodortWmx a* film «*, -ns 

m tnaijer foe flu* I untie Ralt-HeM 
j inut vuttlim *rnr» “| Iaivi Uuft. 

■! m hie h men! betide the calmer ax 
Huturda) ib» «t (.rm-ral Servo e 
Matt v - lux • e Oh a 
oMtik tito re|*otied that Mutlonj 
I'li ttifft Mr Ttlrvisitm. Inc . haun t 

hi-* Hons* tn Im Ang« ten 
I tln maan current t> ooeratmns 
ix staled to take uver the 
program j«»b . . Taxem fate i* 

dM»t*p>hf Hi TV beaut > content 
mil ie it , aa one of the o' dr M tefu- 
t.oh epofi sored lot at »IW»' hax 
■ n h. ,inu-d Thut^da) nt<h.x on 
V CJN-TV f«»r the p, st vearc , 
hour du-w hkI» tet 4 
John Reillv *!-H' lf*MH V 
i .»r«»-T’,V t|p|terltp»|i|.’ ; To •' • >H 1 V 
a* ’-aii.. : ''ibftMpit • ^ vx % hq > 

i'l-ul I uu’e pen 1 
tuna a v eathrr ntTaann lor Ipt 
1 1 mr B* n’ab Karari » 

• • .n i i •••*** t''i tV. S' H 1 V 
ea fMin^-d to a thi it e p e kH ,• 
r r * Mb' ' t ‘ |> t'* hati rilv* 

ninro lun Dot* an - Honda night 

■f i •Of** Sf-om foi , I* r «• r '2' u »k* 

i* i \\ Nf*<d . » r<» H ete e to cm 

r . Mai Tatr'v quirrer Who * 
T x»kma * tahit h d**t»ul* Sepf 24 «*n 
v. ILCB in a three^times »»-, k s 
i noon »M iue I Rruu n 

.n«.d in aa ftf ai fuest on Don Me 
Ku^l'a r« turning AH< tv 'f tread 
lonulil W«xl Ren Park |.t • 

■ diwrt'T <hredor »»( NB< I v D •*" 
k im Kalla. burning nff for a «' 
vaf it ion ; . . S< tndard Oil t» no*' 
in r x Begra Qtrarterhut k Club 
ha fthour weekly *iu»u iw-ihI 
tilinx of the fu Heat loot hat I 
i - , to WON TV th,* v. ,i 

RhiMV rode on VVBKH ' ceason 
M P Ma»i i Im ... b s hmight 
M I NK TV * fin d Wednesday night 
hour lo Hit with a feature Him. 

Inside Stuff-Television 

Merlin Prev K Y ha% Wrtllatn f Kaufman x cerond annual * Best 
Telex ixum l*lav * of the V eat lU'ds VI i coming put ne«t month Author 
it rorhiiii mt (timior |f MU TV 

Kant man x eiithl srleitwfts at * The Rim king Morse In Don* Hrl« 
man \ - f t*le Thra* re V intent Van (»ogh hs Hoffman 

H llrio ptilleo l*ia' id»u The Kathryn Siertan Stor> bx Kath- 

r>n SigefT n The Big > •*• The !•' I. San ey Jjikxo* 

C*am ealre f'hatmax'i*f f Mate" b> Hudd Ju hulher* I‘ 
I’itre IMa' »*<»»/•** r N<*ht The. Made a Rum Out off Helen Itax.- 

t>s Bilfy Hoae - Hilly Rope Rfcbvr »; ,■ ‘Border I me of Pear.’**' '.b\ Joan . 
horn and Rdward Mah « \ Danger t and ‘ Route** Haircut by Get- 
u tide Berg 1 G®»ds* > v ' 

f a st tnd>, jindruf untonruppm ’ t«*r tte Hollywood API 1 't»h Coon- 
cm T* anti o-mif from the un^affiliaied S<> 

Motion lute Vrt fKreit «. i s t -mmit had tallied AFL guild* and 

una>n- to bar fig the Cl<> alt iliafe invasun ‘ «1 e*iahlt»hed guide in 
; ui;m1!> .ioMI b- wHll I.VlsL m the ) gn geld bh 

the C****i HM PAD grged all la lent guilds to cooperate with the Film 
Council program in nppoxm m to NABFT 

NAEB Expands 

Chit WNBQ Banner Sale 
Fnr Pait-MiiinifR Show; 

Outlet’s 120 Hrs. a Week 

I ( 'bur ago. Srpt 11 
W N UW Chi N BC tele Hat ton I* 
making tig grM venture into poM- 
mHitdght pr<*gramming (hi 1 
alter trapping up tt* biggest time tape network. ba« grown in the 

National Aon of F, durational 
Broadcaster* web, whicb frnDfly 
esiablixbnd headquarter* > lor ill 

CBS, Rabat Pare Way 

Ftr Ijftng •( Beer 

Tab* in Salt Lake City 

Ball Lake CRY. H* V P* H • * 

Mot mon t hurth oun« t through Friday 

' sale in da three-year history, In M tun m-mths fiom 42 to 72 
what NBC' veep Hurry Kopf de- outlets, Thu fall the N A KB hook- 
scribe* a* the ''largest block of up la offering 10 program*, most 
time ever told by any NBC owned nf which are IS week* lohf. 
xiat ton Alan * Indiwtfte* bus pnr- ‘ tbe program* odered are “Mu- 
• chased the 12 midnight lo 1 IS a m 
hmar arroaa the board. Monday 

ate for Mm OtMMbWMF.** 1 "MC 
World Theatre " “The People Act ‘ 
" Stones *n Hlulf ** “l* of llltnoia 

Festival Concena.‘* ’Tnlernatlonal 


( arl xsinxtrws and Sidney Bar 

iwxt fat hwlurhofH 4o 

make a *crl< » off half-twHir vtdpix 
i ,♦ While Avenger*” tn whu h 
Swiinvtiwm and Billy IHs ro xfar 
1 tint IwhnOoa mefgevt tlu- pilot 
iccl which also featured a pair of 
v -»te (Inman nhephx^fd dxrgx 

^ .n Frank 

Hi,h,ii» Fir*^i gf T heatre s.m >#•« 

Joan I fxUfR^iftlaiiig a c«-*t 
that . thrhided Damian OTIins 
Broee l.e-ter. I. enter Mathew* «ml 

Plata if d Shooeuae Pniilm- 

tiuft* xn n» d (lordon (lark for 
* T»»e B*g ScetH ’* teleftlin ohich 
ptiitlp Morrix is s[»»n*nrmg v 
sept r : Malting date ha* l*» .*n 
v. t fur M rvv r ,v ■' firs* m Hivnwr* 
Dm.* TV Films' ‘ Doll vw nod lev 
Mm ghteb Jack VogUn 

|»tusli « Vs‘ Steuben I ••(Street 

m i jMied the in n *H. t 

Ii Mv< a\ x (.'tones t : p Tails ' 
im »pti .»u*a bv San* Rolfe ami 
Hair'd K'lMini w ' fit- lo*iu+ • 
i ■ > • i is an con \ m l rank W t»» 
bar'* F lie o*e 1 Hi'aU«* m*i»is 
| t»**tUt f *i imIih 1 loti: owned h\ Ikesi 

\nn< i l urtt'e Ball, i '-t iling 

III V .\> •*.*l to I'li'H (tv* >l I.r .* * t 

< V 

a iheslre for then "I l.ovr l,prv 

• s I lid r I aotaf 

■ KBL 

CM outMi •tartesl to carry the AUn will use the atrip for nights V^iterY "Manlerwntba Sthry ‘ 

tldil of the neck last Wednesday > |> feature film* which are being 'America and the World ’’ ' Hitch 

1V». when Columtea led it mi stain purchased from Motion Picture* Ihxumv" and \rtnv Band 

»«g Bince chin, h frowuajm *mok <ot T V Inc . ^111^ ^ There 

ing and drtnkiiut station has m-ver Addition of the new bit boost* * >im# two*trme 

*ei a m deal* set although it o|mm t * ny brr1 _ ** I..-W-NBQ aif time t^ over 120 houix and other aerie* are m 

7**^ aMnoogn pun cigaret tptmaer* are nrxept weekly (oeirad. for a muumum DrrtMt4tum 

,n U wee4^ waa — n ttet o d #1*"**** 

♦ itir^le*m theJiie PaWa f/i V* a rtwiH. K\M and Inter WNHQ sale* manager John Me- 
iim films ts taring eontid.Tcd I .» mmMtem Network ♦ Mutual* fell j Pari I me and TMi IWm. nrcount 
the *ame rote tn the vidf.lm sene* heir IP the Pabat apmw a r ed HMt { enec L . 

whuh Bernard Lwber and Rebrri N«»w the latest rttimu um oiirtrmed Alan’s agency K ; Iwrk an p it 

Maxwell will make MotHgriftt by KSL e*ec*. i« the »tai»on will Wot* 

dropped the Iheatttcal fc.»turC 
rtchlx and Lulwr and Maxwell, 
m»w w.*k » ng s»«i|«rrman * for TV 
Harolg Jestea ot (• ((' headed 
east to look over t he color Vidixi 
<at ion WttMam S. Brwidx 

inked asstsi ant dtrectorx BUI Beau 
dine Jr . and Gene Andersen. Jr , 
to *i* MMMsth deal* (0 wurk on his 
Wild Bill Mu kmb“* viddn^grten 
st.iiimg Guy Madia* 

Devine , George Pembroke Bet- 
tie Best and Ben Weldon won rotes 
in ‘ Tto Muidrtei u Anonymous ' 

40 t pel 'll uni I* - 
v idtitiu at Jett> Fait flanks ProdiM 
lions . Boh Moon cheeked in 

as :einl re of G \M product ton 
’ the 1 hainp,** x W CCre ding Herb 
; Alien a i«o moved to ( hirago t<* 
piif»r atiut her vr is ion of the *l»ow 
oxei part ot the Aft*' T V wch It, « 
Teleta-i here on KLVC*T\ . . . 

ehange policy and go along with • 

pa h*t 

Huckgroond on this pmtaihle 
swdrlbNWn goe* back t«> feud be- 
tween KSl and KALI out airing 
off the Be* UyaHte ky Marciano 1 
ap some month* ago KSL bad ! 
an ftrhiMvr, for dotiu; a biuw hx | 
blow re erratum, and w hen K VLL 
and Andv stepoed litto the picture w ith Ihetr 
n f • • * in off it kHt ftei I bappt 
There x he^en talk about a pojxxible 
slid Ox-et the (teal, bill lati xt word 
KSl. will naff lab* The mailer to 
the court*. 

Now 11 aeeiii* they may lake ar> 
Mod by* dr op pi ng the beer- taboo, 
and cut BAI L nut of the tight yet 
up. Th»* would be a crack at 
K VI 1* -serif- -plugging at> the muvir. 
hew x and sport* station 



Lu* Radio Tbnotrt.’ 

k * kg* an k ted bar ansa hi f»rU jwnt appoteted fft r t rta r <»t 

wrh Rich ud Hidei is manager of 
la|i>e distribution for the setup. 


Vrt Jacohwon t* anklmg hi* pro- 

Binghamtan. N, V.- 

wui thief an,tuiun<er 


program manager berth at W NfUJf ha* resigned tu join H AUK, S) la* 
at tlie eful of the month to make < use, 

1 — 1 

at WKOP. pxixitum to pa> more cash— not the 

" Rutting on my White Tie , Top 

Hot and Tails " lor the Solute to 


Irving Berlin's TV Show Tonight 

NBC-TV Network 

• * • ' . * K .' ■ • *■. • t . *' • * .• ' 

Thanks to 



Thirtl MacKaye w ggRh, / Mo Mffpi R 
oa> hike wo* offered the director, 
but he mxed it. saying H wasn't 
enough MacKaye whose rrMgna- 
t(on takes effect Sept. 30, t* ion- 
ki. video of 

Hoodlums Beat Ip KSL 


In additHm lo providing the rF- 
cording*. N aKK also offers promo- 
t tonal kits to help the outlet* gar- 
" ner audience** 

On a weekly ba*is the «taUon* are 

| g« Ming three and one quarter houi* 
♦»f music mir and one-half houi* of 
drama one hour nf documentary , 
one ami one quarter hour* of talk 
and one-half hour of children* 
program* * . V 

|- Sey mour Siegel, N Y City com* 
_ HoHvwcmkI Sept 1 | ntuntratmnx director and N AKIl 

teght year* of directing pre*. V. la sparking the network. 

Fawd \itex \ Jaroe* M lies, manager of M BA A, 
■ Purdue U nutlet at l.afaxette. Ind. 

Salt Lake City. Sept. 11 
Vim Orme. head of KM, farm 
dept . w a* the victim ling week of 
teenage hoodlum* whd ran htx car 
off the road, and beat him up. 
Orme laid one off hi* assailant* low 
with g below -the belt kick, and 
tried to get away from the other 
two Before he could start his car. 
they dragged him through the open 
window nearly tore an ear off. and 
badly gashed hi* jaw. 

Orme was honpitaii/ed far a short 
while, and spent the balance ol the 
week recovering at home. He i* 
the second radio man in town to 
fall victim to the wave of hoodlum 
urn Keith Ashton. KALI, an 
noumer: escaped a similar crew by 
speeding l*)0 miles an hour 
through town. 

announcer in the upcoming Broad- 
way tefiter 

- - - - * fit* 

Baltimare Bill Dx ci whose 
; hew- hour - af t ernoon . • ' session ' off 
sporl * results and dt^k spinning ha» 
become a local landmark > «x Itches 
from MWIN Oct 1 to WCBM 
Afternoon airing it -.pohxnretf by 
Arrow Be«*r. w* Joseph KaM Agt n- 
cj tor half the lime 'with haUnro 
divided up b> participating xp*H- 
ters Show w a* a long time »r«de- 
■ mark at V% ITIff unite *|»>n-oi 'hip 
l^bf fBHMher Br^Omg i o. 

I ■ Rye 

Offered Im Arllnffn 

I* pasty M l tW* 

• • 




he s entitled to more com and he 
want* director hitting ”..ll 

C'ornw* II Jnek^m v p of the J ! ’ r " - ' - 1 * • 1 • 

Wait- 1 Thompaon Agency, agiee* y *11 * I y*. cl 
with MacKaye that the Ux for m^rSlIlO S L J t C N^RShOW 

mat now implies peodini r-hxwt VA il- . . t *1 If C 

u,m krtein, > dirwior. i>,.< .,>«) Dom Dempsey s N.Y. Spot 

- • 

• V.* 

fhof % the way rt s been *el up for . 

18 year* and it cant be ilvanged ^ MarxiMo manager of Aghtii 
lll , w • Charlie fuxan and other pur . 

I A# for the mohev Jackxon xa>* **' ovt ' gab show on wvvi. 

Good* tadio these davx simply tell in a • ‘ n *° De tepaey * »*•* 

ery % Y on Satui day* iTRI It 

will be heaid ftom II p 111 In I 
a m sig time-* weekly, skipping 

Show wilt concentrate on *pori* 
<clvb». oith some interview n>- 
from nearby Madtsnn Square (;ar- 
iten Gahlwr who x manag«‘d by 
Harrv N Spei her will j.peaa trout 
a pn/e 1 mg set ting 

Im (dentally Marxillo ha* bet-n 
II r 11 a • ^^^ ^^^^gjgned bx Leland Hayward. .'pro-. 

"■ a Farm Head in Salt Lake irv i? 

do the vote# of a television fight 

FtlCtO tOW At RDM 



247 Fork Avq., Now Yprk 17 

RUm t-7071 ' 

Channel 7 



Now It Con Bo Told 

Although he wm getting 
$3 000 * **tk tor flaying the 

title role la the TWA-apen- 
gored Mr Bindings radio 
snow on NBC last season Cary 
Grant decided M wasn t wth 
it after U* esperta ffgured out 
that he «u winding up with 
$70 gg his own take 

Moris to effect a capital 
gams deal through a corporate 
setup of the Blendings pack' 
age was disallowed by the Gov- 
ernment cueing Grant s dec»- 
•Ida to cheek out 

Thot's what's behind TWA 'a 
recent announcement to can- 
cel Bather thfta gel involved 
in cast replacement*, the client 
decided to l«W*et the whole 
thing. - 

Dallas— “Mr* Tucker's Smiles lumhia t Graduate School of 
fragnd" broadcast m WF A A Journalism The see of Arthur 
storied Its l»th cmwecullve year: Friedman, financial editor of the 
on the air lad Mondm Ailing* Peat-Gaarlte. he got hi* B A at 
are sponsored by Mrt Tucker » * Allegheny C ollege in June 
rood, mu! M h.«4 <« • 4 u.,<.. V.rm*n torn#-" h ».V 
hour three morning* pe» week from the WDT> press depart meat 
and currently features Happy , p 

Jack Turner' j l.awreuee; Maw — William F 

: .I. ■ ■ ~t ? • Mitten ha*" jomed the staff of 

Boa Antdodo — Corwin Bidden wad Ida a ISftMfllW; He 
Id a ouartei hour Sun<io« slier so forrhertv new * editor of the 
aodo 'ddwacoat.' la adw being Medford, Ms • Mercury 

Over 21 Teva* outlets Airing* a<» ~~ 

%pon*or<*d b> Morning Glory Mat-! tis«a|^E(isarf Ohctat. Jr. who 
tress with Matching Bos Spring* j WAB\ in <n executive ca- 

Phllodelphla Sept U 
Smith* Kline A French Labor*, 
lories, of this city hot completed 

of Bicharos death , ; Bp o cldl co lor television e 

Approval of the tran*fer applies ^ m*talled b\ the 

tion would probably dUpow “t the getphift fern at the BourtcauH H> 
news-slanting charges but such ac p (laJ In p vw The ei|u.pment ha* 
non Is aot expected without a«* bmi used at M medical 
pronouncement from trie lo«m»m , n t g and Canada r ... 
uss regarding the g gapOUam mie* twoohdo4^ pd>Vk 

h roodrftstci V m 7fSirdtlwr- of Smith h ne and French cai 
news will be sent to Boris from Ge t 

Action on the appl nation would : wheft P h kos hee n on l<i4.n 

al*o determine y onmuasion Oir-ept- to Economic CtwpriltKwi V<t< 
auce or reject Ion Of a recommends* mim*t ration for a series of demon- 
ii»»n by Jame* Cunningham, hear* straitens ill Wo«t Berlin fh 1 .* 
lag esaminer to dismiss the B* - Ban secret ary -general of the It i 
cecdtnga on the ground K«rhardv cmxgrr%%. will addrem the color 
death makes the cose moot («i television viewers on the applo * 
tone has taken strong t*vue with | >0fl ^ this medium in the teaching 
this recommendation and has peti- 0 f *urgery. : ^ 

De* Msisn Buss \ sn Dyke 
ha* been named news direr lor of 
KHVT He has been a n ' 

for seven years,. Bel ore joining 
KH\T he was with WNAX. Sioux 
City and Yankton N D as a newv 
man sport srOMer 

Boalow -Hank Greene, for past 
II year* salesman al WBZ has re- 
Mgned to b ecome ma n a g er of Hub 
udHt ol Weed A C o . radio and TV 
station rep' He replaces Dana wl)T> 
Hair d transferred to New York ... from • 
Gene KOI. WCOP program direr- the Id 
tor has been appointed Beaton’*! gram i 
radio co-ordinator for Voitod Na- as last 
Hon- Appointment was mode by every 
Dorothy Lewis, national Badio Di- year a 

Omaha — The May Broad* **t mg 
< which nprralfv ohd owns 
KMTV of Omaha and K.Ml at 
Shenandoah la. has named two 
new officer*. General manager 
Owen Saddler was elected etec 
*• prsaldent and sales manager 
Howard (1 , Pe t e rson Asa* .mode 
veepee in charge of sale* / 

WDTV Daytime Exgaasioa 

Pituburgh Bept II 
Pittsburgh a lone television chan- 
nel. DuMont -owned WDTV Sw tith- 
ed to a full dftytime schedule this 
week, signing on ever* morning 
at A. Previously, since station 
went live nearly ft year ago. start- 
ing around has varied between 
10 30 and noon, 

“Studio Control.** hour long 
studio program m c d by Hill 
Brant, will toe off activities from 
• to 10. having previously been 
on 113012 10, with a 10 minute 
interrupt tog lag uoighhsrhaad new g 

WDTV programming this yoftr is 
undergoing • flock of changes and 
details haven't been entirely set 

yet. V'/;.:.?... ."rV v . 

announcer has several line* tn the 
Metro picture, * Angels In the Out- 
field * whu*h was shot largely here 
at Forbes Field . . . Clarence 
Hensko local author now living 
in New York, is writing the Edward 
Arnold Story Teller program on 
the ABC n etwork . . . Kay Buck has 
returned to Temple University in 
Philadelphia for Ma aonsor year 
after hn se*ond su m mer announc- 
ing stmt at WtfSW . . . Mike Ko- 
tun Jr Ha* joined the WDTV en- 
gineering department and Bay 
Boehmer and AngpiAn Molinaro are 
new properly men there ... Joe 
Irtedman. who BKIod M aft the 
awilthhoard and in pobtinty at 
C hannel 3 during the vocation Sea- 
son. hat left to enroll In the Co 

iBnosapoBg WLOL this fall m»t have Its previous monop- 
oly on the broadcasting of the 
Minneapolis Ijikers professional 
basket hall games at home and 
await They'll also be aired for the 
hrst time hi another Twin C die* 
station W DG Y with it* new sport* 
director. Don O’Brien. a**i*ied by 
Bob Casey handling the play by 
nlay Both BUM. odd WDGY 
have sponsors fot the show 

lzborg Marioaettes 
T* Mike Ui. Video Baw 

Falcon’s $1,000,000 TV 
Filin Profactwn Setup 

a.i.L.. r- v» .... rti IK. nitm retiuiariy «’n iw 

JtMliiiurg Marionette, one of the ^ ^ ^ ^ E|gnr g for 

■mat famous puppet oct* In u% Bho(t other brare of progr*ms 
Europe, are being imported to the for the beer account, following in 
l S by Indie packager Bernard ‘-urn are a variety half hour m < d 
i M iw »t.o wa*. .. »«««« b> W...»4 v CW»«. W.W. Crt;*; 

th-in tn . me. ol (tin., i. W pr» m 

duned lor TV, M anonrlln will * V (u T“ k i.n, 7“ ^ * 

m.k* ifco.r tivw viftM. h,,w k«w. Bryani » tnioe narnn 

ducer -director as*ignments • 

In addition to initial aeries of 
.VS pis. agenda also calls for out- 
put of S3 halt hour asters, aa 
additional group called “My 
World, and a number of SO-ramute 

Antons Interior and outdoor 
locales will be utilised in all pew- 
duct tons. witb local ites getting the 

day — through March. Ifttt In- 
cluded in the schedule are college 
and pro basket boll i games, ama- 
teur and pro hockey, the hone 
show and dog show Jack* Murphy 
WPIX spoils chief, will supervise 
the technical pickups, with Doily 
News* sports editor Jimmy Powers 
aarratihg all events. 

WPIX this week also parted 
with Stahlmeyer. Inc . to pick up 
the tab for the station** Thursday 
night “Televiews of the News’* for 
13 weeks. Agency is Dowd. Bed- 
held A John st on e Station also 
•old Its new “Fashion Revue." 
aired Saturday nights from • Ift to 
• 43, to Chateau Martin Wines 
Sid Bobbins agency handles the 
wtao drrount, 

Your Top TV 

Solos opportunity 

Bait 4/3 buy in Philly them 
days isn't 90 proof. It s WFIL a 
short of tbo city's radio audienco 
—and it s 100 par cant proved ! 

Bays Broadcast Msasuromont 

Bureau's latest survey: four- 
fifths of Philadelphia radio own- 
ers regularly sot their dials to 
WFIL at 300 kilocycles. 

That moans when you sched- 
ule WFIL, 1.400.000 people are 
listening la tbo city alone. That 

WTTG Staff Shakenp 

Washington. Sept 11. 

Series of new appointment s an- 
nounced by W’TTG. DuMont's local 
outlet indicates a general ihakeup 
la staff personnel. Ales Sheftell. 

And if you want to spread 
around a bit. count the ears lent 
to WTIL outside the city -in all 
the 14-County Retail Trading 
Area. Here art a million more 
prospects . . . another $3 billion 
in buying power. : 

And then there's tho hugs 
bonus area beyond . . • but why 

a suffer Has been put in charge 
of publicity and promotion. Pre- 
viously. station had ns full time 
pa., chores being handled an a 

freelance basis by Rick La Fake 
Lyaa Ketick Is the new station 
traffic manager and Astrid Kiernar 
was appointed her a mi sl ant Matt 

W new stag snaouaoer at WTTG 
Dick Keel, announcer at weba 
capital aUtiea. has bees trans- 
ferred te W ABD-TV. DuMont s 
New Yerk outlet. 

first on tho dial In America’g 
third market when you ached- 
uie WFIL. 

it. mi 

Stage and Recording singer says JL& , 

"There n perbept ee mirt me* 
t«#rk rist ft fimt Hi tbit tf« 
then tbet •c^ntf»4l by 2S ffir- 
•!d AHhi Dm*. It it — Hm 
bif MKctu »Nrm tl tbit •ft.’* 
MUSICAL i*F*t$S, London 


't- • » * 




1 A . . 


V " . ■ ’.V Vi 

ALAN DEAN arrives in 
New York on Septem- 
bor IS for o well- 
earned vocation. This' 

• •• . ' y \ • • ’ • . • ’ • * I *•’**.■ 

brook follows o hard- 
working yoor of solid 
stoge bookings and 
such notoblo Radio 
and TV shows ,as Fes- 
tival of Variety, Henry 
Hairs Guost Night, Mu- 
sic Hall, Enchanted 
Rhythm, Workers' Rloy- 
time, Summer Song- 
time, Cinema Sere- 
nade, Sing It Again, 
Round the Halts and 
Fanfare of Voriety — 
not forgetting a suc- 
cessful debut on HMV 



'AUa Dcon'i 

m . . . Me b every 
tfber't tee.” 

Acs TV producer. 


' / 

I • ..-.r . 

■ fev. - •' 


R • ■ 

Europe's singer of the Ytar 

Afterthought: Alan 

Dean hit top place in 
the Doily Graphic, Mel- 
ody Maker, and Ameri- 
can Forces Network 
popularity polls. 

New York C ommomUoH+ot — 


IS# West S7tb Street 
New Yerb ’ 


Ferteeef Meee#e«eet o»d 
PebJk Aeletleet 


(Alse Meble# tbe Trip I 

leedee Ceaaeeketlee*:— 


Seite I. IqmoRt Heete 
1U, S hette i bery Are 


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u, mi 

Jap Treaty Parley on TV 

hi* n 

Too Tamo for Sponsors 

were good th# physical trappings 

■ ■Mm J 

»h««uWter to reveal him doodling* •— - ; • ... .-h 

The real drama ol course * a* luch «* the l ff! # d !2 l 

th in the political conflict *>m the pennant* identifying the d<b 
bolt 1*4 hr tup battle between iitmnv had a dirtlnguUhad look 


Lending get the nuimum effect 

of the proceeding* ranging , 

through the audience fating 

c Ibaeu i>» giving a long *hal of the 

Opera House for the applause etc f 

The battery of spotlight*, which | 

tranaiatton iofced Acheaon to don nin gta»*e^ 
tf .natation ^ iim# , undoubtedly mm* 

the benefit of the newsreel. 

Achevon »n«J Gromyko The heated 
interchange hrfween Acheson and 
the Peltak delegate on the one- 
hour * peaking rule with Acheron 
recognising ''ounger of Bntdl, 
w aa a hlgh.pol 

The umuitaneou* 
system proved It* worth Ability of 

'„. u ytsr^ h .r:.rr:; ^ -m-~ -**••** , 

***£ ^ While TV brukght the vie**- 

trlomc edrct However the ■ auditorium, giving them 

.translator.** were hat^g n v Pd ep^ aa ^ ^ being privy to a hi* 

V’ the t niied Matimi* They tortc reference tele didn t replace 

frequently seemed to fall behind ^ f,inriin«i of big newspaper* ! 
■fh^pnnhir^J^^JjJi^Pd ^**! K <Mirh a* the N V Time* which 

had a *taf! of eight! in reporting 

of sentence* 

ii w»* unfertuewto ttdl tfftiki 
hey period* in the proceeding* 
»rte mUsed Including ««iBt 
speeches by I >u! to* and Gromyko 
It «** largely a dollars-awd-ee at* 
question The webs.'-- which n*r»t 
a rsuatrtrrsblt amount of coin f«W 
the pooled coverage. would have 
had to reimburse client* for iilr 
time and talent f or their fee* if 
their log evening show* were ran 

the confab , The metropolitan 
d* die* were able to prevent inter 
pretation* and a*pect* of tl»e inter- 
national meeting which weren I 
« atnahle from b»af a mHm 
vir* *uch aa the detegate*’ we. 
: muing apprehenalvonoog over the 
future cowrie of event* in the 
P*d(W " •• 

However, the telecart* Jurtlflrd 

•maw •« <*»* •* «»»«*■*• .*** jyy, * . 

«<• >» h-nkroll^ w. M, 

•or wa* lined up Meaann wai the ^70 OOd oeoule f«»r the President 
WH.e|tvn lengr), and poll of the ™ ^huR Ss. .arrted l,o 

parley, which would have meant 



a gamble for i ton *• * taking the 
show Some outlet* kept In one- 
no note commercials following their 
•tat ton break* which injected in 
on rational far ring note 

ftrrihal Picture Quality 
Picture quality wa* tnpnoich 
Just a hit lee* sharp than local- 
original rd skew*, gad there were 
iki technical, failure** However 
NB< TV a Camel New* Caravan 
Which had akrdded * four minute 
pickup from flan Fra nci aC w on Fri 
da% 1 7 1. found the image at that : 
time helow par It u*ed. instead 
» itaud hv film < up all hough ke» 
mg the audio from it* Cpart corre 
v|M»ndent \ 

hi die me of the reception over 
the 3 Win mile span wa* pointed Up 
b» the New York Time*' using a 
three column cut of President Trw 
man on If* front page Wrfjiurtiv 
15 aa photographed off a tele 
tube rather than a wire photo 
Production and camerawork 

whig* f*t oorrlod live 

410 f 4 Of the country * IW TV out 
let*. That fart, plus sending ktne 
scope print* for u*e on British 
television and the State Depart 
menu interert In video, point* up 
tip medium'* potentiate a* on- to-’ 
*t run.* fit of national and interna 
i Muial policy . • '* 

favor able outcome of the 
boo Franc taco ' Peace Confer* 
met. resulting from the 
squelching of the Soviet dele* 
gates it fie Initial plenary aoa- 
tton Wednesday If, parados 
rally to considered the reason 
why none of the television net- 
work* could Hod a sponger for 
their nkkutw 

Those I bankrollers who had 
evidenced tome interest in 
picking op the tab repotted l v 
changed their mind* after that 
opening ae**»on. on the as- 
sumption that too a mootli sail- 
ing the rert of the way would 
make the nmferenee too unin- 
ter eating for moat viewer* and. 
therefore not worth the price 
If the Ruartan* had been able 
in continue the tactic* initiated 
by Andrei Gromyko at the 
ptirier. h owever, they would 
have come 10 . Weha had been 
asking for an average tl 5 000 
■30.000 for the entire four day* 
of pickup*, with the telephone 
eumpany having agreed to pay 
fur the line charge*. 


• . • • - : > v 

nr I* belong to them, to uae at ■ 
pledoe to bombard the people m 
anv way that will earn them the; 
moat dollars the alternative* of the r 
general public may hr limited 10 ; 
less dettrable type* of action to. 
protect Itself * 

fuller thought the broadcaster* 
wuuld be *’ very unwue if they op 
peee the Ronton bill Self regula- 
tion he said U al’ right at far 
as it g»ie*. ’but it doe*nT go very 
far If the broadcaster* arr really 
sincere m thetr desire 

c • 

of homo audiences and multi *et H* 
temog in home* -wllh oioce than 

l wo aet* ■ . 

ANA repeated the atatement of 
the prevtou* roporu that Adjh* 
rig m TV h ome * woa 
than in non tv home* between 
tl p m In the ghaem-e of 
recent tigures report «oK-‘ tl '*■ 


^ « ..Mtlwwrg tfm p*(« Si mmm 

and TV and 'tmly one further step 
to control of oil medu. including 
motM>n picture* and the press II 
|| persona could -force the dele- \ 
Hon of a single broodiart P«*> 
gi im." NARTB oaha. ' la this not ' 

to them, 

any effort of the public to eapre** 
Kartf. such aa through the proposed 
National Cltlarns Advisory R-vard. 
their motive* at on«o Ore suspect 

Poatuc, Dfu-Auencn, v 

Pacbrf Sip far Skeku 
In CBS I Shof FsnaiU 

CBS new one-time sponsorship 
plan for the Red Skelton radio 
show, initial atep in tho weha re* 
patterning of It* sale* and pro- 
gram structure, already hat re- 
sulted' in sale of the show to Fan- 
tiac for three *uree«*tve weeks m 

. December, with Packard tlo> 

.. that radio listening in TV ] etching on Skelton ahow preem* 

home* continue* to approach BMr | going into the Wednesday 

elimination during evening hour* g to I 30 period, back-to-back with 
Thla drew hot crUiciwn f« *m AM p, n( c ro*b> Similarly Klgin- 
Mgntev Latter cited figures from , Auenraa l* negotiating for *peri*l 
Th* Pulse reporting AM listening .holiday one «hofa 

in evening hnun of ***** ! CBh it offering the ahow (on a 

in tele homes and called the war and talent hosiai for I 23 MI 

elimination charge un * arratMod ^ one-* hot In a bid to emhraro 

It was noted hv ANA that TVs mem Ju*t aa Pontine will 

audience come* “portly Irma *ddi- U (in K the three-time aponsorship 

ttons to the total br.w*d^»*t audf- ^ intro duc e its 1M3 m od el* , and 

ence ‘ a* well a* from AM * share Elgln Amencan a* a Mother * Day 
However. ANA *aid. TV atlo4n-tiB* c v hri*tmaa romt on ao. too. 

figure* are up In each of Hoopmr* ! th." 

U cities and in 24 of the M TV 
had more than half of the total 

ANA *** Include cost j ^ c ucnts in all but II marhet*. 

wn§ .In fko ; pre (b«« report*. ^ urlaAet* ore rea e rv od . on • regular 

weekly basis for Norge 


Changing Patterns 

frwfl* Mi. tl 

video they’ro going after the m»g 
coin, armed with facts and figures 
calculated to convince a client of 
AM's potency and ma*s circulation, 
fits ‘buy a piece ad lketteu M ie 

■33 500 
■ spread 

in Life delivering the same r»n«H 
lation. with the added promotional- 



client* with special pitches will be 

,. T . recent curt adjustment* 

make the same ty pe of computation 
impractical *’ It did lirt cities in 
which NBC and CBS AM affiliate* 
face leie competition together with 
the percentage of TV ponetration 
Buck a listing, AM eaponeoU 
u unfair,* since It ig 
residual AM listening in TV 

• ’ . . • 


BAB • Ryan said that his bu 
mu uouuae* an v attempt to tn- 

gu.>d quality’ progra 
tlkey should welcome 

the proposed National v. ».«««- — ^ cannot 

vlaory Board wj M k> ° advertising decision* It la sign!*- 

If broodc asters resist 

cant mainly 


Hagerstown. Md . Sept 

»ly because with Ita pro- (merchandising advantage* provided 

___ report*. It l* port of tho ^ lf ^ network 

AN A * orgamood e#ort to aaoUd Ra Mutu ei , 7^ hlk# j* billings 

mruibefi^ id; *** over last year further rofiocta that 

t'Omparativf mo#a alue* t J*|n€fwork , t advantageous position in 
far has haon raMrirtad entirely to T y #rg W hen bankrollers a fiaa t - 

ing for non-video populace have a 


oou at o o cbuwoa 


a .a aatnev 

censor ship?** ^ , di«« in Wayne»hnro Pa , become* 

In sharp disagreement with the newest member of ; : jjid ;CBB 
NARTB* poaRlon is Dr Fdgar faml | y on The affiliation 
Fuller, who testified In ****** J* nagaltatfd in New York last week 
the Joint fommlitee on ^ Richard Baton, president of 

al Television Fuller found U dif- 
ficult to understand ' why the com 
merrial broadcasters should oppovc 
the Renton proposal for an ad 
vlaory hoard Pointing out that the 
board would be “entirely unof* 
ft. lal and advisory and would have 
no powers of censorship ” Fuller 
asktd ’Do the broadcasters sup- 
pose that there will be no organ 
lied groups of any kind whatever 

to suggest to them what the public no ^ control* Mat ion. WANT 

opinion to concerning their pres t|| nichmom4 Va ; WSID W INSI 
eolations on television* Are **» <Milmcfi of BaltinmfWi. Md.. WOOK 
commercial broadcasters going to lfl Sllvrr Spring .Washington areai. 
refum to cooporate with any^auch Md a||d WF4 ^ , rMt Washing 
I group* of rltuens* If they take an t M n r recentiv our 

attitude that all of tho TV chan- chajied W INX in Washington, which 

the problem of radio time value*. 

Latter point was seen a* a slap 
at ANA for concentrating Ita fire on 
AM without comparing the relative 
value* of other media Ryan also 
11 said that tho report had “several 
WJtMLfiftft. Wiifi mndBfify gtn- questionable 

Some radHMte* also raised legal 
question*, asking whether ANA was 
touring use! f a pen to “antitrust" 
charge* as a “ conspiracy ' lo tore# 
AM rate* down ANA disclaimed 
any intention of pressuring brood- 
carter* on rate*. Mating that Ra 
studies were merely designed to 
help advert taer* compute the value 
of time they buy. ^ 

J| chain of affiliate*. 

The changing pattern* today pro- 
ject Mutual in the unique position 
of Inviting client* on a “busiusai 
aa usual’* heals because of ita en- 
viable gragMUOti coverage. 

Lake CHf— Verne Brugge- 
at KALL for tho 

peat lU. will he leaving here nest 
month to Join tho stag at KULA. 

WJBK delivers the Goods 

Mil fffIX 



^>0 N C H 


United Broadcasting Co. Inaugu- 
rates local CBS service to an his- 
toric trt-rtate area of 57 000 radio 
families la Maryland. Pennsylvania 
and Wert Virginia W ARK Is plan- 
ning a big celebration for the 
event The station la now an ABC 

affiliate 1 A san of National Advertiser* and 

W ARK move mark* "I American Aaan of Advertising 

a series of steps by UBC *• Agencies are each readying 
Urge ita broodc art operation^ j abg 

ANA bolds Its 

in N V . 00 Sept 24 M. Aa in . 
years, one day of the meeting will 
be open to 


Central. Michigan and Pacific 
Coart group meet* Oct 12 20 at 
Coronado. Cal- Central 

gather* Oct 2^2€ ta ChL 

conference is set for Oct. 90-31 In 
Gotham and Michigan group bud 
die* on Nov. II tn Detroit. 

will give him a fulltime AM ata- 
‘ turn tn the Capital, and has ap- 
plied to the Federal Communica- 
tions Commission to change the 
frequency of WOOK and move the 
station to Rockville. Md 

Approval of these application* 
would give Baton five AM station* 
and one FM outlet 


•O’* Mam NA Av*. 


w to 

v*t,rv&.y# IS* wew 
m V*d IS. U V 


im frayioN m th a muom 


•opeoaontod MoMaoolly by VNI INTI AOtMCT. INC. 

Birmiafkam-AthaU | 
TV Liak Baws Mml (17) 

Second Intercity television link 
to Birmingham and Atlanta goo* 
into regular U*e neat Monday t ill . 
via the opening of additional equip- 
ment by American Telephone it 
Telegraph. New circuits will make 
it possible for the two stations In 
each of the two cities, which had 
been forced to share the single 
esuting channel previously, to 
carry two separate network show* 
simultaneously. . 

Opening of the new link was 
made possible by the addition of 
TV equipment to the coastal cable 
from Memphis south to the two 
cities. It is not a new cable AT AT 
revealed. In addition, that Mtami 
and New Orleans will be added lo 
the network lineup by late 1952 
Miami is tn be Interconnected via 
a cable running south from Jack 
*onvt!to, Fla., whito NO will be 
tied lu vis g new cn-ga currently 
under construction south from 


tut ate 

l»e 0**dg5 *2n • 

' SSS!mm_ . 



gusstft Nivafi 

mrs to 

• a 

U It N 



» A 

ii, mi 






. 1 

Showdown on Publishers’ Efforts 
To Balk Trauboer Audit for Writers 

Showdown on publisher efforts* 
it M«dl Mrfiii *1 their books lff| 
|4 traubner in behalf of tlfWm 

|. Hated to lake place at the song- 
writer* Prageethre Ana. council 
meeting today 'Wed* At the 
r. ret mi . l*o Eastman who was in 
« te4 to attend a* attorney for a 

In a tnv'e to cheek video's ruffo 

lint itMTfnful attempt to or- 
f Arm# » ir a«f c »*u* uuon of ma)>« 
divk iompsnV* ta vMpmg up with 

Sieve AHea’s Book 


Deetti Records declared it* regie ’ peer* f'.pKa( aai M G M Record* 1 .. ^ t ^ 

far quarterly dividend of per taking the industry lead Trio of :* *** +J** k * lU * r which TV baitkrollers would have 

.«** uf hit tunes a' advert ising pegs. 
| * ja 'group of p u b li sh e rs ire mo 

Steve Alien. TV emcee ha* au- ‘in set up a dr finit e pattern m 

group of publishers U expected to si tp tiockhalder* of record 
■noke an attack on SPA a aeleetlon s+a* it 

of Trauboer at their audit inf ^ ‘ ; . '■ 

•bar. at . hoard awvtinfl l«t word <*•»*«••« *>*»• <-lvar1rr»d 

u . . v .. «, the Record Industry A**n of Amer- 

Melon slice ulll be payable Sept ^ p \ f » York State end It's 


Eastman oho represents the, 
F H Morris Valando and fplther] 
publishing Arms, hoe previously ' 
indicated that b«s clients haee no 
objection to SPA checking their 
huki by an Impartial accounting 
Arm The poke, however are beef* 
mg with the contention that Traub- 
per is too ctdaely associated with 
Hie music bu *mes* as an agent for 
writer*, to be allowed to comb 
through their books and collect 
Info that can be used for purposes 
other than audits 

Htoafcv one of the Rig Three Arm*, t ... , * , 

i h* t.rn ri lint-— — * -B E releasing early neat month ° * h * *4 nominal fee# for *u« h 

the Record Industry A< n. ol Ame Title ia Steve Allen fun With uaeag* *f fane* t p to now puh* 

rt'Kt.dth.t m.n.tKM., ta (o»h* M r*v, ' h>v * W— h SMUU •hWdWd 

bia and Nt A Ah tor will b* „J£"* 4," * 4*^ _** ‘ fdMrdwr* M «ka»M«Mrh .apt*- 

ed phart gg ^ *ung* published and warn- , * , ’ on of their material, but the be* 

New trade group will concern it- ' m g« against the eperation of the lief is growing that the n»u*ir in 
self with general industry mattery M m* sharks t letting content w du »i.> if losing an' important 

M hfihi tif^l In '.wlMl the bm^fc ♦itll mkiiiy ol iik tuBf viot ifitmi i 

prit+ U*n* rrfuUtHm* torlfi it Miller *uat *nt»*inf pvbliraHofi of fe+ m r*rlr |M0ltn< < 
cent mg fee* allocation* of mate- me pi trr winning song ptu* a wax- 
rials and other bills effecting op Ing n> , mayor diskrtv 
eratlon of disk manufacture Aa» j ■ ■ ■ ' - - 

«oriation will operate along , the ' ; : \ 

lines of other industry R r oupa such 

as the Steel Institute or the Motion 
Pirture Asan of Amarus 

: r 

Association s charter *aya H is a 
non profit coy (Hirattoa designed to 
promote the be*t interests mi the 

Ability #f a small tndie dicker v 

ra*tman laaVso es peeled to point ••ApKdttid fully on a hit platter phonograph record I nd u s t ry and ta 
nut that Traubner Is also Involved •« developed is being te*ted j foster, in lauful and appropriate 

tat s publishing enterprise via the m the current rare of the majors «4 r* 4 telatloni ^hrtureen the 

Huh music firm on »he Coast and to cover the tune Sm Tune was P h ” n *’« r *V h '"*»***' Ihr f" 

|* therefore further di«ntMiAl4«d a b . i«k »-'«-• authority, the public 

fiom making an ob|ectIte audit a# ^ ^ h> a ph.Udelphia UbeL, ar t,si» dealer# distributor* puir 

other ru hi i *he r*' books Ruddy * aetsarin Record#, in the blues and Ushers, operators and all other per , 

Morris, through Kastman, kicked rhythm^ market, with the Four *’ n * r<*mern«d with the mu»n 

For Disk 

Precedent a I question a* • to 

whether mechanical rovaltle* must 


n the last couple of 
with Victoria claiming 

off the dispute with SPA a couple Ares as the recording group *um 

0. 55P*S.SL 5 Sir ^ ">—* > ■» 

Traubner has been officially dcs- , 

frnated by SPA to mahe the audits l4 , f tooooo 

1" *' "* Major., iwinlim.* htv. W«« 

1, ' w. howrvbr murt ^«i th» f |, mbtwI ,h, lb 

..Mltl .bd h..« «• p»» rt„uhlr^ilrb »a(«. UCA V.ct»r 

Tr»ubi.»r Mi • b..,. h „ „„ M|> , hlp „ s<v<nn>h 

“•ewj* * WWfPAjIMj, (hurrhlll iMM. wHh Ctumh.. 

Mor* 'ban V)T. of R ^„ rd , • .!.« h. th* 

,re«lwTu Tabular Samm, Ka,. orrh. M«WO 


new out 

t Continued on page 47* 

hr paid on tune* which were pub- 

■** ** -»*!? *** b. !•« .. ihr ..Hiram, «* -»• 

Leeds Mumc Is cuirently taking 
the lead in getting the putM to 
check video bef nee the aituation 
I get v nut of rosdroi. Recently the 
[AIR* network, for - it* C an ad ian 
t luh hankrollen, ashed Duchess 
> M uaic . a Leeds auhasd. for pnmv 
j vion to u># the **t ome On A My 
House clok in a plug iHrdirn, 
however refused to whay the hid 
unless Canadian Cluh paid for the 
u*e of the tong 

Pohs generally feel thgt th. v m«R 

pa> meat far stsrh uaaage since tha 

additional plugs for the tune dohT 
: mean much. Tunes involved *ra 
•ally the standout htts, ar tha 
hr vt known standards, sad Id held 
[that Iho advertiser standi to gain 
from identification with tha 
(h*n the versa 

In radio publishers have been 
•getfilRg aw 'g hit ur-mtaa basis. 


[the current dispute between k H 
i Mark* and Capitol Records A1 . 

I though vimilar cases have occurred * ,,h idverliaers frequenily getting 
[in the no nori decision has ♦‘^ng materiai for nothing. 

m iia/waa esasas i nrijnc been made alace the publishing however feci tfiaf video * 

PLUCGERS FOR ARTISTSi nrm * ‘« v «** v *i* failed In follow etching *0110 hu tunes. WHh It* 

rurauuu rvn AAIWIJ throMih 555; T AbrU> , lt ,nrney : added visual impact for an 
There t a new contorting tech .^presenting Markv is proOaiiig for '*« purpneea rates payment to tha 
nique m vogue along Tin Pan Aliev a lr „ the Issue pe«»ple who risked coin launching 

has hit the market with an f ddv that’s causing c<*n>»derabl# sotto Rummeiiime rovaltv pavment^ the fane la the Arvl place 
Howard band cut voce grumbiing anv ng a number of arr a u 0 bring asked ol Conivnental r »ic ihidhcs Arm had a slnjiTar 

Vicfor meantime, has initiated pluggerb New irr hnique Rwalves Nrcords and Its licensees, Renting *'*" "*«* e un R* 'Open the Door, 

action against the Victoria label the throwing of dinner parties for ta^ Old Timers. Pontiac and Gav Hichatd htt of some y e ar * ago At 

« aaw » t „ (fag allegedly ttaUic g name that ) artists and dish jorkevs mth raih wx Attorneys for Capitol and that time a flock of wow paper ad* 

IfMMl lllMIfM* PliiT llti iv too close ta (he \ ictor trade- of the piuggers asked to contnh Mark* air skrddrd to inert again vrrtiarrs began u^ng N a i i»| 
aeevp^^myPM mark Indie dl'kery ha* replied ute about gA apie»e for the eats nekt week to work out possible line hut Durham rollecied for 

Viobaist Sacs NC AC For 

Mlmtfia 9 ta fsrssr ** tnerely Is using the name and gifts Promotion is usually settlement hut Ahrtes instituted each use ; Soase pubs krllevt that 

LlIOllS Oil IpUl of an hiatonckl personage Action dreamed up by one or MMrO plug* art ton against Remingto* Cwtil- ‘f'» cut of ad budgets, or a $25 
»1 A Artists Car n *•* brought against Victoria by gars who sell It to the rest of the nental. et al yesterday ‘Tors i in lee for each t& WU ta ad coin ia 

v ’* rT *P nr * '' nan is a ■ > s _ * .. . w- ! — ^ * wj we • -w _ • . a 

National C 
vat named defandant JR R fioo • 
bid damage suit brought la N T>. 
Supreme Court recently by John 
tffightoa Murray * violinist Ac- 
Tian dates bach to Oct. 27 1R47. 
v hen NCAC became the musician s 
evriusive manager throughout the 
w ot Id. except Europe. 

RCA m Philadelphia last week. 


i'omposer Igor Stravinsky has piuggers are griping 

rt hi t act men n.any af whom cant N Y Federal court a iravonahle rate fnr the commer 

gracefully refuse Tune, which kic ked c.ff 4 ■ -at esplodation of their M»ng* 

Iwisi week three sucll parties w tangle is *ln The Good tt, „ 

were held for Dick Rrown. vocalist Nummerttme," whuh C apitol re 

on "Stop the Music.** Eve Youne i ccntly waxed with the l^e* Paul 'Mr if tell faiMagar’s 
Lotion Records thrush, and ABC Mary ford team “Nimmrrtimf ( 

disk jockey Herb Sheldon Some penned by George Evans and Ren If * r . a.' 

piuggers are gnping over the fact Hhietd* in 1902. waa Ural publish* d j Vldl IDOIlftCn LMCOftl 

been laked to an exclusive long that such parties with $00 or 170 bv Howell. Havtland A Drevarr 
term pact to conduct hi* own gifts thrown in are a form of To- Marks obtained the copyright from 

For Larry Ader Date 

Io>ndon Sept If 
Vaughn M iihams at 7 $ 

^ tirork* for Columbia Records ' manring ' artists that does nohodv the authors' widow* when the tune 

’ •ter the IM7 deal. NCAC was Masterwork division. Stravinsky !• any good except the promoters came up for renewal in lilt after 

t«> get 20 % of Murray • grots earn- currently in Venire preparing for , »no can take all the credit Su«h the initial copyright term of 2$ Ralph 

ings. according to the complaint, the world oroem of his new opera, moss Contacting procedure. Its years !b * dean of contempomry RritiaR 

f n i eMort* in The RakeN Progress heW furthermore, cant get result# Although there baa been a tacit itknll4% A 

t rt her hi* prole** tonal career But] Columbia aiao obtained find re* i for the Indtv idual firm* represent- understanding between record ««*m «»»np«aers. ha ttunpoaed a rt* 
alter June. !$♦# the violinist cording rights to the opera from ed by the piuggers ( ponies and publishing irmt that certo evper tally for harmonica 

< *rge* NCAC did not use Us the publishers. B arn e y A Hawke*, I • - ihe latter abnuld receive the whuh Larry Adle 

efforta** Libretto is by W H Aufen and 

During that month, the suit as- Chester Ka liman Stravinsky will 

**rts. NCAC sent a notice to its also record for Columbia a series 
id of Area stating pieaae remove of compositions never waxed be 

Murray from the NCAC list imme- 
diateijr , . . he's no longer available 
under NCAC mqnagrment and as 
1 at we knew he's not available 
t^'Vr any other management * 
by distributing such a notice, 
Murray contends the 1$47 agree- 
r f 01 was violated and Ids proles 
, f *nal career wrecked Violinist 
> m, seek* $4 250 from NCAC as 
b orne* doe him for appearances 
the Civic Concerts senes from 
* )$4t through April l$4B 
Action was disclosed Inst week 
w h.-n Murray moved to consolidate 
• N V Supreme Court suit brought 
him by NCAC Latter eom- 

fore. including 
Oedipus Rex * 

hi* oratorio. 

Browi’s Reconl Stand 
Cats Palbdmn Retiri 

Mitutarv 2c rn) ally on ww pub- |B Ru , .mb.r, pntlubly «tih VI. 1 

livhed l» rl ® r lo *bf ( volm Sargent and the London I'hil 

( apitof claim* that there *- — 

Larry Adler will debut here 

is no 


MPCE is Resume 

With Psks m Peamss rU’Stf 

. TT o.h-r h.nd IhM th* lWt L" ' ,. “fT r ^ v... 

Tbi* »» a quick return 


At a meeting of the Music Pub- j ••'TnJ wmi 7l\ TkJ hrr » From Israel. Italy rnd France 

Usher* Contact Employee* ttX^eJKSahed bTfhn C«*T 

U«t»**b th*|HM.H>npU»c«mm.t ! "**'*. ;* ub,, * h *" *» 1 ln W 

tee was given the okay to resume 
meetings with the Mu*ir Publish- | 
ers Protective Aa*n and tndie pub- 
lisher* regarding the pension plan 

1 Last week in Atuehheim. Adler 
*tagrtf an harmonica contest under 
auspice* of the AftnUbiadet after 
noon daily, with 130 entric*. includ- 
ing $ve women, three of grand 


MMaur. w* *m*I 

OVER COPPER STRKI.'**"" of i«p 

! w XV* #*** wwm w I un#vx 

eatery, also competed, but failed 
The dish industry la in good to piare, 

»hap* on essential manufacturing Before his London return Adler 

1 r„ tbM th* tbtabt omrt It «1 ■ "* r bu “ Bf * DHrtey b Au- 

**• *We* it .h'ltH out lo promolt 

1 it tours j of €2.4$? payees. Reportedly 

booked at $2:730. plus a split of the 

— v 

Hollywood. Sept 11. . ... - . ^ . 

Palladium Ballroom, jubilant u pon at MPCF.* last general 

over a record four-week viand by 'noting in June The plan calls 
Brown hit booiiod th# h4nd ^or nrp fphf f ^hip fontftbytkMi ociimi 
for a return d-te on a an# week i ,h »* nt fh ^ P«bU*her Contact 
bask* Unusual hooking for the local mrrt decided to asaesa them- mateDais de«pite the recent copper ^aa hookings in Mai mu. 
tcroery spans the Oirlstmas New PbH 2^ of their weekly salaries strike which Is expected to cut tpaalla Copenhagen and Helving 

up to $100 back allocations 1 of that nd*J. | fig# Finland Latter date is at 

Plan* for another raffle to aid Dickers have not yet felt the »m* the Fiakartorpet, the S«. 1 suer) 

the MPCE relief fund was also pod of the toppxr strike since the 

discussed at the meetnig. supply line* have been adequate 

v:r ^ — “S.]° *” - * " or ~' ' * Patti Page Agaa 

M il InLt MnrflUt kf become* 

inR5 mill RICA tighter disk exec* c ontend that 

Nor* Morales’ Latin band has they wilt continue lo operate with- 1 

ter per y spans the Christ maa 
Year s week 

Brown racked up the best sum 

Gets Qsssey Pish 

' -rtoonist BUbe Goldberg # a$P 
• f1 * t faffing effort In almost 23 
“ a kiddie tune titled "Willie 
* Whistling Giraffe * is getting a 
'obia Records push via a Rate- 
Mary C 

gate > rjm las Ian* over the $10 000 
figure weekly Brown went heavily 
into percentage each week Band 
collected BS.iflB on the first week 
flskf. drawing a smashing 17 344 

With 1* 1# Sleep' ( 

- Dallas. Sept 11, 
Rud> Vallee baa been booked for 

w * week's engagement at the Mural 

Goldberg’s Bril songwriglog at- Room of the Baker Hotel here. He 
il* pt *“ “Tm the Guy." in the Mill open Sept it ^ 

«*?•» s. ■ 


>ng the 

_ proxy Mi' ton R.', H$$^ fl$4 

Be* Bloom Music It” pub- Vallee will’ appear m nights and . returns In the hmneoffle* 

I I . i 1 — . tfH 


km lato* ky Cblumbib BhcotOi «m ■Mtfc WglruHy CW » 

lo an •nrlvMvr D»al »a« n,-o- ,«mp.nv »*»* lhal ««•>"» IVM u( , . .,h ar„ .h,r 

Hated bv George Avakian, d.vk- formulae on subatituuons of sir*. ■ , k ”\ nd So Te Sleep her 
s itttematinnal diviamn chief trnal are xtill available f«r immc- rul for * Mercury Records 

h Morale* J- 4 7*^*??* d,-,e u '* Number has g ue over the 100.004 

I m Ti na • . wv marker durirg the first three 

Buddy Morns lo IN- T. week*, with Mercury rushing pro 

Buddy Morril E H Morris top- j dud ion on 2VM100 more ... 
per, is due in from the Coast Sept Number was launched lb Boston 

via Norm Prescott t disk jockey 

Morn* expect* If beadquarttr vimt on WORL. the deejay pushiAff 

iiSWCsB* itM^im* iTbtue i. here for a month only. •• Wynne* *Uc* of th* Hff* duh. 

with I 

both in th* pop and international 
fields « 

Morales formerly recqrdrd JOT 

is, mi 


12, mi 

« < • .• * . . f i ; ' i ■ ' . / . ■ 

Jocks, Jukes and Disks 


: . „ p aaM e: Call* Calls VTt * i Brie in in mhiiIuH and union 
. l . Mf Wm Pimm Yn»r H aase To cemed meaner 
\jv House ‘ « Mercury 1 “Calls la ( amaraia tin!; “Little Jumping 
in adaptation af •« Israeli folk , Jack .' The Urmhcpper ‘ Uttfal 
ti ♦ and Da mone whips aero** the Jumping Jack of Carman origin 
.4#wil '•JR ' • spirited style A1 < it led Der K liana tyamprirnan 
tf.migll l»e I* **t top form ©n t Ml# ; ggt* a humotou* aurkom by Ca- 
• hr bora klialtty ** Yga mHla- marata * trrw Tune ha* a neat 
of pTrvloii* diaBfltck# to ';■***» melodic line and a rute lilt t'a- 1 
i* as: a hit H«\ ri se a inarita tahia adiantaae of nm 

, . ant ballad that |Mea»e pav%age with top mrtr unienOt u«n 

i , J h.mone ti« vote* - Gorge ■ 4S f- a« < n t rng IN khmi v « «ir* ©I the 
n, ,n *> or« ti t*aj k* with *rrt- me hxh It should .*.• » * • »*iiG of 

i 4 «k HadMfik “A Ktai To Build jock ipMis Ret rise di*pia>* mon 
M am tJn - “T Tr l ilH Trr Frrftifitr k l Will C 

Coral 1 ItexfcatL who nt«ju* 

folio* mg via » r« trice Moose I took Mr Ovet 

. u»rru»a\ » NB< -TV show o me' Beta Bihiba Virtitf 

better material before he ‘ PatrMe VI unapt's excellent work 
t«« « < »ne a serum* entry m the avet lank ' 

. yiritht tweeprtakr* Initial from The Uuihma Sm« from ; 

- prujcrl pome of hit affable Johann Sirati" op e r e t ta .•■■■ *T)ie •■ 

n but area t strong enough to Flcdermsu* " ha* a good chan** 

i off wIMi hel »f juke spin* of breaking ihrmagB as # pop hit ■ 
If. ti-** hi* brrt however with Mt»« Munsel’a jaunt i interpret a- r 

..ream On an lane c wow* Ballad tio» of the i lever Howard Diet/ | 

turn Invitation" fails to «***;l>ric WMopa Hrla Himba is a j 
if{\r de*pi(e a good lyric rendition routing item in which Mm \iun*rl • 
nendy W aye: “Stay Clone To get* an okay #**iM (riim an on h i 

» My Utile Girl" Muwi of I MM ihorh* unde r Borman Ley 

rime* Wendy Way r a Mmng den a direction i 

vuraliM from the Coart loom* a« n. _ n c . ra * 

.a » rong factor on disk* if she can fliUtf r oinlefi «i 

sustain quality O# P** Peggy lee ha* a mm k vide in h 

t»‘« lt * !5 al 1 Birmingham Jail** ( apitoi* 

uid break through tf aiven l.m« Bamay and Gay I apbarda * 

Bed British Shed Seflert 

iWttk endmp Sefrt. It 

London. Sept 4 
Too Young V Sun 

My Beaiatance la Low M u rrt g 
kly Truly Truly Fair " Darti 
W'Hh The*# Ifand* Ka«*ner , 
Too Late Non Xf* World 
I VpQl iftw ■' Victoria 

IroryRag Mac me tod ie* 

< hr'rt pk r Col mb a C'unnrlly 
Be Mi Love PUfhH 

Urvelie** \iaht F U All 

Tulip* and Heather . Pieid* 
l nlex, F D AM 

S*c * m d 12 

Jeiefn-I v l onnclly 

he« et \ mli‘! » 

Begyaf In I avr < * i neph<r»iuc 

■ Our Vr|\ Man "oOtl 

Mockm Hnd Mill Sooitu*. n 

■' * 1 lh 1 t> f 

(io.l HI.-- Y.Vft '..Carol m 

Shotgun Bmi> u t «»un» 

> <>u \ ! :•••■•. .,n 

Lit Me W hitt llut k Smilht rn 

Sept*mtier Song Sterling 
Kentucky W atU ■ . S*uit tvern 

| Puerto Rico, Vigm Islands Ose Native 
i Bands, Singers But Look to US. Talent 

By ARNOI D SHAW v \ die* m the States and pieMeihng a 

*. n i full menu of’ MY parade t>tnep, m4 

il P Dm hea* ho p. current record rwiar* lnc»dim> 

BY Tfcnmaa Sept 11 U ||e WSTA * talent and hard- 

Buank new nwllhui -dollar hotel* working announcer, Ron dr l.uao, 

m the \ it gin I' land* a»d Poerta *«*• *** IHdfy * T.u m IBM 

• j 1 ■ - * he popular •■'..< . ■ 

iMraf *p> «M» *•« J ,. rThr 

ne from N« w Y%»rk are e*taMt*|i- in i.eimi the l un .. Kteaa 
jiaf a |fp tmiiiH *n |k|kir lor 1 ,.<• p#« ture »* one twi which 

kno t can nijerv * » retail 
B«.»h the t. ir.i t attbedHlton lb» 
f» 1 i.n s.m 1 » >m 1 * H , .ifi.t t * 
m>i .aIiiii \ i>i!in lyle Hotel at st 

murte pt.ture i* atar tm whuh 
tunc* and art irt - arc H»m I .t n- 
\ an and only 2tt* . A mm j t- 
« tis> . wit.h.the get*. >!h i 

grng b blnti on cu frfmi 7 - m 


Indtrattofia that the 

l u.mjv • unt nth icature native t * 1 '.«n.«iM*n • |ph» found 

"Sd-'iSeS caiolm 'm,alirt. Hot a* : . >5a»mR 

shotirur, ii trbl e of -Hy rirta to the new Amr^ , tf „ - »»K..n> 

7 \ 1 ' logo m v .» ! ***44 Medii. rfg*gia»» 

i Me White I>Uo4 Sonet hern pto p m rH gB a . deniiRd fur top > ^nak Fogti*k 

Scptcmtier Son* Sterling Mantaleatb V Both in the Vtrgina andPuerto 

K. mucky WatU Rout hern nkdyTV ft S TM. Mjltl ,he rnamho i* the nirrent 

a* which door* heavy ah 'rar n.i. n , , „ r ^ Vrrrf ,^ ado tl „ hol . 

- b> / » h weekend (ov. 1 s and art » , ... I1# ^ — -a-_- 

meets MPiQ YiiPt r 

FEELING BIZ UPSWING k|hejiev»«<«- :.lw uTm 

lortiratmiMi mm IV* OH, 'M '.IgC' ' T . . ' ' >**c* •*!*«<*• I M«W 

pubhrttmg houvf art iv it v wa* over J U V rl ° w >vf r (rUF' getting a Keaw play In 

waa evident la*t week in the ra*h 5 ul>A " K u ‘ h rfn !! wr all the >ukebaaca which in Huerta 

<»f 1 ontai tinea hiring* bv pub- u n« 'J^.P**^ * w r ' r Kieo are aa plentiful a* tht papaya 

he ryk around the rountiv Within € alvpao from T» tni«ta< and going 14 hour* a dav la 

the part week *»* pluggera were Miodom frnm Ha it ! a* t»w »r »•»»«' e Virgin* right behind Krkrtine 

«f promotion via a Jn cBay • j olt d»ii Vrr M neat interpret afion of g«i and nine on the t’onM ''-/..i'l-Jl ,n * ', nr '7 r Frankie laiar, with ^Jr/chel'* 

Al ' W.,e i piping la t W Mk jU i g f bia t kia *» Hay Ar te^g a hu»»tah HU teaami £ *“ c«»i> ending a great eagua 

• vi v He hanAea wajlyric wrth • mtn % fhe l . Song 1 * 1 rule for mntackmen. Muale PwBMaliart hv ' American ’JJ^*** .•£*■ 4 ** and nit f he I june atandard* pulling 
r ,.* d and ^110 *' ntr ^ ,dr Federal Ralph Mar- ( .»nt*<t Fmplnvee* unmn acrepfed ?***?* pn*aib4hty ,h 'J 4 heavy play 

an excerpt f rnmtha WaJMW- <k»e« a nice wo rhn oec of the four ^ p i«*g*-,s for memkrr*hip Heavy Amerlran tnnrtat trade wilt \ lrff in Manda’ nniekie Hi week 

-nu^l »* m a ; M i?‘ # ” l ^ 5aJ®«E VSZ • '*« oeok^rETwill of make Puertn Bun moofe lflvnr( . # p^mSia^r tvtllng Reno a 

*g Wag-l tg*!-S. > 5. m ?!.. t "!: v»*r»«w >< , * — w r%iMm «w»lc4H— ■ om .* «h* m.«l .*4 «.< “•«-»'» «V< 1 * rh* mm a,. IM. knwM m *..-*• 

* femme iwpin' come* an pace I lent veraton of fHikc 72* New York cultivate t «lv pan and vaadan ia : iu-, > 

|M a bit too pretentioua far any ^ sophiat.caied Lady“ ; *" Hew TatR SS55 anmemna JZt SS JZ 

good reauMa. fua ( rail fail* 1 ( urrrot idkaaf* in both U- w ^ 

kera Lyna: “Don’t Make a Mem* pre^a un M Out of a Hundred <■> ■ ■ » a mi $ t . land* I* an native taleat Am . " nk ' ml J « traveler* at..* huvtne**- 

W, My Friend The Robin t .pUol. The Andrews RMer* UNKlied, UMS lit lm?med Cartbe H?lli SSne* n ^ * J*? 1 "? * tat<w w 

I.ndon' Vera Lyan * dea. klSif uvuai eaube.ance an the 7 ^ * . . C?IInrTWncmr^lL^ ^ ^ i ederal tame, and .t 

melodic ihruvhtng i« evident an aNB* Daddy * Derca* Daria T un p f.Jr Mail Baettnl d *>• m make* tha Wand a par- 

thtv coupling but ao-aa caliber of Day baa a solid blue* item in Got !■■** ^ “ V! .VVrjfSlg •*** ^r punhaaeaa# perfume to- 

tune* will only rate moderate Him (Mf My Hand* 'Columbia 1 1 The Bi^t tune publtahed by lou ’ 7 ™ * r . baco Danivh vifver and evftecialHr. 

*pm* ’ Memory af Me k « da* M«at#vaa4 ha* an okay arch piece u hen he opened h.* , mrer i^tin- Amer ican cui me and , tt<lt0r rt v # beetle gum a on whoil 

Beni tBnl gets nowhere | in “Undtc the Beefs of Porta** Muaw Arm wme IS rear* ago w , r # , 7***, " J/*? f Mgpa aaakea traveler* *l.^h*ppy 

dr volte good di M ai and an able London! , — - *-—•* 1m. aow ' Juan, one of . mart papular nifenr* K ik«» mmm rwau^ < 

hired in Sew York three 1 * fh.. « 4r*he* But the \ «rgm* are keyed 

«„ >nd Mf.M UH'CMH WJO *•*•**»!? •• "; r 

^ 4 j, 1 1 aherea* Puerto Run 1 * dominated 

;, 7 v~. ~ ~ 1. .. .. f ’ » the Virgin* right behind Frkrtme 

t .h». »U. Ih» \ ,r,ms ,rr ke ,,4 ||u> 4 h „ w , lrdln| , 

►W* *!* ,r r W$2 Su '*\ .. >r.nkW (4H, «Sk Jr^hrl- 

here a* Puerto Run i* dominated k 

Currently enjoying a great vogue 
and alt the Inline standard* pulling 
4 heavy play 

Virgin Manda' quickie ill week 
divorce procedure rivaling Rrnoi 

St nfw *- ?*** f* 4 ?L*?i LorMkj. . guthni . .rvlv.l , • k- ,h »» •*• C.«4..i. . .h 

from lh» **TMtn The r»- : Mi4«i omtoro. folk. ktaM. fuoo V i »4ori4o«." mm arlHoo »•« oomorl .tlrr lho hit Amora.o «*4 IMh'i m « • hHM» oM 

rono feu • *H* UM rt»lhm. rolljflQuo pulk». oU <krio ^ „„ irumpofor CTurho Sh.orrt I*' III S?*_ J * r * 7? * •„ '.'City k»M tf Frroli r««tn UW 

Dean Martin: “Hanging Around Dawell. Talkin rOkeht . . The . . fili4 __ i v„ h«*en n».*> Thotna*. the ( aribbean offer* vi»i*iert and Dutch lioueur* K«»l* 

W,.h Vm»-v3R» CM«S f< *C.k4#». VQMOW iW. T hrta « . «mM , « JtTSj .k» 'k» A.»>n K.rh.rtl. k r.^k.n* Hal.imlM. iL of ihr.n 

Although Dean Martin and hi* Room In* Heavon tDeceal^ > Te « | Hn% ^ the i^g Brown 221* *• - roughly 

nrth It * the Ar*t tca.nup J ^ mV of JSThts . f. * ib,r4 ^ ,h# Srm Ywr * 

tween the Arne* Bro* com bn gad j u ! 1H'"- 

' m. fk. 1 .M 4 .* *YpiO agkBar. stteiy eanring un 

and aa able i London » 

rtea The re- sundot 

wewlera. folk. 

Although Dean Martin and hitfgpom 
lomedy foil, Jerry D*k rale a* ntHer. 

biggest min grab b er* lb the tol» 
l ii Martin a solo disk attempU *el- fo Tra 
<to»n get off the ground- ' This cou- bilaire 
pUng w on t do much to add to hit ■ ,■ ■ 
vtmk a* a male vocaliat “With •Ohehi 

bilaire*. “Living a Ue’ 'CapitnD 
Maurice KIM. “II SI P M * 

Okehi . lark Day. “l^onesome 

Ritter, “Tennessee Blue*’ tCapi- Arne* nro* *no me i,e* nre^n 
toll Bill SrtUea. "A Lrmg Koad orch II a the Arvi teamup he- 

to Travel > Mercury • ^ Ja tween the Amea Brn* combo and 

7 u 1 Zs .K- . 1 J 4 I exciting native ram ho which playi 

nrt h lt*a 'the Ar*t teamup he - a . m. . . _ ' 

You get* tome okay baritoning , Truck Drivera Bluea -lifercurvL 
and the revene auffer* by being » • DM Beaay. I See God 

nv.rly rule Dick Stabile ‘a orch Decra* 

>mnad CaFal agtrxra agft. built on a mountain top and com- VBtIDi 1 4 TAlirT inriL'D 

_ ^ 1 mending a panorama of St Thorn- RlUIrA, JAllfUt I A UVtU 

Rear, Greta Huddle . . the new PLambovant Hotel '»l t - TO GRANTS ‘JAZZ’ TOUR 

Heart Hene Ht A \ xbr’i faig j^J| bath iwlp nb go-wa native k« king aff the I It h annual tang 

b*»*kv capably 

tarry Baiae: HalfALove- 
TEM Youa“ iCoralt. Lorry Raine 
oho recently exited London Hei- 
nnt* improve* with each new slice. 

Iota ta Wemar a Cooat Office 

Allan Rom hat been named con 

recording chief, an tved in New ( 
York lart weekend for vemi-annual. 

». B. 

Jan at the Philharmonir'* this 


Him Raine veil* “Lbee” in an Op'll 
r^etentioua manner and her warm 
delivery should catapult K into the , 
kit brackets. “Voua ' la a quasi* 
t. < item that prwiaeta a pleaa- 
uij sentimental mood. 

Savannah ChoeobMI: “Sm-1 • 
D r. i Believe in Taasorrow ’ <Vic» 

*• ■» Sin. ' a rhythm and bine* 
Item, vhould move into the pop disk < 
r ck held via this etching Savan- 4 
r •’ Churchill hand lea the shove ' 
average lyric with understanding , 
and her low register voice projects < 
proper mood, Reverse gets a t>p» ' 
•ral t'hurchlllian workover. 

•JhTGj^lfc nT T Tell S M« n ^our j ; 
h’ame” Capitol t. Norman Kaye , 
•I the Mary Kaye Trio, projects 1 
strongly on Wia mitlal solo attempt. 

H .voice hat all the qooMaaa 
for a top aingmg per- 
*»n*iJty and with a more careful 
a» ectiau of tune*, he thauld be 
ah ' lu break through with a beat- 
** dng vide This Aral coupling, 
however, does nothing more than 
* > hi* potential “Stlwnger 

{‘ only moderate faro that gets 
* • t m it* own narrative “Your 
1 tg a melodic Item that 
*' .id get some Jock spins. 

p*tu Page: “And So To Sleep i 
At^m you Sweet Let Ur - Mer- i 
Sleep. ’ * mrltDf Ballad 
•h- sitting a wide diakocf 
» d, doesn't get enough of the 
.n>piratiorval Patti Pair 
*t • -t ment to shoot it ahead of the 
**mp*utioa It's still a Band aide 
nt’*»irr and should be aBk tb 
JDtNg bn Mias Page s past per- 
J For a change of paae 

Mercury reverse ta given a 
but cevtfui delivery. 

, rH f r Lind Mayoai “In A Brewery 
J* Drury Lane-Kr«u*meyeri 
D*ecg) The warmth and 
*Hteh comedian Peter 1 nd 

Ua “Love” in an un- office 

gets a t>p- 

t act man for Wrmar Mu*»c Coart policy eon fab* with Charles (ire* n behind New York in currency of 

Switch i* that Virgin* are right S 4 lurday ‘IS i at Carnegie Hall. 

pop art l*t* and repertory head 

American pop *on*» with St 

N Y promoter Norman Grans hat 
added Gene Kropa and Illinois 

Rom was formerly associated j ^ Jtene will return to Holl>wood T homo*' only radio rtauon. WSTA, J^^urt to hi* troupe, l ! mt will 

with t'happell on the Coart 

next week. 

10 Best Sellers on 

taking it* muvicue* from the in- 

climac *""kvf$mi* 

lIllllCu ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 

COME ON A MY NOI RE t|g> ‘Due be**) 
BFCA1HE OF TOC (4) < Broadcast » ... 

BWrrr VIOLETS «•> Morrivi 

• •••*’•*• 1 • • 4 ; 

Rosemary Clooney 

I Tony flew net! . . . 

I Lea Hujtrr 

Dinah Shore . . . . 
Tong -Martin , . 

neg Columbia 
...... Columbia 

..... Capitol 

,/. ... . , . . , Victor 
. , ....... , Victor 

TOO TOI NG (til (Jeffr 

* • a ■■* c a . p e 




J Nat “King" Cole ..... Cap itol 
I Richard If age: , Mercury 

I Gug Milch cU Mitch Miller Col 
j Vic Damone Mercury 

Gug Mifcheli Much Miller Col 
F rankte Lain# . . . . Columbia 
Mario Lanaa ......... Victor 

S Patti Poo# 

I Drnnia Dag 

• v a t < f • *■ 



Second Croup 


• /•* • ••. •.■>.r*r - 


DI. TO! R ‘Hill R i 

JOSEPHINE <Ee|aO •* • 


• • • a j» • a.’ 1 

t •’> > • • * * 

• v •' i f, •. 

« vrm Which comedian Peter Lind 
mt ir% <,, HhN m hie nitery and 
' ’ r * »*w net evide n t in this 

ROBE. ROBE I LOVE YOU <•> Hhappetl) . . . . . . . , 

BECAUSE OP 1AJN tMaypale) . . 7 ;. . 


I'M IN LOVE AGAIN (4) ‘Harms) 

GOOD MORNING MR. ECHO tParresO ............. 


mam bom the moon ct«> (CBappaH) . 


t Doris Dag 

1 Bilig M ilhem* Quarter 
j Tommy Edward* 77 . 

1 Pawl We et an..... 

V ic Di fthcpft# 

Pom Page Mrrcury J | n \.Y. for Dhtfitt MjfD. 

Lea Paul Mary Ford Cajntol * Columbia Record* 1* holding a 
t .Sarah Vaughan . . Columbia ♦ New Y«rb conclave «*f dutrirt mjn- 
> Patti Page . Mercury J axen thi* week to unpiewrnl the 

Frankie Lata# Columbia ♦ compan> • fall winter sale* 

c t* ite,5fS^r z$ . 

Lucky MiUmder . . . Kmg j { p M) Waxier aewly pronKded 

Aprti Steven* Henri Rene Victor ♦ j V eep~e o*cr «a>e* wilt per-Mdr uet 
Jane Tarry Trie v.v. Drcca ♦ the aeviiona. 

Wearer* / Decce 2 , • 7 ^ 

Vcughn Monroe V*ctme fj j^rt| p* S ph a 8M Tr 

Let Paul f ord Capital I Wartuogton h. pt It 

Lr* Paul Mery Ford Capitol I ^klfatiai Its Slrt arin»*rr\ary. 
Eddie Fisher , Victor ♦ ibe National Symphony ter* off it* 

Gug Mitchell Mitch Miller Col ^ nr * m-imt) of M concert* on 
■ ' f tki 24 

kg been ta Be Tar It l ♦ imtigl gweet will be eelllsi Gra- 

.. — ^ V'* 4 - W tliw AiUtflOP 

Cofu M bta 





rover M key elite* in the U S 

and Canada 

Included th the JATP lineup this 
year are Klta Fititgerald Fhp 
Phillips Lerter Xnung H«»y Eld- 
radge,: Bill Ham* Rav V Brown, 

' Hank Jones and Oscar Peterson 

: Howird Turni Over Band 
I’ T# Safer Norman Lee 

’] : Chicago Rept II • 

1 j Eddy Howard, who recently de- 

• parted hi* orch for an extended 
! rest has turned over hi* cadre <*f 
J vide men to band* *inyer N«»rman 
| l^e Orch'* setup will he federally 

• the same ta an effort fo keep the 
J unit'* rtatu* quo should Howard 
k' decide to return. 

Lee who ha* fronted the hand 
| on other occasion* will uu hi* 

• uWn tag Band* first date lr at the 
; Oh Henry Ballroom here S« pt 1» 
| for an indefinite period 

; . 

: Col. Holding Sales Meet 



• a o. *' a # •*. 0 

A *« •• v . 

'd * w#-e 

5 ^ Og of aavatty tunes “Dnirp 
l 4 ?*. ^ “ occasional cuts lyric 
bn for the moat part it's an un- 

item, rua hag an akap 

mtM t£m"£i 

* Wearer* . Drcca 

| Vaughq Monroe . ... Victoir 

Lea Paul Marg lord . . Cqnfol 
Lea Paul Mary Ford Capitol 
l Eddie F taker Victor 

I Gug Mitchell Much Hitter Col . 

#f week* tong mi been m the Tar IS 1 

»*or fhatsgorvky, at the opener. 


• « 

it, mi 

MGM 11035, 71 









Aorrrnlo, Dept. 1 
Trip he« been exciting end have 
piIpmM our itat «• that me aelf 
!«r home on the lie de France Sept 

2V : , V " V; 

The ntuuc butlnau in Europe 
remain a much the tame Tried to 
A|ur« out why M .My Resilience la 
lev" «u Nu 1 uni in England 
•lihough nothing happened at 
home Dno t know If It la indie*' 
five of anything, hut the Cordon 
Jenkins- Hoagy Carmichael record 
made the song in England and 
c«>utrta‘l make it In America When 
»« left England the <ecord has 
pn«aed 1 00 OHO and «u No I sheet 
mask seller It'a a great record 
and a great song and should also 
have been No 1 at home 

■ The music In Paris remains the 
same^ -and that it Bond The 
French a liters are w riting in a 
different style, and I hope they 
continue Their mistake would be 
to write for the American market 
One htg kkif today Is *T>«mino** «a 
last «ilir and ft could he a big 
song at home 

I went Into a musk shop and 
found what I call a penomal >uke 
box " These are machine* on 
w huh you can hear your choice for 
It francs 'about ke\ You drop the 
roto in. and the record start* 
Through rublier tubes, with an ear 
piece, vou hear the «dstl»f song 
and while you listen >ou look at a 
copv ot the music which stands In 
a glass frame on top of the phono 
graph l.ined up they look Ilka a 
penny arcade 

They are till! playing * Dead 
Leaves.* whklt was big a year ago 
-another great song that may 
have to Wait as manv year* at la 
\ »e Pin Hose’* Is becotOf the big 
hit it deserves to he in the State* 
EverVone who Hear* it at home 
remarks on the beauty of the mel- 
ody. bol nu one seems to buy it 
•It * railed *' Autumn laiv***" in 
the V- N— with a fine lyric by 
Johnny Mere* r • 

For the re*t as you know, the 
dance b.«nd* pUv American and 
Ubn- American *ong* The French 
wrttery will Have a greal effect on 
Amiri* Ad writer*. because ihev are 
writing what I call "real songs"-— 
go*nl u dot ones and they have to 
keep wilting them borauae the in- 
fONgf from each is fxtredm*; \ 
small ; 

«U now hat a *• * t song, failed 
4 Annua K Core " The girl In the 
tm**ir shoo said it wa» new -H has 
been out for ui months Heard II 
ftrsl a| Alfredo's restaurant In 
Ih one placed by a violin mandolin 
and guitar combination ; It Is 
, plav ed and sung every whelc and 
] V trlof h»* it on a Med Neal hv 
Gigli It will pmhablu come to 

Weui to a big outdoor cafe railed 
Ca*ino d« Ma Hour in Romr .jml 
the tcmcre announces the octa in 
Wh Italian and French — lots at 
French music played around here 
At the Casino lucienne Diver does 
her whole act In French, but a few 
nights later the Delta Rhythm 
Bovs opened and did their act in 
Erutiisb The response, when they 
did "Si lamia Blues" and ‘ Begin 
the Hcguine * was tremendous 

At a club here in Sorrento last 
night we heard a great little dance 
band -led by a Addle player— and 
the people really danced They 
plaved music by sets, a tango act. 
then a waltr act all Frencfi. a»»ng« 
like Hher Seme" and * Plgalle w 
* f.i«t will? set and the floor was 
Ailed Then a rhumba set. a samba 
let. etc No American songs 

tkric of the most interesting ob- 
Iserv alums on the trip— -we are dnv- 
I ing — is that many of the small 
towns are still playing The In- 
former " 

Here they are showing the 
French Aim (a Monde ” It s the 
talk of 1 . 00 don now and a great 

Florence, Venice Switzerland, 
hock to Paris for a week before we 


hade Orchestras— Music 

A group of untvorrity muaicofoglsts. directed by Prof Marshall 
Stearns of Hu»t*r College. N Y , recently completed • lo-dey oeminar 
on )ati at tilt Mu*ic Inn Limb. Maas . donated I o defining j*„. f1fc g 
laying plans for future studies Definition of )aat. as Anally arrived 
at by tho oaperts. wao on the VnMr ilie Mf rood no follows 
I* an improvisations! American music, utilizing European IfcOtrumew 
taium and fusing elements of Furiipnon Euro African metorfv ..,4 
African rhythm • . 

The seminar was conducted with live Illustrations by a Croup of j^rt 
insimmentallOta and Ikmfer* The nest rounduMr on the wme 
10 planned for Aufpftat of nest year 

Second Far Eastern tune to hit the 1 S in recent month* a* a r *u » 
of the GIs in Korea has cr o pped up in Truly Lulu written h 
J nunoA cmnie»s 4 I \<»iniv uki T oke ol a more than 1C years \ i, 

her. which has be >n cut by the lludd* Morrow orch for KC A V trior 
was titled “China Nights" in the original Japanese version and used'/t# 
prtmmte col ionisation ol China by Jap«ne*e laborers Tune » ** . m 
came to the V S via Mr* F J Brunka. who wrote an English jvn« 
Tune ha* been picked up frotn Mr* Brunka by Clare Must* for pdhli- 
cation First Oriental tune to break through recently was ‘ Rose Ko»e 
I laser. You " 


Ahiut a record company to latch on to a hit potential in the 
shortest possible time was demonstrated last week by M-G-M Record^ 
Whon the mayor diskette* got wind of the Philadelphia click of Sm 
a rhythm and blues Item, an the Indie Victoria label, they revi* d 
pr ea ai n g orhedulos to get oo the gravy (rain M-G-M oahbed the Billy 
William* Quintet as they arrived in New York from Chicago Wednaoday 
Si and pressed the tune that evening f The plotter was on sale in 
New York the next day Tune was alio rushed through hv RC A Vtrfor 
wilh a Savannah Churchill etching and by Mercury with Rddv How aid 

a not her attempt to put a pop lyric tnthefamnuolinor ariafrwm 
«in <4 IVfil lishor* which w .* one of Enrico Caruso* U i- 
sktling disks for Victor, has turned up in "My Greatest Love " Buddy 
have, who clicked with public domain classical tunes in such tunes as 
Full Moon and Eruptv Arms" and ‘TUI the End of Time." wrote the 
new lyric Several previous attempt* to come up with a hit lyric 
flopped "luive " published hv Solly Loft s Revere Mink, has be^n 
waved by Giselle MacKenne tor Ofktol Records 

Novel attempt to u«e im inbers of m urding trios a* uvlo di*k art -u 
is currently being rondui ted bv Capitol Rorord* The dlskerv lord off 
the evpertment with the release of The Stronger" and "The Gvf»v 
l>h.n't Tell Ale Your Name 'V by Norman Kaye, of the Mary Kaye trUi; 
Capitol is currently dukering with the other two member* Frank R<**« 
and Mary Kaye for similar sole stint* Despite the sole chores, the 
trio will continue to renud together 

f « 

V d r * 

With the opening of the academic season RC A Victor if teeing off 
an evteviAivv protootion on its new Hugo Winterhalter disk ut "Red 
leaves On the Campus Green " An alma mater-typr song, side is 
bring ti«*d into college* which use green m their color marking* such 
a* D*n mouth Tune la plan being puslied via Idtl stations In the so- 
called ‘collegiate circuit of achool-o* ned outlets 





Reflecting a new upbeat in cus- 
tomer re*pupse to Dixie] and mu- 
sic, Lou Terasts restaurant in the 
Broadway area Ip the latest eaten 
to install regular weekly aeaskms 
of two- heat nutate. Following pat- 
tern of several Greenwich Village 
spots. Terasi s Is featuring Mon- 
day night jazr bouts with such two- 
heat side men as Roy Eidndge, Pee- 
wee Erwin. Ernie Caceres. Carl 
Kress. Ed Safrahskl and Sol 
Yaged- ' 

Dixieland v has been pulling 
strong recently at Jimmy Ryan's 
on S2d St . which has been doing 
better business than nvo*t of the 
adjoining and competing atrip 
faints The knockdown beat haa 
also settled Into a proAtabte coin 
groove at the Central Plaza and 
Stuvvesant Casino on the New 
York east tide, where the weekly 
jazx sessions have been playing to 
near-capacity even during the 
»u ^ J 

Dacca Expwb Hmz 

Expanding Its blues and rhythm 
artists roster. Dacca has inked four 
vocal lata in that Aeld recently, in- 
eluding Waymon Brown CUV 
Broddy, W illie Brown, and Charlie 
Harding, plu* a vocal group, the 
Gu lden Gospel thagen 

Paul Cohen, head of Drcui 
bAr operation, made Use deals 



U t N T h A v l M A 

. ' ' 


M WmO IM Sir Ml. N«» T«rfc 

V- . r 


Abbe Lnne’t Minks Scram 

Chicago. Sept It 
Abbe Lane singer with the 
Xavier Cugat orch. reported to 
police la«t week that two fur coats 
valued at f-f.AOO disappeared from 
her hotel room at the Edgewater 
Beach Hotel. V 

Cugat orch concluded a month's 
stand on the Beachwalk and 
opened immediately at the Oriental 
Theatre. Singer said M UMO 
silver mink cape and a black mink 
! stole were overlooked la the at- 
I leged caper.' 


■ • ■ j ' ■ ■ 




CbkPfd 14. ML 


u ' 1 



Survey of retail sheet musie 
sales, based on reports obtained 
from ImBiri stores in 12 C*M«S 

rating for this and last week. 

Week Ending 

at toa M (IraadcaaO 
i Ntchl Yrar ,, 1lbMNnJ 

• Jr fferson • 

In line with the steady mIm up- , 
h«-4t .0 the Uihk market. Golden 
Record*. a uibiid of Simon A 
Schurttr, b expanding Its line this 
week to Include 10-Inch disks 
Heretofore limiting Itself to si a 
Inch waxing* only, wMcl racke J 
up close to 25 000.000 sales since 
Its inception two years ago. the j 
kidlskery execs claim that there’s 
been a growing demand for more > 
dlklu for kiddle consumption. 

Golden will tee off Its 10-lnoh ] 
line with seven releases using the 
works of such writers and- com- 

C sers as Alec Wilder. Rube Gold- 
rg ( Uff friend Margaret Wise 
Brown and Sylvia fine »Mrt 
Dannv Kavc “Rudolph the Red 
Nosed Rrindeer.** Is also scheduled ; 
In the firvt group Although the 
six-inch platters were distributed 
through such varied outlets as 
super-market s. bookstores . and 
newsstand*. it’s undecided yet If 
tbe larger platter will be given the 
same treatment According to Rob 
Bernstein, general sales manager 
the new releases will be marketed 
at Ant through regular record 
channels and some attempts will 
be made to push them In wider- 
ranged outlets. 

Mitch Milter, artist and reper- 
tory head for Columbia Raoords 
will remain as Guidon's muvfcal 
director with Col’s consent, Arthur 
Shlmktn Is production head 

Philadelphia’s lad outpost at s 
once -flourishing music publishing 

Kaye Heading Out Sept. 19 
On Eautern 1 -Niter Tour 

, ■ ■ • . ■ 4 

Sammy Kaye, who wound up a 
10- week engagement at tht Hotel 
Astor Roof, N. Y. Saturday ft* 
heads out oh a string of one-niters 

beginning In Syracuse Sept. 16 
Kaye will continue tour through 
the east and midwest despite regu- 
lar Saturday CRS-TV show The 
bandleader will arrange dates so 
that he can get bock to New York 
for the video commitment. 

Big Three shuttered its Philly of- 
fice and dropped Jack Kopf its rep 
In that city, for the last couple of 
years the Rig Three has been the 
sole major pub to retain offices in 
Philadelphia. Decision to close the 
office was made shortly after the 
death of the pub’s vet coat act mao. 
Jack Harris. 

Current pullout from Philly by 
the publishing Industry Is in strik- 
ing contrast to the era of the 1020 1, 
and earlier, when that city rivaled 
New York as a musk center. M<*t 

of the major pubs had three and 
more piuggers working out of their 
philly offices when It was an imr 
portant stopover point for vaude 
acts and legit musicals en route to 
Mew York. 

Several deciles ago Philip was 
also important because of the ex- 
tensive contact work In Atlantic 
City. Harry Link, now professional 
manager for E. B Marks Music, 
was among the industry vets who 
broke in in the Philly and AC. 
area. With the decline of remotes 
and vaude as tune-makers. PhtUy 
went Into decline, foreshadowing 
the current fade of Chkago as a 
publishing center for the same rea- 


Chicago. Sept. 11. 

Tiny HUl. Mercury Records top 
com ball aelier. was ranked to a 
one year recording pact by the 
diakery last meek One of M er- 
ror) s top artists. Hill la keeping 
hit contract obligations short In 
event ho decides to anklo the music 
bit In addition to his recording 
sessions. Hill Is currently on an 
extended one night tour and la also 

keeping tabs on his highly profit- 
able cattle ranch In Colorado. 

Hill is slated to cut more sides 
fur Metre next week New disks will 
precede him on his upcoming road 
tour in Arkansas. Texas. Oklahoma 
and Louisiana. 


(It’s You) 

Os Strosf Jazz Kick 

Chkago. Sept 11. 

Chkago 4 ! ]au cultists will be 
treated to s prodigious helping of 
tan concerts at the Ctvk Opera 
House, starting November 10 
Opera House manager Herb Carlin 
announced he has set a package of 
four concerts kicking oil with Stan 
Kenton on Nov. 10 and 11, Billy 
Ecksfmc and George Shearing on 
Nov. 13. and Duke Ellington. Sara 
Vaughan. Peg Leg Bates King 
Cole stump & Stum pie, and Tim- 
mie Rogers on Nsv l§. 

Entire vertex, which falls within 
one week, bill be sold rithej, on a 
package or single basis Carlin is 
aisfcuiu S3 (op for the first two con- 
Is and $3 50 for Ellington and 
1 ole Sales pitch will be geared 
toward the juves. Most of whom 
find it prohibitive to attend any of 
t hi s covey of jars niter' v 

M-G-M Inks Marrhese 

For Pops, Longhair 

■ Victor Marchese. Coast tenor, 
was parted by M-G-M Records last 

No definite repertoire plans for 
the singer . haye been announced 
yet, but the diskary is cowaidoring 
recording Marchese for their pop 


HAftRT JAMBS . . . . . .C#4e«»h«a 

OWIN MARLIY .... ...... Ce*al 

TAMAfiA HATH ......... Dacca 

JCtRT dtAT * .Daces 


RtMMIMfi SIS. ......... Capita* 



department as well os for Its newly* 
instituted Popular Classics" line. 


Horowitz's European Trek 

Vladimir Horowiu sailed last 

week for Europe for a month of 
concert* Pianist will play with 
orchestra In London Oct. S at d 
make four other recital a p p ear - 
ances in England. 

Hell give two recitals in Paris 
and one in Bru**eH before heading 
bark to N. Y Nov. 7. 

Ole Svunson and Hit Smorgnsbord l o ad SAG Na. 103$ 

Bemia Jaoes Carrsmiy with “Sp ike Jam— oed Me Chy SMckars** 

CHUCK WRIGHT— Towar No. 1 504 

12 . 1*31 



This Last 
»b. »k- 

12 csiier m 4 rt i wt ii com- 
pmritiv* mUi rdf mg for tiii* 

end 1 nil week. 

Week Endina 

■ SepL I 

ArUaL UWI. Till# 

9 A 


2 Ikciie af Yaw * - 3U MI3 

iMr MARTIN TV iclor) 

3 -I Get Ideee j— 2tM 1 4 VA 

l -( >■ » — A My Ma*»r 3U4«7 
M ARIO 1 \ N / % 

5 ,* Uy>ll»R Night a# l eaf --10-3300 « 

' NAT "RING" C OLE • (A pi toi< 

4 tw V«Wf w -l44« Til 

TONY RENNETT • Columbia t 
>R 7 -< aid. (old Heart* -3044R 

DIN AH &MORK • V »ctnc» 




I - Sweet Violets"— 20-4174 \ 

LEX PAl l- M ARY I OKU C'ipmVh 
t ‘Wartd Watting S«nn%* 48 «> 

FRANKIE t AINt Colum bia 7 
12 "Jeeebet” — 3*337 ; . | 

DORIS DAY 'Columbia! 

t 11 - Shanghai' —3*42.1 

PATTI PAGE *Meu ui \ > 
Hfinf ^RH 
III I Y W 1 1 1.1 AMS \t (i M 

shanghai" — 1 Good 

R. C ROSRY-I. WYMAN l^fii 

13 “fwl. Ceal ( *d l ioiac tIWI 


Mr and MtanMpM ' V149 

DEL WOOD *tfnnr»Mrl 
Dawn Yaoder**— 775 

lir STARR < .Il| 

A My How*e *— 1 7 Ml 

* w. • > . .* 

LEX BAXTER Capitol » 

13A IS **Be« auae a# Yan*'-!700 

LEX PALL » Capitol V 

HhUpr rtn« -1592 

■— +• i . t- v— - — 

WEAVERS ‘Dett a* 

13 "K l aa ea Sweeter Than W ine "~ 17370 

MARIO LANE A » Victor! 
‘‘Breenor'*— -10-1207 A . 

. * *■ • . a. • 


\ bier . <• 

(a at tel 

Mrrrnry t 

Ditk Beet Sellers by Companies 

• Rued on Point* Canted/ 

Ne e# V 

Label I 

Deer a . 





KS4 . 

E 33* 







Bud Brees a Dee jay 

Philadelphia. Sept 11. 
fcud Brees, former vocalist With 
» Art Mooney orch. has been art 
**■ » <N*k jockey airer on WPEN. 
i > iladelphta 

Hrrea teed off his dee jay stint 
V »V week m an across-the-board 
»how which features hint singing 
v * with the disks. 

an aii time favorite 

House Stirs Col to Do 
Harpsichord Album 

Click of the harpsichord •* a jazz 
background for Rosemary Cloo- 
ney » **Co me On A My House.** 
Columbia Records hit. has rued the 
diskery to issue an album by Stan 
Freeman on the ancient keyboard 
I instrument. Freeman did the back- 





ground on the Clooney disk, and 
the Set has been titled “Come On- 

A Stan s House " 

Initial use of the harpsicord on 
pop disks, incidentally. was done 
by Hugo Winterhalter ti Ms 
• Across the Wide Missouri ’ slice 
lor RCA Victor. 

Faith Records chartered to man* 
u/acturc records sad machines 
siili offices la New York. Capi'ai 
stock la 320,000, 310 par value, 
John N Griggs. Jr. N. Y . was fil- 
ing attorney. 


DUSTY WALKED with Th Nirmij Mb 




.Mal t y tad >3. Cob#. 

4 I » 






Trade Assn. 

(MtanfO fFMS *•!• Oft 

concerning the disk Industry. Re- 
cently. for example, there tsero re- 
ports that a Congressional commit- 
tee *** considering upping the 

duty on Imported tapes, basing it* 
assessment on the value of what 
was on the tapes rather than the 
physical value. There was no Cen- 
tral agency to check details of the 
report for united act ion by the 
Induatry. The major dlskers, how- 
ever. did submit a joint brief on 
the Office of Prtco Stabilization 
price-freeze regulations affecting 

Setup of the new association will 
Include a fulltime staff with an 
exec director piloting the Industry 
studies and action Directors of 
the outfit Include Milton R Rack- 
mil. Dacca preay: Frank Walker. 
M-G-M preay. Glenn Wglltrhs, 
Capitol pres, Leonard W. Schnei- 
der. Decca eiec vice preay; and 
attorneys Henry Cohen. Morris 
Sherr and MorUmer Edclatein In- 
corporation papers Were filed by 
Cohen L Bingham, N. Y. attorneys 
for Decca. 

Orlando Barrear. former aw 
sistant conductor of the Houston 
Symphony Orchestra, has been 
named conductor of the LI Paso 
Symphony for the 1*31-32 season 
He Micceed* H Arthur Dross who 
resigned to a**ume directorship of 
the Tulsa PfcilhanMksc uuitiui 

t, v 



lembom o # lb# How Yedl 


Made bf ly*»«* 3 W •*«*•• by 


with ELLIOTT ftllO 


Mnltal NmMti by T«R CAPTT 
UH.A 9 A A by MOW At 0 AAV • (Wu*a by JOAN SISSONS TO 

SflMUtnttCM Ov PMILIP 1 AMO 0«<M« w«n« A. a* Sf Ml VIS VS 

etrot. vnd sr um c Mi Mi A bcMiio si*««tM by Miaaser #••■*• 
•M?ia« eeoowcTioM oiaacTto iv ASA 3UIROW1 

ovcsrwaa # SMOW T«A«M • MOL* ms-mold mi- 
moxo mi -m«m gw Two* • Htat sm« comas mow a vawsivhli 
aim t mar a VM«ea Mtvaa was a oaiv um my iarv a catch owa 
ACT AT TMf AM ST f mm* Ac* |i a 0 «V« A ilTTia— AST A iITTtt a IVH 
Mg KNOW 0 Final g 


■ s' ‘ ■ ■ • , * l ' • • * * ' • . ^ f . * - 

»»«• SI «* 


as A 

A»Av*^» m=n*» 

IS imS taw a Play 

America s Fastest 
--Selling Records! 

IS. 19S1 

Hit Sock B.O. race in Midwest Spots 

Chicago Sept 1 1 j . . Hf ha# had t MOJtuioM at Arnold 

TftWWi REED OKC It *1J> 

With F«l Hbealy 
Hotel Wueblrbar h. Kanui C H» 

Moot* *rt>er to loon and the area 
P ^ . . . .. Pig the Tommy Heed otrh Four- 

In contract to grnrral downgrade * * rk ,a * hf1 move* into the *po» <* mrt + ,t 4 i»d in the Terrace Grill of 

I. m nifht.r bu««« .1 1— SySt^rnS mt‘ STh.Tff i ' *" "J* «g> ft* «* 

. ! 0,1 ..■•**» current trip, he mi rtf rrfW here although outJM hat re-* 

four top echelon bandx/iyg current - 1 t«tered atrongty enough at Tom rrn( |y been playing leading hs If- 
fy demonstrating the) re aloof to Archer* fowa palace* to warrant rooms and hotels In the midwest 
the Ha# and fall of wggPM '**•}•» ropoot# M eoch of the pro* ! Reed is an alumnus of the Pick 
01 . itrinriM motors 6ve spots Jurgen* and Kreddy Martin arch*, 

tie midetd lMN f onm. j Ha j whw ^ U g j, gVX) to ••»<* his musical output leads 

Hatting average of Ralph Flsaa $700 Wm 1h4(l rUnsgan s hOt ! t?**"* the stylings popularised by 
gan current lv stands as the nth stopped only briefly during his ; IfffM maestroa TonaUOPi goper 
impressive Orrhestrr has com string pausing for weeklong loca* ] 2f** T# 

impresaiee Orchetter Ha. «rom Sling mud* SAJSSU 

pleted It dates out of hit 4^date J Hand W<>JTjw ster wi HI b y the five reed*, an unusually 

road trip and hat dented ptwal- S? /In.ILJ!! Mrong tat section for a band of 

age 1 7 times 


ing him.;^., - . tfpeda. In addition in' Ida active 

In April. Harry lames 'kicked , instrument work, loader work* 

■ ■••• 

... . t her taking him through Oklahoma | 

- i rk * nMi l^uitttnt tnd Teats > th ln *^ |t||tiMt<| * ggipUfd 

launched in Pittsburgh will carry Hell pause In Chi for • record wtt t, t rio „f maHStt trombone 

Flanagan as far west as Stooi session with Mercury then htt the drum*, i uno and string baaa with 

Palls. SO. with the choicest spots southwest with hta disks proceed Heeds own tenor sax keying the 
In the territory still to he played j 
At the completion of hi* preserit 1 
trip Flanagan will take oh again off on a series of SO one-oighter* hard on the stand, drawing the 
with the Mills Brothers late la in the midwest, tilting percentage maximum from erew of sidemen, 
November for sixteen more dales, ion all hut fix dates Music Corp mostly on the younger side His 

Flanagan is currently traveling of America is currently readying Own personality adds a good deal 

wiih a 11.150 tag A another tour for Jamon gaaMgtmf M l*W proceedings and cues »he 

■ Flanagan, a top-namer from The of approximately 41 dales Jsme* mrve shown by the outfit through- 
beginning has had the benefit of price Tag is $1 500 par date and •*** • . • „ _ • 

shrewd promotion lienee, his recup He'll reportedly get better than ln the v< yM*e part menu sweeter 
wd is perhaps less striking than 13 000 for some spots on hr* new yog * arr . handled by Pa* hnealy. 
the Hat of Tidy Mill currently string • i 

rwkio« up lop r«w< M * »<rtn* Rum Morgan. »h. threw K*» L^, Ud , ' rt 

a< !•» on, n„hlrr, A »«a*r pu-c. > l l>ll « ov.r to MK onkar Arti*. plr.MBl Witomn* Reed 

o* pr,.prrl» no mnra than a yaar ( orp for onr mahtarv rnrnplatad hln>> ,„ uk „ . vlM ., t , ur . „„ 
ago Hills rornhatl hand has It dales in the II ooo br»« Xri rhvthin 4n *i n ,, vr |tv t, «.»«.* and 
broken through in both ter palaces canrlhg all the melon on 15 of ynue FA tame works opt on novelty 
and disk Mdrea. * his atop off*. Morgan, who hooks -and comedy numbers. Riving 

On hi* current trip. 11*11 h« himself on location, has given M AC crew a versatile vocal setup 
played hallro«>m« in Uubuqut', la the green light to arrange a safari • Hand is very much in the up to 
and Galena lit. four times each next lummrr," j date pattern appealing to the 

ruvlomers with its s w a et stylings 
and variety of turtev and tempos 
in its father siseabie portfolio 










. ( . 

■ * • . v 

I WANT TO »f NfAff YOU (HU1 ft Rang#)— HJJJ- 
hoardlmnda n *F1CK* to Johnny Dosaond (MGM 
11027) for a »raally rousing, spiritod 6/8 
novolty. • •dolivarad with gusto by Johnny.* 
£*sh ??5 calls it n "BEST BIT* and regards 
thallgsaond disc as *one of his hast roeant 
sides,* Farcy Faith's version (Col. 39528) 
•should also ba patched. *, says Billboard . 

HACK STtAF MOtASSfS (Brad. hoe)— A star- 
studded disa featuring Danny Kayo. J^iaay 
Durant# , Jane Wyman, Groucho War* and Sonny 
Burke (Dpc. 27748) ia in for spec lal atten- 
tion. Watch the Ft vi ops. Tns Toamy Dorsey 
(Dac. 27709) disc earns a strong Cash Box 

• • • • a 

brilliant, Vis B illboard's appraisal of 
Rosemary Clooney's (Col. 39535) neeest. 
As a "PICK* of tha seek tho comment 1st 
*Rotia Is truly brilliant in her reading 
of WAITING, a fast stopping r. ft b. entity. - 

• sea* 

BING BONG BING ( Forrest j— Jane Turzy (Dec. 
27701) rates a Bill board *FICK* for tho way 
she sells *an infectious nee bounce bal* 
lad.* Neil Hefti and Frances Wayne (Coral 
B0567) also present a fine Interpret at low. 

SIN (Algonquin)— Haavy domand in plays and 
sales launched this *slesper* in a big eay. 
A1 Robarts and tho Four Acos (Victoria 101) 
introduca tha ditty. Other labels are rush- 
ing to cover the tuna. Looks big. 

CAUA CALLA (Poor) — Tic Damons (Nor. 5698) 
gives *A sock performance.* says Billboard 
as it rates this 'spirited* number 'PICK* 
of the peek. 

• • a • • 

LITTlf BOY (Savoy) — Revised lyrics to an 
tarllor tune moves this ditty into scoring 
position. Neecemer. Little Sylvia (Savoy 
«18) does a polished Job ln appealing atyla. 
Tommy Tucker's (MGM) version will felloe 

On ike Upbeat 

New York 

World Broedoffieg Syatetn 
trariM rtbed program service, inked 
the Thrrv Suns to a new |wo*>rar 
pact for • minimum of 00 sides 
, ‘ Too Young" is bring pub- 
lished in England b> Sun Music, 
a suh'id of Fraud % Da > A Hunter 
BimWer John ny Parker signed 
management deal with Henry Gins j 
and Jack Orwt Cuban pianist 
Jose MHIs and trio returned to 
Hotel Park Sheraton* , Mermaid 
Ijlooui, N V. this week . Red 
C ap*. vo» al * instrumental combo 
' o pe n af Blue Mirror Washington 
0» t f liir four week* . Slim 
(.alllard otiened at the Club 
Nomad. Atlantic City yesterday 
Tues * . . Abbey Albert or< h 

current K at the Stoik Club N Y . 
for an indefinite engagement . . J 
I.. Wolfe Gilbert due in town from 
the Coast. Kepi |g , . , l ; Yorallat 
Karl Wttllaam Into the Ebon\ ' 
lyounge Cleveland Sept 17 
fkave Rernatein into Sam Fox 
Music - as contact man . Sol. 
Yaced’s Fancy Five jarx combo he- 
rnr held over duitflg September 
at thy Central Flajta. N Y ; Friday 
night jazz sesilemi 

Week of Angnat SI September 6 

The fop 30 songs of the meek (more m cm of fies). bgaed on 
!».<• copyryphted Awdrence Coivfoyr indrx 4 Audience Trend fn- 
dec Notional Sun** of Popular Music Heard Ocey Nctwvrrk 
broadcasts Published by the Office of Research. Inc. Dr John 
. G Peafmen. Director AlpAabeficpdy listed. 

Re Mine Tonight peer 

Because of Rain ... .... Maypole 

Because Of You— I Wa* An American Sp> Broadcast 

Belle Belle My Liberty Belle .... .. Santlv J 

Bonne Nuit— * Here Comes the Groom" v , , . . . . Burke* VH 
Come On-a My Hama* . Pueho a a 

Dark Is the Night— Rich Young and Perm Feist 
Dimples and Cherry Cheek* . Leeds 

fcne Of s Love A fla ir Dueheaa 

Everything I Have Is Yours ....* . Miller 

Go Go Go Go Famous ^ 

Hello Yeung Lover*— • The King and C Wtlhamaam 

Hold, Me Hold Me Hold Me— • Two On the **»>* Moms 
I Get Idee# Hi R 

1 Wish You the Best ... Life 

, I'm In Love Again Crawford 

In the Cool Of the Evening— ' "Here Comet Groom" Burke- V H 
It s Ail In the Game Wltmark 

Aesebel Broadcast 

liveliest Night of the Year — t‘*The Great Caruso" Robbins . 
Mad About Lev* I b 

Mary Rote Shapiro H 

Maybe It's Because f Im\* You Too^ Much Berlin 

Mummgslde Of the Mountain Remit k 

My Truly Truly Fair v Bantly J 

<b» The Motor Boat . . . ..V. . . . , , . v ,.. Life 

Shanghai V-.*' f. , i , w 4 <* ■. *^ldv ani ed 

Too Young JeWerson 

Whno-ee la» e e si ana ...... . . . Popular 

W»»nder Why—* Rich Young A Pretty Robbma 

You It Know — ^ Hu Kind of Woman Chappell 

. . .. Ch app e ll 

........ Johnstone M 

H A R 


A Ghnat of a Chance Mills 

Deep Night . . . . . . Advanced 

Got Her Off My Helds Remtek 

How lake Eggs In Morning—* Huh. Young Pretty" Feist 
How High The Moon 
I Love the Sunshine ( N Your Smile 
1 Want To Be Near V«m 

I II Hold You In My Heart Adama-VAA 

I.eneaame and Sorry . .....* Mills 

Longing For You Ludlow 

Make Believe Land -.v • > . . . . ,•• *' • . . . •>. . . BVC 

Manner's Song . . . . ... . . . Erwtp-H 

Mister and Mixaissippi Shapiro tt 

Mixed Emotions .... Roger 

Mockin' Bird Hill Southern 

Opt O* Breath . Valando 

.••'Pretty Eyed Baby , .. Pickwick 

Sweet Violets . . . . . v . . . , . Morris 

Wang Wang Blues Miller 

We Kiss In a Shadow * King and I" , .. ....Williamson 

While You Danced Danced Danced , . . .. . . . .., , ... Sp*tier 
Wondrous Word Of the l^vrd Piccadilly 

t Ftlmusicil. 0 Legit muxscel. 

R H Tele-Log 

Week of Angnst We-September S 

< VuoieruaMg Luted 


l.eo Krioman orch dp«'ns M.»v- 
fair Hiuuiv for the fall, Sept 21. 
tmlef Hotel will return lo single 
at t n utir * on medium budget 
Xavier Cngat orch goes into River- 
side Theatre. Milwaukee. Oct 21 
Billy Bishop plays air bases 
Rapid C|lt A 0 . Get 2 for five 
Jack Flna play h Balinese 
R»H»m Galveston. Nov. 2 for one 
month . Grid Williams inked) 
ini# Raker Hotel. Dallas. Nov 2 
fur one month, following at Bali- 
nese Room Nov 30 for two weeks 
. April sic vena chirps at Onea- 
l il Theatre Chi Oct 1 Billy 
Bishop yet for Muehlebach Hotel 
Kansas City. Oct, 24 for one 
month . l.o4s Fotxin onkled her 
post as assIWenA at MCA Nor- 
man l^e orch set for Ojh Henry. 
Chi Sept )•: indef . Art Nodes 
held over indef at HeUmes Chi 
Edd.e South Trio into Air- i 
liner Chi, Sept 12 for 10 weeks 
. . Chuck Faster plays Steak 
H iu se . Jackson, Mia* . Nov BB for 
five wei*ks . . Jane Tuny rut a 

session last week Cor Den a 
Singer Danny O’Nettl teed off fast 
week on tele show over WBKB. 








Because of You 
Come On- A My House 
Hello. Young Lovers . 

Getting To Know You 
Loveliest Night of Year 
My Truly Truly Fair 
I Get Ideas 

Belle My Liberty Bell 
Castle Rock . ... 

. . BMI .* 


. Williamson 
. - . Advanced 
.... WUHmnaon 
. . . . Robbins 
. . . .. Bantly 

Hill A Range 

w . .....Oxford 

* . Wemar 

• a - 












week stand beginning Sept 26 
Tile Guitar returns to El Casbah 
Sent' 21 hit second time here 
within the year . . Ellen Wkite 

doing a singing in the Tropics of 
the Hotel Phillips ... Ralph Flan- 
agan orch due in at the Pla-Mor 
Ballroom for a one-nighter Sept 
IS . . , Osrar Day Trio replacing 
l^uis Cina Tria at Putch * 210 in 
the Country Club Ptaaa. 

* ;• 




Kinitf City 

Stan Renton orch in for a one- 
high ter at the Pla-Mor Ballroom 
JSept 3 Joe Vera orch taking it i 
•a»y for a spell after 19 straight 
months at El Casbah of the Belle- 
rue Hotel Vera crew goes to the 
400 Club, W ichita for two weeks 
beginning Sept 18. later moves to 
the Santa Rita Hotel, Tucson 1 : . J 
l.iheraee Set for the Monteleune 
i Hotel, New Orleans, and a two-i 

larry Falla orch into Vogue 
Terrace after three-month run at 
Melody Mill Ballroom. Chicago 
Chapel Inn renewed Dave Gif- 
ford's Trio for six months more 
. . Guy Lombardo plays one- 
night er Thursday (111 at Ches-a 
Rena and Woody Herman at Pall* 
Sides in McKeesport . ... Dom Tr*- 

markie'i Trio hack into the Hotel 
Roosevelt’s Sylvan Room after 
summer layoff William Penn 
Tavern has booked Clyde McCoy 
for Sept 28-29; Shep Field*. Oct. 
5-8 and Beluk Flanagan. Nov. 10 
. . Charles Freuek on drums again 
with Lnko Riley's house band at 
Casino . . ; Accordionist Al D*- 
Lernia wound up^ivrweek if add 
at Bedford Springs Hotel Joey 
I ronard band staye on at Pat Mc- 
Bride* under a new contract . . 
LaM Morales combo , nenewed for 
another indefinite stretch at Carni- 
val Lounge. 

San Ant one Spot Books 
Beneke, Jbmb, Morgan 

San Antonio. Sept. 11 
Club Sevenoaks, local nit* spot, 
has booked three named bands to 
appear at the spot within the Bekl 
six weeks. 

Tex Beneke orch will play a 
one nighter on Sept 35. with 
Hacry James band booked for Orb 
20 and Rusa Morgan set for Oci 

J notice J, 

Crockett of 


L'lak State Supreme Cqurt. named 
president of the Utah Symphony. I 

He succeed* Mrs. John Wallace | 
u bo resigned. 




Paul Francis Wobstor 

12, mi 


Habibi, to Spring 
With Israeli Lay 

To Bow in Frisco’s Cow Palace 

Senja Hfilf ll M !• ‘ — * 

her tm i k* *B*-l SB** current- 1 , _ ~ 

I* lining up a crewr on Use Coopt lo on 4 f* rjWin o Tourer 
opeN §t the C#« Pilirt, Son M^P 

Francisco. Nov I. Min Henit at- Loon I Mdit'i, Jf Y will pock 
ready has nkH the American t cafe unit Tor the rood It 
C.uild of Variety Artists for a min- ***1 open at the Thunderblrd Hotel. 
Im'uin basic agreement and la seek- Loa Vega* Nov a and will work 
me to line up further date*. other Nevada tpett before heading 

\ew leer mil carry it* don *aB*Ard. Harry Adler It Agenting 
equipment Tile *tar own* two 1 he package 

e nable tanka that con ke aet tip C hit * ill include Alan King 
in various arenas and thus will be ( >o*by Siatera the Talbot* Ylyrisa 
m 1 position to play many town* 81,11 * Kathryn Duffy line 

that haven ! *een a major blade* .** *** • C H Hill to be set, 

. play for. some lime. Mi* dlffi . — < — 1 

« il|> (hough with an operation of M a • • a 

th* type I* the fact that to play « Mat AmHF lOO ToOfh 
v.rkf aland m any town *he I 

H* ve to rent the auditorium t< r g A c fL«. f nmnrfifinn- 

I at mum Of 11 dav« It require* ^ VlCfC. V 

1 day* to install the 1 reenna C ‘L-* OH P- - A ^ 

.* 1 r t ace and two day*; for overall jpiKf* S D.U, l3u€$ AW2jl 

1 umliBI, Cleveland Sept. II 

Jujil how her schedule will ... 

* i<h other mayor ke show* Spike Jones and hi* Musical IV- 

. »>e determined vm.ti j .wipe ffrcrlntlnip g-me kMdj MMii immblg 

lit * un all her dates It * c<»«- getting their |*e and three?a-da> 
reded lMt it * difficult to vnot *u( o A.; awn 

Habtkl Cafe. N Y *oie ahooapot 
of Israeli Ulent to these porta will 
preem for the season neat Tuesday 
•ll» with Mina hem an Itraeli 
tinging import, and Zanuri Goa 
interpreter of Hobrew V dance* 
Other acta will comprise trying 
Grossman and Dinah Goldberg, of 
(ho Yiddish stage 

Gleb Yeitin. who conducted at 
the ..near defunct Diamond Horae- 


Feud in New 

inner act* will comprise I tying ■ ( - n , 

Grossman and Dinah Goldberg, o f I n COO ArtQ2 DOOhS 

the Yiddish stage / awmww m* wmmmu 

Gleb Yeitin who conducted at . YhAedo Sept 11 

the m* defunct Diamond Horse- Sport* Arena here already ha* 
Shoe N Y wilt handle the m u%K kookOd several attraetiono for the 

10-Ad 2-a-Day 

coming seaiMm, reports Andy Mul- 
| Itgan. . manager /; They include 
MoMdav on Ice * \o% I * Skating 
Vamtte* February and 1 rircu* 

>n January 

Vo contract* h**e been signed 
foe name band* though bryetnl' 
are being HwMdrr' it < 1 t •- 

Write ilffl t» p t 1 «* •* e A?»r » 

' l#*t year, f MttgHMNl - by . Horace 
•' Hcidt : i- 

f riit time in arena* thgft already 
t ,iw ice -h»wa raided bios* spot* 
1 e Web booked for 'the entire 
-m. Open time in key area* is 

** MedUiea ironed out at the K NO 

Pa I -ne due to customer confusion 
about performance lime and a 
because of strong com pet it ion «*i - 

** Another factor is the po* fered bv Genera I Douglas MacAr 

* «unee of arena manager* (bur la»l Thursday • ' on their 

v i*u n... » h, fearful of ruining the °P* nm * t M 

t v k 1 r Status of igo package* Street parade by Mac Arthur ay- placed (heir spot* for h crowd eat 1 mated at 

n v yrgrt 230 MO awav from Aim houses, vlr- 

v|i*a Heme. H a been learned killing attendance at Spike * 

npted to get a date at the ,nii1 ^ 1 ahpw Mark of Renegade 
* v Stadium I-ondon but Vob »« gnen an oatra showing 
.n.ikelv that » he’ll be able u, '" r +* » n between stage per- 
I »h«it thu year Other »uitable f^mance* a* a special accochmoda 
l.uropean *pot« may (urn up later ,H)rt ^ or latecomer*. 

•he aeaapn. Clrifihally June* and rrew were 

V Hrme V ©n her own tlu* - 1 ' •* k •** * 

y .*r following a split with Arthur and 8 30, but there were so tnam 
Vi rtr who produced her allow 1 Complaints from femme afternoon 
I r the past 10 year*. shopper* about the late matinee 

, — — - - ■ ;. v • that shown me schedule was shift- 

* ji r 11 • . ■_ ltd to 2 41 and 10 pm. 

Adler • JUCk HsilBl^dl f When Palace put* on telecast 

Agent Harry Adler has turned fftaksnaon-Turpin fight tomorruw 
c*ncr**ionaire He % taken over the Wrd » at 10 pm for 12 4u per 
• oSkroum at t^eon k Eddie 1 N V . ducat. June* telll mo\e up hit ow n 
a* a reported $30 000 LAK man- vaude show* to 2 31 and • 30 p m 
ager .Jglm Gruber will superior Although opening slowly, he 
t *e concession for him. : V-'V V 'clocked weekend sellouts. 

The Jamaica Thealre.. Jamai> a • ■ 

jl I will rmhark on a fwo-a-da> 
poll* v Sept to AT Ku karri Ish*** * *» ««■ . • y 

* Us Vegas Vanetv Nagg 

A Hof low MMtda Ukl R V Doug - 1 . - J 

li Scr* Slugfest With 
: His Publisher on Sinatra 

be booked 1 ,* \ . gkk: ht pr n • 

■ - - . >'-> '»* , '"' v *n WMWMl «» I iV 

1 auric *how • daily ; o|>« t ’ m will ,, 

n the iceuiatMui »ei»>h The- ' vtri* hirer 1 and new ipgpgY 

. at ie- : wi| l . efHNf with a • ' pi* tiyfe. go : e teg dr v e toped ■»*• <gh , p 

‘hid the, a* *.<; repeat the him and Morning Sun rW’umm-t M;il k .1 

th.n .nt" v 

»‘*r the -upper show only to aeitd. . 

•two suites* ne »h0> **f the m wgg and Hapw M iwm.. Nun 1 

•anie pu * ire 1< * ptahn« d to hase publisher, .glkHied a rwlumpaf Itf 

an g 3 < ttrp on the merits «d Frank S.tiati a 

L "«" «« \l»» n.r,M .1 ll, Or«M* Itm 

home Mt been a r* . -r vau«ie * 

[M»r in (he sumtiur « t Has a ! . ,l1 * Airl '*2l 92**+* 

fa^way * irvuit l**.t out et slammed ike -mg* r from they »ev 

■ " . ■ , ■ : point of one . * <• *h « 4.1 .1 tab 

P * II 0 In t/ e rut' * nt off - r r»g> of 

r nars nonor bpniiv >°dMi iittie t« resemble the 

performer of the rattier distant 

At Dinner on Na?. 9 ***' * “ f * k * fo * , 

™ * time he w»'*il on the door and the 
Jack Benny will be Honored at 'f • present Sinatra who * getting 
dinner tn*M»d h* the i*Mr* ( tub of fiynuo for this date • 
which he i* a I odgttnie- rnember af t .M illard dct« n«h d Mnatra oh the 
the Hotel Maldorf-A*t<*r»a N Y ' ground that s rhonge with fhe 
Nov t The oCeawkon will be hi* rum * and h* sides publisher 

At Dinner on Nav. I 

2 ot h year in radio 

<ire« n-pun ha<n t offered anything 
(on-lructue in hi" writing* he 

Milton Berte. Abbot ©f the club < on-irur tii e in hi* wrifrngy. . he 

and JV**e Block arr heading nr »»id - : i 

range men** for t * ■«- ■ r-» * •• \i . \ <) » vr 

proceed* will go to several than FUmmgo ffeorthow a* nariaU>r m 
tic* , several sequence* 

♦ Tfoll) w M*d hepf 11. 

j. A(‘.\ A s Baring war with The* 
a<re Authority p*er jur »**!-. t on uf 
benefits reached out in g.jiew di- 
rection when the vaude union 

frowned upon a planned AFVt Hol- 
lywood Bowl heneht M md>am- 

•>cr* hive v bed u led a - und<g f«*r 
Saturdav * 13! at the Mow r with all 
proceed* earmarked f r the ‘ Save 
Hi'.h wood Bowl Fund ’ 

Ai M ha* ! ned Up u< h ta • nt ag 
M-nnv Goodman t e* . Brown. 

Jo*im.v (irren and Andre Pie tin 

and had made a piuh for M Hope 

to rm« ee and G»-rd«'n M.--hae to 
* arhle AG \ A which «' kid The- 

Auf hori ty ■ some . ■ Mpphw • 'harlt 
«nd w arned it* members' not le ap 
'.pr «r . a’ anv 'kenrh*:* unlr< > dchhitn- 
• >F ' 1 h* Hw A.iudf uiti*»n it- 
« f : n«*t:ihed %KM D «t it c*>h« >4- 
• red the nutter a' j ir >*i » t .inal 
pr. hiefh. pi<mting put' esen 
i i.iv. AGi A .fut-tuher* cii'Mr ’ withm 
• . M»on k gut ' -• 1 . r rt 

»: * r --ay *»mta who'h fall i. to 

ih*- yaode category 

M. VA d wh it il .,.b* 

- hwi*!y cpna«gePed a e*»n* « ta 

permit the «How is go bt» - th »t 
\f M depo*ii m « } »«\* a sum; 

Mg to ot ri’ • expected’ 
•.gfttea'. fn*m the a ffa-i mi* t k . re* 
maim; >h: fhe : hank ont 1 a i j. i r •, - do- 
ha.l pc ob krm* in c onn e i lion w • tj* 

: tjhe ht neht''.arr. s*dved 

\ ♦* le ,un ton « flat w air.hi ug •«* i* 
member* not tn apprar in am I hc- 
4\ Vohi.nty or other .. -iw neftl . 
Wl tb uu l esprevs permiavMMi atreatgp 
ha* gancellrd ; 0«se benefit in f hi* 

• *rea. v Hob H*»|»e vto ivcd hi* am 
nual adaiT Dvr bt :w fit uf the 
(Vrcbral Pai > A -*ortali*fti rather 
than get involved in the Mute 

Hickey Exits Arena Mgr*. 

' John Hu fcr v h<«*' .revirned a* 
t H.oker of *|w« fat at t ract k>n* of t he 
Arena Manager* A* n becau'*e *ff 
ill health Mr wilf f* *t ftp 4 mi p 
and make pUn* Inker fbt* >eai 
Before Joining AM A Ho key 
I * * »i* l • r il Hl<n • u t - - * ii 

per venal appraram e tcutr* 

' *! . * 



Radio and I.V. 


JACK ISNNY SHOW- tod *a and T V 

*'STHLA *-20th Carrti 
CAU Mff MISTI« '-20th ( 
MAftfftAOff BffOKBt' .TOH 


fiefart ffepresnafeffve: MARK NEWMAN 

Mf H ft a iH: 6 . A. C. 

T bonks 10 SUiWfAM foe AM 0 $ This! 


IIUMUC Jlllll — TdUUCTUn ' U»d». bKi n 

' V Nancy Andrew* opened *t the 

In .rbitratiMn of a salary tanglf *»b ■*«£ ** h#W .,*2L * .1° 

r-otim Red Mloat U ♦ week settled a* a eofnprwnuse. for $2-*> hw f| m pecked room Nhe did tight num- 
TrSZ/ZL aiatrrtmHy at the Concord Hotel Ktamesha 1-ake , km. including lhr«* encores, and 
N V S fiftt 5a* STlhr compromise Agate a. §M MMmP. B 3 of the biggest hit. at 
;,. UJ| «gt«, A frn a re-oit hotel dat* U $*& *"4 over, defending on tt.e tUU tpol l0 ivme Umr MMMCb* 
k^ei near here by Jet* HyMea, shete 

j-bnn, l*r ,nvh '•! the R P hooking o«i*a ,Wbkb beadles the €««• booked for fm»r week* with the 

f ,„ ,1 rtiM m a ru«h rail for Button* frttath when It was IbatwM that g^n^ii Bioa and Abe Aronaobn, 

4oe E Lew i* would not be available for his booking at the Cemcord whs control the Kashas*) already* il elillag — tfiyr fuRel tome bide* away and He «M naked a0jU<0l# t«, extend her contract. 
toHoohli- >i » **i« didn't d*w When be arrived. Lewis »»• «• da|f \| m Andre** Ha* a bright fu 
Me inlMxtu* lluM-on* and i he did h>* »d , hut B-P deputed lu , r h , lt , rini^uah. and vill 

Hutton* salary repeat af gift* In view at the ctrcwmsuncv*. Thr ^ Uhfly be alarmed In ane of 

arhoraiion faM lowed j the shows Hylton wiR be importing 

- — - .. Iiw mmrnm' mm/mh' * .' > . 

A C V<«*< Gorham new pr esid e nt eC the Society of American 
c» i**ri' far*'* one link that it Itketv ♦»» bef»e hun A* president of the 
New Hampshire Taxpayers* federation. l*e it expected to pull Ui re- 
duction* out of the hai Before turning to mag* Gorham »d a vaude 
an*l him aitnr Me aptw-aird »« t be anginal dim v en dmi of Birth of a 
N^iior nlavcd with Evelyn VeWttt in Judge Not and the Heavy in 

MP f w riCRTIIM VU. 5;, ViTbnUn alumno.. alto bk 

' Lenta vitte. Sept II comedy chore* Jack friend, tin 
The Hadarol Goodwill Caravan. 1 4 »r*tndy m Where t ( hagley?** i 
Sen Dudley J larHIani * medicine and Martin KriU A Co IMM M 
thou played a one night aland at ' Three to Make Heady/* complete 
Park wav field, home hd of the ! (be roeter. - 

Louisville Colonel* Aiwrrii *n Hoarin *30a ‘ haa a tour of be* ♦ 

Haft, Maxwell Low Draw 
At Mictaan Stale Fair 

art mud have a bona Ade mnt rad 
The onion *111 take out a warrant 
and pro a e e ute under state Uai 
governing ab***nre of »urh coft* 
trai't* he *ald .. 

Pitt. Mats. THerery 






\ aneak thief broke into the |0r lai angle, and everybody naa 
Carobael dieting rm»m while the #dinlMt m bo«Yop er awt 
vhou; era* en ’ Wr<lm dav night < stale It • venue D»'pt agent* n't* re 
’V* -*hd .dolt* the PW*c*- of ^ atatioafd at th« gates prepared tb 
member* of. the triuvj lh*U Be riH)n( houae for tax pnrpan 
vor trou|*P , <»irU diwll I Rftin<> ^ sen the inanageuient at the laat 
leMnc, the. moecy-Mi' **och a* they m , nU | t . «t<*« iiled to allow every one 
dot |»riH«u».i| JM|Hf* Jiuong tnnn ^ j ruling wa» ll»al tree lbg|gfg 
birth rertifU ate*, unurn raid* ad- #rr nfH Ute ^ *a»d if hovtup* 

die** b*»oky and *afp depnafl *ry> hail it> rn ,„lle« ted it wmild have 
Total ra*h ■ mi*»^ing canu* to R eotHted ln II cent* imi e#* h 
armiod glial kiii' merited a*U In >% bih*.' Hope « a* the headlined 
tbe n#w*i»u|ier* a.'kmg burglar tn n«m« hulk of applause went to 
be kind enough to put the uiher Hank Witliarna wh«*-e guit*i viiuib 
things of po v jlur to Mm in an mmg and hillbilly vocal* 
eoev lope and mail i»» Ibem at the tried for fop cotorna with l<* j • 
club but m* far lhe> vr had no re* '* , ...... . >■ . . . • — 

rt; u «». T n: 

* 4 morico t Mot t ficftfftf 

Donee Toom 




Tbonks to MANS LlbCRCt asf 
iCW oad l C Ski I glAli Ui. k 

{tff.Miiit *• >«w' *a 

a*«*Lt a »o» 
MOitlOar TMSATat 

D.. I MCA 

( ha*v4» Hott l, St. IdHii*, 
(iocs Bark to Names 

Chase Hotel M l.oui' wit! return 
to name %hon* this u<'i»n S|m»1 
Will op* k n with the Xavier C'ugat 
orrh, Sept J#. and .follow with 
Margaret Whiting and John Seha«* 
tian Oct )g Apnl Suren* and 
George C#obeB Vov 2 S«tphie 
Tucker, Nov 22 and Harvey 
Stone and Merry Mai v lie. J 
CHaae eliminated show* last sea- 
son after a dispute with the Inter- 
national Alliance of Theatrical 
Stage Kin ploy ee* T iff w a < sett led 

this season 

PALACE, New York. 

•'the r«Hitrd» ait »»l Bwhhy 
f.lllrtie and Shirley Rich* 
ard* received vadid re- 

sponses . . stopped the 

GK Vf Pl bTMt h, 

Biilb*.a«ti • 

PALACE. New Yorh: 

M Bobby t.lllettc and Sblr 
ley Richard* bring en let* ef 
Igwgba with tbelr Iravelngwe 
buftonnrrv . , . mirthful non- 

PHI I. IP STK \SsBtHti. 

Daily Mu n-r/ V~ Y, 

, THE 

i'ocoanui Grose. Los Angeles. 

My Happy leeway 

Saranac lake N Y . Sept 11. 
Joarph » United Artistv Phillips 
drew an ace clinic that gives him 

- -• — 3*k _ •' A. i;a_ a- 



, *•*, • IN. 

TV* Horn* *1 Ui« T*l» 

"( lever satire 
In* something 

nltery arts . . . 

an all-clear to go back to work 
He beat the rap in three years and 
will vacation in the downtown col- 
ony balance of season 

Louise ' H KO Harris who wa« 
graduated here class ol it. in from 
Y for vacation and annual 
checkup, drawing all-clear 

Hariy <Slipfuo(>Cltfton who 
beat the rap hrie in Hill, is n«iw 
a cofumnut on the Lyons. N. Y., 
H'-p jtHican. C 

i ity ottictals and cimc aHI fra- 
ternal organixa lions showered 


"Gillette and Richards . 

If yew haven't bad a tend 
laugh recently you wlH get 
more than your share when 
this clever cewple have taken 
their, last hew." 


Direction: EOOIE ELRORT 
Lew wad Leslie Grade. Ltd.. 2*0 Watt 57th Street. New York 

is, mi 

4 Alamo Jubilee* Fotkery 

Set for San Antonio 

M Antonio. Vpt 11* 

A weekly Saturday ni|tit writrrn 

Schnozola Hits $450,000 at CNE; 

A weekly Saturday nigtit western if* J - J P II* 9 X I #1'7T AAA 

iirandstand Follies Take $1/5,000 

f>np concert grosses are no longer j (ted •udtrttm. Latter ran bo 
, pvrnmeter of the pulling $w*rr pulled into • longhair hall for one 
t ,f headliners in theatres a<rord n i*ht. but many performers * tit 
Inf to theatre bookers Names that not hold up for a seeks run. 
h>\ e essayed ©ne-highters at upped An example is toon In the recent 
, ir « have had hit end-miss rer- theatre tour by Billy Erkstine. with 
( >> whenever they've been booked : groeeen not too high Prior to that 
into vauders. lour EcksUne played a round of 

According to the talent porters, concert stands and did SKO bu%l- 
t r reason many do well in the cow* ness Same holds true In the case 
, t hr Id is their appeal I# special- i«f ***** June* who plaved lie 
, , ■ i , , -w*— p| tfuit on a two a day* pnii< > ls*t 

1 week Jones did fair in that town, 

COMKDY MATCRIAL ; but was similarly 9110 on tho one 
am MMkw of *tir r*. JUght ers 

•ills rilN MIITf Bookers say that the Concert 
woollicifl '-stands do not hurt subsequent the 

1 Hf , gtt1 i atre appearances to the same town. 

• .poM to s^*»»«*c« omif> since the longhair halls aren't big 

tMcni ^isir ** tf> foe sta mooch to hurl But a tor na wav 

V 1 .aimiii «,S « ,ro *d Is no suarawtee that they 11 

! L.tSfT.Yi'VJSJ^' ~ * Ut 5 dr.« in (M I' .nor .UmK 

ern and hillbilly names — local. 
State and national— will be pre- 
sented on the series There will 
also be ' Search for Talent con* 

; tent*. •' .v 

I TeeofT show will present Georgia 

Slim Pharll* NiUmt 

se«ciA4*>ciast tt mas rot »u 

All IS Mill POO OMl* m 

• f ass fAiooifi jM thwk sti o 

I MIMITHI auootr^ _ its o 

• Minsraai auoost n» • 

'• * aiACKOyv l«l x as an tH # 


•tans ciassiPifo >MCvCtoet»iA 
OP OAOi. Itsa *et» ee s mooaa n d 
MO C O O S ; 


INW MV. Hew Y#*4 If Dept f 

Circle MIS# 




A««ri««A l< 
taval am 

Siooais AOIMCV 
seiner raait 

Ally Rendezvous Adds 
Scab, Ups Talent Coin 

fhlladelphia. Bapt ll 
lay Gubrf, owner of the Rendez- 
vous in the Hotel Senator, han en- 
larged the club by extending it into 
the hotel lobby. \ew ecronmn Mo- 
tions virtually triple the neat mg 
capacity ' 

Spot kicked off new m >ei* 
lerday «Mon ♦ w*th Dizzy Gillespie* 
un h and Meade Ltp lewu: Rook- 
»Ki reprvkiit an rhini’t in p«t 
hut In line with in* reaped capacity 
Gober has been able to loosen up 
on bankroll and has lined up a 
valid roster of name*. 

following the Gillespie le»i* 
run George Shearing Quintet la 
slated for Sept 11, Muftgvy Spanier 
* c o m b o . Oct. 1 Juanita 11*11, Oct 
15 Dw ight Fisfce, Oct. 22 and 
Sidney Bet het. Of t. 29 

iKii fsaaa r and Prpfpstor pi Grovaoleqy’ 
Nrwt r Leudiaq Con fond# r 
fbf Mm Middltwtigid Championship 
of Mm World 

HAM fm TV>» tUOT (Th* ImW) MONTH A 
HAM h* %»f low* —4 Hdw by HAttY IHTVV 


Hmt af Dr**** Hwi ' 
|«mH APOUO Maw T*A , 
hWM.. t4.M , 
wa. M*w TaS-bp 17 -Dm 9 

Slim, Charlie Adams. , 

‘Mge’ Model Carty Sez 
New Mrs. America Didn’t , 
Gel Majority of Ballots ! 

Anbury Park. N J . Sept 11 
Film actor Wendell Corey who ’ 
neri ed an one of the panel of { 
judges in the Men America Content 
final* held Saturday 49* at Conven- 
tion Hall here, charged that the 
result * of the content didn t repre* | 
•eat the vote* of the Judge* Corey I 
Mated that be wan able to And ontv 
one judge who voted for the an 
nounced Mrs Nemr Yot k winner 
'IVnih Oum jn He uid that (he ^ 
majority had voted for Mr*. Cen- . 
trai Florida 

Judging w'as divided Into two , 
group* One *rt baaed voting on j 
home making prowe**. and the . 
other rawed the pulchritude t Wry , 
lUrm •] 1 ! -rt M r •. CrtH r » i f ,. ml-i 

vhfii id^ h^v e b*-en I irdiit d wdh 21 
bat tot v and tlmv the < . « wn Sh<,w - 
b I paneiitev iltP included B i i b pri a [* 
Quintan Motey Amsterdam and 1 
li.tinv \iuingman I 

Bert Nevina pafront * managing * 
dire, tor r**piied that Owvf'l 1 
chargen were a publicity «tunt and < 
filtered to open the hallo! Ml. 
Nevmn left fur the Heading. IV. 
fair oh the Arvt leg of a tour With , 
Mrv America. 

‘Miss America’ Gate Off 
I la ‘Drafgf’ A.C. Shindig 

~ Atlantic City, Sept. 11 
In fhii revort'a mod colorful 
vpc«1a. I» ^1 Utah i «»llern Kav 
Hutchins. 25, one of the oldevt 
girli Im Urn event, wan ebrnmeb! 
‘'Mint Amertca " of 1952 In Con- 
went ion Hall Saturday night •*> i 
Bevtdes a 95.000 scholarship 
award, abp wima a new car and a 
galaxy of gifts, plus opportunity to 
pick up some 935 000 to 950.000 in 1 
cash next year. / V v { 

Observers at the Pageant gave 
Bob Evans credit for a good yob 
an emcee in bin first year Some 
•aid they missed the more color- 
ful and dynamic Bob Bussell, who j 
will emcee the "Mias Universe * t 
show on the Coast 

Pageant attendance was report- 
ed down slightly. Saturday night 
crowd figures were given as 15* 
900, with TD90 on Friday nighg, jj 
and a shade over f.000 for lheJ.| 
Wednesday and Thursday night 

Toronto, Sept 11. 

Close to 13 000 reinrheck hold- 
ers plus mew customers t urned up 
last night 'Mon i for the extra per- 
birmance of the Jimmy Durante 
show at the Canadian National Fv 
hibftion, thin to replace last Wed- 
nesday night s '(Mb’, f allied out 
•how. .'■•!' -v- 

Durant# played to th audience 
of whit h about a third sat in the 
uncovered section of the 24 00th 
•eat grandstand and the bleachers, 
under umbrella* while the rant 
worked ip A iawnpaur and cu* 
tomers refuted to leave. 

final show Saw Durante 4n this 

taromdoff production lra« king up a 
«mavh close to 9450,000 for the 14 
evening performances at 92 50 lop. 

Rain dented overall CNE at- 
tendance by 24 otkl under last 
year s Agure. but still saw 2 iUP.« 
999 lurnstiie rlyckers at 30< a 
head , George Hamid • daily after- 
nmmm "gramMiatand. vaude show at 91 
top easily greased a big 9175 000 
for the fortnight, while midway 
bmPinesa : was up : H r r w > er last 
year for close to a 92.099 000 gross. 

v ; r«|«^la l» f •’ " 

%p ^PwMRw^wMPw^B H w w U* Ml 





IMmI •« 


Harvey Stnae to Grade 

I Via Edde Qkort Mgt. 

lUidie flkort. head of the N«*w 
York ofiAce of the k l^*>lte 

Grade Agency of London, has taken 
over the management of llsrvo 
j Stone. >1 one's contract with" Munir ' 
t'drp of America was not renewed 
Hkmt in the past has acted •% 

| Stone | personal manager. 

II l I long stAhrding nssociation 
which stemmed from the time ftk 
«rt wan In the Mt 4 cafe depari 
in* nt. When Elkort resigned that 
post to head the Grade out At here 
he fuoct toned A4 Slones personal 
manager. Mr v nuw signed 4he 
c omi c to the Grade outfit 

Everybody * Doin' It 1 1 — Evon at tho Waldorf I 


Inciting N«w Wttttrn 






M V Ihmovo ipndUM *a VAUOMN MQMiOt 
TVani, «• Ml VM IKMOWTIZ fa* lie tM*«l Ma* Tort l*t*«****« 


»!• Woat 44U. 9t. • MIAMI MACH 44 


Comedy Sensation of the Nation 


Corn Cob Humor 


Computed Successful t-Weuk E n fnfememt ut Mm 

CLUB AVALON, Wildwood 

Naw Jarsay'* Lorgatt Night Club 


PbiUMpliia, Pa. 







'n iff *«w 1-70*1 

t it. mi 


I'MMflRMh JS, Sf. number btm> Lntlrr ir# <• »*- 

7 CawMnrr _ Mom*. s m M IJ *!.*»■ 

n* nr in those fan terming Hr 

< > H A uiB ff flB. V Cnrthy • proves talent ed at • . Pfl. I^f, X. J. 

(STARLIGHT BOOFi t SJ55T5ST . i ,T n#r m * I Lems Home. Georg* DeW t r> 

phn Monroe Or ch (Rfll. with g*} 1^7 *** *{*•* *•*!* 

»4h MtSfwiew Ju." /^tv ( a ~ - 

«* *•**• **t Ore* i; p gUS gSSSJEk*" ™ , ffhnmlM Orch 16 » . uH, 

***** * j in* 4 *nibied1v real icing that re<- B.Ji Miller s Niv<cj ,, wnrodoc- 

tK# _. timn of erratic hand **1 F** 1 * **• have been a (iim* mg IN cool weather «r«iun With 
1«T whl*I i t^re Iti bwreiv * du '*'“ *»’ d • <,r uuai. P*ri*rUo» « bent wav* Lena Hem* a# 

STS! ***: t 5 *L* 5 ? 1 ' den*****, that X* 

;' ;., ’"'mV , ;!;; v , . 

' ’ • • - '<• ..» V \s rn .,.1 .. . , . 

• ' » ‘f»rl I'M tl»« • Manln.ti.4n • ' * ' \ riKi.n >l“i , r « oh itiei Mn\ • * VHhrn >«rrl voi. »• - itid i ^. rl Imi. |.„ 

J.* r Lewis -the l i.m i •» r,nrttr Th# toilf U, • ( Nt. .‘"“Vh^kn^K^ , "n^h^ndi^ ! > w ! >r thr> do Uk# off *•* , that m.ttrr-lnto ihr lowest thing 
. . , ... tw rninrh u# > • rule s**"*®**! t«,pper-offer I®.-**.* *B° know new «»» i»irrn»Mio (avoftln r( hio Pm» irwl M^r> u , )v „,q r 0 f Ba*m St Best vl all 

|T k»ft/^StS2*®ltr rlulT in tH# *h* Ion* boll tradition with the kid* ' njn ** into something moir than ^| ar1 , n ,endr. ,ng ' Some Kn<hant- ,, , ^ inr *„*, ni , h iuMtety of * 1 , 1 * 

:Ck abaMmneai.o ed gyomnt. iM* , p > * « •. *» .Tmn «5T. ■ £ 

V - a.m. m»tirr< grttiMg 1 1.« “* f * t »v rvrn m..,r a|»- < H* mhlrr% lornUo® tUtev rU* nrr u> wrll « ..ih . .* .-d and af »d U%«h-» panting that you fully 

«4 ; SST'jrSTmirSm. ' irturd»ni% MKt t on hnv. urtyird Hint ttM-y diiar» prr)« : I rr v : Hmtpy hm |«*r®rd ; . .. 

taR Jirk Ln 1 ’**?* --M v ’ kfm> rombiiftod to rnakv kUmror a «tapi»- *r md rno-o Mn« iUM. Ih® rtmld probnbi r Me 

fif i" ,rth*. mmSa ^«Eta .«• Mimmi. »»a iimiMir >«?■■■» 1 »h* wwi ib». »..., rjww '•** . iMtaSwT^ml m« 'mltoH 

Tm' : SrL nj*Oi *mrta . Mr W Ombmn h, b. M...UMU «e* •»«*»'-> ' ••" «un4 iaTVi5S5* JS ill 

‘TffThiiuTlt. r‘“^ «5 h t >« Nl ^ t*e%m4 im Mohme'i npnning «bon at the r\MbMt*0 a in m * v ^ a ,*I t »»•* authnrtu*. When ahe Mm on 

, ,.4M I WnWorf mm * E*?"* ' «* thnt •tag’? vhr . anTSre a 

i hr reanlta - . . Mi nrnr hn a nn n bteng grrKathin > nothing •»»<«« »« diatrnrt the 

It na« * ■■» -> pare r«tertaiiiH»« m I !#*• •• B<atl> aa dl -II ®niaici*n> in* ludmg hi* .did alMJ P> R >1^ * I k u di en m Ibn Tit Ur part of that, of 

dumina -an ahnve H- ^ JS£ ^ ggjg ' Jt,jgg *Hladiirda> ba , t. 

-.nyruKSx; ; £ai/gac . 

;«?.t J ; :: 1 ' ■ : SX^sIr ;irl fr 5 

main *h|H» but oortli it «U the stii.i i. .n.r Unw lot ! rail Belle n J«W»^r 0WBg him off work o Larry t % %• formanee ia thoughtfully prepmed 

andtbr arptastyltat't deiivrr> u t*rer» at the p* • ^o ^geta the t illH^a T aagaarff. .n« ■•and earrird out That run* from 
U«,> remaina the *ah»«m p» « n*»t only lurtikg In the !<>ngtmu ‘PtdHatd on arvnai apn jaltiea* and M-u^hana num*ri t lireruf ft •*» making the most of her oun iharn* v*h*>%r peer adi! to* are n«»n Bailey faiw If * adding to the cult h *’ 1,10 J* rffn tur albeit domg Lina; ( Nrcerr IVilliaine Trio, mini- ta choice of number* to arrangr- 
umIi pubh* w»|rtt s that hr ru n i Decrptivrly languid air hid*-* a * UB I.T rr 1 i "*•! Thf *'/ r ** W. #3 50 menta and to acrompaniment 

iet* thriii in oh ht* ulcrr*. T>»ei bundle uf energy that deliver* a f' 1 combi naft tan of ffve m<. — ^ nothing off-the-cuff about 

v hi* h 

lahrr tiptui* Ihiu^ t ou«l> prtMMHNMI 
ffntM»hov The reauita an- Min ko - 
It ha« * ,. > pace entertaiftH * m 
d»aHn«u« bed coat u mine 'an above 
p.*t Job even for the usually at Ihd 
nut Hath Livtngrtom and wj) 
thing to unden* rite a good D h 

I MaUtnaod jof 29 RNMcUnn. Including hi* o«n and 

HolliTiaofl Sept S la bor® piu* too mnging ffnar- the 

iNdll iillry. Ihc* Stmtot+ Orrtty* 9 ** tb# Mobnmeid* and Moon and 

nidbt fnr Ctro a It a the ir*i CoaM *um y. hia noveit> bo* «tn« girt umnp j not rOitini Uiare Her entire p*»r- 

i* woe Mmr f*u Pearl Bailey , i ****** ffetund bMn on a«** k«i l-arrv . . m.. . v %• I for m a nee ia tbougktfully piepeird 

and' the aepi laf* d i.i*«n at the p»an*i a(*M» geta the TlllH^e 1 ARgnaN* .n» ■*«nd carried out Thit run* from 

Xeo ia remaina tho aaloon ph*r n**i only lurihg la the longtime ^ p*»« light an ae* iea, and j SHtmhan* Damon making t hr most of her ou n rharma nun *ho*e peccadUina are htm Bailey fan* If * adding to the cult hr %tm effn-tivr albeit domg lefn a. CUrt net WHUam Trio; mini- to choice of number* to arrangr- 

MMrh. naibtie protiertv that hr even i derrptivrlv languid air bid*-* a "J ,r ^ u "5 irr .7^* *'f n I °' ff* I b»gm W. S3.9B. merit* and to ac< ompanimenl. 

let* them In on bln nicer* Thai bundle of energy that deliver* a f 11 ■conibinaMon- of ff>« hve , ^ ^ ^ * Tbetre 1 * nothing off-the-cuff about 

m« ans he drink* mint be tpiked ! top *hoo all the uay. punched over **’**•• ^ ur rl<dm* and live rhvhm | Tf»e Village Vanguard t* hfcefy v the at .and the tremendoua palm- 

with mik for a *peil. and he can t unth a aaevy that ronataat-ty de- ' 4,fh »>c baritontng leader up to have a monopidy on the V illaga iwiadin^ earned by Mi%* llocne 

du any Scotch matching off tablet light* Majority of the atuff on- , • » JgjT lt*tenable In " d< ”* . ‘htelligentaia cafe trade thiaae#^ prove* that care and thought are 

But d*t usual he aitowera the veiled here ia ars and the ninety ’ H**n to being eeey f«*r the h**of - ton ' With Cafe Society Diaalo* n paying off. 

nngsiXrra mth a c*»nletii «l non U*t* ein hollei for au< h vtaudbys j g * * u 5 , >f atill clo*ed it » the n»aH>r rale of Warbler i* bached by her a* n 

p ay off racetrack and hia M bailie My Name’ and ^ aO fter melo dle* » ^ Hpiiir tn that aeckarof toi*n But pun o ha*.* an*i mp. orplrb aon* 

ribald repertoire remaioa cuomat Tired Waldorf background and the Bopr [aaide from any mooopoliatic^ attn- to lead the nay foe the bonne band, 

eotly arreptable Nrauu only the \ ainger mth a good act of »*\.co«*taotly erhuded^ Hi* hand*- ation ^bnnif are Man f»ord»m ha* She also came* uith her an oUy 

laonality that 1* pipe* Ml** Bailey Ua’t edoter * ^V ,J> ,n P*»ld ( provided a headliner of consider- quaru? who barbed her oa Only 

could g ri away with tome of It ,«»^rriv t„ ting She eohance* ea* h dinner je*ket* able talent tn Shoahana Hamari ,.„ r 0U mher the night she prehmed 

. The poaubtirttaa are pprBapa a | number udth *ly ad Hha that bring . ***"* + • ***•*$* n ** '***"•*' wbn ha< ac hieved ,at uaa Franhie and 

ah.i»tc more uovubtle. but lr*»*’ add* *1 chuckle* Joshing terp alint ‘ sin * , *MI aOd alone, Vlonnvt Bin^ \\ aIu\ in many rtrrle*. John our The too boy* and too 

manner of doing hia stuff »tCh » U mjeHa into a feu of her sum- ^ «»£» ** ' Mtaa Unmart »^ ®oe of the more gAlj( . dreu^d to severe Mark, 

cber. rather than a leer aluay* her* alu» win attention Boogaiog h !! *''J*i*29*, $?*** ihrlode hi* ‘"'rresting Mfffti to hit New teemed Mhe aemewhat eaceaa b..r- 
a P. k s H4d H«»v ap «un»m |tta the gamut from • , _?**** y ,7 2^ r J* 11 ! 1 Rage in ’ ivudlv needa thi* 

< v - i t«m v a»me of M lao 1 g.,w How Bete“ to Utamood* fj**g BaHer^ ma. twg P«pea of great depth ahd feellog. type of produrtloo aupport They 

to. rUie IJin*»noie Moat of it L I Are a Girl* Beat Kr. end/ and e. oh "*■*" ff d t m ® rt be welcome Vimild 

* . -I and virtually all of N k : ouruber hag a tew tonrhea u "taod la another ballad get- flavor Her authentic folk nw *b- stbei iiilffat awing into theati » 

ti>p*cal Parodies on Live Till « anhven tlw lyric*. j .** ?_ , - ^ ^ hm BFmHda an * ,m J^ There’s a nice rhaoge of pace m 

Pu*^ Come On -a M> Houca" | Mi** Bailey geta sUunrh mush a I hoofer. U/phere Sh », hai baiil t a big rep rhoice of nusnbera. whicblmdnde 

«th*.t wraa toeviubie*. I n U»«r auppoit ho«o lhrk Stabile bw* k *** ^ reimuc ^ atandard* and tpecial material but 

and Shadrark are out »f the 4 tt. ( 4 long abxtue Tlie masotio lr w * 1“ Til no current pop* Opening -night 

«**t . |aod> <* Hb«»r a and H.**iu. ,i^ pare* lu* c rew through iiu t Mi-u-ha BorT* urch altern ate* on mtted to a packed bouae ^ / _ repertoire went through From 

« circle* The la>wer the N.-. k hulk of the denre chore* with *??.£ * riL M t^ik^y^^S n ^ TI|U Moment On.** World on g 

in * the Hbt.ier Mie Hoapec/’J-ri v,u*lvm« rcvuitv Kh .mbeat iv n * n > b* the Laiih beatn ^ «* nrfTt Stung 'What love's Done to 

eicmee to Dagmar a eery affon provided bv Dante VareU s crew; - Kobe. ) . Me.” DUnd Down In The W#v| 

k No More Ku r - . . „ ' _ ewr nation w ith i rntut - j Ilti \ Tomorrow Moun- 

v . • JHU f^iarter. Boafon ■ J* ’ on ' TBc * unes are difii- tair Deed I ih. and a ffock of 

why don't British Mi.- IBsaflMSflM laa. Ijmi Vein* B Vpt T To evecute The Hebraic and Mhrrf mhrn crowd begged for 

eictue* to Oagmar a very affuct provided bv Dam* Varela * cr« w 


^Patapeert* number. “No Mure 
Buntcn tor Ate and pngtec own 
plainittg ‘'why don't British hioi* 
have k itKlivh Utle. sb l can umW i 
at *r»d flu plot ‘ ic»und oui h>> r.^u 

lewis m the past had one or 

tv t» more * Cleaner” " / numtw - 1 v . 


lesert lmm« loan Vegan 


La* Vega*. Sept b 

Bovvon Sept 7 - * »« e»rt u.w others when the crowd begged for 

.Sophie T wrier Ted Yemenite aonga have tome half- mo re / 

Shapiro Pierce K-uwr. Dnte 4 »‘"cs that K i t on t j y|t*s 14oine bring the attraction 

x 1 1 — . .. n..« i * .i. U»n lo attain toe intennen film.’ .v. .. u.ii u.iur ^ 

Uoe | rrank Stnatrn Jnu WartKaU Hntr) £h*« Uaa Otaffti • 7 s . .Z.iifwi •*L, 1 ViT weol m- »Be I*, boiuiaic Bill Miller i* wa»t- 

lewi% in the poal hod one or Rt ”? t > n* Gnlin AriLr* fie'- * rk " r foler Oech 1 1 1 * . lirde I ^ ing ro fn and audieme patience-. 

tw» nu»ie 'cleaner N atnaiurv i { JJJailTn » rLk-, ( . if j Urw , ChMlaralai OMi , if * j rout PJJ* * - fB 08 ^ . r _ r J n ^l on the egtrnuveneaa of the real of 

»h«r, «•<*<* u»- «x.-t - f*!?r%Sr] «*i » r« si.. ««•< £5 “«» »»**«• •• « h# 

m Ilf Sw w- w» >IH 1 WH { 1.,^ 111 - "• **” • . StK.TWn*. >*!> r»l . I^. . I ***“ h * HM * ol O "" €omrd> »|W«. U overlong ond lotto 

Hue v< em a little overboard Mi* 

' . umiicu) »pm, « uvrnimi mu 

accomp*. . 'to crack the ice. Hi* mimicry of 

Other turn I* George Hopkins. ■ v» n0 u» < hni» and of avem 
i young comm further diam**ed un- ra< fio show* I* good; but in gem rat 
if Jj * Ii«e T!2. i L* tt>9 materlai fail* to aiir the house. 

ilw litn.! hll kml •ng*dan*j r «*ull ,>l H# tl,ad * U P * uh • hit Of • tWlat 
Hp abnWtlgHWng ai d Booanpartgn. ^ go 4 «g Dean Martin and having 


w b altar a«ti»M*tu V *»r the t i eggea aroun<) ' ' . , 

how, x ;f it should lw Mrtlf to . smatrav voue goes . . * ho b u * a ‘ **"* ? u{ 

OM . that Lew,, rm.ld neiet ^ , g^, atu , lhwik€ who put **J*°*? *° ^ 2*2* 

Hr offensive, one >• f'irward as being one id " J1 % d ^ hMh 

( ' wr ‘ g kid come on the floor who** a 
-v » . / — >■/*«/ ^ „ ringer for Jerry Lewi*. A moment a 

rairmong wmet. ho go clowning (using MAL material, tn- 

(VKNCTIAH BOOMi .. cidentallyi give* the turn a lift. 
Han Franciaco. Sept, fl Lewis* double la Sammy Petri Ho. 
Ted- Leu^u. unfh Paul Whac. Nit# Birhef troupe, conaiatmg 

v , rani y be touid a*' tr , % b,L mf . n «TeO ,n N< 1 l'*° l*a»r no j Little ^•^aldine DuBou. Beffy DeBou & of three bo\* and three girl*, aie 

* ,> with it if he did ao * . ,) viove* ol Kt ' n '“ d u "> i .»«• I n mg Too Mari . ’*"v f Pence, gen , oo for a siogie dance number that a 

hoard And when he cracked ‘ l m [' W c |lv d x , ', IM> F ‘-i * . complete with a>idc*. dou- Yott Colleens (4\ Sol Klein, Ted, strictly routine They possibly ha\e 

not imwrlf tooighl— I m sobii |t. 1 nrnna 4 irnd*-n<-\ ha* brnmir hlr entendre* and aoose oaf so dou- Lieu Or. H ill-. 43 j aome other attractive wares, but c unden i.ihte insurance Per ,,, „ The Vattt" before * r Fvenhody’* Coming to My | arrn l getting a chance to dc* 

aiwav*. of course Austin Mack »» H h.i* a chance lo be rvall* heard Violden Jubilee ' afford* her oppor- 1 There i* nothing that the Ted monstrate • Tlie line of 12 gal*— 
a Wiunl* fod at the Strinwa* Sin.Hra d«s.pi.*\* marvelous e *se to rortioo. with the aid of a I^wi* package need* to maipUain every one a tribute to Miller * eye 

A hug.* ffo* al hofM-shoi- dicpmg u< |,| e •Hn n g tortb in aome «l*v.r * r " P^P* 'tub person d it ie* q| jl|oyntlot aa a first ^racket compata | jgff g ftgm*4liinHN' BB> WN gB 

two s«i »t< h aheet v came a.« an ot | M n, , ptt.iding hia tunes. \\.nk- 
fenng from an adoring menage ; tt , IOUl , h v U cce>%ion of at.m.i 
USent and a inis oi two until hr b*d!s 

Ac foi the red of the show, Joan *rth g ditty h«‘ had a hand m ctrt 
Edward*, and Lyn Dudd> h,*i* Ang. ’Tui a fool to Want Vuu*' 
uh.Piw.1 up a r.kxI opeiHM l Sundai pumh i* Soliloq.M 
lake It, that permit* the chord* seven -minute voog dts-ert atom that 

RuhtnaO. Durante. Cantor Ted of entertainment The timing ea«e introductory tuin/Theyre aided 

Lew is and Joe E. Ian***. Scoie* , of presentation and tempo are all and abetted by Sherry Hteven*. 

and "* iNin^nT i*«' uni 1 1 "Vic hot!* m atlv. Winds with tearjerker. on hand as in years past. Also oo who has some extra-special curve*, a 'tut * he hid a hand in drl Nabhath C andlea." which with thr* hand are the MMtalgia. the corn, and Ralph ( urtts as curtain singer. 

t„, -i n, a i.H.1 lo Want You * pAiTicular art of ring sid e ra failed the cliches, the hoke and the Walter Nye orch handles the 

n n ■ 't« wore too strongly As usual, pathoa It all adds up lo a well- show and terpsng well, spelled by 

lake It ’* that permit* the < horn* >run mmu<r song dissertation that V‘" Tuckir is accompanied ^ arranged hour of auoerior vaude pupi Campo s solid rhumba brat, 
to - i t* also in ko • Whole room, but Md ■•;«/BMp -i addition to appeal which both the oldtmier* Herb 

one of Livingston V better c»*t uni Rept^oue also includes ’When 
Mg*, an effective multi colored Hmilmg. ' Hello \*>un; 

•a mi -quilted fob I Lover*/* Black Magic” ‘Crush 

Peggy Ryan and Way Ate Donald t (m You * All of Me? ‘I ConceW.^^^. i 1. 1,# • JP .P 

Hooiedialely give the show fast i,,,t r on You ' "My Blue Heaven ” ♦ .'f*- * f rtwr , ***** thrre gal* tn a room appearance for Lewis fURIll rTiriaSlilr Betson Raiok Roto* n* 

. . . . . ■ . ■ l_ ■ ■ — , i " j. ^ f R * ' ■ * , i i . , , . i. i _ , . . - 1 . i, , . ... ,r ^^icch <4 ; *o cooCr. ML50 aio 

technique They throw away their; i “Com* Ham Or Come Shine ’* *’ *hiilri* a ialv psu bit out r n mut * c-. onlt# 

Impression* of dancing gieat* Jay Marshall * midway slot fill* A sla* a-Nar^rot Pierre Knoc. ea- Show opens with the Ben Yoet t - 

igtnioM too lichMi but the author!- ' wit > ionic wit a» h« iski »a 'rt nne » »* okay iff Colleep* Moaiog in * Just a Bit of After a veor s ikatnrt from the 

tv*..i thclr HI a- th,. . (. t'w • 1 k , .,, |Min liK in* * *i I I .veal ffumhers on the w oodptlr i Heaven '* followed by some laa t* rv, a ,t»rv 'scene Christine Nelson 

PH Boon , * Toppri ^ sgimir. ' * in *ntro chatter and the mental . tJi YaTlpS^ hert m 

Robinson Eleanor Powell and tite m he makes a rabbit out of a dui- } ,,i r lAW and the long- Be YoUraelT — as much spoken ks ’ | W ] M story" at the Ambassador- 

C- ties. nn.h the bill through- *• of white gloves v\..r* . umi> 'V? »*«« 11 »»®ng with (^raldine owned Sherman Hotel, is hock a* a 

Thev are possessed of c per J uC mouth motions pod ventroa a 22 l 7' # •* A, .^T newcome.* DuBm* in four number*, including wn *, e at the awaok Buttery, 

am ...hies and general appc.n M>** laugh provoking Tf 1 Had Mi *? *? ¥ T*7 r . ltn<> in rh «-.» ^ Theie Are Smiles" and "Al!*f [ jKa NelnaB T* a pikie come- 

Bv an who was !< og in I nivenuil Wa ‘ to wind up a wtnr ’ ®f coined) material, for tepid re- You’re Gone " which arc adequate- dienne who jmigs clown* and sell* 

and uther fllmus.i ala. werli* mad- H .h* look* floe with her %u lv I ly accepted Then square* off with her #0 minute* of aoUM. ranging 

T« il Shapiro, who in addition to appeal which r both the oldttmera 
h.d.>ntng the hou«e hind serves as and newcomer* lap up with equal 
her straight man enthusiasm 

Surruundim- bill 1* only *o-so. Working oo a small floor, backed 
Tee* off with the Kina l-«un Dane- by hia band this first Frisco hotel 


• .7’ * 

jyX||Mg|g | I kl 


Chicago. Sept. 5 
iae NeUo*. Ralph F 

Pat Room-v. Kiktie I eiiiiard Bill flH)p% Topi>et i* a gimmick where- * , f u ‘b <1r . < * ■/ Nuioke Get* in intro chatter, and 
Robiffwwi. Eieanor Powell and the m he makes a rabbit out of a cm»- l m ' r ‘ Mver and the long. # Be YOWraetf" —no i 

Castles, nil!' the bt-li ihiuu .hout -.pi.r-.of white glm« s Watin thumb ^ * ^“2“- H, irt€ari *n Hhap^ sung It goes along 
The, a re pnaae g aed of sin.ibu* p* r f„ r mouth motion* and ventroo a 22 ^ # h DuBoi* in four nun 

anrwldies and general app* H Mi** laugh proiuking If I Had M\ * l T rr < "*P* 4jr vr,T ,n rh ** * * y ‘*There Are Smilr 

Bv an what was long in l m vernal w » to wind up a winner of comedy material, for tepid rb- j You're Gone ** Whir 

and other fl!mus<cata. wotkv mad- K.,hv King look* fine with hr. %u "* . t ^ . I ly accepted Then 

tup »Ud I* a Rood eumodierme -* tm roinrtn Walk* up itair* m ictlrr *b!' handles the ha- a sork routine I 

we I . * a lMK»(er .iml t»u* handsor. and and %pHt Atop this aOd apht* < u»t-« .r smashing through ' 

Jtt' W :: , pwriMoality of . her, i*. - 1 - (ue«e the blonde looker doublea ’ nn»s w uh / )( <i« t ntm-< spare That Tree 

•*-t It * * Milkmaid Hi o no Wohx iwi in some amadng pcetarlmi t?l ‘"th Bn -olid L LewtV great “Re ai 

Wood si ranirei likewi-o iei»i> tup* up knnaa flwfl anffl w alknv ei ■ ' . aided by Elroy Pea 

M * Moore also with a llollx w.m.,1 i.,»- ..o- «uh fw* ITsslH Nfftflwwaan. T|p|* # Yost -ffirla 

nockffiwknd ia ? • m *• *•« <>.h amaaiksg !«> i-. <»t |ME Rot»vt« otfier item* cot 

RM b.'llit . V she went along dr- palm p o n o ding* Minneapolis. Sept It Rag ’ *Lewis>. **M 

rum her met Ion 4 rcpcriour » ha K A» *h- n-Het, b* r Unr ; cent ltd" v > v * f)a!,e Alia mum ffulr < hade" and I Had 

I vi* since been edited down \ew p». v ions egeverw * with two ho d- L- ♦ tUus Orch igr; wo coper or 1 Ckrlal, T Never Ci 

a b< 

S|. . 1 * us, u. M. J..SIKTI- tmasning tnrougn witn -Woodman Knend’' to a stinging satire on 

' •V 1 ’ . Thal Trvr followed by models. • i m the Be^rr Before the 

ni M mih Hu ^ *v. Lewis great *Me and My Shadow * i After ' Latter number, although 

_ " Npfid L' Elroy Pear# and the four a show -stopper, could be atren* 

IliMnl Knilisswn. Mpl*. Yoxlgirli. : eoed even more with a quick 

til wr RfMivu iBBer Hem* consist of -Tiger change from her attractive gown 

Minneapolis Srpt I Bag tl^ewi*'. / Manhattan Sere- to a sloppy lll-fit.ting costume, 

v ;> . AJiaiiwua Roll . node” and r l Had a Dream” fYpai/ ta oil. Miaa Nclwm * choice of 

♦ itau Orch (if, wo coper or . Girlai, *1 Never Count the Y'eara" material and dlivery ia earelien' 

» Hum Orch (if , wo roper or Girls*. ”1 Never Count the YVars” material and dlivery ia egrelleni 

Art •, •. .bv*#*. • Emree Gene (kiffH U *** v fUeilL co m edy tap 'Paul White , She ha* good potentialities for 
i ii'il of Manhattan tn spatk with tntre gah. ptu« n<- — — and Etroy Peace 1 : ’ Whiffenpoof both telcviaiao and muaicomedy 

Riqdu<tinn flash this trtwe . at - ' livening pioduiiion romp* WRH ( omhimng fun apd aong. t» * Song ” * Lewis et al • and the closer While this booking ia a ahgrp 
• • d in a . to .,l 'ni-.ii warbling .Sinatra himxrtt ih»»» tentmu* show chalk- up When My Baby Saule* at Me ' departure from the room’s long- 

bim- rvcnnig. Bpwn effect -with po* high tub to hack dapping h i*iactor> enough emert mmeot With Lew u. Aa an encore. UiglaUnding policy of a male singing 
pdgkVts' which m.i> m a s.,j tonal Carlton Raye* and w indjairn , : saccharine ‘ I'm Going Out To- 1 pianist the opening-night crowd 

Ydflue H> an»1 her «iu» sound better than good (it ; i * Kanchs are- landed bv Me- night.'* highlighted by local name wa* enthusiastic It « almoef a MMr* 

v d Not mao. an » x» cl- ham Korbsw slide* in during ih t avtby a iJble during a Iim 4> • appeal, clinches th* evening's of- thing that M»«w Nelson will be here 

lent number- leader' snd '!« t’af- stint lur all keyboard acconips / v m «jf Lmltshn ss a p >i master fering to a solid hand with every- for a long time, with the tah’es alt 

fn> A- buss nne a*e ike.piuuiiiueu i . B»IL fgi lai rnurd |iaaluniiBN an. Mc« ‘ body happy. Tt d. MMA U f R o d. * •* » &** w 

a * Whep My Baby Srmlea at Me.** departure from the room s Wmg- 
ii t with Lewis. Aa an encore, the standing policy of a male aingmg 
saccharine Tin Going Out To- pianist, the opening-night crowd 

%rt lncw*Uy, 12, 1951 


MI.NT <1.1 II RK9IKW9 


ilM# 4nH, x. v. 

CM. if f ^^tuiruvodifiks^drr, 

IH*-* ., Hnrbnrn Cook , i-ltur 

TriOl 54 50. 


/ >•>. i * 

Herbert ■ J i <»9 *» ■•. • Oti M>» Cor 4 

Htue Angel in their P* «»i« 
.,* ihur-dftV *•*. base * 

■ <t ( n HuK mill be dill null to 
The ingredient 

, opmiflii ##•#!»• »* 

ill « Ff»*t* im§mi 

/ , gtr id da>« who 

i with Mine twirl A ftp* »• "Dftrktown 
SlwMm B»H,’ ind get* off nice*'! 

1 hr >*m her “Nat tie on a Atrip ' 

| "Pf .hjftd. a pi— e Inn .hr 

ap rputmt - 
the nl I*', 
7 but a 

MiVI f arm* -hod Id 

dow n <<n u# | 
t* Ch.tnkjhg 
• of ■■■.,» ^ 


In 1 
in the 
went pn to pi*' 

. ,r HgUne tad Hi! a top unde 

., eat coined it*. She % a imw> 

r lor a new gimrfttmn 
, •{ late, *he v Wen working *- 
small* In films and ha* ’ P 
,.trd a dre*k *»»«p np the 
KuitiH the »mpe<W X a fftjj W 
.Fiat whipped up by »**•» 
wham and Be** a—i; • R e ger 

\lt«w Ylvrtil haa m* •> k. i 
sscba<r t* the cale.heM that 
i*U**heYt be a draw m the 
, • „ npof- > ,ce ha* retained her 

,r in nm-tcal* with a 're 
mi f in -* I .the r* v 

i ;.< iM apiMieNllp lMM fMttet 
,t With audMoio ■- 

i . . V] \ n il inti odurc- hefnelf * .. 
in Vounrer Than Hinaa and 
mis then oh in . *he m -nlol m 
,.af4 : v ■ evr« \iht»e fthp .4**-. “ye 
I, x m it fi -aMtc* on M rjitr 

. ,.i»nine ittyaleala. 4 
I t ini \ fair AiNefiRwh* And r 
a hiemcy «*(f French ballad* in the * 

. ft .I'M Fiat f n, or, 

f . fiddling Pf **f»lov (isp-v f < 

• . a jndikhed peript no i w ho 
lot mnoiK ii( .uwtahu, Mhi,r; 

.I oiiver entertainment. She II be 



♦» ** int 
her bote 

‘pi «■ **>.i 

tcrp*tre** tike 

n«>t merdn it: 

I ri M i ' Willie .ho* .a,, golden trtMM 
and ‘vni* hkr true p*i-4 in 
Un* hi d* twi : , i v <d r > ’t i 
I .m/. i like trill 4pd afh fie ^ 
M'lvtd tor a OMtiatti ^prit who h 
he d* *frvr» Hr wimJ> pile 

ai iiidard '“'WbeW ^ Or \s hm 

*»|h n It, fVil-.,v, ^ y Oh thi o n . 
»f.iv%!4 ,| t t on Mom • i : 1 1 I 

Mr,*r Vou i' M< Mirn no**, 

in <.|h i l( ti, .,<i iW 1 
.iM.» Nr -un Ihoiiu, .Old for ; »ij 

» n« •.» » torn* Son lento Wi r. 

4l Ihi* a buhl trthl l alo .Ht nt 


• ; forte' rto*>i » the 'how .*fi« V 
\V fun > tii* n w ith u k« ' btWii it nod- 
hv of -io h v .lul.o <i« 4k I,,', . 
h H* tool Vt *t J ouiM ,.*fi«l 
V»h It h.o It h, , mol «.* f 

t '•U* ,i*r lo< lt*r « ' ( O'. 

■a at f Iht < 'orte m • • n 

i mi i ivriiiri* 'w-ph.-Vm' hi M ., . 

•Wa*. Him i on and t to Ih.u . 

,»n<l It. 1 1 1 u . . : 

f / «.* 



1 1 lr . 
$3 .'Ml, , 

Her Rearlt. < M 


•; OH** CO > Jit ^ 

■ T', Hkrfirr , g 4 ' 

w HHd w . It 

<»,• f'nt >k, # - Vint/, r«.* t hi h 

th f*hw/ 1|« 
•: - r »i: :■ . 

« ., ( M rt,.k| 

the l..«k* 

. »vf Ho til MU 
. t ,iTc , f i , ll*Hf*.v. 

Heterh VIIIU HmiH 

. IMI.M I I NK %<f » 

tievtrlv Kill* Sept ’ 4 

!•« < i : V f*r rjr i» t> r « h . ft I.;- ( : -» r-.* 4 . | i in ic. 

«. » 3 V f:t •' ,i;i (III, 'M il ill • 

- It, . » l»* vj h >i n iI.kI, i y m*> 

"-'no i he i to ideal book in c i<>i 

tht* ir" »ut\ ho m h m iiiii, . v* • -t 

«1 Hu* Son', t strips inaddtrp ft 

• *" " >! Il could ii,o» • \ , i it no 

out to be a t* ill »l« « ih • ia f tr.;U' 
l h, |ii \ i ill Hilh HotelS diiMi i 
to* on >< i i*m et m d. 

SuMued aw link of the Palm 

»’«- - .... 

around the i ate circuit* for a 

time. .•• I 

White Miw Xlfiui *t»aik* the 

pemeetiiine*. there * ahftple MapptNrt 

* i .im other • act' VnotlH i ptpinik 
ota pair of ne^ctMiw r* are Uopdlr* 
a Spider, a record act (hat ,hw» 

* okcit in Coad mlctie* It' a * 
torn that ha* wwakinat.oin aim! 
v, i>r They do but -and Kiri doetk 
rt^inty to which they nhowr Moor 
o tin a *atire and food i tinted v In 
addition to the Standard f union k^ 

( -opluyed he other dt*k turn*-. Hill* : end w hite 

* « \ %e dr%elo|trd lively dame in the (Ta** County 
tvr potation*. The> re on lUP eight 
mmWt at a ttnfte. and each one 
in rum top ffrrlormame. The* re 
okay tor a wide hcJd of rmplo>- 

Orton bean, who made hi* New 
York, rafe how at th»* *po* *a*t 
m^hi, ha* returned fur anolner 

( hill t„s« f* • *t 
Wii'iid tii.iy U v iH*t 

v ,*fk And tnt^i i*h‘ 

I o unm »i ttvc iiHlvxii 'i : : «»»v pi u 
ihict r iKutilhv (tl Id ha* w, ided', 
Iwrirther a tv«» .tmw: ci«n*t»t.riMf' M 

Ik*! t!»i#t, c >i liter f> V '.nu.u i •* 

licit i H .oh 4 f.ivl tfl.u .o fi .i u .»d 
tile Frailkte vioir i * to cm 

spot did n, .1 hi. m;m nmC pi tjl 
« (I III lit, -.1 to • > the; b'.at' I ,<n- 
«« rvthHi ti ai At tto ; iHOv; «•' Mi . 

1 1 ued', h> U*4 1 1 » • s. . *PC ’ K ' 

4 !««l > (*t tiw lull 

)(• iihilM i Th*«* rn hi* th*; 
of IOVI1 i' 'UrtlC * Ml M i. V 1.1* 4 

MMi-.-. uii p d budi mti .» |*ap 

- , 

t (Iti m . .I., it . n. iidd. •eh- 

t i+i h.i* .• u '(tM.h* ■>•«.* a»*d '(mi ' to i .• 

Hilih o .<•!', i I | i - 4 s « .•> . > ; ... 

■ '>il iS ii( ‘i',t I . c , ; ,.,(•« > a: p* ‘ ' V it 

i .it * uuih of Hit - (*fi -/ i h»u ti otu. 

4 H','1 I IMU r» h , ' ll « ■*•( >' l», t> 

.*»'!' 5 j» (<f '• »>• .< -it, A 3 1. ult I S 
f >■ V* it, . , t • i i m i, ,i l,nh< ' »j«1 j,..*. . 

m. , <»| '«t(p1.1> > ith 4 h i ,tirn*M 

I Ml lift > t|»0ii , (I* 1;lH > 

(> edit ..hi* .on -litv tv..ti Otm tfi «w», 
Ycutv' ; n : f *t I . i . 

Ml If, i 'tilt h i *' Mil.* M*1 III k 
IWi* .iiMl 'a, c ii.ti we i rniM in n 
111' lit - »'lM*ofd i. 4 III 

HMrt ,. ,»» 4(l.i l to t .Snt oi 

tliur lii*i . rffiil, a 4* licno .uy :♦» 
.•» »x t i ci |4i44l> a* ft i M* s tWi 
rh? t /vk ■ ' » n .Vi ocmd >« i r .l'-4t)> 
Ion the ii|l .liuciiid ay i c .iei'Mi'l' 
,i* they would 1 to,! IViiiil 

h.c* 4 neut tut hi I'to hit . n»e .gal 
mill > t.U.llMi |mi ni|)l || viMlt thief 

f boy* *1 kida Hrnadt»ent < Uuvw k| 

(talk, Krcim Ihli live Mciiiw 

l ew * ft a“h Thai Man t Hit 

*.tv H„h 1C iM. If"' I i > 

lUih h ' Chirp : dt*.V-* ; . a . food , ’it' ■ 
dninliiit' («• I t'* ,»i tMtH.-p.iM.ivd i yi 

e't 'on ot '(»>» mm r*s 

W ith C-W> M f Ift l»t l.l. d t If* Cm r 

■ 4»id Ml -n ins* ' fh.'*- »* '!’• 

IS tut' i - - t ,n .tiviii .• o» m ai > 

I » w \ * * > -j mimI t’.ttiv.huig I* i lie in 

pi Mill, in. aid i->(.Sin I UvitM ‘ u 

tr.e I •>! fiMMt iii . iHl f'.iinH " 
l.«M -■ ui - ' 

: ( \i'M tCIHM li'lli \ '( t,M I «l« III 'I 

riiiii|W i»d w ith h; ■» Imm'iii « il» t 
iricHtm i; k. | (»f | * ** mI |S|» ;* S » ♦ 
tn.iiitu r tt i b 'lit m -) »* ori 

a<t iitni* i *w a. aril' , o'- c > .» «v t .» t 

i'tll'f r IlMMl.t >4 t.l04 l'"l M.M t lit 

> ...i .i is eak : Ih tfi **i 

!(:• » n . od \. it ..ui v» map’ll.^'.; 
I Voir fir (>.»»> e e >'.*»< .i 
iiiii v diiMifg w it n i « 

itrim i f ' if ' * i s* h iO 

lMl|j^in'| I’iid »(*. H » 

, t, c ot .. ! i •. t+, 

: m iJtih ’ J . .!• > ti i 

' (M»oif.iii»it» d it ,-ic. 

■lilliwit hv |ViJ| II. i 

l 7.i».i.n . . i »■* i \ » i * 

. i i t t : Ml ft . .,4 ; , ;./ I> 

t ill M , IV- >1 t ► 

: IV<itl I in . I -til ye «t 
■ i./tl Mp ."it'd it «»■( 

i\ ■ Y-idWi ali"4 .1" • < »4k( f d | ' |» tit' .it 

r 1 «\ i- vt *i h I* i i .«* Id; I. m 

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«»it t < p« ei uf . > I - • r l ' • it' c 4 1 
OU Sp;i I- .’t » p- i t I l «' ii W 

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it. o i m. ■ at si.r*f : -t p»i ■ *'»*d 

I'M I i -i ... >4 'M| . t ,.M (‘ I V I (|l ' I ♦* I y 

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t i i -f t t , fit f t M I |-*tll v, 

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h s oiuedy 

;?• itiooti i,.i x ' ; to it ■- 

f Aik illli ’ll ll ;■ 1.1:0 
< i lMHI !*» a tt yci |M»« H 


llolel ItellerUe, 

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■ e*, \ . viv-' 
i -il 
1 Vy.* 

K. I . 

S. pt K 

I *-t ITU,:, *V'f |>i .'«»,< »# I t - 1 *t V I ' 

"wfCTut'e >, : , »i , i- .iiimM/H • • 

Tim. i»e hav 4iwa*» been hiyb- . »p* »•' * ,< * «mioM a fillKUdaar* 

Uchted >v a danctne mtlt pttlH **H H ifkifkaiii p*»wlilt uup 
add th e n '* — intent to lotnoti «‘»fiid i (• .«la»er d aH .prcbl.. 

It of I *re after «f>riMtinf mod of 
1 *e Kutnturr at the Vtltajtr Van 
Ctiard. Ny V, llr 4 a pleasant ye 

• ollete type with a nice *en*e of 
n M inor Hr » ffot a fre*h approach 

oy* ftubpK't* and feta a ftwd 
«'fw»n»e from the huuae . One* ul 
Hit cany hu» tiuludr* a dtawerta 
I u«i on an af rnt, who upon rrad- 

^ .■ ft -I lli'.r 4 'im 'ni' 

itouk him at the Parammiut Thr- 
a r re. He end* «*n a rather weak 
fit a trading of a fairy tale, hut 

* I (Mid exit hand it fht* him 

anv way. , ; . 

barbara Cook w lm aUn appear- 
ed previoMi*ly at the blue Angel. 
h4* ,o ere* tended herxelf 

•*n aftcrwdlnm c irh s-irtr* > w**h 
a l>»M»n>how ; .v Mana g ement dmiriiv 
v mti d to 4 Voh| ilt-.M i i n .* i 

the hooking i*t 

huv« I* wffb'ri 
for the -p(4, ft vlwfilg p4 * (*lf. ,i 
Owiune trio wv-el* refrain from 
»• ii k hi if 1 1(»*4 h to the corral com- 
l-<'dio|Hl Ihe* Uniufrd tin i h « 
liriir \iitr* 4ir«how The Iw4tig i< 
u*4rd i«n|v (MW'iitn^llv 4* a tilltp. ' 
i,-'t mi 1'ifSine the hrwaa- culler- 
atdtrdjUHi »iti»i*i i* ditHrine «t.*nd* 
aid* with a H«4d* heat HUM ft* 
trad* terpri* VVe%iem <oie hit*- 
rv» -t, ha* (iefbwle *pf»ra| borticu* 
larlv to ihe Teaa* oil deletfatum 
that.'* (So* to he found taking ; 
advantage ul thet..i .. <«mr and : 
m I * ice 

' fl( gular rt.»nif ht tract ion , i* Ron 
l*err* * Mx-pioe crew that -hould 
ilirilop i new fl<Mk «*t huhiAic* 
lor the Fatrn Ter rare t (hit fit vir- 
tually i* 4 large rtnlhm mhImui 
with the maestro d coking a ^tr^d 

Ikirt4ki llild l»4mci% mi, to k 
vr-mr 4(l»-t|(i.,l( pr,MUMlioii rioMine* 
(O'luniinC.on wfiu'h i* i h i Pioim) 
a* HMI.J ' T« f pim* liiiriH i. h.»* a 
loop' w o to vo to lilt the IoSjA 

fT .mkir \la*tet* and u« I'tiyl- 

ll> V|vl| > H '.til*'. M llh 4 (MMIpte (*f 

*1 dwet* Ihe io.o afro vfebf ' 

4 n-ir mill w ith hi* ju laiulm : 
w 4j tiling ’ : ' 

Ralph Sl(‘riin' , '. pi cms|«oo. rn- 

• nt - 1 t m-x • 

hi* hoe uilir, -oft \ ho riot' 
mi'll i«t «t fi ling ki ep* the (i iiilr 
floor hlled I*, 1 ween Uow* Alci 

( bet Pa 



In ner 

i'*«ire of ^material. She'* taken on ' 

- few number* that appear to hr f), .. »i 
heiond her depth For example, a 
> ■«* »urh a* f.*tcar Allen Poe % g bgfeaii 
Mmabelle Lee” »* a mu*teal *et 
Trvg get* nowhere. It arem* that 

MomIii.iI S**|M H 

Cray, f (1***0 Ji ,■ L ily 
.Audi (’«ritf, ‘ lUtn 1>%li(|.rc. f.iiaps 

MrKt *»it«i liw, «,T I’fliM We 
IJeefi «f *v. Ti«»y il. ie ( r»t f ( 

$1 ado4«a*Mot.. /i ''' 

An e>tabl»«iitie(t 1444 with Moo- 
J m. r Its di night Itlr novid fuid 4iT. > 

!* . .. * . ** ! yrHl 1' i‘iin- l«r • louilh '* 

lhf.ri.liCl-in.,.MTki»nllnf.» Hill, lm „,U,» 

dancing, even for tho*e mote 
eU*tnmed td a *addle limn a d4m e 




fiuolMn. Anita 
ff treed: Wiftab 


X. X. 

Alive. • •: 

ffms hr 

any mu«te to that piece weaken* i , Cafnliwo* Orvh; odottduma. 

’ »• l' nr*. A few *muilrr tune* 

rie*. A few atmpler 
' mild get Her 4 recept 
to fiio*e «be odatned 

Ti»» f.lh* Larkin Trio •how hack' 
hitUenUy, Soar. 

here lad 

$3, $3 50 


lluirl lmba**adnr. 


■ 1 m» Angrle* Sept. ti. 

♦ * - ki. (‘qrli Orr If 

C« While Joan Hut m. /' ■■■ .i 

P nrrtt. Oom; Frclyn far. 

• r S| Vi 12 

stud lighting of Frankie ■ Carle'"* 
^ chi. «* 4 iy itrh for the C’odMtmtt 
< iiyvf. which of late h.t* been fra* 
t'inna fbune act* and hou*e b.ind. 
t u ic S ‘ (iofden Tuurh** 4put* the 
><s«*e. but aon»r things mi**tng It 
' mild teem to be a I1a*h 4* 1 or .a 
ugcr I11 p routine than KvrlyA 
I “ms. a good eoti 1 t.itmr. off* 1 ' 
laiuitt * park lea in *pot*. drOop* 
in other*. Uhe a bracelet with -aim 

* •O '. mi»ing 

s *>on 1* at tt* hewl when j 
teW* the ke> board Htih ‘ Sun* 
i ** Serenade Mvtrl Liirrbpi 
'd ,*'P(-g ♦»’ Nlv Heart/* although 
l * 't*) 4* overlong: «hm Nl »"• 
> • me* dances a diabolical for a 

* 1 takeofl on the *tnpleu*e'. ,m'i 
< n Urn While, s Carle pi»»- 

’ e tenor* a Turandot ana 1» 
* by dint of an opening until* 

* ‘ "Let * Sian the Show * 
♦* “id hat when Paul A*h and 
>; magic wtage * debuted at Ch»- 

•“ *"oS Onrntal 

’ >i*ener. a Carie-Ralph IhHiglat 

* * *nal. i> *ung bi the nuedru 
« d band linger* Joan Hou*e Pol* 
i Barrett. Ken Runyon and l>»n 

'■•‘‘•'•a. and la followed by Carle * 
, *** "Urraifte ' arpeggio* 5li** 
eAmey open* slowly with a vural 
t« <ody of “Jom One of ; Th*»ae 

* *no* ** w 41 in* u, e turn 


Angel I opr/ long the impre*„no 
at the Ha\ ana- Madrid wlw» -tailed 
the Chairau Madrid fhl* pa-t 
-e.i*on ha* embarked on a different 
Ivpe of o|u*ration than he - b»*en 
ai cu*ti»ii « - d to bere. lie * gene in 
tor -taiuV.rd peflormeKW and ha* 
a Winnie Ibmlir bnr to « nlarv’e 
the |HiNToimK' while rrijiBib'.' 

t»i Hi* - I aim *1 

paver.*- I Afwet L . 

Tin iiirtin-tay on |bt* -«w-iofi 1* 
tiiyi I fur-ton a 1 ate -tapir foe the 
i»4-l !> w -« **on- who has fr» (|iH iii- 
(lu.mght in an Uppers ruM 
c Itenlriy. 31 is a IktN ag 1 * ■* de v * I- 
(»jm d ( <»n-td( » al*l> -oOv'wi-e M* l 
lun* « has e m o ( (k pt h t ban w . - 
,s idrnl in tier p« • v »«“> appi ar* 
,n« . - '-lie . .in handle ballade 
dv fily and know* the pair ,»| « 

rhythm lone bl«t did 'haMbuniv h 
41 hi r pi e# 01. 

The line 1* a w i ll -pm i- toned 
g) Oi,p w ith -CMC pu t on 't|U( 
Toutin' V • live girl* arc lue- 
and are hirely fr«*i um* d . i inly 

ni in 4 miI.''mi 

(he iimhm d'M -n i I* *»d MaeW I** th* “ 

routin' * Km 1 the* (»( roi , ihi re 

ahould l»e -aune -u.bfler il* no 
-omei hint along the ( “pa Hpe of 
W„i k ' ■ 

The .tin rounding -iniw ha* Sat ha 
H ern a » nkceeing ami tfUffin” 4 ,n 
the i»|*emng -tent, -he m»»gauri d 
the tone neen*««ary hi*; the line to 
ligt « o-tum« * and kt pt int ro 
dortnir a routine that aim t i« ady. 
bhr Ailed in the « idle -hy *• n g 1 a g 

additional nuiohc* - >b* doeyp t 

do h till* 41 lire mill' « M. «*'“ 
diption d.tiHir Anita Als •** * 1 M 
the Ad, who uppiared »n ’ t 'man * 

Rainbow * dm * sou# • pit tm* *c»ie 
v larch * m con tom non wM'h- thi 
I'm fatahmi oii'h 1* n»e c pd* 
v ttog tn«in*u>. ...i Jgm**' 

tUtlO lN to* t 

lip with In* MiOllr could} J»p 
pioaif. Ik 1 gi-tn hi a, ter a • 
-e»ir- of ment blaodn .ype t**u»* 
|gg and their bine 4 at. 1 U ,uiin 
(•ray* in picoi} ot Uew 
mail rial, Ian i* 4 online* woo brief 
ntiprv*h *4 w ikieli i«Taw 

unP and Hu n tic, * biMlH o with 
hu *ong parodtew, w ,»xting up v lch 
III* tlM» t Xtlpicvlrd 1 tUpri’»>‘Oll. lm 
lok v |M»i* (.ray had to br.g .lirif on 
oigln (MtUglil at li r a lit la t too* ga 
nonulea. • i ] 

Lilly Aiihi (Si ul, a Ib^iiurpli 
i h^rii.tot -o -i«rt» -low.} ,whh a 
to air oi *.aoil .»»i* il fauft until 
mh gi is toiu Hei lafspini dd.o * 
that im» iv^soii* .did twii> go 1“ 
woik -/Tile 1* -ult- air hail O ami 
gal *lHli, » in ic ii iinpi 10 nnrlil oyer 
1 a ' I viti'.ii*. ill till* -aioon a l» s 
month- lotik 

\vndei |i*,er Lin a la' m* b »* 
(IC'eOiptn aiid ••' ( iMCifuii ii Im r i*»u- 
t me-. n«inb,uirif: inf anu abihty 
w ith |tMpre>-om- ul Hi Ur Ihi 1* 
t| al,foi *of*d mill my Pcro-n* 
t at ion -; r»l ha* 4 fi W b*»H* lo«e 

ini' iiimh, i' on •••! 

win n -s' iicliihg li'iMg angg io.dam » 
•ml lo tv 1 y, a**, limn ti»e 

M'u »i lipid and In Ml - UR: w t* 

pi 4 1 tail 4 iii p.»i tori' m.' i- 

Hatningii. la* l-rgiwV 

I j-- Vi :a- S-pc *i. 

I J ,1 >r.i Hu ••**;; I " 1 

t'haf '"for; larilo Av Tfad'-'.ll ni*i ■ ' 

/i.ilw iiromiht «' *»•♦ •» o ’d C5uf* 

. 12 . H it \\ 1 ilo r> „ Not Fir* n-. r < 
(Jr. U .' II . . r , 1-0 /; 

Nt w pit 1 11 > 'I Hu- dinner dupti 
> room J- kit i t il oil y it »»*»' i»l, it - 
iiK'-t p«*P<di> lion- t b r/'H'ii 1- 
, luff her Im ♦ .fiti im d visa n* « *0* ii 
on Uh ' -i.*n»l mid (.* •*- t*i ai im» ot 
*e\eNfli »o«i;y • » * ary oi the ipom » 
oprKHkg Alt,*- < Mo 1 t!w> tin mol 
j to ft heup add mh k to/ 

Winn 111.- -l*ow, did y« on n w *- 
w itlM'ut faith lufyiinv ad irln o v 
ai hot « i ni, ntly wi ll width wad- 
in: lm M.'t Sng by llteir pUNM 
Hilh iitti, ao»' i.a tm hi - 
' Ifilo fli* «' 11 kt '1 hi.,*(| ot'iii l iltrlli 
o|i. “ Slau tdi r i'll lOth As ( no# 
and 1 1010 - bud w ith 4 t'^illt s of 
Ret im 1 - frion ' ( ..It ft W- 

am ** lie *•»(( * |fie -iK.'.i *»»• t'» at 
meld to ’ ( 'lair d« l a ti r ' ■ to , draw 
,4 Im alibi loumt of apfd't((*a 

I i vliti 1 linn 1* 1 ..ken unit ijfh 
Miyef Kag.** done at Itgfkihm- 
|UM-e,"' : ' "• • . 7“' 

Midwav I. bt^iNT hrily a sutih 
addi-ny In- vocal to k . ' t-uai d Wtuk 
m» ' September Stij with iuotlo r 
(muI'V l.ib iar f*a(\4nT on foldlv 
Continue- ila »ur«! wmk With 
i hi m '*n*t tie Soito imiu llytii r 
Than |a»s# ,” then • o» - in liuoierp 
l-.i in * tail in waft with ' Jahxi-ii * 
add ‘ iteo. Two " latter done »h 
do ( ilth t l m* He wi tr tied ': g* » * 

- coral and piano treatment im 
ton lie Kin* tlnme'h 4 Am k of 
reuwe-t-, U>t oik Ii* ti did I’lalio 
Roil Him -.“a f^soidc in hi» idhei 
turn* hen hir a rlo-er,. MheiacC 
witik up an lnipioii|Ku duel With 
\it Dr van# > on Tea for Tsm» ” 
their wmk loosing a wok fkni*h to 
the hour -food (Join. 

k'v- v MI. '" i*?" dial 

t > *• - a ,1(4 1 1* 1 • »• Mold nd 
< •* .» 4 » 4 »; t »4 . * t » Ji ot 1 ni 'or that 
y •/ •: ■ ,1 ,iu «-s \ ' .‘O mu* 

11 ( • . • • ■ ; ' VO-i ( O' Mill'. IV< (»>.* 

1 oi*. he,: ' : i'v.r, • a • it -dig. 

1 .ught t >• } . laye 'waa. 

jmii e liot «dh«-i w >a* rati d 
... I Mr r#ufM I piecg 

of 'Iw-Uir > s, *u 1 ■ » ' a (if No* 

1 l » it m i -> ’ « I t » » t.d if .1 e 
» a il torn i t • •»! loo 

it;# t •»' • - . 1 .->( w it 1 ’ ■ twite 

t M hi 1 V (Oi'C* l H t-i i ■ Moron- > J 
Jimv MMoh of no rliiTthi he-* if 

t> '. 

I t»e f • m 1 1 Rid w tto al-o ap- 

I' - tlCll til » I p( , A tOI'-l Mi l- ft PlMCt 

V mo -iii ue tr«u i ho tpis .mordy 
nn ciyw »ih their -on *> lieir rtb* 
ton ■ of Rills Dwftf i Hie high* 
• *»l of Ijit ir lion I. mis get off 
to ,r»| *-virtfiot unit 

Until, «l ttatrse, give* itw art* 
> iMW (Wdoff Tin Nm os. n Parka 
Tito -how hack- coup w ti idly and 
earn* appfau*c mi *ul« effort- 

■ J me. .• 

Hwiel hfailer. >. 1. 

» , 

tit, tdih 

t » 1 *»$* 

•C 3ft F ■«>!(. I 

■ / ' *»* , A/or. >« *• Or> h r 
am.-oo tf J. MMitwr:; « ... • 


3 Jt 

• . 1 . 4 

•r 4 MiiMini r 
Nf.,4 1* c‘- Cage 

la*l I- rmtllrr. I n- % rg«« 

la»- V i'g 4 - Sept 7 
. .VpoeMm '11 f v fb.ii U lhri 
rjiqrln fintih *. J. tr.H P ii* / « :»♦. 

j . On />• ( »r I tO d 

Si Hut 'firc.ii'. 

1 1 f 1 • 1 < m It / (i . 

> | U, 

0 o' 

Hi lutn of J.K'k th nm - litip 0 al 
fit t k*ei- to |< nio.ii .< Rooms 4- Ci ; (f- 
id ...w aroiis (nil I mill all I hit u 

to Ml tl (hi Mill , .!>(» 1 . in/ 40 > ' 

!>:'■> > • • <;- . .'O' Ii M'tl '■ j; 

is 4, 4# lid 4,.| "O IP’S ., 

via id tm 

Without bent fd of tup m im;o» c 

n.oiu ' t> 4 1 1 aide n ‘ i*t to h " 

tn.' ■ pi M4 e a - let p# • H * “d \ * ,r 

bcale.v track tii .• 0 lorniat 

..imI -yhlfte-i-ul South' I No if*' 

M i*re* i .,-h»fi'C . ftt “*» i*‘ •*dit*M • 
Jm . iota liai? » . ityint alf'lt^timi 
w,th live woi'M H 

SinM 1- -( 1 1»v j», 1 at*M Rilf.* 
1 ;r. i,M • t». v. 'M, * k t riking ...» 
Mra'lfti • •• ’i»». “ 4 In i I mhiO 

>a*i i'a-f 4- a' .;mon • Hie S, 

1 1 rut- t . 1 - 1 »»p i, Noihcng 

a IhpiMf /* pom l ed ymaifv 


by t.!.W 

Vlad 1 1 ,t»( I < » ’• 1 : •• " 4l 1 1( 

l Ufbft u> eight UTMfoeft and P*uf • 

1 moe dp w tlh - um itong 
laiiidy Lire 

ft, ikon 1* vpci.dv/ and li» ,* bi 

’ Mi.'h f hoi I hen Mini'll 

■ l>. »lf 1 ni. 1 ne*. '4 with * 

f » Wy ll» . » i ,.«d < .cmm , » 

tir* hn«» -atiee *•■••1 ' - D“ T > 

i- intr 1 1 up* (1 l.y Heotiy • « *'«•': i> ,; 

i d \ .i44 < t k*\ , * (oatoy bai k *tni 

|..,||| pv iV.,11.1 .< ' "it ■» 

> *•» rn ■■■ *( non . • a -. ' 

i ' j, >. m « ««t >'. *\ , ii in , . . ti - “ ' >■.. “O 

ii .< ♦ tin M h V»4 ii 

ACM k- f>(*UI i,.IM ( wri»N-, • 1* 

I Oi... ".* I'. ,nv’. H i tw t 'Itup M" :• 
ii i * . n i him he t ’ t bili d V. s 

< ini > lo 
-( HU. ltd by 'Tl( * ’ if 
1,'Hl ’ ' III. .( kb >M I • \ 

• ■ “ i - ,nd •*• 1 1' 

* I'lH^iivivbi liidi* .. .'Oi* 
v . Rnfl \ .rn in I 
.,tid Ms Sfuidow cat 4 . it 

Die j *n k 

•, fWt William'’ pi pnihr .v tilt *o 

til - Up »- ” i* •' t i «'*»» P V »/h bi *■ t s. o 
i, ..nim • ii .:■■*: t * a.. rpt. 

r'‘ng> bs id.* v H i “.'“oi ••»>*. - 
L.blet- o» H * . -.'(..nil ' ' 

'•will by 
• .' : V tV*:C'» ! ’ 
■ i- 

"hut dds. n the 
lion H’ i f o p en- 
olli id.# s' -V' for th# led And winter 
oh with tin *-4 (Ur i» me band 
poiRs lhaf h,«- ffttian d the -(um i* 
iiMt.u m Ibr (M-t Mu-* Mor» 
’■'"tT- ( 'Miilwi is tfu peg* in *hiI fit, 
v hih I; ilph ft ianatC/ili K place* on 
(a t | and R .y Anils*. os i oNMnt Ac* - 

■Dm it 

A hardy pricnmal. (twuyn ha* 
h mi aoiom* lii# top h..toiMH- fur 
.•’mo 1 4 -M*ce ul 4 um » 111- -Isle, 

i'k» that of (>us fa.rsth uso, Saite* 
lift *c sMth ilse RNM-inr -*i nc. It * 
not a fla-hs via. op with i i'm k ar* 
r iny ntiii.» twl 

tail a oaufut iiiiiMi at of- ato/ation 
"W#»ich »trs— e> a li-4i n.Hih iim Indy 
; od a tempo adju-led to ltd ta-tr* 

Of I hi l|HM 1 IllAtlMI tl'.'M T./- 

(oinp»t-id ot l,*t ilia--, four 

reed %«uiRm nud u.c. i rkytbft* 

tf», t. od com, of rati- pnmipally 
ii I*, >.*1 it#, talkie tom «|.!u- an "Me 
> ( |A.p thf- fV|*e 

(*m 'ramwot-g f'«»*d- i.i<*». 1 44 ot in 
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Mat— Warwick 
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P**d Arid, 
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dfttrrp dine 
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ten— Tnuant (tee 
T— • n te aea . 
Im Buadp 
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‘B* Pictures 

Ca—iAiinB frnm pt|« I 

Ft vine imrrFdi b\ thf pubJic in pu 
generally U Ml unknown Idctor 

fftltfl by n jfrrieftcd^ ib**iWi 
It. however. th#t ujipfd trokidt Re* 
mg racked by the minor entrie* 
must in an over. ill ftojr be ere^ited 
tf (llm enlhumljiMn creoted by ihe 
bigfrf ptk Th*i * bent demonstrat- 
ed dpeClftcolljr l« WtdlviduAl lownt, 
where one or two hi«M> populAr 
r»i* in the Ar«t run* will five g hypo 
W the whole territory, 

Still to hr keen, of eour»e, U 
nrhetber the eoine bo rue of. thU 
pdkt xummer ha* i perm«nent tinge 
or te merely • read ton to week hot* 
wealber repUcetiiritlk on TV. The 
tetIUle time of the year te juit 
•bout appt (Pdching and show bust* 
nesd' In genertel hot lit eat to 
the bo. 

The new keakon * tele khow v with 
their big n*me«. »re on their way 
bock to the air. and the question 
te whether they'll pull patrons (Hal 
of theatres Last summer s tilt In 
grosses, though not so long or pro* 
nounred as that of this year, tame 
to a discouraging end when the big 
tele shows returned in September. 

Bit improvement for lesser pic 
product has egff dad right down 
to westerns. Columbia. Republic 
and Monogram, which spectelue In 
the program otters all report a 
hypo in grosses — although It hasn’t 
been reflected yet to any degree in 
Nat rental deals on which this prod* 
uct Is normally iold. Smalltown 
houses particularly In southwest, 
midwest and far west, where the 
ho— oprvx And their greatest audi- 
ence. have noted a substantial 
pickup. * 

School Tecoff 

l—M* 4 Harris 
Ikrk Mown 
ftwlak Travavna 3 
te nbkp ft* (els (ter 
Vltln— V — u*»S 
C»na Haekina 

, CU mar** W^uTm* S 

; k.i #rr 

: Knl Nnkte 
•uk Inn 

Wat— rlAtearft 
V#4*«ka ft— rua O 

1 Jaaa Hallaw*y 


*.•*-. 4 MM. 

| Darmkp d— ir«* 

Cianar ci- 
te 1 1 ti v M«mn 3 
I HwAIr (.»*«• 
j ft A F Z^rr* Iters 
. T«444 l oprr 0*4 
W *—# W ani tk utp 

Oats— Ma*at 

ft i llm 1 

ZitM frm 
Mu kep ft alknr 
I .sum AB»r Orr 

T !>•— * Y*tn* Or* 

I.,,. - 

ft. it Baas H 
ftnlatfawn* | 

J 4 S IMM 

FM N»| 
A I 



<mme» 4 Beal rua 
I* (*< 

•n«u S M«p 


|4M4f« >1* !• 

.1* Wtunaknr 

|Bmt Law 

• 4 T Claps— 
rkii t—r 

Krte Marate 
(-••I Manmp 
lark LnntvnrS 


CUm Mount 

Alex Wuam Ca 
Cnk V#n At* 

L*U|* dnrwav 

Falasa Hi If 

D 4 J Ota 

KvHInv Dal* 

11— nr* 

1 1 Hi rb s 


fttrtearl krt*«« 
T <-»n j Mat#* 

Jitmu, ■> 

La— 4 . 

LWi* < .onr 4 tn 
tuKKv team* 
Gaft* twin— 
■<ll» Auatta 

‘ !•"». Ore 

tenaoin 4 Cttesl 

Roknrin Mttrww 
( Hnrln* Caste! J 
•a— y f 

V—fi e H— (tec 

iSmplKS ““ 

ftftnrr A 
Amn laituu 1 
Wtu4 Or* 

titles 4s “Good Teeth,” a Board 
of Education sponsored enterprise, 
a traveling Shakespearea# theatre 
fthich hits tha schools on a regu- 
lar basis, and a liquid air show 

Aside from tha shows bought di- 
rectly by the B of E . costs of tha 
various shows on tha academic net* 
work area t taken out of school 
funds Buyers are parents’ asso- 
ciation*. student organizations, 
mothers' clubs, etc. The fee* aver- 
age anywhere from $60 to $100 
per show and many turns are able 
to make two schools daily. 

Magician Arthur Le Roy has been 
on the circuit for several years. 
He work* in conjunction with a 
poppet show. Ear this typa of lay- 
out a truck or car is necessary 
because of tha equipment carried. 

Many acts working the schools 
during the regular season play chil- 
dren’s ramps during the »ummer. 
There are about 76 camps using 
acts and about 200 schools that 
buy talent. Weekends can ba taken 
care of by dub dates. 

Little known in regular V show 
biz circles te the fact that there's 
an agency fronting acts for work 
of this type 4 The Ewing Agency* 
for example. Is set up to handle 
that kind of work, but before the 
Ewing office will take on a new 
client, there's an investigation into 
the act s character. 

The shows ara generally very 
well received by the school kids. 
Aii} thing 4a get aui of 

Ire frsflltafts «sf IW.T2 

(Pam PAcrnr ai d» 

Los Angeles Sept I 

Eddie awd Roy 5htpct«d 4 Ox car 
John to* production of fee re rue 
in (vo or, a, IT temrx Directed 
hy Francet Cleudel, Mary Ji*f 
Lexrt#. Afawiey D Kmhn Coptumet. 
Heir a Rose, setfinps. Fempndo 
I Carrerr, rteftatcal direction. Whiter 
J Rudolph original ton gt, Larry 
More it Presented at PM Pacific 
And , Lot Angela*, Sei>r f $0 

<’•#! 1 Moruim Rut h Tate, Ole 
Er men A Dick M orphan, Marlene 
Miller JUchard Dwyer. Mpftfet 
PHilNjif, Alter Qmetty, Ja»tr$ Me 
■A nan u RfOCwald Twites, Let Han . : 

. VlrgtkH ft of fUOk, Phyllig 4 
Harris l,*gg, Lednc Hra e. < 2 • H ‘ 
rioicrok, Pit Hah«M . mrftp 
s> na'nu John Muh'ey k John Had 
it h L 'fane Crip. teiiria. A}a Vtzana- 
na. Wa.’r.T 4 Irene fry Hr I fftci, 
ffh'tf Gannon, ice fiUkt Hays 
<!*♦, ter fotnriies *60 . 

•. , , .V . • . . . . • • 1 ‘ • . ■ ■ 

\Y*r in and year out. the Ship- 
xtadx A Johflton fare thr |N*itnnijl 
problem of quieting thoM- who waii 
that when you've aeen one u«- 
iu>w N »u ve dtij >m nil The) ve 
ktei, sftcceaaf ul for 1 6 y ears be* 
cauxe they ve cantiily invested ea« h 
succeeding ”lce Eol lie* “with lav* 
i ah production and imaginative 
routines This 19th version, like 
ewch of its predecessors. i<M*ks like 
tl will be extremely difficult to 

Kmuhasis as issual. is on the 
eye-filling production numbers for 
which the ’TfUtea” te known Cur- 
rent edition hat three standouts, 
A Visit With hanta Claus'* in the 
Brat hail and an underwater- wed- 
ding and ‘ Japanese Festival" in 
the second. Latter gets an added 
fillip through taat of phaanhWHi 
cent cuatuvuea. but aven without 
that touch it's a skating treat of 
tha first order Special effects, 
such as bubble machine* to create 
underwater atmsopherr for the 
wedding number and the use of 
tiny loud speakers concealed in 
pink teddy bears during the “Santa 
Claus" routine, add to the impact 
of each number. 

Ear tha dy ad h i tha w ool skating 
fan. thera should be more sale 
skating, Appearances of most of 
the tup biada artists are held to 
an absolute minimum generally a* 

3 utrk spots in the midM ad • P«o 
action number Thus, Betty Sr be- 
low is wasted In a short stint as 
Neptune's Daughter in the under- 
water scene. AJ4 Vnanova also te 
In for anlif a few quick spun dur- 
ing tha Japanaao number Best 
spotted te young Richard Dwyer. 
Roy Shipotad s handpicked succes- 
sor. who gets off owe fine tola of- 
fering in white tie and ta'lts and 
pairs with part Marlene Millar tel 
a strong Scottish offering that even 
includes a bit of the Highi*n<l 
Fling Others teen all too ixiefiv 
are Marilyn Bull) Take. Montel 
Phillips, Alice Queany. the Scot- 
void Twins. Marie Cnmimni and 
newcomers Walter m Irene, who— 
btadancing allot could be enlarged. 

Enck A Erick continue ta head 
up the comedy contingent, this 
time #. Venturing to the ^farth 
Pole. It's familiar stuff but still 
tops. Ola Erwaen 4 Dick Mershoa 
have added Billy Goat-Tee to their 
gallery of ice animate, much ta the 
delight of the moppets Other 
skating slapstick is^Bteadl'd by 
Bill Cameron, Pat Shanahan. John 
Mulvey and John Hadlich Lea 
Hamilton's zany ice capers get a 
television flavor this year with an 
asaiat from Virginia Morrison as a 
would-be soprano. 

In the thrill department. PhyUla 
k Harris Legg repnae their stand- 
out work an stilts and Legg s an- 
nual death-defying leap has tees 
given new surroundings Moving 
metal mechanism through which 
he jumps is set la a tiger a mouth 
this year, to provide a rousing fin- 
ish to an "Animal Trainer ' num- 
ber. And the Leduc Bros are back 
for acrobantics on ice that win 
constant salvos. They climax with 
a 10-foot high-chair stand and a 
hand-to-hand that gets them off la 
peak response. 

Lags art few in this edition iM 
the rough spots will be amnothed 
during the L, A. shakedown stand 
before the show takes to the road 
to cover 20 more cities in the next 
nine months It s more a matter 
of timing than anything elae, a 
couple of the production numbers 
could be trimmed a minute or two 
ta provide a more coustaat peak 
of attention 

Visually, tha 1952 edHon te con- 
stant oh -and -ah for adults and 
juves alike. Helen Bose’s costum- 
ing is standout especially m the 

benefitting 'from smart visual ef- 

fect s. 

Rudolph conducts tha 
Follies orchestra again, the tuna 
background f conauting of both 
standards and specials cleffed by 
1-arrv Morey Paul Gannon doublet 
4i emcee and vocalist. Kept 

tines A Christmas tree gimmick 
in the “Santa Claus'* numbef and 
the stirring "Yankee Doodle Day” 
finale. In whMH the ‘‘EaUies* 
vaunted p r o rt Han skating te dis- 
played stain,' am 

iem I iMHlFfl mi I Ml 


Pittsburgh, Sept 4 

Twelfth edition of Ice tkaMmm 
fet ter h tsra act* and 30 acenea. 
f*rodutrd by John H Harris, r^Urr. 
Oi.raohy. Chester Hair. Kosetuar.e 
S rwart. Robert Dtnch. Bdmbi 
Lthn, R i>d A l* zander, cos'ume* dr- 
tl vned by Biffy LtunptU,*, eiecvt, 
r<% by M rue Karinske srlf. desutn, 
mm by Richard S Ja* Azote, ejtaenird 
by Floyd Pgrnsh; liphtiHo; Dahu l 
pik'i m mufti d I red or . Jr H May- 
hall . >»i, c.* Rr%an \Ul) >uaUi p-r- 

arkted m tha Garden* by , tea 

Capadrz, Inc. Sept 4 li 

<aai Donna AUrood. Bobbp 
Jyeehi. Irma Thovtu.* 4 Qrrtn 
Markh us r The Old Snutothies , 
TrKrie^ The MajnaeUp (R>, Jop 
Jack sun, Jr„ parr* PhiKipm. £xca 
LaRter, Aten Konrad. Jeanne Hook 
4 Teddy Homan, Larry Jac • t 4 
licnue Lyman, Pawl Casrlr. Jotepn 
.rFEPk Bauer . ice Cap ett 
<40 •, he Cadets « 20 1 . 

Pittsburgh, per tradition, gets 
thr world premiere of the latr t 
he Capadrs” John H. Kama 
always brings the show ta his 
hometown and his own arena first 
every September after a short 
break-in at the seashore. He # 
never had to apologize for any mi 
these lush extravaganzas, and even 
1 cm tha season thaa ever before. 
The 19&2 edition, if U tent tha 
bext of the lot. comes clos«. 

Show is said to have cost in the 
nr tKhoorh.M.d of $750,000 and cer- 
tamly look* it Costumes ara 
dazzling at evary stop on tha pro- 
gram. set* are colorful and display 
plenty of craftsmanship^ and whole 
bundle is two and a half hours of 
eye-popping entertainment ; 

Once aaain “tea Capadaa** ha# 
gone to Walt Disney lor its piece 
de resistance, and re-creation of 
the "Cinderella ’ fable on Ice te a 
smash all the way Dona in 13 
scenes, and elf actively pre-re- 
aatilod in Hollywood, with featured 
skaters acting out the principal 
parts and telantly mouthing tha 
words and the songs from the loud- 
speaker, it's 4 bang-up job. People 
are garbed in tha Chaney styles, 
down ta the mice, Jaq and Gus- 
Cul In the principal role*. Donna 
Atwood and Bobby Sperht skate 
as if they re right aut of a fairy 
tale themselves. Tha two keap an 
improving every season and their 
silver blades have been rubbed 
with mercury tha year. Later in 
the show. Mtea Atwood and Bpaeht 
come back again, tha lime pre- 
ceded by the Ice Copals in a 
breathtaking display of ostrich 
feathers, and put their cr ns an 

Plenty of comedy in the current 
“Ice Capades* atul all food. too. 
Jackson 4 Lyman have never been 
better, and atop the show cold an 
two occasion*, the Maxwell*. Aus- 
tralian slew-motion acrobats late 
of Mike Todd’s “Peep Show ” are 
terrific in their single spot; Joe 
Jackson, Jr„ te back after sn ab- 
sence mi several years and hut 
tramp bicycle art remains a four- 
alarm haw!. Baca La Rue. doing his 
familiar clowning in the audience 
first before he Wgr« on te the ire 
and Interrupt* Joe Setts and He**v 
Bauer, continues to fracture tha 
crowd. ! :i-‘ 

Irma Thomas it Orrin Msrkhuv, 
the Old Smoothies, in their ne*t- 
to-claamg spot, are still the No I 
favorites with the cash customers; 
on the day Harris fail! to renew 
their contract. “Ice Capades” faith- 
ful will probably take up arms and 
storm* the steel and mortar of Tha 
Garden* The middle-age r* are 
great pleasers and they' have 4 
charm and class which ara indeli- 

Jeanne Sook k Terry Roman 
make the moat difficult spina and 
lifts look like child’s play; little 
Paul Castle wows 'em with some 
slick hurdling. Patti Phillippi 
scores a* a drum majorette In a 
’ Juke llox Jamboree" number 
that’s laid on a campus of the 20s. 
with raccoon coats, etc: Alan Kon- 
rad turns in a couple of exhibi- 
tiana af terrific skating, and Tnxie 
in her juggling spot knocks aut a 
sack vexMoii:. That’s old stuff to 
the pretty blonde however. 

Conducting and arrangements 
•f Jen Ipayhail add a lot. and his 
musical backgrounds give every- 

r * a lift, while Brian McDonald 
on the bandstand handles all of 
the announcements effectively. Re- 
ception for “Ice Capades’ locally 
has always be en big. but JMthing 
lika* this vasr. 

it. mi 

House Reviews 

Pal**#, !*• V# 

/•# Buddies, Ross ft Rots 

i fifWK'f, Th# roufiiiifi 'I*. | 
* • »,u .shields, Roberto k Alma 
H >¥ MeroB (2*, Xtcoki RotmrA 
f oh DnwpW The Demoon * 2 • • 
tv v Mberf Mouse Orth 'Mark of 
flrnroat lr * |l/l > 'C»KU«d i». 

■ \ A ium July 2 V y> * v-:., 

\ vrluen and standard* air 

r. v crd («>r the Pal* * * mm ni 
,p At per iWM WMBP * therf'fc 
, Mhg rut irf «<a rt «l m ta ' «• 

I « hill with * Tee hnuojot film 
ruo vHrran cMMlrt and pmr 
j omer in the ftw i u r \mt as r 
.. r e d five tfiT» n»e in th* ton 
t nmnf tftarl p ru # ** s ioiMl. Nr»i* : 
p. « losing. Milton Douglas ram* 

I .* quota via faM-shmrtlng (ati 

M n 4 g Ur or repertotre vt waHlvtr* 
ir law joke*. The big *uv also 
i a nr»t phtei>Mr rut* 

• . ■ ir iM.tsu.nw 1 >r Mum M,u Ut 

liw*: Street" fowl** / 

Other young oldtirner is Benny 
JHrtoff with |MHin tmiHiiih in 
ininiUiHM. i Ttd l>»t« loti 
joggling Hint and little h*l» «*t| 
everything. Thi* nf I hr good r\ erv- 
t xwga 1 * hit tall, w *11 *ta<kcd 
ten. me v»ho-e » a florin t bui l 
. MerqfrtmlaccllaurbMt rtwyv : 
Ttobby fMiiekte, a or* cwiur in 
th* r p*rt* the't nut of Box on |v 
irurftfd under Krt Acts ditto 

II <■ ft Rfo, bag punchers' Nieol, 

, Paone singer. and the Three Hod* 
c > r « Nrtrt t a pate m . w he *»|>en 
Vtbenne h I md hi* stiller with 
l - black and while Inbjr cMm i ■ 

1 n l«o nten (rein audirnrf for 
♦ <f\ priHiurtioe which include* 
extracting the peel try plus nwa* 

I nmt the»|* p c r s i wi* 

rue Fontaine*. two male* and a 
liwuar, are deft a* I'm featuring 
.the cult holding Big Hunt ha- 
Ur in a held hark bend tv snare a 
«»ggie light ! i ttiit prone p i 
lh r supported midair »idit it *ho 
good fur a mitt 

Mohrrto ft Alma art smart 
flmienco hoofer*. r« nplete w ith 
hcHH ltcking and ca-lanH- A num 
U » ^n» aecompannm nt it - 

ui.irlv well conceived 

llat Denver tee* oft with winn- 
er aching and rope twirling, hut It a 
tt»e knife and tomahawk hurling 

<*f that*, youthful looking parents 
in white tail* and topper*. plus a 
routine quartet family hni-h 

buddy Lewis also has no dufl- 
rultf in bis taletman pitch, hit im- 
peraonationft of Hage and aer e e w 
Hart, ditto Paul Krm«n and hi% 
little people in their clever M to 
hoi tea and clow nine. With Mailowe 
following for hl« piatlalit tumhU' 
into the aiHet and the errheHra 

C t. hit inbuilt to m«nft- 
T» of the audit n< • ihf tnaftage- 
went the hininr haftdY alleged i.^k 
hf nii'h innvhip hu ot >w 
retii mtnr* l im e, acr.dn >1 > hme 
ran May up there if he take* rpan 
agement advwe and apfU' heimi t«o 
Hage-Hnuk ' VfcXirt ,' .;' 

Jith a jump medley, and then 
Thoma* really arm pith hia m 
wan combo for Milohlled and 

rn> thmic arrangement* of “Caaile 
HtK k end “Ff«h Tail r Lit Grern COVfcTAVt E 
•ktuathed in »ih er lame draw* Hent* 

•mMie* a* M»e* on and *hr ?i dm* 
pdatRa ■ a. Jllng* U>le %uch **11* t epM-«hana. B. t. 

•[fy I " ant a (rood Man t'sndknr Iftorr. (Uim i*tit*rfi 
dad In the l>a»k_ re h** tiii u%h«d m He lh»Uy v *•■ •<( ht» 

New Acts 


Ipollo. X. 1. 

Bodde Juh moon . Ofi h > 1 1 : - 

Juh Mem. . Arthur 
Mem ri k tt elk « r Png 
Hokf S*T<mof T 
NfrCih of the <*r«ef 

I ('ft & • ** • ,’V • ’. 


lh»lt . Iflf. 

Hi >*; r:rii, 

f H di 

fining to H»*tk tb :\ Joint V r . 

The iwnrdt «h«n of Foft* ft 
%t hiie. be«aoy.c tltry gtr ttre 

nnrv J art im the hill 

ant inanity I* iMiie ' they have 
•e /t uu- nr,, amt re lat •%«->% IrtWi 
nut r 1 14) K«*re iMuf i j Th« > t r\ a 
lill h dative and ev rn a patter MUHT- 
l**n tipi } »■'■ v < ««« i-r led with thy tr 
Mill 1 r. |<,( it >< dlarly .. a jrtafv id iir* 
• »»i »'im . -v it h iiiv ' godd' laugnp 

‘tv • • ' I I r t t f»,,tllr r 

• H 1 home fiarrU, »Imi hirht) ir- 
’ girded hy i . » .•.-..»*•« • r»« fn>iii‘ 

It , • 

\\ 1 y' hu ff int ,illh«MH h Mintrw h it 

tavkinr ( n vafUM lie bceakft H 
.up with 1 hod Theae Hu*<*«t 

Shift >>•» :it \|* (. 

.'.'Thu. on«* o# the br«t mo 
grat«d h(JK the Apollo h.«> roine 
up with in MMtve time Niend ine 
m ««*wed>, *ong and dame »■ ••mrw. 
w**r»*e with *o» k rt^ultv and tw<w - 
hekier* teemed eager for nun • 
third yhr»w <»pemna dav «T ; dv 
>pi»e oierlong running time of . Mg 

Show grU off to a frenetic -« .»rH 
With the Buddy Ji'lllHM ur« 
ving out g M*iut ananeenu m nt 
' s 'i|er XV" C’prnpfiHrd of Air 
r*wt M Vf>h br«w two rhythm : and' 
matMnt at k* vhoartt on h ditpl.iM. 
top imuinaiuhip hypoed by u 
pert «tage •av'vy Ttuomdiout 

• »! riv< r umrlitoti JohHM»n and (. ■ 
videmin move and pla> will .< 
hd that pro>ert* Suvh num her* 
a* Iih ken tiumhn a cilyp*>o. 
and ‘ Ifucklehui k v a (VtH part d 
item, get top react mo { 

• Klla Johnson the leader* Av 
ter, handle* a pair of uniI« neat- 
ly 'Till klv Bitbe f'timr* Bark h 
M e" and I'm %o Glad show h. . 
melktw piping qualttie* to advan- 
tage. Arthur Pri'ipA, » food liv k 
mK wvH uuiKt meted rhap. wmk* 
through hi* id for plenty of t f- 
t*<l lli* modulated ha ill on mg on 

• I. Ct y *' and the old lamr Orn 

llrleMlMl* IM f- V; 

'--.Chicago. V pt , A' 

. \ 4. • t . f ntmt Or%h f ,17 a rth 
*i 0 ■ klorifii ■ ■ I 

, < - 2 f* ■ ••«!'. t Hr • * 

< fPu *<> 1 Cfi.r. /ItWhlltp. J‘*i< th (I. 

a«» Oort. fVui>h‘ ApoinH ■ U |#«r « * 


v dh frau Oiga as target that win* ton tone. ‘ My Heierre,*' mdnatt s 
Ounikg one Hunt *he * hidden be- | that he * ready to step «»u* ah»ne in 
hind paper and he • hlindfidded. the male voralUt «Weep*take« 
kimvbet with flaming hatchet* to \fe>rr* ft Milker corned , -ter p 

blonde target . 


I galgg. Torggfg 

- Toronto. Sr;»i 7 
f**Br# Hosier 1 1 , frank it Mar 
luow. Four Ft pas. .Roddy (,r«i», I 
f*«al ft ruins «ad Nil Top hh»ps 

team rn the opening Hot. arelistvd 
under New Act*. Kov t)ougia* 
ofay ventro turn, sustains ionue 
mood despite wnw weak Material 

IV pile t tie tai f t hat ttic f >i icn-lal 
;i* passing out • m 1 cm v f <* three 
i.if iii this i irk Mirriu.m 
I.* u .011 the n n t 11 roup Vo in 
l o'.'.d 1 .1' Ih oi.t «<» t* • li a tv«nd« 
rit that s worth the eHfa nut 
It'li hkrlv thi»« miMini hiII watk 
aWai" plr.»*4d ti»i> Week ♦iron" man- 
agement toV* I .«t in ..fir uMiados to 
hul i n or** s- who Walk W t»v 

C'Mt'al i' staying tip i.r neroblr 
hip ruiri thtftli '!«»»* lit plcntv nf i» ■ 
spun s» : tlyoUgh it s m mot table that id 11 Will la 1 new i.o pwye«'* 
f neat dor* his standard « 'owning 
tills. Io-m s id dip at the n de m e n ‘ 
and ot r asiema f l r » ip* % 00 a r mlin 
(ia*s«ire; H* *t of tlur r(*i* i* fast 
nd ItHinih Ttu g:.t* Auhe ^aw 
I lull in., put on a wetpptual 
mtulrm ♦ vhibuion w tth their hofl- 
stop footwork. •• *•_' '*.■ 

I jo Harram m tad and la** 
nwMSho tram dor » tls rjw r»u* tr ip* • 
in y with iim#m gusto than talent ■ 
Koutinr s for tire mo-i pari arc rai- 
ned out in siopp* la-hum Fall * 
apparent HrckesMte * s and lively 
tlanr mg ft I them a«to*s «i«ltj . 
how r \ • C 

Comic Jrdmnv Morgan need* ma- 
tt rial urji nth , ley hi* ra*c the 

|u** < ml also hsi Inn around in 
*i.‘ — „ «m»:« r ut lev She ts drum 

Irani l\. a |Mdrie hotel roo»g ...lypr 
.. Wf Stuger but l|rnt riurrn t 1*0 ,m\ - ftp 
ilnt iu*ld h- r own in a nuu nit* r> 
It Hr t -•« tofNi , sl»« will do even 
alien her ''overlong' wong. 
■ is erfi t e d down . Mi-* Mr 
•.s*.r iiuniffy ' im-tnok every n»|»| <uu 

• to j* .4. 1 tun maud lor .*n..n.» r 

ntun hti with icsult «l»r ditl 1 1 « 1 1 « 

■ tsar .dp . " / 

An au.not ilafiye and In'akicoi, ^ 

( • *•».* lit * im th* Atn«r k KitoisoitM 

iv ft.. I,, d m an nftra t • m «i at 

lilt put u VIlS* \|twue rs foot* 

I * • ii «. iVpdgwoiMl Brt*oi» .1 >..n 
( I, « .t.,*r>.r St me fhr O * v hc ss> - th sfiitc he.r gem to*ci » 
.♦I r fu i itftii e A Hi the sulip yt nt 

it pt f »t»»lr hr f pa* l tig (1 -lit h 
it t l» -1 ' songs aie live U*l 
ftlhcr t .oof tliw is M a point W h« n 

< 1 1*1 V iftoaid iiti lunnmk tour 

S •« slWuUi tilde snort t#ji tltr- • any 
si till iitttl -hr should Mkm * «»• 1 -*t 
M nt thing n alti special («u to • 
jvi •oiu.iih At the mrunetil; w iuU 
.**n; * t Uillttg f mm l*'S - lainiltar ftp* 
ttUtlom -orittrs UkiI .•urt 
-)H at’ II is turtle Mir h ss it V u*« d ' 
if iatei i af ► ati 1* tome body tia* 
dime. ‘ tafefi irr Itritur h* 1 pt-4 .»s 

H •' «' * Hit I. .1 's..r.V • I ( oitl I Nf * l.o 

Atmw tral.; 11 likew ise i.iiiniiat al 
la if imiI <rt rr li pifOlir ViHt t an t 
I lit l! " <Ui i nu \*o 1 t ini* i 

• tno.ite ihe IVwerot a i' m 
t.oilahi t*( lliojdwat ”t rpvh tin 

,,.\ou . I’irnty «»t Nothing"' air .-Imi 
among '»*.t. r. nt— tiber* v • ' ;V;" ' 

♦ H l out Sf. he | TV 
i jvJ it a tot egofN 1 

■ u<s; : 




Abel. . ■ 


Windup which hm him grappling |iH k M lM ^ h Omokrr i* paithninrly 


Hun so 


Csnirry*. Art hit Stour i 

with the dummv in 
park the latter in a 
antft dls* man-hip. 


♦■■-•■ 1 

Cor fir 

Frankie Marlowe. » comprtent 
romic, is back at the Casino ltd* a 
quirk repeal following hi* recent 
h<al success with the Bub Cn**by 
unit. O* that tkct-asion. VaaigtY 
pntd jnbute to Marlowe* rome«(> 
delivery, but pointed out that he 
sta>*ng on too long, that the 
t»»eatre management *11 chiding 
1 .t*»r Muowing the bill off time 

balance: that he waa too enthuH- 
asticatiy and. with III taste, intrud- 
ing himself on Crooby arid other 
*« 1* that were therefore intriguing 
the cadi customer*. Marlowe la 
u«»ing it again, despite warnings 
rbii time, when caught, he wa* 
*0 an to get on Hage that 
» • came out and Interrupted a 
moving death scene m the climax 
«*t the feature Aim with yell* to the 
p'ujertioniat* to "turn the thing 
•d hecatise he was ratin' to go 
Niid the customer* had paid to *ee 
|»»m Marlowe then went through 
*» s Boh ('ro*by unit art seen here 

stteropt i«* pntoetunaie. since hr h** the mug 
suitcase . 1* 11^ it, hvery and lb* liming Jo he 
l naagrt ut s ton-rung rmUM Hr* iwsinM.n 
a h«.krft tw»ndieaitmg bit. gets uvrr 
sididlv. hut his pi Hun quip* are 
either borrowed »»r old. , 

k bhe T. ,10 - peng 1 s 

linger ha* turn uiiuslh arm simr 
site jiiinrd C'ugst In lei, M»er« * 

4 High! regft otimt Iter stag* 

*41% v gesture* delivery and phras- 
ing all M»wld In w urked over ller 
"ttmy Pt- Sil" and a novelty tune, 
-('or oanuts.'* arc her brU ttforts 
and get her o»rr adequately Hi r 
I hit ping aside gal 1* a welcome 
addition fr» an% tu»nd via h«-r nifty 

pH. h as he opens and cIomw the 

i -uitcase. w hen the dummy is 
packed in. get bef!% mitt* 

Baby Scruggs, who app« aM-d 
• here only two week* ago. I* ro vt- 
to-ctosing with her iexy bod} 
wriggling trrp* that wrap up the 
I hou*e She gels plenty ol wotf 
howls throughout the scorch in 2 
1 lh-in muter • : ' 1 

ITmmie Rogers wind* up the 
la) out with hit well timed pai|«r 
and semi -topical special song ma- 
terial. Roger* work* fast in hi* < 

monolog turn atwf projects rwo, *Aj l g ar |j -n d nigh miraculous torso 
enthusiasm in hi* specialty songs 
ruoHlv penned by himself to ovrr- 
tome shortcomings in material. 

Ill* warm personality com** 
through easilv. and he capture* 
house in (losing session a* he 
mingle* w ith pew holders in front 
rows, bringing them up front leu 
some I rant w danc e hits. 

Ml til \ r HIM 

!• Min* 

Pslore. \ V. 

i In hi* iniiiNl f'alace a p p e arance. 
It 4 I n - Sieola I'aone earn* a nor 
*im ' for himseff %ia the vw jl- 
| guit.,r route At one point he (liv 
raid* nnUr W llute III* »«• o e t« 

tuggivh. but umie of hi* intro pat- 
RalgBpp 00 like CMftBl H BUjW ke j ter and loti 1 pre tat ions seem a b*i 
i- lopmUih TamhoimiH Kl Gringo pe e * In ftin 

gels plenty of Into *h«*rt ^ Noroe of hi- numbrr* are in what 
turn. «md OMn Boptgfr ftawyi ,pgee [.gppeara natural Halo aerj eg t ^gh e ra 


Hamn , 

KiHe. PM Illy 

Philadelphia. Seal. • 
Thomas Orth, Wenonie 
ta Green Fojrr ft While, 
Gamrr Trio; "Murricartc 
1 Col 1. ■ 

m straight mother tongue Pre*ent 
Mfngaiog i* mostly special h run' 
slanted to those oho »a%%> the lan- 
guai*< al-o the maun* rt*io* S 
io«rt« laculMi hhr-rv would help 
-|)t»i»hr* Virti^de windup is An- 
ghs-lialiNii a neat vocal exercise. 


* lew week* ago; repeated hi* open 

u*g twice over for a few, latecomer* ULand'* 

' h *d mlaaed hia entrance — - 

in hig swift propulsion to local The Errol I Garner Trio, which 
♦h-rquee billing. Marlowe should winds up the new Earle vaude. t* 
£***• staying on too long, partku- in sharp contrast to the other 
■ r,)r ^ben he persists in upsetting musical segments of the bill which 
n»c Mhedules and tnterfecr* with olferk the Joe Thoma* orch, the 
1 T ■PP^nt'nnce of such a Aoe lusty-voiced W>nanie Harris and 
••’iff as Con nee Boswell, on whom the equally throaty blues singer. 

varied customers Were lament- Lli tureen. 

^ 7 nnlklftg out (Weekend plan Gamers nicely modulated ptan- 
\ management was to Have j iatira make for a quiet dpt com- 

u** Boftwell come on next to rloa- pared to all the lumping and ?o« k- 
Jl 1 * *M ha%e Marlowe follow* for mg preceding him * But if spul- 
.Oftertline Hav, out of which he ting the trio Hus way tfoeso t lur- 

* **lked » ni*h a strong curtain the gioup 

‘•therwise. it s another neat bill gets the best reception and m in t 

Jbat Murray Little ha* a*«emhlrd attention 

1 uotiee Boswell is on in full-Hage I Popular here through re<«rd- 
T 'V blue set, with hou*e ing*. as well as nitcry appearance*. 

• 1 i» Hered, for a medley of Gamer doesn't even bother to an- 
>mile» * songs, her whistling in- nounce his numbers, and solid ap- 

tvriiKl^*. her terrific *'Ba*ln Street please greets the opening huh 
|** ue* and “CHd Smobv,** plus her ure* of *T Cover the Waterfront 
uno ' M>rtl *bd two beautiful row- The trio piano. ba*a and drum* l 
am* change* done onHage in cute are also beard in **My Heart Stood 
Hnp^ease chatter De«pite long Still.” “Gypsy •• Mf Soul" and 

• mring time of bill, Mua Bo*weU The Nearness of You ** . 

' ’® begofl. Joe Thomas and on h are 

'll to enthu^Tkstie re*pon*e. the mounted on Hage for the op. n* r. 
'hur r’van* score on the comedy and fttav on throughout except for 

with his vulatUe warbling of 
-Hawaiian War t'hant ** NBC mu* 

-man Jo-e th'ihamourt docs an 
milHandinr ntanmha turn, and 

both Oukina and Utablifo provide 
pirn t\ of c>eapp»al on the stand 
Cuyat orch 1* iiiiprrsslve 10 two 
1 .41 in instrumental* »n the warmup 

Mti. > 


I bicaga. I M < Mwfi 

t Ttic ago Sept 7 t Min*. 

' ir.beih Out f t. • meu . ♦ Jl. Palace. \ \ 

fl,.n og Rripps, Komo Vioce»i.r.f Tbi* \«Hing-tcr «i«a* a tot of 
firm,, Faraou Onh. -Du Moon eserMhmg - unprc*»io#u terp* 
hphl \\ ft ». -inging Takeoff » 'apt Ink Spot* and 

, Fiaiikte 1 -iinr il< rl%e *ome 

After last week s Milton lerte- lifts via I with pHnun 

v mar bill Hon house ret tern he* Mafl 

with one of the weakest tavoutft of t nee- part uipatrt.n Huff. 

ol its 

on the cmnedy and slay on throughout except 
Marietta and her brother 4 the Gamer #'♦ 

* the spft shoe and c|qg leutlnqq ,ru«<*(QU| Ml. tha 

the -ommer Partly responsible 
for the slowness opening day ♦?> 
was the ah** me «»f -eat -holder* 
Those in: attendance xat on their 
hand* for th* entire SJV-mlnute 
hill, cm* rkHir frogs their dare only 
tnr eicater Buntiv Brigrs 
• - A» past (* dm inriMt s hair 
proved this BA K flag-hip ranmrt 
Msg * vaude show tn favor of it* 
flick with any mra-uie of surer** 
Thi* week the lark of a potent 
marqu.e draw 1* far and anay 
the biggest handicap 

Headliner Homo Vincent is a 
hometown hov and nuikes a strong 
hid to ra*h »n 1 hi the fact Ue- 
-pHe thi*. hi- naoie doe-n t regi*- 
ler ' in the W tndv City . and bis 
-fandard (ale m*H rial, which hr 
pur*' vs lot 20 minute*. dor*n’t 
nfhtrf e.ihcr All things e%en. 

Paied hv the i\Tn*m - « pir»^ni rnougb ttlwt. |k oiitng In# who 

arm. kkrUj uff 


1 \ 

iCMfii nsrtd on pfge Al l 

ll, . Hop w mdup tmnr - 

turn* change and here U* the 
Mill o|tplrt - lie iH»i!-r fib* pic..- - 
ant eh gaging manner, hot »l»«*uld 
l»u '*( "i> ad mil* irtTi.teniK trt h*«# 
>»s vmr so miM Vi off Hage ma- 
-true lion. As it -land*. )u*i k n»<r 
act. ••.': ,,'T 

Tap tlaurlMf 
S Mina. 

Palace. V. Y. 

• , The Septan Three Buddie* pn*- 
vio. a end tap-terping w arm op 
tor (he palace * rurrent lull They 
have mythm and style, and e.« Ii 
tnriiilitf -hows up well in t lie u.lo 

In r no * (1 ftl.ish 1 *»r v .qrtfiJ. 
'treadmill iaHiion 0 thru a»- 
iemhq% hear Hiok add spiprtut ' 


Comedy '■■■v 

I* NI ■ 

\ iilacr \ anguaed N V. 

( «• « 1 • 1 1 • • * *k * • ~ n ♦•uthtol m w- 

> "i’u 1 •'* » air iii* 11 ct i i, » 

thi- ... *.ii*i»i »on with in-utirtt* ni 
lre»h material He ha* a it ii a BiafMV i 4 (Ut is nu . hNt*. 

»r»c ': : ..' r ' , .' 

t .. :e|v part ol hi- tut n pi<Mtoc« « 
cvcclh «t i » ull- Hr t»a* -oort 
( »it* -t»n k - ami hkcahh paltt i 
llow . i ci lie b( gin* to lo-( his 
artdrtfUi when he gnS-ft into faiity 

, lid MUMTOMN 1 - lli* di*M-f 

tali* tn on ii. He Autrv sntli 1 - M 
rttuip.ii -«.n mT a similar tut ♦»> 
J.i« k 1 1 Mil. * 

I Ina-imrt Ii p this spot fiequi qlU 
iuo\nh« an intellect ual mde lo it- 
«iut it luiwat, c owns a with -tamC 
aid irtalri ml dd n«t till Ih* re- 
«iun. m- The early psui of m- 
' routine indicates that he ha* H»e 
ma n lor 1 pnM of (hi* tips toil 
n..» mwidt material , to make a 
tl»«»l imp4«t Jo%,‘ 

! Dancing 
1 Mina. 

Waldorf tstorta N f, 

'yuna Hmioway •isHrtnrfty ««i Hoi- 
h " .11 SwIitn- 1- a 1 dec ituig 
b «*hnr hiNder w ho -how i »»it Co ad 
v «nt*Mr m « r****m sum - 4m acts, 
* k im «n.ihii ha%e 

1 suing ’ There 1* «w rajas^d 
j»i all olio here ' ""l. 

i nti hKtkuig ^nd l oHuiirt d llcat- 
lA m« • l.o« - n m e gall** arid t >• 1 
1*r< tn her op* mnft nun i». 1 ,«nd 

tt>« h din * an iMierprrl.tliNr «tn 
.•;•♦’ ft Jut mat ** rule and 1- an at* 
Itrmfif at ftaan Nhin*‘< hmg that 
■ ■ ■>*" ■ her nut Wf the k< u pi h mg 
p M .upHh* 1 ii i»M 1 Aftirf .a te# 

moments o»» th*f : Rimii h« r iiair 
menaces in .#.•( '."ssspsrWjMt nwry . 

»'*( v -h.iiud *h, s*>ui. thlfiK »u 
1 o il ftt m « l%e« k p i hajK 4 Kh,tii« i 
ii.v.i . uid dn it llu other- 

N«-t-. . n| 1 *s . - 1 ioliUW.ay k ft'Uod 
nt cupsit of he. - < K#h»: ; 

HMIHs 1 W U Kl R 
i itnrSi Dance ■. 

IS Mina. 

1 potto N | 

d( v* ♦> A W alker Vegtp ti am, 
d* t» »••<! a brand svf twsrtjy toil 
' • 1 1 ■ • iha| lltuils ih* ir appeal tu 
- nt' uimler ate - |»r u cd v audi-i * 

Ur , iig a uirt «*f 'Mull and 
1 • • » quidilN . u am open.- last 
w'*h •Mill* okay let )-* bo 1 -i*.w r 
"(U'W l» a »he> w ork into iivcrTortg 
|m-H. 1 Call i- maned lo % ntage 
t^atnisi add trespirnl *egii* - hy 
W tikvc. (he taM one ,»*»•• a -wi-h 

, • 

1 * - 'rt add- Minn rimiif v .does 
1 •> tul h w hen I' bt i*n a he at - 
»•»> v,hf,-h«cp lot a (an% l|«t< iui e- 

iji * h ot Lmsse! IfairtpUrtt Tliey 

« ipsa lu a yood giltt in a idler* 

IH(| t <H| hit i ha i. shoas *M(ne top 
|** vdv tepfrtng Walker dan* «■-, 
»n thi- on* von- pant-, hut in ltd 
Ifrm tofm- ip get mhih added 

n «a 1 - "' ■ ■ ', , : ’- :• 


K«ots •"" .v 

14 Mins 

I r hnban Rleu, N T, 

-Mary M.. <> wim has done ule 
and i- o»» ih* I apdoj rust* r, «if 
>1 ke 1 * making lo‘i tn-i n ’• 
viand here Stic ha- The maklngg 
tor if* mt urn r 11 cult 

Mi-- M«i<i ks» uariMh •». tieary. 
and «lva« o* phi- a cone ttiat in* 

♦ * UMoe than the ordinal y 

I,* nr 1 In addition die ha> I*** *K s 
iimI |N i- 4 >nailtv to qualifv her l«»f 

ih* « 1 > >ai t spots though she m ♦»*€ 
C»l a ttMire sapielkt tune *ele«fius» 
And she r»q»me« simpler arrange* 
n ea t* Hid W Ilhal Mi Ha) • 
MuMiti. • logtime psrt'ihihties 
, ' Jo e 

RtiKS ft RUSH 

Rag Punching 

S Mins •" 

Palace. N T, 

. This Hag »Hitw lung dim- l.anny 
A Margie Hrafts — tan die-* anv sit- 
uation iiittrly The* hot onl% eviel 
m 01 iImhIo* |rt»rw htng * ta fists hut 
reriiiit eitiows. feet knee* ami 
uuggiu* hilling the tenth* r from 
all angles «r»d poMluiwi* .V 

W h«n seemingly through j With 
th* ir liiultlplrt it > of deft I root 
rlrttees the male suipcivr* with a 
liw t*ag setup in w huh lie tattoos 
lh* of* h eta swiftly in %ariou« di- 
(Mtion- u-ing knee- load and 
h«*nds H«s attr«<tiv« pariner ron- 
irihoi*- skill fully lo Ihe prelim 
1 »>ui rn* - with ihithmie wiirk Tlo tf 
% utuo-itv rmiirk a wdid uiitting 


NBCs ‘Spectaculars’ 

•ni*o 4 fi*n mi* f 

s % idf'O chicftam 

eg ■ 


P' ild ft M t 4 

Weaver. NBC 

planned the *' Apn ta* ular-' as a | 
Sunday night showcase, when t( 
appeared that f'olgate would pi* k 
.. 1 n.e tab «m it* ( omedv Hoot ' 
on a fhree*w rtlie g mo nth h a - » s,..- 
• v rift- the fourth week open Thug 
ll*« plan was to have Phllto tf- •■; 
tmquish Its 'Playhouse'* dramatics 
ev* t v fourth week, with Ph»h o and 
..ddifmnal clients sharing in sprue- 
coi lop of t lie S to 10 -|ir*»..f u- 

■ 'jiaV';^. 

VIM 1* 1 .»: renth -fod'ing fh# 

I ‘I.* 4 n NliatMlIties and X * I <rH 

niecT.amcs Mod making its Aha I 
or 1 1 sion The t to |l |«c*;**t on 
T ih s«hv ri.ghts ftiiloo ihjj: Milton 
H« 1* is looked ufe n * dh fa' nr, 

1 q \n hn h ease the pr* -enr c m nt«, 
in. iudmg Pnater ft Gamble and 
«#,tl Gold would relinquish Hi* ir 
0I..1 >(rt»s» s every fourth wpek it 
|Miti«i|»ate in bankrolling the tw«^- 
lnwr Miper-attra*iM*n VBf figures, 
too that the one-a-numth ‘ spec- 
Imulars e «»ul d be rotated into < ' 
♦ it* rent nights, with each OOO 
mvpfrtrd prrhaps three months in 
Mitymr tv formalMc dealt with 
in* «h«ntt qccupving theai timg 

*.aet entft - m*« 


u, mi 


•. p. 

1 | 

P 1 



Albany Court Cut* Down 


_ Ca_ 













IMiy house AnBPSMiH»nt 

. Il 

nsne on 



; Other Bits 


M*lcolm Attvrbury t PltyM r Buhard Aldrich oho operates four summer theatres la 
ta a»»e**rd for 1952 Using pur •Hla, says that Uua season ha* proved to him that h»a big houses. at 
pose* si $71 Ouo The city had Hard ../ttotohto •«<* Ftlmouth must operate on the atar system to survive, 
the Mure at $91,009 but accepted The public mould rather see a play featuring a famoua star— who may 
MandieUer N M Sept It Cod la aevea theatre* thi' sqm M court -ordered reduction to $71.- not oecevsaniy be a food than a better play by a good raat 

- sunvnr. Ih».tr« WUMI ju»t mrt. tnrtuiftM U wo Mo.i ol «h» «h*r proF»m.. ««•««« «ton- h. ultf AlirteK *ow !• th» Htr, M ItMIlltm 

rlo<*4 la N*« lUmpthir* »u th* N*»*ort Pn*«»« M.rbirhr.d lh , , >sMork do.Btu.n im •»»*» »<“'•* '*>' <■»*• ImJ «**k for U>* MMa • -fouhip. 4u- 
A... ananriallv »mce the brat Boston. Shoe »et house ree- ^ # lhr f#ly t>ropo»e« construe- cussed the situation Me aaid be had planned an cspertment at one el 

t£J*F£SJ£*. V Am «-•; \'"TrU “to? ' wSTS^S* — »«»« ™ - *•*" -M* cl. but wiU^a, *. r . hop-« i. 

It™to**r. rvpoct*4 th.t m*rt *«"« .ZITHL 5L ^h/ST. •■“'•rlom «M •»*»•*« •* W- »*Wf* «*>*• 

- - *• ^ — Clare Booine Luce pia* to nr oi valuation* I they had gueat atar* th#* theatre mat jammed So neat summer we 

Mayor Krastu* Corning told At- Miall 0111 tt dhplg l i ly o« the star system at both theatre* If a alar la 

terhurv tost apnng that he could f willing to come ahead of time and rehearse for a week good wed 

proceed with plan* for a Mth atock [ r«ther have It that way If a alar want* to bring virtually her entire 

veaMin Work on the new building <■*•« »*d arrive only ih time for a Sunday night rehearsal and to check 

.... n«. *«i «~ .. • 7-^2 I 

reeled by Eddie Dowling 

$$.999. Otney 

■ O tney, 'lid' Sept I I 
Leo G Carroll in ‘Home at 
Seven which opened cold ft the 

of the aconera ahowed a proflt dur- 
ing the pa*t season add that lib* 
lives and summer vacationist* alike 
Socked to we shows of N. Y tall 
We with film start coming to the 
Granite State to appear In a num- 
ber of the al t ract toha, Th^^^mnTduok new fMdMy tonger A Chamber 

One of the tieere. establishment* c , u *ht on with tC public racking °* Commerce poll *^y^*J**** ' 
the l*ake Region Playhouse la fill- up a low $5 000 for the week M •** ^ member* oppoaed to the wr. 
ford need not only a high-priced Though the second to we l tab# of 

Malting at ir policy, but alao a road- the season atrawhat manageitu nt ftienar*^ IIumUi MhW 
ik»* v wbteh brou g ht in broke even ih«nka to a favorable yWUlHf IBflSMu 

percent are deal with »tar Carroll. ■ 

Ttmugh the ShernR wb«»donit 
waa iHvanlmoualy panned b* lot at 
diem* deaka. performance* par tic - 
ulartv that of Carroll, wa* juxt *v 

Hrowdw -ay p avera Gerald Mew 
mark men *er of the Playhou e 
reported that one of the moat popu 
lar pre^eni imhi* during hit p roht 
able was * MrtgadooU 


"t oam Mi »M« ^ WAk 'luT 4r» | Artlo , Wou«ht >■ « V S»$nm* U» Dr.«to« Sclswl. 

fupport from the lh# , lr ho ^ rv#r lhu nrnun «w«eu* ws 

Stymie Showing of 
Ballet Number at Met 

Mary Morr'ia. mow on the faculty of the Carnegie Tech Drama School, 
was paged last week by Judith Aaderaom for the role of the amrae in 
Medea" fuat a few day* before troupe woe to plana out for Gtrmaay 
and an engagement at the Berlin Aria Festival. Part wu to have been 
played by Blanche Yurka. who withdrew from the company at the last 
minute, and Miaa Morrta. who had prevtoualy done the Greek tragedy 
in summer stock took over with enty a couple of rehearsals Tech 
(ranted Miaa Morns permission to make the trip inasmuch as ft meant 
that the would mis* only the pre-open i ng entrance technical eta ms at 

drew at»me <*• «• 'upjwn "wn <w miiriy m the aif, however. thl« w*» 

Gilford village church choir not enough to launch a newconte f 

Mew Hampshire's artgtngl oOaner at a theatre 19 miles from Wnk* 
franc ia ( lev eland a ll-yaar e ld re- melon Future af the show « 

modeled country rtore in Tam Hr dish Import.^ will be dec.d.-d 
worth the Barnstormer*, recorded *"* • ** * **' u **» h " 

a prold althouirh (‘levelartd, 

»f the lute P residen t. Mid the vol 

ame w** *omen^M less 7^** vance. which 1* espected to build 
tout ...season* because of What bp g|y rr the wore Is n The country 

Court last week may adoct $* **** , Music Circua at Sacramento, operated by Rusaell Lewis and Howard 

tation af a ballet, Le Jeune y 0 ung. started its season badly, but wound up much more favorably. 

Homme ft to Mott nddsfe took the Outfit toat about gS.ddt weekly for the Bret ns week*, but the show* 

i n.iut Theatre’s Broad ! kapt building. Finale. ‘Annie Get Your Gun" gave producers an 
at bairn Tuomre i wrwow p^t of about gT •« Soa^n a. a result endod with 

w * y rU " ^ ** operating profit, so that they were able to retire about 10% of their, 

v9i ~ united Li niehrMn tafa l*/r id ** as the troupe * bigged dr aw tb to ■ ttrtgw<r $3c 0Q0 permanent knveatment Produr ers not only plan mak- 

w nrr^jssrii v.jzj ma* ‘.nr, n hi «,?<>«« • »"»*»«" ^ «• 

M Y run at tl be _ fall season nest year in some other part of California, perhaps In tho 

IvwnbMt » 'Mm t. ta«n , ihiun —Uri— <«. W Wf* «** 

•pending final two weeks— return of Jeso* a |d ihe opening n < ^ ^ ^ ■ I 

However, in Keene, 

JJTi ^!Zr 02 JZ fwT-i. hn«*rlf. «.r. .... 

Koetto Bummer Tboatro mm gune ^ flirting Itopl. 25 who are guest star* with the troupe 

■".mm ' Jean Babilee and Nathalie Philip 



dn Isively in th# black for the ftrvi 
time since she and her husband 
Alfred Taylor Colony, opened the 
establishment back In 192$ Mrs. 
Colon* attributed the Improved 
situation partly to a revival »t mu shov One of the final pre* 
eiitslions at the Keehe Theatre was 
‘ Heaven Comes tovdiiewlay ^ an 
nrtffinal musical play by 
Jenkins whhrk attracted 

Beatrice Tandy and Hume CroOvn in “four- • grtm. power hi I * > § D 

m.* e*'«*r: «** «• o«w m«m Tosgk Maafans Ballet 

Looks New City Center Hit 

As chief attraction of ita new fall 

; Ardea H IM Grist Mill 

Andover. N J . Kept tl Action wot bfougbt oy teavon. the N Y Oty Ballet gave 

Eve Ardea in "Here Today ' rang Rude former director of Ballets 



« «* •»- ^ r r*» rwto ,M 

the Grist Mill Playhouse here m h manager of Theatro dot l hamps ft City Csular, H Y., ip »»*• 
a whopping UVi) gross for the Ely***. Partn and Artiats Aaso- Miraculous Mandarin ' Chorvo- 

The Grid Mill, a 79d sealer in thi.*ir* Kude claim* itn Melchior Lragyil a mory. too 

northwest New Jeryey managed by hin j-une “ which * ock *• * $ rtm fGpptng thing, and 

Much attention was oeutered of Robert E Perry, played a L>-wi«ek ■'[ ... Arll „ ha* all the earmark* of k hit, 

Ps e o su n this year; three (bare than *“ ataged « Ar * s l ~ I th# aoueam 

I After a slow start, busof fire »«* r *■ Vrmme * ,n M#rch rtar> ‘* n 1 ,W ^ l lT I& 

the new R*\m«md Summer The* 
tre. founded tor .: >irs. Buaon B 


^"r'uri^ur zrrz 

***,“ *"*. Y wHjlina , * m Burges* Meredith in The Berard < as costumer to do the libretto make It atandout ao that 

made room Jor promising ymrng ^ hw whistle * Pal Joey and work, and that it was never author even Utoot who dtot like the work. 

t lane Luce In Ntreetrar liaed for performance here; either for its subject matter or 

. .. . . >.k> (ur . permanent In <M~tr.e-.nt Mm to .<ln»it It. 

aii.aoo. MH nsik junction to restrain future “Le 

Chicago Sept 1 1 jeune performances at the Mot. as j The ^Mandarin" yarn baa Bad ita 

Marshall Miaatr wound up hi* m 4n arcuuntmg for perform ofhcial troubles. being barred 

talent frornTpew Hampshire **WO 
had a bad season.’* Mrs Hutchinson 
reported ‘ but we don't ronsider It 
the grave of en Idea— Ju*t the first 
rung on the ladder.^ 

The Mrrrimok Players in ( oh 
cord had a 32 " r increase In bud- 
ne** during the past season With 

‘ Mabel* 

‘Pas' Tsar Beug Booked 
Despite Its Late Start; 
Brisk RMk| w Coast 

Touring production of "Peter 
Pan.** starring Veronica Lake and 
Lawrence Ttbbett. ha« lla first sis 
weeks definitely aet, from Oct 10 
to Nov 24. Sii weeks in Cali* 
forma are lined up to fnltow. with 
plank for a return then te Chi. 
rago and Detroit, where the show 
did well last season Show to he* 
mg pencilled in by David Labldlns. 
indie concert manager and booker 
whose forte is ballet bookings 

Although he started booking 
late «on Aug 3», Libidms ripen* 
a full season of dates, till the end 
of April. Signing of Tlbbett to ap- 
pear opposite Miss Lake hat 
stirred up a lot of interest ac- - 
cording to Ubidina. especially in 
longhair and educational circles 
Universities have been putting m 

torn gv me* m* uumrog s*^i pew* osew ••• * ’'.I" ™ bids for the show. U of Indiana 

*n<-e* given by Jtellet Theatre ls*t twice from production in Europe ] at p igwningt«m with 3.900 seat*, 
kin im >imc Itv inception Rotendn 's mkrd fur three nirhl* Peter 

dance vervion f»>Uow* the story 

Br*t *raum at Bait Creek Theatre 
Hinsdale. Ill . With s holdover week 
iuf Miss Mabel ’ with Ullian Guh I • prl * i ■» 

•at i.t tl.i i.*i. unage coming fr«»m h «to^p $200 below the $99*1 ‘Juba Onysko. Ballet Theatre’s ^ thm 

New Hampshire people. Manager **,■* t„ p grosser the opener controller in reply stated that the V.t .t i. 

Bells Lou Kroustet reported <d Tiding* ' With e*»i » ImIhm wuik i* owned not by Kude but R . ,. 4 .IT, ( »•*•««■. mm - 777"* "”7 ."T 

prefers tt-f resident, cast kystem ti,«K mmner ^nd night Ml act »<.■ i ucteau and dancer Babilee. nho 1 vsaentially Wmt of a gang af too big for one-n»ghlers and Libi- 

hood*, led by a srs nddcn femme. ; dins’ problem — —a 

inked for three night* Peter 
Lawrence *how s sponsor, wants 
big auditorium* instead of toMT 
houses Show is a very heavy 

author i#ed its peifimnance here; 
that plaintiff * motion is defective. 

thM pi.ima «•! forth no orop«ty Oum .AWtorw. UWw . toil tor 

Bridge Wind* t’p 



to the gangster a mug 

over the package shuw plan latwmed at al m bat all p*->form.mre» 

Everett Au*tin own^r director nf Sl*uw did $1 1.300 

the W indham I* ay Mouse reported , w *«aG is talking about an car. _ 

MtolfUMw ,^r »o too- ol m-rort 

• 9rwrf> ■ his biggest grower* wcie pic- 

• Mubk... (H IM. *.k.»~« * k ~*** > dr ' 

Westport. , Conn . Sept It 
"Kin Hubbard." ro starring Jo 

sept me Mull. Tom Ewell. June r i rsa . i g - R , | T ‘ W-J 1 

U ,f ^iLA ^bB-^AtomaBtoir^, Hhlth ori gt nM n y puSnetl to c»!*se **ude now trying to slop the "Le Choreography Is uneven and thin 

it* season Sept 23 with Rose | Jeune" presentation two weeks be **» spot*, and the story i* mimed 
the Ersnken * “Soldier** Wife’’ s» the fore the aeavon s opening rather than danced Meb*sa Hay- 

final <*pus dropped the curtain Justice James McNally reserird den and Hugh Laing portray gang 

leader and mandarin with vivid 
^ ^ ferocity. Alvin Colt • unusual lad 

Wc*tp. t bumirer . resident.* m ike me Badg. (ur replacing “Le Jeune ' and de. tike step* decor and Jean Row 

ft bko lavk Kark tik SI ltlKbllin l^hnf Maltager W alter '' hw said that a joesn t plan settling wl»h fcude. enthsl * lighting ad 1 much to the 

Pk-i - - W t B , , ttf ,-P r ~ Ballet Theatre has cancelled one cBectiveness, while Leon Banin 

•»* ; ab, ** ll#4 theatre position* ur o( |hr |irrfniMvt ^ for |hl# lead* the orchears In a resounding 

been to art 

who meet an unusual victim in a ■ wieckt and split-week stays Late- 
ness of b«M>king. he says, has lim- 

».lh th. ouartrt mentioh.d. IhM ,*“7”'" ^ 

Ball.. Thrrtir ...d h.d no d.r.rt * .TT u 

word on th. mattor from th. plain- '"W 
(iff in Ram. who had ample time to 
get the proper affidavits presented. 

On>*ko saw something strange in 

the d idM 19 9B powerful that it ; Red hun In btoRBI df big audi- 
toriums. already signed for other 

As to Coast bookings l.ihidin* 
the latter made mortal enough to ; claims three outfits are currently 

final bi»* of ihv ‘51 season at" the 
Westport Country Rlsyhouc 
rolled up a hefty $11,350 on 

TwwetoMltr *«wd . Sundil > n, * h ' Wt ‘M tilth drciuon on lh« nil ttoltot Th. 
for Ik., tnnr ol nmnr •Jl”* «r. ndn^a IhM It hauiT nny ptoni 

»if*l Mini nvrr r^Nidruti ni;ikf Kirk?i nranii, Behind thf B.iiii(t‘ (t$r rfDtictni ‘ Lt Jmh#/* and 

the trek back tu Manhattan Labor B .. B e B • W^v -w*» % fwoaasa v* 1 s aoasgg w i* »a s#««yi« 

Day weekend number of the youtBflg company ^ r - 

Play closed Saturday night 

vicing for "Pan” in L A and 
Frisco, the Shuberts and l HO for 
the Biltmore and Curran, the Phil- 
harmonic for L A. and a third 
party undisclosed Tour is to 
open Oct. 10 in Baltimore, at the 
Lyric ta concert hath. 

rt r TSSTiTiffr?? i-SSl S 3 TSS&vW5£-Ttftf'- »2 -*- 

^MBfT these NimnS >«ble to csH Soldiers Wife** up to engagement^ Thia to Man- 

I hr ktrkwh.t » .l.murdk """h* h-u'h Am..,. ,n hnUrt 

loteness of the season, unfavor- rburengraphed by Madeleine Ho- 
ahle weather and the shuttering o< onetime chief choreographer 

other area summer Operations *»* Teatro Municipal. Hio de Ja 
were additional factor* in the de- neiro Mme Kosay came to N Y 
cision of Wood and hi* wife | with her husband about 10 days 


Tom Eweti and Philip l.anguer. 
who own the right* to the script, 
hope to bring the play to Broad- 
way,-.'. ' 

performance of the powerful Bar- 
tok score, Broiw 

Munv Opera in Klack By 
Small Marfin in SI. l»uta 

WL Louts. Sept 11. 

H ins JPP MH Finishing ita 33rd season In tho 

Joan Bennett wJund up her <>»bornr dtiecto. The ago and has been working on the .black by a slim margin, the Mumci- 

r t* I S 1 b.kilftA A — — -■ -* b*' M mm mm ' L.,^.1 ^ - * - 1 W M S- • * - t ^ - 


•trawtut tour in "Susan, add God" ^tovhouse. a coaverted barn, held 
with a whopping II 3.100 at the P« tuition* for two^weeks this sea 
Boston Summer Theatre last week. *09 wa» |$W., 

setting an atMime record for the 
12 vear old outfit OtM-ning night 
MonduN '$t took in a 1 ’ecord • 
1 to*! ; - Manager i>ee Falk already 
ha* asked actress to return nevt 

aeasg to' Tbf ~ . a ; • ttototoidb ' • OBiitob* 


l)i. Trio Heatog Cast 
For Aussie’s Mood Bow 

"The Moon la Blue." with a set 
of U. S leads in June Dayton. 
Dean Karens and Blaine Cordner, 
is due to proe m In Australis, for 
J. C Williamson Theatres, at the 
Comedy Theatre. Melbourne. Fri- 
day 414 i . ’Play was directed by 
John Cam on. son of Damn Sybil 
Thorndike and Sir Lewis Casson, 
This Is Casson't first Aussie stint, 
on a two-year pact with Willtsm- 
He’s to stage “Kiss Me. 

number for a week She had set p«| Theatre .Assn . sponsor of al 
it physically, ready for rehearsals. J fresco entertainment in the Forest 

when BT » management decided it park Playhouse has rtourned ^ f%- „ 

would be unsuited, and cancelled check* totaling $145 000 ff. 1 155 j **tf" for them in January 7 ! 
it Announcement of the choreeg * guarantors Three porfbrnMmnes Also set to preem Friday at the 


IsV^l Vtt 

eni plan* are uncertain. , the season slowed down docat pur- Laye and Frank Lawton"^ 

chasers The organ irat ion s iso en mrn t Ml || run 

Booking Lack Darkens ^ 

lag' w ts’ — l«, ^ coming to N S caused quite s were in*t due to rsin, and thresten- TKeatre^itoysT ^Sydney, will 

IU . »•»>«> 'Two W MS* A, * »r«.l IMAM Mm pr..- , M »„,h. r d«rt n « «h. Ar,. h.ll o( 55£te?Kb. 5 ^SSiw I. 

countered difficulty In disposing of 
low priced seats. 

Washitigton. Sept. 11. 

Eollowing Its single week pee 

Mum Bennett has had several Hi «»*<>» ay ^ engagemont nf . Love 
winter legit offer*, which she's 4tu * Love, which op<*n« its , 

tumid d»wn b«-rau*e of TV and *ea*r»n neat Monda* «17». the Ca' 
pic commiti. lent* Alfred de Liagre ety Theatre will go dark for two 
wanted her to four in Belt Book more weeks. Bu It lack of book 

and ( indli* and Kichard Krakeur m<». a succesaful atrawhat seaaon this coin during the history of the or 

.T !‘ ,f ,hf . ‘52S5 r S < Town s sole legiter then reopens week at nearby Arden, is set for a gamut i«»n The attendance for the 

/ k , nie!Ia °ct I U a fortnight of Edward G four-week stock season in No* cm season was 723 024 a drop of 94.190 

was ai-o approached ky Ciilrocd Robinson in “Darkness \t \ ».u io ber at the Playhouse. .** im* >«i.i -i m* ia* e** 

Arden Art inis Theatre 

K^'TIlllgr,. A small hike in the admission 

Wilmington, Sept 11 >cjle offset increased production 
Artuts Theatre. Inc, winding up c os ta , OoarantCB ttoilto 1991 BB 


Haymao for a Judith 
script, jo be staged 
Micnae 1 Guidon 

With her daughter. .. Pi. ^ . , __.B| 

Mar key playing with her. Mui Ballet scheduled, followed b> two Only show set definitely is Detec- attended the 14 night aland of “The a tre 
Bennett appeared in "Susan and .week* of "Moon la Blue." 1 the Story." I Great Waltx." 1 t!S». 

W v h% followed by two ’wceip of Kim Director Windsor Lewis decided 
in January T hrn Not 5 it ha* on plan after getting pledges of 

lugbter Melinda dne week of-*Jose Greco * Spanish support from his summer patrons 

* a m U >lGa *- - - s — - a s^»» -a Su-j ^w._ a _ _ a . m a^. _ a ■ *■_ , , ^ _ 

from the 1959 total of 9071 <9 The 
seven-night stand of "Witard of 
Oi" drew the banner attendance of 
77T4|. A total of 126301 payees 

eight weeks, with 
the duo then appearing at the 
same house in "Bell. Book BBd 
Candle" .. 

Worm's Eye View." which Baa 
run almost , 12 months in Mel- 
bourne and Sydney, closes at the 
Theatre Boyat. Sydney, today 
(Wed >. and is set for an extensive 
tour of New Zealand William 
Hodge and Bobby Mack Head the 

Brigadoon" opens at the Tht- 
Royal. Adelaide. Saturday 

is. mi 

Hedermice’ Rivalry Tinkles On 



•rt set to ♦* 

&HS& Ofirii Picks Male Lead 

As ‘Candida* Tosr WIs 

WWt Price Originality 

l%V Tovar r Wav hoo>r straw - 
hraf at Lake N. l \ last 
* give iff* premiere of t 

tanltdv :»m i, , v titled gird* 

of Pm 


Mid ladfe »>h\ mush very 
iwwh impt »»s«d by Esther 
J<*tir Oflrll'a ptrfmrtuim'f in 
lead, n as m rrh eard mi) - 
i»»|l «*n leninf thr theater 

], I4fce ' w 4* kedR) riirllmi She 
fniafcl feotf iieea in the wt »g- 
' mal east 

City Center Maps Musicals Setup 

, 5 GGLoss 

# \ V flty Cenfrr of Mu* it 4 

Drama n hitli pl ain imi‘tir r «ras«in 
of pis* * nr a f m i rif r f l* r milling 
priMut tirtn of mu *> irvl* f -r the 

In lieu of a 'TuiimJ itraiiht 
*r««au«i If | hr |dM >)l«. 
o|»re director m found, (he 
Affcrrwtath ef the lu*h legit b»>v Center mil recast H» drams budg 

nu r that f hr Wmdv City ha* em m no " »• nfaliv. lv a, i of *2*0 000, 

7. , 4 , -V.' r »o fhvbrhr# fhr high* r p roportion 

•I during i he past few month* ,,, vf vr# ” 

l * lw * * •“«* T%pr ----- ■ ' 

Chicago Theatre Tners 
I Awarded 10 ^ Pay Hike gj 

I Chicago. Sept 11 fnd i |t 


Two ‘ Fledermice 
flutter around Ihr 
with lettlement of 
Am*"** 11 Guild of Mantra I Artists 
fcaiaft* »nd thr D C segregate 
problem A special tour in* com 

|)any of Hi# FUde rm su*/ Mn sm 1 Aon Mandril hot been inked in 
t *<l and now bring rehearsed by play thr part of Morrrll opposite 
Ihr Metropolitan Oprra Aatn . h .* Olivia dr Has f Hand for the teutons 
been deAnitely booked for If 1 tofir of Candida / which Thom*, 
weeks. Mart mt Sept . 24. with an- Iftmrnond till preariM Catting is 
other 10 or 12 wee hi likely to be now going on tor other parti, 
booked A second Fledermaus “ I Show opening in Hi. Lout* Oil 
troupe managed by coneert impre- ft will nr it play Kansas City and 
Mtio Sol llurok will makr a nine- work itt way to thr Coast wherr 
week tour of thr east and south m R will ..pen for three week, in 
the fall opening Oft I* In Hart - * Frisco Nov 2« It mil then work 

M •»< De, l« ,n S~ !■ Ch. tmUn . * w 7 , 

MM |W T! |M wrio, . . U*, *,?» TO# ™ ** *-•* 5 

'.** ma. JTITd C Jm»I» Nwr* Hmitblon .ill eaar »uh . ;T ** hg I W* WWIpt : !* * t* ” «. • W WW 

oal iwUch «r w» IO« «rw»o . 1 MWMt U# «<Som« J Leah iSt Oyo»_»«»»»n t«Ma W» WtMh Q»y vrv, td^r 

Wuhta«Ma boohmi »rom Lo». . »ll M mwnl mouer ». «.u Oj. tniMoao, it' tt .* # »»»ai» r*!. —*** ^ 

r.MiAi i miiainr ia lie iiutia >lrt Turrt mill t« a*if 'hhaaa PtlBMI JAgAM . , i. . ,f * divKiont In tiiwr. ns many M 

vhow* >rt< iuding two maltner* v r %en or eight mu alt would he 

i be A meric an Kederation of Mu 


Hollvw.Mwt Sept || 
fAt r '-' : 7i*iir.nff the t«»p^and ge 

■ Mot ton Itaum chairman of the Cen- 

.,,,4.,. n« . Mr. . „ r , m 

*£»** "I**!t“** “ U "” ***■" vtmOpiA of the N v ..otllt . v. 
Akm* .iW. »fc* HiM. mmimom raM <>ld 

m. hi vt i a hat been rate d frwtn 

vintage ’ like "lltiinw Time " - <ar 

( apMnl vaudfUmer In th# indie >»ce Turrt will go o^f ahead Tour 
Gayety legiter haetnt eih suited nill he mainly under Theatre Guild 

n» planning to take the 

interetf in the two troupea, ei- auvpu r* 
pi oil at ion or p«Mkclty*wriae The 
fwina will he passing each other 
on tour, one wMieomet betting 
the other into • town The Met* 
troupe will have a couple ci? Met 
names, although the principals 
have never nwg at th# M#C The 
Morok company, however will 
have an rvMH name Irra Petmt 1 
in ill lending flit 

Th# merry rivalry In likely to 
p end l tc t tome unforeseen situ- 
ations or compllrntioaa. such as 
ace erred Inst. April In Boston, 
when the regular Met Opera 
troupe waa on tour Met general 
manager Rudolf Bing found it 
gfrinsry to write a letter t# • 

• Continued on page t0> 

• ; 'V.-' j ri ill grt under way at mnm at the 

C t no on ail Sept )i i local run ts fur nrih e d , Hes willing 
i J Shubert In a letter fndav *° *' ** S‘*h at *5 Omr per week 
to Noah Scherhter resident ,wr * h * m# * h< * R»U 
manager, ordered fhr vale of ' aude offerings tpontored b> 
rf,r ‘ ' g’--' *'*>«< b< it Th#4»i'«>* M *.!*»■ «*l ir f U t-n dt t*inghrM\ 

Scherhter made immediate contact ,,v **perlally in the midwesf on a 
with leading local real r%tate bo* -top ad minion batit but Beau- 
Arms He placed values of $7M»- stone’* I* believed to be thr firvt 
OOW on thr I JOfbseat Co« and $1 - pUy ever offered to the public on 
000 000 on thr Shubert . which ,h * 1 T °P ©* ’hr container will 

•rats 2.100 hr the only fee rtiarged and Parnell 

The Cos, a legit house was hopet to utllue large-capacity legit 
quired by the Shuberts f rom th# houaet ar«mnd ihe country. 

Gefirgr B Co* e*tate The Shu- 1 — r r— — 

bert converted fmm a YAICA ’ in ■> M 1 

buudmg i. under irate to Mid New Hope Playhouse Hit 

«Utes Theatres, eshlbtloni headed - \ — u 

% Affaire Sabtnson ’ aettled last by Robert Bid» Libton and Mau- [ gy 5^ AfTI U S 13 X InOVf 

SaknsM Affair Law 
Hard Feelings h Wake; 
Uwm Sets Precedents 

show oh fhr road #n a free admit Harris *hd Shubert, Mlf done in ohe spring veaton 

viob baiit. Parnell Is an eircqfivr " • Marled thr i or a lime the Center had con- 
of hartcal an auto polish ifttnu* i r<lf * Phy . wRp B#wi tempt at erf a tillbrri A Sullivan rep- 

fact unng firm, and hit plan IS to <tm Sbuherl rep beef. h#h ettorv a* m* spring mustral itranan, 
utllue the vhowr as a buaHarsa- details for the Shuhrrtt ljk a ||tf Up dubious of n< 

getter for the commerc ial product • IM * **ther theatre npernbors In^ generardraw There wa« talk that 
' Lhcal rait has W# oarilrular J . ,h » • **** Martvh Green vet U tivlv « 

'names, but Parnell Is looking for a § *Jr *** vw , ^* 11 Pblny Sept B» opera fs rink wn., eenkfpHMI this 
name Aim tiar-male wfemale-! ^ 21 ** " l# * " >** ***** "" »rHivh GAS outfit; 

ought br approached either to 
- 'teg* • fiAS program at the Cen 

9 ^ *» or even In diitni a I S must- 

• ait setup Nothing definite hat 
I m p g ene d on this 

t aab Reunr Ueplrled 
! l ire eight year old Center w hich its fall hallet season on 
Nr pi 4 and pree m* its opera tea 
. . . . **" S*|d *7 enter* tho 51 5S pic- 

Man« for a resumption nf the Ut rr m more straltemd cirrum 
tour of ‘"Where t Charley’'’' may stance* than before t »r» itt 5# >1 

te spark the leuring vertlon, which 

■ » > . ± . \ 1 . - ■ 

be Han Bed within the net! fwo operation! during whu h it groaaed 
weeks Bay Bolger i orrr ^ni \ d«.« ^ * 1 U5 00U 

lug ihe Warner Bros Him f dRIen l ** about tituiuo. — AC 

... 'C ontinued on page Sdt 

of. the musical In England is t« T T . ^ 

let producers Cy Keuer and Ernest 

week when producer Herman nee Mhite, and has (keen dark Ihr 
hhumllo was allowed to employ su months 

'f WMmm m.«— MM M Mgfj- Shub*ri'« «... re- 

or Uf* CJn Her peuiroat for r«p n i visit here when the mu- 
•* ‘S* VO „ r „ oi , lM , hand , <nd tKk 4, 

j-m. k«4 IMIMM >. I*« imjI lo UBI8M ^ him fur 

W Wri. ngg^JpWMM* .... boost, on w. rontrMl. from 

k ::;; Grwk Tkea‘t«. «■ R«d F#r 

250 C, Tries ft Call Off 
Third Week of Aotie 

on bun tor another pu lure w if 
he will he available f#r thr origi 
•I a m a • ife nal starring role again oil the »ood 

Unprecedented in Barns u r«#. 

New Hope F'a Sept 11 k Martin are rsniidering GlI tomb I 

New Hof>e Bormn fi C'ouncil v* . ► ‘Uhc l<»v Jr or someone on i><« ^ ... 

terday •Mon ». at >♦% third levvim *"* alignment l.arub M^ason this Saturday 15\ 

on the matter passed a Pr amutr played Ihe port that tgniini r in tried oitnurrestfuily over the week- 

Hollytttud Nept, II 
Greek Theatre, winding up lit 

« (early or completely, while setting , ’vnion"iwgi"ioid"lhe old ment <a* which was aimed prt- t M^urtum at Mtt Btadiudi and rod in rail operatumv off C urrent 

i«M» r»p. «*• •!« m>nly ^ (M >urki CWM , |V yi.y. /M SM W M MMM. ; . ■ ; M— «> MCTCU ..I m.n, 

only amusement l 

up MM MiomllM pwrd»m. r ,|„ 

•ns Wfkiapi log nvwil 

4 flair was eompleted hjr agree- year* ; ~ T " - ■ house it raw hat 

ment last Thursday «•*. signed by i ■ ■' ^ _ house in town Themn Bam- 

Shumlio the League o# N^.The. - Bhuherit have r " r * k ** ,h . # herger. •” Playhouae's producer * 
Mret and the Atan at Theatrical ibdie Taft for musirah tn hour-arid half plea, be 

Hrm Mf.1. 1 M.n.frr. ATPAM r ^»"' >•*'**"'• ... l4.en .(.m t ih, 

bad refused originally to take Bab- mafic shows In the small Cog, Algo b> u Calling II “unfair and un 
Inaon into *ho union when ^ubh^^^ 4nm«i i < Bamberger pointed out 

llo sought this act loo under tWi** *** Em «* r > »uditorium 


< »ute Various reatooa were given 
for this refusal, with the real enes 
i ever ofBctally stated Week before 
tNe play s opening, the ATPAM 
tnrew a picket line In front of 
the theatre « Booth. N. V i for sight 
h«*urt. preventing truckers union 
mvmhers. who wouldn't cross the 
line, from unloading incoming 

** contract 1 far no local bookings of 

road thows for the| 
have been announced 


Westport Eads OK Sessoa; 
More New Plays Good Sign 

Westport. Conn, Sept- 11 
The Westport Country Play- 
house. winding up its season last 

dangers of the bill to both him 
veil and other producers. 

Tag would bring town $4,000 a 

VitlLefit. Opera Setup 


new lo thnw bti tried to renege on 
j ann o unced plans for a third week 
of “ Annie Get Your f ion M hut cast 
lefuved to ar«ept the switch They 

Prepped fcy ILL Soloo aho nised a vuggrvtkm of nay t utt. 

W.,hi»r<>n K,p< II P>'»t>h« M ih»( hMiklk, srkktm 
u « .u* , **» heavily in the red Annie*’ 

Brvolutinn to estahllsh an Amer opSealing here at a profit 

lean National Arts Commission Greek Theatre proditrtHMM ©per 

^ which would operate a theatre and * ,r< f both at Priam and here this 

year on his current estimated M0> ; opera house in Washington and M 

0**0 mm B,mbrr*.r u ,d po.nt „ ffuM rmmkrmn Uw !„..<» .o,t *' ,2 “ ■" 

..... fKj .. Ih _ airnii “ emourare nr growtn ano rw»rihern ritv C^ene M^nn K in Ihn 

from the $$0 000 lake hit h«»ute ^T v#t °Pn**«l of the Bne arts vear on a stralgbt salary deal only 

had before the Music Cirrus, at throughout the Cnited Bute* * hat ** producer of the thows 

nearby Lambert vilJe, N. J. and b**ti mtrodieed by Rep Rirv W, 

video moved In Bamberger said Wirr *D. Minn * * lifetime 

it was now "touch and go ' as far member of the Stagehands In ion 

as profits were toocerwed. adding API... claims 4 phinpon ha* 

Precedent waa set by virtue of house, winding up «» season last ^ ba|J three tell- never had a suitable theatre and 

ihi. I».ck,t lia#, II torn* Uw Ant „ ut , <« Jot, " . optr. h»u» «nh K.n^. c .«» Stp, n 

!.», i* . quan.r calury tlul lurk ““ *"*•, , b<« dr... th. 423 mi houw had (»•*'>*<>" ‘ f Hurl Ivm hM h,-rn M opto 

* t ireat against a manager had h*pem>t ■ ‘turte^ a got*d at * > ^ ‘«n inflaite*imal profit. ’ he His proposed American National the U of Kansas City Playhouse 

***.".. VroudW into M| du. M ik» d »n»r »l dwl.a, .« -u n Art. < .-mnu-Moa »..uid ». .ud, „| ... d,. nr 4 ! 


• nd the first time such a threat had m** r*”'*t* *hia year 
!'*m carried out against to teas!- Otherwise report it buihsh Dr 
,1>f * setup as a aew play opening velopments this season indicate a 

Although the picket action prevent 
ed truckers from unloading sren- 
*ry. R lent aa well known that 


of theatre throughout 
straw hat management 

Impost was al*o unprecedented persons selected by the President -tint here l|rt. 22 27 llr util play 
said Bamberger, no other bam be- tram am«»ng the Metropolitan Thimhleng the gambler in “Sun- 

ina Used n this manner Busi Opera A*sa , Ameruan National rise in My Pocket/* a play bv M- 

nrornrn ° also .ppetred .. Bam Theatre A Academy. Ballet Thee *ever ah(Wlt |> a , v 

berger s behalf and Council was *re American Educational Theatre (>o«ketl Later Ives it scheduled 

, __ feM “Md re new plays were bring oethetic but tolons said they Attn . National Symphcmy Orches- lo opell t he play in the ANT A 

memhert of the stlgekknds union don# in the sumnierttme and few- |W mo _ rv ■ ftra 5*»n Ament an Svmphonv <ir pi tv house on Broad*** 

• BMlil the theatre, awaiting er recent Broadway hits, which is] : .. ■ ..... / :. •/ chestra League National Mu- « yn<»thcr gue*t -tint bill he that 

CounriL American Societv of < um 0 f Adeie Thane, coming here from 
posers Authors »nd Publishers the B<^trm Repertory Theatre in 

American Musk* ( onfereme and * ppear ta BeaW <i Cascv * Juno 

Df L- 7 (Lum I U J American Federation of Uhor aruj thr p a> c< M li in February 

MK| I JWWI USICV Members of Congrr- and (■ un 

ment agencies would also be in -|., Ma traU/' Ute in Nevetnber. 

* The F.m hanlrd Jan 7/12 ; ; Dan- 
gerous Comer by |Vi*'t|e> and 
Orpheu* in the L sdrrsvi id 

*hFh scenery, and got paid for their probably a good thing 
* me. Shumlm only paid the negu- The strawhat found no difficulty 
» r hauling hill, even though the getting scripts; 'there seemed te 

be a large number of good new 
scripts, ' it advised It also noted a 
targe number of good package 
shows touring the barns 

Csast Legit Outlook 

‘Continued on page Mi 

I*itt Lefit Due for Late 

fietawijr; Only 1 Show Set The star system didn't seem to > Coast legit season Following U. S 1 . 

Pittsburgh. Sept, 11. wor, > Wert port as much as other bow of The Braus««*ne Afair’ at RgymondB Cift 

*1 **~!H www - i 1 i*. •GatsiMwa* T«*u r 

Lus Angelea. Sept 11. rUutM4t 
Outlook is bleak for the new 

Nison will have itt’ latest legit *• ** *f anything a little less strip- ! nothing in the offing in Los An- rFWW tiUiru^man i u«ir piav house staff again 

«... -- * Inridk tkaw . M . o- - - - -' - - — ■■ 1 ' m-^a ...*11 <Mk ' k^- ' Ik#. L : • ba^ - ^ s ^a atw f /laris# Kedrfpff h\ ()f it* * 

* bcning m years this season. Noth- than m former years/ it de 

mg definite m sight yet until clared. 

around the end of October, when 
■ * r *4.nt March and Florence F.l- 
hrndge come in with Llltlaa Heli- 
a * ' Autumn Garden although 
(.abe Rubus. operator of the house 

**ri#co Original 

San Francisco. Sept 11. 
I.lkfe’ Francisco’s Repertory Tbe- 

♦ vpects a riniple of others to break Aire has optioned • Tkket to No- 

More then. • where.** original by Arndt Giusti. 

Season is bound (# be better for October production 
l v h an the 1160-31 one. when the ’Room Service.’' with Harry Gib- 
A<*nn, formerly the Senator, ! son Ray Ford Barnes. Fred Ga- 

• hich took ever when the old detie and Stanley Weese. will open 
N >ton was tom down, had only a at the Repertory Theatre, directed 

total of 1$ weeks. 

grlrs until Oct 29 when the Blit - 4 Jeanette MacDonald and Gene headed b\ 

more Theatre dark since Aug 4 ft* >OH > n <j secured release •>*•*! e-r* rwt,,f » harles » »i* •* > 

finally rekindles with a return en/ . * . . Aldrk h 4 Mveis J* Unl director ! ' ”1’* 

gage merit of the Ballet Theatre da> «Tuei » Aldruh 4 Myeis Hhaltr newcomer n ‘ * * - l 

Current schedule indicates re- Broadway producer*, from the re- ^ Denver ** u*-tm dcMgner 

tiim standi will dominate at the opmin* and continuation of then -rirpheuv will have a modernised 

t BO house this season with Okla- mur of The Guardsman in HMI- Ubrrtio b> < hafle* Molt 

homa ” Mr Roberts ’ and Kiss ^ I 

Me. Kate i# due for reprises Aa amicable a g r e e #» e n t. w> EQIITY BENEFIT 

Pencilled in for December and neat reached with mutual re leaver Artot* Equity Welfare Fund is 

April are thr Coast hows of "Mem- signed Miss Mat Dons Id and R*'*- Marling its second season with a 
ber of the Wedding' and “Rose mood were repped by Fitei^nn 4 * 1 ^^! benefit performswre of 
Tgttoo * latter with the N. T, com- Mayer*, while Dai id M Holliman "Siuth Pacific ** Sunday '14* in 

panv No other show* have been and Joseph Hochman mm th F A N Y Tn art available at regular 

i by Robert Eley, Thursday Ills ide«nllely acheduled anywhere ,4 .M attorney t. 

l prices. 

Yll i\ a f III , |l«^ibl« Mwurl Blankman and 

Plays Out of Town i si % 

J chief Midi irr lh« itoff and Ihf 

U« !• Hw Wei 1 throw told water on am Hun* of a ent hu viaat ifr Ota^ t>tll Tj. from I 0 *** 1 

} qWr%< tunable nature, but atn»<e theatre clu *>*The Sit) «<»> r **' 
New Haven, Srpl • iitwmr* n| i M »rn«»iM iohw »pon*lve audience. sophism at )<»n 

ggLEgge^gTa 1 EwSw^Tw >5 £ ....*, 'ng «rs> Mwa 

May m Braadwaj 

Nf» S*t»» I ! )kivi(« libr«r> of pwiwfi 

„ ' ^ m ... .VT.'-i’ i n»»f»|yr* >» •• hot lti» ink 

« TZZ, VJSSTA ‘X <« b* handled «lth he t<« ( - 

t x/r^.A.’^s. Jt; v.* nlxrA T, >‘*« *• ••»««»*' 

of the show and talent du 
point up that theatre un i ( 

Ure m Nrr 

’X. T '>'M * • n * kr , —"** Jy gently 

(Hiur R««mniU ten ai Mh» un*4%ar> proposition be had •!• . 

*t TWatra.N*« K*>»» ftp e >» lb brother* Wife, f M rt ur lb , w ,T 

X® 'SO' 1 lltn .Unlh <tl lh« hrail Ki<r *i ti hi* • 'eta' IP 

the hinterlandt If promoted Intel |l- 

» 4 v 4 ia«M m Iftm Krt b A 

ad in totoH ne*a rinoi**, > 

IH»» rpiOH*, iag Moo * 

n*»m am, Ndb^naifM r»i«r n»« 

1 4 *r inrKtwi a* 
I »aj la**; - ♦•»«•■ 

Blankman* faltering direction 

>1 n*. _ ■• ' — ^ ^ . — . % 1 a»*P»dt 

fe u. wi 

ta* - - v vj t Sbte Fair Masicals At 
^ZM Dalla* Wiad Up Record 

Seana With 438G Take 

! HSr\SSSi Sept 11 

ta hnW|: The Mate Fair Musical*, for- 

HditrCr ai totefiy the Starlight Operetta*. 

lerea nu aroinfi i one prior io - — ~ ~ Ut» ( j*»« . ... 

the death ol the brother and hi* • 1^* the ilbw *•* and give* par* *n«pni*i 

M Lal#« - KeiMMh. hj.* f«H«a i A ' (ernm Itttle aid. and harkstag* *»•#••* n#N*ire 

—.4 l.* 4 ^ Hevereombe ha* railed IP •> . >. l 

I Hi H«w! k*f 

i ’»». a*a* t«* 

*••4 4 

ended Its 10 th 

5* " V r.T^lTJSkT". their onto child prof c%* tonally ********* *” 1 iV* ** 

is.' «S £‘" •• * ;j* h " I r*V«t *25 i. tr* 

i Ner* 


a week 

a*u#wi a*» 4 Sunday <2% with a record* breaking 

I* ( *••»« 1*1 m 
aabri t'iai* 

Sr 44 Madam 4 
T*«r Mtadoi ... 
Warn* l*4*Wr| 
M> H».aar» . 

' • l* >«• -»t 

I l1HM.NI 

a«tr***t ( *•»» 

Ima tit* !«!**• 
Iviaittd a*Hhrt 

r«i t-opa *e i * fc a — 

Hala n.aao tmluding bet 

'Popagati leM"* hour brtoire afie 

one-night Stand 
J**4 lONsf the millionaire is 

• e*»«f Rt«4tr ' . . . , ^ 

*N*Mi M.hrSu Ntilo* i •« week! which saw tig revival* 
...w#** fauatam frectater a «ork MM IklO with at- 
V V hm* *JSZ:Z tfi^pnce tabbed at 207 MO Figure 

— ^' abowed an Vr drop In payee 

32 theatrical aennon rminl 1r ™* » »«2 the jireetmia high 
Tu« *dav 41 on an old- *e**°® hut the bogoffieie take was 

» arrltM irt.m her k * ttHnrftil and lilting and tends au- i '• ■ , . " 

J^r h.ntrtmTr^ r dle^e away humming H, mantle The It3t-32 theatrical nana l sJL^ of h,fh 

I 4 d ««^rtrf T'Ld^nA "•*4ou' »• In Lover as *«mg b> ©iwned lint T Wra d ay 4> an an eld- jy***- ****** ho*.. If lee uke wag 

1 Ub Anderson and l^ee Seek An- Uvenderuh n. ve with 1 m ,r ** ,er 

wy / wHalr 4 ether is l>on t H. \tiaid dehv Her Petticoat This Mitlsk ton- ARn^ed* this year le Hie 
V -“JJ 1 1 * ered by Netwen Fnedly I port, a minor hit in London last * tr - ro nd ttt eh ad State Fair Audi. 

: Both Hook and Krtcdlv fresh out **•*••• *• • »•««• '*> ^ ****1 *" "'**#' ¥* the rain- 

He»r thr mcdlral tuminrr call* it • * , fTL 

M# 4 # o^a 1 m.V. heart attach Later. S knife U .Dont ■rAfr 

2 T* n^.: found in the cortne and enduing *^ *> **^ ''"**** 
i «ri.*«*S cwmplu atiueu finslly unwind to i m noth Poel ; and Fried l v. fresh out 

^.a*«haa a^-j 4 * everybody * aatisiactiow Mean* t : .ISRP r 0 *’* 
MsniWrr »»»«>». w bile, thete's been a d»»h of ro- \ v otr**i and del 

j,a> a.....* ' . ^ ». . 4..J. .. ik.^ iura*r# Nr 

jmkm tent mance contributed by Jeds and the *nrance _ Sree*»er 

IM1 have* rti rllant i **n»e for hectic Hroadway It am- ou.a whi.-h occurred too often last 
diver a lona with ««. Wr * ahmg Ig typical Sritish faah- oeason when al fresco stagings 
irrrfirr number i. Mo leisurely, unfolding an eld oere in the fair ground*' Caaino 

— “ v<Hing manager of the V« York 

Spaiked by a honev of a title, ipaiiment where the action hike* 

Money Can't Hu) 

and loaded with, enirflaincwni idee a slice of mvtteiv in the 

K ent » a J die*, t hi* new Howard **i king out of the whodunit on- 
>d*a>- kuaeel C r ou s e creation gle, a running gag situating by a 
nhould reman* to be »een on Hro^d' ( 1 st foot who trie* to fitch a Jon y 

Cr. .hT^iiS: .X; i ~5 n» k» E»* Sunivkii »i»d M Sg WltOaW U*. y-rh . 
were ine action t a ae* . L.u rarrie* s^n.H»*l> than American* an>i 

a u h rvH.jj: : 'S V * •»».«. 

ry Pennoek, a tall. 

number la M,n leiaureiy . umoiaini an ora i*«i js.ninu. v aunf. 

„ 4 . ( r tale of cteaa dtotinefluns. a theme | However, the 1*31 season was he- 

an ar t Kd ohirh the Fngltab take much more H *»> a heatwave with August 

,» w llrr4< .. *en.*u*ly than Americans anjngky. J*he hotte*t month in the M-year 

- f Plav t«n't like)* “to duplicate n« »c»th«*r bureau history, showing a 

™ LmuVm. mxw bM* -TTv *•■)> ivrriir W 101 H ww. 

way f**r jMJUne month* to come \ Im*u|i 
r lever )> -contrived story plv* a -km l 
gb»v 4 - f.tung cast and d aging ol and 
the fflr*t water, mean* a roenhtna- olteg 
tion that vhould bring a stead) a pm 
tinkle i o the ho Thi 

a pock* *e hut it all yells, 
ve picked .a pack 

ikle lo th# ho ' 'They've -pi ck ed' .$ pet sf two 

Having overcomt ntof compltora^ potent the»pe for 11 ms one Is * 


Hktta vmt. in wm« mmI »r« un- » u ' '« '« •*»« M«M» fi 0 ^' J ^"* 1 *9® ,r,MB 

.,,nl> .rm„ .nd vrrhoM 4 < •"•i '.nly orc 4, .b - 1 *• »»» P* v ~; .*'*»»• 

I..n« Arm, ae....aiw a .iiwninr At* II •w'hs one The third act Ofiw un- ! ***" N % first year of State 

a tali j Written in a good, workmanlike ! p r *•***’ *•* The Merry 

we and wlyie. with many poignant Mtua- ’’•**» starring !>orotby Kirsten, 

r of to- : t»cm> or moment*, and presented t.char standby prosed 

'c»nte*t atth evident richness and care the healthy for the fcrrtmght ended 
• great pl#v commands one * respect. It is ,h# top matinee crowd of the 

•never cheap, and has few false iwttocr, and *m second be*t 

, Having overt «me plot ro.nollcs* peient th* 'p« for this one n » eveniv wruten ana vernoscr a ' Kat f , 

f«..ns wh .4 h *tmul the authu. . fto* ioeak fur Jun.s Paige and l<5 Armv e mtow MMI y\ r l n d 'wT k“ ‘wild Mnoi.u jTflS tnn^Jnmm 

during embryo day* ol this script J»* kie (doper both..! whom uc. grows hmamr and is made bear ™ , - n .saal over a decade oT^t.^mmef 

some two year* ago the sloe) now persona I ly A* the fe mm e war bier «hle by the winning peiWwiailty of * ■ * J .JL* presentation* .fKkMlblF- 

aeila along pretty smoothly dewptte who turn* down l torlune and f<n«lf Paul Marriah. wh# does •** K rf 1 l 5 / 4 ^ (, [!?N mr4 ?. -A . t 

the tntneartes gf It* rvolutkm Ar- Mu k* With her dame band Mi** c*cwllent lob throughout the show t** V 1 '* ^y the two children »li4 Teaa* Li I With Jack 

tually the play content i* a blend- l^aige m#ke* a behev able rhar »ctcr Cindy’s Fella and Serin' Hrd ' 4| CAl prsllgnaig*. ii* nn ^ S*holl and Jet 

tng of two stuirlea — aumhrt owe a *| the part < ooper pa.krjuf the Have clever ideas but weak direr* The stagy concern* a strait fared. | J^J^maidjeawtop earner lor any 
tale of romance between • femme r 1 4 bt amount of naivete tor hi* t ion and Ineffective punching leave modestly -endowed Scottish fanllt oruduc^tirtn in the JU Sek- 

voraltog Hi a dance hand and a »oie and towtolrntall) i> okay on 1 ,h# *» kovocle** In A Couple of of the ttftk. with a prim grand- • J** •*!.•» and 

voune aaarimMi.kmM his tub ih.n.tu.n# i,,icn.nrni J.»ker*' lampooning a casting of- mother widowed daughter and M patrons fur 14 performance- 

lie ( tv 

tng of two «i.»«ie* number ene.a o| the part (ooper pmkf>c^ ^he have rlever idea*, hut weak direfv ^fhe story concerns a atraitlai 
tale of rumance between a femme right amount of naivete tor hi* thm and Ineffertlve punching leave menfesth -endowed Scottish far 
Wncntogl m a dance bond and a rule and incidentally »> ok*v u n «hem kavorle*a In A C ouple of of (her ltkbs. with a prim gri 
young apartment house manager his iuh thumping a*Mgnment JoMfa. ' larnpooaMng a casting of mother, widowed daughter 

with a yen to become a drummer Lindsay stepped at short n,H»,e. effectively Patne Devlin Senta sensitive granddaughter, and 
number two. a whodunit tnVoHles ni*. the |»*rt »l H' ^umiito i al v< »" Ehrenfned and llarMab bright- problrm* of caate the* na« 
a miiiiofeclre bypmttte and his bawy and ho dim* a rapitftl joh »F proceeding* immensely, lh»v- when the daughter gf the man 
Iwo-timmg imslre** The weldma of H Warner Anderson plays a iin working oarticularly well on wliocw land they live wanti 
of the*# two segment* represents nu die capobiy and Kart Lukas get* i thr o ug h ou t the gfcnw. , | be friend and playmate of 

ansaiW srrtveninyg 'and makes for • mnnrr<Mi* laughs «< t hemp kook- j, Thi author* have a good ncue gt cndrhlld \u*iliar> plot 
number of eatremely amusing *itr worm Madeleine Morka dew s cdisy . to save up for bigger thing*, are* solve* a love affair between 
ualion* which are genet uu«ly as a "c«uo linaik ind Harry eral good )oke» and the outline of ! » : ww t. w ho it a milliner pati 
pun* fueled with laugh line* shccw draw* a gocwl putute of a Several *kelche* to work over at- *hd: morchlone** and 

flay s anticipated click lies m J»i» mon-aer*ant Minor rwles err siduouaty They ran thank a tel- friends, and a young farmer, wi 
It* wide appeal There* *ometinng well done bv Kick Brupn police ended and enthusiast M* cast far a } **11 owd, UWkrk tongue 

here for whodunit Ian* . h*r hep- lieutenant Taul Llpacm and Fr ink bieety show. All pruvide good h,,T * tola trouble for not ke#| 
calk, for /staid playgoecs and for O'Hpjnella. gumshoes; flows fterra. things for hinterland theatre and Malian with the overlnrda 
anybody at all looking for i xipg I garrtirgit__eiagMnCT; Hugh Kennie It* to Brngdw-o* •••••i •'., Widow la afraid the relalmni 
oaterlaigment end Joseph Latham morticians i l a *tg between the two young girla 

** right amount of naivete tor hi* tt«»" urwf InefTectiva punching leave modestly -endowed Scottish family ■ 
♦ie and I ncident ally u okay on ,h# ™ *a voiles* In * A Coupi* nf of the liMK with a prina tra gi f 
uih thuciipinc ii Iguinnl -'i tMUPUUPtHg g doattog gf- {Uaulhgf. UdHwuH daughter 

rumitu'i l.indsa) stepped *i short gki.e.!An etoctivel) Paine Devlin Sent* sensitive granddaughter and the Other pfUa entotkm* Ig Ip3l 
nvoKigt ntu the f*art of Revercnnthe a gl- * <m Kh™Oied and Han t*b bright- problem* of caate the* run into were ' Song of Norway." f7« 4410 
and his honey and be does a c apital job cn up proceeding* immensely. Dev - w hen the daughter of the marquta from 33. 000 1 . with Walter Ca*ae! ( 

wetdifw of H Warner Anderson play* * ton working particularly well on whoae land they live wonts to France* Greer. Marta Tallrhtef. 

presents n * ^dir capably and Karl Lukas get* , throughout the show , j be friend and playmate of the Flame Malbin and Krth Rhode*, 

i ,#s for a n ua n ermia laughs a* the c«*i» hemk- The authors have a good arore tr cndrhlld. Auaillary plot In* “Mt*s Lihertv,** ilMgM from 4J- 

sing »itf wc»rm Madeleine Morka dos- s okay , to save up for bigger thing*, srv* volve* a love affair between the JWK with iMck Mivmrc, Odette 

f ■ worm' Madeleine Morka does okay to aave tag for bigger things. ar\ ' 0, ' M * ,ovr *• » * 1 r between the i'a» with Inch Maymes, Ogetie 

v as a cause fanatic and llanv era! good Joke* and the outline of '•ho ta a milliner patron- Myrtil. Marilvn Day and Nola Fan- 

Shaw draw* a fond pn-tut e of a several sketches to work over as- ,WH ' the mart hlone** and her banka, ‘ Where * Charles ?** t MM - 

a Jap mag-*er*ant Minor roles are siduouaty The* ran thank a tal- ! ^ r »cnd». and a young farmer, whoae 2nd from 43, 900* with F.ddie Fgy, 

i well done bv Kirk Rronn police ented and euthusustic cast for a Wtokfi and , quick tongue got Jr and Evelyn Ward and * | Mar- 

- lieutenant: Paul l.ip»ou and Fr .nk breery show Alt provide good trouble for ‘ not keeping lied An Angel." <**d M0 from 42 - 

- - r ‘ Ha — - mmHl — ‘ta «*>'. with Arlene Dahl Vera Eor- 

St aging of thia one Ii a feather 

Ig direc tor Bretaigne Wmdusf’i , : ■ ■■ 

cap Story progreaatem is a con 

tinual stream of split-aecond tim L ■ 

Ing that call* for more preriAum . f -a nr aster 

than The operation oC Big Ren It * mZZ'!FZ%2Tl .CS lA 
handled in a manner that milks latw *» H—.,* au«< 
arm#* to the last drop Action Is I **''*"• 
gtded by an attrartive living-room ..X * 

•rt that lends Itself well to the ' |*a tatal ft 
general hecti* goings-on t * '*^ ' h ' t *r* 

Tale tells of the finding of the i«ovet«. Luima. fi 
body of TravU Revere couhr ' n 


remaster Pa Aug 3D ' F OF 

Sum* mar Val rt*»ar« aca«aat«rtM« ml ^ . 

»•«*«•( one mr Cara «Ai vie *»#»••> ta Wtl 

ra*t *4 *f Hwaar 4 aUUnu*, l.trir* MM* 

4 ffU c ka So gafataa aa4 M.O.m » aul 
"W4. .a* IkakaM, i*««'>cro*>» Sa»c« 'The C 
ftcfUrtM, War- I avia W»c I A . lh 

contribution to BmMNvei •> { . Widow la afraid the relationship 'f* 4, J*'hn Brownlee and Hiram 

1-4 1>»‘« brt wren the two young glrU w»H , ■BdBBKRk--. 

— - - 1 i*ct»wt ffiel or even tragedy, and Financially, the Btate FaitL. iil 

_ she s p*o*ed right when her dough- Trias took a negligible loea on the 

»l«r> H mds >ln Sfiaon trr ii refused an invitation to the IF3I season Failure of “Wherr * 

t c 'n—ieu * * s 4 other girt’* birthday party. Bitua- ('hurley to meet expected bo. 

FOE nfkl hummer to IHle tion has larger ramifications, eveg put the musical* in the red. which 

Williamaburg Ya. Sept II landing the widow * livelihood aa was anticipated However, mu*i- 

A Glory* Winds nth Sea*oit 

4 it .-ft mg (he widow • livelihood aa *** anticipated However, mual* 
milliner Caate problem haa Inter- cals' committee of the State Fair 

n * a* . ' . . . vwme WUiriM 'Ills Igffl’ l ’ m. . mcm i » c . f l I C ,yi ITr f III 

* dr * ,,1J eitmg sidelight* wtlh barriers act of Trias declared the past season 

The Common Gluey, wound up up even among the villagers them- {• definite tanro. a* evidenced by 
It* fifth season a week ago selves But there* too little action the rested -breaking 1931 hoxoffice 

gmer.l beet k goings-on I having played II* most successful and development and la# much 

Tale tell* of the finding of the I ■ \ , T i ! 1 1 i mi tta yg “ ] summer since the opening season talk, to make it all vitaL 

of Travl* Revercombe ' , of 1941. With only three rain* j PerUta Netlaon 'Imported from 

wealth) sell appointed (uaidian Provincial, theatre- starved Inn- * the historical pageant -drama brtftal Bmtah pruductta>. aa ' 
of the public m o ral* , a gent whn*e {, w l tneaaad opening of a new waa able ta give 32 perfnnutaga i »Ad>M,ip and Patay 

bubiic declamation* attempted to revue ^ Sugar n ’ Since " written by 1 averaging t.43B patron* per night ? nid ^ r _ M working mbther . 
SBB5BgSgggBtaP*toqwwgMai^iteawgamgmBtaBBtamimMtammgmwMmmMggm^^^^^^^^^M^^^m ' ‘"••ughter do virtuoso Jobs, but 


id tVMB ’.tag 


lot Angele s Press Reported 

aiJ , JJU ., ull rhiMm . n trucker* bad to return another 

even precocious children can grate |1M . .. #K _ 

a little after a while Jeff Morrow ll ** lo ,h# 

enact* a blunt independent young . . Management rep* claim the 
Scotch lover to perfection. Neva union * threat failed when put to 

; Patter*on ia excellent foil a* the the teat, that the union backed 

troubled widow Muriel Aked 'also dowa and accepted almost exactly 
from the British original' la fine aa , what they rejected originailv 
Nw W-eWrtpaN but kmdl> Tr ^, optBIWI dl „ er , M (h , 

Ilrrm.n M.umlm »h« product *"' rm * ,h " ""P"-"'-"- 

ilw (UnctH Hi. play «ith Ioviri Hama — <t .. a romptMatw illM. ion to *i‘» A atyW and ion,. l, “" n,>< • ,w ,h * Union, 

distinction Samuel i eve * *ei »f Tho union didn't take Sabi mum in 
a mod-.. SW^rh hnpt-hVld l. a ! •• a rraular m-n.b-r H- . allowrd 
h«nr. and Ha/rl Ro\ > p-rtod can- *° -nrk on "laft" but M aa an- 

l«M h • I 

U •*• fM« 


I" l«NN * dawe.tfu( ia 

•*• N*W ra4a, «M • — n » a Mr Mr 

Center Musicals 


la laaM c*rt«My ntaurtt up t# 


•;..• ?J\ •' ■ ' ?' , '• ■' . • 

Current Film ffalaote 



■ • • 

Jett Completed 

‘3000 A.O." "THI BRIGAND" 

H0 CQtUtaA 

from mi* it 



tume* are authentic and quaint oilier Shumlin show; another pro- 

Bean. 1 duerr would have to engage him 
for tflolhiT show t»rti»re the que*.- 
1 turn ol admitting him into the 

PAftimr lilicicv^lc 1 unlo « '•ould be rat»ed again The 
vnilCI IRUolvdlj I union did hack down to the point 

. a . ... ■ .. I of allow ln« Salunsoai to work on 

, < •<•—< »r— pm. M s»l|. 1 ^.,~ .h.., „ to 

hat used up a good proportion of *0 

tit cash reserves according to There * feeling that both Shum- 
Haum If the exemption of the || n and Sabtn»<»n made a mistake 
c Federal admission tax on non- m mccpting the compromise “for 
profit organization* goe* through : duration nf ‘the tun." that, they 
thi* fall, the Center won’t need to settled for levx than the) should 
engage in a public drive for fund* have, and could have taken the 

aa has been contemplated 

ca*e to the rourt* Management 

Baum doesn’t know how ta fore- feel* otherwise, that it did win, 
cast the season. General business Sahmson isn’t party to the agree- 
cond i turns will govern H, he uay*. ment. though Shumlin la, Sabin* 


Ndff Appeerim | to fke 


i lhirchaainf power I* down, due lo son, it’* pointed out Can Mill take 
: inflation; and there * lea* coin to the matter to the court* in effort 
spend on amusement*. On the to get info the union on hast* of 
other hand, the Center ia establish- thi* show 

mg itself and widening it* audi- J The term* of the settlement pro- 
ences steadily, while this season a vide The League reaffirms the un- 
more varied repertoire in opera ion > principle that admittance into 
and ballet are addeij attractions. Its rank* shall continue to real en- 
Hudget for operation* thia season ||reiy with the union; the union 
will be roughly the same as last, agree* to maintain the liberal pol* 
with 31.2V) 000 allocated for van- try of admitting to membership. 
: ou* activities. O^era will take the ax act forth in fhe new -blood 
(majdr share, probably around clause** (hose applicant* against 

Pre4eetlee ef 


iwo: nanny 9 «acw> nosam hott 

lido.igK). with drama and ballet the whom the union has no reasonable 



^balaore. .. objection; the fact that an appli- 

Last season, opera loaae* were cant ha* been a producer itki* re* 
about tVjixai and ballet setback fer* to Sabinaoni Isn't aimed to 
about 330 (MK). There were other be of Itself a reasonable objection; 
venture*, for another 320,000 low* there is no intention by either 
But the drama season made about party to modify existing provision* 
130.000, te bring the 'S&’St general in the pact between the union and 
: overall loss down to about 330.000. 1 the League. : : 

it, mi 

kfl* ^btS ^^^Bway Rebounds After Hofi 

•peetoi frtmm mim ef — am Pmhm into Out Wr«t or * 

17 wig be Patented bv men of the Eighth *• . The Halloween Not Sfpt It D A 44iaa*ao$ 17 GAA L BLal 

( S Naval Trommg Oommand. * Hr, dr play by PhliMp Prwoeau Wes. of Bill* Bodd no* in I 6ltlC03l Sl.OUU 111 F IFS 
Bain brui#o. Md . Mil «K>n(h. prcemed at Arrni Theatre Rut hr*- its »uth week at the Brattle 1 hca- •ry"-'.® , v.Trf|WVW' , : P 

tUffMitli °Um» f«m ter N Y lad Thursday • «> try has br.o m, outstanding that _ . ^ ^ 

s£ P ^rm^wnPSSmf a Berwick barb from J** rompan yipUm lor pre**aU ‘T- AA 9C1 /T Dlnaaalron t] 

Nn* N. >Nl •Wl dirnl Br- Cu«a< vrvtrrday Toe* ► after a ! ,a * ■». MuDunitnrr Sight* Ti IA / V/H1 fllOnflP^ M 

for* three month Map . . Roger Rim llrr * m l im rrhra,r « l *"• B 

I ra «a« iM^r of tftf N \ out of N Y South Pact Ac S^tor- V?V been pmtpowed indef- U 

rompany o»_ , f >f , N 44 ' day i with a *orr throat Webb ,t,,lr * v Mhnaia. m -» led at « 12 40 B“um ini ba« k from the pee- ‘’fta? Rf Hr 

lor in , prw . Tillaa subMHuting Alan Schoel 'N mating ropecRy of 4«*1 1-ahor Day meek lull bu^me-* was ' Oil 17 

durtion of tntonN and Claopatro . der barb ,a N Y after a lumntrr at jj •• PdMrd laRarlly tot «#rh week up «n Rroadwav U«t week . It Faithfully Y 

Harry Hawaii a ppoal— Mag# ■ h»hm,» The Prtmroaa Path dur tBR '•* «r*t Hie week* with Juried slowly although tabor Day || • e*heof«mi|lj 

rr,.nager Harold Aaflinai aaalat- vnih Fihel Miutta. whlrR be stated *T r ' ’ ” f l-»hor D*\ week matinee h.i »a wlbal *hrtr hr- n.*etoot - 

«nt -laar manager and 4 larrare M , A |f| , f% g, tn and break " h U r,% Naaal $4 ’*00 mg ton few «how« that *hcd d r d ^ «• rrrK< 

B way Rekounds After Holiday; 
Tetticoat’ S7^00 in First Seven, ■* 
Tree’ 25 '/jG, Blondes’ Bowing Out 

lor in the 

Rouiwing barb from the pre- 

Bw* Me 11 ae Ribbon* ' Km pi re. 

* C oronet Oct. 

■Mritag* ' n*roia \itarrwa »*«•> 
ant Mag# manager and C laeeare 

» - • ^ r *r^i?: n r,r -Ji **■« •« 

ard w. arnkear* pruoiKiiun af *- a s «. < A . ut»a # . hr hrl«t i >i three tm»fe re* 

Kai»hfuti> Y«»ur»^ %urnn* Ann mg1on mhrr e he did tda*w M.m H,H 01 ward m i w »a* *t b irae* 

>»hvn it fvU belvb ft 4 uauai M Sttei mg t«m 4 *» -bedded 

There »w a p d ee abtlit \ that ,4 nu> ruallheen ' that Monday ' Mandatr 

satbern and Rahert faaUalaft. ag " 
Jacob lea- Ami tailed l**l Fir ( 
day t front N V. on the Afrttan t|< 

ag*‘ne lag o|fMi 

tkdered three ueeb» ago h\ hi. 
do. tor to give up vrnobing ( aeltaoo 

...Emleayiir^id .atari a *m MJt; Mlim, ahe^i of Death of a Hale* 
ueeb* in Soutb Afrtta with Death ha* a net* pr«»p to tave et- 

itl a SalevwaR. befinning »n pjmvgtjm^i »ith kual drama rrtx 
1 7 ^Same :*NNdf ^ho don t blot* he had givrit up the 

Death dl Nle x m an rou r ^a ; ^>ed Interred m a ht»Uh*i the 
luring ObRfdn Baldwtn^ trebbed ..mulcted tiggie giov*. and r- 
bp la Endgeinrrt to Mart its to y tpectator* note that the »taar» * 

I he F»rM l>rama Qw hrr h»; «hta\« remain* t oo inehe* Uhh# 
RUM M CBmWa Hmter Char lea <va ****** u* 

ft AHffMML ('firit NiHvickt «nd lilMtofni tfMip# Sit* 

A goes Mnaeeheed, w ill give a on* »g » for Korope td ay 

mail v| and al C arnegte Hall Berlin Art* Frsttval tor tv*o 

S?%, W £m sZZ> *2- iii« e,»:stesft 

he held hi three more »* » * k* re- and Tuesday htght* net# light 
.abH' bf ushd wordudHaMMMh u 1 « - Midvto k mis ^larb tlteh bit perbed 1 
idm >t«-;i«tr ir H the u re b en d .' tgHJb 

lte,wntu\v.n • it Matron prremed yfidav and >.«,m <t g«*od and 
Mu n d av lb w ith '*•" KettMm* to Ho- Hatartfi) *rilm*l* in many pta< • * . 

Sc*en ■ _ I . > mu < rmK • “iued> at Tht* H«.*efc'* ttrtlt ’.'. i lwpih s - are '’thr ' 

k return «’t OMBn^t'd I ,1 teitft Mu 

dand . , \t*-kt. at fhr flrt>. <md t»»e g 

— ■■ 4..,.., ; i ^ i nnci- , ./ , ^ Mtdi^'h Amyrfran ' f »’vue. ' Ita.i *•!> , 

'Bar ef owl too Athena," Bet b, ne eb 

of t te t 29 vri tir anting », •.'■ 

"Top Banana/’ S iuto it, Nov I 

rehear •mg 1 

’(•It 4.’' Kultr»h Nm 2\ 

' Niooa. Ho' * < . i . k *f Iter T 

’ N*l of N* Rciuvit * un p*< i- 

fted theatr e I H i 12 

iys’ $53,500, 

‘Annie’ 38G, LA. 

and Knlhiav N« ' iflOOIl V*-U**/Uvo 

<g* (K ’ t-,M w 1 7 

and am>t n tdt h Imehrag A __ A / . l _ 

,# Bocerht 4 Mwrtr. ♦CIV f 10 77ft PL! 

'To i tight W*»b and "lane amt i ill l.|| 

let 1 .se due luiimtmr W V/IM 

(•ent Irmen Prefer Blonder < u«w v 

Saturday r lA< after a •‘V uceb run. ! ; v ^ OB*t ago So pt II. 

In open, a r**»d tour m Chicago Soirpn amply enough laohmr Day 

Sept Id tmgatMMi failed In bit the ho xofVffey 

Bblnah* f*r I o.i WnHi * hough I'reMdenl fn man * Sap 

K» v« C • 4'omrdv . D Itegw* 1 , franrixo add rea* < 4 1 did bit the 

Jmn m Hell to lecture reading 7 *5 *r tn* left ||. pt Jp hugabue failed to hit the ho voffue. 

Mvle l^i ugh ton ttaged the prewen- *' t I*. r*T* 1 ' t-abor Day wee bend 'exodin rut ' flail no ale* far l.aM Herb arthough I'revidenl Truman* San 

tat: .n 4. ^m». n nioirJ, 1 .? 4 r* T | fi r .Ti 1 * l,chr ' ,n ’« the g r*o« id the Hr w* ( • < omede . D • fhnma Hanruu, addrea* *4* did hll th# 1 

Marvhall Jamtonn. r act mg dfff* r >lLu* ^ ilk^aa l *® muiralg that <*mpri*ed Ia* CD t rdmed.W Dmma K < Rerue >. tabr OfT*rttmg the expected drop 

tor foi I eland Hajrnard. rehearted Hitir lolg M.n l ■ m^TT, ♦ n « r,r ' ‘»n»v legif offering* De - • Nc OHuatcal < u^cd., HD , Man »« the root »•-.« th, r and the Male 

the MiMer Kdbcrt* ’ compam r , * h# Tu .Hee?bn«*bae Jerr. rU ^ *■***■ ' » hough in r«J Droma .O »C>»^rrtfa V neh« an legion run cent, on 

,aa ss wJSTjSa «.V ‘5 “•j* 4 !!* ' 

.urlt MMllMT WMII inur »»U M , M ..r, 1..U. V«»—, k ■£ %fc. "'. ".LSI* H», l„ t,.,. 

Br idge port tomorrow Thurt < I ranian. Philip ( Mb and *► S2?L V, 4 **J* r •leg u *t«g Monfor '< >.u»nher Marline the* *r*Mm s!'pt IT'iiThc 

rnSTu Ca IS IftoaSS. . •; 

w ~oa W«- .1 d.LT. «4 oiSTSJ. ” h;,: ««*«•: ' - iW* *;» <*aa» a a< „ 

Jdh Olio PronMnger bought Mesa «tage manager '»Tpnd. eight 4u wed Oder lo YMlmatea foe look Meeh 

"Hie Koenig Matlerplereg. rom- :• lrouu# Ul , . weathe, kept the tally at the ’’ARalra of Male * Mu*ir Bp* Moao la Blue * Harm • 1 9th 

edy by Herman Wonb. who wrote in flaw ■ nioner by low ho pea. although ttill Wlh wb 'l’|4», MM2 »2S R74. ■. ;wrrb • %4 44, I (MMh |>roppod o« a 

^ wBtami mm+i 2us.*mt *j*^*ss m mm* «« mm *** . over tittle but Mill great »2t)WMI 

get optioned “The Delicate Line ^. D| 1317 Jui 11 h*ul »4 hv Ire Poll, e* of 1 HA 2 opened it* iD.IHt, I ’’Woulb Paeihc.’* shuhert *43rd 

ptftf by TV wDter Mark Troch- lAtb Aainua. 2Vd*y Mand at the «.«MMeat Pan i ’Tall Me Madam’’ Imperial weefc, m, 2 1 Obi Went oR a lit lie. 

tenberg Jarb I andan to do L m - tm 2 fprifir Auditorium with g rorord ! <4Bth ak bK’-tT Sf « 4<»' tM In Mb 770 

*. 1 * for "Buy Ml# Bind Ribbon* Brnre c«dn Huh Pr^mUn Mi.WJi for ,t* find three <i*va I B47i Neat l <2 (JQf <prrvia«i ggmi. . >-* : •, » . . » \ ■ ' .;• ■ • i; - r - 

DWaa Coairflo borb to N Y » Dongtao Matron. Don Me Henry! | Dnly newronwr thM wneh la ronHy $»!!••• ROdFRVIOVF S77 700 

• *^l*nt b Pa* after ftee-werb Marias Iriin Fault L a ure n ce, * “TW Beauatone Affaia B*' jhijlliwt* Prefer Blendn " hCRlLRiT IA/YL fuf t fvV 

•bwbcf, Mnaa Witt lama kubaff- LMW (lalre, Jamea Noble. J. K vhorber whirh mabe* it* U. 8 de* Ziegfeld l»2d wb» iMC-gi. I«2l TA ADCbl DUII IV CrACAII 

tided . 4 Jan do Nartog ha* wnt* Cmmei and Mu Aol Porto Party but at Lm Palma* Theatre ; M« 244 Nearly g3-V*M» pr*v»ouk 1U VlJLJY I M ILL I dLAjUII 

ten a new ending for ’’Pourpootef * included Gulfcrte MeCMnlie. fthow t • I w«^>i'. almost $33 «Hi. Wmd* up .. 

the Home Crony n J«w«iea Tandy producer director Stanley Gilbev ‘ ‘WfAMiir riinn tw aaoJ ‘“L ijs? -!•»* «S' uST/Ht- 

mdbPfg . . Jarb I andan In do u f ... ■roTO^m Marw *«»*, Pacific Auditorium with a record 4«ih wb* M4‘ iT 241. 1400. $31- 

ae4$ for "Buy Me Biro Ribbon* Brow Gordon. Hugh Frtnblln A4B.4RJQ fi hd throe dap* ! $47>- Neo< $M.$R§ i p rr eton * M mi * *. ■ 

Dtoro Cornell# herb to N \ \ Deeftao Matron. Bee Mr Be ery ! * Only newcomer tbii week le nearly $31 flMK 
” South Pacific * after Wee- week Marion Seldrm. Emily t.awrenre The B eau M o n r - Affair." . Brttlah ) “(•eo Uemr o Prefer Blonde* M 

ahurnce Mem W Hit a mo autoft- Ladle Claire. Jamea Noble. J. R *horber. which make* it* U. 8 de- Ziegfeld *»2d wb« iMC $• 1 4t2g 

luted ... Jee do Nartog ha* writ* Emmet and MU dal Porto Party but at l a* Palma* Theatre $4« 244* Nearly $23 (Mil <t>r«viou« 

•.jkdiaL^ a l i • a • > •*. — ** AM* I ' ‘lv ... Mf 

luted . . . Jan do Nartog ha* wnt* Emmet and MU dal Porto Party 
ten anew ending for "Pourpoai' included Qnthrli Mcf'ltntk. *how * 
the Hwme ( ronyn-Jmai r a Tandy producer-director: Stanley Cilfcey 
yiarrer > .. Jamea Young to lour general manager Cbarlea Sira 

yiarrrr ... Jamea Yonng to lour general manager Cbarlea Sira ‘WEDDING’ GOOD $22 j(Q(p j a rood lour with * Chi engagement ' | f |'h7l ' ^ 1 wTT\f l ! rM . M,,rr * 
in "Moon D Blue* in the Barry bearh company manager and rinao bronnm .arrg *** ***** * *** su ' rX Li - Uurdte *rnL ^ 

Netaon role . . Dion Allen join* jHindoer Lewie. Wage manager? IN FIRST DETROIT WEEK 4W •bMMC$ddb i 1 31$ MIH04. JT* n.ToT^ui Srk, .f 

saint Joan Will Rntara quit. opening night eT^Ubem? at W ¥mJl 'iP The umai capacity $44 4igi ^ 

teat . Added to the Palace the ^an* PalaM In Brrtin lonight bept l l “»HM and I.- St Jame* 24th r ^* ^ fn la .!? ?LwXa 

rv xof f>r * -r * , * Wed 1 will be broadraM in its en- The legit aeavnn got off to a fa*t * l1 ' 22! <•£ *’* 17 ' wlin h were more kind!* Merant 

Harold Rarber. who move * <nr r tirrty over HI AS (Radio in Amen- Mart here, with Member of the < he limit. o than «nthu*u«tir or even strongly 

from the Mrovig* gad Mb Imwiry. tJM1 s^tar*. TV excerpu will be Wedding ' Marring Ethel Water*. * .-**£!*' Uudafory Star, (iinger Kogrr* 

Lee Stroaherg. recently returned teiecaat at aubroRnent perform- •. drawing a g**ed 122 000 ,n iu ftftM _ 7 Jm ■ erf generally better hufue* titan 

from lparl. where be ttaged tom. j ance* from both the Titama PaJast week rf the Cam ■;■ ,,u * 7, Sj M4 J”* *^ r " perform- t b r 1^ Verneuil ronyedy hut 

?!?• f ? r w ,ht , IU ^ m *h Theatre and Corn Theatre* vto RCA ar- j ToUl take wa. held down by SJSe ^^tr^S^o*4M ^ ""LZ r ' rn * hr 4,1 * d * 

tpohe of hit Draell imprr m ion* ranged by the H k and aeveral theatre (iuild anbnrrfntlen and !!? r . .J 11 ®*",. very rnwamu lloan was 

and current trend* in the theatre mng and-dance acouence* will be 4^ id *he hea%mr in it* current ’ Ar t . hu l. ° „ umlnuMedly her name and Hofly* 

there at . prrm conference in % Y *hot by Well inTHm for di*.r,bu- r Vd ?n(rt ,3.11^^ ^2? 2 ^ 

Jmew T. ReghW replaced Sam AM* rf newtreeto. dmttet gave the play Uudalury re giogOO la* Twerb over ftaoRRBr *12! «'MW 4 »hleh. although u. I 

Stratton aa advance man on the Met [ Joan RenneU and her daughter view* \ * --£1^ * VoliH - M^k -32d wb» V < ?T r "92 ** <4 » 

Opera Amn . touring "Die Fledef- Melinda Marhey. arrived in N Y ; CI?M»0?1I24 12«L AUt f»*Ahromini maaon • bit ^ ^ 

im ’ HetVp BrfMrfl M company latt weekend after winding up their *CKavw Rasni* HMn 99 1 .(I 113 3041 orrvumi «tanxa o\n «. 11 . he- I , - ■ 

manager Agreement bet wTen itrawhat tour in Sero* an/(k>d ’ MM>W HORl Hits U jf-, • ‘preview* *anm. over Y ont Wij|R- ,roroeBY( ^ mp 

league of N^T, Theatre* and Aaan m Botton Saturday They'll be Toronto SpRSOH t l*flk Hlm*Um - Hroadhurot (12th 2^ tor 1? pr *T- m 

of Theatrical Preaa AgenU A Man m Gotham all week before head- -ftoeontoro. HroadhurM _ 12th , t th# Shuhert neat Monday *I7». 

week alnuikl $33 MMI* Wmd* up 
lengthy Fun Satutday 'l3 to open 

rent Theatre, playing a S3 IN) top 
This waa In fare of notice* 
whirh were more hindlv tolerant 

$20 23 V 

got geoerally better notice* than 

the Cam 1 Qrororf fimadl?^i^ toTmron ik + TfM* IhjI 

round ( 1 it tea of all three . r , ft4 •.> ma *21 3ro> V* 0 ® TTa ■ ! , 

- * V “ w w *4 1 ^ uroueq Mrnma trad# whirl, althooah aril 

* fTr, Uj » ’W- Ond ^foulht per- ,» t wnt I With 

»* or Sbnmlin to Rg- Randell planed in from the rionnalice* the ^ hoWover of nearly 127 0410, 

Jf 1 *®** V f, 'T^L Co “ l !• Nj jjf e b e nm la for hll EJEom Boat "’ the thVatrr tnthe "Rerfh Par the - Majratle «12Sth 
•• |MU : role opposite OHria De HavUland I JTfT JJ2L r " led «o $22 IMU-H 1 S39 $5t> IM> About 

(or-.h4d U r.<.«. .« th» run , n c.mtuU' .h.rh .pn.. . t„ur;™5“ , V 2.~^ , S.l'LS’’. «T«w 

ught per- tag west 
bnmttn to ■ 

Toronto. Sept II 
With near-capacity for in 

m„a,y oiaapproving n roev une V4 . r ^ comment* However it »*« 
go od t A 1 < h > ir I «> lT**< h 4 ompaa* u»Mh*ul»tedly her name and Holly* 

C* 22? *illT r /• wood rop that result rd m the 

*?° W1 Ant, strong trade which, although u. 1 

$2<> #00 ’ >* kl wr r b. Over $20 (104) 1 • umicr rapacity, spoke well for the 

r -TPSV T *. M !?a forthcoming aeaaon’t bit 

Ll>4 . $2$ 4>o0h About . 1 Neil opening will be - "Paint 
J previoro rfanro, ebtr Vimr W aeim aeaMm * And mu- 

•’iSLi . ' 1 M< al.. *b edited fur it* world preein 

-Sevontoen. ’ Hroadi.ord^' 12th ttlg Nhu^rt nt , t Monday 17. 

•b> jRl< * M. I.Hd. $3 < 'rflOh ^ yncagrmcnt is for three week* 
KL? 00 *'!* ♦ * M — week grH | *,11 be followed bv "Tee Ba- 

n r?I* y 4. .. Js .... nana” Oct t for a three week try- 

Sae i b Par l he. Majr«tie • 123th ou * 

a. . a O a . Aka • ^a a #• b • - — — 1 

• round version racked up $22 -'***. ***** irflHI. Aberf , Forreat will be daib for twe 

'5 to top the prevtuu* week* $21.0414) *'5**®* “,^ e !! w ^l. w #imt . V. week* after l^ve and l-et Ixiv* ** 

I Ybia ka tro haeatemt crom of the 1 1- htalog IT. 4glb St (llth wk . ■ . > — .i — — »-.r* 

;« St tjg> OtTr ^ "Su*i’ : ' meTS^rf thelT - 1 "^S 5 ro iv itb St troth wk. 

»*» * * ‘ fi^h^ 1 cf!ra*w«^i53S2r WO.— pw roww. «*.*—* TPS rvwt^r^-Vf ? 1 N.Y. City Ballet Sock 37(J 

k« K.U- «wto« «mui i^3^^» T< TTi«iT,r .Sd ’ Kor \nt (.otham SUn/a 

taneoualy in Stockholm snd Copen- ^hearam conventional staging for- !£' k™*i“ J, d*re*AoT "Troe Grow* In Brooklyn Alvin w T 1 "** 

< l4> ’ ’ ’ KmrX ■*"' mat for an Oct 1 bow at the theory. Itf n K ?T‘ ** . «SlM wkl iMC’|720; I Ml. $47.. ^ Y City Ballet 4 o. in eight 

ateln handling prom en ene-mght San Francisco It'S being done at At • •• If u ? drr Iff) Dp to $23 34)0 .prevtoux week. Performance* al the C ily Tenicr. 

Hand Oct 22 #{ Flrat Drama . central-Magma offering at the arfnp seated 1 $40 at nudtown glm0gl na| ggm n > last week <4 $ gr e at rd a 

Quartet In "Den Juan in Hell’’ at Circle^* 1 ^"^* Duffcnn Faik w,ih show being the Tw* m m# Alik ' Hrllinger * or * 1 $37 4100. about I41G above ei- 

f srnegte Hall. N Y . Bevto de Understudy Ray RbaW subbed teaaon * windup. (fU| wk > .g.jg ,3,7 ggg MXt. (•(»«*" v *nd hr *1 opening wrrk 

Tanko and Dr Monrfee Rock, au- f or Allan Jones for one perform- — T , Around $39 630 iprewoua week. *T°'‘ ‘^P* baa ever had. 

t hors of "Miracle on Pront Street, j #ncg C f Guya and Dolls at the Clsniarc m Rnknnrtgl nearly $20 r **W. {Thursday and Saturday nights 

drama about Haym S alomon, to be Philharmonic Los Angeles when \ JH0W* in l\CMM OPEN IN 4. THIN WEEK 1 

prevent ed b y de Tank# and An- the at ar waa temporarily felled by : Kcu* C t Comedy 1, D (Drama). ‘Dia m o n d ME" Broadway. Frf-1 Troupe had one prrmirre last 
drew Rllttnga la pre-Broadwa> an allergy attack after taking a CD •Cow.edy Drama ». R -RerweL day »14t Returning with Mae '* •Jdltkin to «»pening-night 

Iryout tn Philadelphia in late fall b 1 *hot i JRC 1 Muetraf f’omedy * . MD i Mwet W‘e*t Georg* Brandt prodnrfng , TT 0 ^ rrrm l 

Happy Time" slated for a Allen Boreta will pn*duce hia cal Drm^ut * O « Operetto • . "Bogt’a and Yen/* Holiday, due a take aa good as the last 

road leer by B ad gers A Hammer- 0 wn comedy. Out in Left Field " *• Borscht Capodes" H — Hal Zie> to open last night Tue* • Al Beck ***** 

Hein . . Dane Clark signed for on Broadway later thia season, with ger prod : Mickey Kata. dir. »nd man A John Pranskv with Brandt I' r - ^ g - 

lead tn Arfher Carter . -fie Num Teddy Hart toplining Theatres preMtiimg _ ^ Remain* iQ 70fl N H 

trf. Dr. Manrfee Back. *u- tor Allan Jane* for one perform- 
thors of "Miracle on Front Street, gnrg 0 f "Guys and Dolls at the 
drama about Haym Salomon, to be Philharmonic Loa Angeles, when 
P rrt **ted by de Tanko and An- the star waa lemporartTy felled by 

Shows in Rehearsal 

presented by de Tanko and An- t h* star was temporarily felled by : Key* C »Comcdyi. D 4 Drome M “Diam* 

drew Billing* In pre-Broadwa> gg allergy attack after taking a C D ‘Comedy Dra»to,. R . Reiwe ». | day <14t 

iryout tn Philadelphia in late fall g-i shot MC • MugscefCooiedy MD « Muit Meet < 

• Time" slated for a: Alice Beret* will produce his c *i Drama r O • Operetto • . 4 M Heg#k 

Happy Tima" slated for a Alice 
road tour by Rodgers A Hammer- O wo coi 
stela . . » Dane Clark signed for on Bros 
lead in Arthur Carter s "The Num- Trrf* I 

■ «*i m srwwr t*nwi rwe sum- Teddy Hart top lining. star . Theatres, pcraeet mg. . , 

her; ‘formerly titled "The Pay- Alien Malfc Jr». who played < -Darkness at Noon** iDl tr ud—- Pf’Tl’BI M MIDI Ll 

OfT’l, wfctofc Pan! Vroom and Irs- Bibi in "The Happy Time’* at the playwrights Co. prod; Sidney "Boearkt C spades. ’ Roy ale Sept 

*ng Cggne* are producing . . . Plymouth Theatre. N. V . last sea- 1 Kingsley , dir . Edward G. Robin- , 17 rehearsing) 

* tonne Adrfr back to her original ^<m. 1* recovering from typhoid ,on star. v- ■■■ 7 ■ .!■ "Oel Meat af El* hth .’ 4 Barry 

r*l* in "Gentlemen Prefer frver at the New York Hospital -* •itkroil* 1 aura" (CDl — RirL- more. Sept 2d .rehcarsingi. 

Rcmm’ $9,700, N.H. 

Sept j New Haven Srpt II. 

I . Preen) of "Krmnnv To Be Srrn" 
Barry* *t Shubert last week •-$» pullrd 

tele in "Gentlemen Prefer (ever at the New York Hospital. M F«itkfully lours" (CD* — Rich* more. Serf 2d ‘rehearsing L a pi oAtable $gure on four perform- 

Blonde*,’’ at Skirl Conway J<a\r' Bernard Pan* KioUr hat been ' Rrakeur. prod Hit hard Wharf "Twilight Walk.’* Fulton. Sept -nre* At a $2 00 top. gro** was 
"duo to nervous fatigue ’ Mi*s named director for the Galveston u»r . Robert Cumming*. Aon Sotb- 24 rehearsing #n spprosimate $9.74)0 

Adair will stay for first four week* Little Theatre, succeeding Adrian ern. stars ** 1 oo o and Lei I-eve." PUmouih Current Is break-in of 

of the Chi run. which begins Sept. Hall, who recently resigned Kielar "fledermawa ’ *OI — Mefopera. Sept 25 'trying 4»it rcvirwcd in ire Guild production of Saint 

20, Miss Conway resuming Ott 1$ waa assistant director of "Heaven prod - Garaon Kanin, stage dir . ] Vvaimr. Aug 29 3D J«»an" iUta Hagen, for the lad half 

. David Burns to succeed Ray Help the Angels’’ on Rroaduav Jibor Korma. rnus. dir. "Renudna to Re scow,** Mnrearo , <13-131 Nest w *u k tees, #R a lead 

Watoton as Luther Bi I Us in na - 1 The Dallas Little Theatre util **Glad Tidings** Cl — Harold Oct, 3 ‘trying ou»* (reviewed m tour of "Ki'V Me Kale" for a full 

tional company of "South Pacific." begin IU new season Ort 22 Bromley, prod : current Vaaimr* slansa « 17 22t and fallow <ng w«m k 

bow in Chi Risks 1 i Rodger* Groups December play will be "Kiao Me, Kale** M<-.» «road»— ; ’Saint Joan." Corf. Oct 4 ‘re- has proem of ."Faithfully >o»ir* 
A Oscar Hammorrfoin 2d honored , * There Was an Old Woman ong- g U hber A Ayers, prods : John C hearstogl ‘original Theatre Guild . Ann Sothern - Robert 4 umampi 

Friday «7> by the Broadway Assn , ] Inal script by Rattas playwright WiImmi. dir 1 p> Kiortiou reviewed in VsniiTT for four days ‘2t» 29* 

receiving certificates which read Ratkleen McCoo HoolkelA The -Moon to Bint** tC» ‘ road) — Jan IT. *24. Katharine Cornell re- j — ri~ " 

v . "for their great contribution play will be directed by John Han- Aldruh A Mevers, prod vlval reviewed Marrh II, Yt*. 1 *D«Bth $2,600, Bdgpt. 

to the American theatre They E, , Margo Jones has set s third • Mnrfr in the Air" 4 MO-R*fl ! ’ Mnrfe to the Air - Ziegfeld Oct , - - - ’ seut 11 

Rave enriched tho lives of counts premiere during the coming sea- ngid Hammerviemp prod ; i»c*r i $ .rrhearsma, •original product vm „ rf a SalevmMr opened 

leva millions with the beauty of son of Theatre *31, m Dallas It Hammerateui , 2d d»r Dmms reviewed in \ anigTT, Nov IV 3J* j J • n Memorial Audi- 

thcir idea* words and music ’ ‘to Irving Phillip. ‘One Foot In *mg Jana Pichma. Charles Win- "Glad Tiding a," Lyreum^Oft toretoMin^rfrf mght 

Mae* - - k^k In S T over Heaven^ fveni the novel of Hart- nM gtr viar* -what tryout reviewed to L ur . Tu! !l **7 •! I ?SL. sSSnk 

the\Ile” n.f^v^Deitoa Y wSre »«« 8 P«^ I "Owl Weal of Eighth" *C‘~Burr Vaairnr. JuncIS ’SI under title the 

.‘‘.d,reA^\fT™ rf m^ ^ ^ A Pearson, prodv Mart Connell). ^ ^ - wg|lrr ^ ^ ^ 

“sa j^m v ; S5i‘w «.»- **** c ^r„ i v r *? ,OTM, r ^2., 

■NT »i)' — iih naru i.aroen. *«< ia»rcw «»w* . _ Thlir . 

Paul blew art, dir . " he Notolwr" ♦ formerly "Pay- for four shows, starting llHSto 

k tar. 4 Off "J. BUtmoie, Oct 2L ‘day ‘UL 


It 1*51 

*<t . S,,* 1 I 

Sk,m**« * My «t * n M *• * maw r *» * 

• •*»» *•'?**» 

■■'W *»*' : **.*rr* --*•*' in*** se**. ^ * . -Vc 

rrig- : , M.r» (<•• C. If •' W 

Hrair* I 

Kerne N M , Sept « 
AH, *4 T*,W < •»**»> A •»•»**♦ 
*,a«„M4V*«w •» OSSm WUwN 

Hr, |* it V U» *l ftAar»» •* loos» r » l 

*be • in love trllh him 
Urves him lo be tn love with 

hoc power of attorney and have 
hrr committed for Insanity The 
plan is facilitated * hen II is dl*- 
rmerrd that she had beep convict* 
ad wine JO year* before for the 
murder of her huabond. and after 

LcGsDieaae C«., Cakara, 

I O’Briea Sd fsr Tsars 

Eva LeCalltehne Charles Co 

4 CT-J - ^ 

» ICOwfiflfCw 


ii»a*u«», t . v,.,i a, o.iumm no* ^ imim imihm i»*-» at f*« and aubeeqssrnti* rele**rd ; Con— H dated C 

b*»o fc* a* <**•* «|M u n#s>**M U*i i o , » fw | The p**n ruiu wnoothly un*il. ^ n< j M | thi* *e 

k. j%.% •- ,v .«■ •■}..; sp ^"ssjs* — *•« !.*«•*•• 

, «h <H.rrt*a to (^ UiaiSr. M»w*l Orwt*.. port a greed Ihm him and 

ra* a?*d»- >—**•* mother aw**. Hut With a Mtui 

i !.•"—« ^'•_*»*r l .*» .gg .ea*i. *ff*ir mn a ^mdumih. <h» »* 

J-iT» r x!«£l SWSSttJw*???,* O ... :HWXM * trtlr «M« « 


B e. BaeMOMr. . 

*#** w 

r*.*» , - ' | 

In, * 

........... net . 

. •; g|gai : gsgpao •»! 

Map* ptay * h.ive vocreWoUv 
nepai toted the ocean vova ■» a,n«m 
Irm Hi -lam t»» Bnmhuiy. hit it * *<0 »<*•<*•» • *•• Ap*.* 

hard!* like!* that H C Hhenilf* \tS! SllZ HO 

tknr at Sev.-n" wdl duke Off it* *t* -m 1mm, a 

burn Margaret O Brian av well newspaper disclaiming connection 
•everaj bane dancer *, nig/ b— d j b H a»ia tbe Met a touring * Fldd* 
pleading temporary msavwy naa dramatic or terp pre*entatioM and a W«l mimor', .a 

U. «» •" .n-..u*H- U-r*. t Gr^.^.o, •£* tZi^TTZirn- 

1 * orp . a 11 mf ^ erroneous impression that 

rrP^ : . a number of Met siiferi would be 

'£] Mi*» l*Gatlienr,e « ill open • m the Hurok version 

situation lm,r l* Washington Fet> 4 with a Met ver a i oo suit play a 

■lHiilra I gyyy- *^*'**^** 1*?? tmfci engagement tn Ptuiadel- 

phia. do a week 10 Cleveland too 
*e*gs each in Toronto Chicago 
and Washington, with one. too or 
three -da\ stand* In a«*orted toons 

_ n r«p« Miakespeare "..and otht f. '' ctasaic* 

*• huJ* up a tburn or so kuiae threads into Tour trill end March JO. 

iwawTaouni • *art»n«l oi cliches Instead oil ( ohurn suit tour »n hia presen 
.ir?*a52E^ : ■•tnwwthtin*. nlllieat the play be- ut ion. An Keening Uith C haite* 

-tsfzz ^^j^issKflftfiarjrs: 

around the country. The definite 
lS*oeek booking did runs to Feh 

** € !E“h,7i':!'T M'.saa «•» m mimsM'm •• far »** 

an the neiresa. is a ■aaamapa.j*,^'. . t ^ ^ k| affT || tH4 

o of 

There s plan. Um. 

n&SgLJaj in Z3G ahe-s England and tbe amittL then week. In I 

ZZL, iTe., uaM tlw ft„n. r of her >«tnh She head f«o the Pacthe norlhuest Mtaa more In friaco. and so on 1 
En 1 a life of loneliness hut ,n- ♦» brten. on eompietton «l bnr mar* April 5 for a complete an 

• W*S Parr1«S . ■ ■ . ' ... v ••»■ m ^ .11 •* «-.%*» 1 .. _i 


Bl uU O e*rri«a P P 

M.f. u,m vents a land Hr and 

Irtv triends rent pw. ‘ Huckleberry yine.’* so ill St to JO weeks 

to uupresa Ih*c fteur acifuaintancos do a series of dramatic akeUhes to slid up with a 1. Y. appear* 
Vet. for all her toniJo«»ler> . she’s fpr Green on tour v ance April 14. Over a doaen larw 

a ill be 

v Hom# ^ 

n..,.i dr n. r although it did fa»rt> 
a ell on Hu* t V*nd,*n boprda L»>» t * 

je it >»♦* 

IV-pitt -a re all) slick perf<*riw* trI)» > iVr W 
a me b) s‘«»r lao, Cl Carroll, the ■■■ ■■ 

Imipt of til S one *e Mis all a nm* •. Hith di astir re-ant ma of book. I — ! — m * ■ 

foi 1 4 i'kt ! t f,*» Too wis h hao- ||,t. pleasant talk musical, which shrewd and ruthleso when the orra- Consolidated is al-u booking or HKO 

r*** !*, a **<* e™* n ‘ l * ...... .. wur. ro, hwum t;i.h..», iv.ri !**• aw. w * naa-iO 

Page < *e idea Is good, bot the (Wifim J> nkin« to « harming lyrics 4 outedy relief Of the pia) l» pm- 
pUi iH-\rr »rt» 4«Pf slter • a* d »,> Turn Adair nmld be a Hi iu»d- v Ided by Cola * tumbling attempt* 

|lr«i rt wav posubrlity, Deapite ailanu « r being tbe girl a boot town Hut 

It « a^Hft 4 m«M« V h»nk clerk ImjO with a hi, h lm»i theatregoer* she* a anmeftioOS pathetic, some - 
wlai arri»ea 'home one evenin' l« greeted tlie *ho» it's iomplet»'ly time* im-naring *nd always intec- 
g 1 eraser that He ha* been inl«<*>ng unready t*»r the lug time as it eating character. Kpher Jane t «»C* 
fur it Ih,,*» lie iink hr h >» a**- • land* b»gg«-d down at many »p*»t> foil dbei an evpcii jiob in a trving 
parent I v uffered ?4 Inmii* ol j*«i- ,n a welter of word*** and earth- i4b being at times funny at times 
ne*ta Then be learns that the bound characterisation* fftgbtentng and at time* absolutely 

•nit of the sm ial tlub of Ohhh bg i Haatr gimmick la the havoc i nud /■ . ) - - — ■ ■ . — — — 

Is tresassrer h,»-* b«*en rifleil. and , au*ed «n a Hew Kngland farming V* the pm-t Richard \entUfO h 1 ) n , n a . # *a 

that ih. i-iMh deward whmn he town JM» IHJl b> rehgiou* fanatic*. Mmviniing m malevolence and KllSSf M lOf 4J 

tbrtnsb* Mikios Gafm Jean Krd- ; houses and concert halls 
man J an* Dud l ey. Hopflio Ma s l aw Met tad comprises 
and WtlUam Holes and Kmily Fran lean 1 Rosalinda •. Virginia Mac* 
kel and Mark Hydei tredei.. ||. Watters Adeie* Vera Bryner o. . 
S* batter will head a non prom 4* W<aky. William llnme « tlfrod . 
partment for Conaolidateil. as well John Tjrtrt , Folke>. Donald 
aa another Green operation. Con- j Ooino/Ilo^otn*. Re»imth_»chon 
soildated Radio Artists. 

always (H-Mkcd • h.«* been mur- who Indw r the entire rosnmumtv dcgeneiM' C.r.»ce Powers w-orea 

«t,-ied Hisajptt t<« point- to the to b, | »*•%»• that ihe wruld i* coiung solidly as the uni eleniinglv •Cbem- 

bank 1 k ployed by ( •• ■ tl V in ah end on a *p**cif'tc dav Town-- du moiboT iaol nglW o WOSS* 

quid mi no trt lie believe* he folk discard property , and sn* k ten* a* a girl d»*t»*« Hie wtto provides 

must be go tin That s the find 4*t family relationships m a frvw) tb • ,M ' e iot, rr*» with ventyim. nui 
amt ii - vi M ik*ne ivum 1 to-mmrlyea of krsiea when bhs'lmndp ^Mni tbe detective type 

Hut no long moch banprna tn iHe day of psbilm 'aky^eow When -f** Hoebfmg la good as an^e^v »- 
the nevi two arts, ekrept at- 1 * u ‘ earth 

Consecutive Weeks’ Tssr. 
May Top Playing Record 

Ballet Kusae de 

TrMkf. Jack Gilford : ‘Froarh* 
and Howard Jarrett < Blind Tati- 
ana Grant leva and Pola)e»ka will 
be lead dancers »in a dance group 
of eight 1 John Ciain. Laura Cav- 
lellsno "Robert (ituo and Lillian 
Shelby will be alternates. 

Donald Dame is on the regular 
Monte Carlo, Met mater, and Gilford was 

latls to Mow op al ap- v *• n P**w4er. Hot both his and Mi«a which set a unique reewtd laat sea- brought in last year to play Frogipl 

'%L±3S»iSl ^STiJSl •«*. s.OiwhOmi « »“•. *!*» 

tempi* to runetnro the audieme pointed timr. m , p>»w< 

that Ur M l thirl ami k.lln 1 .. ,V 1 gj>F M, living Mb— HglW, ^ 4n» 1 .&***** 

ciinun .,i»ng rnriH ynwreiy w«» U ia — -- - - - — ^rfm-inance* M»«t l^wis was a 

have quirk, md the pace of a v,*r> tuurtng, during which It gave llit in -R e g in- - „n Broadway two 

Irn one Ma*o» Wot*oo. played b> < »*»m and without u|H Miiiion ,■ r > |_ ^ ^ 

Lc*. Ch a 1 , ell. who U pscudenl id 1 Hcvrtal turn- w>th imnmrn mocr ' thi/^M^d ^ frlT fh * ^ i 

the mnuI cliih and who appeal pi»**ibilltie- Highlight the *buw -- ‘ ^ 11 ! Jl'l l record fm Ihe current M 

tntnil saw idanitpg the guiH ..n notahtv TlaMool Straw frnd ^ rapahle ami e*p, 1 iglly r»ud m M 1 *ea*un Truu|ve ha* been bimk 
CaJJoll ^InHie eSd^t^bSTVaMl H.ivtn Com Wednesday ." act ^Thc -«uiio -war so 

In live pn«>A uf art of J«*hn W 
Auetin ami it • 

ly pm lio rap whet* it 1*4, my- > 
on a m m who , waa m< ui n»r ol 
htieflv <n the |d.*v and wliq nc\ , r 
•puear- ; ; 

The ,m«n» h lio »’ <i»,ii ii r 
rea. villain and pr o tn dL evr,i 

mildly -ugge-live patter *ong. * The * living now vet hy Frank J. Rinaldi, u p* n ing 1»H 4 in IMtt«bU|-gh 

season* ago,. Mis* MacWatfen 
was the Adel# of the Rroadway 
“Kosaltnda ‘ in lt42. Mtsa Rryner 
Ulster of Vul CKing and I*** 

Hi vnner although name U spelled 
a* alternate lead two 
in II roadway * * The 

M WO Whrn Ih. J. ..n<l m »" !*">« .nd .ndm, April I, ... trni 

Whole World Knows What Wr * dh thr mood of tbe play laght- .. ..I: dmerentlv tsa* alternate lead two 

Know ' The llod-r *m tbe Hill. ' *•* VgiWM are 

and ‘ 1 11 Keep Ihdn* Wlial Ye uniformly good C ho«. 

Been lb»in *’ .• a . g '■' .'m V -* ^ : ; "v''.' ' 

h. rh. n v •>» <*'- Indpls Marat Holding 

It may have to odd two more weeks 
,*f performance*, according to indie ^ ™ 

b«M»kcr and contidH manager Dbvid ^ 

Ltbidins, due lo demand ICom local f»ar*on K vmn 1 * supervising re- 
impresarios. hearsals with Tfb,w Koimi as mu* 

°-r rL'rr 

rr««ur„, t n uJ wj *' 

u*"" ,w ,hr *•*“ *m *:fmm *• mom. „ ?«««. n » 

13 Weeks Oyes for Shows 

fndiiiurpoli* S*-pt 11 . 

^ t reeled smooth!* »«4 with rva| feel- 

thing cIm take "pla«e t„r tom mg for -Hliatluo*. but 1 * hainp* r»-d 1 
the vi-mn 01 tbe andiemc, which . i by ttw b,*»k Haul Mann give* a| 
get* »< all Mivuvd hand v ia a lot vi go f u u s performance in the .lose | 
of talk oo*| a tie It the >. of He* Fo*hul llalh't , prgphrt ol 1 

bcwholdri % iecl they ' mu-1 ie in diwim Man* Haven I* standvMit a* * 

She w, w an me cSTi Ue and Fa*. i 1 ken tu -»- here are Mwed MfRMy dn a tm. -w ballet iL!^lTT^"nS33S- ^ 

pin * wlmn 1 * happcnmc el-r- rai»' a* a *kepti al lanner wi*« 13 weeks' plavtng time whtrh the week*, but play* right through. In _. k j u » 4 w«iu» to stage- 

Wlierc re*t*U Ihe saHation^ -tuomd »«*»* Mueat »a holding open for road H» unusual record of JU conaecm V 

’T l mii r at Seven'' goes on to the June F.rick*«m Jeanne Shhlegel % h,oy* that may brvmoe available j five weeks of plaving laat araaon. i . lt . . , rr , ■hw^^inrln.i 

R b rk s C’mnsiy Havh«u*e 1 . m 4 hit James Andrews and brunette Arr , HA |, nll | W C ecil Bvrne iuf«tdent the troupe had 22 night* off but 1 ** • nfiausr 

nl rewriting and rewofkiag J«*hn kaker sj. uJw-«m cmstrtbiite ||f ^ ( , ,n, ftaductliuis Inr , shirk gave extra matinee* to oonpensate. 

Gulden w lyu would like Isknn: n rtf, , in el* Art g I qpPpgmp the houar '•» evnlsin a iked nf !9i perl urm- 

sysr— • r. mmmt m m . ******* m*; 

heir i* * \utumn Garden." slated At • lu F company ran 

fur Dec 3l -Jan. 2. although Byrne “P e>timated gr,**s of §7 Ml POO 

la%t season It made no monev. 

Si , hi on tin- tor. 1 * of h,»w 11 shape* 
up in l*»*nn*il*jnia. 

ILs a ptlv llirrr i*n’l more meat 

Hlrds nf Frey 

Sprint Ukr. N J . St pt 4 

H> « /Main Met* a So»,i Wa-iu *,* 

<t» M -1 ,«•«!, ex ie»» k isro 4ri* k holding the lad . ,two weeks in 

V ,M«r, S«m» fait, 

*, lo r l*to*lwfte. 

bn this bone bec au s e Cai in MBR HPRpi H HRHRHIRH^MPPIHIPPPRRPPHHMPRR ■■■ 

ter|u»i»fion of David Prr>l,m ** Nnvemler for 'South Puc-tlL" in) ^** B baavy prpdut 1 100 and lour 

mm, i*n, i>v#ii i«dwo svU'*< flop*-* il will lake either or both. mR This sea*on lue cinn- 

Other «iiows on schedule, all after P* n >' » cuffers ate straitened, with 
hr*! ol the year are "Guys and r **iioad coat* ofilt higher and 
IhdU ' J ,n. 14 1» ; "Countiy Girl * ‘* iner ub * ,n Rcepdig Company. 
Feh 4 6 Member ol Wedding h<mever *» * mmprohl orgamxa* 
Krb 2V27». "Muon l* Blue <Feb f Uun - *** » counting on the wslra 
ML March l> and * klr. Holiert* 1 { l***" to come when (he Federal 
•May S T . Bui *ca*on could »ien admlmion la* i* 

of Ihe belter thing* mom Ih 

these parts this ; leaf. MndMMwe . . _ .. Ji |V I . 

Clive, whu play* Ms faithful wile J^*fJ** V ’wa, T 
teem* a liltle luat In her role at JTT SwUnw Cifc-r 1,0 (*o»‘l 

time*, hut Chatrell does a live h ‘ * tisuik - » 

IO -* Austin I. !'rwS.... rJSS 

*m.M»ihl\ rffirienl a» the verv M-a»n IN,i*w Svlwrl \#*uo» 

Hritifth ami vet* sviupalheth In — 1 — — 

spevtor Hemingway Don* Pai-t .u "Bird* i*f Prey v rtew suspense 

mg three baggage cars . I 

Ttve Hurok ' Fledermauft’* till 
do nine weeks sf one. two and 
fhree*nighters. under local concert 
managements In regular longhair 
spots It will give two perform- 
ances In Washington on Oct 2t). 
at Constitution Hall Equity 1 * 
raising no objection aince the 
Hall admits Negroes In aiuli- 
ences. and several Negro artists 
have b« en booked this year to ap- 

does a wire hif aa the Umdnu'tap* comedv bv' IlnUard RAehard*on and »*-+* «< *** T. which U being held W**?* To P * hl * ***** 

room pioprietrevs who wander* in William Bemey ha* wine chilling M something turns up 
to the play in the Imal scene, to nmnu-nts and Mime lunny ones, but 
relate the details' of what hap|o*ncd fall* shod of being any thing imue 
duiing CarroH's nffstaRS amne*ia. than a lightweight diyetsion An a 

Lmrt. >.■:'{ mystery.' 'W starts weakly, buildi 
■ .rapidly in a fa»t-|vac,*d «ec<Hvd art 
and then fade* away to trite nvelo- 


autifOrr oiffcrot »o# 





Floys • Floyert 
Fictures • Television V 

152 W S4th Street CO S-07H0 

Current Road Shows 

iStpf. 10 2Ji 

•"Death of a tta l es m an V irtory . 

pear on*tage. The Hall has been 
slowly lifting Its racial barrier* 
lifted^' a* ! uh41 * * VOMlu ‘* publicity on that 

Hurok roster includes es-Mrt 
w_ tt . r H f soprano Irra Petma as Roaalind.,, 
Zu Unal Adelaide Bishop lAdelc. John 
manager interest in buying has * OrH»f wWy,* V * tr | va ^* ®*' 1 * 

increased. Ltbidins reports. In Jf 1 * ‘ d Jdtf h A - 

addition there s nuwe coin aroulM | | fr**d* W illUm Schreiner 'Falke . 

j Tom Perkins 'Frankei and Jame< 


will stay at $4 60 

Company bopea ■« — . >•«•» ,,■* . , , , . ,1 

$7 Ml duo take this sedan* 1 ^ewi . Adelaide Bishop ' Adeie • 

»or* . fcum war induAine% imu 10m rerains »rranae, ana enun 

diVmduA m the final ftve-imnutr Pr«»* idrrw r l« Aud W«icie*ter ltluAI * * Westerftcld iFrooch*. Westerly Id 

I'llt'H. Bu-hnrll Aud. HartloCil »l3sl 
As a comedy, fu humor l* ceo- 1 Aeadeoij of Muair, Northampton. » 

w rapup 

1 ... J ^ la staging. Thiuna* Martin and 

'•*" *•**•“; ';«'r ln clud«150 MM . h , cl KuM „ rf .,|| , b .„ con> 
Is Libidim cut that 

trr.'d "a n iuiid t hr rh«rw<t r r ot»n „ Kri * ?H>H*/ve<lad> 14- .ggoda, ducting choW 

aponraWMy mad miHlaoairess. but *Maje> 1 -d id- 4o W11 *• about 4 this season, ••B ; *■■■■■■■■■ 

ail the real and apparent eicen- T3_ ^ — - . 5?**** *? * urt Ber to aboof 

fncities the author* afford Her ran- , Guys and Della < Allan Jones. 40 nest year. Company hasn t 

not snstam live corned* phase ’ Jan tta> *„n *—Ph«thanmrtuc Aud. shown tn N Y. since the spring 

the pla* 1 - .,n interesting pieiv ‘ Angelng IbO*. _ nf 1 ABO, when it pUtynd at the Mot 

while It holds tngether but Birds R4m Me, Rafe”— Shuhert. New Opera House But although dates 

of l*i ey* will have s hard struggle ** 4 \ rn 'Id* 23*, 

iiuikinM the Hroadwav srade * l-nve and 


aien t set tl hopes to return to 
N. Y. nest spring ^ 

making the Broadway grade «»*d l*i Urt" (Ginger 

Play involves the attempts W a "f 1 * u ' r - ^ Fnrrcel. Phtla- 
thumoghty unlikeable young poet delphu *|0-1S< (• 4 * ety. W'adung- 
and his calculating mother to ae- ,u «* '*5:^ ' Review ed in Vajusty 

cure the fortune of an eccentric A “JL ^ 

middle-aged beer baroness The "Member of tbe Wedding" ------ 

• plan 1 * for the poet to marry her * '®' Bel W aters* — Caws. Detroit 'Mb Hume Cronin* — Brnk* County 

13 ; Krlanfff, Chicago 16-23 1 Playhouse New Hope. Pi. Ilbtll; 
Mister Roberts** iTod Andrews! CHney iMd> Summer Theatre. *15- 

^ . . tn 

IHept. 10-221 ! 

*• < Jessica Tandy.’ 

IT. JOtIM TIBtlll | 




M. A, b ap for 
wry dealqn wbb 
-IkTilkr, r aida 
Tent kns boot 

b la saw e 

It L e 

— Klein Aud , Bridgeport ( 15-15 *; 
American. Pituton Pa H7-lg*; 
Capitol . Pott settle. Pa. 4lt»; I.y rtr, 
Allentown. Pa *20; McCarter. 
Primeton ‘2I-22*. 

"Moon la Bhae"— Harris Chica- 
go * 10-23 \ ■' 

"Paint Tone W agon"— Shu be D 

I Phila ild- 23*. 

"Halm Joan** «L'ta Hagen • » try- 
out — Shubert. New IU*en, i|3- 
13*; Plymouth Boston 1 1 6-23 • f orig- 
inal production with Winifred 
I^enth an reviewed In V vatrnr. Jan 
17. *24; revivnJ with Katharine Cor- 
nell. reviewed la V can tv, March 
n. Jd*. 

"South Pacific * t Janet BUir. 
Richard Eaatham — Shubert, Chi- 
cago ild-Ui. 

Ol Rood Attroctions 


M year Mf aby Hm tbla 
A bte waekt A M« graaa! 

f A ds-Mbs mwaf 

2J* reviewed in VsniCTY, July II. 

"Hallowe'en Bride " — Arena 
Theatre*. Ea-t Korhester. N Y, 
•10- If 

"Home At Breen" Leo G c 4 r- 
roll* — Bucks Couni* Playhouse 
New Hope. Pa 17-22* 'original 
Umdon production reviewed m 
Vaatrnr. March 13. *30> 

"On Hta Honor ‘ - Crossroad* 
Theatre*. Bailey t Cro*s Roads, 
Va *10-15 

t # lndirafes woo Equity I. 

Cyril Rlehard arrived In V. Y 
Monday tl0» from Australia via the 
Coast to begin <1 t«ng "Bonnie 
Blue Ribbon ' fur producer Joy i 
Ho Imu von next Monday tI7i. 

ties! Only lefb la It# 





12, IMI 



' A Letter Fmni My 

,'•■ Chiracs. 

[ fi-or. VAllItr 

Hark from I he Coacd »o». | ««» 
pu»h*d eel of Chicago because our 
doctor Mid I was emit to fall on 
» iare I waa n<* allowed to do 
Mb thlnf while 1 w at aoay. 

Ina Claire delayed a tup to Mrs- 
tto Otv while f finished up the 
mediate wmtW ate corrto.pond- 

# nee A»hto*i had planned We then 
vent to Alfred Mar Arthur* love- 
ly old hoyat Ml Cuernavaca ' Mn 
i. oi for a red I could Mot pos- 
sibly tell >ou how wonderful Ina 
kr been. 

We Anally came bark to Ash- 
ton i flan Franrtaco. where Ina 
'now live* I had a nice visit With 
I olita and Cobble IK. D Obtesvt* 
Heard publisher in Frtkfot, ami 
««« waiting for "little" Ashton to 
receive his ensign -hip at Treasure 
1 si and w h e n wr r rffeanMl died, 
v |t *o right that I thro 

1 frit Nshton would have. liked M 
I fot great comfort out of Man 
f ranrtwro Now that I think of If, 
Friday, Aug 17. was an extraord- 
n*ry day for me W R. was buried. 
A vh received his barm, and George i 
I Par director George Steven*. A*h- 
ton * nephew t “'place m the Sun" 
opened in S t I wasn't aware of 
it at the time; I waa too concerned 
h etching the Anal curtain descend 
on Ashtons and my life 

Lille Ash and f then went to 
1 A to staff with the bmily-r 
and now I'm home again 1 hale 
pM \er*l weeks of heavy work here 
/.to Anlali up the enormous amount 
of loose ends .I'm glad, perhaps 
it will do mom than anything eKr 
to help me accept my lonrltneu 
I 4in eager t« begin Working an 
A'htoos material, but I shall ho id 
off until I feel more rested and 
more certain my judgment fa 

>t< 4dv •; 

A*hton and I had a wonderful 
life — ond I'm so. glad wo' both knew 
»» -every minute of our life tie 
get her. , 

Mr*. Ash row Sfrren*. 

American Mac's Pit Pilch 

The Ameriraa Magnate* for the 
first tune in its 75-year historv has 
adopted a regular motion picture 
feature, ft art tag with the Septem- 
ber issue It * all ppit of a concen- 
trated pitch for movie advertising 
The new feature rooaiala of a 

* Mm te of the Month * -el» 

both enter pc* nod black and white 
with a pace of -Ull* and captions 
devoted to each. , The September 
•'Mie devotes Its color Movie of 
the Month" to Mkh-foas David 
and Bath* he h« '* and for Mark and 
white "Mere Come* the Groom * 
«Par* and "Jim Thorpe, All-Amer- 
•: Iran * * 1 W B • get tMf coverage. 
Kla«k -and* white pis of lesser im- 
portance. according to the Aincn- 
f-n * evaluation, are enumerated 
In a side-bo*. 

New York Times phot ups topped 
those of ail other new > papers in 
the number of pis landed in 
Photography Annual.'* collection 
**t he*t contemporary photographs 
MMird each year by Ziff Davis 
Timet* staffers who hit are Sam 
r alk. Patrick A. Burns Mever 
l.iehowin and Jacob Deac hin 
However, a Milwaukee Jour- 
nal staffer. Angus McDonald. 
I -.laced three himself. He waa as- 
sisted in one uf them by a col- 
league, Henry V. Larson. Biggest 
■ t nglehandrd ac hievement waa that 
Mortis Gordon with five shots 
Former newspaper photo* he s 
» •* with Wevtrrn Electric m«,g* 

2 »lie 

Working newspapermen contrib- 
Med ITi of the 250 prints in the 

Aoluine. •• 

Hports Tome* 

>ali catalog of A S Barnes m- 
1 odes .‘ Greatest Soort Stone* 
fiijm New York Times.” edited by 
A»«mo Dangig and Peter Brand 
'•‘in, with yams by John hieran, 
Elmer llavt* Frederick T BirHnU. 
Baseball Header. * edited by 
S Graber. Baseballs 
Greatest Pitchers.* by Tom Mean*. 
' >fh foreword by Billv Evan*, the 
farmer ump. and “Football Gravy 
Irwin/* novel b> Frank O Rourkr 
House has also published four 
tome* in baseball stars * Andy 
I afko." by John C. Hoffman, of 
\ h *i<o Sun-Time*. “Boh Lemon " 
J* 14 Mr Aulev, of - Cleveland 
News; “Yogi Berra " by Ben Ep- 

•e la *. N Daily Mirror and 
^ Ewell Blackwell/' by Lou Smith. 
'** Cincinnati Inquirer 


C irtoonm Al Capp bat k from a 

* ueopeaa vacation. 

Guild * novel, ‘ Seduction * 
\ Plywood will be pub- 

livhed by Avon Book* 

Meur Cowrie*, editor of the de- 

* *nct Finn, pinna to publish the 

m*g each Christmas as a jumbo 
sired annual. ; 

Dr. Edgar t Magma « hm*k 

How |o Uve a Ruber and Fuller 
Life. ’ will be published Sept 17 
b> Prentice- Hall. 

LegU pres* rep Harry Davies 
and Andrew Billing* to pubhai in 
Drteinbrr a new monthly bur dee- 
ia>A * D»ar Jiwkey Report." 

Barren M unveil, Jr and Bruce 
Bhven. Jr. have artiste in the 
brt Enquire. ' Part Madnew " on 
the tough job of auditioning for a 

Dr Bruno Fur*l. memory es 
pert. h«v authored a 14-d*v sorfjoa 
titled Stop Forgetting lor the 
N Y Daily Mirror. It \ia<iv run- 
ning Sept. 1# 

Books speriAealt) »>* «i f r «»m 
I the p«ppo<<ed 5*^ f hard -class mail 
hike for the nest IWp year* part 
. of the t S post vdl ice pb.n to up 
revenue by a li no at MM WIMiM an 
■ nusliy 

f Saturday Review Byndtcate. a 
«ub*id of U»e Saturday Hev lew pi 
Literature, launched a new week 
l> travel column teat week W> il 
'« n by Ml. » travel editor 
Horae* Sutton, it'a lagged ‘1 ravel 
With Me " 

1 Irv Kupt tnct Airman Chu ago i 
; night life and iiiumc in Uvtohrr 
| bout Of Ho lula. v devoted Id the 
[ Windy Cltg lie notes that al- 
though ( hi developed its own ja/v 
stylo, it is suit hospitable to other 
types te tem 

New> Leader AO-year-old Kings- 
ton, gf Y, weekly start* daily 
publication today >Wed ft will 
appear as a tabloid every morning 
escept Saturday according lo pub 
lisher ('heeler M. Goldman who 
kvqvomt the paper teat M«v 

Maureen Mi Manus is publicity 
head for Henry Molt lr t*0 and 
Patricia Mar Mm us ditto for \ ik- 
ing Press. no relation*, but plenty 
of intra-trade confusion lor obvi- 
ous masons On tat te thot they re 
•cod frfenda and coop e rate ok 
mutual tieups on oceaated. 

Kenneth H Glniger. editor in 
chief of Prentice- Hail t trade b*w*k 
divivum, treks to England and Kt»- 
lope in tetter part of thi* month 
anil earlv Ouster to dMt writers, 
publisher* and Uternry agents. His 
annual trip abroad coincide* this 
year with that of William B lie 
Lut s, manager of P H i foreign de- 

P M Stone is prepping a his- 
torv of the Caatie Bquare Theatre. 
Bosion. where a stork company 
fteumhed I8A7-IA20 Mr s seeking 
info from former players and rete- 
ll ves. Who may hove arraphookv. 
etc. Persons with matenal are re- 
qu r«trd to communicate with 
Stone at 12 Lexington Terror*. 
Waltham. Mass. 

segments with hit frenetic 
HjfRngs at the keyboard and hl« 
vocaiivtirs Offer* up • *tead> 
serve* of boiktmg paanistics and . 
J * *ty songs for trim build Kid* 1 
(at matinee Listened politely tot 
the eve crowds he* top* v( 

| Teeoff spot is held 4*»wn bFtT 
Temver A Betty who combo tap* >- 
I and rope twirling for a ting* pat e 
artier Mind* Lang adds noveltV 
With her whistling sunt Works 
out full range from pops to hvik. 
with trtek of making /tun«« 
thrvHigh heir smile* earning h« r 
healthy mitts 

Magwo stuff of Jimmy Jem^e u 
fast, and Mhnothly Handled 
vevv the stanfterd assortment of 
d trickery < igttes with «ew>- 

C l»er tear-up into produriion «t 
t nvard demreo* a top cliwiay* • 

I Bbow dealer i* Adndv the v 
»The sea denixen t* trained ipr 
tal balam mg, but w rap* Up w ith 
imper Nona! ion* of tvp vrs f wpv* v 
, diva, j.n airplane • politician The 
Via al lucks tM-tng how ls. 

l r* Hlutdar and houao sn h ,np| 
matter* off with speeial overtur* 
uf Hu te n s "Martn of the Tuv». 
Bark #pWv/ La> g. 



By Frank Scully ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦ 


u- . 'Gerard, Kat Bept 7. . 

As planets nvove In thcii oiinis and r«une hark in time from where 
they started, so It seems a* if show hi# tan go Just so far and Ihrn 
turvrs around and »• back to Where II started 

Vidro obviously has brought hat k yattdr It uwv ti.ivr tern >hr iff- 
diroct iaw sc of bringing it ba«k to tlW t* •!..»«• It's quite possible It 
Osay even bring bock burb-aque. Not Mtn'k' a, M Mumm * That was 
burlesque before strippei* blew the wbwlie on (lieu own form of 
; enfertatmnMt It was ": at. Tom MjANBCg tei o ew v bet, -where aioateur 
hiy'hf and gel tbe hawk * beg.rn I « i > itim, 1 l nun the late Major 
h id the rvireewt Arthur l.idlu v owi *- a great deal of its Usccete 
to burlesque « amateur ntg.M- 

Ha*n.« v^l .er V4 *1 n<- ■ M ♦ MJ 1 touVd It.i 

1o t ip w hen this rev ival ber>«»MH - iiu vitaMr llis obit wan printed in 
lAlA, teit hr « still very much alive He just srutr and produced 
‘ Art ardted To Vlrv Uiolr -tai iii« hpnna Bvington a gem that 
treats the problem of juveniles mock aa the late Father Hanjg.n 
would have treated .• I«.^ v ; : V-.;.; . 

David aod (teliath kawa hex 

' B.i rwc v was hhm M lMal lW . a lew Idorkw from Miner's Boweiy 
In tect, lie got ho» first Jrds there .when he w*an t much Vlggr* than a 
peanut and might have tew-n moukrn for one in the gallery In 
appearance he hasn't changed much I here wrauv t much In change 
To te am with he wa* a* small tnd aa thin as a worn dime and 
(•till l* llow he dared to try* k (hr ten It^qur Kieses of his Au mmt 
■ vc teen due lo having teamed the story of David and (*ollath on 
Arif . DuM, i>» dif A V*»., #:.idi.Y h*s mother « knee ami i t aols ing henc eforth to play the n»ie of I>hv k) 
gtossoo 2 Ti*>t Herbert lOm straight tarkmg I ought add the I* Iter -day osertones that some be- 

I lated U of bur i es . quo r *'" DWWi boh 

I IK spite a p*rsistent p«**hmg around hv the lug whs-els of the big 

rami .,1 mind ten is wa a-v •b*ei» f Hamer an ee ee ded m rrvoiuimnlgiqf burlesque Annualh 

:-/u„ owa.'!.te 1 « .sway s Hwhw. cue 

all \» i\ pic j-;tpr but I *c king M«h **’d a lot to ralae this branch of stem hr* from the haseitu ni He 
auv single •• partm. kilmituicd i roatumes for tutd* ,»nd g<a*d clean fun l<>r dirty 

/|f radii oer Arlene Dald lives up dialog The swearing that Broad wav took up 20 years a at* Gerard 
to her act earn buildup with «ter blue pencilled from his burlesque shows 4tl years ago Hr did one 
rung gened ic c.ks ar»d eye fllirng bla« k ‘ Foilic «’* » year for IM yekirv lie even got hi* lowbred laughs on 
gown Her tounne. however, coutd Broadway by IMA, the ttrst tune, burl cs qu* crossed The track*, and it 
stand tailoring lo bring H up t*» wa* a smsatron 

tho pgMteae te hor straw bt Tbe opming night Broadw ay apet-ul ai oe w . wee* all ove r i m. 

so with Squ<ci e but Harbev refused to thi buMnesw with Ihnii Bo naturally 
they made a deal with I tie board tic e Kamrv forgot t» la> v* at* astde 

f apiial. 1 aak. 

B ashinglon Sept 

hlondr allure lt*« all >« 
no sjirciaf style or class Screen 
star, who has a pleasant ait "tel 

srar wo4* nas m pieasanvs u f«»r his tanulv and so had to buy sraU (ririn the speculator*, and at 

pmes, too. her auv# the -how turned away thou vands. 

With “That Old Feeling '* A tittle TT " ' /•'• Dtemond Jim Brads Bool Balk 
more of Hie same and act could j This wa* a house that had failed with vaude and Kitti and 
br hvpccrd. Tees off with "I Larve dork until Barney s “Follies' went a - Flo Ztcgfeld sat in a tecs with 
Vi M * Am Diamond Jim Brody Al-the end mi the And act the caat took SA rpr- 

click with v*inr tone «n Thirr cat)*, whu b wa* loo me h for Ziegfeid He walked He trird 

Lottie Bord* ' dtrev UttJg to get ’to get Diamond Jim lo go with him. but Brady stayed for Jhe whole 

show In those days whim lh»m«wd Jim stayed through The. second 
Jo? 1 la ^ ‘Jli. act thot meant it was a lot Joe Beker and tew Field* -at in a bos 

Walks on )w wod can . west lo Ziegfeld and Brady and had a lot of fun watching /u-gfeid 

lumtu Tim Herbert A D«m Bax-m ^ w,rm th ™* h ***** ********?: J**?*-*? 

rector end Honey Bov Evans wer^‘ among the And nighterv 

M (’lay Miner tbe oldest of the Miner te»yv. came backdate to 

ccmgratulate tlerard Thev were partners in the enterprise Miner 

congratulated him but Hamev in -hort-leevc*. screamed “Yea. ted 

look *t the wrtnkle Hi that bnckdrop '* 

He had to ftght hard to keep his shows up to the standard that night 

had wt at Lincoln Square, and that waasst easy because he signed 

attractluoc tike Jack Johnson who gave his rare more black eye* 

b*rmcm'ca than be ga^* ki* opponent, and mo» e (hag anc» threat enod to pu* b 

Little Barney in the jaw if he rmdd hnd tt On the other hand 

who was aa good a Negro aa Johnson was a 

standoul* Their “roving re 
norter »c queuce. play ing on dia ' 
leci ty pe* and the Dapper Jia»i’ % 
j windup garnrr. constant chuckle * 
Tran has plenty of youth and 
bounce and manage* to capture 1 
galleries fr»»m teeog 

Eddie Uctvwn extracts sweet And 
hoi mu-ic hum hit 
AxmvIcU t»v an able pianist h*- 
a«( is tuneful and pleasing 

” “ . Bno JT, 7. <>r»rd signed Joe (.an. 

Mhapsodv m Blue is partuularly ♦ . , * 

,11 w, hrth „ lppodreo ,, vmittM. i. « 87n..mM.y. W TV 

J — . -Lu.oa waa introduced by Ba r n e y In ane.of hi* early bur leoque abows The 

“ ^ * — — k Barney bod a wrestling in.* 

House Reviews 

t tcatiaweg freon gate M 

I hleaga. i III 

and , his aaggi *»d m o no l og s get 
him over handily in the nitrite* 
As for vaude dates, the rotund 
, cwmic need* a big inject nm of 
c bucklers in ht« routme Neither 
uf hi* choice bite— the Pullman 
putirr and Texas number— gen- 
l eratr much exc itement here 

Serna dealer Bunny Briggs gel* 
[the biggest response Lad i* one 
of the better tap dancers around 
(but nereis much more \how man- 
ship to ring tne hell Hi* qaccteb 
tap routinex. Otherwise, are c v- 
1 1 t lent 

; , The Pm hmen aro a te tter com- 
rdv act than the yocks indicate. 
They got three Thetr te’vc hit 
iP the joke-rrxdmf item out •*! * 
duslv tome Their iwirtHM*! of 
wend instrument* and sound 
I gadget* fails to get screw* 

Mcnbrlh Old l» a tetter than 
average contort loniM who wraps 
herse lf in e very eonc-ivable pfmgi- 
turn lor l« minute*, tnfommate- 
ty. the hacktemelv do not sudain 
her f e>r the lemlh ol llo * on 
She cl del te tter if tel ytUlt wefe 
more fully founded 

Relief nnhvter Brian Fam«»n 
MUge* with a Latin itidnuqrnial 
srvh and does ne illy on hb * lira* 
til": vocal, . Hit 


diana." * Bali _ — 

nun Riiafwody7 Reaction of payee* wrewller was Leo Pardrllo 
!„ fairly euthusiavltc going «*n during a pc i-vieKiitial ramjiaign in one i*f hi* Follies chow* 

Lew,# 4 Van do a satisfactory long before that feature made “Of Thee t Sing ' such a hilarious hit 
l Job uf curiam raising with fa*t. { Barney belonged to the (Korge M Cohan Noel Coward echoed, be* 
precise tap routine Beat bet is cause he not only renild write and 411*4 his show*, but on occasion 
Bill Rdbuisun step-terp aequeme c-mild act in them One night in Washington, -landing in front of the 

. Lyceum Theatre on penn-ytvaaia Ave and i n iktqg 1* fat Reilly, of 
; H« illy A Wood*, the runveraatfcm was mterropted by an ex< ited stage 
' carte ntcr who rushed opt to tell Haii.o that one of the actor* who 
pla ed Avt parts in the v)u»w w*« too sick to go cm Bamev rushed 
backstage and pUyi-d the Ave part*" 

He thougni the bit- <i un> p* . t*ni that In Fnmf Hr* - ng n^n 
he put the actor up m the acenery loft, which rould only te reached 
by a ladder Bamev had to run up and down that Ladder after every 
change It nearly killed him After thgf he icalircd how unpoitant 
the actor wra- in tbe show and raised hi- so lgry.* 

Bamev )»r»»ke down himself and wa* crated in a hemorrhaging c -cm- 

Berlin's TV Btog 

(taiiMCt fccMW 

and <2*. it conveys the American-/ 
!Mn he has .so long e^»ou-ed 
i The ragtime turiehe* canvas te 
a snng-mith he feels. Is but one of 

many kindred Teresa stories. 
America as a land of opportunitv. 
has long made the lloratlo Alger 
t legend familiar I he Who* W ho. 
are loaded With Item. The fact 
thgft a songaiotf happeW* to he more 
popularly appraling than the saga 
of a successful lurist. me, chant 

dttum to l.ttertv N Y (Kritude -Mayes wa* the star of all his Lolhc* 
of the Dav and when Harney had one of hi* many breakdown* she 
watched the show x* well ai he would have watched it I druse If W -ten 
he wax sent fn L«terty she would come up after the Naiurday night 
-how on a milk train and often leave b* freight Monday mornings 
te fort day light 

'! herr lievotton was steh That after sjgf retired from show teolncw 
thdy martn d and during the test four vear* of her life, wion -he wa- 

tndustrialist or manufac turer is the critically ill and under Ihr te st spr« i«*iist* in San Hu go Bame v «om- 

. m V - — 4 1 ^. W- A ^ wW ^ _a te. _ . a ' • - — 1 A i .11 .... ^ 1 ^ A t ft. .. tel . . m . ■> ■ - ft I m . *4 'V I te * • Ml m % 11 i.krii i.lw( 

BIv«|Ma. >IIa«I 

Miami, Sept. • 

A I lloryss* Saudg The .Vea l. 
Jimmy Jrrrn** A Co , M,«ci| L*np. 
I Tenner A Bctfp, Leg Hh>* it Hour 
Orch ; “Alice, In B onderlgod ’ 
j y HKO 

It's an all-family lineup fhi* 
week, with ‘Alice in Wonderland' 
and most of the show- making for 
visual and ear appeal for the 
j youngsters Enough stuff to satis- 
fy the older segments should help 
build tec through the run 

In topltncr spot is Al Morgan 
who appeals to the adult and teen 

only distinction because bv the na 
lure of sjw*w business Joe F l ev » 
11 better known than Roger L-e*is 
Bmpir lur HI* t-tate 
Berlins ini, mates knowf ‘that 
otherwise, be will never stand her a 
ftlmusical •'.< ^raphual ’ ll ) I*n 
and Ihy kid* want H after I m gone 
okay , in faci I II pi pliably even set 
d up for ttern '« that when I 
l«a\e ti»c m , brhibd,** he ha* CAflen 
said, “they may ai ietst have a p < 
ten te i-ucnluir While he hag; 
l been frequent lv ' written up ’ he 
tcHily regard* the l*l« Alexander 
Aoollcott x “The Story of Irving 
Berlin* Putnam'* t*25» a* any- 
thing with a semi-' official ' eve 
Thu bloc new more than a quar- 
ter of a -century outdated and' far 
richer because of the Intervening 
vears is voniethmg that Berlin 
feel* may be a fuiiuitoua heritage j 

muted between Hollywood and the Scrtpp* Hospital every/ weekend 
Until she died' :•■/.. 

Hr retired from burlesque ,n ID2A and repaired fo White Plains 
wtere he had made hi- home since IAI2 But he rouldn t stand ic - 
tpciueiit, SO he dabbled m n al c *»ale 

W e-gc heater's Delaved Take 

Tj»e T»2f crash didn i tou* h I nn tnd l»> IW22 Hhf n p* *•» 

(hat rpilapwe regc bed Wi md hrfore R>hi i 

TK banks Bwrnev - nc-si egg of half a million in real estate 
stemt w es he d away /, : ■? *;• {//',//. 

He h^d to begin all over and col a job wilting short s'. /'at.'. W ip< * it, 
ffotlv wocm! He was the re one week , never wrote » Hn» apd/ 
out before he could show what lie c ould do Then he g*»t » - < I 

i ham e at Aletro and did a short ,»ne called * V Fi,»nd l„o, u 
which ran seven w’eekv at the ( arthay Circle wnh Snow White 
lie turd to interest I hem in "Bringing Ip Father/ bo* He had '*• 
go down the line to Mcmocratn befoie he rould get a pr«jduer, - , t- 
enough to see there Was men*** in George MrAt-hus tw ond « 
fortune collected from the King Features comic -trip lie * ■’ t*M e 
Cline an old Kevstone rop. to roHahomtr m the writihg •oil cii 
of Jiff* and Maggie.' and to d,,ie ho* . Afnv A>g .. te 
all -ubstanftal moneymaker*. '• ... I 

luii D«| mar, who was a daughter «<f f’harlie Nam 

Hea, n 

to Hi* wife and children Sc hie pper man ». Willy McIntyre Johnny lmuh-\, Jimiry Hum-n, Pb*l 

However, the impart of TV and , Baker, Eddie Dowling. Harry Fas Lrmi Errol the Melnotte twin*. 

*t can reaffl, in George 'Gabby I Hayes. Jack prxJjiM'y. jte (•eontfL Stone wrere 

■#: Americanism 


modified Berlin * perspective some of the names that began • tmtal.cshcd under the gu id mg 

the "biographical* phawe, at Icand of little Barney Gerard Bo* bis gieatest discovery . TB>A in bar* 

ney - opinion his luckiest, wa* meeting Gertrude Ha>e* * 

on the 
least so far as the 
diuM U iuncrrnrd. 

new video me 

* mg her. 

is. mi 



_ »%• Levlem; Metro writer 

town lor a »h®rt stay 

Brother of Or. Irvin* Somaeh. 
« k in show Mr. died MMtdenly »t 
10 Me *m • commercial photog 

Vaair rr • Boh Chandler now # a 
pf .r ai Fort Monmouth N. J Jo 
marry Kteanor Belli in Brook ; j n 

Bept 29 

Roy Disney doe In town in Oct© 
her end then goes to Europe on I 
hit trip hut will take hit family 
with him , ; . V-, 

; Tom Kleran tfc Dmeen Tavern 
44th and 9th Ave landmark tell 
or jump d from hi* •! St apart* 
men i Je wo* 74 

Joseph liaaen. Hal Wall** pro 
duct ion partner- return* the end 
of thl« month after spending moat 
of the lummer on the Cooat 
- Adolph Zukor. Paramount board 
chairman left the N Y homeofftce 
for the Coast over the weekend to 

VI*-* t 

, Dave Goldin*, ad pub director of 
Samuel Goldwyn Production* 
harh IB town after a week of hud- 
ii pi with Goldwyn on the Cooat 

Clover Club In Miami 
itand at El Cortea Hotel. . 

Ho ternary Clooney hlta capacity 
bit at Thunder bird with reserve 
non Hat filled well In affv 


»n Hat linen wen »n any new acts an 

Sammy Cahn. Jimmy Van Heu* ptrf ft tage*how* 
a .r wi t mi Rohm among tong- u.tb M r..(ni 

K arson to Blackpool foe 
at atawi there and lit 
acta auttablo for hit Em- 

Deaert Ihn 

sen and l-eo Robin 
writers Hopping at 
©v-er weekend- 

Irving Fields, on — 
while performing at Thundertelrd 
hat Just defied "So How Come 
You're Hot Mamed* ^ 

Jack Benny ‘o to huddle with 
Chief Barker Ben Goflalein about 
Variety Club’* School for Handi- 
capped Children benefit latter port- 

of this month . . 

Tonv Pastor orch heads Into 
Hotel Thunder hard after iMem*" 
(Todne\ * three frames. with big 

reunion between bandleader and 
his former yorallat planned 


I Jeff O'Donnell planed in to fokn 
Skirts Ahoy^ company ot Great 

^Mprion fkwtt. Ar^n • Fletcher 
dancer, into Presbytenan Hoapital 
for surgery^ 

Matkor Cafni. American- Hunga- 
nan tenor, starts hia concort tour 
In Germany Scandinavia, Belgium 
Hoiland and France late this 
month ■ V-'. 

Alfred Nightingale, general man- 
ager for the IFOyly Carte Opera 
Co aince 1#47. resigned. will he 
suc c eede d by Frederick Lloyd, di- 
rector of the Oxford Foitlval 
Hartley Rower leaving "»>UoM 
Thief in Town** at the Dnchom to 
start rehearsals for hia role In 
"Booth Pacific “ His role will be 
lakeo over by Irtah ortor Liam 

Richard Murdoch and Kenneth 
Horne atari new aertea on TV late 
in September titled 'Over To 
You.** script is by Anthony Arm- 
strong author, of legit *uccesa 
"Ten Minute Alibi" 

Noel Cow ard*t latest opus. ' Re- 
tails* Values ” now ip r eh ea rs al 
starring Gladys Cooper. Angela 
■iddeley, Me* well Rood. Ralph 

at Newcastle 

, ha* opened a 

•how at W abater a 

The Bath * Turf Club for two 
decade* one of the leading night 
spot* In Atlantic City, folded 
quietly last weekend 
-Ben Kosserow, former owner of 
Atlantic City and torsi mfertes baa 
bought the controlling interest in 
Big Bill’s, targe midtown musical 

bar ' V; , • 

George Levin, manager of the 
Latin Casino, ha* parted company 
with the club, on the eve of the 
reopening of the town • largest 

■it dry . 

The renovated Garden Terrace 
room of the Benjamin Franklin 
Hotel reopened «V ,rr . oith Earl 
Denny orch returning to bandstand 
Friday <14*. 


Dagmar In from N Y o« 


Rea Allen planed in from De- 

Maurice Evans planed In from 

Darrel aired in from 


Liberte following homeofflre Moot aB< j family returned last \ * at k arson s stageahow. In ()cto- 

•“*' week from Hawaiian vacation iMUk d eia 

Teot Carle due at the Paramount ; adrem Beverly Michael* in 

homroffu*# tomorrow iThurs > for (ow> last week en route to Indian 
hia first vt«tt since a p pa tn i e d ^ roin- 1 apoUg for bally on "Pickup” <Cel» 

iger in 


Parker and husband Bert 

Kr.edloh In town for COMPO’s 
"Movie! i me USA” rally a» Re- 
quire Theatre Artiom take* off 
tar Ohio tour this week to bally 
* Millionaire for Christy” *20th»r 
Two more strawhatters closed 
last week. Marshall Mlgaii Salt 
Creek winding boff season with 
Lillian Gish in “Mis* 

depending on length of run 
of "An American In Porto" JM-GL 
which looks to stay Ms weeks Title 
of production will be "Film Caval- 

While In Juan Let Pins, rocu- 

K | sting from serious illness Al 
| met! spotted American Herb 
Jeffries tinging there He immedi- 
ately booked him to open for aea- 
son at hia Stork Club. Open in g 
Sept 24. doubling Into the Crystal 

Maurice Cowan signed part with 


Mabel.” and (levy Cha^e AnUhing j Korda to co-produce 

neat wMh Joan Caulfield In Voire I tion of R C Sherrtff’s play, 

of Turtle ” 

Miami Beack 

Homo at Seven.” for which 
Cowan held the rights Ralph Rich- 
ardson. who created the leading 
role, it expected to repeat hia stage 
role, being under film contract to 

N> Norsk Ballet, which played 

By Helen McGill Tubbs 

Henry RingUng North here for 
two week*. W.* \ V-" , 

Bruktop entertaining at the Rl- 
voli In Capri 

Gene Tierney planed out tPfiprdro 
Paria and New York Sept 1 Robert T Frisch injured In 

Barry FUagerald arrived here . motor collision in San Fernan 
by plane to liar in an Italian pic 1 * 

Hugh Shannon. American 

N Y 
N 'Y 

Mannie Frank and Vivian Blalna 
planed to CM. 

Jan Grippo in town after too 
weeks In N Y 

Edward Earle celebrated 20th 
anm as film actor , 

Eleanor Parker, to Cleveland 
for personal appearance 

Edmund Gwenn on the mend 
after a hernia op era tion 

Charles P Skouras bock In town 
after a quickie to Denver. 

George Wenslaff. screen moppet, 
has a new name — George Winslow. 

Rob Hope will emcee the Inter- 
national Salute to Hollywood Bowl, 
Eleanor Parker to Cleveland to 
start a 20-cHy personal a p pea r ante 

Mock Oi tdi s recovering from 
injuries in auto crash near San 

By 1-ary Holloway 

Mother Kelly s shuttered for si* 

weeks ; ^ ' provincial Cities here made l*on- 

Gerry D»«t* Im al H amfMBg dof> a « the Embassy. Swiss 

lave. Into Albion Hotel Ixmnge I Cottage' Sept 3 Concentrating 

Charlie »c*-Yacht Club ' more on Burning folk lore than 

Adler in town at UM pm*** ** stereotyped dancing their I four 

Bggaattaii' " 

presentations "Tyrians.” "Mot BaL 


Geraldine Brook* and her siatef 
Gloria Sifoock. due in tomorrow 
< Thun * on the lie de France Mm 
Brook< ro -tarred with Glenn Ford 
in a picture made tn Pan* and on 
the |ki Viera directed by Rod! Mate 

Truff Mdtno” and The 
* were warmly received 

J any s %tudio publicity 


Vanttiy « emulation manager 
Edward J McCaffrey became a 
papa lor the third time on Mon 
d#y HO' they have a girl and boy 

Marion Bahyt Mrs Toots* Shor 
wuh Collier s Tom Meany. did a 
gmuf piece on My Ufe With 
T***U” m the latest i%*ue of the 
weekly ^ ^ 

Stanley Atelba heralding the C o- 
tiM.on Rooms reopening with a 
cocktailccy in advance Yma Su- 
mac and Art ml A Consuelo the 

f lancer Adam DiGatano recover- 
Iok from a heart attach at the 
Mi-norah H aap tt ai. Kansas City He 
was o^r rcome dorm* a recent 
stand at the Hotel Moehlcharh 

l>av»d O SeUnuk and wife Jen- 
nifer Jones, slated to fly to Europe 

last week pulled a last • minute b Schwartx. labor relation* man ( „ 

swttrh and b»*»ked passage on the j of p lr and show bn companies. .. 

Queen Mary three hour* before it , stopping there . \ 

Art hwn and hit "Make Be- 
lieve Ballroom into new mam 
land Roadside ReM k 

Sasony held over Juan Cortes i By Hal Coben 

and Chave* in Shell 1 Mar Room Ufry tQ CMndtiM following 

Phyllis Arnold featured in song , ummar ( >pers season 
spot . [ Lee Corey, of WWSW continuity 

department, off tor 60 days* of 

Hughes, wno neauru nm\n. •n« — • 

- - ■ 1 now casting about for midnight 

In Kan**a City. Jimmy Durante - abhrr : 

««l K.. tnwpr Itoop !■»».«— s.n. Souri Blu» S».l. w.l(«w reirfaa M 

weekend for two or three TV September hiatus on act* 1 

show*” meaning a* many month* n„ U | ing Saraaa* and Arne Rarnetl 
Jerry Wald and Norman Krasna ; TrM> UfrtJ j October convention ac- 
grt held on the Coast another Uvgy *iarta 

week for huddles with Howard Beachcomber being dickered for 
Hughe* and will not arrive east b Vogel Philadelphia rlub op 
unlil next midweek to assiat in the p j an , on definite brlng-m of 

persona' halhhoo of their two p»c- ( Y ,ddl*h type show*, plus Rou- 

Ture* "The Blue Veil and ; manlan ruisine m ■. 

ha* e Yourself . I •DetectiveStory”*tarringBob- 

Delased hv an arthrttis attack ^rt Preston first play In legit 

In Miami Beach Ned Schuyler file* af R oo*evelt Playhouse to 

to Pan* later this weelL Instead draw near full hou*e* Carol Bruce 
of sailing on the S S Llbertf. and j m Joey” follows Tuesday 

return* Sent. 27 on the He wKbL.g, 

Joseph m.* Baker an<| Jo Bouillon | Ktt(> f>av«s got married la*t 

week lot Ixm Angeles native Giv 

an’bL* featured at Capri nightclub 

Marc Lawrence to Naples on lo- 
cation for Italian Him, "Gangater’a 
Vacation ” 

Actor TgR 9 La Fenna signed a* 
dialog director for the new Pan! 
Mnni AIm. 

The Jeoopb Cotten* are motoring 
through Italy. Swuaerland. France 
and England 1 

"Umberto D.” Vittorio DeSlca’s 
latest Aim. In the rutting room 
Will be distributed by Dear Films. 
"Legend ol a Voice," Mealing 

Fell* Ferry pull*d met of Forty- 
Plckman agency to hook up with 
Paul Small 

Julie Wilson to Omaha for a 
week’s root before resuming her 
nitery tour 

Lewis R Foster returning to 
after a month of 

with story of Enrico Caruso be- 

Alaskan tourlnd. 

sgelos C< 

Loe Angeles County filed suit to 
collet t S3 ,230 in bock Uies on Er- 
rol Flynn’s yacht 

Eddie Cantor and George Jeasrl 
will emcee a dinner honoring Rabbi 

»niao I E< jSdy F HoaISy n |n from N Y to 

fore he left for America, now on rap^ii (or work at Columbia In 

location in T 


By M 

<33 lll**d 

Ida Bela 
Montpomoaae » 

”n»e Marrying Kind* 

Hal Bock became an aaaociatt of 
publicity firm now known a* 
Foladare, Greer A Bock 

Actor David Brian ’a Arst wife 
suing him for S 11 050 which, she 
says, he owes her on a loon h i Ck*m rroprord «llh . tSV B ^rwV.rtl»^r . 

frttmg th. UA .1 W.U„ Mon*- 



t uvinv tl the TomnlO Espo last. MgrimiT « » w — T ni#fii n fr iiir m, qb\ i 

night... vnd opening loday^tWcd ' Hnghoa.wbo headed north. I staktaeoinn on the Continent 

fur a IIOUUA one mter for Hadacol n()Mr raat in* about for midnight [ lamnna iUk.nilvr •1*1-1 m<\ Al 

Jeanne Ale*an<b*r elected presi 
< dent of the "Y” Triangle Players 

Ace into full swing i 

The Bom Zagons to Rome Caprt 
and then Cannes before homing. 

Ethel Reiner of International 
Theatre mag in Paris for two 


Roger Per aL to hove his "Fomme 
Troublee preemed at Theatre 
M iche l 

* j den s 30th anni as an actor 

Alfred E Daff in town for studio 
conferences after global tour as 
world soles director for UI. 

Archie Hersoff skied to Kansas 
City to speak at annual meeting 
of Commonwealth Theatres 

Guy Madison and Andy Devine 
guests of honor at California Ad« 

SKi ^ fimM mSjm Be* tolebrauon in Oak* 

Charles Claverie, of the Opera . , 

C antique, hurt in an auto smash *• 

near Laval 

Nadia Marculescu doing a Jang 
tour »n the French provinces bally - 
tng "Great Caruso f 

liar Ae racing at night to be i 

Esther Williams to Of hr 
week s work on Skirts Ahoy" at 
Great Lakes Naval Training Sta- 

U< Joan Bennett filed a court petl* 

her hu-band-conduoor. for their 

Rosy engagement ! ,” n V Lpail tnteresfs here and head 

Pacing of Gaien R ogue, l orwaer J J , w|th him Mrr C | ub 

manager for Irene Rordont and lr |c Sam Sin€tr o( Atlantic 

* H »H»m Cl«h toM . up 

and the late (ill Rest were con 
temporaneou* Both were chiefly 
nctiic tn the *2«H and *3)H Bo»g 
managed Gi’da Gray whom he 
later mirriM, 

Puhllrtst David R Green I* get 

for sale. 


By Lea Bees 

Ed>th Bu*h Little Theatre offer- 

w «•*«**•,** | Euun Dunn laiiur g si 

Ing a wedding pr. vent from the (n g "The Nutt Family 
routh Vm offWIal* for hi* Paul- Mary Ford combo a 

handling oi their recent Ithaca , p F um Ballroom underline 
N Y enmentmn. in the form m f. V0ld Log **lo offering British 
free Oil HI ’wuh the bridc-to-he f arrr *See How Thev Run" 
taffy Ward a msMoll IQ jLb« cm- Arl Tatum with Slam Stewart 

l . am. ■ . 0 w* • 

tary on WB publicity to await a 

Variety Club resuming Its regu- 
lar Friday Family Nights this 
week 1 14*. -- V r 

Dave Lewis, KDKA pro.notion 
head, and wife are vacationing in 
Atlantic City. < 

Beverly Michael* coming In Fri- 
day *14* to plug her Fulton-bound 
pIC, "Pickup” r 

Playhouse will open 1931-32 sea- 
son on <ht 4 with Joh r\ Patricks 
"Curious Savage ” 

"Rose Tattoo" has been booked 
into the Nixon for two weeks be- 
ginning New Year's Eve. : 

Bob Rhode* too busy with Lee 
Kelton s band »o he has quit as 
pressagent at Bill Green's. 

Randy Honey wells ‘Marilyn 
McCabe, radio and TV singer have 
a January date with the stork 
Bill Kalbo has a partner this 
time at the Monte Carlo, it’s his 
new bride and act’s now Bill Kalbo 
A Sue > 

Francis Majvllle had to miss last 
two performances at his Wagon 
Wheel Playhouse because of a nose 
ope rat ion. . W " : £ r ; ' 

/eld* S humann Heink ' Mr* 
Arthur' Witmurt. wife of Tech 

Horseracing at night to ^ t * on lo prevent a bank from fore- 
started this season in PMtg ta . closing a mortgage ©n her IISO.wh 1 
Vincennes racetrack home 

Boh Weias to Cannes for a few ; py a an< | Hugh Rettcker 

day* rest before taking hff .. Dbuble | represent the Sodrty of Mo- 
or Nothing" unit home . ; 1 t|on p ir t U re Art Directors In the 

Raymond Rouleau ready to jjo . Movietime U SA” campaign 


to N. Y to direct Anita t 
apt at ion of Colette * ’ Gigl # on 


Jean Yvaye-BoucheL head of the 
Empire Theatre, reporting hi* 
house is latest addition to the 
Pie ire Louis Guerin empire 

Lacy Kastner driving a minia- 
ture Blmca until he gets his new » , ’77-1 7”^-. B i u - 

Cadillac to replace the one a joy- 

,,d,n, th .u« W turned tnto . toft (r.u 

-p.n. (... «oln( to Vrntco ; +*** toMOf- . r Ut 

. -1 “th* 1 as headliner at lae* • v apnoi 

Pra^J^Ta L ^indurtS I National Production Authority 
jj k f. ! Tom^r lior^Strlvinskv t film boss Nathan Golden back at 

?u y p^rzr. r j^.l. *M.Unoi j i. 5ST, 

By Florenee I. ... - 

Phil Brtto a dick In last week s 
•Wig stint at Blue Mirror niterv 
Vanessa Brown waa here to meet 

‘ Ber 


hou r »» ' * nd Capri, at which an d John Collin* at Bt Paul flame } drama professor and granddaugh- 

•IwflV* n. - I d tv* *jMin>ared 
w h«*n I fmV'v got n< irncd ” says 

Uie p a. 

Firs! Drama Quartette into Lv - | ter of late Mole Bchumaqn-Hcink 

1 ■] accomp.t nied Kaye Emerson on 

Ds Vegas, Net. 

Hi BIN WNtard 1 

ceum for three night* and matinee 

Oanl e.K.'Ul • 

' Hotel NHrdU'i Minnesota Ter- 
race has Burt Ives set Oct. 1 and 
Beatrice K »\ < >< \ LV to follow 

Hildci;arffc. who open* Sept. 17. 

Atlantic City 

Bi J. W. Walker 

Dub 11 irl- ni shuttered Tuesday 

quirk trip to Europe 


Annual Variety Club dinner 
dance and golf tournament, chair- 
maned by l-oew exchange head 
Jerry Adams, set for September 

lUruld French due in from Lon- Mre Orucle Soyder Horton^»ii» 
don of John Horton, capital Universal 

Margaret O Brien here with her «YP- h^p4ngbortatar.Trea*ury 
mother ! Secretary John Snyder, launch the 

Bernard Kretsler here for the new bond ffrlvr • . . 

1 International film Kent. ■ Ho V*S 8 Meighan and J^U 

Jean Renoir l»ere loosing for lo* Van \ oikenb^r^. t+c *' ht f , 

5.*'r h *.' or ^ Th< Gold ’ n 

YfL* An P.quiU Rico «d Mondoy ^ ” b . 

1-oU Flore. *1 (III Sponuh jive Gimnioo. uho *M Inut.d |i 

, in the Casino i I 

Kid stars Pierre Michel Beck. 

Ka and Jutta (iuentheT here for 
preems of their pix ;jk I 

Ui>on Welle* planed to tendon | 
after yanking his L»te«4t pic, 

"Othello. '* from the Fest 

By ferry Gagban 

Bi*b Corson, ro-owner of Ctro’s. 
U in Jewish Hospital for minor 

Buddy Bree*. former Art Mooney 
vocalist, started as a disk jock at 
WPEN <10> • 

Milton Saunders* orch started a 


Hoafv i'atmichsel a Klamlptb 
fi *t ov« i week.nd 

\xc| Rtnrdahl 'Vied in lo catch 
Ti nk Rinat r a at l>e-ert Inn 

Juanjla 11 ill. Hc-dtng KV*fn‘ni!o’< ' y.- v: ^ .. .. ••;] 

f Par^Ir 11 UJ^Tnim Neal uo peering for con- ^8 H *° m 

. Mrs M n Brpnk*; diu-hter of Hail, w ith Shep Field* In Marine to m, jta * h 

the late v ! l » r *topptn< at ! ha » l«ta ». **** ^ 1 

ri Dann^Kare. in for a few diy* ! Bagel* and Vox” closed Satur* K.ngCoW? Sarah ^ 

at the D. nn «ro n* a day out da' M meht and opens in Ne%% baa beea set for tnc Arena, oci. 
an hotel’* hi« vacht York Show did surprising buu- , 1 3 WKDNH 

Woody W’oodhury up Iran new I Jerry HiUBRA WWJ. 

Hr Josquln* C Vldal-GemU 

W^J Hi P.J ■ . 1 Director Ricardo Gascon off to 

Irene Dunne. Gene Tierney and Madrid to direct a pic for Pecvn 
1 mini other show people attended Produ«i ion* . .. . 

tlie fabulous Besteguv costume ball Madrid f*bilharmonic orch at the 
Canada Lee and Max No**ek up Amaga Theatre of Bilbao lor 
1 briefly from Rome where they are three concert* , . 

prepping a Technicolor version ol | Mexican p*c player Chnla Prieto 
l "in hello *’ v returned to Mexico after basing 

I In to see the Venice Festival: [finished her work m "Tercio de 
Brati ic# Lilli*, producer Joseph , Quite* ” 

Janm Anne Crawford, DulcieGray, 

Norman Siegel and Georg# La- 

U S Minister to Luxembourg, 
perle Mekta. guest at Radio Free 
Europe broadcast-luncheon on Ex- 
eoisior terrace Others Included 
Irene Duane. Welle*. Miss Calvef, 
Brumfield and John McCarthy.- 

iwVlexican vocal tn*. to» Calave- 
ras. here again and will appear US 
Joaquin Soier Serrano’s show ^ 
the Teatro Victorta . 

In lrom N Y on his way m 
London. Mauriee Chevalier arrived 
at Baraia* airport and spent a few 
hours in Madrid where greeted by 
many friends and admirers. 

12, mi 



lenKH T»o daugh- 


Bruit i on 

to a brother 


William (J L'toii, 6. theatrical 

died ft. New 


nilto with 
U«kt4 acta 

»i«i w 

v ,<et Theatiw , .- 4 
i.ordew m the Lewis 6 

a,£? o— »*« 

i time cbm 

in Ui |f4l Cowan waa oaatotent new- 
l" r Tf the He«r CUs." variety 
>rvoW an WNIT and inth# follow- 
ling year he ee-eaAhpted a half- 
55 i/tv .dries, The Uk*** 
*ic*d via DuMont ^ He wa* foto 
m»t ly in the #4 department of 

Vaeirrv. .. 

Surviving are hto wife radio- 
T\ *crip4 writer Barbara Boothe 
,r>4 a daughter. Hto first wife waa 
liagmar Oakland of the Oakland 
siMera. vaude net. 

Maria Montes 31. Screen a* Ire**, 
died a# a heart attack in Pam 
Sept. 7 Aha waa 

jean Pierre I M .... ■ 

Noted for her alrea portray ala, 
Mi«» Montes made more than 20 
I \un« tor l niverosl aa well a* a 
mhm of French and ItaUah 
She appeared In H AH Baba ^the 
Arabian Nights." ~Gyney WUdf rt 
Cobra Woman and **Bouth of 
Tahiti '* among a ttow . Her lart 
film. * AenxwsJlly waa made in 
Nome, tart winter the appeared 
on the Part* atage with her hue- 
band In hto play. I lle Heureua*. 
Surviving betides her huaband 
te kef parent*, a daughter and 
three aiatenu 

The Thing ’ with 
" Autumn Violin * 

Holbrook Kiln n 
and The Uni 

latter wrttten by bet hue- 
her husband. 

■M ‘ ML ■. toib 

leader and operator of a drive in 
theatre at la« rmre bwrf. Ind 
died from polio Sept 9 m Cincin- 
nati Hi* wife, two um*. a daugh- 
ter and hia m«*ttxer rurvive 

to actor 

r ernriucK wm. gaimhc 

F reded* k William Caliber* 77 
former atomic director of H. M V 
fUfordv British affiliate of RCA 
\ u tor died in ton don Sept 2 
f .a ; -be r g uaa responrtble for the 
« r t rt-« urdmg of Adeline Nattl in 
1990 and he elae engaged Enrtm 
Caruso to make hto first disks 
The story of hit career waa told 

ciorrm whitworth 

Geoffrey Whitworth, gg 
and chairman of the British Drama 
died in Ogford. England, 

Sept V 

Whitworth found* d the Drama 
teafue In Tilt and was ita chair- 
for 20 rears - Later he ao 
and a member of the 

rare committee of the Stratford 
Memorial Theatre and secretary of 
’ the Shakespeare Memorial National 
i Theatre Committee Me was elae 

a member of the Joint Council of 
the National Theatre and the Old 

Galen Hogue W. theatrical Pro- 
moter sn«1 Producer, died ip New 
York Sept * In the ltKto he had 
been manager of Irene ‘lordenl 
and had been a cw-ptodwrer with 
the lata Hal Abelly lie also figured 
in Rogue! Mrllrt s find V. S tour 
At the time pf hto (ttaiP Bogur 
was aaacM tated with the btuair B «•* 
Theatre NY 

A sister survives, 

# f 

Charles Watoe, former vaude 
comedian known profe«*HMlAlly as 
C al Levant e died in Tnroote Sept 
fl He toured the U. A vaude nr- 
cuds for 40 years and aiao ap- 
peared an Mt«M»eippi th owh e a t* aa 
-• ( -* n e . v 1 1 «<ti(*n pi* ture- 
A tuii i m 4 

O. Tronic h . 4# operator of 
ihe Penn-Limotn Drive In near 
Pittsburgh d.i owned recently in 
Curve Lake Ml Peterborough. Ont 
Survived by h»a * ife. a sun and 

Wife. 77, ol (ifnrft K Sixwvr 
a pioneer of the nip t I nn picture in- 
duet ry, died in Chicago kept • 
Beside* her husband who u «t ill 
a* live, aht to survived by a dough- 
tor ' -• 




Tiltobuigh Sept. I. 

vtaff of W0TV there. 

I^i Hue kuhant to Tony Ponte 
Piltsnurgti Sept I Bride's li- 
brarian-engineer at WMCK there 

Phvlli* Hoffman to S«m Jacob* 
Pm«6orih Sept 1 Bride* with 
Warner* theat rewfepatoment there 

Doreen North In Mat kirm Hot 
lywtMKi Sept 7 lie s film dire* tor 
st RLAt TV there 

Jeanne R* < • to Al W oxWlSwr* 
Phorwx Au*r 14 He * a n»Ri|M»*»r- 
conductor. *h« * a arn*tt gul for 
A m«* 'n' Andy. ■ 

Jean Waller* to C'orPet Wilde 
1 a *•; AngrUa. Kept. 4 Both are 

wreen players 

Flame O Bneu !•* William t» 
McCarthy, New V»ri Sept ' I 
Bnde to with editorial drpartmeut 
of the N Y Herald T r ibune he to 
a telev ist«vn-direeti*r prvtdm cr otth 
the J W aNer Thompson ad agewry . 

Audrrv Barlow to William’ 
H l d gel y t h nd n i ff S«o Juan. P H 
Sept 4 Br i de . to the daughirr »»f 
' plan i«t-rom poser Aa»nu« 1 Hai U*w 

Ann Kav yv«»nne Baker to ktn 
neth Hugh Allison. At Thomas 
Virgin tolands. Sept & Hr to w ith 
station WATA there 

Marion Bio«e in Tommie Neate. 
San Antonio re*c«tiv Bride t* 
Ho at kvtt dleee U w rtoun i* *‘th 
Artec l b« atn tin re 

Portia Hamilton Hi Sgt la-^ter J 
Aandherg. Los Anak* Aug M 
Brule to secretary »« director 
Lin'd Ha***n at JOih-fov 

Felicia Montealegre to Inward 
Bt in-tyin, IWwIon Sepl S Brut*- 
i* a TV a* trrva. he * a 1 amgaacr 
ami txihph i*rth wndiMisr 

Joan Aaf.g«*r to Bobrrt Alaid- 
72 p|ay> mrpi S|*riM Uli , S J . Sept i 
w right in Pan*, died Sept • His' B**ide to with t BS 
work* tm luded Tar Jakpag ' * i.a- . Mr* EMimr Br»iph Btofbn mi 
<^«ie1le * ‘ Quatuor * and “ Vn Herl-l mondC F- Pnde Baltimmr S* pti 

Flock of New 

Rosalie Virginia Rehlta 

vtPiintot-atoiger ' and wife 
w a»»w-e K i urn i Hr ilk » o » i - 
died in Truro, Mast . Sept, 

|| Drive-la Fixers 

■ Memphis 

VI cm phi* soon sill be one of 
ft r*t key theatre venires in the 
• •uth tp build a new drive in for 
Necroe* 1H finite plan* were an- 
nounced U-l seek hy S A t ook 
Id constnM t a 9 lOOjfMO o/oner on 
the ritp ou tsktots of b Nefrw popn ' 
ka'ted tectum. ' . . ' . v i- 

Trsos Prhe-ln for 

Art Kv 
age *' 



(•ail and drive-in 

by L. C Wtfgtom nwd 
e It is for Negro polrpn- 
u*e* 1 9m film . : 


Csi I red A FHRff, §9 reined 

arpty oifieer West INvint iiN>thall 
*|ar in l.uon o7 and lather of Bob 
Prune. INHMmrgh .sportai- aster 
died m Lm Anggfes lept 4 

risrtar# C. 

mother of A Barret M«Coimnk 
HKO ««lxrrttouig direrlor and T 
Htdseil Met <»rmick RKO field rrp 
in Denver, died in Drmtr Sept 9 

. . 

R. P t.lllef, 7A sbo fotmdrd 
the Lrios ('atholiviue dti Theaiie 
Which wielvlefi confide raid# inMie 
enre on the Trent h stage died In 
Ata les Rains. France. Sept, f 

I Drive I oa Opened In Indian* 

Fort Wayne, Ind 
Three new nurt heart em Indiana 
drive-i-n tlveaties were opened re- 
cently, eneb designed- to ari-wnam* 
date ahoui lib girt** Air* kala- 
fat who former!) o» ut <i an imtuoi 
theat re at (iarrett Ind , I* ow ner 
. f Mir nes I n Hi wooer near 
then Mailers Br«* Fort W ay ne, 
ate ttoncr* of the Bluffton dnve- 
tn. near Bluffton. and the Afcy- 
V u# drive in, near I'uilland , 

Open Three 


editor Of the Halti- 
Sun and its former 

F. Braun. !UI. w»ond » n- 
giiM-er died Srpt 4 in Hotlysood 
alter a threr-month lllnr*« Hr 
had been w ith Hai amount 23 year* 
Wife, von Slid daughter survive 


Al Klein. 99 funner vaude 
trouper, died Rept 9 at City of 
Hope, a earner sanitarium near 
lx>* Angela*. " 

stem lour«l th. jimJm rirtjMN | oS U.7 ra MW 
for year* with hto brother as The nr for . •> 
kiejn Brow, Moving to Calif oral# 1 

' WillimiH %| 

Jean Bober. np4 Mj^i vitof ol 
Warner*, rttr I .1 in • 

s#s with War- 
ner* l or l l v«ar> 


(Sspt- 17 . to 50 ) 

You Ar# Ivor With Ut 

William M t*amble A2 former 
l chairman pf ihe hoard of the Gam- 
Hip Hinged Music ( «» died lb Cm* 
Sept , 2 

1 He i* ropy 
more Fvenmg 
radio erlilor 

Bunt v’ Guidon, to N«.rm*n Ma* - 
la*-' at <»l..'*‘os Sefd 3 s b y 
daughter of llal tv GoiMno. S x*t 
['•topedlbn; bi i u»embrr of .mtoMn 
; wsitflt Maple 1> af four 

VI.m1i 'im llolmr* In Vlclot 
( Ki mir, New \»»ik Sr|*t itl Bride 
to daughter of a«1»*r Tax b*r Holme* 
Tim Fffipi I.. Hal Fern Aug. 
2fV. N y ll< ' pi »‘f« •»*»«»naf_injgto 

New Cfu* Drtve-loa 

Hweet safer, Tesos 
Sr* I'ai k Auper drive m oprrxeil 
bp Linnet D Maner Ha* 
2 '4S>-tar capmily. Ikxaiiw of the 
notui al elevation the Man ne r has 
no rampa or fenrea, 

Capioik cb.A» m ojuixed al Mi- 
t«»n a« t oi'img to Dan lbit« hrit. iw 
imn< f ami manage > It lia 4 a 3‘gL 
« ar « afNM ity 

Slaton « m « <ro«t ill ivr m Hie Cir 
launched in' 'that nix liv Bill 
M< David tUonir r* d«‘*«Mated in 
tog top ' manner throug h pu t , ‘and 
ban kg eor r apgi By . . - 

Frank J. ( amphetl. 72, co f»iun- 
tier and Adi preay of i'amphell- 
fsaid Detroit ad acency, died in 
Madras. Ore, Sept 9. 


kaj v. 

<*l RepoMu 
* puhti^fong 


t If HI 


. Frank Bon arc hint. 92, 

corptiration tliat os ns 
Rouge Restaurant. N. 
Sept . I. 

Law*- J#<» — Jm » ( 


Elisabeth Bailee 

vears ago. he kept 
hit roles in Alma. 


b> hun in hi* autobiography. The | several 
Mums Goes Round/' published m playing 
1942 r '” T ';v''. : : I — 

Although retired from the Brit-) LLOYD A. GOOD 

i-b recording firm, he aerved aa Lloyd A Good. GP retired direr- 
l if consultant. I tor of the Philro Corp . died Sept. 

— — ' 7 in Philadelphia He sat produ* • 

HENRY A. MORTON |t*«h manager of Philro for IS 

Henry A. Morton. 90. president ftoll belofe hr* retirement 
and nianaging-directioc of ihe ! Surviving are his wife, two sons. 


7S. former linger and concert pro- 
moter died in Newburgh^ N. Y . 
Sept. 2. 


Mr and Md IUfts*»id \U< aftrvv 
daughlrr, New >»ik Sept 1« 
Father i* ctrewlation manage f ol 
VabiKTV - It's their third child 
Mi and Mr* Delm*r - 

(Uiigiiter. Holly w ood; Sept 1 
Mot her i» Mar) lasietur . . *ri re* 
Mil X "V father * 20th- Fo* s r itrt - 
idirrttpr ; ■ 

Wallaeh. Mr ami 

preay of 
the . Coo 
Y. died 

f ■ 

f • 

Haas. (Hu ner fur t burrb See* tort 

B«*-i n 

1 -The 1JMV ear kep*m*et driv r- m., 
«*s ned bv tl»e Htxtolime l in u»t 
In.. i**-d to the C «»uncil ul l*i*»te*iaiil 
( Nn iei of Boston f«*r a *rrie* •*( 

| religion* «rr*Me* shhh start* *! 
there thto dwatk OWd sill . noi.mte 
every Sun* lay morning until mid- 
StpiemlMT Service* are to be <*m- 
j dueled by alter Hale I'rotesiatit 

l mtoMivw, > 

| Regina Rurtne 


Hoi I X XMHtfl, S* pt 
niece ot fan**' H 
a film altorm v 

PI Mr and M*' 

Mrs. l ess Singer. 74 mother of daughter Allwnx 
Abbey Singer, him director and j/.u a nvcmlu r of 
Carl Post, public i*t. died Srpt 4 bury * pfayh**u*e 

S..ndl**i ***n.: 
t Mother to a 
Mayer, lather l# 

Pitt Herbert. 
S* pt 2 Falhri 
M . .••*, * \J t *.t 
itmipanv TTu ie 

in Hollywood 

mother sa> on Ihtdm staff la-i 


R* gina. Bosk. -, 
Bmlt at a cost af IflVikiti new 
Hiuim I drive in here H*x a* «'»»** i- 
ib*Hl#ii«in lor 737 out -* (Hotter . 
an independent, to opeiated by a 
group of Im al b.iv*ru “fn* n nr* 
lard a* Theatre Lnda i the Star*. 
I .nl '• Mr. -iflent and man.iger »* H*aln<.ff Negma. s bo to h* ad 
•d S«Nj I br ain v. Hd , Ueyborn. 

. S*i'k. 

t Hi*-on- Morton Theatres in Winni 
■eg and Basks toon, died recent l> 
in Winnipeg He started In the 
bust nr *9 a* a doorman in Winnipeg 
m 1914. later managed and ac- 
quired theatres in that city, and in 
1X1 became an Odeoa partner 
Survived by hit sife and a 
daughter and a 

three sirten and tso brothers. 

Father. 73. of Red Hervhon. Nat 
GoMIrtone Agrm > associate, and 
Ving Merxhon film editor, died 
Aug 3! in Holly suod. 


\ ictor T 


St reator , Tf . voire 

V .* ww * • w • s Of, . w 

coach af New York » Metropolitan 
rOperg in Ihe early part of the cen- 
IgMry died Sept I in Springfield, i " 

veasun. >•'. 

Mr and Mr* Arthur Henley. 
m*a Nes York Sept 3 Fattiei to 
radio and trie humor siller. 

Mr and Mr* Jim liiilon M.n 
Holly suod S* pt 3 Father aide 
in George Bosver, Coast executive 
of SRlKoi. 

Mr and Mr* Torn H«rmt*o m«u 
.. , ^ _ I Burbank. Sent 2 M*»t»H*r i* F.h*e 

Father. 73 fil W alto r <• H're him act re*' lather to TV- 

Hunt. trumpeter and orrR 1 announ* > r and foina-r 

Alfred PHrr 71. veteran parking 
lot attendant at KKO, died Sept, 9 
in Holly sood 

daVid seals 

David Sears. 32. Iruh nlavwright 
and drama critic, died Sepl. 1 
x bile on holiday at Beaulieu-sur- 
Ikirdogne, France. He wop the 
‘I -uUsann As aid for (us first pla 
‘He t fiildren of Thor.” in 
Hit other plays included ‘ The ■ 

*d Ride Fnrt. M “Juggerwauir-L^daughler 
* Ytaeve of ( ohnaught and The 
J'.* und Vine.**. . . 

He it fturvtved by hto wife. - 

O. He taught voii f for many y ears 
at Oberlin. O. College. 

His sife survives. 

leader, died Sept 3 in CoUimbu*. 


James J Collin*. SI. former 
vaude actor, died in Freeport^ 
L 1 . Sept 3. He tourrd the Ke*rth 
circuit as a straight man tn 
comedy sketche*. 

Surviving are his wife and 







Schaefer, pi ojecliontot. 
Dal la* Sept 3, while on 
the Palace Theatre, 

Selma Corbett. 91. vaude 

radio arti r*a, died Sept. 1 in 
Angeles v a 

t* Your FBI, 
Suspenve * 



Fdmund MatDonjiid 40. screen 
and radio actor died of a cerebral 
CLIFTON YOLNG 1 hemorrhage at Veteran** Hovpital, 

Clifton Young, 34. act**, died of near Lm Angeles 
asphyxiation in a hotel room in He appeared in *uch radio series 
la>s Angeles Sept 10. FoUce so*d g« *Tnis 
*+ apparently feU asleep while Snni ' and 
M»»f»king a ngaret. 

Y oung appeored In vaude with 
n»a pa re n t s at the ape of Ave and 
Iso years later Joined the ’*Our 
G mg * ronvedies ns a Juvenile » t. 
s 'Ham. He left tne screen leropo- 
• trtly at 13 to work In radio, but 
it* fumed after World War It and 
va* -lined by Warner Bro*. 

Hi* wife and von survive. 

Father, 79 ot (tonm 
legit public tot. died in 

s*-pt f. 

New man. 




Mule tort Italian r*. ru- 
in Rome Sept 10. 

Paul E Brown. 47. bund mu«f- 
[cian and brother of comedian Joe 
Brown, died in Toledo, Sept. 9. 
He beaded his o*n orch in 
Toledo in the Ilk and as an or 4 
gantrt he played at hoMla. niterie* 
and resort* Hi* wife his mat her. 
a sister and another brother aur 
vise. , ■ " v- 


Farwlyn Clarke. 3ft, former 


Irene Eagar to Richard Wallace 
Ham* Dublin Aug 30 Bride la 
womens featuie ed|U»c lot K*dto 
Fire j*nn 

Connie Hatnc* to Major R**bert 
DeHaven, Bev* rly Hill*. Cal . Sept 
7 She s a vmger. 

M uciel Ri»*e Currier to L Lynn 

Brumage. Poii>nu*uih. N. H . rc- 
fentlv. Groom is announ* cr at 
W WHN, Rochester. N M « and for- 
mer piwgram manager of art Aimed 
Forces station in Ala*ka. 

Mother 67, of 

“ ,, - • Ruth Bebrmger to Herbert Ow 

D*itr Va»i»ty food Au« J* *N* 

, rk ' and wife of playwright Hugh ad* erf jsing manager ( harles («er- trv musicians 
‘ > Stsnge. died in New York Sept. ' lack, ir died near Van Hom. Tev . ( va«*mi Crain tn Si* i»hen Ra*ikoff 
Mm Clarke appeared m monjriBept • when a truck trailer hrwkc jtoJjJJfiL-g Md kept I Both 
David Belaaco s stage produc- Hose and demoHMicd the — f IB « mT, l. tile theatre a< tor* 

and also was teen In such whuh she was riding. . Her • nllak : S K,.b*rt Hendler 

as The Noose,’ The Ftsy s«ts be g shipped to the toast for* Joan Favim to Robert WgRdHf, 



' ons 
F *«> v 

collegiate ar*«l pto f**»»tbaU star. 

Mr. and Mrs Bill Hilt to*n 
Santa M«»niea. Cal, Srpt. 7. Falhef 
to a *ound engine* r al 2Wh-Fo». 
x Mr and Mr- YA ; 1 ts^in W*1ln. n 

and daughter. Holly wcukt S* pt 7 

Im% Father i* a titm d»r*«l**r. 

>! Mr and Mr*. A! D'.VH. 

Pittsburgh, Aug 30 Father * on 
staff of Carousel mtery liure 
Mr and Mm Art Gtbbunv -on 
FltDbuigh. Srpt 3 Father* a 
partner in the Holliman-Gibtemv 
ad agency there. - 

|ir and Mis R*»beit Cwmminrv 
daughter. Santa Monies, ( al S* yd 
7 M**lher i» the lorm* i Max Fl- 
liod of the Bliito father •» * rtrren 

Mr and Mrs Ken Hi Id* hcandt 
daughter. Son Frsnetoro S* p< 4 
Father to agios manuger of KVA 

Mr and Mr*. Gerard !. Gentile, 
daughter. Cleveland r*-r*nt»y 
Mother to former »-**-! uinc A -»gn**r 
Inc Cleveland Play hoo-i , G( her to 
let hnual direetuC and mwe «le- 
signer for Cain patk Theatre*. 
Cleveland. . ■ ■. 

Mr and Mr* B*n A -tor oxn 
Ne w York, r ceotlv I gVr tv w»*.* 
Columbia Ihctorr* Inteinathmal 

Cato* ■ :• ■ 

.Mr. and Mix Dan iVrad'c- 
Sepl 10 Mother t* daughter *»f 
Hat t J M K *• ptevdlehl 
Warner llio-:. Th« .ill* v 

3 New Hsmu* In Texas 

Minii at Writ*. Texas 
U. .;*m- A*r Force Ba-« Tb»-»f t f 
ojpe'ned- here . It ha« a «•#! "( 
copaciiy of MM.; 

Ilan' Smith oi»* nrd liie n# x* 
Irving Theatre at living It iv a 
1 Mbeiier. 

Pete St mil* op*n*d the new 
Vrnuv at \ ictorto It x*av buill <-n 
the site of the old Uxiern liieatie, 

Bre« bee's New Theatre 

■ ScarMiale. N. Y 
Ope ning «>f I e*» Brethrv * ne w 
Pla<wln S« ar-dalr Theat i»- will la 
b*-ld tome tit Wed' lei.»i***»: • 

pit , The Gieat Caruxo ' * M-G>. 


Fix Forces Mass 

4 MUtMwrS ftua Ml* 1 ■ 

*«» vet up an a!) indurtiy n« tw.. a 
utiiuing row roxiavr * bann* to. etc. 

Att* ndmg the twe e t wert . 

\*-« p*-« <*e< relary la*«u - dd '■ F'licd-; 
man MPA A theatre TV r«»n**niti« ** 
chairmon ^MPAA r*rto |.«iw*»«l 
C he' fitx and Slxfn* v Schr» b* i ♦ v- 
t. b chief* MltrheM knif 
kwmfMi , Val f*llm-n Harry 
k aim me Marry Gold la- rg ib.- 
m rv V II. ( he-rxe* ♦ParaiW*- m’ , 

V\ » u. n ^ ( f * r .h ■« 

Hob* rt II flBiun t illed 
\a 'h r l I'kar and Joseph 

|rl 1 .«*• » - 1 J 

k« nn* in ( ' Bov all afi 
\\ * |s to ?m fi’ F«*V Via* * u * * ■'■ **0* 1 
, p n| 1 1 • NEtTC jRd 
• i nervnf Ymerica Walt*r 
\u . .» TOA Ralph C«»*»n Co 
l tr im.. . Wilbur Snaoer »N..tinnaV 
AHw«t »n (i'utk <t m-v c r'al » 

and tip <id**rc R. Black tHcpuWJck 

Par . 
H \ o* 
Smith KKO 
id V mv eht H 

it mi 

So iMy ooK tooK 


U«4 m. A«f I4r 

• I,,.**, mIu. a# fill 

rmiT Lit 


"Tto* wm PINKY Ll« » 




"PINKY Lit. mm 


"PINKY ill to Hm tort mi 

Daily okaphiC: 

"PINKY III 4mmmrmm 


•Nir IHhAIi^ ood liolp to ndw Hit 
trip fa Eaolood • m vtf foratfoblt 

™ O^^ ^OOO OP NW Wwt V ^Pd wV Y Wf V 

to to* 


"PINKY m* rt» 


"PINKY LIT* to*» «| | 

THi STaK; 

by PINKY LM." 

Daily ftLiOftAPH: 

|l Ch<I W.ton 

. . to TONY MABTIN for koto* i 

r f , , 1 

«•' '■! TO MO* 

...... ;.•• : r 

mNI» SULLIVAN for vkitiof 1 

BN BmNNB ON yoor Syioq 
too ov sfcow ood for yoor o 

. . . to BATH LIEN WILLIAMS, eMof 

pool, for yoor off or fo 1*9* MO io your 

trip fo 

for yoor 4 


m 44AM 4 oooA**oa^ ALaM I 

Yywl y y r to "f ^ 

‘ ^ • * •* .. • 

• • . fo VAL PABNELL for waotiof 

BIoni |f pH 

• ••fo oM Mo too* odd woioon of Mo 
Willioio Morris Apoocy ood fo my 
Portoool Mooofor, Clio riot Wick, for 

mo fo 


;:v,' i JKk 

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The Library of Congress 
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